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Three Floors Devoted
Entirely to Comforts
of Home
Among the substantial apartment
houses commenced last seaßon in the
close-in section the one just finished for,
Mat Conway, the Arizona mine owner,
by Architect 'A. L. Haley is one of the
best. The building is, a three-story
Expert States That All Indications Are
Good- and That the Field May
Be the Greatest
The next meeting: of the officers and
stockholders .of the Carlsbad Consoli
dated Oil company, to be held Mon
day, will be one of considerable im
portance to Los Angeles people who
I are largely 'interested in the early de
velopment of the company holdings,
-. abopt 8000 acres located in. the New
Mexico oil belt.
Secretary Lonergan and J. M. Keller
man, the general manager for' the com
pany, arrived home yesterday from the
oil field after an absence of ten days.
Both gentlemen made a 'personal ln-
I epection of the land. It was the sec
ond trip for Mr. Lonergan and the first
tor M, Ke.lerman.
Mr. Kellerman Enthusiastic .
Mr. Kellerman is a large stockholder
in the Carlsbad Consolidated Oil com
• pany, and while in the Held he thought
bo well of the proposition that he
1 bought two sections of land on his own
account. Speaking of the conditions
in the field last night Mr. Kellerman
said: "I have Just returned from a per
sonal inspection of the Carlsbad olt
I lands in New Mexico. The belt is
fully six miles . wide, and there is.
everywhere strong evidence of the pres
': ence of oil. 'It is shown in the sand
stone rock on the surface of the ground.
The cattlemen told me that the same
oil indications have existed in that
section of the territory for over twenty
I years. I have operated in Los An
■ geles quite extensively and have sunk
about seventy wells, never falling to
find oil. I have put a lot of money in
I, the company enterprise and I am anx
ious now from what I have seen and
know about the Carlsbad land to pro
ceed at once and drill for oil with the
best machinery that can be secured.
' We have a half dozen good available
drills in this city now and it is the
purpose of the company to ship them
■ to . the field without delay and begin
operations. I believe that oil will be
found at a depth of about 700 feet, and
if even a well of ten barrels a day is
found that Held . will be the biggest
thing In oil operations ever brought to
the , knowledge of the ■ public, for the
reason that the oil. territory is so long
end wide. In my judgment the oil is
brick, 44x155 feet in ' dimensions \ and
occupies a high lot on the east side of
Grand avenue, 160 feet- north of Sixth
street, one block weetTof Central park.
Mr. Conway directed the architect to
provide for the best of material and all
of £he modern conveniences, and the
goods were delivered. In all Los An
geles there is not a better structure for
the .purposes designed than the Con
way building. It Is devoted entirely to
apartment use, there being twenty
eight suites of three rooms each, in ad
there and It only remains for the peo
ple interested to dig for it. The forma
tion of .the ground is somewhat dif
ferent from the formation in the oil
fields of Los Angeles, and different
plans of drilling will have to be fol
lowed in the Carlsbad field, but the ex
perience of Mr. Lonergan, myself and
others will, I guess, be equal to meet
the conditions and secure the best re
sults. The Mount Bros, are now oper
ating in the field but their drills are
not of the proper size. It will take the
best of machinery to go through the
rock and start the gushers. We met
many strangers in the district and at
Carlsbad, all investigating the field
with a view of beginning operations on
an extensive scale."
Now Ready to Talk
Secretary Lonergan said: "Mr. Kell
erman and I spent four days looking
over the field. lam very much grati
fied to know that Mr. Kellerman, who
knows more about oil and oil land in a
minute that I could know in a year,
has verified my Judgment on the indi
cations in the Carlsbad field. I take
'off my hat to him when it comes to a
question of. oil and oil deposits. He
is a known expert who is now in the en
joyment of the result of his knowledge
and operations in that line. When I
first returned from the field I was
afraid to say what I thought of the
conditions and the possibilities of great
wealth, for fear that my friends would
think I was crazy, but now that Mr.
Kellerman has been there and has
confirmed my judgment I am glad that
my friends will know that I was right
and that they were wise in putting
their money into the proposition. I
was fortunate on my last trip to se
cure on my own account 1120 acres of
choice oil land close to 1 the holdings of
the company. It all looks good to me
and I am sure the expectations of the
parties interested in the enterprise will
be more than realized."
