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Gentle Harry at Forty to One Beats
Several Good Things— Dr. Hollis .
Wins the Two.Year.
Old Race
' M. M. Tlchenor's Loretta M., winner
of the California Oaks lost Saturday
at Oakland, was made a false favorite
In the mile and fifty yards race yester
day at Ascot park, and when she fin
ished third to Schoolmate and Ke
hailan the judges began an investiga
tion which resulted in the indefinite
suspension of Jockey Kent. Loretta
M. is a three-year-old filly and in all
her racing career she has never hooked
up with horses of the Schoolmate
class. He has met and defeated some
of the best handicap horses racing at
Ascot and on figures stood out like a
1 to 2 shot over Loretta M. Her best
race here was when she beat Requiter,
Sals and Ralph Reese at a mile and a
sixteenth a week or so before she
succumbed to Ralph Reese, who gave
her ten pounds, in a mile race.
At Oakland last Saturday with 117
pounds up Loretta M was sent through
heavy, sticky going, and after the race
was tired enough to He down. This
race alone was enough to take all the
speed out of her. She was bundled
up and shipped back to Los Angeles
and then was expected to beat handi
cap horses yesterday at a mile and
fifty yards.
Schoolmate Easily
: Schoolmate reveled in the going and
was given a well Judged ride. Dugan
lay in behind Loretta M and Kehallan
till the three-eighth pole was reached.
Loretta M made her move at this point
with Schoolmate right at her heels.
Loretta M bore out on the stretch bend
and Kehailan hugged the rail. School
mate came through In the center and
in the best going, and when the real
racing began had no trouble stalling
ofti Kehallan. Loretta appeared to
tire badly, and naturally swerved all
over the track. To all appearances
she about ran her race. She opened
at even money and was backed down
to Jtos at post time. Rough Rider,
the other starter, trailed the field all
the way and was never dangerous. He
was the extreme outsider at IB to 1.
The two-year-old race first on the
card which was over four furlongs of
ground, brought out a field of twelve.
Six of them had never started. A good
thing was turned loose In this race
in Dr. Hollis, a bay colt, by Macy,
owned by F. T. Wood. He opened at
3 to 1 and was played down to 2 to 1
at post time. He ran a smashing good
race and as soon as he got up with
the leaders showed his real worth.
Loyal Front, held at 5 to 1, challenged
the Doctor in the stretch but he soon
shook him off and won cleverly. Ha,
whose recent performances have been
of the kind which command respect,
got away none too well, swung wide
into the stretch and was finishing fast
est of the three at the end. Search Me
is a good looker and ran as if green.
Daisy Brouck showed the way into the
stretch with a dazzling burst of early
speed but quit badly, when the pinch
F. T. Wood made it two straight by
scoring in 'the second race with Ro
bador. This affair was framed for
three-year-olds which have never won
more than one race and distance was
at six furlongs. Robador started and
won his only other race about a week
ago. That day his price was 60 to 1,
while the best that could be had yes
terday was 3 to 1. He got away well,
came on when ready and won ridden
out. Skeptic at 15 to 1, a place, re
ceded in the going and finished second
with a rush. Henry Ach who was
third about ran his race. Retador
closed with a rush and as the race
was run would have been' closer up
with an even break.
Anirad In Fr'nt
Anirad, at 2 to 1, won the fourth
race which was over a mile of ground,
from Kxapo and Great Mogul. Anirad
was slow to begin and had to be
urged keenly the first part. After
Kxapo and Albert Enrlght had raced
themselves into the ground Miller
made his move and had no trouble
through the stretch.
Azellna, the favorite in the fifth
rare, had to be satisfied with second
place. The winner turned up in Weßt
Brookfield, who never left the result
in doubt after the barrier was released.
Sportsman was third. The latter
was well played for the place and
Gentle Harry, at the Juicy price of 4
to 1, took the last race on the card
from Palmist and Miss May Bowdlsh.
Denzll, Lookaway, Headstrong and
Sugden were the supposed good things,
and each of them came in for some
support. Denzll was from 12 to 1 to
5 to 1.
Dr. Hollis, the good thing in the first
race, was backed from 6 to 1 to 8 to 5,
and in a hard drive «utgamed Loyal
Front. Dr. Hollis is a good looking
colt and clever horsemen rank him In
the same class with Father Catcham.
Both of these colts were bred in Texas,
Dr. Hollis by F. T. Wood, and Father
Catcham by J. W. Lillard.
Bookmaker George Hose and A!
Kiokes left last night on the Owl for
Oakland. Rose will cut in there today
for the next three days.
' Jockeys, Fuller .and Otis left for San
ASCOT TAnK, Friday, Fen. l-9l*ty-»Mond day. Weather rulny. Tracy Bloppy. A. W.
Hamilton, rrenlrtlng Jorifte. 3. J. Itoltman. Ptnrter.
O£y FIRST RACE— Four furlong*. Piird*. Malilen two-year-oldi. Va.lnft to first J3JS.
Index. Home. »nd Owner. Wt. St. H H 8»r. Fin. Jockey. Op. Cl.
