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Hickory club seeking new quarters j
delinquent members to be dropped.
Judge Clark hears an application for
tbe guardianship of the Gatto minors.
Christmas exercises in the public
schools; Santa Glaus visits the schol
City engineer's annual report gives
■ome telling figures as to street im
XI Monte station burglar held to an
swer; an attempted explanation of how
he earns by the stolen property.
Major Horace Bell tells the board of
public works why he objects to the
present name of Georgia street.
Suit against a father-in-law for
aliepation of a wife's affections; inter
acting opinion from Judge Allen.
Sanation of the Gardner & Zellnar
block to the city; the gift one of the
future so far as possession is con
Novel legal controversy over the
dying Intentions of an East Side resi
dent; grave charges and counter-*
Westlake oil men protest against
the proposed action of the city in em
ploying special counsel to appeal from
the decision, on the "limit" ordinance.
Burbank—"Under the Dome."
Los Angeles—Matinee, "As You
Kike It;" evening, "Borneo and
Finance committee of council meets
—10 a. m.
U3MPERATUHE—Record of observations
taken at Los Angeles, Cab, Dec. 23. The
barometer Is reduced to sea level.
R. H.
6 a. m
6 p. m
Maximum temperature GB.
Minimum temparture 37.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 23.—Indications
> for Southern California: Fair Saturday;
freah northwest wind 1 .
Gilt wallpaper and border for 12-ft. room,
$1.60. Walter, 027 South Spring street.
Robert Sharp & Co., funerul directors, 751
and 753 South Spring street. Tel. Alain 1029.
Watches cleaned, 73 cents; mainsprings,
60 cents; crystals, 10 cents. Fatton, '.'l4
bouth Broadway.
Wells, Fargo & Co. will deliver Sunday all
matter received for the city up to and in
cluding Saturday night.
The postoffioe will be open Monday next
from the usual hour until noon. The car
riers will make morning deliveries.
Adams Bros., dentists, 2.10 Vi South Spring
street. Rates from SI. Painless extract
ing, 60 cents. Filling a specialty. Hours,
8 to 3; Sundays. 10 to 15.
Britishers—A petition relating to the vice
consulate in Los Angeles' awaits signatures
St my office. All those interested are re
quested to call. C. A. Sumner, 134 South
The board of managers of the Stimson-
Lafayette industrial school wish to acknowl
edge the receipt of a supply of clothing from
the Los Angeles branch of the Art Needle
work Guild of America.
Do you know that a framed picture makes
a most desirable wedding present? If you
are looking for anything in that line do not
fail to call at H. C. Lichtenberger's art em
porium, 202 South Spring street.
Mary Tossell was given a fifty-day floater
by Police Judge Owens yesterday for
drunkenness. .Mary said she had taken but
two drinks, but the court seemed to think
they were worth about twenty-five days
Xmas praise service Sunday evening in
Y. M. C. A. hall by double quartet, Mr. and
Mrs. Modini-Wood, Mrs. Pern Johnson,
Frank Wallace, Russell Ballard and the
Misses Ballard, Knox, Crowder, will assist
the church choir.
Dr. Rebecca Lee Dorsey, Stimson block,
first floor, rooms 133, 134, 135. Special at
tention given to obstetrical cases and all
diseases of women and children. Electricity
scientifically used. Consultation hours, Ito
0. Telephone 1227.
Among the local politicians who will go to
Sacramento to attend the inaugural ball
wil be Colonel Bob Kern, who has been ap- j
pointed one of the reception committee]
•ad will be on han| toisee Governor Gage
duly installed in office.
Henry J- Jones, who is alleged to have
purchased the old Vienna Buffet with a
bogus check for $300, was arraigned before!
.police Judge Owens yesterday on a charge ,
. of obtaining money under false pretenses. !
. The hearing was? set for the 27th.
H. E. Lovelnnd was fined $10 or ten days 1
by Police Judge Owens yesterday. Love
land was released from jail yesterday after i
having been fined for being drunk, and in
order to celebrate regaining his liberty he
got loaded again. The result was that he ;
received a good-sized fine.
The case against H. S. Anderson, the one
armed newspaper vender, charged with bat- |
ttry, was dismissed in Police Judge Owens'
court yesterday. Mrs. A. Hill claimed that
Anderson struck her, but as she had no eye-'
witnesses of the alleged battery the charge
was dismissed because it was not thought
Anderson could be convicted.