Contract Let to Connect Santa Monica
With Mallbou Ranch
OCEAN PARK, Jan. 21.— The beach
wus visited -last night by a .45 of an
Inch precipitation of rain.
i A 4-year-old son of F. T; Hull at 7
Navy street died this morning of
Hey. B. H. Kennedy will hold a series
of revivals at the Naaarene church
during the coming week.
Dredging for th« bath house at Venice
will begin Monday and the foundation
for the ship hotel will be placed during
the coming week.
A contract has been let for the con
struction of a roadway from Santa
Monica canyon to Mallbou ranch, a dis
tance of thirty miles. The contract was
let by Fred H. Rlndge, | the owner of
Mallbou ranch.
Everything you want you will find In
the cUialfled pace, a modern «ncyclo
wed la. ' On* cent a word.
ditlon to baths and closets for each
suite, on the three floors, and each
room has good light and ventilation at
all times. The stairways are broad and
easy to climb, and the halls are wide,
affording promenade features not ob
servable In many similar buildings.
Provision is made in the deep base
ment for the heating apparatus, and
for storage accommodations.
Mr. Conway, who has Invested largely
In Los ■ Angeles real estate, will Im
prove other holdings in the j city. The
outlay for the Grand avenue building
was nearly $50,000.
Recent Sales at Attractive Prices
Have Caused Increased Inquiry
for Desirable Lots — Improve.
ment Society Formed
■ The organization of an improvement
association by the residents. and busi
ness men at and about the junction of
Union avenue, Hoover, Twenty-third
and Twenty-fourth streets has aroused
interest in that growing business sec
tion and several important sales of cor
ner properties at that point have re
cently been noted.
The southwest corner of Twenty
fourth and Hoover, 50x100 feet together
with the Key lot in the rear, fronting
on Twenty-fourth has recently been
sold for' $13,500 cush.
The northeast corner of Twenty-third
and Union avenue, now occupied by
Eagles' coal and wood yard, 82x110 feet,
was sold last week for $11,000 to the
Masonic fraternity, who will soon erect
a three-story block and provide suit
able quarters for Golden West lodge,
F. & A. M.
Other sales of lesser Importance re
cently made indicate a confidence in
the future of the district as a business
center. . V.. v '
The Improvement association will
soon select and adopt a suitable name
by which the business center will be
known. 1 < ,'
The West Side bank recently opened
for business is well located and reports
a very promising outlook, while four
splendid grocery stores that would do
credit to Spring street or Broadway,
together with good stocks in most other
lines of business, have caused to make
that locality rank among the finest arid
most promising suburban district for
the investor or business man in the.
Fatally Pinched by a Lobster
NEW YORK, Jan. 21.— 8100 d poison-
Ing caused by the pinch of a lobster's
claw ' has caused the death of Otto
Zimmerman, a chef In a big Harlem
restaurant. Zimmerman's special work
was in preparing lobsters, his skill for
which ' was somewhat noted. He
handled hundreds of crustaceans every
day and frequently was bitten. Fi
nally one, particularly strong, caught
him by the thumb and ' brought the
blood. Swelling set In the next day and
in a few hours the chef died in great
y^Si ZTZf Beautiful and Artistic Entrance SZ 'Jsj^is
~J *=? <\ $ ' * at Figucroa Street « ®Vfio \jS*^*2^~
Figueroa Boulevard
Figueroa Boulevard— loo Feet Wide— Los Angeles 9 Beautiful
Driveway and Elegant Residence Street •
fThe point is that you arc thinking of buying a lot for speculation .
or for a home. You cannot afford to purchase until you have seen
Q this property at our expense.
■'■ ■ ', ' I '"' ' ■
Figueroa Boulevard, the only 100-foot street in the city. Building restrictions $1500.00. :
H y^. Seven minute car service. New Moneta car line open in 30 days. I Direct line
vJF%f n%*%T 15 minutes from cit^ halI>
" **J Large Lots, 50x150 and 50x135, $500 and Up
No other property. in the city can compare with this 'district with reference to location and price.
/* /• a T~.j3~.. Take Redondo car (leaving Second and Spring streets every 20 minutes) to Figueroa street.
