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Pros and Cons of a Disputed Question.
Much Business Before the City
Council—Notes and News
For two hours yesterday afternoon the old.
story ot the proposed franchise for a oar line
along Eleventh street from Hoover to Geor
gia or Figueroa, as ihe case might be, was
threshed over buoit tlie council in ad its
jdiusis. True, there was onl) one repre
sentative ot the Los Angeles Railway com
pany, it» general manager, V. \\ ■ \\ ood, ar
rajeu against a host ot attorneys andciti
ztns who were m favor ot the Inaction com
pany's proposition, but a pretl) light was
put up, even if a decision was not reached.
Shortly alter the opening ot the alttr
noon session the low was precipitated by
tht reading ot the report ol the board ot
publus Woiks, winch last Friday heard argu
ment on both sides and decided to report
as follows, the minority being represented
by .Mr. Matbuss:
Iv the matter of the petitions for fran
chise on Eleventh street, one of which was
from Hoover street lv Figueroa street, and
the other from Hoover to Georgia streets,
jour committee have made careful exam
ination of the whole matter and would rec
ommend that a franchise be advertised for
sale tor a double track electric street rail
way along Eleventh street from Hoover to
gtntuos; thence alongSentousand Eleventh
to Figueroa street; provided, that tlie road
be built within the shortest lime provided
by law and a bond tor $20,000 be required
from the successful bidder to guarantee the
construction ol same within the time and
according to the terms of the franchise;
und, provided, thai cars be operated
throughout the entire distance at intervals
not greater than ten minutes each.
Hardly had the leading ot tin report been
finished before Judge Anderson was on his
feet demanding recognition lor the Traction
adherents. He asked that consideration
of the matter go over for a week owing to
the enforced absence of Attorney Percy Wil
ton, who was called away on an important
law case. Before Mr. Anderson had fully
finished speaking Councilman Grider had
moved to adopt ihe committee's rej ort. il is
motion nut witli a second, but didtnot, how
ever go through without opposition.
General .Manager Fred Wood of the Los
Angeles Railway company stepped to the
front and told the council that his company
had made its request in good faith and that
if they were the successful bidders that the
road would be constructed and' operated l
strictly in accordance with the terms of the
franchise. Judge Anderson again claimed
the floor and said that for five weeks the
Traction people had been trying to secure
the advertisement of the franchise, only to
meet with a block at every turn, which they
did not know how to place until the oppo
sition company openly showed it- hard b>
applying for a slightly different franchise.
The residents ol tlie Bonnie Brae section
wanted a road—an opposition road —that
they might be guaranteed better service
than they are now receiving. Since the
Traction company had gone out Eighth
street tlie service of the Los Angeics Rail
way on the Ninth street line had vastly un
proved; competition being the only reason
for it.
T. E. Gibbon spoke, not as nn attorney
for the company or others, but ns a repre
sentative of the residents of the distriot nr*
feeted. All that the people wanted, he said,
was a road which would give them good
service. He had no axe to grind one way
or another, but simply stood upon the
ground that the Los Angeles Railway com
pany could not under present conditions run
over the Figueroa street line without vio
lating the law which says that no two rail
road companies shall occupy the same line
for more than live- consecutive blocks. This
the Los Angeles company was seeking to
evade by claiming that where live blocks in
reality existed only three were really
meant, taking no account of cross streets.
He saw away out of the difficulty, which
was for the Los Angeles Railway company
to accept the advertisement of the franchise
from Georgia to Hoover and to petition the
counsel to adverti.-e a franc hise from Ninth
to Eleventh on Georgia street, bids to be
opened several days later than the other.
Tints, if tbe Los Angeles company wa- the
successful bidder it could offer a reasona
ble sum for the road between its present
line on Ninth street and its franchise on
Eleventh, which would only be useful to
it and no competition need be feared, Mr.
