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E. J. Baldwin's Horse Runs Through
j! Six Furlong* in the Mud in the
\li'<' Fast Time of 1:14 1-4.
Racing Improving
Forest Lowry
The ' run -of | prosperity at Ascot -ap
p^ars'Ho, continue' unbroken, ana there
bdeim to be no -longer ( any doubt that
tlleip'nasent Js' destined to he 1 the most
Bucceftoful 1 In the history of racing on
the^'Pacinc. const. ■ The card yeeterclay
wa«. far ;hbove the average and the
racing/Interesting ami the betting
brisk 1 . ; Hitherto ii ; h&i Invariably hf»p
tlrieil that when the number of books
exceeded fourteen, the business was
oyerdoHe, ami 'evidences • of, dullnesn
v. - Sei« everywhere upparent. Now, how
cvciv'no^lesa "thari eighteen v rcgulurs
and'tVo field books, besides the combi
nation book," are doing business, and,
tup a rule, they are constantly em
ployed. And, wtyat is more, two new
cnalkmen are going on tomorrow.
The attendance has been exception
ally" large or late, and altogether the
management of the Los Angelas Jockey
iliilVhiis reasons to congratulate itselt
til' having entered upon v career of
ujiexiilnp'lcd prosperity.
'.(The Mouh,t.?.Lo\ye, Handicap, at six
.fiirlongsj ■'''.with" $1000. .added./ivas . the
ie'uture '? qverit, -yesterday. \ The .'af
fair/ drew.'; - 'out - nY! field t ot."' seven
t ami . upward.' '..The
race 'had., an,! op^n looK'tjronV a' ,'bet
tliig. standpoint and 'the" Investments
vi'crc'pri'tiy well divided between l''l«w
ijall,' '. John F., Fossil and Tim Payne.
Blute's .colt was bet on by many, al
though his dislike for the mud figured
ii£nv to have 'nqthing better than a
crfurch-falr chance. Fossil, the most,
consistent performer on the coast to
day, hud a host of friends and carried
u vtpn of money to run third or better.
Wads of wise coin poured in on John i'\
with, ' Fireball, liked by not a few.,;.
',. t Wiljv-the'.'ilEe of :the .barrier the race
r.fi£uri)cd;'!i one-horte 1 affair-.' ' K.V 1 -!.
];&ldwln'B Cruzados, tiro extreme out
sider at 12 to.l, shot to the fidnfeurly
und was , never heuded.; OruzaUos ran
u^suiprialngVy good race and stuck it.
<ilit gamely. Th« boh .of l^mppror, oJ
1 ivprfork did not seem to cxiend hiin
tielf and negotiated the six furlongs. m
the remarkably; last; time,' of I^l4 1-i.
' The"' golng^ap ' siojppy. 'antl^. (jvuzMpH
Ji st reveled In It. Fossil was easily
Uosf of thfj others and came on In the
ttietch 'and: wore ; down ■> John t F.;. foe 1
place honors. Luckelt, Fireball and
Tyrqflan were never dangerous, whlje
Tim^t'ayne simply refused to 'move on
the muddy, track. . , Vs •'• ''$'■'. '■•'•
y . Jarf.es- Blute's Sal's .^Waft the best
backed ofj the flv'e that' went' to the
post in the 'fourth race, a -free" handi
cap' for "-y\3:ir-oltls and upward, over
a mile and n sixteenth of ground. Line
of Life was second choice and Kvea <j.
third, while Bragg went. to the post at
4 to 1 and Nitrate at 15 to 1. For the
Hist half mile it looked like Line of
Life's race, for Walsh set such a pace
that she/was leading by a length as
Hhepiiss-ed the half mile post. Htlrte-'
biand had something up his sleeve for
when he called on Sals the colt rapidly
overhauled Line of Life and held the
balance of the field safe In the run for
home/ llragg appeared to sulk and
(ltd not make. his move until it was too
late. . The judges called Booker into
I,he stand and asked him why he did
not'go to the bat earlier.' Line of Life
seemed to tire badly and lost the place
to Bragg.
• : Among t the ten starters for the one
mile* selling: race first on the card,
iithel Scruggs, the post favorite, finally
asserted herself, and, after getting
away none too . well, came on at\ the
< l nd and ' won- by half a length from
Eleven Bells, who In turn just did lost
long enough to beat Foxy Grandpa a
head for the place.
.Andrew Mack was the good thing
turned loose in the second race. He
was heavily played at 5 to 2 and • re
warded his backers by winning, the
esvent by five open lengths. McDan
iels took 'him to the front early and
on the ■ far turn stole a lead that j the
others could not overcome. Chub held
Ik the chalks at 2 to 1, finished second
Avlth Jlngler third. The latter dis
played speed on the back stretch ant*,
looked like a dar^vrqus contender l'ov
v. brief . period.
■ ; Cerro Santa met with no interference
yesterday and won .the- fifth race on
the card easily from West UrookflelU
nndThe Major. Cerro Santa was al
ways favorite and went to the post a
veil-backed even money first choice.
'■J., A. Wernberg's Dutiful again re
turned to life and ran a smashing good
race, j The gray colt ' won. the closing
e\ent at one mile through tile superior
riding of Tooman. The boy hustled
his mount all the way and then on the
ejid had enough up his sleeve to stall
off the fast coming' Exapo. Luureateit
finished third. Crlgll set the early paeo
but found the route too far and,wouml
BP In the, ruck.
