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Will Visit San Pedro Harbor Today
'•n Order to Familiarize Him.
■v*O''.ielf With Needa of
the Port
Hon. Joseph I* Brlstow, upeclal
agent appointed by President Roosevelt
In connection with the operation of the
Panama Railroad and Steßmshlp com
pany, which wag Required by the
United States government In the pur
chase of the Panama canal property at
an 'outlay of $40,000,000, arrived In Los
Angeles yesterday morning and la a
guest at the Westminster hotel.
Mr. Brlstow Is accompanied by his
private secretary, J. T. Watson, and
P. H. Cahlll, government agent for
Central America for the Panama Rail
road company. Mr. Bristow nnd his
secretary came over the railroad to
Colon, and accompanied by Mr. Cahill,
took a steamer for Mexico, reaching
California over the Mexican Interna
tional lines.
This morning Mr. Brlstow and party
will be guests ' of the Los Angeles
chamber of commerce for a trip over
the Salt Lake road to San Pedro, where
the government representative will be
given an' opportunity to Inspect the
Inner and outer harbors, In order that
he may be personally Informed rs to
the needs of San Pedro by way of deep
ening the Inner harbor toward Wil
mington and other Improvements.
Captain McKlnstry, government engi
neer in charge of the harbor, will be
with the delegation.
Coast May Benefit
Mr, Brlstow said: "I am on a tour
of investigation and visitation in the
interest of the Panama Railroad and
Steamship company, ascertaining for
the United States government what
can be done for Los Angeles business
concerns in the line of traffic trans
portation, with special reference to
rates, and so on. I have met a number
of the representative business men of
this city, presidents of organized asso
ciations, and believe that much can be
done that will be of profit to the busi
ness Interests of the Pacific coast cities
north of the eastern end of the rail
road. The Panama railroad has been
in operation for about fifty years and
has' been carrying on a fairly satisfac
tory business in freight and passenger
traffic. It is the purpose of the govern
ment to enlarge the usefulness of the
line. The road is owned by a stock
company, and only 2 per cent of the
stock is held by private individuals.
The remainder is the property of the
government, and the government oper
ates the railroad, the steamship line
connections, and -will also operate the
Panama canal when it is completed.
The railroad is forty-seven miles in
Work on Canal
"When will the Panama canal be in
operation? That is difficult to predict.
Possibly within ten or twelve years.
It is a great undertaking, but the work
is- progressing rapidly. Great impetus
to" commercial communication with
California and the far east will cer
tainly follow the completion of the
Panama canal. It is my purpose to
visit San Francisco, Portland, Seattle
and other points before returning to
Washington. I will acquire all the in
formation possible for the advancement
of the interests of the Panama Rail
road and Steamship company, and sub
mit my report to the president."
Mr. Brlstow occupied the position of
fourth assistant postmaster general for
seven years and has been in the public
service for many years. He is a native
of KentucUy, tall, affable and genial
in ■ manner. Mr. Bristow is the man
who unearthed the postofflce swindles
in Cuba, and has figured prominently
in other investigations of the crooked
ness of unfaithful government servants.
He enjoys the fullest confidence of the
president. •
President Koepfli of the Los Angeles
chamber of commerce entertained Mr.
Bristow at luncheon at the California
club, at which time the president's
commissioner met the presidents and
representatives of various business as
sociations of Los Angeles.
General and Cancer hospital. Direc
tors: B. O. Webb, Walter M. Boyd,
A. B. Newklrk, William Dodge, W.
Murray Johnston, E. E. Selph and
W. H. Faust.' ' Capital stock 1200,000,
paid in $7uo. '
Gardena Bank ami Trust company.
Directors: C. B. Casler, M. P. Snyder,
E. W. Olney, C. B. "Wallin and B. K.
Jones of Los Angeles. Capital stock
$25,000, all paid In.
Varlan club. Directors: P. p. Gib
bons, H. Tostmann, Thomas Thomp.
son, George F. Daly and Charles Va
rlan of Los Angeles.
. Los Angeles Laundry Company. Di
rectors: ' George N, Brown, Charlotte
A. Brown of Los Angeles, Louise It:
Shaw, D. 8. Shaw and Grace L. Ste
phens of Long Beach. Capital stock
140,000, paid in ISO.
Wnen afflicted with a. hard cold, nothing is
to effective a« Plto't Cure. 23c.
Bate* to Ban Jouquln Valley
. Tb« Souihtra FaolQa will bay* on vi a
■vary Xueili/, »niU further .iotlc«. round
trip tldut* to varloua polnta In tha Han
Joaquln valley. The ratea are from Lo» An
(•lea and are aa rollowa: Stockton, Moduto
or Newman. tlßi Turlock. 1X4.(0; W.r<»d.
I1».IO; Madtra. Ill; Fraano or . Illla, %{\ x
tiaoford, VUalla or Porterville, |10.(0j Tv-
Urn. 110: Uakerifleld. t». Stopover, art
tlonally 'low rataa ehould be taken advan
tage oC by all who wlah to *cc one of i.m
Sreat . producioir ■ valleya of California, the
ome - of all California frulta and other
product! of the aoil. Kull Information al
kMiharn Paelflo tleket ißloe. •« Bouts
*— •«« etraet .<
Chamber of Commerce Request* Gov.
