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At Annual Mtßtlrtfl of Blfl Depart.
ment Store's Unique Society
Work I* Shown to Ba En.
tlrely Satisfactory
-.' The' Broadway Department Store
Mutual Benefit association held Its
first annual meeting last nlgrht ln
n«mick hall.
The organization is unique, as it Is
tho only one of its kind In the city.
The members Include a majority ot the
employes of the Broadway department
store, and the benefits derived consist
In the payment of sums to sick per
sons and free medical attention at
any time.
The meeting last night -was held for
the election of officers, and was fol
lowed by an entertainment and dance.
The meeting was called to order by
President J. W, Eccleston'and the re
ports of the executive committee and
the treasurer were given by W. H. B.
Kllner and W. A. Farris. :"•'.*
Mr. Eccleston made - the annual ad-
Bress. ln which he pointed out the bene
fits to be derived from the organiza
tion and the necessity of every em
ploye becoming a member. The
speaker also told of the formation
of 1 the organization and commented
upon . the generosity of Arthur Letts,
■who has made it possible for such an
organization to exist by agreeing to
aasume all the liabilities.
I Tbe association has been able to pay
all its debts during the year, and the
.treasurer's report showed everything
clear to begin another year.
■When the business meeting closed
Mr." Eccleston Introduced J. P. Mur
phy as master of ceremonies. A mus
ical program, contributed to by mem
bers : of the organization, was an en
joyable feature. Two young girls,
Mlbs Belle Williams and Dott Hooser,
gave two clever songs, and Master
George Payne, who was Introduced as
the coming violinist, . save a violin
solo and encore. "When the Heart Is
Young" was sung by Edward W. Lew-
Is, t and "A Dream," . by Miss Hose
Becker. An orchestra furnished music
: for. dancing and Misses Edith Hous
ton and Violet Payne were the accom
Officers for the year are: Past pres
ident, Arthur Letts; president, J. TV.
Eccleston; vice president, J. P. Mur
phy; secretary, W. H. B. Kilner;
treasurer, W. A. Farls. Members of
the executive ,committee, A. L. Adams,
E. -WV Fox, 'E. W. Lewis, J. S. Mil
burn. J. T. Newklrk, D. H. Steele and
Misses j Peyron, Colyer, Farmer and
Flaherty. -
Prisoner . Asserts ;He Is Unjustly
'Accused and Friends Make
Light of Arrest
Upon receipt of a telegram from San
I«uls Oblspo county, Deputy Sheriff.
Bert Franklin yesterday placed under
arrest John Guinea, - a Los Angeles
cattle trader.
The arrest arises from certain busi
ness transactions between ' Games and
A. W; Black of San Luis Obispo, who
Is employed in the capacity of foreman
lay a -wealthy cattle owner named
Rea'ce who owns the Rancho San Mar
guerita, thirty miles north of San Luis
I After his arrest yesterday Galnes em
ployed Attorney Valentine Newby, who
■will represent him in his present diffi
culty at San Luis Obispo.
Galnes deals in cattle extensively and
is ' well known In Southern California,
and his friends refuse to take his pres
ent difficulty seriously.
lii purchasing the cattle from Black,
Games gave In return his checks,
amounting in the aggregate to nearly
He says he told Black at the time
the. purchase was made that he did not
have funds on deposit, and that a writ
ten agreement to that effect was en
tered Into between them.
Furthermore Galnes declares Black
agreed In writing that he would not
consider two checks turned over to him
for $2000 each as evidence of any money
deposit. -
Galnes says it was understood be
tween them at the time the deal wan
made that he would notify Black of his
action when the money was placed on
deposit to meet the payment of the de
mands against him.
The checks became due' about two
weeks ago, during all of which time
Games says he has been engaged In
good faith In his business affairs In
Los Angeles.
lie Is well known here and his arrest
yesterday was unexpected.
Value of a Broken Skull Is Fixed
I Judicially
.Thirty. dollars, lawful money of the
United States, Is tbe judicial estimate
of the damages made yesterday by Jus
tice Young In the township court for
battering another man's head with a
wagon spring.