Track Notes
, • With an even break Ray could not
have lost the first race. H." Smith, who
had tho mount, was asleep when the
barrier < was released and as a result
hlB mount was badly messed about. •
• , Andrew Mack showed a wonderful
reversal/of form. In his last race ho
Was.t.venty lengths behind, the winner
Ifi about, the same kind of company
that he boat ♦'esterday by five lengths
easily. ' "They" bet on' him yesterday,
while. ln, the, prevlouM race, the pubjju
and loßt ffiffjß
Tab' diamante. He j was given an
ASCOT PARK, Saturday. t>iv. 31. -Thirty-third rtny. Weather cloudy.
Track sloppy. A. W. llnmlltnn, Presiding .fudge. Klclinrd IMvyer,
10n FITIST HArra-Onc m\lc. firliTiig. Thrfc-jonr-olds and Op"
Iyu ward. Value to first %lf,.
lnd»*. !Iors». Wt. St. 14 H Sir. Fin. .Tockey. Op, Cl.
1«l Kin»l BcfttKgs, i.,.1/1 Ir, h ih 4% in W. Miller 5 4
... Klevrn noun, «.,..i(ii 112 11 13 2h MeDanlel '(I «
hi foxy OrsndfMi. .1.. Ifi 22 'i 2 1 2 h 3 3 Morlnrlly 3 S
JO- rtn-y, r, • .-.1(11 7 M 4'i 53 43 II: Smith R 12
SI Kstorio. 5 toi « .15 33 Hi S« Ijiwrence U «
1M Movdfnto, 4 M a?t 7'i 74 «4 Krnt 10 I.
*" Dug Mnrtln. 4.....101 »«h d 2 <l <<, 7 J Hlldebriin.l 0 T
i 0 Ml Ilflnn. 4 |n« 4 « U l<{ S3 *v, M. Lynch W 21
Ml K.I (InlnKbiirn, 3..10.-, Irt 10 10 10 <l 2) Mcromas 20 6n
1»1 Cwpalilc, 4 H7 ft S3 920 9 2/ 10 Hobart 8 1
Post INC. At post 9 mlmitos. Tlmo-:2.V4 :51«k7 I M7. I:4^"pcni»pr«l :4^"pcni»pr«
plnr« 2. show II Klevfn Hflln plnc« 2, show 1: Grandpa show 1.
Wlnnfr eh. f.. .1, 1,-nrio-f.erhla. Trn'nnd by .1. Murphy. Scratched-
I'lorn Rrlßht. Ovrwelght«-MI Helna I, Capuhlo I' 4. Start bad. Won
drlvlnß; second flftrrn*. . ,
Rthfl ScrnfKts csm<> on wlun rrndy and wnri> down RI«VMI Ttclln
nnd Vnxy rirnndpn. Itells hnd n world of speed and only tired on
the end. Oinndpa hud no pucusps. With an pvrn tirenk Uny would
have won. Closed n, worM of ground and would havn cßUßht.lho
l^ailrrs In another fifty y»rd«.' Rstßdo stopped when thn pinch came.
Cnpnhlo left. Ml Rcina showed fomo oarly speed. „■ 4
mHKC!OND ItACK-One mlln nnri on eighth. fi3llln«. Thrce-ycar
olds and upwurd. Value. to first 132?.
'Indexi Horse. • Wt. Pt. >A Hi Hip, Kin. Jnrkoy. Op. ' Cl.
'170 Andrew Mnck, 3,. 104 1 1 1 1.1 V^Tt, McTwinW 2 i^2
178 riiub, n 110.4 33 2 h 214' 2 n IllldPhrand 2 B'?
177 .llnnicr. R M'S.gJ 3 8 31/32 Tooman I 12
(173). Needful. 4 1)7 3 42 4 4 4« 4h Herbert 4, 7.
(IZS) lilninaute, 4........1W B S .5 .6- S, . Tmihel S-2 7^2
Post 2:05, At post 2 minute... -f lm?-:2:,Vi, ::>2. I:\V,<,. IMS, 1:5714..
Mnek place 4-r>, out show: <'huh plnce 11-lfl. show 1-3: .Ilngler out
shu.v. Winner eh. <\. 3. rharnxus-Oenorlne. Trnlned by .Tnm»ii Mc
l.uimhllii. Overweights-Needful 3, DlanTantq I. ' Slßrt, so6jl. "Wf.fi
easily"; R3cond driving. s ■ ' ■. . i' ,
Andrew Mnck reveled In the. Boinß. Boy hu>tled Blithe wsy, .'took
no rhanees nnd won Ina gHllop. Chub inn his race, .llngler had
early speed but tired barlly In the Kolng. niamanto ran a bnd raco.
Winner bid up 1100 nnd retnlneil. ■ ;
IQC THIHD UACR-SU furlongs. Tho" Molint Towd llandlcapTivii
i7<J ages. 11000 nddnl. Vnluo to first $131)0.
Index. Hors«. 1 ,Wt, St. Vi % Sir. Fin, .lockey. Op. Cl.
... r;ruxadnn, 5 ll<i 713 1« 1 g Ir, miller n 10
lfi". I-'omll. 4 12S 1 Ii 3 4li ' 4 1 2 3V4 Prior . 3 4
IR4 John P., 8; ....111! 2 3li 34■■ 31 ■ S2• W. Wfll»h it 3
08 Tyrollan. 2 100 3 B 1 5 1,4 « 1 41 W. , Miller B in
178 Fireball, r, us ft 3 4 21:., 2 Hi', til Perrtnn 3 4
(Ib 4) I.uck.nt. 4 11.1 4 4h «2- 7 BIH nenecamp « X
148 Tim Tayne, 3 Idl'l 7 1 .. . D M .7 . ..Hlldebrand 3 r,
rost 2.33. At post 7 minuter. '.Tim*— :«',;. :47'4. I:H'J. Crur,Bdos
nlaco 4. show 2: Fossil place S-r,, utiow 4-S; John V. show' 3-S.' Wlnnnc
Ir. h:, 6. EmpeiW of NoVfolk-Ata^nntn, 11. <TrnlnMl by T. ir. Cooke. '
HcTatched>-DeiaKbil, Oxford, Tim Hurst, Tramotor. Btart good. Won
In conter; Heoond easily , ; „\ .. ,■ ; ■. .
