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Zahn, Richards and Saunders Estates
Invest In Valuable City Property.
Cottages for Hollywood
The new yenr will start with renewed
energy In the line of construction of
ntw business blocks and attractive
homes. Many plans. Involving the out
lay of capital, that has been with
drawn from the field of bonds and
Blocks investments, hnve been drawn
by architects and buildings that will
reap good earnings will be erected,
Architect A. L. Hally has completed
plans for • a number of structures In
various parts of the city.
The Zahn estate will erect a three
fctory brick' and basement building,
8? 1-2x131 feet, on the northeast corner
of Franklin street and Broadway, to
cost $50,000.
The same estate will put up a three
story brick and basement building,
105x120 feet, on the southeast corner
of Fourth and Olive streets, to cost
$f.5,000. ■ ' ■
Plnns have also been accepted for. a
three-story brick and basement build
ing, 61x120 feet, on_ the northwest cor
ner of Fourth and Hill streets, provid
ing for four store rooms on the Ilrst
floor and fifty rooms above, to cost
550.000. This Improvement is to be
made by the Saunders estate. '■",
Hill Street Structure
The trustees of the Richard estate
■will erect a three-story frame apart
ment building at 907 South Hill street
at a cost of $15,000. The building will
contain twelve suites of three rooms
erch, including bathroom.
James Mackel will erect a three
story brick and basement building on
East First street, near San Pedro
street, at an. outlay of $25,000. Tire
frontage is 60 feet, depth 68 feet.
George H. Stimson has accepted
pin ns for the erection ol a $5000 resi
dence in Hollywood.
Daniel Ammann, owner of ten acres
cf land close to the foothills in the
Hollywood district, has had plans
.drawn for the erection of a dozen small
cottages on the land. The total ex
rtnditure will be about $10,000.
Blanchard Hall Addition
| The addition to Blanchard hall, ex
tending from the rear of the present
building, will be .so constructed that
lt_ will extend from Broadway to Hill
street, a distance of 327 feet, with con
tinuous halls, and will contain studios
-for music, art and science only, as well
as halls and auditoriums of different
dimensions for gatherings of all de
; scriptlons. The entrance on either
■ street will be in wainscoted marble,
the floors especially designed mosaic,
;, and marble stairs. In both street en
;trances there are large and rapid elec
tric elevators. „\
.The upper floors of the building are
' divided into studios specially arranged
, for musicians, teachers, colleges, etc.,
'.being- occupied by representatives in
\this department of the art world of the
.city. ;
:- ■ Art Studio Equipment
' The art studios have been designed
-'to meet the requirements of the artists,
as arrangements for north light as well
as top light make this' a feature. Access
..to the public art gallery and its attend
j ant advantages gives the artist and
student alike opportunities which un
• der other conditions would be lmpos
' sible. A specially constructed kiln room
' is-, a . feature of the building, where
! the artists may have the best advan
tages for the proper firing of china.
Public Art Gallery
A public art gallery for the. exhibition
of works of art Is located on the fifth
' floor. 'Only* paintings of merit will be
I accepted | to be hung at any exhibit.
Here many artists of the building can
from time to time display, as well as
, known artists of California, giving the
public the opportunity of viewing pic
tures under the most favorable advan
• tages as the light Is of the very best.
. The ' construction of this building,
' which represents an investment of over
I $40,000, and dedicated exclusively to
■j music, art and science, is the concep
tion of F. W. Blanchard, who is promi
'ncntly Identified In music and art clr
• cles, and through him Harris Newmark
; was. induced to make such a large in
vestment for 'the benefit of the art
\ world of Los Angeles.
McCarthy Building Plans
v The McCarthy company has plans for
■ •twenty more cottages to be built upon
% lots owned by that company in Melrose
S City Boundary tract. %
jj 15. Avery McCarthy of the McCarthy
'company has returned from a three
; months' .trip east, and unless called
past on business will commence the Hill
street building proposed last fall.
Another New Tract
The Los Angeles Building company
has sold to Charles B. Hopper twenty
seres, of land on the northwest corner
of Western avenue and Jefferson street,
consideration $20,000. Mr. Hopper will
Improve' a portion of the, property at
once by the erection of a handsome
two-etory residence, which will ' im
Mr. Hopper will subdivide a large
part of the tract und place the lots or;
the market. The work of improvement
will begin at once.