Joseph Urquldes, a Mexican, by rea
son, of hla superior knowledge In the
handling of weapons won out In a
tierce battle at Hollywood among a
group of Mexicans.
In doing to, however, he impelled a
huge castlron wagon spring against
the 'head of one of his , antagonists,
•which rash act on his part required the
intervention, Hrst of a physician and
second of a deputy sheriff.
Tlte tine was paid, and the defendant
left , the court room resolved to batter
the head* of human beings no more.
Southwestern Ham* Company of Red.
land* Pile* Article* of In.
I Pixvlnl to Th» Hor»M.
SAN BF.IINAnDINO. J»n. 2fl.— Th«>
Southwestern Home Telephone com
pany nf lledtarHls huM filed nrtlcMfl of
Incorporation here. The company wilt
build ft line from Tledlanda, Beau
mont, Banning, San Jaclnto find Hem
ft, and thence along the line of the
Southern Pacific to Yuma. Arlaonit.
The work of constructing this line la
already under way and when com
pleted will be the only telephone line
from California to connect with the
Arizona lines. The lncorporators of
the new company are -K. C. Well*, A.
Gregory, C. 11. Blgelow, J. F. Dostal,
It J. Dunn, J. \v. Lamb and 3. L.
Ofllcers are looking for a young man
who Rave hfs name as If. D. Sklllman,
who rented a horse from the barn of
Emit Suess In Itedlands. The fellow
claimed to live In San Bernardino, but
Is not known here. He came to this
city and tried to sell the rig at sev
eral barns but falling he disappeared
and his present whereabouts are un
known. The fellow Is about 23 years of
William Forstner of the state miner
alogist department Is here looking Into
the resources of the county along the
line of structural and tndustrlnl ma
terials, as the state Is preparing to
Issue a bulletin on the subject.
The annual Inspection of the South
ern Pacific properties by General Man
ager Bancroft and other prominent
officials will occur the last of this or
the first of next week. The party
Is now engaged ln making a trip over
the entire system.
Much talk has been going the rounds
of late as to spineless cactus devel
oped by Luther Burbank and others.
There Is a specimen of spineless cac
tus ln the Santa Fe park in this city
that has been growing there the past
five years, having been planted there
by Mr. Hosp, a landscape gardner of
Riverside. There is not the slightest
trace of a spine, even of the most mi
nute character, on the plant, which !s
similar to the common pear cactus in
form. Bo far as being of value as a
foragre plant on the desert, this plant
could be eaten by stock without the
slightest fear.
Edward Egan, Slxty.Four Years Old,
Is a Victim of
Special to The Herald.
SANTA MONICA, Jan. 26.—Unat
tended in an old shack at the corner of
Eighth and Marine streets, Edward
Egan died last night, a victim of cancer.
Egan was 64 years of age, and, as he
leaves neither relatives nor means, he
will be buried at public expense.
Twenty-four couples formed a merry
whist party at the Country, club last
evening. W. R. Wheat and Mrs. Eck
art won the grand prizes. Mr. Wheat
received a handsome collar and cuff
box and Mrs. Eckart a beautiful brass
Until further notice there will be
dancing every Saturday evening at the
club house. On Washington's birthday
eve a Valley Forge party is to be held,
to which members of the club are look-
Ing eagerly forward.
Mrs. Clara Louise Connell of Brook
lyn, N. V., Is an eastern visitor who
will make Ocean Park her future home.
At the next session of the Santa
Monica board of trustees the question
of Imposing a tax on carpenters Is to
be considered. Members of the trade
are considerably agitated over the
matter, and the following is the text
of a remonstrance which they will
offer as sufficient reason for letting the
matter drop:
"To the Honorable Board of Trustees
of the City of Santa Monica: The un
dersigned carpenters and citizens of
Santa Monica, being Informed that a
petition has been presented to your
body asking that a license be imposed
upon contractors doing business within
the city limits of Santa llonlwi, and
believing that should you grant boM
petition It would be detrimental to the
best Interests of thosn who Intend to
build, aB well as to the carpenters who
reside in the city, we do hereby make
this our protest against the granting
of said petition, nnd xsk that you do
not grant said petition."
