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But It Doesn't Go, Baker Being His
Only Supporter—Big Day's Work
by the City Council
By a majority vote) the council yesterday
accepted by ordinance the paving on Spring
and Main streets, between Temple and
Ninth streets and First and Ninth streets
respectively. This action, which was not
without opposition, was' taken under section
20 of the general utreet law, which wa*
adopted by the i-tate legislature March 18,
1885. This section provides that when a
street or a portion of a street bus been fully
constructed to the satisfaction of the street
superintendent and ot the council and i- in
a good condition throughout, being few
ered, piped, etc., it shall be accepted; also
that after the work has been s* accepted
the city shall keep the street* iv repair and
when necessary resurface the same.
For months the property owners on these
streets have exerted their best efforts to
secure this action by the council, but until
yesterday have failed to carry their point.
Month* ago AI. A. Wilcox and others l peti
tioned that Spring street be accepted. The
wme action was taken by 11. Newmark and
others in the interest of Main street, but
neither petition went further than tiie
boaid of public work.-. Alter due delibera
tion the beard ye-terday reported recom
mending that the petition be granted. The
board had also had prepared the necessary
ordinance, together with the street super
intendent's recommendation approving of
the work.
Before this ordinance was placed upon its
passage Councilman- Toll| requested t lie
privilege of expressing lii- opinion on the
lubject. Mr. Toll .-taiei! be was decidedly
opposee! to Mich an action for never• I rea
sous. The pi incip.il one, he said, was that
it would open up an avenue of immense ex
pense to the city. "Do you appreciate/
gentlemen," said he, "if we accept these
streets that we will be compelled to accept
others und that by -o doing we increase the
burden upon the taxpayers $20,000 a year?"
"Other street-." he continued, "are just
a> good as Main and Spring streets and are
entitled to acceptance just us much as they
■ire. There can be no limit placed upon this
mutter. We will be compelled to accept
FigUeroa from Pico to Sixth street and Main
from Temple to Thirty-seventh street-."
He argued that the improvement on Main
to Thirtysseventh street cost the city $i."> 3
,-000 and the same work on Spring street be
tween Temple and Ninth streets cost $17,
"The work on Figueroa street," he added,
"cost, I believe, $10,000."
Mr. Mathuss here interrupted with the
remark that the work on Figuefoa street
was not asphalt, but porphyry.
"For the information of the gentleman of
the Third ward," replied Mr. Toll, "J will
state that the law docs not state what the
surface of the street shall be, and was not
framed as an asphalt cinch. But, to return
to the subject, it is my opinion that the
mererhnnts on the business streets, who re
ceive big rents from their property can well
afford to pay for the cost of resurfacing the
street every ten years."
"I don't agree with the gentleman," said
Mr. Hutchison, "and move that the street
be accepted according to law."
"Are you sure that the street is in a con
dition 1 to be accepted according to law?"
inquired Mr. Toll. "Are you sure that all
the gas, water and sewer pipes are laid in
a proper shape so that the city will not have
trouble sxion after accepting them?"
Mr. Hutchison said he thought the street
was all right and renewed his motion, which
was duly seconded. The vote resulted in six
ayes and two noes, Toll and Baker voting in
the negative.
After the acceptance of Main from Ninth
to Temple streets Mr. Toll moved that the
work on Main between Ninth and Thirty
seventh streets be accepted.
Chsirman Nickell repented the motion
and called for a second. Again Mr. Baker
came to Mr. Toll's rescue and seconded the
motion, but on a vote it was lest by six
to two.
Street Improvements Wanted on All
The petition of Mrs. 1...1. Harvey, request
ing the council to restore certain improve
ments in front of her property on Olive
street between"First and Conn streets, was
referred to the board of public works. Mis.
Harvey informed the council in a communi
cation referred to that body that in 188(1 she
had purchased 130 feet fronting oin Olive
street, and that a year later she obtained the
grade of the street from the city engineer,
and had constructed a twelve-loot cement
sidewalk, cement curb and cobblestone gut
ter. In 1890 the city changed the official
grade, and low ered the same from 8 to 7 feel.
In 1898 the city's chain gang, under the
street superintendent, destroyed the im
provements. She at once requested the
city to replace them, but this was rtfuscd.
A suit was commenced and decided against
her on technical grounds. An appeal whs
taken, and the action is now pending. The
petitioner offers to dismiss the action if the
city will replace the improvements.'