Special hat sale today at Desmond's; a
COC necktie given away with every $3.00 hat I
bought today at Nos'. ISD and 111 S. Spring I
ltukcv & Hmtiflton
Special bicycles, light, fleet and sure, $25
and up. 136 North Los Angeles street.
3. L. Copeland, If. Osborne, N. R. Patter
son and P. J. Jones of this city, are regis
tered at San Francisco hotels.
H. J. W. Bourhon Whisky—the standard—
$4.00 gallon, $1.00 quart. H. J. Woollacott.
Wall paper, late styles, low prices, a: A
A. Ecketrom, 324 South Spring street.
J. S. Aununsen, superintendent in charge ,
of tbe breakwater at Sun Pedro, is in the
city on business.
Iler's Gin, $1.25. Woollacotfs, 124 N
Join the Merchants' Cash Premium as
For weak people, Malt Vlviv?, Woolla
cott. »
Over a Score of Buildings Destroyed by Fire
Yesterday v
The most serious fire that has occurred
in Chinatown in many years started about
2:10 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and be
fore the dames could be controlled had de
stroyed over an acre of buildings, com
pletely wiping out the northeast corner of
New Chinatown. The loss is close to ?10,
--OUO, a large portion of which will tall on
Chinese tenants. >
The) fire started in the kitchen in the rear
of a one-story shack at 420 Apablasa street,
occupied by Sing bee as a residence. The
exact cause of the blaze is not positively
known, but it is thought that the cook was
preparing a meal in an open grate and left
the lire burning while he went outside. On
his return he saw that the flames had at
tacked the woodwork about the iireplace.
The building was oti very inflammable mate
rial, and the names spread so rapidly that
the adjoining buildings, all but one ot which
were of wood, were soon on fire.
At 421 Apabltasa. street was the two-story
brick building occupied by Key. Sg Foa
Chew, a Chinese Presbyterian minister, and
running east from this brick structure to a
small alley was a row of one-*torjs. shucks.
The balance of* the block was occupied by
more shacks north of the row on Apablasa
street, while at- 832 and 834 Benjamin, street
wore two two-story frame buildings, tbe
one at 832 being) tenanted by "Old Tom
as an opium joint and the other at 834 as
a joss house. The other buildings on Ben
jamin street were occupied by Chung Woo,
Smg Yick, Lum 800 and the family oi Mr.
and Mrs. Soo Hoo Mon Sing.
The fire soon spread to the other buildings
in the block, and a few minutes after the
first alarm] was turned in the flames were
shooting many feet in the air. Tud build
ings were occupied principally by Chinese
vegetable peddlers, some of whom had fam
ilies, and there was a hurried rush to es
cape. The cries of alarm soon attracted a
large crowd of Chinese, who were gesticulat
ing wildly and running about, apparently
Moat Happy Celebration of the Happy
The Sunset club had its Christmas jinks
last night at Jerry lUieh's, the occasion
being one of the most delightful i nthe his
j tory of the organization. Ex-President Dan
I Freeman occupied the chair, President Lee
i being unavoidably absent, this king of the
| goats being given a warm welcome on his
return from a visit to the Prince of Wales
I and Emperor William. Homer Earle pro
vided the portion of the evening,
having a Scotch piper, an American or
| che.-tra and a Chinese- string band; the
! strains of "Annie Laurie," "My Honolulu
j Lady" and "The Maid of the Yang Tse Ki
| one" intermingling iw a most pleasing, man
! ner. Ah Lung Patterson 1 and Ah Judge
Shaw assisted im the Chinese music effeet
i ively. Charlie Ellis sangan exquisite lullaby
iind George Parson sang two songs and es
caped without injury. George Patton gave
an impressive address on Christmas and its
I lesson*, arguing a charming logic of ap
| proaching sweetness and light for the world.
Bishop Montgomery followed on similar
lines, to the great pleasure of his brothers
in the club, and Deacon Slauson concluded
the serious portion of the program with an
eloquent appeal for unselfishness and aid
in the work of helping those in dire need,
stating that there were 1200 children in the
city who could not go to school for want
of proper clothing.