■ .Tust a gallop for Cruzadoo. Away flying and opened lip a (tap |
that the' others could noS overcome-. Fossil ran' true to ( hls best form
and easily utood off ffolin F. Thet latter had a llttlo early speed,
"t^uckett away well,, stofiped early. ,, •'. , % • ........ ....
10/ i KOUIITII nACEr6n« mlln an<l a sixteenth. Free Handicap.
1"" Two-ycnr-oMs and upward. ..Value, to first JT>OO. „. .
Index. Horse. Wt. St. Vl '. 'Ii Str. Fin. Jockey. 'Op. CI.
IS.I Sals, 3 103 2 2 3 2 « 13 12 Hllrtebrttnd 2 2
172 Bragg. R IIS 3 310 3.18 315 23 .1. llnoker 1 2 7-2
(1C1) Line of Life, 3. ...101 113 1 h 2 S ■' 313 TC. Walsh 2 3
Nitrate. 6 !K 4 Ii fi ' 43 4 4 . Kent. 15 30
18315veaa.. 6 8:i R4 1 4 h C ' R McDftnlel 4 7-2
Post's :05. At post 2 minutes. Tims— :23, :M%. 1:16 M. 1:44, 1:SO.
Phlh place 7-10, out show: nrngg plnco 1. show 2-5;. 1.1f0 show 3-".
Winner h. c. 3. Rt. libilse-aentllltv. Trained by .Tam-s Wute.
Scratched— Emperor of Inilln, Fossil. Kile. Overweights— Lino of Lite
3. Start good. Won easily; second' tome. ' ' ' ■-••.' »■ •
Rain Bt home In the going. v fiapUa]ly handled and eislly wore down
Lln;» of Life, llragg closed stoutly, whllo . Lino of- Life stopped to
nothing. ''. '• > .:' '. ;■■ ■■ •■-.■ t ' •■',') ' "' » '
m FIFTH RACK— Slauson couibc. Selling. All ages. Value to
• first *32.1, .•■.'.. ..
■Index. Horse. •' •• Wt. St. V, ■ Ml Str. Fin. Jockey. ,■; Od. Cl.
I*2 f»rro Snntn. a..':..ini 1 22 1 25 2 .'. 1 2 ITerbcrt- 8-:. 11-10
IS4 West Kmokflcld,' 2 Hi 4 , I>i 1 1 14 1 1 14 2 3 McOanlel 4 *6
IP(i The Mil lor.' 4. .:.... 10i?' 3 4 2 4 2 4 1.4 •3h Fuller C-2 4
]«2 Interlude. 3 10:, -.3 3 31 3 1 4 1 Hlldehiand r, S
154 Kuchpnan, 2 X « fih «2 fi 1-n Ii W. Miller S <>
■... Fair Light, 2 SI 7«a Kl• r. 2 fi v M. -Wood 10 3>
176 -rntsy. Brown, 3,.... 97.2,7, .7 .7 . 7 . Morlority,. 8. .13
' * Tost 3:33. ' At iio'st r, miriiiteV' - : Tlme^:2.-i. :49%. I :o2i^,' 1:11. SantH
r-lnce 1-2, show 1-3: Tlrookfleld place 2, show 1; Major show 3-3.
Winner b. X.. a, Snntiairo-La Cninrado. ■ Trained by .1, B. Jones.
Scratched— Hllpmi. Start good. Won easily; second same.
iiTc'erro Santa met 'wflh no ' Interfei-pftco' I ' arid when reaTy cam'p T on
nnd won with something to spare. Went lirookfleld had Botno early
ppeeii lmt failed nway when collnred. He lust did have enoueh left
to stall off Tho Major on the end. I'atsy. Brown showed speed.
ins SIXTH HACK— Ono mile. Selling: Three-year-olds and up-
IVO ward.. Valuo to flint -J223. . > :'■ -"■ -■ ■
Index. Horse. V .Wt. St. ii 'Ti Str.' Fin. Jockey; Op. Cl.
191 niitlful,' 3....'.....'. 103 2 2ij -1 V, Hi IVi Tooman 3 7-!
(137) TCxapo, 4.... 101 4 42 31V5 31»4 2R McDanlel .fi 7
(17M Lnureatci. 15........10! !:»'< 4li 314 3 3 Morlarlty r. 7'
(IK>) Kmlly Oliver, 8...107 (i 323 313 310 4fi Fuller (1 B
177 Position, a 10' 3 0 6 fi 3 2 THigan 10 12
• 17; Olgll. 3, , M.l 111 -21 41 6 Kent 3 9-2
177 ISlueridßC,' ii....,...lol Lfcft at post. Lawrence 6 8
I'ost 4:03. At post 3 minutes. Time— :25',4, :30, 1:16V4, IM3. Dutiful
place 7-3, show J-5: Exapo placo 2V4. show 1: Laurentea show 1.
Winner gr. c. 3. Fnraday-Slip Along. Trained by E. ncdenbeck.
