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Los Angeles herald. [microfilm reel] (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, January 01, 1905, Image 8

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I\ W/f/ttMll^^^Mi M-Wi I h 1 - /^^iHlllJSft:lJl> thousands of dollars' worth of worthy, seasonable merchandise that in the rush and
|^yS||g^P^^HJ/ 1 4is Wi^^iM^^^m-&^^ If W crush of the h P lida y season was set aside to make room . for Christmas goods. Traffic
Hffl lff llfi^flhSr'- /ill I i\l >^#-feP^f^\ mi*- mIIIS* pertains to the present season must be forced out to make room for the spring stocks
MIMSSjIfII ' • ; iK*/ill 111 1 111 1 /^JIW^S- : $Bl : \ Mi ItFV\ which arc now in transit. We've resorted to extreme measures to make a speedy
mßp WBwm If/S'L^ T^/ /J J;':ji [| \llvS^^Mr'ift\ : '*iS^W '^'f • , clearance. Our dilemma is your opportunity. You have several months in which to
nßn^^Slwl^^^'/ m*¥- I>: livi^^-fl^lP ■ use winter goods while we must unload immediately. Don't delay, the best things
i/BllSwWß^W^/ /yrJr I H\ llffif $^| f I will be sna PP ed U P first - Read carefully every item and come expecting all these and
«MW'^^^^^^^^^Sk \ V ■ 200. yards of fancy crushed broadtail Filk 1200 yards of fancy Plifrt waist suit silks: worth. They are divided intoj/our lotsrajor speedy v5-'Wv\' 7*.* ■ V •/«'*"• '•/
l^^i^^^^^S^^^^L \ • / \ v'flpr, old/blue, silver pray and coral pink; ini'lies wide; bc»t-of colors, Including the linos early selection injaiivleable as these (prices, will »\?
»V^k^^^#^^^Si^yl ~^s. ,t i| AC (■p^tf-sri sr-Ttn / Tl '%r> ■ J8 inches wide; finalities worth regularly popular brown shades; strictly all silk nnd insure a rapid sale. Vi\L^J?i\ ?) U**" 1^
\SgggsE* P JI "TT&* L£dlS>Jlll nr Il3V&^ -)I iflil Ml Jl.O^iind $1.25. Tuesday,"-whlle they last, pure-dye; you can't match It elsewhere for fc* H tj\ !fl _ fl
'i- ;','•'-'" AVhite«SyHton crash, goo/ weight: \oft 3»c the yard^,^ --less - than «.00. Tuesday, the y al^ Bac -^J : |\ rar _ r Mei'S.SMrtS).W|tSi Sift FrOHtS : ' TCtfTl
-Fancy Ribboas •- ">§\%r ' ?#s? 50C -StllDetf 'ScOtCb'-FbUllCl 22C Yarf C\ 7 " J^JSiP" 4^^ aot f ■• 7^ CdLUJi ■>
35e'and 49C OlieS _..«P. JLtJt V»^ ta on-.. the. third floor, the.yard^g.,. \ JWW?lUlJlJWll.»3>y!l^.* Mluu *' Jl JHWU. a Golfl S hlrt».fwhite wuslin boblei^»Uh jfflk striped fronts and attached cuffs; made.
Fanov satin ribbons widths' from 2 to 1 w *«*»*jr Imam TnCrSH^^To &&>l^* \*W yards of faney'striped Scotch flannel; .light, medium and ■ dark colored grounfls to b«j worn.With^vhlte cbllars^otherßlofitfiadras cloth in pretty stripes with detached
inched BpVendld^assortment o" colors; lreTbtaOT ■ Tfl.Weimg.B J #C#* Vith narrtftrwhlte stripes; widths range from 27 to 30 inches; materials/suitable »fOr cuffs] all «I*es frbm X4Jtt i 17; better | shifts than you generally get at COc. Sale
good qualities; worth regularly from ; 35c , All linen towellnfe. medium weight; red women's waists, klmonas, dressing sacques and children's dresses ;f Quality thatt^lU price,' each\33(^.
