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rmPtNKSS COLt.teQB. mt
IfjgfiY W. R»venth. B-niitlful horn*
f£SSfff mirroiindlngs. n«y "id »venln*
F. BhO'WNBBERqE'R. But'tncM Manager. '
■ SO9 Sr lIHI St. HlnMrated OUlogn*.
tm s oir*HO /ivf. , tos AHccLra. cal.
UABLK BCHOOfr. Nlaht ssaslons. til W. IP.
Girls* Collegiate School
Adams nnd Hoover tits. "(V.S.V 111; itOSAS."
Beaotlfnl home and thorough school. Mlsa
ramom, MUa Pennon. Prl.irlpala.
The College of Fine Arts U. S. C.
Is at beautiful' Qarvanza. Piilnlinic, Sculp-
ture, Designing, Illustrating, Architectural
Pranlng. Art Pottery, Metal Work.
'';;■;■■; '''■'. , ! ,r. a. rowan. & co.,
1 . 200 H. W. HELLMAN BLDQ.
■'■■' ■" ' - ' - '
; '■' ■ Rental Department,
I* '! .'. ITnfurnlahrd Cottngra.
. $20 — 5 rooms. Sunset blvd. (new).
123 — 6 rooms, Boston st. (new). •■
; $30— S rooms, near 17th and Union (new).
130—6 rooms, nr. 11th and Trenton (new). '
. . *.S :'.: '. •■■■ ■' ■■ '- Flats.
$■16-^4 rooms. 158 H N. Beaudry (new).
• 122—5 rooms, Santee st (new).
' 156 — S roams, North Hope st (new).
SlB —^4 rooms, Bonnie Bras st.
,> - R. E. FBKF.TSON & CO., ■'
. ■■>■■ :•■ - *» ■ . 316 TRUST BUILDING.
'■:.'■'■ ■.' .- Flats" .- '. . •'"
110—3 rooms, 204 N. Fremont.
112—3 rooms, 112 N. Fremont.
118—3 rooms. 834 S. Flgueroa. ■.-.-'• ■••".•it
112-4 rooms. SID N. Flgneroa, •- >•■ • •
i MS— 3 rooms, '834 8. Figueros, furnished; ' '
. W6-S rooms. 1018 W. : First,"
?18i-8 rooms, 204 N. Fremont, furnished.
JlB— B rooms, 218 N. -Fremont, furnished.
120-8 rooms; 3SO South Flgueroa.
;.- ■ ■ WIESENDANGER. 221_La,ughlln_JBldg.
:. ;'!(•• Furnished Flats ; '■
I 1
Completely furnished' tor housekeeping;
new; ''«as -range, bath, phone; close • In.
334 B. FIGUEitOA. Also 204 N. FRE-
MONT. ■• ■ . ■
.nlshed, new, .elegant. In new building;
housekeeping: phone, bath, gas range. 218
■'■■••" :-."; ,-.\ Furnished Rooms '
Dished, new. housekeeping,* ln new bulld-
213 NORTH FREMONT. Phono Black 116.
>:■.''■ ::• .. st ° r es and Offices
dow. 2U WESTSK<»NT> HT. - '
_^ " storage"
Fire-proof open storajo : or separate locked
rooms; experienced packers at one-third less
than ethers. 415-17-19 SaN PEDRO ST. Main
i efnee, 822-24 S, MAIN. Phones: Home 2164;
- R. w. poiNDjEXTEiiriioF»vTL"cox~BtJi?a>^
I 1 ING, deals in slocks, bonds, mortgages.
.Flrst-claas securities only. If you want
to. lend or borrow money, or transact any
business requiring a financial agent; call on
■ or write to me. Highest references given.
' £V: . . ; PERSONAL* ;;
' JlVe Intellectual, quiet, religious working
woman, tlrsd of being alone and would like
to marry; no divorced. Address Si D, R.,
; Herald office. . ■ .-■ ■ . -
With a new and complete stock of tconils.
. Will be Kla'l to see all old and new cus-
'to.m^rs. ■ Uni hrol Ihb re-cuvorp'l. '
i SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1906.
Kaloraraa Land Co. lo Amelia J. CorkM—
Lot £Sg. Grider & Hamilton's Hose Hill ....5117
, Aurelia J. Corker to John 0. ttclff— Lot 2KB,
.' ■ The.' McCarthy Co.'-'to Norman are'eii— Lots
66 9 and W. 'block A, McCarthy subdivision
2, -Pasadena Park tract ....■ ; $10
. Maud R. Warren and J. CJ, Warren to Grace
B. ■ Plnney— Part lot 23, block 27 of 'south >,4
'■■of. AVett End University addition ...'.'.' $10
Fielding H.. Gibson to Charles !•:. Gldley
,l>)t »,F. W. Gibson tract $10
,T. Q. AT. Co. to Wiiliclin Werner— Lots 20
and 21. Edendale tract .310
, I Wilhelm AV'erner and Antoinette Werner to
T. G. & T Cw-Lots 20 and 21, Udendale tr JlO
J. M. Ht'iitiy -mid Jennie It. licatty to El
bane L. Oowen— Lot H. block 45, Pomona ....'slo
• I'!.. J. .'Baldwin to Kmll W, Selbach— Lot 1,
hlook 3. . !■:. J, Ha Id win's add to Xl Monte $10
John 8. Palmer to Helen U. Renwlck— l^ot 13,
block 38, Cluremont i ;,.,stioo
J;avld )'. Harrows, Anna ri. Harrows and
Charlotte C. Harrows to Mrs. H. O. Hen wick -
Lots Jl and 13. block 3D, Claremont $600
. ■ Helen Q. Ucnwlck iv John S. Palmer— Same
property ...'. $M 0
'Harold C. Dewey to Jennie R. Beatty— Lot 6,
block B, subdivision of north 10 acres of liur-
Imnk tract '. $10
11. E. Bwr, .Kltgaheih 11. Herr ami 11. George
Heer'ni City of L. A.-Ptrt lot 7, block 11,
Moore & Hellehers subdivision $750
■ Stephen Townsend, Anna M. Townsend, F. E.
Robinson and Minnie A. Robinson to George
11, Pf elite r— Lot 7, block 6, Towmtend & Rob-
Inaon' tract ■ $14
Dr. Max Adler and ' Mrs. Farnie Adlrr to Mm.
Ida Ltluivlta-Lol 1">, block 4, K\cv. Hy. Hstd.
A«*n. ..'. ;....,....,. $10
■K. W. Klllott and Tlifrlstm U. Klllott lo Anna
N. Gibson- Lot 4, Whltley 1111 l tract No. .1 $10
. John William Aykroyil »nd Clara M. A>k.
' royd 16- O. •J. Btieph«rd-Lot I and part lot t.
■ blo/rk ', South WpoUlawn „...,., $10
y»uta Mon lra, U & \V. Co. to Austin K.
CliamberUlii-Uit H, block 29, Artealan trt I LO
>: C U. iii'ovt'u and .Murllm Uruwu to I>olll« A.