In regard to the petition asking for a
change of grade on Griffith avenue between
Clinton and Washington streets, the city
engineer reported that upon investigation
he found tltat the petition docs not repre
■l nt a majority of Ihe frontage. On motion
of Mr. Ashman the petition was ordered
A- lo the petition asking for the improve
ment of Weller street, formerly Rouland
street, from Magnolia iivnuie to Pacific ave
nue, this was returned by the city engineer
because the petition included the sewering
of the street. lie reported that the sew, r
ing of the street should rot be included in
the procedings for the grading, etc., but
should form part of the sewer district. "1
understand," he said, "that there is already
a petition being circulated, and I have there-
fore omitted the sewer from the ordiuance
of intention." After explaining that the
estimated cost of the improvement was|l.3o
per foot, tiie engineer suggested that the or
dinance of intention be passed. This was
Among tlie other petitions referred to the
board of public works ale: .1. (1. H. Lam*
pgdius, asking that an ordinar.ee be adopted
establishing the grade of Diamond street
between Besudry and Fremont avenues, so
that the grade will conform with that of
First street ; the petition of Flora House and
others retpiesting the council to abandon
proceedings for sielcwalking a section of
the west side of Broadway between Sixth
and Seventh streets, an the petitioners woulel
like to elo the weirk by private contract; for
the establishing of the grade and improve
ment of Twenty-fourth street from the west
line of Central avenue west to a point in the
street where it will meet the improvement of
Griffith avenue from the south Hue of
the rc-t of the street: that of W. 11. Keller
and It. .1. Anderson for Ihe improvement of
Washington street lo the north line or
Adams street: for a six-foot e'ement sidewalk
on each side of Thirtieth street between
Main street and (irand avenue.
Section of License Ordinance Not
A strong appeal ftom the local banking
houses was presented, asking that the sec
tion of the license ordinance requiring bank
to pay a license be repealed. This petition
which is signed by all the leadiing banks ii.
the city, was referred, to finance committee.
The communication is as follows:
"The nr. den-signed petitioners, being the
stale banks and state banking institutions,
doing business in the city ot I.os Angeles-,
respect fully petition your honorable body
to repeal that section of the license ordi
nance of the city of Los Angeles providing
for a monthly license to be paid by your
"Your petitioners respectfully represent
that the said- license ordinance provides
for a tax on your petitioners amounting in
some ease* to from $20 to $50 per month
each. That since the passage of the act of
congress! known as the war revenue bill your
petitioners have been called upon to pay
lor the support of the national government
large sums of money, i. c., $2 upon each
$1000 of the capital stock and surplus, of
your petitioners and amounting to from
$200 to $2750 per annum upon each member,
depending in the various cases upon their
capital stock and' surplus. ,
"That your petitioners have been, and
i>re ready and willing at all times to provide
and pay a fair share of taxes for the sup
port of the local and national governmental
institutions and that your petitioners! have
cheerfully complied with the requirement!,
of the internal revenue law recently passed
by congress, but that the continuance of the
present licence ordinance in addition to
the other large amounts! of taxes required
of your petitioners, works a hardship on
petitioners, disproportionate to those in oth
er lines of business!.
"That your petitioners are informed that
four of the banking institutions- of thei city
of Eos Angeles organized as national banks
by reason nf their organization as such na
tional banks are not compelled to and. do
not comply with the license ordinance of
the city of Los Angeles, and that by reason
thereof unintentional discrimination is
worked in favor of the said national banks
and against ymir petitioners.
"Your petitioners theiefore respectfully
pray that this honorable council repeal that
section of the Hcen»ordinaneehereinhefore
referred to and numberedaneiknown as sec
tion 16. which section provides for the pay
ment of the license above referredito."
The petition h» signed by the State Lean
and Trust company. Farthers and Mer
chants' bank, Losi Angeles Savings bank,
Main. Street Savings bank, Southern Cali
fornia Savings bank, Mast Side bank, Ger
man-American Savings bunk, Security Sav
irg- bank. Union Hank of Bavings, Colum
bia Savings bunk and the BroadwaJ Bank
mid Trust company.
Council Gives Notice of Street Im
An ordinance abandoning certain streets
and alleys of the Sheboygan tract, and one
for the opening and widening of Lake sliei 1
from Ninth to Tenth ,-i lefts, were presented
by the city attorney and passed by the coun
A final ordiiiancp.estublisliiiig Ihe grade of
Andrew street from Avenue 20 to Avenue 3:1
was passed.
