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VOL. XXXIi; NO. 104,
Manchurisn Struggle to Engage tho
Attention of American Army Of.
- fleer— Japanese Government .
By Associated Pr««s. -
WASHINGTON, Jan. 12. — Major
General Arthur Mac Arthur, command-
Ing the Pacific division at San Fran
cisco, will Vrnve shortly with permis
sion of Jai^ for Manchuria to ob
serve the^dperatlons of the Japanese
troops in the war with Russia. :/
Japanese Qovernment Expresses Sat
isfaction With Assignment .
By /.Moclntcil Press." '" .
;.TOKIO, Jan. 12.— The Japanese war
I office has notified American Minister
: Grlsconi that It will be pleased to per
mit General Mac Arthur and one aide
de camp to accompany the army of
Japan In Manchuria. >
; ; At present two British generals arc
■ accompany the troops and satisfac
tion, is expressed at America's action
3in j also sending an officer of such high
Kuropatkin's Forces Now Face 368
Additional Pieces of Artillery
By Associated Press.
! -MUKDEN, Jan. 12.— According to In
formation secured by Russian officers
"the' Japanese army facing General
Kuropatkin's forces have been reln
' forced by 368 siege guns recently used
. lit the Investment of Port Arthur and
also by 32,000 infantry, making a total
of 388,000 with 1254 guns.
Russian Soldiers Enjoy Hospitality of
:. ." Japanese Captors
By Associated Press.
NAGASAKI. Jan. 12, 3 p. m.— The
steamers Kaga and Sunukl have ar
•i rived here with 1600 Russian prisoners
: of war, and fifty officers.
; ohers, have been 'quartered "at Inasa, r a
■'■ village near by, where' has also been
.prepared a lodge for General Stoessel,
who will arrive next Saturday.
', The Russian, officers are allowed
much liberty within the bounds of the
town but they are under police escort.
*'.' General Stoessel and • stal^ will sail
from here for Europe on a Frensh
mall steamer January 16. The Rus
sian prisoners are unfeignedly pleased
at, the end of the hardships of ■ the
siege and the considerate treatment o!
their victors. ,
Thirteen. Thousand Injured Russians
to Be Taken to Japan
By Associated Press.
vTOKIO.V Jan. 12.— The , original
strength of the Port Arthur garrison
|lS now estimated at about 60,000.
';'!,■■ At army headquarters It is said that
| in "addition to the prisoners already re
4 i ported about 13,000 .wounded' Russian
soldiers will eventually be brought to
I Japan.
.. sGeneral 1 Nogl's headquarters Is at
I' present devoting Its energies to the dls
'pr.tchlngof prisoners to Japan, to the
| caring of 'the 'wounded SinJ the hospl
'^talsand to a thorough 'investigation of
,-tfie spol)s~of war., ~
| J It 1 - was -stated: today that General No
gl will not return to Tbklo for some
time. *■■>•*■■■*■ -'; ?&£jt ■ "V"?
1 'Sixteen „ survivors <j£-Vlce Admiral
"^Togo's third attempt to'block Port Ar
thur,: who. were taken prisoners by the
Russians,- are ' expected 'to 'arrive ' at
£ Sasebo"'today. '."' The fateof ' 'severity of
■ their companions is not yet known. . ;
Refuse to Aid Russians
. By Assoolated Pros," 1 , ' ■
HKLSINGFORS, Finland* Jan. 12.—
■ The municipal authorities have declined
j to assume charge of conscription, -and
1 Governor,' General "Prince. John, ObeleiiT
* Hky • has* appointed Russian officials to
\taKe;thelr pluces.Vi «■ "-* • <. •" '., « <•; t
Defender Will, Go to, Emperor With
Story of Port Arthur,
lly.. Associated Press. ','. J , ' .
■ ST. VrKTBUSUUna,^: Jan."** 12.— The
wur, office explains, that the retuson^for
Gen. Btoeßßel slvtiif' parole 4 uud'return'«
i iirg'fb"Uugiji t li;iiiiteud I 'of 'reinuiulnj.'iit
the head '.ot^tbe'-herolo'r-ytr'oopa^ who
formed the, garrison 'j of « Porty,Avthur
itnd souring/ their fute as a'prlsoaer^ojf
iWMr'jn'Japau|,ls'that' it Ma 'lncumbent
jupOQ him to brlng'a' detalled.repoyt'of
1 1 liv iled'iiHt! of the'fortress to.the eni
1 peror. v *»s ks> '• ■'. '•" -■* j '"\ <s'Vv?."