No I'mu'i' I'rlcrs
For borders. Hunt sooda in United Btatt-a
for' tha money. Uordur and :>ai>»r fur 12
funt ruuin, |l: 7-fnot shadvH. sdc and 3Go;
molding, 2e toot; paper cloaner. 25c; old
Knglish - door wax. 40c. ruliillnx reason
able and guaranteed. WAI.TKH tlltOU., 027
Kouth Uiirlng streut. Phones— Main lUSS,
Hum* 103 S.
Everything you want you will find In the
•lmwlSed pace I t unta sncyCloixiula.
Total Cost Nearly $400,000— New Sev.
en.Story Block for South Broad,
way— The I. W. Hellman .
Building operations In Los Angeles
early In the new year will witness the
erection of many modern structures
that will serve to transform the busi
ness section of the city Into a metropolis
of magnificent solidity, approaching to
n larger degree than ever the architec
tural symmetry of ! the sky scraping
lines In Chicago and New York.
Tho Improvements- contemplated and
under way, Involving the outlay of
millions of dollars, best Illustrate and
emphasize the faith of property owners
and capitalists in the great future or
Greater Los Angeles, and it Is a matter
of gratification to note the renewed en
ergy by men of wealth In pushing to
the front great enterprises.
The Bilicke.Rowan Hotel
Only a few months ago the Herald
renders were Informed thnt the Blllf-V.'f-
Rowan Building company would erect
a modern eight-story fire-proof building
on the southwest corner of Spring and
Fifth streets at a cost of over $250,000.
The improvement is ni;w well under
way. Saturday It became known tha*
the builders had concluded to add four
more stories to the structure, creating
a twelve-story building, the largest
hotel ' building in all Southern Cali
The plans for the additional stories
were drawn by Architect John Parkin-
Bon, who designed the original building.
This new hotel so favorably located will
tower as high as the Braly block, aril
will be finished and furnished In elegant
style. • It Is figured that the addition
of the four stories' will necessitate an
outlay of $100,000, which will Increase
the total expenditure for the improve
ments to about $450,000.
The annex on the west adjoining the
hotel will be eight stories, and will re
semble the main structure. Plans for
the annex have not been perfected.
New Block on Broadway
Morgan & Walls have drawn plans
for a seven-story brick business block
to be erected by Mrs. Zusanna Van
Nuys at a, cost of $100,000, at 436 and 442
South Broadway. The building will
occupy the lots on the east side of
Bro'tidway, where the g^een house en
terprise is now located.' The improve
ment will be of a modern character and
will be used for business purposes.
Arrangements have, been completed for
the early erection of the building. !
The Hellman Improvements
'In a recent issue the Herald gave a
detailed description of the additional
improvements contemplated by I. W.
Hellman on South Main and. West
Fourth streets. Yesterday permits
were issued for the erection of a six
story business block by Mr. Hellman
at 112 and 114 West Fourth street, and
also for a six-story brick at 407, 409 and
411 South Main street, thus filling in nIJ
the space south and west of the hand
some bank building erected for the
Farmers and Merchants National bank
on the southwest corner of Main and
/Fourth streets. The cost of the two
buildings is placed at $150,000. Archi
tects ' Morgan & Walls jj prepared the
plans, which provide for fire -proof ma
terial and modern appointments gen
erally. ' .
These improvements and many others
projected mean busy times in the build
ing line for months to come. .
Fairview Heights, in Small Tracts,
. Comes on the- Market
j The favor in which country homes
are "held in Southern ' California has
been demonstrated by Edward D. Si
lent & Co., who are placing, on the
market Fairview Heights in 'lots ot
one and a quarter acres and more, sit
uated on the higher portion of the San
Gabriel valley to the southward. An
nouncements state that the property
la within a twelve-minute drive of the
Pacific Electrlc's San Gabriel branch,
and that the distance from Los Angelea
Is about eight miles. . From any direc
tion Fairview Heights Is entered upon
oiled, roads. •.