Other final ordinances adopted are: One
establishing the grade of Avenue 3.'! from
Avenue *J(i to Pasadena venue; same work
on Hill street from Twelfth to Pico street;
ordinance for establishing grade of Yolandr
street from Vermont avenue to Kansas ave
Among the numerous ordinances of inten
tion passed xvh.s one to grade, etc., Mathews
street from First street to Brooklyn ave
nue. The estimated lost of this improve
ment is given us $1.60 per front foot.
Other ordinances of intention passed are:
For the grading, etc., of New Hampshire
avenue from Pico street to the right of way
of the Los Angeles-Pacific railway, the es
timated cost being in the neighborhood of
$1.18; one for the sewering of Thirty-second
-licet between Main street and Grand ave
An ordinance of intention for the repay
ing of Sun Fernando street from the west
line of Main street to the south line of that
portion of MarchessauTl street lying west
of Sun Fernando street, was presented by
the city engineer. The latter explained
that he had not been ordered to prepare the
ordinance, but as it is necessary to pass such
an ordinance before the repaying of Main
street is started, he had submitted the ordi
nance. This explanation was satisfactory,
and the ordinance was passed.
On the recommendation of the city en
gineer an ordinance of intention for ihe
establishing the grade of Thirty-seventh
street from Kansas avenue to Budlong
avenue, anel one to establish the grade of
(ilrnnllyn drive from Morning avenue to
Avenue 41, were also ordered printed.
Ordinances changing the name of Volanele
street to Thirtieth place, and CovSrrubias
street to Klfie street, were also passed.
The council also accepted the assessment
diagram for the sewering of Griffin avenue
between Main anel Mozart streets.
Oi l? Firm Awarded Three Separate
Bieis on the construction of Los Feliz,
Avenue 20, Sixth street and the Xinth street
bridges, which were referred to the bridge
committee at last meeting, were returned
yesterday with, the following recommenda
"We recommend that the bid of Sawyer
& Arthur for the construction of the Los
Feliz, Avenue 20 and Ninth street bridg»s,
for the sum of $13,664, be accepted, provid
ed that the said Sawyer & Arthur enter into
a contract with the city to make such mod
ifications as may be required by the city
engineer to make saiel bridges' conform to
the general plans and) specifications fur
nished by the saiel city engineer.
"We alto recommend that the bid'of J.
D. Mercereau, for the construction of the
Sixth street bridge, for the sum of $6800,
he accepted."
The above report was aeloptfd, andi th.
city attorney was instructed to prepare the
necessary bonds and contracts:. The coun
cil also instructed the city engineer to fur
nish the necessary elata for preparing the
same. 1
All work in connection with these bridre
must be clone unilcr the direction and to the
satisfaction ef the city engineer ana bridge
New Hose, Engines and Other Ap
paratus Needed
The council yesterday opened the bids for
supplying the city with five new fire en
gine, which are lobe purchased under the
ree'ent fire bond l issue. The specifications
under which the bids were asked for cover
three grades or classes of engines.
The American Engine company yesterday
offeree! two first claps for $0080, two second
class engines for $9280, one thirel. class en
gine for $4440. Other bid* offered, are: La
France Engine company, through HaWley,
King & Co., first elas's engines $41140 each,
second class $4640 each, third class $4440;
Amnskeag Engine company, by W. C. Fur
rey, offered first elase engines for $4940, sec
ond class $4640, third class $4440.
All the above offers', which, it will be
noticed, are for the same amounts, were re
ferred to the board of fire commissioners
and fire and water committee,
Chief Moore's report recommending the
purchase of seveni combineet chemical en
gines and hose wagons and two hook and
ladder truck* was read at the morning ses
sion and referred, to the fire and water com
mitee. In the afternoon the report was re
turned with the committee's recommenda
tion that it be approved. By a unanimous
vote the report was adopted and the clerk
was instructed to adrvertise for bids on the
additional apparatus.
The fire eoimnii»'io«ieTs.' report recom
men<Kng the purchase of the following
brand* of hose nil adopted,: 1200 feet of
Paragon at 80 cents per foot, 1200 leet of
Day State at 10 cents, 1200 feet of Victor
Jacket at B»cents, 1200 feet of Mastiff at 80
cents andi 1200 feet of (lienwood at 74"rz
A communication from .1. P. Murdock ol
Sun Diego regarding supplying the citywith
five chemical i ngUte* was referred to the fire
commission, ihe writer slates thai he bus
v truly valuable machine which he will sell
lor IZMO each.