Crnnk— r«Tt Mnok SM, r*fitat of »nthw»»t part
of imrifwond 119
' Herman M. fVhro»t*r to r. W, Allfh—Aftr*
ment t» convey lot 13. Mock 4, Adafti* Btr»»t
Homwitead tract ". ■ ". $4rt"«
William H. Warren and Rebecca, M. Warrtn
to Klfr»da r. Bvana-Part lot t, Mock A,
Mnreno Vineyard tract in
W. B. Tyler «nd Kdna, M. Tyler tn P«mu»l
I*uterh«eh-P»rt lot* M and 27, Culvers Ro*
htiry Park tract $10
Tim RMh*M« Preshyterl* Church nt I/sa
Ainrelea to Union TmiM Vn. of I/« Ann#]M—
I^it at «outhwi»«t corner Ninth Mreet and Cen
tral avmue, $10
flara W. Hunker to William in,
hlnrk U, Rlec. Ry. H»td. Awn »lIXW
Prudential Inv. Co, to B«rlhA U Radrrr
!.ot 3<t, Snn»cet Park tract »10
M. U Wlrka to 11. H. Welch-Undivided <i
Interest In lot 4. Kdgemont $31,000
KtlMbeth <". TMvlea to ,tennl« V. Ward— Lots
2 4 and «, block 2, Creorent BUT tract $19
Hen K. .Ward and ,I*nn(* 6, Ward to KH*a
beth C Davlea— rart lota 14 and IS, RMondalei
part lnts 24'<4 and Vi%. Bowker'a addition to
Ellenrtale Placo 110
.1. P. Kiemlna; and M.. K. Fleming to t,. K.
Ptumpn— 50 dcrw t mot tiounrtftrt on noi*th by
landa now or formerly of John tiannUi on *ast
by county road leading from L. A. to Dow
ney; #te $10
.Tames Theodore Miller and ItuMa H. Miller
to Edwin ,r. Orant-Part lota 12 and i», sub
division of block 74, O. ft ....11l
Edwin ,T. nrant to Mary E, WMp— Sa/n«
property .., $10
M. F. n'Dea to Margaret A. Harvey— Lot
122. Wlmiendanfter's Pnnih End tract .$lO
Alan (lnriin»r and .Ada K. CJardner t« Glenn
.!. Perkins— lx>ta 7 and », block 1, A. Gardner*
tract : $10
fnm* lo ,T. V. Atherten— liOta 4 and S. block
4, aamit „'. >' $10
flame to Tbnm. HiMmn- i/>t (1. hik 1, name $14
Pame.to K. Charlotte McCullough and Rilxa
bet X.. Kmidsnn— lrfjt «, hlofik 4. same $19
Kninf to Jane C Orr— tyit I, blork 3, aame $ID
flame to Mr*, i.nile Melkiejohn, RlluihMh
Thomwin and Catherine Meldrtim — Ixiln 1 2 and
4, block 8, same $19
Same to I^lla B. Elliott and Georgia O.
niarkvroml-Lota t and t, blork 1, lot .1 block
4, and lot n. block 3, same tract .$lO
Same to Margaret J. Hover— Lot 1, block' 4.
and lota 4 and B, block 1, aame $10
Pfimc to Margaaet J. H»ver-l,ot 3, Mock 4.
same $10
Ella Morrison to John I* Schroeder— Lot IS,
Went End Heights $10
Knrrest W. Taylor and Sarah Taylor to Re
herra C. Dunlop Oaborn— Lot 8, block 20, L. A.
Imp. f'o.'K subdivision , $10
("olln Stewart and Annie R. Stewart to
Mnrylnnri Hotel Co.— Lots.l 2 and 3. of auh
division of. lot 10, block C, San Pasqual tr $10
Henry 0, Royer and Lucy E. Royer to t,u
clnrla Cams— Pt lota « and 7. Stele Ranch $.1000
W. H. Workman. Maria TO.' Workman, 11. W.
Keller and M. A. Keller to William Edward
Smith— Lot B, block N, Workman Park tract $10
John B. Ty>omls and Rhoda E. I-oomls to
Irene M. Denlson-Lot 1. block A, Menio Park
tract subdivision No. 1 $10
V. T. * R. Co. to Anna. Tails E»ternau*-r
Reconveyancp of trust property ..'
C. J. Heyler and Carrie H. Heyier to S. M.
Thomas— l<ot 7, block R. Dessnoyera tract $10
8. M. Thomas to Charles M. O'Leary— Lot 13.
Daly tract $10
Zoe J. Swys;art to Sugene L Fhelpa, mnr
rled-1,0l 42. Relda addition $10
Same to sam« — I/it 37. same $10
W. A. Poiklnghorn and Ida M. Polklnghorn
to Oorge Lafayette Chapman— ljOt. 69, Btrong
ft Dickinsons AVnnrllnwn tract $10
H. Nndeau to C. C. Keliam-Part 117-534 acre
tract in Ro Tas Clenegas allotted to Jean
Marie Molle by decree In case No. 8«n 810
C.-f!. Kellam to Crenshaw Trust and Realty
company of Lo« Angeles— Snme as above.... slo
A. P. Chlpron, Belle W. Chlpron, F. •D.
Chlpron and Minnie Chlfiron to M. L. Lee and
A. F. Webster— Part lots 11 and 10, . block 4.
Pryor tract '..: .' $10
Alfred F. /Webster, Anna W. Webster and
M. L. T.co fwldow) to Lilt S. Gulrado and
Margarita S. Qulrado— Part block 4. Prior
tract ". .:..$lO
Mrs. Fannie M. Smith to. George H. Helgold—
Lot 41. Loiiffheed'a subdivision $10
Clarence K. Crutchfleld, Benjamin F. Crutch
fleld and Mary r. Crutchfleld to Georglana
Suttcn-I>it fl, block 11; Garvanza.. $1700
A. Fred Meyer to Allen Jones-Part lot 19,
Mock 4, Sanchez tract, tract of land .between,
part of said lot 10 and north line of First
street $10
Allen Jones to John A. Forthman and John
J. Tlergin— Same as above $10
Nellie Wiley to U. S. House-Lot 67, Orange
heights $10
.Teesle Joncx and MV Henrietta Jones to
Katherlne Brren— Lot 17. Florida tract $10
I^iulse i Clawsorj to William P. Grorlen and
MHttle Oronen— Lot 1«, Clawson Villa tract..slo
Gertrude M. Gerrett and Edith A. Gerrett to
Rohert G: Brown— Lot 7, = Bauer tract $1000
V 7. E. Tyler and Edna M. Tyler to Fannie
Brlggs and Guy M. Brlggs— Lots , T and 8,
block 28, C. V. Hair tract..... $10
David G. Alsop and Margaretta S. Alsop to
H. t. Stuart— Part division A. subdivision of
landa of S. «. 0.. G, association $25,000
S. D. Barnes and Hattle A. Barnes to Albert
Tj. Bradley— Lot 2, block 3, L. J. Rose's sub
division of Lamanda park $1400
Thomas L. de Coudres and Alice G. de
Coudres to G. U Junod-Part lot 1, block 8
Long Beach $10
Same to same-Part lot 1, block S Long
Beach , $10
Ida E. Carney and Daniel C- Carney to A. J.