The bard of the club, Mr. Homer Earle,
read one of the wittiest poems the members
ever had the pleasure of bearing, and was
followed by Willoughby Rodman in a
charming conceit, a burlesque on "Curfew
Shall Not Ring Tonight." Sloppy Sister,
Mr. R. H. H. Chapman, being absent on ac
count of ili'.ness, his poem was read by Othe
man Stevens, and despite the bad delivery,
the pointed, clever lines won sincere ap
It would take several editions of The Her
atd to give all of the fun, jest and quip and
a whole volume would not do justice to the
happy season of good-fellowship and affec
tion evidenced by all of the members who
had the good fortune to be present.
helpless. Police Officer Koss Fniliips, whose
beat is in. Chinatown, heard the cries. He
resides about a block distant on Macy
street, and leaving his home the oitrcer
turned in a telephone alarm to the tire de
partment. Officer Kitch also sent in an
alarm of fire by telephone. These two of
ticcTs recognized the fact that efforts toward
raving property must! be made at once, and
both started to empty the largest buildings
of their most valuable contents. The ?20U0
library belonging to the Key. Sg lon Chew
in the brick building on Apablasa street was
saved and the rest of his effects were) car
ried to a place of safety. Mr. Chew was at
his newspaper office when the fire started,
only his wife and youngest child being at
home. They left when the names threat
ened to destroy the building. All the ef
fects saved were carried out by- Officers
Hitch and Phillips. On Benjamin street was
the building owned by Mr. and Sirs. Soo
Jloo Mon Sing. X contained a valuable
stock of Chinese merchandise, and was
completely destroyed by the flames. The
cellar of the house, however, in which was
stored a quantity of opium and draperies,
was merely damaged by water. The entire
loss to Mr. Singi will probably amount to
As soomas the department arrived it was
apparent that the only course to take would
be to confine the fire to the entire corner
and prevent its spreading to the buildings
west on Apablasa street. Numerous diffi
culties were faced by the firemen, who were
obliged to use the hydrant at the corner
of Marchessault and Alameda streets, neces
sitating the laying out of 1200 feet of hose.
The lengths from hose reel No. 3 burst twice
and some delay was experienced in getting a
good stream on the blaze. Despite the ef
forts of the firemen, however, a house on
Benjamin street, opposite Soo Hoo Mon
Sing's store and occupied by Chee Kung
Tong, caught fire twice, nnd several times
it was feared that the conflagration would
become general and destroy all of China
In Search of New Quarters for Next
At the meeting held by the Hickory club
lust evening but little except routine busi
ness was transacted. The members were
called to order and the minutes of the pre
vious meeting reud and approved.
Three members, A. C. Stanmer, A. M.
Bragg and George Furtsch, were appointed
a committee to search for suitable rooms
which might be made the headquarters of
the club. The committee was instructed to
confer with the owners of the present quar
ters and were given power to act.
Delinquent members were given one
week's further grace, until next Friday, in
which to meet their obligations and settle
up past dues. Such as do not pay by that
time will have their names read in open
meeting and be dropped from the rolls.
It is the intention to change the bylaws of
the club at an early date so as to make it v
straight Democratic organization, to which
others than Democrats are not eligible. Hie
officers figure on a paying membership of
200 and estimate that the club can be run
without loss on such a basis.
John Singleton, president of the Yellow
Aster Mining company, Ilandsburg, has re
turned from a visit to the mine and reports
satisfactory progress on the new forty
stamp mill.
sold only in
town. The wind, however, was quiet and'
tavorable for the lire lighters, the ltamea
working their way along Benjamin street
and around the entire block. A line ol hose
had also been laTCI from the engine on Macy
street, but as soon as it was seen that the
(ire had been confined to certain limits and
that there was nothing left to do but to
allow it to burn itself out, the apparatus
was sent home except the engine on Alameda
street. At 2:30 the fire was at its height
and the frightened Celestials were running
in all directions, making futile efforts to save
sacks of potatoes and various kinds of garden
truck, which were thrown into the street,
only to be trampled under foot by the ex
cited crowd. Five dogs, which were im
prisoned in a frame shanty next to the Bey.
Chew's house, were slowly roasted alive,
and their cries were pititui to hear. Aside
from these animals, it is not definitely
known that the lire claimed any other vic
tims, although a number of chickens were
said to have, been burned in a coop at tne
northeast corner of the block.
Owing to the habit that all Chinese have
of hiding money and valuables in. their
houses, it is impossible to figure the actual
loss. I. A. Sepulveda, who owns the land
covered by the burned buildings, estimates
his loss to be in the neighborhood of $5001),
including the damage none to the brick
building at 42V Apablasa street. The Key.
Ng Pon Chew estimates his loss at ¥350,
and intends to rebuild at once that part of
the residence owned by himself, it is
thought that the loss to the other tenants
will be somewhere about $4000, although
this estimate is necessarily very vague on
account of the utter impossibility of obtain
ing definite amounts from the terror-stricken
Chinese. In all probability the shacks de
stroyed will be replaced by a number of
one-story brick buildings, which will add
materially to the general appearance of that
quarter of the town and be conducive to bet
ter health conditions than have existed there
London Wants a Chamber of Commerce
W. 'Wilson, agent for the Santa Fe rail
road, in London, England, who is visiting
Losi Angeles, accompanied by John J.