Committee Is Named to Work in Har«
mony With Chamber of
Special to Tbe Herald.
UIVEKSIDK, Jan. 26.— At a meeting
held ut the chamber of commerce lant
nlKht etepa were taken to form an or
ganization of real estate brokers.
Twelve prominent real entate men were
present at the meeting. It. L. Hettner
acted as chalrmtin and P. 8. Oastleman
as secretary. The outcome of the vari
ous plans dUcussed was an agreement
to organize a committee which should
work with the chamber of commerce
und bo a regular chamber of commerce
committee, to be known as the real
estate commttteu. A committee of five
was appointed to formulate plans for
organization and 'to out lino lta policy.
Thoß9 named by the chairman were: It.
L. Ilettner, P. 8. Custleman, Ji. i«.
Bush, J. Van de drift and W. W. Wil
son. Thla committee will report at a
meeting o{ all the real estate agents of
the city, to be held at the chamber of
commerce next Thursday evening.
A hunting party, chaperoned by W.
W. Wilson, left tor Kaitt Newport this
morning. ' The party Included W. W.
Wlluon, Boyd Keith, O. C. Dennis, O.
W. Dennis, Dr. W. W. Roblee, W. H.
Wakely, George Boyle, .W. T. Thomp
son, It. P. Wilson, V. J. Noyes and H;
11. Loyed. Aside from bagging ducks
they wish to Investigate the boom that
la settling la that section.
Accused Bellboy Takes Stand In Hi*
Own Behalf— Mayor Vedder
Decline* to Make Race
for Re-election y
r»»«<lfna A»«ney.
114 Eaat Colorado Street.
Special to Thn Heral'l.
PASADENA, Jan. 26.— James Curl
Wilson was arraigned this morning
before Judge Congdon In the police
court, and was held In bonds for $5000,
on the charge of burglary.
William 8. Edey was the first wit
ness against Wilson, and Identified
the gems positively as those lost by
his wife. As the beautiful jewels were
shown the crowd in the court room
tried hard to see the $20,000 lot of dia
monds and other precious stones. One
or two of the pieces were given espe
cial attention, as It Is the Intention of
Assistant District Attorney Rose to
hold but these particular pieces, and
to return the rest to Mrs. Kdey.
James Doyle, the head bell man n.t
the Maryland, was the nest witness.
He is the man who has turned against
the other two Implicated In the crime.
It was at first bought that Doyle was
the one who had planned the whole
robbery. He told In a clear, steady
voice his story that Wilson was the
one who had planned the whole affair,
and that he himself had but aided the
others by taking the box and mailing
It to Monrovia for. Morgan.
Chief of Police Freeman followed
Doyle on the witness stand, and told
the police side of the whole story, go
ing Into full detail of the recovering of
the jewelry.
Wilson, who was the last witness,
"All I wish to say Is that I did not
enter the room after 6 p. m.; In fact,
I wish to swear that I did not enter
the room after 5:40..1 make this state
ment to take advantage of the fact
that the robbery was not committed in
the night, and so get off on a charge
of burglary In the second degree."
The case of John Morgan was con
tinued at the request of Attorney
Frederick Thompson of Los Angeles,
because there was not a suitable court
stenographer In the court room. As
sistant District Attorney Rose consent
ed, so the case Is to go over until next
Friday morning at 10 o'clock.
Mayor Declines ' Renomination
In spite of the fact that Mayor •Will
iam Vedder was fully expected to stay
in the mayoralty race, he today au
thorized the announcement that his
name has been withdrawn. It is an
nounced that Councilman Matthew
Slavln has entered tho race for mayor.