Werner— Lot 5. block G. West ' Los Anseles..slo
Leora Brock (formerly Leora Smith) to Don
W. Carlton— Lot 18, block E. Thomas tract.. slo
Don W. Carlton to F. G. Schumacher— Lot
18, block E, Thomas tract..-.. $10
John A. Aldritt, P. W. Croake antl William
F. Mcfann to Ramon Monclua-Lot 1. Croake
& McCann's Gem of H011yw00d... ....'.. ...'..51000
Home Investment company of Pasadena to
Ada P. Olmstead-Lot 3, Mrs. M. A. Bartletfs
subdivision '. \slo
E. M. Mlllsap and Flora Mlllsap to L.' M.
Orliier and E. E. Hamilton— Lot U. block C,
Orliler & Hamilton's . subdivision of Vernon
park .'." 1..: $10
L. M. Grider, Zora A. Grider, E. E. Hamil
ton and I. B. Hamilton to D. Q. Travis— Lot
24. block C, same $10
Euphoslne Brossmer to Anna . Lee — Lot 9.
block B. G. Cummlng's subdivision $10
Mrs. Chrißtlne Thompson to Miss Frances
Bradley-Lot 12, block 3, Highland tract $10
J. C. Hlatt and Esther Hyatt to Charity E.
Way— Lot 10, J. C. Hlatt's College Vill^
tract : ....$1»
Peter HhucK to Mrw. Pfnt-jyflir^t OHklcy"™*l^ot S (
blnck'ls. I^a Paloma addition $10
S. N. Curry and Frankle E. Curry to F. M.
Slmpßon— Part lot 28, block M, Treat lios
Antreles .'....'. '..'.:.. 1»W
Harold C. Dewey to Charles E. Tiffany— Lot
16. block A.Sumner, Reeves & Bassett's sub
division '.' ...:.»10
May Potter to Mrs. Jessie Greve — I-ot 72.
Oonnops* Biih*H vision of. Johdnns^n tmct *• • ( (Iflo
F. E. Stebblns to A. H. Emanuel— Part block
D, Painter * Ball tract : $10
Abbot Klnney company to Amelia Lovell—
Irt 1. block 3. Venice ofAmerlca traot $10
Mrs. Grant Thompson to Frank J\~ Cunning
ham-Lot 4, block G, Nadeau . Homestead
tract $200
Little C. Regnler and Julius Regnler to
Maria A. Heacock — Lotl«, block 6, Brearley
& Blnsabaugh tract $10
Mlttle 8. D. Parker to P. W. Parker — Lots
19, 20 and 21, block 68, Glendale '..$lO
Title Guarantee and Trust company to
S M. Barrett— Part lot 6, block. 6, South
Woodlawn $10
John Wuslch to Martin Wuslch — Lot 246,
M. L. Wicks subdivision of South & Porter
land $10
Joseph Klatscher and Ruste Klatscher to
Rose Louise Black — Lot 14, block F, Fitz
gerald tract $10
George W. Gross to Frederick W. Gross —
Lot 2, block A, Moreno Vineyard tract. .. .$lO
Title Guarantee and Trust company to
Agnes K. Dlnsmoor— Lot -2, Normandle Ave
nue, tract .«•' .' $342
Arthur C. Cordlner and Melisaa ' Annie
Cordlner to Waldo M. York— Lot 1. Vlgus
resubdlvlslon $8000
Hollywood Cemetery association and Cal
ifornia bank, trustee, to L. .11. " Valentine—
Lot. 11. section 12, Hollywood cemetory . .$2lB
Tltln Insurance and Trust oompany to
Ocean Park Heights Land and Water com
pany — ]>art of 648.42-acre tract of land In
Uuncho La Bullona allotted .to Onorge Ad
d-on Banfurd , $10
Title Insurance and Trust company to
Victoria 8. - Traa,k— Part lot S, block 17. Ord
survey .$120,000
Los Angeles Sugar company to J. Wood
Porter — Lota 39 and 80, block 27, and lot
19, block 29, Tlerra Bonlta Colony $10
aeorge 8. Smith and Lillian. A.- Smith to
Paul 11. Muskat— Part lots 23 and 23. block
I, Wsat Loa Angele $10
Bessie K. -liliitun to Lula N. Uinton — Lot
220 and part lot 219 of east 12,000 acres of
south half of Rancho San Fernando Ex Mis
sion »«"0
Frank R. Strong and Pearl Strong to Oscar
Iliinliiii— Lota 6 and 6, Daly & Mettler
tract $10
C. Q. Stanton and Ida D. Htanton to Jen
nie C. Long — Lot ». Angelus tract $10
Mrs. Mattia "■:. Means to Mrs. Emma C.
Prentlss — Lot 23, block 3', Strong * Dickin
son's Sixteenth and Washington Street
tract $8«t'O
W. J. Klngswell and Kate W. Klngswelt
to Ella B. Graham— Lot 10, block D, Edge
inont Terraoa tract $10
Mary 11.I 1 . King to Francis A, Alvarei — Lot
9, block 1, Uarvanta Land Company'! sub
division ••••> • HO
THle Guarantee and 'Trust company to B.
W. Towln— Lot 186, Edendale tract $10
Same to same— Lot 2(3, same $10
William H. Williams and Josephine Wil
liams to 11. W. Towle— Lot 16, unu $10
Alfred Urodell and Augusta iirotlvli to
same — Lot 181, same .; ; $10
W. J. Blackburn to J. O. Prentice— Part
section 6. township 1 south, rang* 8 west. slo
Lliile M. Hall to Wade W. Macy— Lot 7.
block 37, Oarvanaa addition No. 1 ..$lO
M. L. Wicks to R. W. Polndexter— Lots
46, 411. s(i. 113 and 219, Kdemiale tract.. slo
Annie Buser and A. J. Bustr to Bdward
Sidney Mixire — Agreement to' convey ,part
lot 10, Edna. Park tract..,.-. ....1750
Emma H. Henderson andjame,* Hender
son to W«»l'*y. Clark 'and, K. P. Ilryau— Lut
t and part lot «. Clark A Bryan'* W«*t
moreland tract $10
Manhattan B*ach company to Margaret J.
Beach ,T. ' ?' '. »1«
Rama to n«m<- — r,otf 1, t, I and 4, Monk
(I, Manhattan R»«ch division No. 3 $10
Title. Insurance and Trust company to
3mn B. Bernard — I,ot 142, flouth tar* Av»
mic Home tract No. 2 $10
Charles feaw to 'Rebeec-a C. Pease— Tjot*
tt and its, Brlawalter tract $10
l.oi Ana-elea Realty syndicate to Rebecca
C. f'eane -r.nt t, block %, RI ontrn tract. $1(1
John M. C. Rehftrst and Au*ustl« Rrhnrat
t4 11-nry R. Adams— I,ot it, K. N. Pietcher
tract • $10
Aramlntha. Hurt to Leila. Mart— l.<n !2,
Harrinon'a nubdlvlalon $*
Asa Pi riero, Emma 1,. Here*. I*. <l.
Fornythe and Mary CForaythe to J. W. Me
Crlllls— r,ot 6, Plerc* fr, Forsythe tract.. slo
Kmma f,. Reynolds to Daniel Mcrray aj>d
Tannle McCrajf — Part -lot 2, block 16J, I,ontt
Beach •. $16
Raymond l.ybnr«er. Martha l.ybar(t»r, T.
W. Htavert and Mary K. fltavert to I-'. M.
Bthlohohm— Lota a and «, block 1, niount
tract No. 2 $10
O. 1,, lleartweii and Vlnnle K. Heartwell
to H, W. Marsh— Part lot 4, block 23, 1.,0n«
Beach . , $10
W. A. Caflln to Johh W. Har«hbar«ar —
Lot* 11, 14 and 17, block I, Perklna tract. slo
.?, A. Cook and Oatharfna Cook to 13. f.
Coons— Part Farm lot It, Alamltoa tract . .$lO
William Vam«y and Nattle A- Vnrn»y -to
Mrs. JeMla H«wltt— l,ot 2, block 14, Town-
Mnd A Robinson tract $10
Mra. F.llia. . Mayo and J. Mayo to Mra.