Ufur Admiral' Dochlnsky, ,' ,w'»o ,is
senior ' naval officer, ■ will ; ' bring tho
iiiivni report. ' i ',
. The arrangWnents for < Jon. Btoessel's
route home ■ are not completed. There
Is a suggestion that he may return 'by
wuy. of Mai'Ht-iIIHH, where he will re
ceive a gold sword which will be con»
ferred '. upon him by the French, a uni
thence go tv Merlin, where, he will' re.
.ielve the order of t 'l'our >lo Merite be
• towed upon him by Mniperor. William.
(CuuUiiuod uu l"u«e T«u.)
Buffalo Pathologists Perfect Serum
for Alleviation and Cure of the ■
Dread Disease — Report Un.
der Preparation _ ■ • .
Special to The Herald.
BUFFALO, |*.N; V., Jan. 12.—Scien
tists who since 1899 have been studying
cancer, at Gratwlck pathological .lab
oratory. University of .: Buffalo,', -art*,
preparing a report to the' profession,
the facts of which Indicate they are
rieai'lng ; H-«tJolutlo'n> of; th«, greatrprob
lem.' ' _ „-.•.>■. .'. ;. „.' . „■
. The . Buffalo , laboratory has' proved
cancer to;, be :a :' parasitic, disease, ;.ln-.
ectlons in type; that It has been'trans
planted and reproduced.i n perfectly,
healthy animals;. that the reproduction
has been a true cancer, as It exists In
human beings, and that the disease -In
animals haa been cured by the admin
istration of a serum ■ prepared in the
Buffalo laboratory.
Experimentally considered, the ques
tions of the cause, of .cancer and:. Its
absolute curability are settled facts.
What remains now Is the application
of the results of the animal experimen
tation to; th'o cure of the disease as-ft
exists In the human being. ' . >
Much work remains. to be^done be
fore Dr. Roswell Park, the director of
the laboratory, will . be. "prepared .to
make, his final announcement of the
discovery of the serum suitable for
use in alleviation ard cure cancer in,
human beings, -but that this will be
forthcoming in due time Is almost un
assured fact. ■
Gives Damaging ' Testimony in ' Exam.
I . Inatlon of Napa Asylum'
.'■ ' ' .' *. Attendants ,-■ ;'; '
By Associated Press. . '_ ' : -...,..,.■. „
; NAPA,. Jan. 12.— -The ; preliminary
examination of T. D. .Shanahan and
Oscar Retzman of the \ • Napa state
hoapltal on the charge of.' killing
Joseph H. Louis, a patient at the in
stitution on December 25 last, was
commenced before Justice McKnight
today: ..,'.,., ..... . , . . „ . !•..
Dr. T. H.I Stlce, assistant physician
of the Btate hospital, testified that. he
saw the body of Louis' lying dead
with no clothes. Ho observed v sheet
which had blood on It for a space of
about eighteen Inches square.
When lie returned at 10:30 on an
other visit tho sheet was wet and the
blood hud, \ been washed away. lie
noticed , j two j 12-shttpcd bruises on
Louis, evidently made by blows from
a: strap with a brass buckle on It, ulbo
eight or ten Ih-ulkch on Louis', arms.
■ .'Harvey Orlgsby, a citizen of Nairn,
testified that Ijo saw the struggle be :
tweeu AtlfliidantH Slianahuu and Hcts
man'iind;'Louls, ufider a rigid cross
exaininaliou the witness said ho did
not , bob "tho attendants' Jump on the
breast, of Louis.' • He was not, present
during .'all' tho'strugglo.\ ';•',
; Dr. '■ Stlce stated that . nearly all of
tlio ribs of Louis were' found broken
after his death.
Moroccan Tribesmen Battle
Hy Associated l\v»s. ' '
| TANdIKIV Morocco, Jan. 18.— Fierce
lighting la reported to huve occurred
between Kabyle tribes In the neigh
borhood of Alcazar, whence; burning
villages ','ure visible. Ilefugeea report
that muiiy tribesmen have been killed
or wounded.' There are grave fours
at AliH/.af that the victors wuy lit-.