Council Receives Reports and Grants
On ihe recontmendntion ot the -ewer
committee .1. B, Ware's request to be al
lowed to lay a six-it eh MWer pipe front the
main sewer e>n Twelfth street to a point
1.111 feet north on Hurlington avenue to con
nect with cottage of petitioner wa - granted.
W. A. Frisk's bid ol TO cents per lineal
ioot for the icweccemplete on fourth M i re t
from Fremont avenue to a point fifteen feet
east of Beaudry avenue was accepted.
The petition; of L. A. Stahl and others,
asking the council to reopen the water ditch
on Adams street from Hoover to Quincy
street andi turn the water in, was referred
to the water committee.
Regarding F. 0. Curr's request that the
W'estlake pipe diain be declared a perma
nent line, council referred it to the park
M. A. Lett's request for leave to connect
a new house on Olive street with the sewer
was sent to the sewer committee.
Among several petitions* asking permis
sion to erect' cables acrOM the city's streets
for the purpose of pumping oil wells- which
were referred to the oil committee. ls>that
oi the Uex Oil company, which wishes l to
maintain one across Buena Vista street be
tween Bernardo street and Cottage Home
street, ihe America Crude Oil company,
through its president, also request the priv
ilege of placing a cable across Rockwood
stteet near Belmont avenue. T. L. Lewis
asks the same privilege on Rockwood. street
between Belmont avenue and Lakeshore av
At the request ot the commissioners l ap
pointed for the widening of New .Main
street from Thirty-seventh street to Slau
son avenue the balance of $66.14 unexpend
ed will be divided among the persons «»►
sensed for the improvement.
In the matter of the suit of W. P. Martin
against the city, which isi an action to quiet
title to lot 16, in block C, of the Johnston
tract, the city attorney recommended that
a disclaimer be tiled, reserving, however,
the lien, for municipal taxes for the fiscal
year 1898-99, as the city makes no other
claim to the property.
A report from the same source as to tiios
condition of the suits of R. H. F. Variet
against the city to quiet title to certain
property- in the Sanchez tract and also on
lots. 68 and 69, Mills & Wick*' subdivision,
says that the only claim the city has against
the property is the tax of 1898-99. The suit
of F. L. Alles vs. the city-is in a i-iimitar con
The city engineer informed- the council
that he had furnished the city attorney with
the nece-wry description for the widiening
of Lake street from Ninth to Tenth streets.
Specifications for the construction of a
cement zanja pipe on. Fourth street between
Seaton and Palmetto streets were adiopted.
An assessment diagram for the sewering
of cottage place between Ninth and Tenth
streets was also adopted.
On the recommendation, of the finance
committee the council decided to join the
League of American Municipalities. The
committee in it* report stated that in view
of the valuable information which can be
obtained from this source it wanof the opin
ion that the $50 membership fee ano ;hes6o
a year due* would be cheap for the informa
tion received.
Requisitions- aggregating $196 for deputies,
in the tax end licsfcsa eelfcetor'«.tliW:*, who
worked overtime dMring i&e moniheef #e(e
ber and Notetmb-sr were passeti.
Protest Against Improvements Denied.
Others Go Over
One of the first matters' taken up which
was on the program of special order for
Ihe afternoon was the protest of Mrs. E.
Wilson, James Moser, Nettie Muller, et al.
against the confirmation of the report of the
commissioner for the opening of an alley
from Fourth to Fifth streets between Broad
way and Hill streets. At almost every
meeting of the council for the past five
weeks this matter has been up (and each
time it has either been referred to a special
committee or has been continued. Yester
day was the time set for the'special commit
tee in whose hands the matter was referred
two weeks ago, to report. The report was
not made for the reason that Councilman
P.aker, chairman of the committee, was not
present when the protest was called.
Attorney Dillon, representing Hie pro
testants, was on hand and urged the coun
cil to bring the matter to a head as l soon as
Councilman Mathuss spoke very forcibly
for this action, and at his- request the coun
cil decided to hold a special session Thurs
day, at which time this matter will be taken
© J. D. Beck appeared, representing P.
J. Brannen and others, who ha\ c protested
against the confirmation of the report of
the conrmis-sioner for the opening of Tenth
street between Elwood and Wilson street.
He complained that the commissioner's re
port was- unjust, but was unable to convince
the council, so the protest was denied and
the commissioners' report was confirmed.
M. E. Blake's protest against the sewering
of Thirty-seventh street from Figueroa west,
was continued for four weeks. In the mean
time the city health officer will investigate
the need of a sewer in this locality.