... t>r. Hollln, 1 (F. T. Wood) 110 7.. »H 3 1 Th V.. W«1»h S «-«
ttt Loy«l Front, S (C. willlnms) 110 4 .. 8 1 i* 2 h W. Krntnn 3 9-»
m tla, J (Xl nio Stable) 107 9 .. M 4J 3 4 .T. Hooker J 4
in Dorothea Fry, 1 (flchrelher) 107 i .. « H II <i 4 h Kun« » *
W4 Pfll«? nrouck, 2 (FrayllnK) 10T « .. I 1 I<i 8 H J. Kelly ID SO
... Necromancer, 1 (Dumell) 11* 13 .. » H « 4 «» Fuller « 13
... Senator Bonus, J (Mnlkey) 107 11 .. in H 10 « 7 1 M. Lynch 10 SO
... Search Me, 2 (Engxtrom) 110 * .. » 4 7h « H iteKterson « 18
S3l PlacMia, 1 (J. .Tnrren) 107 1 .. 7 1 »« II 10 Kent » 1»
... Dr. I-owif, 1 (Oorman A B.) 119 S .. 12 117 10 1 M. Wood 10 »
*07 Mabel V., 2 (nia*lnftam« Bros.) 10T 10 .. IIS 11 11 1 Crosswalte. 20 M
... Avon«lla, 2 (J. V. Mlllln) 107 « .. 4 1 8h 12 Ftt«patrlck 18 M
Post 1:40. At post < minutes. Time— :244. :oOH- Hollis place 4-?, show »-Sj 1/oys.t
place «-8. show 7-10; Ila show 7-10. Winner b. c. 2. Mncy-Dornh Wood. Trained by owner.
Scratched— Thatawhat, Prince of Coins. Start irood. Won driving; second same.
Dr. Ifollls It a handy colt. He ran a mun«>iinr good race and when up with the leader*
showed his real worth. Outframed Front on the end. Ila away none too well, swung wide,
and was flnlaMng fastest of the three at th» end. Search Me Is a good looker and
ran aa If green. Brouck showed early speed t>u» quit badly. Necromancer no chance with
168 SKCOND RACE— Six furlongs. Purse. Three-year-olds. Value to first $326.
Irdex. Horse and Owner. ■ Wt St. H % Str. Fin. Jockey. Op. Cl.
(.114) Robador, I (F. T. Wood) 11« « »1 SI SI 12 Prior S 1M
m Skeptic, 3 (Moormead Farm) 1<« ÜBS HI S« 21 /. Hooker 3n SO
*]« Henry Ach, a (B. Schrelher) 112 fi 2 2 2 1 11 SI Kum 2 11-5
5.13 Retador. I (B. J. Baldwin Co.) 10.S 0 » » « » 44 Treuhel 1 *
850 Brookdale, 3 (fl. Angarola) 10» 7 4>4 4 h 4 1 f» Fuller « . 10
860 Chalk Hedrlck, 3 (Forrlss) W2 2 11 11% 2 'i «2 H. Smith « 11
847 Buckater Hodl. 2 (Mlllln) 1"2 » « « SI 7 1 7 2 Fltrpalrlk Jn 40
290 Bchoolcrafl, 8 (Tlchenor Co.) 112 4 «2 «1 8 3 8 '.4 K. Walsh r.-2 1»-S
247 Ben Eric, 2 (Blaalngame) 10:» 172 M » 9 Ccpsswalte 10 M
Post I'M. At post 2 minutes. Time— :23V4. :49. 1:17. Robador plane 1. show 1-2; Skep
tlo place 12, show 4: Ach show 2-5. Winner Ph. c. 3, Itey cl Santa Anltn-I^dy Diamond.
Trained by owner. Overweights— Retador 1, Brookdale VI,. Robador 3. Scratched— Maudo
Fealy, Sweet Bitty Bellalra. Start good. Won easily; second the nmf.
Robador away well, came on when ready and won ridden out. Skeptic, reveled In the
going and finished with a rush. Ach ran hta race and had no excunos. Retador closed a
world of ground and would l.aye been closer up with an even break, nrookdale ran a good
race. Bears watching. Schoolcraft could not extend himself in tho going. Hedrlck
shewed speed. *■-■;'
I(\Q THIRD RACE!— On« mile and fifty yarda. Purse. Three-year-olds and upward. Value
«W7 to drat $326.
Index. Horse and Owner. Wt St. U «i Str. Fin. Jock-y. Op. Cl.
839 Schoolmate. 4 (W. S. Price) 11l 2 3 2^4 .1 3(4 111 11 W. Dugan 2 11-B
314 Kehallan. 8 (J. U. Holland) 83 3 I>4 2n 2h 2 2 W. Miller 5 !>-2
(80S) Loretta M.. 3 (Tlchenor Co.) 97 12 I*4 12 32 34 Kent 7-10 3-5
275 Rough Rider, a (Roberts) 99 4 4 4 4 4 Morlarlty 8 I.i
Post 2:40. At post 15 minutes. Time—:;:,, :DO. 1:15. IM2& IHS. Schoolmate place 2-ii;
Kehallan place T-10: all out show. Winner b. g. , 4. Wadsworth-Margaret Jane. Trained by
owner. Scratched— Sheriff Belle. Start good. Won caflly; aecond same.