Jessi* Hewitt— Lrf)t 1, block 14, TownMnd *
Robinson tract . . . . , $10
Rollln R. Tepmley and Amanda A. Teem
ley to William O. Cowan and Thena <M.
Cowan — Lots 29 to 4R, Ransom Avemiis
tract if (•«( '..'.■ $10
F. C. Teomana and R. W. Yeoman* t0.1,0n«
Beach HonplMl association— Agreement to con
vey lota 11, 10. 11. 12 niifl v; Raratow tract. s26oo
Alamltns l,nnrt company to Mrs. Rose V.
Plilsbury-Part farm, lot 44. Alamllos tract. .llo
R. 111 C. Arm«(rMi(t and .1. l». Armitrons; to
Martha A. Beala— Lota 21), SO and ill, I .at limp
tract «700
Claude C. Luc«> and Ida M. Luce to Isabella
B. Sturdevant— Lot 14, 0. W, Hayes 1 r#sub
dlvlslnn $10
J. V. Hnrtow and Jane IS. Barlow to Llllle
V. Aver»ll-I^ot"17, Stewart ft Miilford^a sub
division $10
A. W. Mathewn and Rhoda B. Bathewa to
A. R. Rothrock-»I»t 23, block 25, Whlttler..sWo
Christopher C. Wright to \sonn Reach Water
company— Part farm lot 60, American Colony
tract 7. Jl
C. W, Hyatt to Mary.F. Crandeil-Part lot
18, block R. West I*>» Angeles $10
8. E. Beck to I,nnrn V. Beck-I«t 8, block
R. George Pnlton street 'tract '. $10
A. E. Pomeroy . and . Florence A. Pomeroy to
Mana U Bosley— Lot A, block 5, BlatA street
tract $10
Z. A. Towne and Bmma Towne to Oolden
State Really company— Lois 195 to 204, Karris
tract 1300
C. L. Bundy. Nellie Allen and John A.
Stanwood, Individuals and an triißten to
Frances T. Parker— lxit U. block J, Ocean
Park Villa tract., ■. ; .-.sl"
lieo and Helena. Farrar l*e to Mary M, Shaw—
Lot 48, Judaon tract, land In rear of ■ «ald
lot ...; $10
Ronalle I. I* Boutllller to Anna C. Oresjiirory
— I/)t 4. block 4. and lots 18 and 23, block S.
New Vernon tract .' $6.T0
John S.. Baker and Julia Baker to Dr. Mabel
L. Harris-Part section 33. 3 S., 11 W »600
W. W. Padrick and Katie H. Padripk to
Carrie flolllnger— ljot 4. Harhert * Butter
worth'i East Adams street tract $10
Entella M. Johnson to Susie Noble Cook—
Undivided one-half Interest In lot 21. block IT.
renubdlviiilon of part'of Densmore Villa lota. slo
Title Insurance and Trust company to James
A.. Eaton— Reconveyance of trust property
Title Tnsuranc© a.nd Trust company to MnKgle
V. Early-Ix>t 30, South Park, Avenue. Horn*
tract ' ..'. $M
I* Gully and Emily -Oully to Harriet A.
Edwards— Lot B, Gully tract $400
Louise E. Oowan to Rannells Land company
—Lot 33, block 38, Electric Railway llomPßtead
association tract: lots 23 and 24, block B; and
lots 25 and 26, block H, Dayton Heights
tract ..,.-. -..'.. 510
T. ,T, Magncr and Winifred F. Magnor to
Jefferson Seahorn— Lot 8. block Q, Menlo Park
tract subdivision No. 2... $10
C. Q. Stanton arid Ida D. Btanton to Julia
I. Peterson— Lota 16 and 17, Angciiix tract. ...slo
William B. Carroll to Noah Hollowell and
Stella Hoollowell— Agreement to oonvoy, lot
15. block 2. Fred L. Teen's subdivision.. ..SI7OO
B. F. Ball and Mary Ball to Alice F. Ball-
Part lot 1, B. F. Ball's Home p1ace.,..:.. ..510
Title Insurance, and Trust company to Julia
A. Cheadle-Lot 190, Central Avenue Home
tract ". ......$lO
John Lee to- Andrew Kltzman— Lot 13. Lee's
subdivision .< , I $10
Antone V. Sylva to Charles Nlcolal— Lot 17,
block 11. R. 7. Wilmington;. .,....-....; ..'.. i ..» 100
Huntington Lnnd and Improvement company
to William Opßourke-LotO p ßourke-Lot 5, block :J, Park
place *■...'..'.-... : : .V. ,;C-i. .. v . i<\~. '....'.. :;.::"• ...;"..^'.510
John B. Johnson to Ellen J. Gibson—Agree
ment .to convey, lot 87, Alvarado park
tract „ :...S2OOO
Barton W. Dancer and Bessie L. Dancer to
Frank T. Hoffman and Aiva L. Swarthout—
I<ots 12 and 13. K. J. nllldwln'a subdivision of
part of Ro. San Fran.clsqultn $10
Frances j. Palmer to W. H. Holmes— Lot 23.
block 3; Sanchez tract $4701)
Joseph Allen and Mary Jcsmip Allen to
Rorace R. Hoaklns— Lota 29 and 30, block 142,
Long Beach 810
J. B. Sexton and Adde Sexton to Oeorgo W.
Ramsey-Lot 349. .Alexander Welll tract. ..Jl6oo
C. L. Heartwell and Vlnnle E. Heartwell to
Grace L. Cook — Lot 8, block 8, Townsend ft
Robinson tract $600
James K. Crockett to C. B. Caplto— Part lot
36." Aurora tract, .- $10
C. K. Caplto and -Lulu F. Caplto to James K.
Cockroft— Lota 9, 10 and 11, block S, West
Adams nnd Jefferson streets tract ...$lO
Grand View Cemetery association to Mrs.
Eliza. Barnes— West one-half of lot 41, block
B, Grand View cemetery ;.J25
Earl J. Eckhart to Bessie M. Mills— Lot 11.
Wilson tract $10
George H. Heartwell to Ella a. Shelton— Lot
126, West End terrace. $10
Alfred Z. Taft and Blanche M. Taft to City
of Hollywood— Part. section 11, 1 8., 14 W $1
San Pedro Shipping
' SAN PEDRO. March *.
Steamer Vanguard, Eureka. ; .
Barkentlno Holllswood, San Francisco.
Schooner W. F. Harms, Blakely.
Schooner Kona, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Defiance, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Sarile, Umpqua.
Schooner Azalea, Eureka.
Steamer Samar. Ballard.
Barkentlne J. M. Griffith, Hadlock.
Bark Haydn Brown, Tacoma. .. ■
Schooner W. F. Jswett, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Alvena, Taccma. ■ • ; s >,•
Steamer Npmo <Mty, Portland.
Steamer Helen P. Drew, Greenwood.
Schooner Lucy, Umpqua.
' „.'■ ! Days out.
Ship Bangalore. Philadelphia 118
Ship Plndos, Hamburg 46
Schconer I.udlow, Hadlock is
Schooner Oceania, Vance, Gray's Harbor.... 11
Schooner Admiral, Everett •. 8
Schooner Polaris, Kverett 8
Schooner Wawona, Wllllpa 6
Schooner W. X. . Wltzeman, Gray's Harbor.. 6
Schooner Mahukuna, Portland 4
Schooner Stimson, Ballard ■ , G
Schooner Nokomls, Gray's ' Harbor 6
Steamer Cascade, Portland B
Schooner A. i\ Coats, Gray's Harbor '6
Schooner Philippine, Gray's Harbor 0
Steamer Coos Bay, San Francisco 4
Steamer Samoa, Caspar 3
Hteunor Centralla. Gray's Harbor 3
Steamer Northland, . Portland 1
Schooner Taurus, Ludlow 3
Schooner Alert, Belllngham 3
Schooner Commerce, Everett.