When the protest of John F. Charnock
cl al. against the sewering nf Breed street
from Brooklyn avenue to Sheridan street
wa- read no one responded to an invitation
to explain why the protest was made, so it
was dtnieel.
The protest of a number e.f property own
ers living on West Ann between Main and
Wise streets against die laying of a ce
ment sidewalk between the named points
oil the ground that the improvement i.- un
necessary, was referred to the beard of pub
lic works.
.1. King*- protest against the grading
of Sixth street from east line of Santa Fe
avenue to the WOSt line of Southern Cali
fornis Railway company crossing was also
referred to tbejooard of public works.
M. I. Fillmore's protest against the im
provement of a portion of Piee> street was
liled, for the reason that no proceedings
hive been begun for such improvement.
Mrs, Fcrguton'i protest against the plan
adopted for the Third street tunnel was
ordered liled, ii having been referred back
by the board of public works without rec
Contractors Want Brick Used Instead
of Concrete and Cement
There was a new objection presented to
the council yesterday against I lie pians for
the proposed Third street tunnel, which may
make no small difference in its construction.
The objection was made by Attorney G.
McFarland, who stated that the present
specifications provided that the. arches and
sides of the tunnel should be built mostly of
cement and concrete, and consequently hut
few bricks we re needed. He said he repre
sented local brick Hrms, and requested that
the specifications be changed so as lo give
I hem a chance to furnish their product in
stead of sending to F.ngland for concrete.
"Regarding the construction of this tun
nel," he said, *'I think there are some very
pertinent questions up for consideration und
for careful investigation. One of them is
this: 'Is the lining of this or the Broadway
tunnel, with concrete und brick, as practical
and as cheap as it would be to have them
lined throughout witli good brick well laid
up with cement mortar?' There is no ques
tion or doubt as to the ultimate strength of
either concrete or brick, wdien properly put
in place. Concrete walls of Ihe thickness
required in I his work must be allowed to
stand some lime before any weight or pres
sure is allowed to come upon them, either
vertically or literally. On the other hand,
a brick wall laid up in cement, mortar will
become harder and stronger in a day than
the cement will in a week.
"Now, in justice to all," he added, it is but
fair that the brick men srfould be given a
chance. What is the use of going to Eng
land for cement when brick is here in this
country, and will answer every purpose."
"There Is cement here," broke in C. Leon
ard in English with a German tinge. "We
have all you can use of good cement at Col
ton, and it is just as good as English ce-i
Mr. Toll moved that the matter be
held over until afternoon, and in the mean
time the petitioner could frame a clause ad
mitting brick to be added to the specifica
tion. "Regarding the bids," he continued.
"I move that they be returned to the bid
ders with instructions that new ones be in
two weeks from today." This was carried.
Later in the day, on motion of Mr. Toll, it
was ordered that the city clerk, when ad
vertising for proposals for the construction
of the Third street and Broadway tunnels,
also add to such advertisement the follow
"Bidders may also make their proposals
for doing such work in the alternative, mak
They're Free Tomorrow
/ V as Ve 'i est ls o r y |
/2 $ c» p/ *e v./ a °<i y ** ss I
/ r 9nT *«eY ' /
/ / i
/ J
They're Free Tomorrow
ing bid to be done; in accordance with the
plans and specifications on file, anil another
one upon the substitution of brie-k in said
tunnel walls and approaches where ce
ment or concrete is show n upon the plans
and specifications; all of such brick con
struction to be done according to plans and
specifications us now specified."
New Point in the Fight Between Rival
Railroad Companies
As was anticipated, the war between the
Los Angeles (Street Kailway company and
the Traction Hallway company over a fran
chise for Eleventh street is on, and iv all
probability will not be settled for some time.
Weeks ago the Traction company peti
tioned the council to offer for sale a fran
chise for a double track electric road on
Eleventh street.
'A iie company, assisted, by the property
owners, succeeded, sftsr many,a 11 em pt s, in
getting, the board of public worki lv make
the following recommendation:
"We recommend that the petition from
William F. Hook, asking the city to adver
tise for salt- a street railway franchise be
ginning at the intersection of Eleventh ami
Georgia streets, and running thence
westerly on Eleventh street to Hentoui
street; thence northerly on Hentous street
to Eleventh street; thence westerly on
Eleventh Street to Hoover street, lie
granted, and that the city attorney be in
structed to prepare draft oi franchise.