"I have fully decided not to be a
candidate for re-election," said Mayor
Vedder. "I have given this city my
services for two years, given it the
best I am capable of, and now I am
going to step aside and let some one
else try his hand. My reasonß ■will i)e
freely and frankly given to the pub
lic very Boon In a signed statement
which I am preparing."
There are many who feel keen regret
at Mr. Vedder's decision.
When the report was turned in last
night that a man by the name of H.
Galeron had been robbed on the Santa
Fe train between the Pasadena sta
tion and the Lake avenue switch.
Chief Freeman, Captain Austin and
Officer Kunzman at once went out to
see If any trace could be found of the
three men.
When near the corner of Green
street and South Fair Oaks avenue
two suspicious men were seen ready
to board the south-bound car. Tha
chief and Officer Kunzman also took
the llrst car, and after closely watch-
Ing the men down to Columbia street,
decided ■ that it would be wise to ar
rest them, which was done. ■
At the station the accused men cave
the names of j. W. Adams and John
Downey .and, told stories as to their:
whereabouts during the evening which
turned out to be untrue. . It'was soon
found out that both have several
names. This afternoon C. E. Kregelo,
of Indianapolis, positively Identified
Adams as the man who picked his
pocket last Saturday In the Santa Fe
depot. Both . men • were sent over to
Los Anseles, to ba dealt with by the
Los Angeles police.
Services Held Over Remains of C.
W. Winne, a Prominent Citizen '
Special to Tho Herald.
TROPICO, Jan. 26.— The funeraf ser
vices of (Charles Wesley Wlnne, one of
Troplco's most prominent citizens, who
died early Tuesday morning, were held
Wednesday afternoon from the First
Presbyterian church here, conducted by
Key. D. M. Stuart. Music was ren
dered by the choir composed of Rimes.
John Hobbs and S. O. Biddle and Frank
I. Marsh and John Hobbs. Mrs. Samuel
Ayres, assisted by Mrs. W. A. Thomp
son, arranged the church.
The pall bearers were W. B. Pratt,
it. D. Goss, Frank Campbell and A.
W. Collins. The Interment took place
at Grand View cemetery, where N. P.
Banks post performed the usual ritual
istic services.
Will Investigate California Rivera
patches from Washington announce
that the committee on rivers and har
bora has reported favorably on the up
polntment of a commission of three
United Htates engineers to investigate
river conditions In California and make
a report on the work of the state com*
mission of engineers recently sub.
Cut this ad out and file for future reference. The information here will be found very useful during the
• — next few weeks *
One Hundred Churches in the City of Los Angeles Unite in Evangelistic '
left that old home
X k irnoTbSn In Seven Districts Every Evening Except, Saturday
Friday night; you : • " • #%*»*«
S|s- r r,n: Beginning Friday Evening, January 27th
S 1 isr 9 " a Under the Direction of J. Wilbur Chapman
Speakers and Singers .. ,; DISTRICTS
p:,..,£z-r^-#-:^ First or Central
FIRST DISTRICT— ■■■■;■■- ■■■;--~^ ■■ ■ FIRBT M. E. CHURCH
J. Wilbur Chapman spoakß. sixth and HIM BtreeU
Fred Butler and Charles 1- . Allen sing. deader, Robt. J. Burdette, Pasadena; Tel. Home 6347.
second district- . . 4 Second or Immanuel
John P. Ilillls sings. H Tenth and Figueroa Streets
x H TiCader, Hugh K. Walker, Tel. Homo 3377.
THIRD DISTRICT— gfl Assistant, A. C. Smither.
. W. E. Bledenvolf fpnalvs. H TKIrA txv 1 InSver'Stv
Harry Maxwell slugs. RES I IHIAI Or v»mvci^ti.jr
FOURTH DISTRICT— Jefferson Avenue, near Orchard
11. W. Stough speaks. JafflTliin leader, E. A. Iloaly, Tel. Homo 2H064.
W. H. Collisson Bings. _^^^TSflS_| Assistant, W. S. Young.
fifth district— JRSL Fourth or Boyle Heights
John Elliott speaks. f I^_«% BOYLE HEIGHTS M. E. CHURCH
' ' Charles E. ltykort Kings. g _&pfn\ St. Louis, near First Street
B Jft _B_H_«B_ deader, 11. F. MacLarcn, Tol. Sunset Park 1791.