Byrne, general passenger agent of the Santa
Fe, inspected the exhibits in the chamber of
commerce yesterday afternoon. Mr. Wilson
suggested the opening of a similar exhibit
from Southern California in London. Such
a display of the products from this part of
the state, he said, would remove .much of
the prejudice engendered by the schemes
land companies had practiced to swindle
peoplo of that country. The officials con
sider Mr. Wilson's visit quite fortunate, as
it resulted in Mr. Byrne's first visit to the
chamber of commerce, thougn he represents
a transcontinental line that has been prob
ably the most potent factor in the develop
ment of Southern California.
The final consignment of medals from the
Transmississippi exposition at Omaha for
Los Angeles county exhibitors was received
by the chamber of commerce yesterday. The
fortunate winners are B. M. Blythe, Dow
ney, bronze medal for tobacco; Perfection
Orange Blend company, city, silver niednl;
A. C. Thomson, Duarte, improved navel,
A r alcneia Late and Blood oranges, silver
medal; Catalina Conserving company, San
Pedro, silver medal for canned lobster;
James Slauson, two varieties of pomelos,
gold medal; H. Jevne, olive oil, gold medal;
Miss Anna B. Picher, Pasadena art loan
ethnological collection, gold medal.
J. F. Hogan of Glengrove ranch, River
side, exhibits some fine specimens of this
year's crop of navel oranges. Mrs. Harriet
Strong has; renewed her pampas plume ex
hibit, enclosing some in a glass case.
News of the Railways
The sand storm of yesterday cost the
railways' a pretty penny. The Southern Pa
cific was the worst off of the overland roads.
Between Colton and the Cueamonfta region
the track was' so covered that trains could
not be operated without more or less; shov
eling, and as fast as the tiny particles were
thrown to one side the wind would carefully
put them back where they had been. A\l
of the overland trains from the east were
delayed, Superintendent J. A. Muir of the
Southern Pacific stating that it was the
worst storm of the kind he had ever ex
The mysterious party of surveyors who
set out from Salt Lake City some months
ago in a southwesterly direction have
reached Lavick, midway between Mojave
and Ludlow on the Santa Fe Pacific rail
way. They are supposed to be running
a line for the Southern Pacific, asj several
of them have been identified as having
been in the employ of that company.
R. R. Hums, chief engineer of the Santa
Fe at Williams, is in the city for a few
days' stay.
Santa Fe Storekeeper W. M. Catlin at
San Bernardino is* in the city. Mr. Catlin
was formerly in the general manager's of
An Unusual Visitation, Finding No
Parallel Since 1857
Los Angeles yesterday experienced the
unusual phenomena of a dust storm, the
most severe of any known since 1857 in this
city, though by no means anywhere ne.tr so
disagreeable a visitation a« (tomes occasion
ally in some parts of Southern California
less favorably situated.
In the valleys; east of the city reports
came in that the storm was of greater vio
lence than ever known by old residents, the
train's being delayed and movements out of
doors all but rendered impossible by the
prevailing sand drafts. At Colton and Ki
alto the wire* were prostrated and all com
munication with towns in the San Bernar
dino valley was interrupted.
At the- weather bureau further high winds
were predicted, Observer Franklin venttur
ing the statement that there would be a
heavy fall in tcmperative all over Southern
California, with fros-t In the interior val
leys la*t night. Some damage to fruit was
Little actual inconvenience was experi
enced in the city, as the sand-laden atmos
phere was relieved by a stratum close to the
ground nearly free from dust. At greater
elevation the quantity borne along darkened
the sky, making the Jay murky and giving
but few glimpses of the Silt. Happily such
storms are few and far between.
A Poor Marksman
The preliminary examination of John
Kerns on a charge of assault with a deadly
weapon was concluded before Justice Owens
yesterday, the defendant being held to an
swer in the sum of $1500. One morning dur
ing the early part of Novemher, Kerns be
came intoxicated and became of a fancied
affront from W. Walsh, the barkeeper in
the Temple saloon, corner of Temple and
Spring streets, armed himself with a re
volver and took a shot at Walsh. The bul
let went so wide of it» mark that the marks
manship of Kerns could not have been dig
nified as the offense of assault to commit
murder, so a different charge was filed.