Uinpt to suck that tuwv
Two Passengers Fatally Wounded and
Several Others Injured — Accl.
f _ dent Occurred in New Mex.
Ico, Near Raton
By Associated Press. ■■
LAS VEGAS, .N. M.. Jan. 12.— Throe
persons were ; killed, two fatally In
jured and several more or less pain
fully hurt In a collision today between
the- east j bound California limited 'on
the Santa Pc-road and a freight train.
The •rW'td'eht ■ occurred;*/ abotrt-JUMny.
miles south \at Raton a^d-was due (to
the failure of the freight crew to ob
serve orders : giving . the limited right'
of way. The wreck was the. worst In
the history, of this division and a num
ber Of trains, were held up until mid
night,'pending the clearing of wreck
age, i. . The dead : , %
A. M. Cochran, flreman.Wilvlii, Kan.
, — — - Gruenberg, fireman, Kansas
City. ;-., ■ ■ . --/.,■
Philip Frelnenshelncr. ■ who had
charge of. the compartment car. v
• Fatally Injured:
F. '1g! Boomer, engineer. . .
P. A. Allison, cnglneci-.
The bodies of the dead were brought
to. : Las Vegas and placed In .the
morgue. The Injured ure in the hos-
Plt.aV '
Fatal Wreck in Alabama
MOBILE, Ala., Jan. 12.— A north
bound passenger train on the Mobil",
Jackson and Kansas City railroad ran
into -a. washout today and the engine,
baggage and passenger . coaches ' were
overturned. Passenger anil
Freight Agent L. B. Sullivan, who was
making an inspection tour on the en
gine, was Instantly killed. Three men
were injured.' None of the" passengers
was hurt. ; . ■ . i_
Nominated by President for Interveri.
. - ing Term on' lnterstate_,Com.
'■ merce Commission
By Associated' Prcai.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.— The presl
dent'today sent to the senate the nomi
nation of James D. Yeomans of lowa
to be interstate commerce; commis
sioner. ■
Commissioner Yeomnns' '" term ex
pired on January 7. It was the idoa
of the president that Mr. Yeomun.i
would. 'continue -us a member of the
commission until his successor hnj
ciualttted. lawyers In congress held,
however, that the appointment of v
member of that 'commission In for a
definite period and that, therefore, Mr.
Yeomans ceased January 7 to bo a
member of the body. The president
referred tho matter to Attorney (Jen
c'rul'. Moody for an opinion. His opin
ion, submitted to tho president today,
in in' uciiord with tho general view in
congress that Mr. Yeonmns Is not l>
member "f the commlusloi).- The presi
dent, consequently, sent tho appoint
ment lof .-■ Mr. Yeomans to tho senate,
the . understanding being, that he will
serve 'as a member: of the body until
the. term of Senator Cockrell U\ the
seuato shall expire.
Drunken Brawl Ends Fatally
I SAN FItANOISCO, Jan. 12.— Joseph
McCann, who was mortally wounded
by Harry P. Smith yesterday In a
drunken brawl, died today at the Cen
tral Emergency hospital. A churge of
murder has been '. placed ugulnttt . tils
slayer and Smith ' Hen In a cell In the
city iiiisou, awaiting trial fur his
i tlnm ; ■
Chamber of Commerce to Take Part
In Celebration of New Official's
•*■*'.■ *■<!?• Return From the
Senator-elect Frank I. Flint will
arrive In Los Anfcelps nt noon todny,
coming down on the must line train.
He will be rscortpci to hl« home on
Pasndenn avanuo by n large number of
personnl friend*, nnd tonight the citi
zens of Lou Aiißcleß will have an op
portunity to meet nnd greet him In per
son nt the reception to be given In his
honor at the Chamber of Commerce.
Tho reception will be Inaugurated at 8
o'clock. Kverybody Is cordially In
vited to attend the reception. Music
and refreshments will be provided and
patriotic emblems will be displayed. A
number of Informal addresses will be
delivered during the evening.