Gibbon closed his argument by a clincher in
respect to the law in 1 lie case as applied to
the live-block argument and gave place to
F. W. Wood, who answered his remarks as
He wanted the council us a compromise
to advertise the franchise along Eleventh
street, from Hoover to Flower, th( Buccess
ful bidder to have the option of building on
the block between Figueroa and Flower.
There hail been a great dial of ill-feeling
engendered by the contest for the franchise
and an attempt to befog the real issue. If
he cot the franchise he would guarantee to
work under it. He eliel not believe in the
arguments fit the Traction people that a
street intersection made a block, at in that
case a man owning a block of land, to block
an opposition company, might run four
Streets through it anel rail it live blocks.
City Attorney Dunn was called in to de
fine the legal position of the city, and re it
erated his position taken some days ago. He
thought the law governing the case, to say
the least, imperfect and but poorly capable
of enforcement. -1. 11. ("all had something
to say for the Traction company, In ingrein
forced by .T. ('. Gladden, after which Coun
cilman Toll hail a chance. Upon the latter's
motion, decision of the question was de
ferred for a week, in order to give? all con
cerned an opportunity for further investiga
tion into tlie legal aspects of the ease.
Manager Hook Promises That All
Indebtedness Shall Be Paid
When the communication eif Street Su
perintendent Drain, in which he called the
attention of the council to the fact that the
Traction company owed the city three bills,
amounting to 537H.25. for placing culverts
under its tracks and paving the Intersection
of Third anel Spring streets, was read tin.
first little ripple ot excitement of tin. day
was raised. Mr. Drain stilted thai he had
twice presented the bills for payment, but
no attention bad been paid to his n gui st.
Attorney Lamme spoke to tin- councilman,
explaining the position taken by the comp
any. He claimed that it desired to soe
the matter settled, and that he had repeated
gwty p®we»er
Absolutely Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
ly loid the street superintendent that he
; would like to see the city institute a suit to
I determine definitely tlie liability of the com
i piny for such work as had been performed.
Councilman Maker, Nickell and 101 l spoke
to the question, and it was decided to in
struct the city attorney to take steps to col
, Itct lhe bills.
This settled the matter temporarily, but
! later Mr. Hook, president of the company,
i appeared and made another explanation, or
,I rather said that he would pay the bills and
: make tlie explanation some other time, lie
denied that he had ever refused to pay the
; bills, but lie did object to tho form in which
j they had been presented. "We will pay those
I bills." said lie, "and at some later date 1
! will give my reasons why they have not
heretofore been satisfied."
"Better tell us now: we've plenty of time."
I interposed Councilman Grider, but Mr,
I Hook was coy, and did noi care to enter into
any controversy nt that time, preferring to
I pay up and let tho matter drop, which he
No Decision Anived at in Choosing
Sites for Future Use
j A communication was received from the
i board of fire commisisoners and the board
'of public works, to whom had been referred
the selection of sites for lire engine houses
lin tha various districts, as follows, recom
l mending that the city purchase in tlie vari
ous districts:
Districts 1 and 2—Lot and house owned
bj Mis. F. Jesurun, 38x150, part of loisiJ,
It and 5, Lai y's subdivision, on Griffin ave
nue', below Downey svenue; 12600.
District 3—Lot northeast corner Temple
and Edgeware road, being, part of lots :il
and 32, block '-'4. Angelend Heights, 36x150
feet; Mary E. Stilson. owner; 11150.
Districts -t and ,"> —Recommend readver
District 6—Lot 31,Westlake Park tract,SOx
14(1. Seventh street, north side, between
Burlington and Bonnie Brae streets; Wilde
I & Strong, agents: $1600.
District 7—Lot 3, block 4. Hansmel a Den
ker tract) 50x180, on oast side Santee street,
between Ninth and Tenth streets; Cook&
\'t anon, agents; $1250.