110 UUt 1 OQciy Office corner Thorpe and Figueroa, or call at the office and we will drive you out.
709 Grant Blh., Cor. 4th and Broadway 310 Trust Building mT^u
Phones: Main 1583— Home 1583 Phone: Home 546
Hustling Crowd Will Invade Sacra
mento to Lay Before Assembly
the Merits of Pending
The Los Angeles realty board is de
termined to reach the ears of the pow
ers that be during the present session
of the legislature at Sacramento.
-It is well known the realty board
has prepared a number of important
measures that inure to the benefit of
the real estate dealers and brokers.
These measures have been well consid
ered bjr the legal talent within the
In order properly to present these
features of legislation the board has
decided to send a strong, steering com
mittee to Sacramento whose duties will
embrace the education of members
from back counties to the Los Angeles
plan of doing things.
Incidentally the committee will call
upon Governor Pardee and submit ar
guments why the bills should receive
favorable executive conslderatjon when
they have passed both houses of the
This committee embraces Byron
Erkenbrecher, the president of the
realty board, Julius ,11. Black of Black
Brothers, C. W. Conway, T. D. Alt
house of Althhouse Bros and Herbert
Burdett, the secretary of the realty
board. The committee will leave on
the Owl tonight and thereafter the air
will be filled with arguments 'that may
dissipate the fog on the banks of the
classic Sacramento.
Soldiers' Home Annex Is Completed.
Notes About Veterans
SOLDIERS' HOME, Jan. 21.— The
latest death was William F. Denmuor,
a naval veteran, who was given the
usual military funeral at 3 p. m. today.
The Paullst Fathers of San Francis
co will begin a series of lectures for
the week at 10 a. in. Sunday, under
the auspices of Chaplain Patrick Hawe
of Santa Monica. Zii'-U.
The new hospital annex building Is
now In first class order, and was filled
with patients from the sixth and sev
enth wards of the north annex, while
that part Is undergoing renovation
and painting.
A large delegation of Masons will at
tend the funeral of X D. Suits at
Santa Monica Sunday afternoon.'
A request is before congress for
$59,000— f0r new barrack building, J34.
000; quarters for women nurses, $10,000;
flrepump and ice machine,' $7,000; stor
age reservoir, $8,000
Indications Point to Continued Unset.
tied Weather, With the Possl.
bility of Another
Los Angeles was thoroughly drenched
yesterday, heavy showers falling in the
forenoon and before daylight. The
official rain gauge showed a precipita
tion of 1.05 Inches in this city, which
makes a total for the season, which be
gan September 1, of 6.16 inches. For
the corresponding period last year the
rainfall amounted to only .57 inch,
but the average seasonable precipita
tion is 7.04, showing a deficiency of 1.20
inches. Included in the total for the
season is .17 inches which fell in
August, which was not accounted for
in the reports covering last season.
The storm which furnished this rain
is a culmination of the unsettled
weather that has prevailed for several
days past. The storm developed con
siderable energy, giving rain through
out California. Yesterday) morning
the storm was central over western
Nevada, and at the time of the obser
vation at 5 o'clock a. m. rain was fall-
Ing throughout the state. The heav
iest precipitation was along the coast
country from San Francisco to Los
The rain was of that character which
does the most good, falling slowly and
soaking Into the ground. In Los An
geles it started, Friday night about 9
o'clock, being a mere mist. Then came
a drizzling which continued intermit
tently throughout the night, becoming
heavier towards daylight. Between 4
o'clock and daylight there was a heavy
shower, an Interval of light showers
and then another downpour in the fore
noon. Previous rains have been so
heavy that conslderabfe washing of
lands was reported from various sec
tions. This rain, however, like the
one of a few days ago, was \slow and
most of the water soaked into the
The weather reports yesterday
bhowed the approach of a' storm along
the northern coast between Puget
Sound and Cape Mendocino, with
cloudy weather and light rains
on the Washington and Oregon coast.