Schooner Columbia, Ballard.
Schooner Endeavor, Olympla. ..,:•:
Schooner J. W. Cllse, Everett.
Schooner J. 11. Bruce, Tacoma.
Schooner M. , Wlnklemnii, tlrnyij Harbor.
Barkentlne Makawelis, Mukllted
Schooner Prosper, Ballard.
Schooner Resolute, Beillncham.
Schooner Hnow & Burgsss, Ludlow..
Schooner Suuuel, Hadlock. ■. .; ■
Ship Glenerlcht, Hamburg.
Schooner Alice McDonald, Eureka.
Schooner Itonoipu, Portland.
Schooner Louise, Umpqua.
Schooner Dauntless, Orays Harbor.
Steamer Bee. Portland.
Schooner Compear, Muklltto.
Schooner Sangor, Graya Harbor.
Barkentlne C. F. Crocker, Port Townsend
Bohooner Caroline, Umpqua.
Schooner Dora Bluhm, Eureka.
Steamsr MarahHeld, Hardy Creek,
Schooner Susie Plummer, Kverett.
Barkentlne Jam«s Johnson, Portland.
Schooner Alpha. Walapa.
Schooner Arcus, Grays Harbor.
Steamer Norwood, Grays Harbor.
Schooner O. J. Olson. Ballard.
Schooner B. J. Alexander, Columbia. ■
' Redondo Shipping - ■-•
• XX DON IK •, March 5.
Steamer Htate of California, Capt. Thomas,
from San Dl*«o.
steamer National City, Capt. Hamraar, from
lan Ptdro.
Stesmn- 8lat« of Callforul*, Capt. Xhonius,
for E»a Franc l*f« ajid ««y poiU.
Stmmrr National City, <npt. llammar, fnr
rort Hragg, via t'nrt Harforii. ' '
*im«i« Vanguard, capt. odlunii, for Pan
Ptrtro. . . , ,
flrhrwmer n. W. Rartlett at wharf No. 3. '
Schooner Bailor Hoy nt wharf No. 1.
stcanir-r Cmncivto at wharf No. ».
rVhnnner Transit, from Tarnma.
flohor>n»r Eva, from Kurrkn. '
t/>At>INO FOR Tllls'lfißT.
Srhonner Mflrono. «t Oray'fi Harhor.
Parl<«ntln« Porttan<l, at Port Towrmenrt.
rVhooner Ensign, nt Everett.
Steamer Norwood, nt Seattle.
The whooner n. W. Bartlett clear* today for
Port TownMnd.
The •teami'r National flty nailed thla mom-
Ing for fort Bragg via fort Karforrt.
The steamer Vanguard sailed laM nlxht for
B^n "©dro to com plot ft the dinohflrifft of ntr
Ban Francisco Shipping
By Associated Fren.
SAN FMANnSCO, March s.— Ballad: Steamer
Queen, flan blegn.
Arrlved-Bteamer Aurella, Pan l'eilro.
HOI.LKNBKCK— W. L. r#t*rs, V. C,
Evans, Rlv«r«lde; W. B. MeCluega:, Wonat*r,
Ohio: 1,, (illroy, Loa Ana«l»s; K. H. Jurlah.
San Francisco; It. W. McDonnell, (3«rtl»s
vllle, Ind.; t\ R. Arnold, wife and daughter,
Mllwauk»p; Ml»s Coir, K*nosha, Wls. ; John
Denalr, Needles; Kd. Fletcher, Han DlfRO;
J. H. Dasaett, Chicago; Antonla Apache, Al
buquerque; c. B. Hammond and wife, H«l
*n»; 4,1 A. rirognn, M. P. Ole.enon, Han
Francisco; J, M. Clifford, nttdliura;; Tnomaa
Reevei", Hun Kranilsco; O. W. Fnrenholt,
11. 8. Navy; F. l\ Btpven*. Pomerny; ,F. B.
Mactnmrart and wlfr, Boston; A. B. HHthren,
Chicago; 11. F. Norrla and wife, Milwaukee;
11. J, Miller, Fort Wayne, Ind.; T. F. Nor
ton, 1,.m Ange|cn; A. Werthelmer, J. W.
Troadwell, San Francisco; U. B. Uenton and
wife, Santa Barbara; Charlos Kalep, Han
Pedro; George (Irlswald, Chicago; T. P.
New York; Cliarirs Frolchofcr, l'hlliulrl
phla; Unerge A. Carter, Imperial;. W. K.
Byrne, San Bernardino; M. E. Newby, Ven
tura; I. it. Fcnhelmer and wife, Macomb,
111. I C. J. MndHtrom and family, • I, lltlev
Falls. N. V.; 3. 0. Anderson, San Francisco;
n. P, Williams. Lompocf C, A. Palmer, Han
I.uls Oblspo; F. J. Pico, Fernando; JJessln
Beatty, Herald City? W.-C. Brewer, I,os An
geles; P. S. Bailey aml wife, Denver; W. .1.
Blaekwell, Kansas City; O. Treiense, • San
Francisco; Mrs. M. I» f Brown. Mrs. M. H.
W. Oo'ldman. Cleveland, Ohio; J. 8.- Oo'sby.
O. K. Fltsslmmona, W. J. Maharg, . San
Francisco; H. Bchlmmel. New York; h. H.
Ruehl. Chicago; J. B. Downing, J. Blank
field, A. Goldsmith. New York; Alf. K. Kelly,
San Francisco; B. C. Casey,' Boston; 11. H.
Keller, Cleveland; C. J. Colley and wife. San
Francisco; J. R. Mussen, Chicago; Alex.
Htrachen, Riverside); R 11. Orodcr, New
York; E. Bhanstrom, HhmiKhnl; Mrs. E, O.
Engllnli and daughter, Mount Vernon, Wash. ;
Oeorge IJruley. San Diego; h, W. Moody,
Charles 13. ■ Dant, Portland; Harry Lewis,
San Francisco; C. W. Curtis, Colton; Charles
Hayden, Holton, Kaa.; F. 11. McMillan, C.
A. Palmer, Ban Francisco; O. F. L. Klnncar,
Riverside; W. R. Spinney;- New York; A. K.
Draper, Chicago; John Trlx. Detroit; Charles
Dawson, Spokane; F. Loewry, San Francisco;
W. F. Coulter, Davenport, la.'; Miss Pee
bles, Winnipeg; John Laverty, New York;
.1. L, Hancock and wife, Los Angeles; A. T.
Phillips, San Francisco; A. C, Morryman,
Louise Mcrryinan. Exeta. Cat. l D, W. H.
Moreland, B. A. Shafer, Detroit; B. R. Wil
son, Alameda; B. C. Swift, H. s. Pratt, San
Francisco; Thomas T.- Turner, Canton, Ohio;
11. W. Hlncke, Mm. Paul Hincke, St. Louta;
C. E. Irwln, Chicago; F. 11. Richardson, San
Francisco; M. W. Kennedy, Denver; J. S.
Schuchat. Louisville: L. W. Helm, La Colo;
Syd. Welnshank, Lance. H. Smith, San Fran
cisco; William Carter and wife, Kansas
City; W. D. Herrlman, Chicago; F. S. Edin
ger, Berkley; F. S. Woodburn, Holton; A. -J.