District B—Lot8 —Lot 3, block K. Morris Vine
yard tract, 53x190, on the west side of South
Hill street, between Sixteenth and Seven
teenth -treets; K. (J. Calkins, owner; 91350,
District f) —Lot 12. Keeve tract,soxlßo feet.
lon west side Hoover street, north of Wash
ington street: (!. R. Goeswich, owner: .*lioU.
Districts 0 and 10—Lot Ij, Electric Home
stead ttact, 51x136, northeast corner Pico
and El Molino streets; A. A. Hutchinson,
agent; $800.
District 11—Readvertise.
[ District 12 -L..t 22, block 2, \\\ st Los An
geles tract, Jefferson, between McClintook
and Thirty-second streets; F. B. Uarbert,
owner: *2400.
District 13—District same as Nos. 9 and
! W.
District 11—Lots 2(1 and 21. Fla-h's Main
street subdivision, 10x108 feet, southwest
corner Maple avenue and Twenty-fourth
-iti cts; A. H.Susskind,owner;sl2oo.
I District la—Lot 1. block A. Walnut Grove
tract. 47x105. southwest corner Central ave
nue and Fourteenth street; 11. W. Bowen,
agent; *S2H.
Distrii t 10—No offers.
District 17—Lot (1. Conger & Wilson tract,
.WxlSit. corner Central avenue and Thirty
fourth street; 11. M. Conger, agent; $800.
District 18—Lot 1. block 5. Wolfskill Or
chard tract. 27 I i : xl0O feet, northwest cor
ner Towne avenue and Fourth streets; J.
•1. Hupp, owner: $1250.
Districts 10 and 20—Lot 100x180 feet on
Marchessnult street, opposite Plaza, between
Los Angeles and Olivers streets; F. M. Kol
sey, agent: $16,000.
District 21 —Lot 3flxl4S feet, north side of
First street, near Chicago street. Boyle
Heights, and building thereon, occupied by
eneinc company No. 2; Judge Hendricks,
owner: $8000.
We recommend that in districts in which
no selections- have been made the city read
vertise for bids.
Upon motion of President Silver, action
upon the various offers was deferred for one
week, in order to afford time for examina
tion of the various bids. The president has
been ill for a week past and has no oppor
tunity to acquaint himself with what ha«
been going on in municipal affairs.
Fourth Ward Residents Want Georgia
Bell Street Re-established
At the afternoon session a petition was
read s.gmd by a number of representative
citizens, asking that, in justice to Mrs.
Bell, tlie name of Georgia liell street be not
changed to Georgia street. The petition
which read as follows, was referred to the
board ot public works for action:
The undersigned citizens and taxpayers of
Los Angeles would respectfully represent to
your honorable body that the street extend
ing from Washington to Ninth street in the
Fourth ward of this city, now designated
Georgia street, was named by this council
in lss.-> or anterior to that date Georgia Hell
street, and lias been known and designated
bj tli.it name until two or three week- ago,
win D signs were pouted on the corners desig
nating the street as Georgia street.
Originally this council of its own motion
and without the suggestion of any outside
influence named that strict Georgia Hell, In
honor of the first lady who sot t lid iv w hat i>
now the Fourth ward, and a.- Mrs. Georgia
Hell, lor whom tiie street v*as named, has
for thirty-two years, .and now does live
at No. 1337 Figueroa strict, her friends and
family consider the change of name a re
\Yh< r. fore the undersigned most respect
fully ask your honorable body to ri store
to the said t'trcct its proper name of
Georgia Hell.
Council Takes Exception to His Recom
mendations for Cable Permits
Oil Inspector Monlux report* d recom
mending that tlie Ilex Oil company be
granted permission to erect a pumping cable
across Buena Vista street, betwi en Bernardo
and Cottage Home streets. This brought
Mr. Nickell to Ins in I with a protest Bgainsl
such action. He believed the oil men wit',
encroaching too far when they attempted
to run their cables over a thoroughfare as
much traveled as Buena Vista street, upon
which a ear line is operated and one of th(
main highroads to Pasadena. The demand
tli.it cables be allowed across streets of this
character was unreasonable and out ot tin.
question. He moved that the petition be
denied, which was done.