Scratched-rotrero Grande, Lannrk, Wasor, Cloverton, Thy*. Ovnr
welKhtß—l'oattlon 2. Emily Oliver 1. Start good for all but Bluerldse.
Won driving; second easily. ; • .'• "i
Dutiful best. Away well anil wore down Crigli at tho three
eighths pole. Went on and stood TJxano off In a tlerco drive through
the stretch. Latter ran n good race. Lauroatsa faltered at the half
pol« and then came agoln. Crlsll stopped to nothing after showing
early speed. .
easy ride when the boy saw he was
, Cruzados was the medium of a big
killing yesterday. Outside of the stable
connections and one tipster, the pub
lic were at sea as to his condition, and
those in^ the know reaped a harvest,
getting 15 to 1 for their money.
Put John F. on your list for the next
time out. Kan a cracking good race
yesterday and will win soon.
Sals, at home' in the going, never left
the result In doubt. Should have been
a 1 to 2 shot Instead of a 5 to 2 chance.
Put down Buchanan for a good future
prospect. Off last, he swung wide Into
the stretch and came like a whirlwind
at the finish.
Interlude could not raise a respecta
ble gallop yesterday. ' Evidently does
not like the heavy going.
The Ascot park track is probably one
of tlie fastest In the country. Cruzados,
In the h%~\vy going, ran six furlongs In
1:14%, -milled up. Had the track been
fast a new track record would huve
been huns ur>.
Emily Oliver, a full sister to Kthyr
lene, was backed to win the last race
as though It were all over but. the
shouting. After being prominent until
the half mile pole, she fell back, ( , badly
Manager Armour of the Detroit Tigers
Says New Puzzler Will Be
"It" Next Season
"If you coulU take ii peep into the
back yards ot some of our ' leading
twlrlera these days, what would you
Bee?" asked Manager Armour of thy
Detroit Tigers the other day.
"Nine out of every ten of them «re
working up on the spit ball," he suld
"Seriously, I'll wager they are prac
ticing that twirter all right. • I remem
ber In my early day* In baseball— you
know I started out as a pitcher— Bad
end, Isn't' lt? Well, I puiiited the fig
ure of a batsman wlthjblo bat.i>oise<i
ready to t.-iku a swipe at the ball- on a
biff pleco of canvas. Then I hung my
fcuikgroiind up In father's barn. I
Htepped . oft the distance and 1 hud lh«
exact nifiiMurt'iiii'iit trom the.l>stch«i"u
box. to the home plate.
"And then X begun to fire 'away. I
Rpeclftl lo Th# Herald.
OAWUND, Cat., DfC 31.-Fnrty-thtrd rt«y. WMther flnc. Truck
mucUjr. K. ('. Hopper, rrenMlnff Jmtn*. ,T. Holtmnn, Starter.
7fi<»l FIRST RACK— Futuritf ■ course. Billing. Two-y««r-o!<1s.
IV3O valufl to firm «.12:>. '
tn.lex. Hor««. Wt. fit. U M Btr. Fin. -Jockey. Op. Ct.
it.M Mflnr 103 1 2h; 2 J't 2 114 1 * Vf. Knnpp « 11
[m »»ki>r 105 7 * s 9 114 3 » ! ii( W, Dsvln 1 »-l<)
7<H4 nob Mitchell ....10.V « 11 1% l I'd JlO Tmmir lt-S 11-3
7M!t Mnjrsiror 101 s rtj r, » Rio n Or»fnflrl<J 4 15-J
7«23 lAdy F«»hlon ....91 2 *7 724 « J M Wiley 40 100
7MW M«ry J'epper „... i«S 872 I! ?« M O rhundior 30 M
, 7(M HerthiK II 4 8 lj.fr 4 « 4 3 7 1 Jtll<l*br»nil 30 «i)
7MH mioilnte 10» «, X 1 8 | « Cro»«waltn 60 109
At pout U minute. Off «t 2:l3i^. Time— :Wi, !M, I:t3'i. Molar
pl(ip« 7-2, dhow Ii Knker place 1-J. out «how; Mitchell nhnw 1-3. Wln
nw b. f., hy Foul Shot-Norn Ivm. Trained by O, Stroh#l. Sorntched
. — .tfrimha,. IM«*cllff, 15 Ina flulllvun. Start (tood. Won all driving.
Mflar run an Improved rare, liked the golnit, wn« always well up
nnrt mood olt Jiaker'B challenge gsmely. nakfr slow to s;#t (toln*.
cloifrt very «tron*. ,but wan in womt going down on the rail. Mitchell
ntopi.ed very badly. Mogragor crowded out at itart and lost All
7f,IZA BKCOND r.\r.'^.-Flve . furiongn. Selling! Three-year-olds
#«•»•» «nd upwartl. Vaiilo to first 1325.' ,'„ .
InJe*. Horss. Wt. 3j. % ' % Btr. Fin. Jw.key. Op. Cl.
. Ml 2 Bell Reed. 4...... .111 4 2 114 ! n 2 114 11% Htlfttalt f-l (1,5
76M nevoit, 3 in Bin 114 In 2 H W. Knapp «. 6
7400 Redon, B ....mil 1 .1 h n 4 .13 8 4 .T. Jnnen K-2 21-S
7dl« n. <;. Nurse, 3. ...102 S 5 5 . S 4'',i W. David 3-2 2
7349 Bub. Queen, 4.1. .100 3 4 o 111 41 . S , /Mario,. 14 11
< ■At po<t l!i' minute*. Ott,<\tl:W,i.i Tlme-:24'4, :4»*4. 1:02,4. T'.ccd
place 11-20, uliow 1-3 ; Ttovoit place S-2. »how-4-B; R«dnn show 3-:.. Win
.' t\pt eh. 18, by Cap*tlvft-Mlm-' Cleniry. Trained by J. ft rail**.