to 49c. Tuesday,, the yard, 15c. » bordern; suitabl/ for Roller towels; worty ladpder - perfectly; ■ worth regularly_ BOc^ T.uesday r whllg- It lasts, thfj yard, 22c. -^pV Pfew TSCvSfairts'E49G ' $loC)© SllllTtS ■ 6>9C
L^r Traif filTtitlh^ H?iC ■—^_i"t ggill il2 ily - alc> T \ sdi^'S^ > V^^a B «J"£ l? y r / ■ 'SftDC Miack H^lC* • It itlue^k\aa# madras cloth Jlcn's soft shirts, made. of. madras, and
_ 43C-JI Fay; LilUlffli. 1 3t ,»-..- . .f,i m j c Unt^t'Tn^M^rM t / ikt JB)JIaLCK SSrgS -I© i-^^ . 3^4y JtSM^E SlblUail 3>3>%> \©aridrpercales; soft (fronts; both light and oxford cloths; also cheviots and fine per-
Frlnged- tray cloths, round and square. " « . *v muwa- snni^iw|i. /Ten pieces of. 42-Inch black storm serge; Ten pieces of 44-tnch blackimohalr Sicilian ;aNdark v colors^som«iWltSi pleated bosoms; cales; plain or pleated bosoms; neat 7 pat-
shapes; made from good ; quality momie Hemmed ■ huck,, towelsV-size 16x24' lnchesjf half Wijol; lustrous mohair finish; a qual- heavy quality; alike on both sides; madeft both S attached jana*dcTached cuffs; all terns and best of colors; attached or dc-
cloth; some stamped, others with .open- ( heavy .weight, with rea*borders; excelletrt ity that vill-mitjmusH and 'will, shake dust from hard twisted yarns; shakes dust eas- a sfees;Sneat,> serviceable shirts actually tached cuffs; perfect fitting shirts -worth
work; 25c and 35c values. Tuesday, ea., 15c foi>r(sbmlng houses; worth, 7%c. Tuesjay, easily; worth "regulaTTy'»«9c* lki /ruesday,> the Jly and will not muss; worth regularly 60c. «worth»7sc. Salew>rlce, each, 49c. . $1.00; all sizes. Sale price, COc.
$1.25 Bed: Spreads 89c- i> »^'l':rS^iSiJ^v§^SS^ y^? "1' l\' : ' jK'^^Beii's-sOc-.CotoredSl*B-. . ■ / y<Q)/> -Ji^rh '
pink and'blue; worth regularly. $1.25. Tues- welglit; size 18x36 inches; cheap aw 10c. -of- 54-IncTKinohalri.7.lbellnes, heavy. quality; /suitable for tallor-made'sults and •MerrilßhirtS^made from good quality cprUM chambray; in pretty shade of oxblood;
day, each,;B9c. •; ■■'•■" Turtiday,' each.yS l-3c. '..•/■ . j',. \ coats,<in pretty shadeSspf oxford gray, navy-4)lue and- dark greerilvqualltylworthlVpg- fast color; full cut and well finl«lh*dj "geTachcd cuffs; all sizes; extra good values, at ,
_ ■* " ' '' ■ »■-■■•-■■■■■/■■ ■./.■■- ti V ..- 10 ,^ t1 of rii».ln n..«.n--^t/n ..«.n--^t/. a --Tii»«^nv ' f hn '-irjtrrl' Tin ■&£• Ik Xl^C'^WlL 50C- Tuesd »yJ"' Ornln^ frOm 8^ \ '^$*' 2flG axch - '■'\ . '. •.' ' -'I.V
-.Wenaiilcjonftr Yo,rY 0 ,r ElM^m^Mr^in^ \ , \ : g.|^ :/ ■ ■ < WpSt^|SHt V $i 0: llilrt : l 0 = USe]TS:-.Of UM l
b?^^^H=a^%.^A!;ge\e^ttc^^^ fe^ .": ," ; ' V ViA^tj]t ,GiaraitsMmC#^|P^. • - ■ $go g^fo^l^y^e