A meeting of the citizens' committee
to arrange for the mid-day reception
for Mr. Flint met nt the office of Judge
Slniicon yesterdny forenoon nnd com
pleted arrangements for that feature
of the. welcome home. The citizens
have, chartered a special reception
trnln which will leave the Arcnde sta
tion at 8 o'clock sharp this morning on
the coast line, going to Santa Susana,
a station Just beyond Ventura county,
where It Is expected the committee will
meet t^e senator-elect, take possession
of him and escort him to Los Angeles.
The following comprise the committee:
J. G. Slauson. M. M. Potter, F. M.
Braun, H. O'Melveny, T. E. Newlln, J.
A. Graves, E. Germain, A. P. Fleming,
Dick Prldham, , Donald Barker, X
Meserve, G. Stewart. J. J. Byrne, Dan
Murphy, J. M. Snyder, W. Doran, H. G.
Otis, W. r. Jeffritjf). J..W. McKlnley.G.
A. Parkyns, J. It. .Newberry, G. Blt
tlnger, S. Clover, C. D. Wlllard, J. O.
Koepfll, Frank Coulter, Judge Allen,
Mayor McAleer, Judge Trask, . Frank
G. Flnlayson,' K.'Cohn, Jacob Barueh",
M. H. Newmark, E. Bagby, F. K. *Rule,
H. Jevne, . C. C. Davis, R.,J. Waters,
(funeral .^hecnguinTlAiuntslK^ Mo/lley, . J,'
11. NortonV'ii. H." if errjsn,'*.br.* Walter
Llndley,,E. T. Earl, Homer, Liaughlln,
Charles Monroe. G.. Holterhoff, Jr., J.
W. A. Off, Warren Gllellan, H. C. Hub
bard, A. L. Clarke, Major E. F. C.
Klokke, J. H. Braly, F. H. Rlndge, .1.
C. Austin, W. M. Beckett. Dr. B. Ellis,
Louis Vetter, Fielding J. Stilson, Henry
Baur, G. A. Fitch, Frank Wiggins,
Fred Flint, Nilcs Pease, W. Efc;'Steph-
The -following have' been appointed
to serve as the reception comivilttee at
the Chamber of Commerce ! reception
this evening.- All are expected to re
port at the chamber at 7:30 o'clock:
, H. S. McKee, Frank W. King, J. (J.
Koepfll. Charles H. Toll, Ferd K. Hule,
George 11. Bixby, W. E. Hampton, V.
W. Braun, ; deorge W. Parsons, F. Q.
Story, W. W. O'Melveny, W. J. W^ash
burn, Robert- McGarvln, O. T. Johnson,
J. C. Kays, William D. Stephens, U.
J. Newmark, John H. Norton, A. B.
Casß, A. W. Skinner, E. F. C, Klokke,
J. S. Slauson, Eugene Germain, 'Samuel
Clover, Harry Chandler, J. V. Vlckers,
E. E. Selph, John Hughes, G. G. John
son, G. A. Parkyns, W. T. S. Ham
mond, Howard Ulvers, William Mead,
E. V P. Clark, . Louis Schwaebe, J. J.
Bergin, J. E. Carr, George Arnott, E.
M. Adams, Walter J. Trask, Walter
Llndley, L. B. Lankershlm, Mark O.
Jones, R. M. Yost, T. Newman, James
Slauson,;. E. S. Rowley, Walter Rose,
R. W. Polndexter, Arthur Letts, George
Alexander, H. T. Oxnard, H. Z.'Os
borne, H. Jevne, AY. H. Harrison, FJ;e4
L. Baker, J. Baruch, Dan Murphy/fR.
H. Herron, H. T. Lee, Willis H. Booth,
George H. Fitch, Oscar C. Mueller, Gail
B. Johnson. Nllea Pease, Walter G.
Barnwell, Leo V. Youngworth, O. C.
Wright. Boyle Workman, H. J. Woolla-
Optti W. C. Patterson, C. D. Wlllard,
J. W. Trueworthy, M. T. Whit taker,
Robert Wankowski, J. K. Mucomber,
C, J. "Walker, D. " A. Van Vranken,
Joseph Mourner, 55. D. Mathuss, A. C.
Harper. Walter Itoae, D. C. McGarvlu.
Fred L. Alles, Gregory Perkins, XV. A.
Lamb, W. Hi Worknfttn, W. M. Gar
land. M. 11. Flint, N. Itontlllo, 10. If.