Hcrntchori— nrnnjio Wing, Ul?ndennlng.,' Start good.^ Won easily; bal
.ancfv driving hard. , . •
Hell Tljerl bout Rt nil. stnsp«. Helgpr»on took him > back on the
turn and onlnprlntcd bin Held tlirotwh the utretch. Revolt ran to her
lie-tt form.- Redan -showed tmpro»emcnt. R«1 Cross Kurocalwayg
'Outrun. Suburban Queen "did well tat*.* flVnt out; ' \.
7/:CC*Tlimrj RA'rni-MII^ and n sixteenth.' Selling.- Thfee-year
4\IJJ oldn nnd upward. Value to llrst $.12>.
Index. Hone. Wt. Bt. V 4 X Btrl Fin. Jockey. Op. Cl.
7«0!) Vlgoroso. 4 91 .1 1 2',i IE 1 R 1 M MoTtrlde M ir.
• 7(117 Y. Mnrlow, 4 9J 4 3n .1 \V, 22% .2 1(4 Wright 20 "»
7fi37 Olpnarvon. 4 !W 8 « 3 S 2(4 4 n 3 3 MrOulre 13 21
7«13 linndle Bell, 0....100 7 Sl% 1 i B 2 4 2 Alerlo 30 CO
7B4fi Frank Wood*, a. '.104 S S h (1 114 7 2 6 2ti T. Clark 4 r,
7574 Blackthorn, B ....102 1 42U 4 Hi. 8 1,4 6h Orronfleld B-2 3-2
70)1 San I.utlon, 5.... 9f) 2 21 2 I.i n 1 7 2V4 Travcm 0 9-2
7CSO Tlomane, 6 9.1 063 6%»S In UFountaln 10 8
7f37 Petrolln. 4 104 10 10 0 2 S2 !l 2 Bell 12 20
75»-| The Ixm»lenn, C.lOt 9 7 10 10 10 J, Jones . 15 .20
1 At pout 2',& minutes. Off at 3:0414. Tlme-sM. :Sfl, ltltU, 1:44*4, Jißl
.Vlgoroso place 6, show 3; Mnrlow place 4, dhow «-:■; Olennrvon »how
4. Winner b. g., by Amlgo-T.a Colorado. Trained by O. p Ap'ploby.
. Sccntchod— SUctry, Bill Young. . Start good. Won (ill , out; .balance
driving/-'' ■ , • ■"'■■ - T '•■ -.■• ■ ' •• • ' ,- -■■■ <■
Vlgoroso had' 'tho speed and altiiough' tlHng at the end ha.l'plenty
to ntall off Young Mkrlow. Marlow ■ ran a Rood- race. Olenatvon
made tip a lot of wound. —Tab Dandle -well. Sho will win soon In
this clasK. Blackthorn had no speed today. . ,
•jr.tti FOMTITII RACK— Serven ' furlongs. Handicap. All ages.
,4VOV value to _flr«t $500. . -„-,■,
''index. Horte. Wt. St. V, 94 Str. Fin. Jockey,. Op. Cl.
(7R39) Venator, 4 „..106 822 .1 h 12 12 Travern- 5-2 . 5-2
7632 .lu'lkc :i .105 Jl 4 l</4 4% , i H 2% H. Michaels 6 9
(781B) Nlgrette, 4 10< 4 6 3 ' 3 1!4 3 n 3 2 W. Knapp 7-5 8-10
7o0i) lKhlaua. 3.'. 1M 2 811 3 2<4 r, 2 42% .T. Jnnos B .13
7832 Sea Voyag?, 3....105 11! 2 H 2 1 5 iV, Taylor Sot BO
(7M2) Mntt llOßan, a....101 67V4 72 72 6 5 Clark 10 H
7«4r. Album. 6 98 7 3 1/1 5 1 tn 75 Greenfield 10 ,20
7f98 Oro Viva. 4 103 8 8 8 8 8 Mcßrldo .. -..
At port 2V4 minutes. Oft at 3:30V4. Time— :n%, :49, 1:15%, 1:284
A'enator place 7-10; «how 2-5; Judge placo 3, show 6-3: Nlgrette "out
show. Wlnnsr eh. g.. by Brutus-Playful. Trained by H. K. Jtowcll.
Start poor. Won easily; second easily; third driving
Kaay for Venator. He had mu:h speed, kept well up and tnklng" the
lead at last turn won as ho pleased. Judge cut brt shortly after start,
saved some ground on last turn and was an caty second. Nlaretto
. ran below her form. lahlana. made' up some ground. Balance showed
nothing. . . ■ '.'•.. <:i. ...--.» .■■...:,,. <■. -.
7fil7 VWTH RACK— One mllp and 100 yards. Belling-. -Threo
♦ "J « , year-olds and upward... Valuo to first J325.
Index.' Horse. Wt. St. % • % ..' Btr. ' Fin. Jockey. Op. ''ci.
1 7660 Wenrlek, 3.... ....105 111 In 1 I',J 1 4 11. Michaels 6 !)