and. more perfectly: organized establishment/now than, we/had- a year ako, and! V ' X ■' "-,■■ ■- J-A "'■"-•' '' ' V*\ U \SW^i?>K -^ ■ JJoss:l oss ':'f n iT g&a W& cold for th^be«t wiece o? ?^de "onV m"y kind of
, a year hence we expect It- to be still bigger>nd still better/ In the past ive have XeHv: mixed 'meltonsVid. kerseys,., in, shadts of -navy-blue., oxford grayAaa well as plain " 9^^*°Xvfin AmtSt cl^A^r^U-%^n^^-^i^maSt :^Q
striven, to merit your confidence and. in the/future we will/do everything In our , blacky heavy quality to. be made up .wthcut.llpingi 'If iyouUftaVe.y.pU^order Tuesday , Bea J B / r^^t T^Hrt varn^M^^
power to' retain, it.. Again thanking- you/ior. your past favors, we wlshUtlone; .make aj skirt to jxu^measure, from. ltbesefmaterlal^rind, ful{y) guarantee the ' v T m^™^? Sv-M^e of di^lavinc the Articles in om tJt^ our show
• and all, a -happy- New Year. > . -:,/•• -~ a- ' fit arid style 'of the garmentJSßEiemember . this- offer Is. forvTuesday-only. Prlce'com- We cl2tm**ea>*ivilege of displaying the articles enterea m one oi pur sno-w
V ■-■■-■ '- • •■ r - < ■J . ' T.i»t a - S->Kn : •, ; ■ ... _... W^ .,, . „. ' , ■•|«a*V : -\ l v \V\ ';>i-.-.--". ■-.-".'.■ ■. >.•:-.•?"• V window^. \ r ...,.,..,
1 toX'<?JM%H The ' famous 'W.-.L.'; Douglas. shoe for rtien; branded on the sole with the price, of :s3.wVT^best advertjs7d.»hoq^^|^M^* tj. . * O , P .« 'rry :j' ]¥. {J^^ttf Jl
( J^idPß^l In America. Several . styles, some of fine patent leather; others of vici kid, and some Ofibox ciH^Boih isic^aiidi / iSd^&M (TbMTP'R'n Pft?Tl/r o /f Sl <£ Olf ■ T RIP WP'TIF ' '- V '" " ' '•"• ,8"' ■V^E'
I L Blucher styles; single or double, soles/ newest lasts. -Some of these shoes show slight iinperfectl6nB,\bufthey < 'Are'uf " \»\J ilAj) VV Vs/u* It, Jll'JLfJL^<^o> . MJ'l ILillVs/ ii £r' §JtKAs& *a
IMgrM / ' co very Bl »K nt tnat y° u '" have hard work finding them and .the defects will in no way conflict with Jthe w'earlng.^>«w \V S\ \ s "r S& pfy~'}ft2vXs
IJHdS V dualltifs. There's :in excellent assortment of sizes to commence with, but if you're interested i coma early. XTucs-^J^v^j) >*W ' 3 -™ff
|w^V«^v / day,- the pair, $2.69. ' ' r ';;^' "^sT V i\ %< vV X^K \™ c Januar >' underwear sale is aftrade ievent of tl c utmost importance, made conspicuous by the |^^^|f J||
V rfssW I MeitH^ %(me«s '<ft°-11 "(H\<SSl / MpJUk (*"^ 'JH O ' Mah's S @^ nla^ ll i. ude and Vilrietv oC the^Skpcks "lnvolved; the high-class character of the merchandise and the (^^^|M v^*ds§M
•I'AMy 1 ;MenS-aiIOeS O^ / mSaS SOfflgS /I H MSIIS SEOeS fl^^ for l,.nkra ■■ocord breaking business and ..bove „11 1)y tl.o valu,. S (.ffer.:,!.