The subdivision has been so planned
that every lot is \ practically square,
the slope of the land making irrigation
economical, and it is claimed that this
tract has more water than any other
land in* the valley. The features ex
ploited are graded streets and oiled
roads, a perfected irrigating system,
domestic water piped to each lot, ami
oranges, 'lemors, peaches, apricots and
walnuts In full bearing. Building re
strictions are enforced, while a gram
mar school is adjacent aud the Alham
bra high school, within preach of the
property., '■'!!% £■ '■■■•
The beauty of the < site* Is ; enhanced
by a magnificent view of the Sierra
Madie mountains to ■ tho* north, . while
the whole of the valley's rich orchards
and fields can be seen. About twelve
years ago this region | was selected by
Parkers & Haig, . wealthy ..'• 'English
men, because of its natural beauty and
rich soil. The land has been carefully
cultivated by them under the name ot
the Falrlie ranch, and hus borne pro
llflcly. . .:■■ .;>:
The congresH o( naturalist* and phytlclam
which recently met at Kivhluii strongly con
demned the "gooiie-Btep," which U uaed 111
the (li'i'iiiuu and Austrian armlen. One pliyal
dun BH.ya that till* ridiculous manner vt
marching 1« to blame tor the great amount
uf knee and foot trouble In the two armlet.
The HuHsluu board o( merchaat shipping In
tend* to build a unv iioi t at Hukhum, In
TruiiHi-mu'unlu, on the lilurk sea, and at
Tvinruk, mi the southern coast of the sea of
Azov. The |K>rt of lte ml, ou the lialtlc,
whence the Meet for thj . east sailed some
t'lim uk". will ulho be considerably enlarged.
It Is said that over 10.0U0.0U0 rubles will b<»
spent un the iww linval barber. -
Broadway the First to Set the Orna.
' mental Electroliers That Will
Grace That Popular
The Illuminating of Broadway prom
ises to be one of the most popular'lm
provements ever undertaken In Los
Angeles. Contractors are now netting
the postn beginning at the Intersection
of Temple street. The posts will be
placed 100 feet apart and will extend
the whole length of Hrondwny to Main
street. In ft very short time Brontlwtiy
In Los Angeles, from 6 to 12 o'clock
every, evening, will be the most brll
llnntly Illuminated thoroughfare in
the west, If not in the United States.
The lighting scheme provides for the
placing of twelve cast Iron posts to
each block of regular length. One post
will be placed at each corner, giving
four posts to each street Intersection,
and the remainder will be divided
evenly between the two sides of each
block, placed In alternate posltlons<
Bach post will be ornamented with
seven ground glass globes and will be
lighted ' by s • twelve 32-candle-power
lights. The total cost for the Improve
ment and lighting for one year will be
about $35,000. »■?•'...•>..
That the Illuminating enterprise will
prove potential as a lifter of' Broad
way realty values Is apparent, as prop
erty owners claim the street will be
come the promenade' par excellence of,
the city, and Broadway will be
thronged with people, the mass, of
whom love light, and revel In the life
the light suggests.
The Idea of electrically illuminating
Broadway originated with F. W.
Blanchard. j■. After convincing himself
of the feasibility and desirability of
the proposition, Mr. Blrinchard formu
lated the preliminary plans and sub
mitted them at a conference of Broad
way property owners. This resulted In
the' organization Qf the Broadway
Boulevard Improvement mssodatlon.
This association at once took up the
task of converting : Mr. Blanchard'a
conception into an actuality, and the
completion of Its work is in sight.
The officers of the Broadway asso
ciation are .as follows: F. W. Blanch
ard, president; Glover P. Wldney, sec
retary; J. M. Schneider, treasurer.
The contracts were managed by an ex
ecutive committee, including < Major
John H. Norton, R. A. Rowan, L.
Isaacs and A. C. Bilicke.
Hill Street It Next
Within a few weeks the contract will
be let for the illumination of Hill street
from First or Second streets south to
Seventh street an^d around Central
park. Plans have been, perfected for
style of the iron posts and figures on
the cost of the improvement have been
The electrolier that has been accept
ed is of very handsome design, having
five. globes,- one large central one and
four smaller ones. Each globe will
carry, a cluster of Incandescent lights
and will be so wired that the four
smaller clusters can be turned off at
midnight and the large center one be
left burning the remainder of the- night
It Is the purpose of the committee hav
ing the enterprise In charge not only
to furnish light but also a handsome
ornament for the street.
The committee having clarge of the
details as to making assessments for
the improvement and letting the con
tract are W. L. Cline, T. L. Duqtie,
Wesley Clark, J. H. Spires, F. W.
Blanchard, John . St. Steams, Charles
Silent, Gilbert S. Wright, Homer
Laughltn, . Walter S. Newhall, Isaac A.
