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VQL. XXXII, NO. 107.
Rev. Wiley J. Phillips It Left In
"Possession of the Field— Bpeak.
// era Exchange Sarcastic
Remarks i
"I 'refuse to be a drag on anyone.
You can- take v your meetings and run
them: neither, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. At
wood or • myself will be here to give
you v any further trouble." This was
the efoot fired by C. J. Hall at.
the meeting held, yesterday in the
Wright & Calleiidar hall, at which the
general trouble which* has been brew-.
Ing In the rimks-T^f the,, nntl-llquor
forces was given n thorough airing.
, Accusations have btteri made during
the * past week against Messrs. Hall,
Atwood anfi^VVheeler by supporters of
Wiley J. Phillips, charging them with
trying to take away the meetings
which Mr. Phillips had started and
make the movement to drive the liquor
traffic from Los Angeles \ purely Pro
hibition party Issuer v The positions
taken: by both sides were brough up
find discussed for almost two hours
yesterday before the* final action was
taken resulting In the rescinding of ail
the V resolutions - passed at a former
meeting. '
.'The session was called to order by
Wiley J. Phillips, who was the origlna
"tor of the present movement, and Mr.
s,PhHl)ps said that in Justice to him
'. self 'and the audience he felt callod
I upon to make a statement of the condl
.'• lions of affairs.
„'.:•■-..- ■ ■ ■ •
Mr. Phillips' Stand
t ; ', "The meetings which 'we are holding
'in' this hall are the outcome of months
;; of-,; contemplation. They were com
| menced by Mr. Nichols and myself,
• but business called him away and ' I
'was left to carry the work on alone.
:"». t"It "I secured this hall, obtained speak
ers and have done all the advertising
myself without assistance from anyone.
; I hoped to have enough interest created
; to warrant the rental of a larger hall
..bsfoMv many weeks had passed ; a^id
> was. prepared"to s?cure some'' of . the
best talent. ■■*" ■• > '
'"We intended then to make a can
:'. vass-of the city and finally form or
ganizations In the different wards. I
jj do : not think • that there ought to be
any committees, but just a spontane
ous, uprising of the people, v
"With reference to the meeting, last
Sunday I will say that I had never
'.! heard' about the preamble and resolu
tions''until they were brought up In
the meeting. The proposition was not
"/presented to the Prohibition alliance
nor to any other body.
' "I have no objection to the method
•proposed, by Mr. Wheeler if . It is the
j best, way of securing the abolition of
■ the liquor traffic, but I am inclined to
'doubt that it is. I am ready to fall in
\ line and do just what everyone wants,
'as 'l. think that the destroying of the
: liquor v traffic Is the supreme thing
-which should be considered."
:-'•*;' Rev. , E. P. Ryland was Introduced
as one of the speakers of the afternoon,
'and cautioned the people against the
dissension .which is bo apt' to come at
; a time when victory is near. ■ , ..'.'.
j "There are three attitudes a man may
take. toward the liquor traffic," said
'■the speaker. "He may. belong to the
.-class who wants it and says it will
stay, he m» y y belong: to the class that
says he: does not want It but insists
that it cannot be done away with, or
he; may be like you' who say that It
.can, be done away with; should be; and
; by the help of God will be. .
Indifferent as to Leader
... "It makes no "difference under,heaven
who 'shall lead in this movement. I
do not care who is at the head nor do
I! believe that any man here cares. I
do noticare whether it is you or nor,
Brother Phillips, though there Is not a
'"man ' in this city for whom I have 'a
greater regard, or ;, Mr. Hall or Mr.
Wheeler, but what I do. hope is that
God will help us to realize our ! greut
duty. .-, We do not. want to stop for any
minute quibble about who shall bo the
leaders. Let God be the leader and
may he hejp us not to stop one moment
to, have discussloii among ourselves.
I honor Or. Chapman, I honor all these
men, but I am not asking questions as
jo men but only that they be moved by
the right motive."'