Two other applications for the erection of
1 cables, by the American Crude Oil company
ai loss Rockwood street, between Lake
Shore and Belmont avenue, and T. L. Lewis
lor tho same location, had been reconi
i mended granted in tlie same general terms.
, Tiny were, however, referred hack to him
to state specifically why he had recom
mended the petitions.
No Fire Engines Wanted to Disturb
Busy Broadway
Against the proposed establishment of s
I lire engine bouse Upon the lot north of the
city hall building ilure was a vigorous pro
list, the grounds for such action being the
unwarranted statement by a morning news
paper thai such action was in contempla
tion. Some seventeen of the heaviest prop
erly owners in tbe block on liroadway be
j tween Second anil Third street* were among
i tiie signers of the protest, which read as t'ol- ,
We, the undersigned owners of prop
erly, and business men engaged in busi
ness on liroadway between Second and
Third streets, seek by this communica
tion to protest most earnestly and em
phatically against any action on the |«rt
of your honorable! body in creating and
maintaining an engine house for the use
of the tire department on the unoccupied
lot adjoining the city hall on the north.
11* assert that tlie Improvements we
have placed upon Broadway between
Second and Third streets are the finest
and represent the largest retail business
hi uses in ihe city.
The construction and maintenance of
an engine house at the point mentioned
would be an injury to our property and
dangerous to tin- public, as the sidew ill:
is much used by pedestrians, and the
stint usually crowded with vehicles,
and the taking mil of a fire engine in the
Usual and customary way would endan
ger life and property: and the con
struction and maintenance of such an
engine house at the point above named
would be a serious damage to our prop
erly and the business interest* on said
street, and we therefore most respect
fully petition your honorable body to re
ject any proposition looking to the build
ing and maintenance of an engine house
at tin- point mentioned.
Upon motion, and Without discussion, the
matter was referred to the board of public
works and the fire commission for considera
Closing Meeting of the Old Board Held
Last Evening
The closing inciting of the board of health
was held last evening in the mayor's offics
iv tin- city hall, all the members being pres
ent -aye one. Mayor Snyder presided, and
Drs. Salisbury, Colburn and Cowlei were
present, also Health Officer Powers, Dr.
Moore being absent.
Certificates to practice wore granted to
Or-. Eli C. Woodman, Charles D. Crane
and L. W. ( lark. A spirited discussion on
tiie subject ot sewage irrigation took place,
no decided action being taken, although it
was the -ensie of the meeting that it was
unsanitary to allow indiscriminate irriga
tion of vegetables with .-.-wage.
Dr. Salisbury moved that a vote of thanks
be tendered to Dr. Powers, the health of
ficer, and also to tlie health inspectors- for
the able manner in which they have per
formed their duties during tlie administra
tion ot this- board. This motion was sec
onded by Dr. Cowles and unanimously
adopted, whereupon tlie board adjourned
sine die, to meet again only to turn then
office over to their successors.
Minor Business
An extension of sixty days within which
to complete hi* contract for the improve
ment of Howard street was granted io L.
Specifications for the laying of 1100 feet cf
vitrified pipe in Zanja No. 2 on Palmetto
..ml Fourth streets were referred to the
city engineer.
.V special meeting of the council to rlcar
up accumulated business will be held on
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
City Auditor Nichols reported the No
vember elections- from the various city of
ficea to amount tf. $16,490.36, and the re
ei ipts from taxes and other sources as *295,
Proposals to furnish meat to the city
prison were adopted, letting the contract to
J. O. Scbaefer,
The bid- lor fifty fire alarm boxes were
opened, only one offer presented, that
of tlie Gamewell Fire Alarm company at
$11,178, tin advance of $5000 over their bid of
la couple of weeks ago. Th: same certified
check as offered by Mr. Rose was- pre
sented by the new agent, Mr. Coffee, show
ing that even though Mr. Rose has skipped
he is- still in Qomtnunicdtton with head
quarters, although no longer connected with
the company.