Schoolmate reveled In the going and wan given a well Judged ride. I,ay In behind
Kehallan and Loretta M. till the three-eighths pole, where Dugan made his move. Loretta
M. 'Swung wide and lost ground. She was up against class today and older horses.
Schoolmate came on and soon had Loretta M. up a tree. Kehallan hung on gninrly. hut
could not get up. Field delayed at post fifteen minutes on account of repairs to barrier.
Holtman finally sent them away -with the flag. ,
370 FOURTH RACE— One mile. Selling. Four-year-olds and upward. Value to first J325.
Index. Horse and Owner. Wt St. >i «i Str. Fin. Jockey. Op. Cl.
J43 Anirad. 4 (Mrs. J. Coffey) 97 3 3 h ~* 214 15 W. Miller 8-5 11-5
524 Exapo, E (Al Qoodln) 107 6 11 Ili 1 1 2S McDanlel 3 3
1148 Great Mogul, 5 (F. E. Baird) 112 4 22 !<1 11 Hi X Walsh 3 B
348 Albert Enright. 6 (McCullough) 9!> 1 fi 15 615 6 2 444 Perrlne fi 7
364 Nanon. a (Stuart Polk) 103 SB2 42 * M S M Morlarlty 5 7.
86« Lanark, 4 (G. Lanka) 103 2 44 f h 615 616 M. T.ynch 15 8
328 Estado, 6 (C. F. Tanner) 99 7 7 7 7 7 J. Clark 6 t
Post 3:16. At post 1 minute. Time — :23. :GO, 1:16',;. 1:45. Anirad place 4-5, show 2-5:
Exapo place 1, show 1-2: Mogul show 3-5. Winner b. m., 4, St. CJatlen-Darlna. Trained by ,
J. Coffey. Scratched— Metlakatla, Jlngler, Col. Ballantyne. Overweights— Lanark 1. Start
good. Won easily: aecond the same.
Anirad away none too well, ran over her field on the back stretch and then came en and
easily disposed of Exapo. Latter looked all over the winner at the head of the stretch, but
stopped badly when the pinch came. Mogul was lucky to be third. Boy stopped riding him
on the end and was almost nipped by Enright. Latter showed speed, stopped, and then came
071 FIFTH RACE— Six furlongs. Selling. Three-year-olds. Value to first J325.
Index. Horse and Owner. Wt. St. ',4 % Str. Fin. Jockey. Op. CL
316 West Brookfield. 3 (Carey) 11l 2 lh 1 3ti 1 5 1 H 11. Lynch 3 «
Sll Azellna, 3 (H. Booker) 100 662 6IK 42 23 T. Taylor 2 6-0
354 Sportsman, S (T. Stone) M 3 22 2*4 3>4 3n Kent 5 4
847 Dlxelle, 3 (W. S. Price) 101 77 63 65 4fi Dcrsey 60 30
323 Tyrollan. 3 (J. J. Ellerd) 100 43h 32 22 H4 Herbert 8-5 4
554 White Stone, 3 (Austin) 107 6 4 4>4 414 6 1 6 314 W. Dugan R 8
330 Joe Kelly, 3 <W. D. Mlllard) 104 1 6n 7 7 7 Hennessy 15 12
Post 3:46. At post 1 minute. Time— :24. :48H. 1:16. Brookfield place 2, show 4-6; Aze
llna place 3-5, show 1-3: Sportsman 3-5. Winner eh. c, 3, Libertine-Florence B. Trained by
H. Frost. Scratched— Mart Gentry, Doctor C. Overweights— White Stone 1. Start good.
Won handily; second easily.
Weßt Brookfield reveled in the going. "Went to the front early and displayed a dazzling
burst of speed. This won for him, as he -waa etopplng badly on the end and just did last
long enough.' Azellna away none too well, closed with a rush and was running great guns at
the. end. Sportsman In on the rail and In the deepest going stopped. Kelly had early
speed. White Stone pulled up lame. Tyrollan does not like the going.
njn SIXTH RACE— One mile. Selling. Four-year-olds and upward. Value to first J32S.
Ir.dex. Horse and Owner. Wt. St. hi «i Str. Fin. Jockey. Op. Cl.