At 6 o'clock p. m. the wind was south
west, with a nearly stationary barome
ter. Conditions are still unsettled,
with a probability of continued show
Bakersfield Oats Good Soaking
BAKBRSFIELD. Cal.. Jan. 21.— Rain
fell continuously during the, entire
night and at 6 o'clock the precipitation
had reached .3a of aalaufau briagtag the
Wi Our New Tract H|
i Sunny Sidp ft
'(''il Monday, January 30, WUI Be Our |jr<)j
; | Day^^ KJJJ)
f jK'II I Don't wait for that, come today and select 1-4 lllS
li^l! acre, a half, or 2 1-2 acre tract. Garden soil;* I Wffi'k
'iinlll pure water ; a few minutes' ride ; no adobe ; no I |jv!jj
k rtllll alkali. Our prices and terms will cause every I lviiij 1 !
i|j<!2|| lot to sell our opening day. It will cost you I WCjj\*
'fill nothing. We pay the fares. Wm^\
total for the season to 3.88 Inches, a
figure nearly v twlce as large as the one
for a corresponding date last year. The
plains are green for thirty miles north
of the city- and excellent alfalfa crops
are assured.
Raining at Riverside
RIVERSIDE, Jan. 21.— Rain began
falling here at 4 a. m. today and has
continued intermittently all day. Re
ports from all over the county indicate
that the rain is general and Indications
favor heavy rainfall tonight.
Tonto Road Washed Out
EL PASO, Tex., Jan. 21.— Eighteen
miles of the Tonto railroad between
Phoenix and ' Tonto Dam in Arizona
have been washed out by floods. The
road runs through a very rough sec
tion and was difficult and expensive to
music and
the: drama
Jean de Chauvenet Concert
Jean de Chauvenet, an organist and
pianist who comes to Los Angeles from
Denver, will give a recital tomorrow
evening at the hall of the Pacific Music
company, 437 South Broadway, and will
also be the soloist at one of the sym
phony concerts in the near future. The
young musician was head of the col
lege of music of the University of Den
ver and was considered an artist with
a future in that city. The program
which will be given tomorrow evening
is as follows:
"Toccato et Fuga" (Bach-Tanslg),
"Novelette" (Schumann), "Nocturne"
"Summer" (Chamlnade), "The Loreley"
(Seeling), "Fantalai* -Impromptu,,
(Choplu), "Funeral March" (Chopin),
"Spinning Song" (Wagner-Liszt), Pl : '
ano Second Rapsodie (Liszt), Canden
zas (by Bendate-Rive-Klng), "Etude
de Style" (Ravina), "Etude in Old
Style (Seeboeck), march, "Mllitaire'.'
(Schubert-Tanslg), "Mi Tereslta" (Car
reno), "Carmen" (Bizet), "Air Anglais".
An Enterprising- Magazine
The Pictorial American of Los An
geles has adopted a plan for largely
Increasing its circulation that . is not
only novel but commendable, since the
intent Is not alone a matter j of ' profit
for 'tself but is conceived In a spirit
of b«. levolence for Southern Cali
fornia. The magazine, which :is a
high-class art monthly and beauti
fully illustrated, devotes considerable
space each month to descriptions of
Southern California in connection
with a large number of very attract
tlve views in illustration of the I sub-"
Jects treated, and which are calculated
and Intended to exploit the \- charms
and advantages of this favored sec
tion of the world . and induce , many
residents of the eastern and middle
states to either visit or locate In; this
desirable country. • In, order, there
fore, to secure as large a circulation
as possible "back east" and ; ex
tensively disseminate this information
where it will do the most good, ■ the
publishers have announced that they
will accept < subscriptions at ■ half ' the
regular price, or 50 cents a year, where
the magazine Is sent as a present to
some friend, acquaintance or relative
outside of the state, and ,in - addition
they offer to give a free, flrst*clasa
round trip ticket frpm Chicago, , St.
Louts, Kansas City, Denver, v Ft.'
Worth, El Paso or Intermediate points
to the one sending the. largest number
of subscribers at this price. A full
and complete announcement of this
offer will be found on another page
, of today's Herald. ■ >
Undelivered Telegrams
There vi« undelivered telcgranm at th« otfle*
of tlio Western Union Telegraph company for
Harry With*™,' David ■M. t-M, Charlei N.
ltfl.iig. J. E. Brown. A. C. Mun'hy, Mr. U
Oad.lte. Waylaud U. Hmlth. Art Novelty com
pany. Tampwy, F. <J. • Brown, ifcianliuan V.
Smith. Mr. Kin* a«or«e P. Purtl*. W. D.
Bradford, Overs* C. i'ower, Eliuoi- W. Walts.

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