Kuster, Ht. Paul; E. E. Neeley, Ventura;- J.
W. Judge, San. Francisco; C. Thorpe and
wife, Oxnard; H. W. Alexander, R. it. Hein
rlch. Pasadena;. R. S. Chandler, Banta Ana;
E. C. Wilson, Bakersfleld; E. W. Peterson,
San Diego; Edwin Burns, San Bernadlno;
O. W. Murphy, San Francisco; H. M. Mur
ray. Alhambra- H. 11. Luklns, Albert Lea.
Minn.; R. E. Lyons, F. V. Qulnn, Los An
gf.-les; W. S. Corning, Chicago; N. P. Ses
sion. San -Francisco; Oeorgn Klngsbury, V.
E. Ooldlng, Georße Clark, Ouft.llnss. David
L. Ray, Robert Hammond, Lns Angeles; T.
A. Brown, Manuel: Miss Lula duatafson.
Grand Forks, N. I). : Lambert. Levy, C.vH.
Dunsmore, San Francisco; John Ismert and
wlfe,:,Plnckneyvllle. 111.: M. Gordon. Chl-
Claxton/ Sail Francisco: Fred m! NnVHle.
Pert. Richmond.: D. McWh<)rter,. Opfcha
Rapids. Mich.: M. J. Ballard. San 'Fran
cisco; J. A.'Best ana wife, I. Best and.\Jlfe,
Mrs. L. A. Beet,' Minneapolis; William 'Rus
sell, Johannesburg N. A. Root, San Fran
cisco; G.W. Blrnbaum, M. E. Schoenlnß.
New York; Q. S. Scoevel, San Francisco; "yv.
E. Nute. Sioux City; E. C. Squires, Chicago;
G. 1L Do Valin, San Francisco. ':
LANKERSHIM — Albert B. -Perkins 'and
wife, C. A. Lawson. wife and . children,
George M. Forbes. Denver; Mrs. Sclilund.
David Cllbson and baby. Agnes Mc.Ne.fly.
Canon City, Colo.; R. F. Tousley and family,
Vincent Whiting. H. A;. Behrens, M. S. Kob
lltz, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Toukln, Los An
geles; Louis Hansen, Miss Hanßcn, Miss R.
Hansen, L. B. Jackson and wife, James • H.
Rhodes, Mrs. J. H. Rhodes, Chicago; C. G.
Reynolds >tnd wife. Brooklyn, N. V.; Mr. anil
Mrs. W. W. Andrews. Ashvllle, N. Ci A. M.
Ingersoll and wife, San Diego: Mrs. R. I*
Sklnker, Richmond, Va.; R. L. Polk, Mrs. R.
L. Polk, CI. D. Potter, wife and children.
Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Mao Blake, Grand
Raplda, Mich.
NATIOK— W. M. H. Ilenlil. Ph. A. Doler
llng, Muncie. Ind.; D. Lamont, New York;
J. S. Dall, Salt Lake City: Si P. Bowman,
Chicago; J. 8. Cupernell, Dcs Molnes; B.
Eckstein, H. E. Morton, Salt Lako City; W.
N. Geaham and wife, Dnadwood. S. I>.; AY.
B. Salxe. Burbank; Charles H. Totane.
James Bowby, R. E. Brondlce, Needles;
George Hall, Blgr Pine; W.J. Wilson, Satlcoy,
Cal.i 0. Newton Ross, Etlwanda; William
H. McFadden, Troy. N. V.; Harry .Wood.
Port Huron, Mich.; O. B. Wagner, New
York; S. E. Gabriel, Gentry, Mo.; R. C. Ar
nold. Eureka; Mm. M. V. Flint, Minna K.
Beau, Miss C. J. Mathews, Mies P, Bailey,
B. Eckstein, Denver; E. A. Byam, Chicafrn;'
Th. Huffln, St. Paul; A. A. Wells and wife,
Lafayette. Ind. ; J. H. Shullrey and wife.
.1. G. Hartman and wife, Cincinnati; M.
Bowman, E. Harrier and daughter, San
Franclnco; C. Belsley, I). C. Relsley. Ro
anoke; Henry Wlenan and family, Pomona:
W. <5. Young and wife. John Potter and
wife, Fred Clayton and wife, Blue Sprlneß,
Neb.; A. C. Ferguson and family, Hallvllle.
Neb.; Jennie' Woston. F. M. Ferguson, Holt
vllle, Cal. ; J. W. , Dugan, Fryman, Kas. : JVI.
Standlsh. Sun Francisco: Mrs. J. M. White
and daughter, Chicago; G. W. Morton,.Coeur
d'Alene, Idaho; C. 8. Russell, J. C. Vaughtim,
Gus. Clark, Calexk-o; Charles- Ditton, Yuma:
A. F. Daclos, Phoenix; A. B. Farwell, wtfe.
two daughters and son, Osburn, KaH. ; Buna
Dovar, Dallas, Tex. ; John L. Hei'g anil-wlfa.
Fort Ripley, Mass.; J. J. McDonald, Fox
Camp. Ohio: J. C. Montgomery and wife,
San Bernardino; .W. Panocli, Chyo; H.{B,
Clevlor. Riverside: A- llanlett. Oxnard; J. E.
Walbur, 11. R. McNett. Red Cloud, Neb.;
E. L. Ha«ard, Covlna; W. C. Foreman, Fort
Forth, Tex. - ■ ; - : , ' \.
ROSSLYN-— Joseph Dover, Ben Elbriß.
Louisville; Mach Wlnckler, Winnipeg: F- H.
Stanley and wife, St.- Petersburg, Fla. ; C. A.
Johnson and wife. Detroit, Mich.; S. A. Wal
ters and wife, Riverside; W. Mcdlffert, Se
attle; C.-W. Richards, Fort Logan,, Colo. ;
J. C. Haclewood. Spokane; P. A. neterlliiß.
Muncie, Ind.; H. M. Howe and wife. .John
Benson, Fiuinle. J. Itowe, Crestnn, 111:; F- H.
Boyer. K. tt! Donald Lamont, 11. B. S.
Haturn: Kaufman Carver, New York; T. A.
Stephens, Long: Beach; A. H. Steels. J. O.
Glllenple, Redondo; W. J. Temple. Moneta;
D. V. Baldwin. Mnnzana: Klwell fitopley.
Chicago; C. W. Huckley and wife, LaiKe
mont, Colo.; F. 8. Tyler, Milwaukee: W. W.
Phelps and wife. Port Huron, Mich.; Mrs.
M. Wall, Mrs. W. Wynconp, Denver: Mlsh
Carrie Rendell. Redlands; Joseph T. Dickey
and wife, . Ulkton. ilolo.; Mr«. Stephen
Prltchard. New York; D, A. Howard and
wife. Chicago: Carrie Kooh. Kansas- City;
B. A. Rendelen ami wife, Chicago; W. A.
Ilayman and wife, Spokane; J. O, Kline an.}
wife. Flat River. Mo.; F. D. Wetherlll and
wife, Dcs Molnea; V. R. Hapdley, SturglH,
Ky.; E. M. Kwing, Waco, Tex.; Mrs. F. J.
Oarry, Chicago; 11. P.- Sewell, Coyrdon. 111.:
W. R- Doudlin»rer and wife, Chicago; \V. It.
Andrews, Monrovia.
It Is not generally known that
Whistler was once a cadet at, West
Point. He remained there two years.