7620 lady Kent, a.'... JO4 B 2 114 8 2 2 2V4 21„ W. Knapp 6 4
7fi27 Dungannon, 3 10^ 2 6H 4Hi 4 2 3 h Mcßrlde 3 7-2
7646 Budd Wade, 6.... 9SI 4 3"4 3n 3 1(4 4 3 O. Chandler 6 10
7«io Barrack, a 1W - S 8 8 6 1 52% Sherwood 10 '12
76« B. Dreyfus, 3.... 102 7 Rn 6 114 B 3 63 Bonner 10 ' 13
• 7«4« Isabella*, 4 .10« • « 78-:.71.-.8 .71. Oreenfleld '" » ' 9
7638; Scherzo, 3.... t .:.. : 102 8 4 n 6 214 ,7 3 8 : ,_W. ,Dayls 2 13-6
At post 214 minutes. Oft at 8:65. Time— :24l4. :50, 1:16, l:43*i, 1:60,
Wenrlek place 6, show 8-5; Kent place 3-2, - show 7-10; Dungannon
Khow 7-10. Winner eh. c, by Pirate of renzancc-Mlss Celestlna.
"Tralneifby C. A. Cteal. Scratcßed-t-Augie.-. Start poor. Won easily;
balunca driving hard.
Winner bid up from 1300 to $800 by George Wentworth; retained.
Wenrlek set the pace all tho way and won easily. I>ady Kent did
her' "best. Dungannon made up ground. Wads hung last part. Scher
zo off very badly and had no chance. t
'7/iCfi SIJCTH RACt;— Futurity course. Furse. j Two-year-olds.
/U3O Value to first 5523. . I
Index. Horse. --. Wt. St. V, "4 Str. Fin. Jockey. t Ov. Cl.
(7S18) Prince Brutus, ...104 411 15 16 14 J. Jonas 6-3 1
7CB Sea Air I<>2 1232K 214 22 Mcllrido 10 10
7636 Silver Skin 103 4 41 53 43 3 2 Bonner 6 10
7018 Yada 107 6 623 640 6 2 4 5 W. Davis 10 12
(7«34) Albert Fir 105 3 3 % 4 2 41 ' 5n Greenfield 7-2 D-2
7614 A. Muskodoy ....10S 2 r, «i 3 ,4 660 630 Anderson 6 »
.... Nabonossar 100 7 7 7 7 7 Alarle 50 WO
At post 1 minute. Off at 4:2T.',4. Time— :24l4. :4!l!S, l:ll',J. Brutus
place 11-20, show 1-4; Air place 3, show 6-5; Sllverskln show 3-2. Win
ner oh. «.. by Brutus-Princess. Trained by D. Cameron. Scratched—
Hooligan, Lady Goodrich. Start good. Won In a gallop; balance
Frlneo Brutus much the best of this field. He has too much speed
for them, and any going appears to suit him. Sea Air had no ex
. cuses as he was away well. She was trying to bea.r out last six
teenth. . Sllverskln ran his race. Too fast for Yada. Mukoday be
longs In other company.
would belt the dummy batsman In the
nose. I would hit him a wallop oh
the arm.
"'Take your base,' I would yell to
him. i ..."■'■.■';
" 'Batter, up," and then , i .w.ould fire
away again. , /
"Great: sport, indeed. WelU I worked
on that dummy plan every day. I
bettered the paint all off- my. dummy:
I broke. hlß bat; I smashed his arm,
and I knocked- pffj. .his sk^piece, "and
tlwn I repainted him and kept at it.
Eefore the season began I had wonder
ful control. • I could put 1 them around
that dummy In great style. ■ When the
season opened. l expected tb'fan'ubout
everything that came up to tlw plate.
Did I?; Well, that's another, story,"
said ' the genial Tiger manager.
Brother of Secretary-Hay Comes to
■: ■;■:•;■ " Cbast for Health
By Associated Press.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Dec. 31.— Early
this inornlng:. Charles T. Hay, former
mayor of Springfield and brother of
the Secretary of 1 State John. Hay, was
brought tp his home in-.thls city from
Bqston, where he has been ill in the
.hospital for, the. past three months.
lie was taken ill when attending the
general convention of the Episcopal
church. His condition Is still serious.
In a. few days he will be taken to
California for the benefit of his health.
Cruzados 15 to 1 Won
lluw many poopls knew about this one ouUlde of the utablt 'connwtlona, mywelf and my
cllfiitu? Couk. the tialner, could not ruol in-, as 1 saw tlili l.lrl worked one murnlnic with
the aid of lanterns. DOES THIS SHOW I AM ON TUB INSintf? I will forfeit yiOUO to i
anybody wha can orove that they rjcelved my message Saturday ani It did noc read as I
Mrs. Grannan 8 to $ Won
THIS WAS T|IK ONB J WIRED ON FRIDAY. I do not do It like tho other tipster*: », ml
out three lims.'s In (very race. I only soul one or two horse* v day, and they H r« always
live one* which 1 know urn in condition and on which tho right money I* bet.
Monday a 15 to 1 Shot
This Ik a baby, that shirt* In the two-yrar-«l<t reuse and that will surely win. TliU one was
Hulked under cover au an tv Iniiuro v Kood pi'U'C.
Terms, $2.00 Daily ; Weehly $10.00
Information wired direct from Iho track. I'oiltively no communion* handled.
Iteinll by reKliteicd mail, |iu«t<.>f iK-e or exprsa* money vider Uliect to
Owner and Trainer, ' ° tt VA.IS"" c
Al»o fur Htil« H t V«uu(j'» Cliiir btuud, 807 bouth Sprluf Ntrcet.
Edward Is Now One of the Strongest
Leaders of Racing In
>;V;: the West
By Associated Preas.