Lothian and. Dr. M. E. Splnks.
Property owners on both sides of
Hill street have responded promptly
and ■ liberally for the expense of put
ting up the Iron posts along the street
and there is now every Indication that
the enterprise will be pushed forward
rapidly. The chief promoters of the
project know now about the amount'
of 'cash that will be required to com
plete the work and put Hill street in
the front rank .with Broadway and
Spring street in the line of Illumination
enterprise.* Hill street merchants and
property owners say they will 1 be
strictly. ln it with their competitors in
about every proposition that may come
up 'to attract people to the city and
demonstrate . the energy . and stability
of: the business .Interests of Los An
The street Illumination project is re
garded as a big step toward other fea
tures, of a ' similar character which
will not only serve to draw strangers
to the city but will add In no small
degree to the pleasure and enjoyment
of the permanent residents of the com
munity. . , .
Speaking of the improvements Judge
Charles Silent said: "Everything Is
In readiness ' for Inauguration of the
work/and the committee will let tho
contract In a Bhort time. Figures have
been submitted. The cost to the prop
erty owners will be about $1.50 a foot
for the posts. The aggregate cost of
the enterprise cannot.be stated at this
time, for the reason that possibly the
plans may be changed slightly, omit
ting the block between . First and Sec
ond street streets. " The illumination^
will certainly extend .from Secoivl
street as far, south as Seventh street,
and around Central park."
Denver and Return. SSS
January t and t, .on account of National
Live Stock and Wool drawers' convention.
Tickets good thirty day* via Xl I'.inu or
Ogden, going one way and returning au
nt her if desired. Full Information ut
(Southern PacMo ticket offlcs. ttl South
Sprlntf street, Lot Angelos.
Amethysts of great • beauty of ■ color from
Taeonty Creek, lUopn county, N. C.
TliiT iiMirMffJß WVBf Mllifttti ttii
Many a Butter Brown Appears in the
Bunch With a Pot of Paint
to Cover Reso.
That the clever bunch of hustlers
who infest every part of Los Angeles
may start the New Year In proper
form, suggestions have been modestly
requested from the friends of the gang.
The resolutions and turning over of
new leaven cover as much territory ns
do some brokers with their signs, but
the generous impulßes that govern the
crowd should make their calling the
more pleasing during thj coming yenr.
In the parlance of the street, F. M.
Phelps will swear oft spending any
more than he can help, and he will not
spend hla commissions, according to his
friends, until his sales are closed.
The Crlppeh Investment " company
has resolved that It is best to have a
regular doctor handy to administer an
anaesthetic to an obstreperous owner
and to place a hot water bag to a cold
footed "purchaser. Dr. P. Jariss na»
been taken Into the company, It is pre
sumed for this purpose.
A. T. Jerglns will resolve. to subdivide
n couple of new tracts In Boyle Heights,
then retire from the real estate busi
ness and go Into partnership with Tom
Laweon in frenzying finance.. ;. ' ,\
W. H. Allen & Son have made a sa
cred vow that they will do even a
greater business than In 1904— and that
was a big record, If quietly conducted—
and with "Doc" Allen to hustle from
dark until dawn putting up signs that
vow should produce a row of $ $ $ $ $ $
$$$$$$$*$$ about this long.
F. W. Flint, jr., resolves that he will
sell a lot a day at Wlllowbrook during
the new year.
Robert Mitchell will swear off making
a sale without first 1 getting a" deposit.
E. S. Butterworth resolves to • make
all the money he . can, . and then some
more, and then an extra dollar.' ,-. \
Frank Harbert swears off ever mak
ing any more remarks or suggestions
about the cemeteries of the city.
1 Martin '&'. Rockwell resolve to do
more business now that they have
moved Into new quarters In the Mason
Croak & McCann resolve to take over
the old room vacated by Martin &
Rockwell. " ■ : ' '
James V. ' Baldwin resolves to sell off
West Adams, Heights again. Jim has
a new office boy at his home that plays
bawl all the time. "
Fred Lattimer swears off? being • a
director in any new '■ club.' ... .•'.!•
James A. Keeney (Sunny . Jim)
swears off being a police commissioner
January 3 and resolves to keep on sell-
Ing Sunny Side.