I Rev, Mr. Barr, who was the second
speaker, made some remarks which
were 'not Junt exactly agreeable to all
those present.
"Just when we are nearest to victory
is the time that the devil will be most
active," said the speaker. "He creates
dissension. He sets us to quarreling
jubt when It Is most necessary that we
should be attending to business. Trust
the Prohibitionists to fight; they ul
ways will, anyway."
; , "It isn't true," "I know It is not," "I
don't believe it," 'came from members
of the audience.
."There you are, 1 ' said Mr. Burr, "dls
agreeing with me already; "It just
proves what I said. We have to fight
jealousy ' ami suspicion In our own
Tanks, and until we can drop that we
will never accomplish anything, if
there hus been anything which has ills.
(Continued on Fiura 'i»»i
Attempt on Life of Head of Red Cross
Made While Latter Is Paying •
Farewell to Grand Duke
By Associated Frets.
MOSCOW, Jan Jls.J 15.— At the Nicholas
station tonight, while Geaeral '. Trepoff
was bidding fa •well to Grand | Duke'
Sergiud on .t^v,"atter's departure for
StJ';."iPeterßburgV' ; ;^ounk7|V»|iT'weaTing
a student's cap\ '-',1 th"ry..fihots ; f rom
\ ''"\ ■/■'/•' : ' ' ■ ■' •'•
a revolver ■at - tm'. i^nef 1. . .All the
' "■■■■•■ V" !*_/ • !/ ' ' ■ ■ ■
shots missed GenoX :,;..T. .^poff. Grand
Duke Serglus proceVV^\ on his journey.
. General Trepoff,\j»o recently ■ was
relieved, of the office of chief, of police
of Moscow and ordered to the front to
take up his duties as head of. the Red
Cross society In Manchuria, Incurred
the special enmity: of -.the : students of
Moscow by the severity, with which he
put down their demonstrations, of De
cember 18 and 19, 1904.' Within one
week 1n. 1902 there were three attempts
on his life.'. • The first jof these,' on
March 31, was ,by a woman \ named
Allart, a governess, who placed ■ the
t nuzzle of a pistol against General Tre
ioff 's breast and pulled the trigger, the
weapon, however, falling to discharge.
Four days later a mari armed with, a
dagger tried to force his way to. the
presence of General Trepoff .with the
avowed purpose of killing him. ■ 'The
would-be assassin was overpowered
and arrested. Within two days after
this incident, while Trepoff was riding
In his carriage, a young man, supposed
to be a suspended student, sprang upon
the step of the 1 vehicle and tried to stab
him, but only succeeded in' slightly
wounding a policeman, y After the anti
government demonstrations ' in Moscow'
last month it was stated that the So
cialistic revolutionary party>had passed
sentence upon both General | Trepoff,
chief of police, and - Grand Duke Ser
iglus, governor general of Moscow. »
Several Leading. Citizens of , Browns.
ville Charged With Smuggling
By Associated Press.
GALVESTON, Tex.. Jan. 15.— The
.federal grand ■ Jury has returned 1 in-;'
'dlctments' against several ; prominent
citizens of Brownsville, charging them
with smuggling. The persons involved
are influential.
It Is alleged that smuggling has been
carried ■<m upon an extensive : scale,
the operators using Mexlcuns, to .trans
port their goods and securing enough
profit upon the articles smuggled to be
able to pay the Mexicans') fines L when
the latter were arrested and placed; In
Jell. The names of the persons indicted
will not be made public until after their
H. C. Bowden, With' a 90.Horse Power
Car, Breaks World's Record
at Ormonde
Breda! to The Herald.
ORMONDE, Fla., Jan. 15.— 11.. C.
Bowden, driving a ninety horse poWer
car, made a trial mile over the straight
away beach course. in , the .remarkable
lime, of 37 seconds. Thlsls two. sec
onds faster than the world's rocbrd for
a straightaway mile, ma.de by. W. K.