348 Gentle Harry. 4 (Robinson) 107 4 5%i 5 ',4 2 1 In J. Clark 40 60
566 Palmist, 6 (Mont Tennes) 103 9 7 H 6H Hi 24 M. Lynch 4 9-2
348 Miss May Bowdlsh. 4 (Blaslngame) 105 II 4i 2 4*4 Iti 3h Crosswaite 6 7
340 Landseer, 6 (F. W. Cooper) 99 310 1 7 >,4 SV, 4 1 Perrlne 7 12
340 Lookaway. 4 (Schawacker) 9« ! lh lh 11V486 Moriarlty 2 11-5
361 Ed Gulnsburg. 4 (McComas) 102 2 6 % 10 1 71 65 McComas 25 30
336 July Gyp, a <F. Holmon) 104 1 H l!j fl 76 Kunz 12 10 '
356 Headstrong. 6 (J. Kane & Co.) 104 10 11 h 111 MMU Fitzpatrlck 6 6
366 Sugden, a (James Sturgeon) 116 131 3 h 10 1 - 914 Reunecamp 5 7
IS6 Denzll, 4 (San Dlmas Sable) 107 6 21 2 2 4V, 10 ',4 Dugan 10 B
343 Lady Rice. 6 (J. B. Evers) 97 8 91 5 n II !i II ! Holcomb 20 20
353 Natal, 4 (J. K. Walker) 107 12 12 12 12 12 Barton 40 60
Post 4:10. At poet 2 minutes. Time— :2s',4. :61, 1:18, 1:43. Harry place 10, show 8;
Palmist place 2. show 1; Bowdlsh show 7-5. Winner b. g., 6, Klngstock-Vllle Marie. Trained
by owner. Scratched— Churchlight, William F. 11, Overweights— Palmist 4, Danzll 3. Start
good. Won driving; aecond easily.
Harry always well up. Stood a long, hard .drive through the stretch and outgamed
Palmist on the end. Latter In a pocket till stretch was reached. Had to go to outside and
then finished with- a rush. Bowdlsh ran her race. Denzll and Lookaway ran each other's
eyes out first part. Sugden ran his race.
Francisco last night to ride In the
Burns handicap, which will be decided
today at Oakland. Fuller will ride
Jimmy McLaughlln's Pasadena whtle
Otis will have the leg up on Frank
Skinner's Horatius.
.• •-;•:■::
Search Me Is a good looker and a
reported crackerjack. He showed some
early speed in the race and ran as if
green. Race will do him good.
"'■ » .-' ' • •';."* .
Tab Dr. Lowry. Away none too well,
he showed some early speed and will
win soon. Wood was of no help to
• • •
The ban has been lifted off Herbert
whose mounts were restricted to his
employer's stable and he will be al
lowed to ride for outsiders.
• » »
Jockey Amos who fell oft Flea in one
of her races has been reinstated by
• • '.':- : • .
In the third race the barrier failed
to mark which caused a delay and
Starter Holtman sent them away with
a recall flag.
• «■'■"•■
In the fourth race the web failed to
release itself at the end near the grand
stand but the boys ducked it and went
away in good order.
m • .' • •
Tab Nanon. On a fast track this
one will win soon when put where she
• • •
Perrine on Albert Enrlght was not
strong enough to do justice to his
mount. The horse requires a strong
boy to handle him.
• • •
West Brookfield "went to the post at
6 to 1. Should have been a red hot
favorite on his past performances.
• • •
White Stone pulled up very lame.
Has had too much of it lately.
• • •
Dlxelle bears watching as she ran a
good race and with stronger handling
would have been third.
a• • '
Throw out Schoolcraft's effort as he
could not extend himself freely In the
going. Prefers a fast track.
• * •
With an even break Retador would
have made things warm for the winner.
He closed up a bigr gap In the stretch.
Chalk Hedrlck. Showed a lot of early
speed and as usual quit when the real
racing began.
Denzll was the touted good thing in
the last and was backed from 10 to 6
to 1. After running head and head
with Lookaway for three-quarters he
quit to nothing.
High School Baseball
The first of the scheduled games for
the preparatory school baseball cham
pionship will be played this afternoon
on the Fiesta park diamond between
the teams of the Los Angeles and
Polytechnic high schools. Both teams
have been practicing faithfully for the
contest and a close and interesting
gwme is looked for.
The boys will lineup as follows:
1,. A. H. S. Polytechnic.
Thompson C Colbax
Ely P Bryson
M. Mitchell Ist Elliot
Hawk 2nd Frampton
Chllds 3rd Wirching
S. Mitchell S. S Helnzman
Luwler L. F Coover
Gorham C. F Goot
Klseher n. F McAllan
First race— Nitrate, Grafter, Dr.
Second race — Dorice, Rose of Hilo,
Third race — Requiter, Tim Payne,
The Lady Rohesia.
Fourth race — Arabo, La Londe, Ora
Fifth race — Durbar, Happy Chappy,
Sixth race— Ralph Young, Dutiful,
Wliat 111* Wife Hays.
"My wife says, 'nothing will do but
Chamherlain's Cough Remedy,' " says
H. \V. Dockhum, publisher of the Ga
aette, Lindsay, Cal. There la many an
other good wife of the same opinion.
The quick relief which this remedy af
fords in cases of coughs, colds and
croup, and the fact that It is pleasant
and safe to take makes It a favorite
l'retient Your Coupuua Hefore
I Vbruury 7
All readers of the Los Angeles Her
ald holding photograph coupons are
requented to present them at Mar
ceau's Htudlo, 227 Houth Spring street,
before February 7. as the coupons will
lie Invalid after that date.