Kerns still has to use crutches to navigate,
as he accidentally shot himself in the hip.
A New Attorney
Frank Manning accepted the services of
Bailiff Appal yesterday as attorney, and
through that official soon determined
whether he was guilty of the crime of petty
larceny. Manning had been charged with
stealing a watch valued at $8 from the vest
of 11. I'nge, in a Second street restaurant.
Manning first pleaded not guilty, and his
ease was called for trial yesterday. He
informed Mr, Appel that he desired to with
draw his former plea and enter that of
guilty, waiving time for sentence. Mr. Ap
pel so announced to Police Judge Owens,
and the necessary entry was made. Sen
tence was not passed, however, as the judge
desired to hear some evidence, and this will
be listened to today.
The Weak Are Made Strong by Using It Every Day
It is such a joyful feeling to discover
your old vitality coming back, to realize
that power which you supposed was
I gone has been restored. It is a feeling
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10,000 Cures
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sands of men, young aud old, who have
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THE LOS ANGELES. —"Twelfth Sight"
isl one of those Shakespearean plays about
which comparatively little is known to the
present generation of theater-goers. The
character of the gentle Viola 7s still, how
ever, so much of a Cavorite as to afford a
temptation to the young actress, and no
small part of the inducement to attempt it
lies undoubtedly in the opportunity it af
fords tor the wearing of a masculine garb.
This particular costume is of a very at
tractive kind, being chiefly composed of a
short Greek tunic and handsome crimson
jacket. Attired thus and with a jaunty
cap thrown upon her curling locks, .Miss
Waldorf made a strikingly handsome ap
pearance last night. Her carriage is re
markably easy, her movements uncon
strained, and yet while personating a manly
part she never loses the graceful individ
uality of the delightful woman who is the
central figure of the play. She was more
unaffected, too, than she was as Kosallnd,
and the speech in the dialogue with/ the
Duke, beginning, "She never told her love,"
was charmingly rendered.. Viola's simple
straightforwardness, her delicacy ot char
acter and the native sweetness of her dispo
sition are all characteristics that .Miss W al
dorf illuminates with line touches of art, and
the portrait may stand as a worthy addition
to a round of Shakespearean characters in
which she is now claiming the attention, as
well as the admiration, of students of the
Hard and theater-goers generally.
Apart from the personality of the young
heroine, who is in reality no heroine at all,
the interest ot the play centers in the roy
steting couple composed ol Sir"Toby 15clc.li
and Sir! Andrew Aguecheck. This pair ot
worthies, with the immortal Malvolio form
the trio that gives the comedy its distinctive
place among humorous productions. Nat
urally enough, the humor is ancient and some
ot the quips and Jests do not appeal to
modern tastes, but the human nature is
there-, and Mr. MeVey, who undertook Sir
Toby, brought out the saiient points of hil
character With telling effect, 'the persona
tion was, indeed, a gem in its way. The Sir
Andrew of Allan Dunn was a clever piece
of work, and Mr. McGregor's Malvolio was
a thoroughly well sustained and creditable
presentation of a most difficult character.
Both the Jester and Maria if entrusted to
more capable hands would have improved
the general effect. The Olivia of Miss Ellen
lioytr was not wanting in some delicate
touches of artistic worth.
The audience, not a very large one, sat
and took in the piece with that peculiar
gravity of attention which Los Angeles peo
ple usually bestow only upon first-night pro
ductions of new pieces. The applause, while
not of a general kind, was apparently hearty
and the audience seemed well pleased.
"As You Like it" will be repeated at the
matinee today and tonight the engagement
will close with "Borneo and Juliet."
o c o
THE BURUANK.—Manager Kimball an
nounces a Christmas gift matinee for all
children attending the performance of
"Under the Dome" at the Burbank theater
this afternoon. Every cfiild will be pre
sented with a toy or some suitable gilt.
W. B. Beamer, manager of the Santa Fe
at San Bernardino, is visiting the city.
Port, Sherry, Angelica, Muscatel—delic
ious wines—"s cents a gallon. Wogllacott,
124 N. Spring.
F. Monaghan of the firm of Monaghan &
Murphy, merchants and miners of Needles,
is here.
Try Eagle Cordials', American made,
highest grade. Woollacott, 121 N. Spring.
B. Goldman, a prominent merchant and
cattleman of Phoenix, Ariz., is in the city.
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Personal clippings from all papers In CM
United States.
Lumber Yard «**
316 Commercial Street, Los Angeles, Cai.

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