CHICAGO, Dec. 31.— Edward Corri
gan has secured control of the Haw
thorne race track. The deal was closed
tonight when ' Richard Fitzgerald, who
for a long, time has been the principal
stockholder in the track, sold out his
interests to Corrlsan.
The change of ownership means, it Is
said, that the Western Jockey club will
have a fight on Its hands if some ac
tion is not taken at its regular monthly
meeting on January 3 to revise the
racing dates for 190i>, picked out for the
different tracks throughout the west
and south at the annual meeting early
in December.
Corrigan now has full control of the
new track at New Orleanß and the
probabilities are that he will also get
control of the Kansas City track. The
control of these two tracks, together
with Hawthorne, makes Corrigan one
of the strongest leaders of racing In the
west. Allied with Corrigan will be
found several of the other smaller
tracks of the west and southwest, In
cluding Essex park at Hot Springs,
Ark. - *>;•..
Prince Brutus Only Favorite to Win.
Vfgoroto, at 20 to 1, Took Third
Race In Driving Finish
Rpeclnl to The H.rftld.
■tlcky track that prevailed at the Oak
land track this afternoon made it dlfll
rult to pli'k the winner* and there were
many upneta In tonaequenre. Prince
ttrutufl wan the only real , favorite to
win,' although Hell Heed tvns a Joint
favorite 'm the race he landed.
Nljtrette ruled the favorite In . the
handicap at neven furlongs, but .was
never a keen contender. Venator took
the lead on the far turn and won easily
at the end from Jud^e. > , .. - , •
Vlgoroso, who took the third race,
wan at the lucrative odds of 20 to 1.
lie Just lanted long enough to bent
Young, Marlow, who was slated for a
killing by a few of those on the In
•lde. ' •' " '■■:■:>'■ ••::■ '■ .'■• .-
Prince Brutus has recovered his best
form and run away from his Hold in the
last race. When right he la one* of
the best young horses In training. He
will be considered a 3-year,-old from
now on.
Eddie Domlnlck leaves tomorrow for
New Orleans, where he goes to ride
for Sum Illldreth. There were twenty
seven books doing business In the bet
ting ring l"cl;iy.
New Orleans Track
By Ataoclnted Virus.
NK\v ORLEANS, Deo. 31.— Results:
The Value of Charcoal
Few People Know How Useful it is in
Preserving Health and Beauty 1
Nearly everybody knows that char-
coal Is the soiiYst. and . moat efficient
disinfectant and purifier In nature,
but few realize its value when taken
Into the human system for the same
cleansing purpose.
Charcoal Is a remedy that the moi'e
you take of It the better; It Is not a
drugr at all, but simply absorbs the
gases and impurities always present
In the stomach and Intestines and
carries them out of the system.
Charcoal, sweetens the breath after
smoking, drinking or after eating
onions and other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal effectually clears and im-
proves the complexion, It whitens the
teeth and further acts as a natural
and eminently safe cathartic.
. It absorbs the injurious gases which
collect in the stomach and bowels; it
disinfects' the mouth and throat from
the poison of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal, in ono
form or another, but probably the best
charcoal and the most for. the money
Is In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges; they
are composed of the finest powdered
Willow charcoal and other harmless
antiseptics in tablet form or rather
in the form or large, pleasant tasting
lozenges, the charcoal being mixed
with honey.
The daily use of these lozenges will
soon tell in a much improved condi-
tion of the general health, better com-
plexion, sweeter breath >• and purer
blopd, and the beauty of it is that no
possible harm can result from their
continued use, but on the contrary,
great benefit.
A Buffalo physician In • speaking !of
the benefits of charcoal says: "I ad-
vise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges to all
patients suffering' from gas in stomach
and bowels, and to clear the com-
plexion and purify the breath, mouth
and throat; I ulso believe the liver is
greatly benefited by the daily use of
them; they cost but twenty-five cents
a box at drug* stores, and although
In some sense a patent preparation,
yet I believe I get more and better
charcoal In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges
than in any of the ordinary charcoal
Over $1000 Winner
This Season
The Turf
Surety System
It la not one of those no-called sya-
t;ms to break tlu bookmakers In a
month, nor a "get-rlch-qulck" Hcheme,
. but a good practical method ot select-
ing horses to play, und the way to
play them. Its winnings come from
the percentage which the bookmakers
invariably take from tha betting pub-
lic. It Is no theoretical scheme worked
out on paper, but
which allows of no chance for Kuess»-
work and dictates tha homes to be
played. It newer plays moro tlun
two »r threo races on any one duy,
some days only ONE, other duys
nono at all, and never more than ono
horse to a rac».
Yesterday It Picked
Andrew Mack... 5-2 WON
Cruzados ...JO-I WON
Tramator ... 8-1 WON !
Merwan ... . 2-1 WON j
Thursday I
Durbar ... 9-2 WON i
Elie ... 4-1 WON
Blissful ... 3-1 WON
Oxford ... 2-1 WON
Hans Wagner.. 9-2 WON
Tuesday I
Nanon ... 5-2 WON |
Gold Rose ... 8-5 WON
Hilona ... 7-2 WON
Monday .
Happy Chappy, 10-1 WON
Luckett ... 3-1 WON
win from 25 tv 40 per cent on your
. capital weekly. 1* not only baaed on
auund business principles,* but U
miiil-i'iimtli-ully INKAl.l.llM.i:. It Is
uaod by many of the heavlext betters
and shrewdest horstmen, who bu.iu
their operations upon Its ducbilun.
Geo. Randolph
P.O. Box 353 I
Station C Los Angeles, Cal, ,
Five furlongs— Sponge.. Cuke won.