Indications Are That the Track Will
Be Heavy— Claude May Be the
Favorite De-pite Heavy
By Associated rrM«.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3.— Thrre are
eleven probable, starters for the Burns
$10,000 handicap tomorrow. The prob
able starters are: Claude, 137 (W.
Daly); Elliott, 116 (Alarle); W. It. Con
don, 112 (Anderson); Pasadena, 109
(Fuller); Rockaway, 107 (Knapp); Har
rack, 107 (Bell); Gateway, 105 (Mc-
Brtde); Military Man, 105 (Dhvls);
Hombardier, 107 (Minder); Hooligan,
110 (Fountain); Big Beach, 100
• The Indications are that the track
will be heavy. Claude will probably
be a pronounced favorite, notwith
standing that he will carry 137 pounds,
the top weight.
Mcßride and binder Divide Jockey
Honors, With Two Wins
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3.— These
favorlte3 secured brackets at Oakland
today. The track was heavy. Sum
First race, seven furlongs, selling—
The Ledaean, 104 (Mcßride), 4 to 1,
won; Mr. Dingle, 112 (Jones), 5 to 2,
second; Bob Palmer, 109 (Bonner). 50
to 1, third. , Time, 1:37. Remark, Hel
las, Pachuca, Lone Fisherman and
Brick Fowler finished as named.
Second race. Futurity course, selling
— Greenock, 112 (Minder), 6 to 1, won;
Dr. Sherman, 109 (James), 11 lo 2, sec
ond; Waterspout, 105 (Greenfield, 18
to 5, third. Time, 1:17. Emma Reubold,
Follow Me and Haven Run finished as
Third race, seven fuTlongs, selling —
Maxtrcss, 106 (Minder), 9 to 2, won;
Play Ball, 106 (Daly), 13 to 1, second;
Foxy Grandpa, 109 (Clark), 9 to 5, third.
Time, 1:35^. Trapsetter, Pencil Me,
Young Marlow, Harlem Sailor and
Gyros finished as named.
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth,
selling— Briers, 107 (Davis), 8 to 5, won;
Modicum, 101 (Wright, 7 to 1, second;
Anvil, 102 (Fountain), 18 to 5, third.
Time, 1:56%. Estoy Llsto, Dungannon
and H. P. Kane finished as named.
Fifth race, five and a half furlongs,
selling— Bell Reed, 101 (Jones), 6 to 5,
won; Platt, 99 (Mcßride, 5 to 2, second;
Whoa Bill, 106, (Alarie), 23 to 5, third.
Time, 1:12. Golden Idol, Flo Manola
and Lady Bimbo finished as named.
Sixth race, seven furlongs, handicap
— Ishlana, 107 (Mcßride), even, won;
Major Tenny, 103 (Bell), 7 to 1, second;
Venetor, 114 (Michaels), 11 to 5, third.
Time, 1:32%. Judge Denton and M. A.
Powell finished as named.
New Orleans Winners
By Associated Press.
NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 3.— Results:
Five and a half furlongs—Conten
tious won; Mary McCafferty second;
Bagerly third. Time, 1:07 4-5.
One milo— Tootsey Mack won; Dales
man second; Evelyn Klnsey third.
Time, 1:43 1-5.
One mile— Death won; Mezzo second;
Wreath of Ivy third. Time, 1:43.
Six furlongs— Song and Dance won;
Lernsrod second; Ranger third. Time,
Three and a half furlongs — Anonydne
won; Reuben second; Young Lighter
third. Time, :42 4-5.
Mile and one eighth — Exclamation
won; Gravina second; Homestead third.
Time, 1:55 4-5.
Bad Weather at bssex
By Associated Press
HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Feb. 3.— On ac
count of the Inclement weather and
poor condition*' of the track, the races
at Essex park were postponed until to
morrow and the entries stand.
High School Boys Win
The basket ball team of the Los An
geles high school defeated the Normal
team at the Normal gymnasium last
evening by the score of 21 to l*:-' The
game was fast and Bnappy throughout
and both teams displayed good form.
The line-up wus as follows: High
school— Forwards, Johnson and S.
Mitchell; center, M. Mitchell; guards,
Cortelyou and Hussey. Normal—For
wards, Doyle and Kuehney; center,
Shoup, guards, Landez and Morton.
Three Thousand for Welcome Mack
William A. Clark, Jr., has offered E.
J. Delorey J3OOO for his brown gelding
that broke the Southern California
record for the mile pace during last
Saturday's matinee at Agricultural
park. Clark has been disappointed
with Master Delmar and Is determined
to secure a faster footer for the next
matinee of the club to be held Febru
ary 25. Welcome Mack now. holds
the Southern California record of
Bowling Results on Mackenzie's Alleys
On Mackenzie's alleys lust evening
In the JartleH' championship tournament
Mrs. Mack defeated Mrs. Knox four
games of the series by a score of 815 to
In the trio tournament the Mercan
tile defeated the T. H. P.'s four games
of the aeries by a\ score of 2858 t^ 2636.