The petition of L. S. Seaman to suspend
action toward the grading of First street
from Beaudry avenue to Kern street was
denied em a report of the board of public
work- recommending that all bids for the
work be rejected and the city attorney in
structed to prepare an ordinance directing
the city clerk to advertise for proposals for
the reason that there is a dispute as to whi.-lt
lof said propo.-als is the lowest.
For Clean Streets
A resolution wus Introduced tending to
ward tlie cleaning of tlie public street-, and
received a cordial notice as follows, the
rc-olution* being:
Whereas, it is essential to the cleanli
uess of the public streets throughout the
city that rubbish and sweepings from store
rooms ami buildings be not deposited or
swept into gutters; and, whereas, the very
merchants who arc so desirous of having
clean streets are daily violators of the exist
ing ordinances against the deposit of sweep
ings in lite gutters; now, therefore be il
Resolved, as tlie sense of this council,
that tin- merchants throughout the city be
urged to co-operate with the city authori
ties to the- extent of abstaining from this
reprehensible custom; anel be it further
Resolved, That the chief of police be
lie re by notified to vigorously enforce tin-ex
isting ordinances to the end that the nui
sance above refined to be abated.
For Park Commissioner
A petition asking that Thomas Kelly be
appointed by the- new council as a member
oi tlie board of park commissioner! was
sent in, signed by a number of residents of
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ttil form. It depresses the abdo- WiiK' U-, 2Sc, 50c, $1. Cup cts, 10c, 250 anil ">oc. I style compli !»' for x
\* auaMRifRGFR & QOJV.S %
be particularly well pleased with fl /r# X-sf C/# • . 50,,,, jn'w ol -
,» "her majesty's." \ 1 M THE GREATER PEOPLE'S STORE KJXHUim*
: the Second ward. The applicant tor a po
s.tloii without pay was given a gooil char
j acter by the petitioners-, but tlie council
1 teemed to look upon the petition as a good
; joUe. Mr. Nickell wanted it referred to
tiie contemplated caucus of Republican
i uouncilmen-elect, who will endeavor some
day this week to settle on tiie appointment;
Ito be inaeie, but he was frowned upon as a
"has been." anel the matter was finally re
ferred tv .Mr. Baker, member from the Sec
Street Work
Ordinances of intention for the following
I strtet work were adopted: To establish
grade of Hobson street from Eleventh to
Sepulveda; to sidewalk and curb Will street
from Thirel to Uoyd; also bnal ordinances
establishing the grade ot JJivel street from
Third to Sapphire, sew.'r;ug portions! id
Brooklyn avenue anel Breed street, and side
walking and curbing Olive street from First
to Second. Tiie bid- ot W. A. Frick to
sewer Maleo street from Seventh to Pal
metto at G3» 2 cents per loot, and of B.
Lorenzi for sewering Stanford avenue and
Eighth street at 02% cents per loot, were
Oil Ordinance Limit
Upon tlie reading of tlns communication
from the West lake Improvement associa
tion, tiled some days ago, offering to aid the
city and suggesting the employment of spec
ial counsel to assist in appealing from tlie
recent decision of Police Judge Morrison
on the Westlake oil limit ordinance, it was
decided to reler the matter to the finance
committee, who will fix a elate at which
the representatives of tne association can
meet with tiie members of the committee
anel the city attorney and discuss the mat
Hand Street Sweeping
Yesterday was the first day upon which
the hand-sweeping force was turned loose
upon the streets. Hut a portion of tlie gang
oi twelve men has as yet been named, and
ali is not in readiness for work, yet much
was accomplished, Today will see a larger
gang at work and a i-unsoque nt improvement
iv the condition of the thoroughfares;,
Notes of the Meeting
Contracts and bonds with the SUCCeSffu'
bidders for fire engines, hose anil building
of bridges were- presented by the city attor
nt y ami spproved.