Uugby, A. B. McCutcheon, ' Prank
Simpson; Hrodner W. Lee, W, - Q.
Kerckhoff, It. H. Ho well, J. R. New
The following cllixens have been
mtmed as a committeß to meet Sen
ator Frank V. ' Flint today. The .spe
cial ' i-ur leaves the Arcade 'depot at
8 o'clock, returning with Mr. Flint at
11:15 o'clock:^
M. M. Potter. F. M. Braun, 11. W.
O'Mclveny, T. E. Newlln, J. A. Graves,
10. Germain, A. P. Fleming, Dick Prld
ham, Donald Barker, E. Meserve,
George Stewart, J. J. Byrne, Dan Mur
phy, M. J. Snyder, W. M.. Doran, If.
Q. Otis, W. P. Jeffries, J. W. McKln
ley, G. A. Parkyns, J. R. Newberry,
O. Blttlnger, Sam Clover, C. D. Wlll
ard, J. O. Koepfll, Frank Coulter,
Judge Allen, Mayor McAleer, Judge
Trask, X a spa re Colin, Jacob Buruch,
M. 11. • Newmurk, .K. Uagby, V. ,K.
Rule, • It. M. Yost, H. Jevne, C. C.
Da via, 11. J. Waters, Gen. M, II., ( Sher
man, Aukub It, Undley," J. ll.' N"rU»n.
<<:,...! 1. ...~l iw |>hvm T«i>.)
Presbyterian Minister Is Sorry That
He Yielded to Importunities of
A. Hart McKee and Per.
„ formed Ceremony:
Special to Th> Herild.
PHILADELPHIA. .Jan. 12.— Rev. E.
Yates Hill; pastor of the First Presby
terian .church,' expressed : regret -today
over his ; part : In . tho j secret ceremony
that united A. Harf'McKee and Mrs.
Cornelia Baxter Teviß. ' ', !•;^ V!.Y ~ - % .» j .
>v Altli6ugh« the>'Pre»bytcrlan -.'church'
nas;rio',blndliig,'canon upon remarriage
of divorced persons; . thererjs ;a strong
sentiment against It .'among' the.; elf rgy.
; "I have been in Philadelphia'" only a
short tlrne," said Hill,' ''and I was sur
prised when McKee sought 'me out" and
asked me to perform the marriage cere
mony. I had some 'suspicions when I
reached the hotel, . but- the' party was
of such evident standing. that I thought
it was all right. ■;■ ' ■' . ■■:„■',
•■ "I learned the 'history .of .the 'two
for the first time- this -morning and- 1
am .heartily sorry I -.performed the
ceremony. •.' ;:•; :• -; .■-/■■■
McKee's Lawyer Arouses Suspicion of
Newspapers and Story ' Gets Out
I3y Associated Tress. ' ,'
. PITTSBURG, Jani 12.— 1t was owing
to the mad haste of A: Hart McKce to
wed Mrs. Tevls. that the sensational
testimony of Mrs. Lydla Sutton McKee
in asking for divorce, was. laid bare.
j Within an hour after the decree of
divorce had been handed down laßt
Monday a.messenger from McKee's at
torneys appeared in court arid asked
for n transcript of the case for his; cli
ent. In the confusion the newspapers
got wind of the story which was In
tended to be suppressed as- had been
the filing of divorce proceedings..
. McKee paid his former wife $300,000
for agreeing to divorce, the stipula
tion being that testimony be kept se
cret, .'but his own blundering made
publicity possible.
No Las Vegas Postofflee
By Aasor lated Trots.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 12. — Justice
Barnard of the" district supreme court
hus denied the application for a writ
of mandamus to compel the postmaster
general to re-establish the postofflee
at Las' Vegas, N. M. The postotflce
at Las Vegas was consolidated by the
poßtmaster generul with that at the ad-
Joining city of Kast Las Vegas, und
his action Is held not revlewable by
the courts.