A UI'AIUNTI'iKU <!UKK Hill I'll.lM
Itching. Blind. U'.mMliik or Protruding Plica.
Your druKgUt wi'l refund money If faig Otnt
mint (all* la cur* you 1» I to 11 <J»y». W cent*.
First race, hurdles, handicap, one and
one quarter mllea.
339 Nttmte (Tennes) 175
325 Grafter (BinAlnffAme) 140
337 Dr. Long (Tanner) 135
278 Crosby (F. B. Jones) 1M
337 Col. Ballantyne (Ronaldson). 125
340 r:,i Lnnlgan (Marshall) 121
343 Dr. Clark (Schawacker) 125
361 Louwelsea (Frnytlng) 125
Second race, ■elllng, Slauson coump.
388 Etrellada (Itrewer) 105
363 Nullah (MrKtnzle) 105
304 Ocyrohe (Coffee) *101
354 Our Pride (McNeil) *Wi
3A2 Dorice (Denny) 101
338 Mammon (Anderson) *100
352 Rose of 11110 (Ellerd) »10n
152 Miss Provo (Citrus Stable) .. »9S
368 Punctilio (Donaleche) *9i
3.". Rloeful (Olnssock) •»:)
318 Crlgll (Polk) .'.... *96
363 Erlcula (Summerflekl) '96
Third race, San Pedro selling stake 1 !,
$1250 ndded, one mile.
330 Requiter (Wllllaini) 110
359 Tim Payne (Wernberg) »109
359 Fustian (Anderson) *97
358 Blissful (Bonsack) *97
... The Lady Roheala *fli
339 Glisten (Schnutt) *94
Fourth race, purse, six furlongs.
359 Ora Viva (Henshall) 105
351 Arabo (Price) 10.'.
(334) Delagoa (Wernberg) 100
321 Cigar Lighter (Miller) 91
347 La Londe (Barbee) 83
Fifth race, selling, Slauson course.
317 Cerro Santa (Jones) 115
... E. M. Brattaln (Miller) 115
... Orntor 110
... Beautiful nnd Best (Bondy). 107
345 St. Wlnlfrlde (Schuwacker).. 107
363 Edinborough (Price) "107
(156) Rodolfo (Davis) »105
353 Dod Anderson (P. Murphy).. »104
355 Happy Chappy (Marks) *104
317 Durbur (Curl) *9S
Sixth race, selling, one mile and sev
ety yards.
358 Bugle Horn (Hobart) *103
358 Ralph Toung (Schawacker) .. *102
330 Dutiful (P. Murphy) MOO
348 Bessie Wellfly (Pelter) *99
(340) Iras (Durker) »99
<356) Freeslns (Wernberg) *94
•Apprentice allowance.
Two Thousand Members Expected to
Gather at Playa del Rey
Special to The Herald.
OCEAN PARK, Feb. 3.— Considering
the Inclement weather the social given
at the Baptist church last night by the
Ladles' society .was quite a success.
Since Rev. Jenkins assumed the pas
torate the church has advanced rapidly
and continues to grow.
It is expected that fully two thous
and Masons and their friends will at
tend the monster celebration to be
held at Playa del Rey on February 16.
Hollywood' lodge No. 355, F. and A., has
preliminary details of the meeting In
charge and Fred S. Bynon, master of
the lodge, is chairman of arrangements.
Members of the order from every town
in this section of the state have sig
nified their intention of being present.
Mrs. Belle Lemmon, president of the
Village Improvement. society, announces
an exceptionally strong program for the
next meeting, which occurs in Klnney
hall at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon.
Perhaps by a strong program Mrs.
Lernmon means that the society will
discuss the question of the outfall
sewer or the condition of South Sec
ond street. Then again, it may be
"ways and means" will be suggested
as to the disposal of Santa Monica's
garbage. Ocean Parkltes await with
much interest further particulars.-
In recognition of their twelfth wed
ding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. R. R.
Tanner entertained a large number oC
friends at their beautiful Fourth street
residence last evening. Among those
present were: Mr. and Mrs. Fred IT.
Tart, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Eckert, Mr.
and Mrs. George F. Doty, Mr. and Mrs.
A. I). Hawes, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Tul
lis, Mr, and Mrs. S. "W. Odell, Mrs.
L. E. Hubbell and Miss Charlena
Welsh of Santa Monica; Miss Viola
Smith and Miss Bessie Smith of Ocean
Park and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Dlmmler,
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Dexter, Mrs.
CJeorge Conklln, Mrs. Etta Myers, M 193
Anna F. Keller, Mr. Alva Odell and
Mr. Elliott L. Whittington of Los An
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Me.
Lemon Passes Away
Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock oc
curred the death oC Helen K. Holmes
at 147 East Avenue 56, after a long Ill
ness. She was the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. McLernon, and came here
from Chicago more j than a year ago.
The young woman was 19 years of age.
The funeral will be from the residence
Sunday at 2 o'clock.
Funeral Held at Hollywood
Special to The Herald.
HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 3.— lrma Mar
guerite, the 16-year-old daughter of
W. D. Campbell, general Los Angeles
agent of the Chicago and Northwest
ern lines, died of meningitis last even-
Ing at the family home on the corner
of Rose and Highland avenues.