V'underbllt, Jr. The trial was nude
ugalnst . a ' Btioug wind und with . a
beach stretch , bttrely ten , feet ..' wid«
kiultuble fur racing. , , .
Vice President Corral Believes Sport
Is a Drawback to Prosperity of
... the Middle Class . .>,•..'•
Special to The Herald. .
MEXICO, Jan. 15.— The reform
measure decided, upon by Ramon Cor
ral, the new vice president of Mexico,
Is for. the abolishment of bull fighting
In the republic. Corral has the hearty
support of Diaz In this matter. The
reform, will be carried out , gradually. V
| Corral regards . the . sport . as demor
alizing and a drawback to the building
up of a prosperous . middle ! class in
Mexico. .Hundreds of thousands of
dollars are paid out annually. In Mex
ico for tickets to bull fighting . exhi
bitions. _' | "... ...f. '.','.. ■.■.■''.;■[•'.'
Quarrel Caused by Jealousy Results
i - In ' Tragedy ! In Home of ' O." C.
• .Story of Needles, Formerly
. I:. : : . . of Los' Angeles - .•
Special . to' The Herald*
j NEEDLES, \ Jan. 15.— "While, at the
dinner J table ' about ' 3 o'clock , this af
ternon, O. C. Story,. a Santa Fe con
ductor, formerly of . Los Angeles, shot
arid' instantly killed his wife.' He im
mediately afterward., shot himself
through the head, dying .almost in
stantly. The weapon .used .was a. 38
caliber six shooter. . The couple had
a ' serious quarrel . last, evening, I Mrs.
Story threatening to leave her hus
band,,'but matters were fixed up. ap
parently to the satisfaction of both.
The couple were all alone at the time
of ; the . shoting, their. 12- '"year-old son
being out. in the yard.' ,It is supdsed
tjiat last "evening's quarrel was re
sumed while at dinner" today.; .
; Evidently the murderer took his vic
tim unawares, as she was shot in the
back of the head. The man's body
was found lying In the doorway lead-
Ing to the . kitchen. Jealously, Is said
to ,be the cause . that, lead up to the
shooting.. . . if ,.-; ; '.-•■. . .
I There are two other children In Los
Angeles, who, . with ' the boy , residing
here, are by a former marriage. '■',
Belief That v H ls ;, Presence Will Cause
i '' Settlement ;of Troubles'
By' Associated Press.
:: SAN PpMINOO. Jan. 15.—Comman
der:Albert'O. Dlillngham,' United States
navy, 'through' whose! Instrumentality
the P threatened * revolution ■ here ' last
Juno was' averted, has arrived here as
a' passenger oiv board the United States
gunboat Castlne. It Is reported that
Commander 'Dlillngham -has come on
duty connected with the affairs of the
Dominican republic! -
•:His presence* gives confidence to the
people that ; a j satisfactory solution of
affairs will soon be' reached.
Will Try British Steamer
By Associated tpress. " , tftCil y\i.<'°i
NAGASAKI, Jan. 16. , 7, p. m.— The
British steamer Rosaley, which was
captured January 11 by the Japanese
cruiser Teklwa In the Sea of Japan
has arrived at Basebo, where she will
be tried by the prize court on the charge
of- attempting to ; carry coal to ' Vlad
ivostok. > ; • • : , ■ ■■ H •.
Rain . Reaches San Diego
By Aeaoolated Prtss.
BAN t>IEGO, Jan., 15.— Rain , began
falling, here at 10 o'clock, tonight. ,; In
dications' point" to a' stormy night.
Government Customs Officials Have
'Already Located More Than
$250,000 Worth of Jewelry
Handled by Her '„'■'
By Associated Press.
| CLEVELAND/ Jan. 15.— The ! Plain
dealer' tomorrow will Bay: Investiga
tion'lnito the charge that Mrs. Cassie L.