Jake Snmlercon necond, Mr. fi.irn*tty
third; time, 1:01 4-S.
Plx furlnngH— Twrmo ' won, ObljWfly
feoond, St. niuo third;! time,' 1:15 4^5.
Five rnrlonßO— Frpht*>nar Won, I'lzur
second, Jake ' Greenbergf third; 'time,
1:004-5. *
New Year hftniHeftprone mile nnd sev
enty ynrdu— Onrnluhr won, Alias Hetty
second, (.'arelesfl third; tlino, I:4ft.
Seven furlonps, srlllnK— Austrnllna '
"Professional ClocKer"
Office .537 H. W. lieilman Bld^., Cor. Fourth and Spring
Special Announcement Regarding Tomorrow
TlON l<i>:n rtY A. I>. iT.'HPttCTAL MKSRKNOKK. WHATKVRIt TOtI 1K». IxjN'Ti
Start the New Year Off Right
and Subscribe to My
Tomorrow £01 |Q | 3IHOt Tom ™ rr^ W
iFor the ben" fit of my client*, nnd thft racing public In srcnrral, which may lt»flf he
'ft trldo skeptic,! want* to ptat^ tlirtt whftt Ipflnt In my advprtlflpmcntH I mn rnnrty
'at nil tlmrw to back up. MY WINNERS publlohp.l arc not hnr»P» which I Blvn to rrty ;.
: clients fnriH pluec lict nr a dhow bet. but aro horn"* on which I Bdvlßß a BTIIAIQIIT.
' /These Were Given to My Clients Last Week
I for a Straight Play ,
LucKett . 3to 1 . Won
Allegiance . 3to 2 . Won
Hilona V . 7to 2 . Won
Gold Rose . 3to 2 .Won
Lem Reed . 7to 2 / Woii
Mrs. Grannan . 7to 5 . Won
Merwan . 2 to I . -Won
Cerrp Santa . Bto 5 . Won
Happy Chappy . sto 2 . Woii
These Horses Were Given to My Clients
for a Place Bet Only ...",.-.'.„ .
Ethylene . 7to 1 .Won
Crigli . 3to 1 .Won
Nanon . sto 2 . Won
Waswift . sto 2 Secrad
Dutiful . 7to 1 Second
McG. Prince V 3to 1 Second
Tim Hurst . 4to 1 . Won
Tramotor . Bto 1 .Won
Helgerson . sto 1 Second
Bragg . 7to 2 Second;
Exapo . 7to 1; Second
Fossil ; 4to 1 Second
These Horses Were Given to My Clients
for Show Bets Only ''■'■■
Belle Kinney . sto 1 . Third
Light of Day . 4to 1 Third
Edinborough . Bto 1 . Third
Crown Prince . 3to 1 . Third
Anirad . 10 to 1 Second
Elie v 4to 1 .Won
Flea . sto 1 Second
Eleven Bells . 6to 1 Second
JohnF. . 4to 1 . Third
The Major . 4to 1 . Third
Fit the Fake of comparison, I apl< overy purchaser of my selections to compare them;
with my udverliMonient. If anything In my ud. Is mlsieiuuspnted,. nueli as tialiniinc
SKCONO or TIIIKU horFos an WINNIJRS, which was not rually given as such, I will-
forfeit $MO. U'-IVB J]I<NURKD DOLLAKS). whenever It can bo proven that ■ tha
fuult was mlnn, and not a typographical <'rror. Kverythlnff connected with my businee*
Tomorrow is. the day that long-shot sleeper
goes for the coin.
For full particulars regarding this "coup"
read my ad tomorrow morning.
lleKlnnliiß tonmrow, Monday. Jan. 2d, I will Imiururate U\ OUArtANTEED'
|3 PADUOIIK BPKCIAL. Thin In piwltlvely a single horse wire. No other
jiovaa l» named either an v "SUBSTITUTE" gr us anything cl»o. . ■'■ }
The DNM HOHSK SPECIAL must WIN or your «üb«erlptlon la continued
until you receive a winner. SECONDS, LOSEItS AND V
Racing Message, $1 Daily, $5 Weeßl^
Office o;>«n ut 10 a. ra. Out-of-town ordcra wired u'arly on 'reeolpt 'ot your »üb-
ccrlutloit, by mall or teleitraph. liifbriuutlon can bu obtained .ul my utrice
for those who ; cannnO devoto the time to bo to the track, open ah account v
with me »f I3S or *&•• ami let me, operate, placing t3 or |10 ou my oNK ÜBST '
HUT, The num. of tha home, will bo neiit to you each day before thu run U
run, thei-üby umtbllng you to uHceruin tlio pnntrina I niak» trom day to d«y.
At the cunvhmluii of inch weuh'a pluy 1 will r.ii.K i- yi.u mi), itemised bnii.-ni.nit
nhowlnt Hi- lun urn played, odda. flu. , Wheii opvratluc account* I charge uothltii !
for tin. liifuriuutlon, but deduct !U per cent from tho net weekly winnings. ■ j
won, Lrtdy Draper Becond, Vestfy third;
time, 1:27 i-a.
One mile and threg-clghtha— T,e*« Klnß
won, Clravlnn second, AuKirnnater
third; time, 2:23. 1-S.
Takes Oath of Office
Ily As(toc|Bt«l Tress!
ALBANY,' N. V.. T)ee. 31.—Governor
elect IliKKlns took the. oath of office
todny. Thfl fornwl rn«ugtrrutlr>n crrc
nionies. will occur AJonrtny. ' Th" term
'of offlre bcKlns Ht midnight tonlßht.

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