(Tffi&M? I $ 3 '® ClValueS V^°/^' Worth $3.5® $2.50 Values ■ Compare^vMuen with anything "you've ever soen or heard of and we'll B ot the business. Just a word \gf; \^£/
I M ' Men ' s snoea llf bright patent colt- Men's dress shoes, rrii.de'of bright Men's shoos" of various styles and about the*< merchandise— every >aitiole, whether afc corset cover or a $5.00 gown, will- stand the closest Tv^^^hl \\a
/ 8r«. * k]n - vlci kld > bt)X Ol> velour calf; patent Corona kid In blucher and kinds; soinelof|kid, others bf.'vclour scrutiny. Th"«ieTgoods are, the product of the foremost makers of the United States. They come |\«
( J&rakl welted B0les; lace> bluoh<l ' or Dut " button styles; welted solos; other Btyieg^fplain^ \ oriTcapp^^oes"" most I from factories "lqjw'h'jch every care is exercised net only to produce a perfect product, but also where iM^f &^W^f^*^>3\
) _y^^^^S] ton style : newest lasts; every size shoes of vici kid ort velour calf; have^; welted soles-, good range \\< of \ the health and comfort ."of employees are safeguarded in every way. The embroideries, laces and other K^=>-«i 2rkv V/ N V
W (^Mw^'j in the lot, but not all sizes of each good assortment^, of styles and ' size6i'?pad§llnes'*of)pui'4f<egular '$2.01}/ trimmings-are selecteS^with special reference) to durability, as well as beauty and style. The cottons pl>rtS3 EQy^-
f'WwkY S,v d# th^!Jr nt S i^ 00 ValUeS- TUeS " '■ f I « pe %i,£lS«l y t^fe S: foi° Val "^ ?i n 2?¥*V*^*;*3??H^ y ' ■ t |\' I *S lr '- 'areall^upeftor gradfL. New and special machinery enables the designers of these high-class gar- W, WMY
1 J&rSrt : • ' V^' - ■ ■ %w^' • A^J\A ■ ments to^o&uce^th^geconomlcally. and th| Imirense quantities consumedjfcy us give us a leverage M\ V JKb
I WW/^ "] If^(n>¥S 9 (TDIfH /(IS lfitin>V;r^ < L' $11' £(TlpQtep 11 K I '](D)9r* V• rj in crowding down#the^prlce that is possessed^ by no other house on the Pagific coast. You'll profit by .JvL X^JJ&J
1 Jfe¥ In " <^£oW $IoW A w-^T 3xSJyly^U.V-?3 xS J y ly^U.V-?V ' -W a" t%e advantag^ at this sale. For greater ear eln handling the sale, most of the Items advertised '■ H
*lsBLh} I Kn o e s of patent leather or vici kid; shapely, man- Boys'^school shoes, made, froinj strong satin calf; stout will' be 'on sale on the main floor, right In the, centrr of the store. All the finer grades will be found •'/^tS^T^S^
inSflfar I nish . styles; suitable • for either dress or school wear; serviceable s solts^ comfortable,, neat appearing' shapes; ii n i our ■ regulariUndermusllrt section on the second floor. Come Tuesday v you can, but If you come y?^^ Vt
W&Sr, e>W solid oak leather soles; sizes Ito 5%; $2.00 values; Tues- good {school^ shoes! In sizes-from 13to - SHlitJuvtVauch as .Wednesday:- tor even Thursday, you'll find rAost rf the lines complete/ as the stocks are generous \2 J\jj.«v
\2g-^r— T"W da y. the pair,. $1.45. yoir UBuaUy^pay Jt sLso!for^ i .Tueßday,-the pair, 9^V V^yenougH-td^thstand the, ml)st spirited buying for several days. / k^jltip^° s^ '
¥^MKvn«vTvnPo 4>k^ / /«\ >T^V jnk r Am^i»'c^'(niw/niv/fl«'''' JVv ■V^^^^^T^'CORSET' COVERS-made frbm good, strong :nus- CORSET COVER/— an attractive aasortment, high VJ- j&&sMy&iS
MUtW% WP ii /mMI j^X^SJ^y^^mt^%t\nim and low neck styles; either tight /; loose fitting; )^/^S^W^\