California , Leads In Oil
IV Awoclated rr»'»«. '
SAN KrtANOISCO. Jan. 12.— The Cal
lfornla retrolcuni Miners', association
lias issued a report' by districts of the
crude oil production' of California dur
ing 1904, showing n. total production of
L's, rj.'t.xi'.o barrels. ' which, the report
says, "places ('ullfornla far ahead, of
any other state, In the Union and far
uliead : of any other country except
Permits Drawback on Flour
By Auoclaud Pros.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.— Secretary
Shaw "toduy Issued a regulation al
lowing a drawback on flour and the
Li-products resulting from the grinding
of wholly Imported wheat. The,' duty
on Imported wheat Is 25 cents a, bush
el. There Js ' pending; before the .de
partment the question of drawback on
Hour.- produced from mixed imported
und domestic wheat.
baby earns fifty cents per
: . week
Physician at New York Infirmary
■• Makes Startling Statement About
Eighteen. Mohths.Old -i
Child Patient '
Special to Tho H*rald.
VNEW YORK, Jan. 12.— That- an 18
fnonths old child, has '., been a, toller
in a sweatshop here was the startling
development today jln the j agitation
against child labor. This baby toller
<>ariied 50 . cents' .h ( week. \ 'JTha; In for*
niatldri "comes' fi ; sni~*a r; w«fir'' credited
source. ... .. ■.
j Dr. .A. . li. Daniel, of the . New York
infirmary for women and children, re
ported the. case. He said:
j .'.'Some, time ago a' child of one and
one-half j years was brought I to ■ the
New 'York, infirmary from the, settle
ment. '."'; After that time the mother
said she needed the child's services
in following her trade of passemen
terie making In her. tenement home.
■ "She said the child's services were
worth 50 cents a week to her. ; The
little one rolled tiny . balls in paste
which the mother attached to form a
variety of passementerie for. millinery
' "She said that If the baby did not
help her she would' have to do that
detail of the work herself and of
course would earn proportionately
The law here prohibits the employ
ment of persons under 14 years of age.
W. A. White Attends Annual Gather.
/■■ Ing at Sacramento
By Associated Press.
SACRAMENTO, Jan. 12.— At an
executive session of the sheriffs of
California, held today at the Sacra
mento county court house, it was de
cided to promote legislation looking to
a uniform system of fees. The sher
iffs of the smaller counties of the "state
urged ■ the establishment of fees, that
they urge will more justly compensate
them for their work.
■ The sheriffs participating In the con
ference were: Peter Curtis, San Fran
cisco; W. A. White, Los Angeles; Da
vid Reese, Sacramento; G. W. Griffin,
Yolo; John M. Jones, Madera; J. W.
Kelly, Kern; J. "W. Bailey. Glenn; O.
C. Graves, Calaveras; C. A. Collins,
lnyo; W. W. Collins, Tulare; T. K.
Norman, Amador; H. V. Traflon, Santa
Cruz; W. J. Nesblt, Monterey; J. W.
Boyd. Tehama; -It. H. Neale, Contra
Costa; Charles Kenna, Plucer; A. S.
Bosciult, Kldorado; W. F. Slbley, San
Jouciuln; "\V. V. Buckner, Kings.
This afternoon the sheriffs were the
guests of Sheriff rteese at a banquet.
More Chadwlek Gems Found
B.v AMOclaled l're«B.
: CLEVELAND. J'W. 12.— 1t is stated
that the customs authorities have suc
ceeded in tlndlng a number of addi
tional of Jewels brought Into this
country by Mrs. Chudwlck, upon which
no duty was paid. It Is estimated
that the officials have up to this time
located little less than $135,000 worth
of diamonds and Jewelry,
Lightning Kills Worshipers
By AMOclattd Prsss.
| GUAYAQUIL. Jan. 12.— While a pro
cession was j entering the Catholic
church at Cayamha, near Quito, a
thunderstorm broke and the altar was
struck by lightning, setting fire to the
church. A priest and eight other per
aons were mortally Injured. Two per
sons were killed by lightning during
the same storm.
Associates of Wiley J. Phillips Assort
i That Outsiders Took Control
of the Meeting Last
Th« germ of discord hns taken root \-
In the ranks of the army of temper- y
anco workers who are preparing , to ,
wage war against tho liquor traffic In.
T^os Angeles, and unless peace Is re« ,>
stored In the camp of the reformers
the enemy may go unmolested.
Since the meeting last Sunday; th»
trouble hns been growing gradually,
until It has ended In open declaration •■
of facts showing that all i«, not well •
with the different factions concerned :
In fighting the liquor men.