Chadwlck* smuggled- large ■quantities
of 'diamonds, ' gens .Ifiid other."predioui
stones into' this country, has developed
the fact, that the woman . dealt 'in
precious stones to an almost fabulous
extent. -In order to make a case on the
charge of smuggling, It was found nec
essary for the government authorities
to trace all the deals for diamonds and
Jewelry made by Mrs. Chadwlck, both
in this country and in Europe. The
statement .has been made by Collector
of Customs Leach that more than $250,
000 worth of Jewelry and . precious
stones handled by, Mrs.Chadwick have
been traced, and positively located.. lt
is added that this great amount of Jew
elry, has been uncovered with the in
vestigation' still incomplete, jOf this,
amount the : government ' is directly
interested in about one-third.' ■ .;• ■
: While the government is attempting
simply to collect any. unpaid duties on
diamonds brought from Europe,' it is
understood that the evidence secured
will' be placed at the disposal of Re
ceiver Nathan Loeser and that he wllJ
be able to realize thousands of dollars
lor. the ■■ creditors of the woman.: The
Investigation has led to the discovery
that only a small portion of the jewelry
was put up as collateral for loans made
by Ttfrs. Chadwlek and'that by far. the
greater .portion went as gifts to friends
and acquaintances. ,
j The regular customs rate of duty on
diamonds and Jewelry brought to. this
country Is 10 per. cent of the value of
the goods. . Figuring ■on . this basis the
government authorities expect to real
ize between $8000 and $10,000. > The rest
of the proceeds from 'the sale of any of
the jewelry on which duty has not been
paid wlll.be turned over ,to Mr. Loeser
tc.be distributed among the Chad wick
creditors. . ■ ■ , ■
It is simply the truth to say that
Mrs. Clmdwlck handled pearls,^ rubles,
sapphires; emeralds and 'garnets ■' al
most literally by the peck, said a gov
ernment-official. 'The testimony of ex
perts chows \that. the woman did not^
liandle nnythiiigbut ther-finest- articles
and ' there' Is < scarcely a penny's worth'
jtjt ch'enp jewelryMu the entire lot that
has been traced. ■ ' ' ■ • . ...
. jAecordliiK to government nfflclnls, by
far the greater portlon'of the jewelry
lt> In the hands' of Innocent persons. ■ ■
Two Officers of an 'Odd Fellows'
Lodge, Found -Dead
lly Associated Press
VSJEDERBBURG, Ind., Jan. 15.— John
Brant, one of the publishers of the
Veedersburg News, and Charles Eck
berg, a barber,' were found dead today
In a barbershop where they had gone
to balance the book's of the Odd - Fel
lows lodge, in whtch'both held official
positions. In letters left by Eickberg he
stated that it was his Intention to kill
himself,' saying he was short in his ac
counts, and would take ' Brant ' with
hlnv Eckberg was financial secretary
of the ' local ' lodge for several years.
An auditing committee ' composed of
Uiun t and ' others ' had ' been 'appointed
to audit- the: books."
George Compere, Entomologist). Makes
Discovery of Great Value to Call- :
- , „fornia Fruit Growers, •' <
Special to The Herald.
NEW YORK, Jan. 15.— After making
a record trip around the world. to find
a destroyer- of the codlln moth which
has damaged millions of dollars', worth
of in', the United States, George
Compere, entomologist for West Aus
tralia' and agent for the commissioner
of horticulture of California, arrived in
this city today from Southampton.' He
said . tonight • that as the . result ', of . a
year's search he had found in Spain a.
wasp which is a parasite for the codlln
moth. . Specimens have been :, sent ! to
California. , ■ • , ■ ./ . : • ■ ■-■..■. ■
AWARDED $50,000
Miss Lydia Holtzhaur of: St. Johns,
Mich., Secures Verdict in Breach '
.< of Promise Against Dr. , _ .