Pardee to Withhold His
With power to Hct immediately the
committee on law, at the meeting of
the directors of the Los Angeles cham
ber of commerce yeßterduy, considered
senate bill 666 passed by the California
legislature, and reported the following
resolutions which were adopted:
"Resolved, that the chamber of
commerce of Los Angeles hereby re
spectfully reque«tH the /governor to
withhold his approval from the bill
passed by the legislature about March
9, nmendlng sections of the code of
civil procedure concerning eminent do
mtiln so as to provide for the condem
nation by the inhabitants of any coun
ty of water stored or flowing therein,
and Intended for use in another coun
"Resolved, that If said bill becomes a
law it would effectually arrest the fur
ther growth and development of th*
city of Los Angeles by rendering it
impracticable for this elty to acquire
any water supply from places outside
of Los Angeles county, and would en
danger the very existence of all muni
cipalities dependent upon a water sup
ply derived from sources outside of
their own counties.
"Resolved, that the secretary be di
rected to immediately telegraph a copy
of these resolution to Governor Par
The request of Rev. B. Fay Mills
that the chamber support a series of
sociological congresses to be held In
Venice of America was referred to spe
cial committee with instructions to
submit a special report.
City Against Bill
City Attorney Mathews and other
municipal offlcii'ls will Immediately
formulate a memorial asking Governor
Pardee to veto the bill passed last
Thursday night by the legislature re
garding water rights and governing the
development of water systems. "This
is a serious measure to Los Angeles,
and will mean trouble," said City At
torney Mathews yesterday. "It means
that If we are forced to go outside of
Los Angeles county to develop water
and bring It into the city by means of
pipes and tunnels at tremendous ex
pense that should a small town situat
ed in the county In which the water
was developed desire to use some of
the water they would have the right
to it."
W. P. Adamc Wanted on Charge of
Obtaining Money Under False
Word has been received in Los An
geles that William P. Adams, who is
wanted here on a charge of obtaining
money under false pretenses, has been
arrested in San Francisco, and an of
ficer was sent north last night to bring
him back for trial.
The complaint against Adams, who
formerly conducted a small grocery
store at 1012 East Ninth street, was
sworn to by William Bond, a young
man from the east, who came to Los
Angeles several months ago.
It is alleged that Adams induced
Bond to buy out his business, repre
senting that there were no claims
against the stock in trade.
Several days subsequent to the pur
chase Attorneys Dunning and Craig,
acting on behalf of the -wholesale deal
ers of Los Angeles, closed out the busi
ness to satisfy outstanding clainm
against the stock, and when Bond
looked around for Adams he discovered
that the earstwhile grocer had left for
the north.
The wild strains from the phonographs
as they execute "Bedelia" and other airs
from the doors of rival "lady barber"
shops on Kast Second street have made
legislation on this subject necessary,
but just how to frame hue.li an ordi
nance is troubling the legislative com
mittee more than a little.
The committee is also working on
ordinances which will maka life a
burden to the chauffeur who delights In
running over Inoffensive citizens. At
present it appears that the speed limit
between First and Washington streets
will be eight miles! an hour and four
miles across crossings.
Owing to the rain it was decided
last evening by the Arbor day
committee to postpone the tree
planting exercises until Friday,
March 24.
The uixl children and repre.
sentatlves from the various clubs
and societies are requested to call
at the chamber of commerce for
the plants any time before 1
o'clock Thursday, March 23..
1 »»nt «t*ry permit
WQmLk *N> la hlllrvnn or hm «njr
kjfe* CTtKS^ otnm.ieh or Hr»r «ll-
JiEEPIOcUBfc ment to ncnrt for » trrn
Mfkujtof my r«w-Pmr
)CK TIIU. 1 «»nt to prr>T«
t s7jr«jS« that thfy po«ltl»c!y mm
" fIS, InrtlHMtloii, sour Stom-
■ w «c», Btlchlnft, Wind,
Wr—titTT^ H'«''«t' I *. Nerrrflinnum,
I f 1 1 1 LVa 1 1." aWI SlK'piMK'K'M. ft ml «rn
lwL'lkfLt- WfraT "" lnfulllMc enra fof
■fl'T PTf^ •l\Cß Coimtlpullon. To do thin
ffSIaJ I |i Rv*JS9 million* «( free park-
■BijauUti ' fires, i nitd «n tii«
free package addrtna
MUNYOINt Phltadolphla
t ■>
%\M. a Minute
tin* l>rcn Mved l>y «nm« of our
riiKlomrrs b.v tnkln* time to cnll
on n* before buying a vehicle.
Try It.
Hawlcy, King & Co.
Broadway nml Fifth
I 184 North I .on Anuelrn ,«trrr(.
J% No. in, P. *A. M.. will convpnp Bt
mr 'y Mmonlc Temple Friday, at 1:30 p,
11.1 to attend the funeral of our late
' ▼ » Brother Thomas H. Halnoy.