O> \l /U'VJIK A \)/)\H;\ M VtM * VI >Uj/W a and^heatly finished; all sizes.' worth 10c. C-. prettily trimmed with laces and embroideries; bet- : fi~^=^/etisr/&?\ •'
$^> F»A /pi lfO\ iFTrtt/tSSk. V\ IrSvvi W ; «<v n ;Jlli*-5 '-MT^H., -,«'■' I\S ; /rU\Vn»L Sai e ' P rlce \ V ter than most 3Gc garments. Sa/e |Q r '/^>w^^ $Zl£ff\ L
3oS(Q) SiOeS T °F y>^JyJ^Mffl? * 3 .rValncs:-, #11 HEMISE \ ood lengthi Bktr A Btyles . cut :;; UU: s^K^ai^^^S^r^S 'i^HyPT^l ■
k« va >^ i iX A lfY°S V**' |v**» " •■-"" » / made, from excellent materlalsi corded neck) and v and squa/e necks; high, /low, loose and fitted Vf«-">vOT «/v3
B*^lt: <nif-9itvle^ IW \h/\ A \\N\ /^>*\ \Wiiineii's flnefoxfords of .extra flpe^glae^kldf armsize; worth 35c. Sale \ , lOf fronts; all sizes; trimming/ of laces and embroi- \° (^ :
j-04.su, w omjiwa W < €l^« I j'^ ner cd 8 e band-turned soles others'* af-pbright price \f derles; valyes up to 49c. sale 25C
Tl-omen's high-grade^ shoes, some o ' b rtFhtVtent^A\^& \i't§£ie=s3sSMfa tent ktd with plain toes andjljubanlheels; high- CORSET COVEKS-spectally attractive styled and I pnvrß^'«w^"stVles'''counteVnaits of /^///ijl^'
kid, others of. patent leather; also fine B^«\kld/^r"As&jA \ \|^S^^^-B raae footwear; made by Ziejlor 'Bros.^of 'Philadel- shapes- -finely made of extra good materials- in. CORSET-COVERb— sw/11 styles .counterparts oi / //// f! h
hand-turned nnd hand-weltrd soles; lace Aand\/VX-\ \ phiu; ; good 'range of sizes; actual $3 00 values \ a i sWc R - worth l«)o. S-Ap nrice ■ 'IUC garment/ worth two and three times the piic-. ' //,!' r I- ',{,■';,
blucher styles; stylish, down-to-the-minutViaßts;V\i\^A>A Tuesday, the pair, $1.!.S f %"^ V all sUes. worth m Sale price. V .»"*' Klabora A trimmlnga/of laces, embroideries and M/.-'O *
French heels, Cuban, military and spike Heel»i\V# V ;JufV iSaV /^ JSak. 11^*^ ' CORSET COVERS— made of cambric, plain Bhfcpeß; combinations set off with ribbons; all tstyles and ftf<//V
some few of these havefblight irapfrtf ctiiin«:V \c-^\^'^} \ t.ll •%& Qrhifitn^ Q^P«*L'JL^i ' ' -'^i- / « v . prettily .trimmed in the neck; all sitees; extraj|ff r shapes; 75c and 930 / values. Sale , An~ (A*\j>
there's a good assortment^ sizes; spl^td vtt K\/\ \\»^H) $lo O MSilJiS^rtP -ji tl ' (fTj ' « ood y alue at 23c< Sal \,P rlce A- \* DC price.,'.. .:...>. * JXf . fr""
ues up to $3.50. Tuesday, t^pair, $1.69. W^ I Vj^/ FflT MiSSeS^S*. "% \\ \\ ■ • DRAWBRS-of good grade muslin; Vice- DRAWERS-iiade of .b/st . quality cotton; ' SHORT SKIUTS-made from good qual-,
/ThlTh nVvorj? CTiiSk«<» COi\ ft^fc' f '\. I —^^^Ti /i»n>!l (r"T«ilil/irs^«nl • nil) ll^'X I V lv' made fff>nerouslv cut finished <iut ' full . and carefully/ made; wide uiu- , jty muslin;' full width; flounced bottoms;
%Lm Bress <fflfes : &«^>^:<^ , aM »p^, 25c
■Women's dress shoes, .-itifttftpt HrJgHt»patent T Kja'.A X^^^«<a»ni Hisses 1 av»d*fbUdren's r school shoes, made of good ■. 25c - Sale price, the pair >.. *¥*' /l ry . phenomenal values at...... .....*»■«' ;•■ oaie. price. r
with dull kid tops; CubaTT»Sj^l«hWehl«;'!iithen^*| X >W^'^ VV linn kid with solid 1 extension solos; others of box DRAWERS— of several ' styles; made DRAWERS— made^'of standard muslm in .■. ■ LOXC SKlliTS— made from t'ini! ma-