The funeral was held this afternoon
from the residence. Interment being at
the . Hollywood cemetery. The floral
offerings were especially beautiful.
The deceased leaves father, mother,
three sisters and a brother.
Today marked the completion of th*
upper floors of the new addition of
Hotel Hollywood, every room both in
the old and new part being filled. The
lower floor will be completed in a short
Chung. In Schedule
On and after Saturday, February 4th, the
Bait Lake Koute train, which ha* heretofore
left l.ua Angeles (or Long Beach and Bun
Pedro at 6:00 p. m. will loava at 4:45 p. m.
dally, making connection with Catalliia
steamer on Saturday only. The train which
now l«av«g ban Pedro at 6:10 p. in. dally
will leave on and after February 4th at 6:15
p. in. and arrive In !<<■• Augelet at 1:30 p. m.,
making dully connection with attauiir (row
CaUllua. .
According to Agreement With the
National Commission the Two
Stars Remain In Los
With the first combat on the Chutes
park diamond between the Chicago
Nationals and the Seraphic stick wleld
ers but a month distant local followers
of the game nre beginning to speculate
on the probable strength and person
nel of the Los Angeles team for the
approaching season. Mique Fisher
has complacently announced that he
will encounter no Insurmountable
obstacle In his sprint for the champion
ship bunting and that Los Angeles
loses Newton and Chase, Oakland be
ing also deprived of the services of
Buchanan, he does not see why his
predictions should be considered pre
mature or unduly optimistic.
But the fates may have a disappoint
ing awakening at hand for the seer of
Tacoma town in connection with his
calculations resulting from the enforced
Journey of Messrs. Newton and Chase
to foreign parts. It will be remem
bered that the agreement entered Into
between the Pacific Coast league and
the National commission emphatically
stated that players could not be, drafted
from the minor leagues before the first
of November. This clause in the re
sults of the arbitration committees' de
liberations was subject to no modify
ing clause and the representatives of
the major leagues did not hesitate
over its insertion In the articles govern
ing the future relations between the
majors and minors.
Manager Morley's Stand
This restriction as to the time of the
members of the National association
exercising their prerogative of securing
promising sphere chasers from the
minor leagues is to permit the mana
ger of clubs whose men are to be
drafted to secure terms more advanta
geous than would be the case were the
inroads of the majors unrestricted.
Manager Morley contends that as Doc
Newton and Hal Chase were drafted
to the New York American league
club in October the draft- is void and
cannot be binding, inasmuch as It
is in direct violation of the articles of
agreement now in force. Morley main
tains that Newton and Chase will re
main In Los Angeles next season if
justice is done and that the New York
American club holds no valid claims
upon their services. James has been
penning divers weighty missives to
President Bert and other notables who
are numbered among the occupants
of the seats of the mighty in baseball
affairs.' But these determined efforts
upon the part of the manager of the
Los Angeles club have been hardly
productive of. the desired results, and
James F. waxes pessimistic when he
discusses the possibility of retaining
possession of the big southpaw and the
infant wonder from Santa Clara,
Bert Will Act •_
President Bert evidently recognizes
the. injustice that will be done to Los
Angeles club if Newton and Chase are
compelled to hie eastward, and has ex
pressed the desire of going over the
matter exhaustively and giving it the
attention it deserves. Bert has never
seemed greatly desirous of safeguard
ing the fortunes of the Los Angeles
team and his promises are regarded
dubiously by local fandom.\ If he is
sincere 'in his effort to adjust the con»
. troversy with the National commis
sion, and the matter are willing to abide
by the agreement there can . be only
one possible result and that will be
shown Eustace Newton, M. D., and
Hal Chase appearing in Seraphic uni
forms during next season's hostilities.
But the management of the New
York Americans have experienced an
overpowering "feeling" for both Chase
and Newton and that they will not
abandon their attempts to lure both
men to Manhattan la hardly jto be
doubted. Chase is known to have a
yearning for big league activity, but
the medical gentleman with the salary
arm has no intention of traveling to
the other side of the Rockies unless he
be urged along with the big stick.
In company with "Kitty" Brashear
Newton has been taking the waters at
a health resort In the viirfnity of Los
Angeles. But it must not be Inferred
that strong "waters" are meant in this
connection. Their dissipation has been
confined to mud baths and various
other treatments that are restful and
soothing to the tired ball players'
nerves. Since his return from the
Springs Brashear has confided, under
the solemn promise of secrecy, that he
became acquainted with a nameless
wayfarer while on his vacation Jaunt
of great eloquence and persuasiveness,
and that he has now become convinced
that a ball player's mental state has
much to do with his success upon the
diamond. In other words Brashear
has taken up the study of mental sci
ence as a consequence of his commun
ing with the stranger and predicts with
great gusto that he will profit mater,
tally thereby and bat well over .600 next
season. But Newton still clings to the
good old way and believes that Bra
shear will soon recognize the futility of
endeavoring to substitute mental cul
tivation for a good batting arm. And
who knows but Doo Is right?