Yesterday tins report, with the accom
panying recommendation, was presented to
the council, and the prospect of a new
branch ot the Traction company looked
; Since that hul meeting of t!ie board of
public win k-, however, the Los Angeles
! Railway company haa lost no advantage to
! better its line, but has been very much
] awake. Saturday F. W, Wood, manager of
j the Los Angeles company,tiled with Ihe city
i clerk a request that the council offer for
; sale a franchise over the same route as that
'asked for by the Traction company, with
the exception that the former company re
quested that the proposed route be extended
front Georgia streit to Figueroa on Eleventh
street. Before the vote was taken on the
' recommendation of the board of public
• works, the communication from K. W. Wood
| was read.
{ Judge,.L D. Bicknell, in behalf of the Los
' Angeles Railway company, spoke iv support
lof the company's petition, and requested
j that his company be given a chance to but.
1 Attorney Wilson, representing the people
in the district, stated that he did not care to
enter into a controversy between railroad
companies, but addcil that the people
wanted a railroad, and wanted it as soon as
they could get it. ''From the present out
look." he said, "I am of the opinion that il
would be well to accept tiTe report of the
board recommending that bids be called lor
on franchise asked for by the'fraction com-
I puny.
"The chief reason for this is thnt under
I the state Jaw, should the Los Angeles com
pany secure the franchise it would be un
i able to operate cars on the route. The law
j provides that no two street railway com
| panics shall occupy more than five blocks
|on the same track. The Los Angeles and
I the Traction companies run for five blocks
| on Figueroa before reaching Eleventh street.
'If the Los Angeles company secured the
franchise and attempted to use the same
.street, there would be a chance for compli
Judge Bicknell replied thai he had not ex
pected this point to be raised, and did not
know if teh law referred to the same street
1 or if it meant five blocks on any one or more
streets. "I would like time," said he, "to
look into this matter, and if possible obtain
opinions as to the legal features."
Judge Anderson, in the interest of tha
Traction company, objected, but without
success, as the council decided to refer both
I In- board's report and the low petition back
to the board of public work*, with instruc
tions to bring the matter to a head as soon
as possible.
City Water Overseer Files His Annual
Report With Council
Thomas S. Casey, city wati r overseer,
yesterday presented the council with his
annual report, which covered the work of
his oilier lor the year ending November 30,
The overseer while in office laid a new
23-inch Vitrified pipe-line, with wells and
iron fillings, on New .Main street, 8833 feet
in length. Also laid>B6 feet of 18-inch cement
pipe. 254 led oi 22-inch, 380 feet of 20-inch
and 90 feet of 30-inch pip-.
During the year the office purchased 1725
feet of 10 inch steel pipe and with what was
on hand kaidi .'H7O feet of the same on St.
Louis avenue.
The disbursement! for the year amounted
to 127,860.08, while the receipts were $21,
--62657, leaving an exec-- of expenditures of
Motions by Members
The following motions by members werg
adopte d :
Hutchison—That Macy -trret from Hows
aid Street to Center street be graded, grav
eled and embed, and thai the city engines*
present an ordinance therefor.
Ashman—Moved that the city engineer
be instructed to present an ordinance of in
tention to construct a cement curb and
sidewalk live feet wide on Wall street be
tween Boyd and Third street*.
Blanchard—That the chief c ngineer of Ihe
(ire department be instructed to repair the
lire hydrant at the corner of First and Chi
cago streets.
Ashman Moved that Mrs. peek b» si.
lowed to connect her property situated in
the block bounded by Wall, San Juliun,
Seventh and Eighth streets, with the sewer
as Wall street, upon the payment of assess,
Toll—Thai the oily engineer be requested
lo present an ordinance of intention to es
tablish the grade of Anita avenue from Ad
ams street to Jefferson street.
Will Be Opened
After weeks of discussion and investiga
tion the matter of the opening of Park
drove avenue was settled yesterday to tha
apparent satisfaction of all parties inter
ested. The matter ol the opening has been
in the hands of the board of public work*
lor some time and yesterday the following
report from that body was. adopted by tha
council: Regarding the protests of Helen
M. Kos», Lizzie L. Ballard and others
against the confirmation of the* report of
the commissioners for opening Park Grove
avenue from Twenty-first to Twenty-third
streets, we recommend that said .protestsbe
sustained and thut the report be referreel
back to the commissioners with instructions
that they make a new report and that in
such report the net damages to Helen M.
Ross be increased in the sum of $100 anel
the net damages to said Lizzie L. Ballard
be increased in the sum of $100.
Food for City Jail BoardeM
Two bids for supplying the city jail with
meat for the ensuing year were opened by
the council yesterday M. T. Ryan offered

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