of fine glace kid with. eitlkfttjunftnßU'fed c^nfcnd-V \ calf; JjotnvlaceV and button styles: good fitting froiriveood material "with wide hem- .a variety of pood styles; luce and' embroi- tcrials; trimmed in : laces and embroi-
welted soles; newest Btyle^*ijS4V«o*y onj|l«e»iß \ shapes; all sizea 1 up to No. ""I; -..neat, serviceable stitched --flounce nnd cluster of tucks- /aery '.trimmings; open or closed styles: derles; cut full and wide;, ample flounces
regular $3.50 and $4.00 vulu>». > \TiiesUiiy, v the palr/I ) shuns 'worth "regularly $1.75. Tuesday, the pair, K ood 3.ic value. Sale price, in*. regular COc oiws. Kale. y^ IQr all(l undorflounces; $1.^5 values. "JtZr '
J2.69. !;:^'\V!»^k ' - " '^^^ ■ ' "^"T^- ' the P alr ---^^—-"^- '..*"«• pr1c«^... ................. ...j^..<:. ....O^t, Sale .price, each......,;...;.... •«'^
Misses' and children's kid sTOM 'V^^Wymen's velvet Juliets in assorted%lors^^Dl* f ladles' comfort shoes of soft. dongolaT^^ ■■"tlr^m^vt. '■■ t\ (Tt\ X Wl's%%m& FjlilUCV : ffll^HlH -^MITtS - : (Tn©>o
patent leather, tips: lace styles wM.sWWv trimmed with fur and, nicely Unedi^W^/Vd wltn flexible hand-turned soles; both *'*■ WOlfflei.SrTeC- WaWCrS /OA ™ U4,J X»l U» U U.»IUI IS '_ {^fiC
extension soles; neat, comloi table shap^AturoedTßoles; medium leather heewak'ftJiV lace and congress styles; broad, .common- NatoSOOk,' Cambr!C Of MllSliQ 'v "w\ ■ EjCepttOflal Values UP 10 '/ V^
Say' -th.*palr $I's°1 ' 5 ° ' ■^"^OtAjWaM ™ X ™' T™n6w* V ?& air-'l^^tßO values. ng c High . grade O V fine n/nsook,. cambrlc^or tlieyhighes^ Fam^nlllJSjn%ktrt B . extra quality .throughout and built. to wash
day, tnepair •••■' \XSf pal ttf "ic^^ 'tt luesaa y» the pair r»..^ MJ^w» grade muslin- fully "20 different partorhs*to I 'choov> »fro\; iace\-niij wear; half a dozen different styles;' prettily trimmed with
'«M ,I'MTft rATmCniHV CHSi»i^«ff3k ftth* ■ : "JtS\^ \' ' <M em HrS/1 ¥^HS a <V« **«>/. -and>eiß.broidery trlmmlngs; /^iit'<B€nejbusir wldtt,ar(l/spliHidldly f irm, .dainty, laces and beautiful .embroideries:. Bklrta cut full and
Comt< ■■:■"• slippers "for women, 'made of. line, soft vlcl kid/^TVjunjeir^ kid . Juliets' with hand-turned soles; neat, round-toe V& ""' °" \' *' {T^ ■ ' „ ,»«»? 'i^'■'"i •- ■ - ' ii U — i n'i ui-ii ''
with ■. ' hand-turned soles; medium roiUkd and IQW.V fih^pa* with kid tips; others with plain broad toes and leather WHITE SKIRTS— Soft • flnlsnedWamOmii .COWuJVtMafle-of good- standard . muslin; ■ GOWNS — Of the finest, materials; end-
brOHi :.-, all sizes; $1.00 values. . Tuesday, Hhc^alr, J^^^"VVl.HP' aU Blzes; * Iso1 ' 50 values - Tuesday, the pair, 98c. top; fitted _end"-prsiie'rly . shaved; vVji. HuuAei^stXiAnA proper width- several pleas- les s variety of styles to -choose from;
■\{lV\'.'^>''"*\^Wr IL^ar 1 •. . . _ Kofntl linttom with wide underfloknee ■ anil icu»uuuiiu t>ivvi=i ...m... ■' proper 'lengths anil ample widths; ' Borne
35c Net Veiling Z<* W*wri\ Soiled HaSfer^Mefs nS^ hj^ „• ■ steAdi " ™« " = = "^p «qu"""» Illff : w y« ° m * ro la^ B V mmi" « 8: extS. .1^ promwiy trimmed with nci.
on Iwl 4 T)(C lYrtlFO nr?Lit-,t v 5; 1 1)^ P -^?^w many rows of lii^rtloTi; actualAalues grades /forth regularljN^c and Cf, laces and ' # hand»ome embroideries;;^ v&\.