\V. E. ROWLKY, Sees-.
Hv order of AV. M.
Emerson Realty Company Closes an
Important Land Deal — Corner on
Ninth and Flower Sold
for $30,000
That Main street property remains
popular with Investors is shown by a
sale completed yesterday by Mines &
Farish. This was 70x140 feet on the
east side of .Main street forty feet
north of Fifth street owned by Dr. H.
West Hughes and Henderson Hay
wood to local investors for $115,
000, or $1,600 a front foot. The property
is improved with a four, story building.
Land Contract Sold
George Willis Emerson, president of
the Emerson Realty company, an
nouncea that his company has sold its
contract with the Imperial Land com
pany for $75,000, to the Imperial Land
In an interview regarding this sale
Mr. Emerson said:
"The past year has been one of more
or less discouragement to Imperial
valley people for the reason that gov
ernment ownership has been agitated
and there has crept in dissatisfaction
among factions handling it and a seem
ing impossibility to make sales of real
esta|e at all, of either lands or town
property, but notwithstanding these ad
verse conditions the Emerson Realty
company has made total sales between
$97,000 and $98,000 net, after all com
missions were paid. This is certainly
a splendid record, and probably will
remain as the high water mark for
some years to come."
This includes sales in all the various
towns in the Imperial valley, Silsbee,
Holtville, Calexico, Imperial, Heber,
Erawley and Mexicall.
It Is understood that Mr. Emerson
will not abandon the real estate busi
ness, but will probably engage in hand
ling real estate in Los Angeles and
carry out some large enterprises which
he has in contemplation.
Ninth and Flower
Through Alexander MacKeigan and
Mines & Farish Peter Haack and W. G.
Bradshaw have sold to a local Investor
90x130 feet on the northeast corner of
Ninth and Flower streets, the con
sideration being $30,000. The lot Is un
improved, and real estate men say is a
choice investment at the price.
Spring Street Deal
Another sale of Spring t street prop
erty is reported by It. A. Rowan &
Co., being 608 and 610 South Spring
street, for Mrs. M. J. Turner of Gar
vanza to the Isaacs Brothers company,
Incorporated, for about $T5,000. The lot
is 40x155 feet to an alley and is Im
proved with two story brick buildings.
The purchasers are the proprietors of
the Unique store. . ' •
Prominent Santa Fe Official to Take
Higher Position
Edward Chambers, who has. been ap
pointed assistant freight traffic man
ager at San Francisco, arrived here
last night from Santa Hurbara, where
he was delayed by washouts on the
He has for many years been . with
the Santa Fe, and the position which
he leaves Is that of head of the freight
department in Southern California.
L'namberlaiii'e Cough Remedy the Mother.
The soothing and healing properties
of this remedy/its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cure] have
made It a favorite, with people every
where. It in especially, prized by
mothers of amall children, - for colds,
croup, and whooping ■ cough, as It al
ways affords quick relief and as It
contains no 'opium or other harmful
drug. It may be given aa confidently
to a baby as to an adult. For sale by
all leading drug-glatn.
If you Hunt to ku ru«t, C. llardork,
Au.nt liliuuU CtntraT v. It., t3l S. Sprlag.
' [ : •••'•'///fty^ ;
'£££■ Sale of Spring' Wearables
Fabrics and Garments That Appeal to Both Sexes
Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Days j
Music. Souvenirs, Style Exposition and Bargains
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/Jim IJiIW-'il /"nJ MS/SI I t«rNv from whlrh thrso suits are made cannot bo found in homo making. There urn blurs, Kroons, browns, blacks, chain-
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While you're here Thursday, Friday and Saturday, take a look at our section devoted to children's dresses. Unless
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THURSDAY AFTERNOON, S^Jr 8 35c Lace StocKs 15c 75c Buster Brown Collars 35c
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Waltz, "Dreams on the Ocean". Gung'l jj^^aftanr
Song, "O Dry. Those Tears. Del Riego Sk" "5/ II 'J| O ■ • •
Selections, "The Tenderfoot"... Heart, Ui^Qf tIdH(ISOTSiC OOUVeilirS •
Operatic selection, "Norma" — Bellini »p .. • . . ' ' :»":'^,.*
songs, "Coax Me," "Teasing" and pK Given Away Between the Hoars of 8 and 11 With
"Aie-nder- •• yon Ti.zer pf^M Every $1.00 Purchase
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Miramonte Tract>
On Long Beach Electric Line
Only twelve minutes from business center of city. Best ever offered
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by every lot Streets graded and oiled, with cement walks and curbs. :
Building restrictions. ,;.■ "...;.;'
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surance. : *.'-.vj
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Rufus P. Spalding
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T. WIKNKNI>AN<SKH. *Sl Laughlln Bulldiaf.
Allen's Press Clipping Bureau
IFurnllhM adv«nc« r.porta 00 *ll con- ■ ■
tract work, «ueh *• htoi, Irrigation ■
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Ptraooal an 1 profeialonal matters. . I
Entrant* IM Mercantile rtae*. , 1
_ , Telephone 7»»1 Horn*. . g
Private Ambulance ulhw*?,
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