$IXTH Tnma R n mTson speaks: ' ' . ftft^jEv^ll Fifth or East Los Angeles
n. N. Jeffrey sings. ■ BE__B__Bh__K 3 1 ASBURY M. E. CHURCH
|BS___«^V4, v i'v-Vi_| ■ Workman Street, near Downey Avenue
SEVENTH AND EIGHTH DISTRIC. - |flP*4lW-~W I 1 Lender JR. Compton, Tol. Sunset Flora 2581.
ofo f Sh On sinS aka ' .' W&*\ T M_l Sixth or West Washington .
Committees Having the Work in Charge /JHfij^^L _| \j | **a_j leader t , O Tci. r sunsot PadcTow.
Wr l i^l».«v»S 4^^_Mfe^ Seventh and Eighth Central and
irwTKt± ; "i^:o-" : »!«. »$£ Vernon Avenue Combined
a. n. Kiemtng. chnirman. city mimlo fommittee. Jbijim h. Central Avenue and Thirtieth Street
?ffin« C fe^ P^er U ?X B '^_n_ 3n ~ r^te I f « —r==r=^^^m Leader, N.l! Rowell, Tel. Home 24032. . ,
k'uorb; chairman. City Adverting committee, W. D. Our- ==Sf^^==C-TZ=rr::^^ Rev. C. J. Miller, Tel. White .7181..
t " 1 There" s"also a committee known «• the Greater Finanoa . . Assistant, C. V. Cowan, '■■/";
-committee, compoßcd of over a hundred. _ .
We Want Every Reader
C. P. Schaffer, the Children's Evanselist : moy Z,T l^ZT^n^tV^
ki*±; fcrhSrWs; Esis&rsga. !
,noon immediately after Hchool. These meetings will 1m found i-xtrfimely Inter- _ ... C ouno « a nd Mall tO W. £• MCVaV
«»tlnK. especially for children and youn B people These meetings will l.c hckl t<Ut — »l|l inlS V .?„ lood work and will pay to W. E. McVay, treasuror
Mxt week in the First Co nK reg«tlonal church on Hope street, near Ninth. j "^^^^^f l^,,,^ f23f 23 So Spring «" on o? before February 1, the Bum
„ -'^ ■ - Dollars ...■• ••• Cents.
Headquarters of the Uraon Evangelist Campaign . Nam e • ; '"
Room 22*. new Muson Bldg;., 4«li and Brmulwajr. Homo 'phono 5330; Sunfet A d,i rM ß • "
'phono Main 2355. \V. X, Frost.- executive secretary. ,
■ ■' ' '.'"" Fill Out thlg Coupoii_
Object to Wickersham's Bill Forbid,
ding Separation
Special to Tim Herald.
OCEAN PARK, Jan. 26.— The Ca
sino was well filled with a gathering of
representative businnss men and
property owners tit last night's meet
ing of the Ocean Park Community
league, and much business of an im
portant nature was transacted. Upon
motion of W. R. King a committee
was appointed to enter ' a protest
RKainst Assemblyman Wlckereham's
bill forbidding the separation of Santa
Monica and Ocean Park. Consider
able excitement has been stirred up
since the presentation of this bill to
the assembly nnd nothing will be left
undone by the Community league to
defeat it. Chairman A. H. Fraser ap
pointed the following committee to
represent the league by entering a
formal protest at once: Messrs. King,
Patton, Lavayea," Hurlburt and Pol
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churn. Every farmer's wifo knows this.
Your «tomftcii chunw and digests tho
food you eat, and If foul, torpid or out of
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blood poisoning. \w\ will have foul
breath, coated tonptio. bad taste, poor
appetite and a whole train of disagree-
able symptoms. Dr. Plerco's Golden
Medical Discovery, which Is not a bover-
ago composed of whisky or alcohol, being
entirely freo from/ Intoxicants, is a great
regulator and invigorator of the Stom-
ach, Liver und IJowcls.