The recommendation of the police comm
ission that W. F. Schroeder be allowed a
soil re bite foil a 1 Eulooifi license at 411 South
Spring street, he having paid the license
twice, owing te> the fact that his license hail
been revoked because a man had been
drugged and robbed in his saloon, was rt
ferred to the finance committee for consid
An application for a position aw janitor
in tiie city hall was presented by E. Ber
quest, who had the nanus of President Sil
ver and some twenty substantial citizens to
hick up his claims. The petition went to
the board of public works- for consideration.
I). M. McQarry presented a petition ask
ing tin- council to abandon MoOarry street,
which lies between Eigth and Ninth east of
Main. This also went to the board oi pub
lic* works.
The annual reports of Street Superintend
ent Drain arid Health Officer Powers, which
hi re published yesterday morning, were
presented, and without reading referred to
the finance committee; al-o the v eport oi
City Auditor Nichols, which met with a iike
reception at the afternoon session,
Mr. Grider moved that the- following
streets in tbe southeast section of tlie city
be graded, graveled, cement walks and curb
laid: Stanley avenue from Jefferson street
to Slaueon avenue, San Pedro street from
Jefferson to Vernon avenue, Mast Jefferson
from Main to Sau Pedro, also that East Jef
ferson from San Pedro to Central avenue
be widened to TO feet, the land to be taken
from the south side of the street. Ordi
nances of intention tor the work were or
dered prepared by the city attorney and
What Will Be Required for *tlie
The chamber of commerce officials are
highly elated over the news that l.os Ange
les has finally been selected for the annual
meeting of the National Educational asso
i iation in 18SW. The effort to secure a meet
ing in this city of that important organiza
tion of educators began three years ago.
when the annual convention was held in
Denver, at which our delegate? guaranteed
a membership ot ."KM") in this state. That
guarantee still holds good'and the executive
committee holds the state to its promise.
City Superintendent Foshay has sent mem
bership blanks all over the state and in
many sections they are being well filled.
The reports are so encouraging the officers
having the mtater in charge tie! assured
that the- required number will be secured.
Thus far but two committees in this city
have been at work, those on transportation
and entertainment, The members of the
former committee have done all they could
to secure low railroad rates and the latter
entertained the executive committee of ed
ucators on their recent visit here. The
committees will have to be reorganized and
many more adeled to carry on the diffuse
preparations necessary for the accommo
dation and entertainment of the delegates.
Committees will have to be organized on
publicity and promotion to disseminate
Southern California literature through tlie
east; a committee on finance to attend to
the important work of raising money; com
mittees on hotels, reception, music, excur
sions, badges ami designs anel halls.
It will require one large auditorium for
tiie eight genera] sessions and one large hall
tor the overflow meetings. For the depart
no nt sessions, of which there are two each,
fifteen churches or halls' will be required.
A large room or suite of rooms will be need
ed for the treasurer of the association anel
twenty clerks; large headquarters also for
the general secretary anel sixteen depart
ment secretaries. All this force will be
needed to carry out the program, in addi
tion to the local committees'and assistants.
The chamber of commerce anil the city
educators, upon whom this Work of prepara
tion will de volve, desire not only the moral
support e.f every individual interested, but
al-o the active support of many willing
hands and heads.
Look Out.
For everything going. Our stock of hats
•anel men's furnishings its a magnt|flcenS
panorama of victorious values'. There Isn't
the slightest douht about It. That's what
everyone says at first glance, and It's an
old saw that what everyone says must be
so. This time it is so. and here's the proofs:
Initial silk handkerchiefs, 25c and GOc;
neckwear, 250 and 50c; gloves', 75c,
$1.00, $1.50 and $2.C>O, etc., etc. See Des
monds four show windows, Nos. 139 and
141 South Spring street, In the Itryson block.
A 50c necktie given away with every $3.00
hat bought at our store this 1 week.