Chicago National's Dates
As usual the Chicago National* have
planned the most elaborate training
program of any' of the eastern clubs.
Chicago has latterly topped the country
In Its spring schedule and this season
Catarrh Is Not a
Catarrh makes a man rMlculou* — It nmkn
him nn offensive nuisance and It makea him
dangerously sick. It Is pretty sure to bring'
on consumption, pneumonia or at least a
throat affection. Tou cannot afford either,
cold or catarrh, or ourn a headache In II)
mlnutea. Don't hawk and spit and disgust
yotir friends, but cure yourself by the use of
this remedy. 1
Dr. Agnew'n Ointment relleT««
r«'»<Mim In it dny, tUit.
RnM by Bun Drug C.n, nnrt Oft Drug Cn.
Is to be no exception. It Is another
California excursion with the usual
side trips. Twenty-two men will ba
brought west so that two nines can be
made up. Dr. Jimmy Casey will have
(■harge of the second team, having
acted In this capacity before and al
ways handling the Colts to the satisfac*
tion of the club management. The
team will leave Chicago February 25,
spending the entire month of March In
California, the return being made by
easy stages, as last spring. The first
game will be played In Los Angeles
with the Morleyltes on March 4 nnd
another on the following dny. The
lnst two games will be played on the
11th and 12th, which are Saturdays and
Sundays, the Intervening time up' to
March 16 being spent in practice at
Santa Monica. Games will be played
at San Francisco and Fresno and pos
sibly at Tacoma, but It is hardly prob
able that the team will go farther
north than San Francisco.
Penmanship Artist Causes Arrest ot
J. W. Thurber on Charge of
Carrying Weapons
J. W. Thurber, living at a rooming
house on Spring street, near Fifth, was
arrested last night and taken to the
police station on a charge of carrying
concealed weapons. He furnished .the
required ball of $50 and his trial Is
set for today.
An hour before Thurber's arrest a
penmanship artist named Osterman,
who occupies a booth in the vicinity of
the Pacific Electric building, appeared
at the police station and said his Ufa
had been threatened by one answering
Thurber's description.
Osterman said he had tipped his hat
to a woman, who accompanied tho
man, when he saw her on South
Spring street, whereupon her escort
turned about and severely pummelled
him. Osterman accompanied an officer
to the scene of the affray, but when
Thurber was arrested Osterman de
clined to make any charges.
Wyatt Incorporates in San Diego
By Associated Press.
SAN DIEGO, Feb. 3.— Articles of In
corporation of the Wyatt Theater com
pany have been filed here. The com
pany will erect and maintain a thea
ter In this city. . There are seven'di
rectors, of whom H. C. ' Wyatt of Los
Angeles is one, and the capitalization
is $100,000.
Have been suffering from Impure Blood
for many years, having Boils and other
Eruptions. Having heard of S. S. S. I de-
cided to try it, and am glad to say that it
has done me a great deal of good. I intend
to continue to use it, as I believe it to be
'the best Blood Medicine on the market.
Cleveland, Term. W. K. DETERS. ,
For over fifteen years I have suffered
more or less from Impure Blood. About a
year ago I had a boil appear on my leg
below the knee, which was followed by
three more on my neck. I saw S. S. S. .
advertised and decided to try it. After
taking three bottles all Boils disappeared
and I have not been troubled any since.
Geo. G. Fbrtig. , : .
114 W. Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky.
. Newark, Ohio, May 23, 1903./.:
From childhood I jhad been bothered
with bad blood, skin eruptions and boils. '
I had boils ranging from five to twenty in
number each 6eason. The burning ac-
companying the eruption ' was ' terrible.
S. S. S. seemed to be just the medicine
needed in my case. It drove out all impu-
rities and bad blood, giving me perma- ■
nent relief. from the skin eruption and
boils. This has been ten years ago, and I
have never had a return of the disease.* '
Mrs. J. D. Athbrton. ■
Sggm^ jggli. Write for. our
Ml book on blood and
1§ In formation about
IIH 1^ Jjf your case will cost
The Swift Speolflo Company, Atlanta, 6a>
f ' ■■ ■■ "^
Arrival of robei and blanketa. We doubt
If there are any two combined stocks of
these article! In Loa Angele* equal to oura
In quantity or assortmept. Every chance
la favor of your getting just what you
want. We buy them at the right prlcei
and give our customer, the benefit of It.
See ua for robes, , blankets, whlpn, cba-
mola ami juoukuh. HRJH
V^ Broadway and Hfth ..J •
«»» A/\f\ I* th. wont dlseas.
Hi 111 111 °" <""">' ?" th.
I 1 I*IIIf 1# . eaaleat to our. WHKN
m ' •» mm YOU KNOW WHAT
hair, lions pains, catarrh, and don't know It la
IiI.OOO I'OIHON. Html to DR. BROWN, 935
Aivh Ht., Philadelphia. I'eiin., for HltoWN'ri
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mouth, Bulil lv Laj» An«»l*a only by Owl Drug

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