"About a year ago I was ill with Blood poi-
Eoninsr." write* Miss Eveline la>uls, of R8
Walter Street, IlulTalo. N. Y. "I had what
seemed to be a small cold sore on my lip. It
becamo very anitry In appearance and began
to spread until It nearly covered my face. I
was a frlebtful glght and could not go out-
side the house because of my appearance. I
used a blood m«dle!no which did not (five
me any relief. Then I beean to take your
"Golden Medical Discovery. 1 I was greatly
beneUtod with tho first bottle and after tak-
ing the second bottle was completely cured.
The erysipolatous eruption disappeared and
my blood was cleansed, My completion la
clear and fresh and I have felt better this
year than I did for some time before. Dr.
Plerce's Oolden Medical PUcovery is cer>
tiUnly a most remarkable medicine."
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■which performs such cures and which has
a uniformly successful record of nearly
forty year* to its credit. It's an insult to
your Intelligence for a dealer to try by
over-persuasion to palm off upon you In
Its Btead some inferior article with no
record to back it up. You know what
you want; It is his tiuainass to meet that
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Medical Adviser, a book thai sold u> tha ex-
tent of 600.000 copies a few -^
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of mailing only, for book la ,
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t V. Plerctt buffalo, N. Y. ""*****'
Constipation although a little 111. be-
gets big oih's If ncKluctrd. Dr. Pierce*
l'tllots curou constipation.
Faiadtna'f Ntwest HoUl. Pptn tin Tear
< Ai'ouinl.
Thoroughly Modern. I<ons; DUUno* Tel«>
iihua* In e\ m y room.
D. N. LINNARD, Manager
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CB _& _SF after marriage. \ The bearing
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use of this wonderful _ „
remedy. Sold by all §[&&& _WB>^3riW-l_rfe fe. ;_^lgP*
book, telling ail about ct— jn M
this liniment, will bo sent free. &r~ --£& a g£ BtW^M
Tfca Bnnffleld RegilitM Co., Atlanta. U & if BvsSbbsM&
igtofl§_ipi Beacßi Rcsjgts
Lake 8:60 tm. and Southern Pacific 9:05 a. m. trains from Los Angela. Round
trip fare $2.75, good for sixty days. Marine Gardens and Aquarium. Special
boat Saturday connecting with trains leaving Los Angeles at 0 p. m.
BANNING COMPANY. Both 'phones 36. 593 Huntlngton Building.
CwWSton OsMofi $mrm 2SO Gigantic Birds
<B)ffV <?!&))> North Beach, Santa Monica
////J'lniy'flTni *J &U/11/Tl([email protected] Y\W*A fresh «>very clay and hnatod to a tem-
(SJSSr lIUO. V Itaai/u^— pergttire of 85 d^xrees. Unrlvalod and abao-
lutfly nafB mirf liathlny. Now l« the most hrautlful »<-a»on of tho yenr __
/f® J? 47$ A )} Fourtlh aod Spring Sts.
(Cj/^/i^ <^<J^SaOa Herman W. Hellman Bldg.
The most h*aullfully appolnti-rt restaurant ln th« West. Main caf«, with a seating capacity
of 2000. Gentlemen's Qrlll. Private Pining R<x>ins. Banquet Hall.
<T7b » (fififl) j T* . Up-to-Date Restaurant
Xsot iff on te uavern. 219-221 w. Third st.
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Every improvement known to modern in-
genuity, . ■ • • .
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claire World."
MILTON ROBLEB. Proprietor.
H TSfels Cap Label fej
111 is a guarantee of tha purity Ba
H and richness of our . H
H Brand H
■ Evaporated m
g Cream B
Wg We offer BB
KB $5,000 reward S
mm *° a n ,yon© able to prove fij
ISa adulteration fl&
£$89 of our product
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