Pla!O in! FailCy v^ ii (WVii *M 1 Ong^n^KCS fo 69C.: ii^^— — y~*~**~ /^^^J^ V $1 98 $;.25. -ajd^iiT Sale $1V251 V 25 Salenifice .TTS^. .«*»«. ues up to $1.00.- Sule . fjgj,
yard 5c holiday season for window displays and J&'JRb, -'" wlde wltn fitted top ? r ' laoe and/embrol-A^Timmings; both hlgliyand low neck elfo-Hs; Fl .' l>11( . h styles witn beul'tiful em-
interior decorations; embrolderod linen S(E^j^^S^iSii^»£/^^€'' " cry llounoes : , "*tlsfactory .garments good l4ceß and pretty embroideries; extrtP^voideriea and tasty laces; hl^h-gradf
Fanchon- Gloves $1.50 ]iS^\J^^ ni^n^^ ln / pe ji r , an^ fc yfc '^ 59c gr^lSa^. h ..r. p ..?.??.* M-25
Fanchon suede gloves. finished with all they needjs a trip to the lau.jdry; . L ooWNS^Mad-;' from'^' musiinT Xde QOWN^A collection great X^'nety and GOWNS-Made from fine soft matoHals;
three clasps; embroidered * backs; these puceB up lo we - iueßaa y. MlkTO^itirllf <1 xWlfflimf T '" a plain but eubstantlal • manner;' cut unusual \ln goodn^s; luce aiidVmbroldery beautifully modeled, handsomely trimmed
come In black, gray, mode and -white; •.* * ivjyWMUUKfllUVUVWl 'lu'JlJlJlJUl'vJl . »Jft/IICS longhand full; two or three etyWs to frlmmedn the mateNals alone areNvorth the in rich laces and choice 'embroideries:
best glove In town for the money. -Sale .Niditinonriv T OC<» F* *> ' *,&. Kn C»t«s tar «a dim Be l* ct from; some /with embndldery price of the made-\p garments; *«*cellent styles usually found In the hlgheßt^prlced
p hc, «,. p.,, .,«,, eS?w^tf f*:.Sc ,=„.,« «^S.^ S L. ,„. «^:.^^.. 6 f:^...^5c p-:^.rr.^ „....>^c
fSSSi w *''si.3s SS'S.rsS? ErSS,{Hf£ s SS Hmt PermaslK on S^oni FIW ;>K SampfeMine-Flamdette Goods .;
• worm up to I9c. luesaay, me yaiu, 80. Be n at 10c. Tuesday, Z^ /-' »Better grades of drawers ranging In price from 750 upwaid. Fine AsVn adjunct to this big undermuslln sale we offer about 75
Women'B.overseam mocha jloves; black, 2Sf2 -CtoW&r -ForiHS Sfi each..." /T. DC quality white Bklrtß, richly trimmed In hundreds of pretty way«. doze\ travelers' samples of flannelette goods; gowns for misses
gray, mode and white; p.r.plrat.on proof; 2S? .5 round '*^^SS«^ES?SXSC of g0;,,, rang.ng in pri^e from ,M. toW Fi^er j - m i O^7u k rc r hre 11 d O f h es^ d sar,eVa k r
finished with two claaps; all islsses;- worth shapes; made with 6 stays; regular White china covered sugar bowls; good in,, • qualities of corset covers; also matched sets. AH epeclally priced nnd offer them to you at less than the cost u< tha muterlul. You'll
regularly -II.DO. Tuesday,: the pair, $1.35. prices 150- and' 25c. Tuesday, ea.'h, sc. shapes. Tuesday, each ..........*"*' ■ for this January »al«. find these on one long table on the main iloor.

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