John'D. Foster resolves to play golt
as often as business will permit and
remove that muscle-bound arm.
j Lee McConnell resolves that if he Is
placed on the police commission he
will see that no real estate man will be
arrested If he leaves his horse tied over
twenty minutes if he can prove he is
trying to make a sale.
Allen Jones resolves never to leave
Los Angeles again (six months in Oak
land is the cause of his swear off). \
Percy Clark swears off ever riding a
polo pony again; automobiles are dan
gerous enough for him.
A. W. Ellington swears off eating
anything but peanuts and breakfast
foods made of grated corn cobs. "Those
that eat beef get beefy and those that
eat nuts get—" well, never mind, says
the chubby doctor, j
George Black swears off going on any
more Republican executive committees,
as one campaign is not all champagne.
. R. A. Rowan j resolves . the next one
will be a boy, but the new girl is doing
nicely, thank you; \
■ Strong & Dickinson resolve they will
subdivide one hundred new tracts this
year. However, neither Is a cente
George A. Smith of Nolan & Smith
resolves he will run for governor next
time, the councilmanship came too easy.
Clark & Bryan resolve to raise prices
in Westmoreland as soon as they get
the time (they are too busy signing
deeds now). '.'•:••" ''.'C*
Hal Braly of the Cornish-Braly com
pany resolves that next year his part
ner, Herb Cornish, must not take such
an active Interest in politics. Braly
claims he missed several tennis en
gagements on account of Herb's strenu
ous efforts | for McAleer. .
C. C. C. Tatum resolves to add a cou
ple of more "C's" to his signature if tho
public demands it. .
Robert Marsh resolves to build a
home In every one of his new.tractß.
Ho now has a home at Alamltos Bay,
or.c at Short Line, Beach, one planned
tor Western Heights and one for the
Country Club terrace and several others
are In the hands of his prolific archi
tect. 'A/J'i'
Irwln Herron swears off being an "Oil
Well Supply Man" and Joins the grand
fraternity of real estate hustlers. "Long
may he Hustle In tho land of the Flea
and the home of the Rußsell."
-Tom Canfleld resolves to stay home
this year. He has seen all the World's
Fairs he ever wants to see.
The Golden State Realty company re
solves to sell lota at "nothing down and
nothing a month," if necessary.
Althouse Brothers swear If they ran
catch the fellows that have been using
their flgns for firewood they will pay. a
premium for. the Information.
Walter Tyler of Tyler & Co.
resolves lie will do the largest building
business In the city thlß year.
"Doo" Norton swears off swearing off,
' George W. Stlmson swears off work
ing (for awhile).
TlrJ rr^k Art 11^ The nufactu F ln s
UVJLfiJC V 111 C Suburb of Los Angeles
Only 25 minutes' ride on electric car from center of the city. ALSO ONE ; OF
An Ideal* Location for a Home %
Magnificent Scenery Abundance of Pure Water
lions ■ t^aiftffß>PT|Wrv^aH5 fla ***^^^' - : ' ■-';*'{ •'':•„•'. «"."■"'. >' ■ jjL-»-r^' t *';?ilir*^S"jt»sl *'°"*
Subdivisions 5 and 6 Now on the Market
Large lots, 50x200 ft., onl electric car line, fronting 80-foot streets and avenues, graded,
cement curbed and sidewalked. ,
PRICES $1T5.00 to $500.00
In the country, yet all the facilities and s advantages of city, life.
Take the Dolgeville car on Main street, and call at our office on the tract, or at our
main office, Suite 502 Pacific Electric Building, corner Main and Sixth Stieets.
S. J. WHITE & CO., Agents
; Charles M. Stlmson swears oft giving J
any new -libraries. j
P. A. Stanton r«rolves that this time i
his real estate bill will go through the |
legislature sure. j
. W. I. Holllngsworth resolves that he
will not show property without a sole
agency. • -; . •"•': '■• '.<
. . Byron Echenbrecher resolves that the
real estate board will accomplish some
thing this year. ;' '"
Mines & Farrlsh swear off having up :
stairs offices and will start In the new
year; with, down stairs offices on- Hill
street, .-.*
■ Edward Silent :resolves .to sell out
Redondo . this year.
Wright & Callendar resolve they will
give no Information to people, over the
telephone who give their name as "John
Jones," 1 address • Cucamonga, ■; as they
claim that has been worked on them
too often of late.