Several exceedingly plr-tureaqua stories
have, been told of his reasons for leav
ing the academy. As a matter of record
he was compelled to leave because of
his nnd showing In chemistry. His re
mark at'the time Is one of the tradi
tions of the poet, • ■ ;
■ "If silica .had only been an aclrt,"
said Whistler. "I think I would have
gotten through all right."
It Is a happy home where every
little helps.
lleadavbr* and Neuralgia from i'olda
Laxative Bromo Quinine, ".ha worl'd-nld* Cold
anil Grip remedy, removes the. caus*. Call
for th« full uaiiio mud look fvr iliimtur* of
B,'W; Of«v«. tic ■ «SluMalsliMHiCM&si
I, - . -
Ladies of the Local W. C. T. U. Make
Arrangement* for the Coming
State Convention— Speeding
Automobi lists Spotted
Pasadena Aftncr,
111 r,n«t Colorado StrMt
PASAJOKNA, Mnrrh Bi— Hecftuse of
conflicting dated, the time of the Pa«ft
dena hbrge ahow, which promises td be
one of the 'flrient entertainments ever
Hrranged In the city, has been changed
to April, 6, 7 and 8.
None of the Important details have
been chnngerl, and owners of fine
homes are beginning to make Inquiries
In regard to entries.
Not only In Pasadena l» there eager
enthuftinpm among society people In
regard to the show, but from Los An
geles and Santa Harbara many fine
horses Will be entered by their owners.
W. J. Hogan of Louisville, Ky., who
Is spending the season at. the Mary
land, and who has been Identified for
years with the successful horse shows
at ihat place, 'ls .giving, the directors
here all kinds of excellent advice and
suggestions In regard 'to the many Im
portant details for the show.
It ia planned to build at the Tourna
ment park, where the show will be
held, many Hheds and paddocks, and
the grandstand will be roofed.
Plan State Convention
The next large convention for this
city will be ..thatt >t of the California
Women's- Ghrlstlari Temperance Union,
which comes here for four days' ses
sion, beginning Tuesday, May 9. Mrs.
Lillian Mi Stevens, president of the
national organization, and Miss Anna
L. Gordon, vice presldent-at-large, will
be the distinguished guests of the city
during the convention. They will be
in Southern California during the latter
part of April and early. May, to make
arrangements for the great national
W. C. T. U. convention to be held in
Los Angeles next October.
The state gathering in : May will
bring to the city over two hundred
delegates, who will be given, places in
local, homes for lodging and breakfast
only.' While the place of meeting has
not yet been determined upon, many
of the details of the program have al
ready been settled. The state officers
together with the local leaders have
the arrangement of the program, but It
is certain that the first evening will
be devoted to addresses from Mrs. Ste
vens and Miss Gordon, and that- a
children's meeting will be arranged,
as Miss Gordon Is especially happy
with children. •
Amateur Orators to Compete
Thursday, evening is to be given' over
to a grand gold medal contest,' when
young people from all over the state
will compete for the beautiful medal
offered for the best orator upon tem
perance themes. The .winner will com
pete at the national convention- next
fall for the diamond medal. . -
At the state convention 1 many plans
will be made for the larger gathering
of white rlbboners In. the fall. In this
convention, Pasadena will take a prom
inent share, Bince it is planned to rent
a house and entertain all the state
presidents the ten days of the conven
tion, the Pasadena women bearing the
expense. It Is also planned to have a
"Pasadena day," when the scores of
guests may be given a drive about the
city, with a luncheon served by the
local women. '-,;■;.,'•
For the "May .convention,', the local
white' tlbboners j hope for the hearty
co-operation of the board of trade and
Merchants' ■association of Pasadena in
securing a very general decoration of
the streets, and business windows with
appropriate flags and white ribbon
decorations as a welcome and courtesy
to the guests.
To Continue Revival
The two Northlleld evangelists, Rev*.
H. \V. Pope and' W. F. Newton, who
have been holding meetings at the Lake
Ayenue Congregational church the past
week and will continue- through <th*
next, have been unusually successful
In their efforts.
A unique feature of the meetings has
been a normal class for working Chris
tians, In which- the many objections of
those outside of Christ are met with
strong verses from the bible. A num
ber of conversions have-been reported.
Pasadena Notes
Charles Jackson nnd Ed Moore from
Lns Angeles were arrested, this morn
ing for fast driving and cruelty to their
horses on South Fair Oaks avenue.
The young men were driving with girls
and evidently the two outfits had raced
most of tho way froni Los Angeles.
At a late hour the men were held in
the station, although' they hoped to
secure. ball from Lob Angeles friends.
Three more automobiles were spotted
today by 'the local police for speed
exceeding tho limits prescribed by the
city ordinance. Tho uutoa were care
fully timed und then the numbers
taken. All three were on Pouth Fair
Oaks avenue and the owners will be
looked up tomorrow.
'Rugby, the alleged bigamist, will b«t
given, hid preliminary examination
next Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock
before Judge Congdon In the local
police court.
Urnnrt navel ball at Hntsl rial Coronado
Monday, March 6.
The Mayflower was a very small
ahlp. In selecting her the pilgrims me
now thought to have had In mind their
numbers as pllgrrlir;^ merely, rather
than their numbers us ancestors. —
luck. < BBteHw6§iywi
Real Estate Active «nd New Build.
Ings Springing Up
Special to Thn Herald.
HIGHLAND, March B.— A large
apartment house |a the latest Improve
ment proposed for Highland, f. 11,
Cote recently purchased the property
on the corner of Cole street and •Pacific
»veniA> for the purpose of Adding to
and enlarging It for housekeeping ac
commodations. It Is reported that a
number of old residents are about to
build new homes, thus leaving the old
onesffor new romers. The substantial
growth of Highland during the past
year will compare favorably with that
of any other town In Southern Cali
fornia. ', 1
From rellnble aourpes comes the re
port that the San nernardlno Valley
Traction company Is to put on another
car between here and S«n Bernardino,
making the service on this line every
forty-five minutes instead of hourly,
ad Is now the cane. Prom present In
dications the thlrty-mlnute service, so
much desired by the Highland people,
will before long be Installed.
\V. S. Corwln has returned from a
fortnight's visit to his Imperial
Miss Mary Hoyt of Kansas City, Mo.,
returned to her home last Sunday. She
has been the guest of her cousin, Mrs.
F. W. Wood, at Patton during the
L. Ci Hi Irks of New York spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mm. A. O. Btearns.
Grand golf prlin offeree: at Coronarto.
Redlands Man Falls Dead When Re.
■ ■ turning From Drive
Special to Tha Htrald.
REDLANDS, March s.— Chester La-
Bell Smith, father of Carrol B,
Smith, dropped dead • last ■ evening
at 6 o'clock, when about to en
ter the home of his sister, Mrs. G. W.
Bowers 0f. ,, Crescent -boulevard. Mr.
and Mrs. Smith came "to Redlands
about three months ago to spend the
winter*. ' ......
The, cause of Mr. Smith's death was
probably due to a stroke of apoplexy.
He had been driving with his son,
Carrol B. Smith, from whom he had
Just taken leave when the attack came
which ended his life.
The deceased leaves a widow and
three sons. Dr. Donald Smith and
Chester B. Smith are in San Francisco.
The firemen's carnival closed last
evening and the laddies will have a
very fair margin to devote to their
needs after paying expenses.
Dr. and Mrs. A. 3. Kendall of Los
Angeles are visiting relatives In this
Over 225 carloads of oranges were
shipped east from Redlands last* week
and the prices are remaining firm.