The meetings were originally started
by Wiley J. Phillips, editor of tha •
"California Voice." He asked two jor
three others to speak at the meetings S
and It Is affirmed that these "two or ■
three others" have Introduced 'still'
others and that they have taken tha '
whole affair out of the hands of Mr.
At the : meeting last Sunday j Mr.'?
Phillips presided and said that Mr. ;
Hall would apeak.' r ••(
Mr. Hall made some opening remarks ; :
and then Introduced some one "who '
would fill hla 1 place, he said.";'- This)'
was Rev. C. C. Pierce of the Memorial '
Baptist church, and his ' address '.was;';
satisfactory, to the leaders.'as he eon-? J
tended that no one special organlza- i;
tion, no W. C. T. U., ; no prohibition '4
party, uo anti-saloon, ! league,' but ; ;thsv
people of Los Angeles are going to put"
liquor men outof business. ' ■ v,..7
When Mr.' Pierce had finished speak-;'
Ing Mr. : Bowers was asked : to say,! a',".
few /words, but: he announced that! he ,j
was prevented from doing so by, a. cold ,-.
and said - that in i his :Pjace he would)
appoint Fred F. Wheeler.' | • .. /,
Mr. r Wheeler ■ Is ., chairman of the !
county central committee ( Of the ' Pro- •
hlbitlon party • and '? he <announced ■> at ;
once that he had dra\vn\'up a set ■of
reis'oiytions>- .which ' heliflcslred . loj]£ce-':
sent'for the consideration of the meetj*'
'nsr-. , ' „ ..;■ .'■'
The 'resolutions were read -and the
speaker moved their adoption. An
other member, ' of his party seconded;
the motion and a third called for the
Questions Point ,
A man in the audience arose to a
point of order and; asked to be in
formed as to the legal right of a cer
tain measure. He was immediately
put down by Mr. Wheeler, who said ha
had considered the question of law and
that everything was all right. Ha
again called for the question and the;
resolution was carried.
Provision was. made for the appoint-"
ment of a committee to take r charge J'
and nominate a permanent executive
committee which would | elect . officers
and conduct all the ■ necessary busi- v
"Just to facilitate affairs for the
chairman," said Mr. Wheeler, "I \ -will
suggest a committee on nomination.'.'
The committee was elected as he sug
gested,' and held the • first meeting
Tuesday morning in the office of the
Voice. ; . ,- . - : . . .
Some of those who were present at
the Sunday meeting , contend . that
everything was taken directly out of
Mr. Phillips' hands and that the mem
bers of the Prohibition party came
(Continued on Page Two.) ' .
Southern California: Cloudy, un.
settled weather Friday; possibly
rain by night; fresh south winds.
Maximum temperature In : Los An.
geles yesterday, 60 degrees; mini,
mum, 49.
I— Welcome to Senator Flint.
Discord lurks In reform ranks.
2— Masked men rob hotel.
3— Terminal station open.
A — Musical comedy redeems past.
s—Child5 — Child wins prizes.
6— Editorial.
7 — Marries against mother's wish.
B.9— Classified advertisements.
10— Sports.
11— Markets.
12— One state, says Brlggs.
Bußalo pvthologUU discover serum tor cura
of c&nver. . '** !
Thre« persons were killed ami two fuUlly
Injured in wreck on Bunta V« road. ■ ■■ /
Krnators will oppos» preildent'n wl»h :for.
railroad rates lee fetation. .--•■-««*■•>
Hecretary Mortuu Ulccuasei the question of
railroad rate*.
Gen. Arthur Mao Arthur to - tall for . Japan
t> observe troops til operation In Manchuria. "
Masked men rob hotel. at Keswlck and se
cure largo sum of money. '
FrenMent liajjenbuHh of National Livestock
aaaootatlgn cxpreasw wllllogneiM to otcht tr«
du«cis. (
lliß electric railway terminal station opun (or
T'ommlttoo organlxed to fl«ht dust' nuisance. ' X
UaUers of tli* war acaluiit the Ibiuur traffla
fail to n->Uiit*,ln P«»o« •« H>«'r wi ranka. . I
llerrlu,' Boathern; I'ai.-ltlo counsel, was In
Im» Aukolcs, t>ul f«w o< his (rleudit ku«wiL

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