Alexander Rental Agency resolve
they will do the rental business of the
city this year. . . •
W. M. Garland got a new Bible and
swore twice as the cock crew at mid
night that nothing that appeared in
any old type could phase his prediction
about Los Angeles having ;2so,ooo souls
in it by 1910.
■■ J. . Harvey .McCarthy vows that his
new Pioneer building on South Broad
way, will be the greatest block in this
burg. •• — •
Henry P. Barbour swears he will get
two more telephones and then hire an
other listener to aid his plans.
E. W. Hively & Co., successors to
the real estate firms of Greene & Co.
and Greene & Hively, will continue
the business at 702 South Sprlng.strcet,
rooms 228-229. ' Mr. Greene, who has
been in the business eight years, re
tires on account of poor health. Mr.
Hively Is a man of long experience in
realty deals and before locating in Los
Angeles was identified with realty
traders at Sallda, Colo.
R. W. Pointdexter has commenced
the new year by rising higher in the
world. He has moved his office from
SO9 to suite 409 in the Wilcox building.
Barlow & Bragdon now have their
real estate office in rooms off the main
corridor in the Herman W. Hellman
building, vacating suite 235. They be
lieve In being on the ground floor and
have resolved so to remain In all deals.
E. H. Cooper has . returned to Los
Angeles to look after realty proposi
tions. He has been out of the city for
over two months visiting friends "beck
east." While in New York City Mr.
Cooper was caught In a heavy snow
storm and trudged "through slush and
sleet until he thought he would ilrop,
and now resolves to pass the remainder
of his life in the sunny southland.
Peter Haack, one of the veteran
dealers in Los Angeles dirt, Is probably
out In the La Paloma tract today see
ing how things look In 1905. He* is al
ways turning over a new leaf, but the
leaf is generally between the covers of
a sale or cash book.
P. Earl Alderson a few years ago
had the run of the orange trade In the
Riverside district (and had upon his
shoulders all the responsibilities of re
ceiving and shipping oranges for a
leading firm to the eastern market.
Then he got weary and shifted to
Los Angeles to try his hand tit hand
ling real' estate, in v which he has been
successful beyond his expectations. He
Bays the only resolution he has in mind
for the new year is to hustle harder
than ever and amass a competency be
fore he reaches the age of 40.
H. J. Edwards, who came to Los An
geles In 1893, looked the ground -over
and didn't think the situation looked
good to him, returned to Springfield,
Mo., to engage In the mercantile trade
for a few years before deciding finally
that this city offered the best he could
get In business and climate. Then he
sold out and headed for Southern Cali
fornia to discover that he made the
mistake of his . life in '95 when he
scudded for the j east. He can figure
that he simply passed up a big fortune
when he failed to invest on his fli-st
visit. He has been turning over a new
leaf every year since, and that is "al
ways think a long time before you act
If you don't .want to minis a good thing."
George McLaughlln has . not . only
turned over a new leaf in his business
career as a real estate hustler by go
New Year Right
jr . Such Easy Terms on Homes, '2 : ■
Q Lodging Houses, Lots and
{2^ Business Opportunities of all
/ J kinds. We now have some
of the best bargains ever
bH ' offered by us and it's sure £T
p they will" not last long. j
Southern California Realty
and Investment Co.
Rooms 318-319 Pacific Electric Building. Cor. Sixth and Main Sts.
ing it alone, but has r«solved to give
the people only real bargains in dirt
all through the year. He believes in
quick sales and small profits. He al
ways wants to get at that other tract.
The Service Brothers have an office
in this city and do a lot of trading in
Los Angeles property, but their favor
ite dealings are in walnut bearing
land. To hear the brothers spouting
about the large English walnuts and
the richness of the El Monte soil Is a
treat any day; in the week. They will
keep at it all through 1905 and until
every acre is sold.
Attorney Blackburn, the McCarthy
real estate firm and other parties inter
ested in the new incline railway project
on Court street celebrated the last day
of '04 by viewing the damage done to
their pet enterprise by the driving rain
of Friday night. Real estate kept slid
ing down hill Into Broadway while the
promoters of the improvement were at
their homes asleep, and the morning
showed what the elements can do when
they get busy. Resolutions will not re
pair the damage. It will take a bunch
of cash.