Both packers and growers are pleased
with the prospects for the rest of the
season's shipments.
Seven U. S. warships at Coronado.
Services of All Evangelical Churches
Begin, to Continue During Week
Special to Tho Herald.
SANTA ANA, March s.— Union re
vival services of all the evangelical
churches of the city Were commenced
this' evening at the First' Methodist
church and will continue throughout
the week. This evening Rev. J.-Hern
don Garnett of the_ Baptist church
preached the opening sermon, outlining
the proposed plans of the Ministerial
union In' opening the revival cam
paign. . •; •• vr
The Riverside high school basket
ball team was victorious In a game
with the Santa Ana high school at the
local courts yesterday afternoon by a
score of 13 to 8. Riverside excelled in
ability to make goal throws and won
by the star playing of individuals on
the team. ■' - .
Rev. Dr. Wadsworth of Log Angeles
occupied the pulpit^today of the United
Presbyterian church in the absence of
the pastor, Key. M. M. Kllpatrlck.
Deputy County Clerk W. B. Williams
is confined to his home in Orange with
Itlness. '
French cruiser Frotet Is at Coronado.
To Begin Work on New Hermosa
. . Pier at Redondo ..
Special to The Herald. . : ..,.'..
KEDONDO, March. s.— The .pastorate
of. the Congregational church made
vacant by the resignation of Rev.
Thomas A. Stubbs, will be temporarily
filled by ■ the appointment of Rev.
George N. Musgrove, who preuched his
Initial sermon today.
The work on the new Hermosa pier
will be actively begun tomorrow, when
a large force of men will be put on
the work of construction.
Seven V. S. warships at Coronado now.
£lways Re«n|mbcr the Pull .Name "v^: ' /§' '
asative promo Quinine {*7Ljty on every
ifilliSii^ii X&! lloine c ? n be completely
BW vlllxfflll A3 happy without them, yet the
, . ordeal through which the ex«
I^T^l^Hslß^^h P bCCant niother must pass usually ia
I^i^liBmiira »a So u^ °^ su^ e " n ff» danger and fear
1 \JvllS^iam %* at s^ e l°°ks forward to the critical
hour with apprehension and dread/
Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing 'properties, I
allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and
6o prepares the. system for, the
ordeal that she passes through Pill Jfe^ lift *£lhE!^^i£^
the event safely and with but |^f|]»ff BliifF^lJ
little suffering, as numbers iWla iFslitl vo'M \P
have testified and said, "it is w-t •
worth its weight in gold." $1.00 per fsCinifl A^RlkjfS
bottle of druggists. Book containing H|| §111
valuable information mailed free. B B Ivll\i
Sherman Institute . Boyt Pay Com*
pliment to Congressman Fletcher'
Special to The HersM.
IUVERSIDB, March 6.— The Sherman
Institute band. In Us full strength of
over thirty pieces, gathered In ■ the
grounds of the Hotel. Qlenwood Satur
day afternoon to serenade Congr****
man Fletcher of Minnesota, who wni
for many years on the Indian comm!t k
tee and was one of the men who helped
locate Sherman Institute In Rlvemlde.
Members of. Ungava chapter, O. E.
8., will tender a reception Monday af
ternoon at the residence, of Dr. -ami
Mrs. K. *JI. Way to their grand worthy
matron, Mrs*. Paulina W. Dohrman of
Oakland, and Grand Worthy Patron
Juflße Charles J. Wlllett of Pasadena.
In the evening a special meeting of tho
chapter will be held, which will be
followed by a banquet-
The home and phllanthrophy clase of.
the Woman's club. will meet Thursday
at Sherman Institute n« the guesti of
Mr». llarw'ord Hall, who J« curator for
the day. The program will consists of
music by the Sherman Institute Man
dolin ' club, Indian songs and dances
and' a bow and arrow drill by ntudenU
of the Institute, a recitation from
"Hiawatha" by one of the Indian girls
and easays bearing on Indian life by,
Mrs. Hall and her sister, Mra. Cook.
Miss Emma Stuart of this city has
been employed to teach In the Win-]
Chester schools In pJace of Mlsa Alice
Wicks, resigned.
A Sunday school Institute will be held
In the Hlghgrove Methodist church on
Tuesday evening, March 7, under the
auspices of the. County Sunday, School
association. Addresses will be given
by L. D. Lloyd, H. 0. Reed and H., C.
Gibson and. Prof. George Hagerty will
conduct the question drawer.
The home of R. J, Welch was en
tered and ransacked by thieves : today
during the hour when the. family w.ere
at church. The robbers gained.admit
tance by the use of skeleton keys.'. ~.
Grand naval ball at Hotal del Cnrnnado
Muulny, March 6. . ' ' V'SjSSjfflfiSffl
■ 4 * > ' ' ... ' '.: ■
Wedding of Daisy Davis and Law
rence Brainie Is Celebrated
Special to Tho Herald.
VENTURA, March 6.— A quiet wed
ding was solemnized at the First Meth
odist church yesterday, the contract-
Ing- parties being Lawrence Bralnle," a
native of Vermont, aged 27, and Daisy
Davis, , a. native of California, aged 20,
both residents of Satlcoy.'- Rev.'B.' B."
Coons officiated. .; .;•: ..-. :, ..
County Assessor Janies. ■ A. . ;Donlpri
has appointed the following ; deputies
to assist him". In the assessment work
throughout the county:; Satlcoy and
Santa Paula, J. R. Mackenzie; Sespe,
William Shlella; Ojal, Joseph Richard
son; Las Posas, V. S. Wilson; Huene
me and San Pedro, J. H. Olds;'Ven
tura, J. B. Wagner.
The Ocean View school district, ; the
only .district In the county whose
trustees are all women, -is to .have; a „
new. schpol house. At a special elec- V
tion for the purpose of voting $5500
bonds twenty-four votes were cast,
all being in favor; Bids for the erec
tion bt the new building will be called
for soon. The trustees are Mrs. Irma.
Eastwood, clerk; Mrs. j. H. Olds and
Mrs. Emma; Pitcher.
Mrs, Belle Eaton, who Is a sister of
the late Judge "Varler of Los ' Angeles,"
went down yesterday..: to attends the
funeral of her brother. '
Miss Bertha Stahl, at her home on
East Santa Clcra street,' entertained
the members of the Kappa Gamma
Gamma society last evening.
Golf tournament at Goronado all , this week.
Dangers of Orchid Hunting
The most beautiful region the orchid
collector meets in his travels is along
the Orinoco, the Rio Negro' and the
Amazon in South America. The scenery
at times passes beyond the , beautiful,
and becomes so grand as to be almost
terrible. Everything is on such a
great scale. The rivers are the largest
In V the' world. Veritable seas at : .hlgh
water, the vegetation luxuriant beyond
comparison and the animal and Ksh'
are startlngly strange. There we find
the Cattleya schroederae, a magnificent
orchid with white flowers, which
blooms about Easter time. But the
dangers and vexations of atrip on_th«
Orinoco, for Instance, would .'hardly/be
believed. Miles and miles back" from
the coast in the district where the,t>r
chlds are found, the Indians' are. in a
wild state, and are -foes "to all white'
men. They lurk in the bushes along
the banks of the river and shoot pois
oned arrows at you If you happen to
.venture within range of their blow
guns. The center of the stream Is tha
only safe place. During the rainy sea
son the mosquitoes swarm on the Ori
noco In clouds, and sleep is next to im
possible. Even the grass when you
venture aßhore, Is your enemy.—Harp
er's Weekly. ■ '. 4

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