E. L. Martin ■ : • "■
Special' to The Herald.
ST. JOHNS, Mich., Jan. : 15.— Fervent
love letters, , numbering nearly a.' hun
dred, produced by Miss Lydia Holzhaiir
In the circuit court in a breach of prom
ise suit against Dr. E. L. Mtirtin,' a.
graduate of .the medical department of
the University . of Michigan and now
living at Maple Rapids, h'jlped largely
to secure for her a verdict of $50,000
damages. „ The letters were all from
Martin and. written during the,court
ship. Miss' Holzhaur. ewore that • she
had gone to the trouble of making, wed
ding gowns, table, linens,: bedding and
other household dainties, before Martin
informed her that he could not marry
ner.> .• . • • ■ ■ VVv i :•,■, 'i '. •
.Miss Holzhaur served 'as, clerk In a
confectionery. store In Ann Arbor.. \,
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Jan. 15.— ■ William . T.
Mason, a lawyer and his family, con-
Blstlng of wife and two children, Ellen,
4 years old, and Marlon, .six months,
with a servant, ■■'Annie. Webb, lost their
lives In a 'lire that partially destroyed
the, brown Btone dwelling occupied .by
them ' at 133 'West One Hundred 'and
Thirtieth street early today. Although
neighbors say they heard cries of "mur
der!" and "burglars!" the police found
nothing to Indicate that . the 'flre " was
not accidental. The whole family 'ap'-'
pears . to • have been suffocated.^, "?■ The
bodies of the father and ."youngest
child were, untouched by the flames arid
those df , the others were burned Rafter
tlisy had died. ■ . " :';•■"
■ ■ A policeman and a neighbor. who had
heard the cries attempted .to ', break
Into the house, but were' driven buck
by the smoke. . .',.,•■•,;• > • , .
The cha'rreu-^Jaodles of. Mrs. Mason,
the servant Ellen were | found . In
a closet under the roof scuttle, through
which - they, are supposed to* have "at
tempted, to escape. . The' bodies of ,Mr.
Mason and the youngest child were in
a bedroom. • „
Rioting In Warsaw
By AsuoctaUd VreH
i WARSAW, Jan. 15.— 1t Is' reported
from Krlstokbff that at a ' revolution*
ary' demonstration on January 'B there
was signing and passing of revolution
ary proclamations. A police sergeant
was, killed' and ' a 'dragoon ' wounded.
The murderer' was arrested.' ' '
-„ . ■ • , r.; */.r (V ,* ■ ' i ■
Claim That a Sufficient Number. Have
•.Agreed on This Move to Cause
' Him to' Lose Election ;'
'i :••■■■ . '. " to Senate . .'
By Associated Press. '. v " ' : /
'KANSAS CITY, Jan.' ls.-rA special to
the; Times from Jefferson'; .City,, Mo.,
'says'. that^'a; sufficient number, of ,Re
pubUcnns have bolted to defeat the rat
ification next of « T. I j K^jNied
ringhaus,*- the state recently,
named by the Republicans in caucus to
succeed United States Senator Cockrell.
. 'It. was 'given : out .tonlght'that at. a
.dinner ;held . Saturday t night, attended
by,, nine niernb^rs \ot ■ the legislature, a
sufficient number,- oC -Republican legis
lators agreed to bolt; the caucus to de
• f eat^. Niedringhaus. . Major jL. ] J. '■•■■ Blt
tingerof;St. Joseph, who presided at
the conference, announced ; that beside'
the members present; five other Repub
licans .had agreed to bolt the ' caucus
nominee if called upon to do so.
. ' Representative Grace jof .St. Louis,
who ■ Introduced ... the resolution that
caused. the Investigation :-,of the Nied
ringhaus j fund j held In St. | Louis last
week, was present at the dinner. ■ •
A' second conference of ■ bolters was
held |In 'Jefferson ' City tonight and at
its conclusion some of those present
stated ' positively that Mr. Niedring
haus would not be selected on Tuesday.