Many Deals Closed
The Erkenbrecher Syndicate, limited,
reports the sale of the following de
scribed properties:
Northwest corner Twenty-eighth and
Clmarron streets, 50x125 feet. Joseph
Burkhard to Mrs. Holland; considera
tion $525.
' East side of Maple avenue, 125 feet
south of Thlrty T seventh street, 60x115
feet. E. L. Farmer to A ; G. Byler; con
sideration $565
East side Oxford avenue, between
Washington and Sixteenth streets, 50x
115 feet, Mrs. Belle' Prentlss to L. C.
Tyler; consideration .$llOO.
Lot 44 of the Carter Grove tract,
Irene Wright to I. It. Smith; consider
ation $1100.
East Bide of Westmoreland bou'o
vtird, 350 fest , south of Washington
street, 60x162 feet, Henry Jensen to Dr.
Charles McCarty; consideration *2041K
East side of Main street, about 'iii
fpet south of Twenty-first .street, 52xlW
feeV Dr. George Whomes to Jacob VV
Kartell; consideration $5200.
Twenty acres In the San Fernando
vulley. 21-2 miles north of Hollywood,
from Columbia Savings bank to Vlrgi;
llartsock; consideration $2050.
Fifty-six acres fit Fulterton, S. A. Be
dell to William 8. Gibbs; consideration
' Through the Erkenbrechfer Syndicate,
limited, and 13. D. Silent & Co., twenty
ucre grove ut Covlna, Annie A. Per
domo to Ljiiira N. Goodwin; consider
ation $14,000.
Women have been dons s«>iii» of th-.i wine
patntlny ut Uiu limikHul thu&ter, lionilon.
Beach City Increasing Its Commerce
. ' and Home Attractions .
Every citizen of Redondo must view
with civicprlde the advancement made
during the year Just closed. Theiln
comparable climate, its .proximity 'to
Los Angeles, the chief distributing
point for Southern California, f Its : fa
cilities for transportation, both by land'
and sea, must account in great;meas
ure for the ; substantial growth of the
Within a period of about eighteen
months there has been expended on
the streets for oiling, curbing, side
walking and grading $60,000.
At the present time there Is. ln con
templation the erection of a city hall
at a cost of $15,000, and this on a'slto
not- surpassed within Redondo's cor
porate limits.
The matter, of 'establishing a hlgll
school is receiving no little attention,
and the concensus of opinion Is that
there should be expended for ■ tha
structure fully $60,000. • i
Ships of the largest . tonnage on .- tho
Pacific coast arrive at Redondo and ; at
the present moment there are lying at
the Redondo Improvement company's^
wharves four four-masted schooners,
and three - steamers, all discharging
cargoes of lumber.
The shipments of oil , have .■ doubled
within the year, and there are two oil
steamers ■ that ply regularly y between
Port Richmond and Redondo, and two
others that come at Intervals. ;The
shipments of this product are now an
nually 1,000,000 barrels, while the lum
ber shipments have reached', 80.000,000
feet, and merchandise shipments have
Increased fully orw-ulxth.
The Lob Angelea and Redondo Rail
way company is running. 100 trains a
day, and the traffic both,,'n freight and
passengers Is, according, to a report of
Superintendent Perry, 20 per cent
greater than last ■ year. Redondo,. is
the only beach town that manufactures
Its own cars, .and the product of tho
shops of this road exceeds $30,000. " '.
In the erection of homes, there are
now In course of construction or al
ready projected,'*, lome of the ' mvest
residences of which, this place can
boast. Prominent' 'among these are
the residences of Judge ■L. A. Orolt,
Mrs. 8. 13. Wilshlre, Mrs. B. McOood
wln, V. G.Uulkley, , H. IE. Moore. Mr.
Thum. as well «s ; a large number of
cottages. .
The Masonic Temple haa been;com
pleted but a few, months at a cost < of
$tSOO, and . the ' Improvement company
has built a new wharf ut a cwt ot
$35,000. •
Of no little value to the residents , of
Redondo .Is the new , well that has ; re
cently . bef n sun k to , a depth "of ■'• *00
feet, and the water cannot be excelled
In quality in any of tiro southern (toast
cities. v4U4N£MtoH#VtoOMNitiHNH
The assessed values of 1903 have haen
augmented (during , IW4;* *>y = *120,0wi.
making the total assessed valuation
$(.76,000. while the population h»" ■ In
creased from 1900 lull year to 2000 tho
yreiwnt year.

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