B, H. McNaily, son of Andrew 1 McNally
of the publishing firm of Rand, .McNally <Si
Co., is in the city from Chicago.
Frank L. Ferguson, professor in Clare
mont college, was in the city yesterday.
All prices of wall paper greatly reduced.
A. A. Eckatrom, 324 South Spring street.
U. S. C. and Chaffey College Withdraw.
The Apparently Innocent Word
"West" the Bone
Tlie Southern California Intercollegiate
Athletic association met yesterday morning
in the parlors of the V. M. C. A. building. A
lively session was held, and before it closed
Chaffey college and the University of South
ern California withdrew from the organi
zation. This action leaves Pomona and Oc
cidental colleges alone in the association,
ami w ill possibly result in its complete col
lapse. The meeting was opened at HI o'clock
with President C, K. I). Ballou of U. S. C.
in tlie chair. The other officers present W( re
C. A. Phillips of Chaffey college, vice presi
dent; F. M. Strobridge of Pomona, secre
tary; Dwight Chopin of Occidental, treas
urer; F. C. Wright, L. S. ('., business mana
ger. Occidental was represented by I). B.
Cromwell, Pomona by E. P. Stella, Chaffey
by C. A. Phillips and tlie university by Q,
.). llinman.
An amendment to the constitution was
adopted, providing that the business mana
ger should receive as compensation for his
.-.< rvices . r > per cent of the gross gate receipts,
insead of 10 per cent of the net receipts, as
at present.
Then the U. S. C, delegate started the trou
ble that caused the withdrawal of his col
lege and Chaffey. Mr. Hinman moved the
adoption of ait amendment striking out the
word "west" from the second article of Ihe
constitution. This article reads: "The asso
ciation shall be composed of Pomona, Chaf
fey and Occidental colleges and the depart
ments of the University of Southern Califor
nia located at West Los Angeles." The effect
of the amendment would be to permit the
C S. ('. men to select members of their
track team from the students of the medi
cal and dental departments of the univer
sity, which are barred out by the present
wording of tlie article. A hot discussion en
sued, and the motion was lost. Mr. Hinman
then withdrew the University of Southern
California from membership in the associa
tion, stating that he acted under instructions
from the athletic association of thcuniver-
President BalloU and 'Manager Wright
presented their resignations, which were ac
cepted, ft was moved to make the Pomona
team permanent owners of the trophy cup
now in their possession. Pomona has won
the cup five times in the six field days and
tied for first place the sixth time. The
Chaffey and Pomona delegates voted in the
affirmative, but, the Occidental man asked
for time to learn the will of his constitu
Mr. Phillips created consternation in the
meeting by announcing that under instruc
tions from his local association he withdrew
the membership of Chaffey college. This
action proved too much for Pomona and Oc
cidental, and they adjourned what was left
of the organization.
As a result of the action of the university
and Chaffey college, the annual field day set
for the 22d of February will probably fall
The Pomona college association has ap
plied for nrombership in the Stanford-Cali
fornia association, and desires to enter a
team in their spring meet. If this effort is
a failure, they will in the near future en
dcavor to arrange for an annual meet with
tlie University of Southern California.
Such a meet would prove much more sat
isfactory than the field days held by the
intercollegiate association in the past, and
ought to be successful in a financial way.
Mrs. Thomas Dibblee ami the Misses I)ib
blee of Santa Barbara are visiting friends in
the city.
Holiday Shoppers ami Tourists
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Allen's Press Clipping Bureau
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Furnish advance reports on all contract
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and pumping plants and public buildings.
Personal clippings (rem all papers tn tmt
United ntatt«,

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