The J followers of Niedringhaus, how
ever, I are confident that he : will
be seated. They' maintain . that^the
Investigation at St. Louis clearl/'vindi
cated him. •"■? i ' l: : \
' At the Republican caucus held here on
January^ 5, Thbmasi K. Niedringhaus
was selected. to succeed Senator Cock
reir after.a spirited contest, in which
five ballots were taken. The final stood:
Niedringhaus! 68; Colonel R. C. Kerens,
St. Louis, 29;' Major William Warner,
Kansas City.'. I; j LJ' F." ; Parker,* 4; Pat
rick Dyer, St.^ Louis, 1. ,^
.The conference ; last' Saturday night
was held following- a ! dinner given by
Colonel . Kerens. After the dinner and
before, the conference* began, Colonel
Kerens said .he. did, not. wish to be a
party to the deliberations, j
•Kerens Hopes to Win
By Associated Press
I JST. LOUIS, Jan. 15.— Last. night Col.
R.j C. ' Kerens gave. a dinner to a num
ber of - his i legislative-; friends , at. : his
home, In - St. LoulsTand as a' result of
that dlifner it Is said, that' Colonel Ker
ens does. not consider himself out of the
senatorial race, j If .Kerens cannot win,
then some, other man is to be elected If
possible.' tv, ■--- ,:^ ' ... , ;■' '
. lAt v present ! none . of „ the Kerens men ,
in 'the ', deal,- suggest that Senator
Cockrell will ever be;the beneficiary of
the new deal. 1 • •;
Transport ■ Sherman at San Franclsoo
By' Associated Tress
i BAN FnANCISCO,, Jan. 15.—The
ai-my transport.! Sherman, arrived.to
day, thirty-one tdays, 'from Magila. On
board were ninety saloon, passengers,
in addition to 614 .'casuals, forty-six sick,
including four: insane men;, twenty-one
prisoners; twenty-six Marine Corps
men \ from ' Honolulu, « and ' eleven de
ported civilians from Manila.
Stranded Steamer Floated
NEW YORK,' Jan. 15.— The steamer
Indus, 1 aground' on Fire" Island bar, was
floated this af tvinuon. ■ Shs arrived at
Quarantine , in tow ■ tonight. ' ' Captain
Kydd said that in Bplte of reports L to
tha contrary th« hull of the vessel was
uninjured.' ...
Twenty Thousand Russian Horsemen
Threaten Japanese Communlca.
. tlons In Rear of Llao Yang. .
Battle Seems Imminent .
By Associated Press.
ST. PETERSBURG, Jan. 16.— The
war office admits that the appearance
of General Mlstchenko's cavalry south- '
west of Llao .Yang may be more than .
a daring expedition designed to. striker
the railroad at several points and In-,.
terrupt the transportation of General
-^*^;.v>* \jmmiuv9 nwwt ■ -*„ '♦r-f* M "**»f^■r2* l 'S«sjjß|
Nggl's guns from Port Arthur to Man
churia. .From certain Indications .It,,
seems possible that It is preliminary to
operations of great magnitude. •
.'. General ' Mtstchenko has over 20,000 (
horsemen and moving rapidly might be
able to seriously ' damage communlca- >
tlon In the rear of Llao Yang. The tone '
of dispatches from some Russian corre- "■■'
apondents vaguely hlht at very^ impor-'
tant developments 'and the ' military. f
writer for the Novoe .Vremya expresses ''•',
the opinion that the long calm* since the ':
battle of Shakhe is about to be broken.'
It is also noteworthy that there have
been no official dispatches from General' ,
Kuropatkln for two days. '
Victorious Army Marches Through;
■Streets of Port Arthur
By Associated Press.
. LONDON, Jan. 16— Under date ''■", .'of ;
January 15 the Port Arthur correspond-!
ent of the, Times says:'" '*.": .{"
' ' "Gen. < Nogl, "attended- by, his .staff,':
the divisional commanders and foreign
attaches, reviewed j detachments jof all
arms in the new town * square ' today. 1 *
There jwas a striking display. ■ •* ; ■
; "The "generals ; afterward -.marched i
through • the .town, . which : shows .few '\
signs N of ' bombardment.' ~1 No*^casualtleß
occurred among the. women or. children;
who lived "in the houses throughout the :
jSiege.'f-i'champalgn r was .'' always 6b-;
talnabFe.- There ;was ; little dysentery^orj
typhus,' but much scurvy; owing to the
lack of vegetables. » ■. *~*~
"It seems that Gen/stoessel'.was re- :
sponsible } for, ithe . fortifying of ' Roju ,
hill." Many y of ' ; his . military , ..officers '
were useless, applying for leave onocj
casions of attack : and . leaving: their,'
commands to sergeants.
j "The naval officers were useless and.
generally ■ The • whole ; navy v was
demoralized by" the dtath of Admiral
Makaroff, which produced marked
apathy. • At a'conference preceding the
capitulations ; some ' of the fort com
manders .voted J. or further . resistance,^
but they were overruled by Gen. Stoes-' ■
5e1.,.. . „' ; ' i{ '■■■'■ :%;£]
: "When capitulation became ; , public .
soldiers looted the "stores of 50,000 bot- ;
ties of vodka, resulting. . in ..' terrible ;
orgies in , the streets. : Troops sent \to \
quell the disturbance joined " in ■ with ■
the revelers. The food supply was suf-j
flclent to last three months,' ,, but ; there;
was no meat except ■ horse flesh. ■ No ,'
private Stores were seized* . .The steam-'.
(Continued on Paga Two.)
Southern California: Rain Mon.
day; fresh southeast wind. Maxi.
mum temperature In Los Angeles
yesterday,' 69 degrees; minimum,
68 degrees. ' .
I— Warfare In reform ranks.
2— Denies he shot Mrs. Duke.
s—City5 — City News. ■. . .
6— Classified advertisements..
B— Theatrical news. .
10— New mission 'dedicated.
■ Democratlo " senators will prevent , action
on Joint statehood fur Arizona. •■ ''•-. -
• Man arrested -In Philadelphia Thureday _
confesses b« tried to destroy statue of Fred
erick, the Great. : . •.....-:■
Htatn department «celve« report from
Minister Urlscoiu on trade conditions In
Japan. •' ■ ■;■■ „,.■,■ ..».■ .■•.. '.v
• Mm». loubet. mother of the president of .
France. 'it dead.' ■• ..*
< ■ < Vjihlmmi. ministry ■Ignlflea tta intention of
rcslgnlllK. • ( ' -* , ■ ■ ■ ' '
Japanese ofllcrea believe Russian ships at :
rort Arthur may not ; be seriously ■ damaged
: ... ,; ■ coast .■-.. ■■■ TjR
Astoria steamer reaohea Ban s Francisco
after alxty-aeven hours' •. battle ; with i heavy s
i Democrats of Denver daclare four Repub
lican leaders are to be arrested. \ <•?.<• :
, ' Senator Halm will Introduce measure by
which, stata.wil sain half v, million dollars ;
ye Santa Vu conductor at Needles', kills hi* .
wife and himself. -
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i Victim of tubeitiulosls tires of lighting dli- .
WM and Ores bullet through •>!• h«aj-l.
Upon warfare In the frohlbltory union raoka, ,
leads to the withdrawal of three leaders., , „
•, city council expected to consider, brick eon- ■
traot today. ' V.> ■
. Mervhauta and Manufacturers . association to .
tiuM annual election today. ■
. Dr. t\ l)e» lit Talmage , iti»cour»ee , on . tul- .
cldal ' epldemla . and - «»>» seU-deatructtuu Is
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