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r*A*m o. n*iAtßQ» mM**
WtHI. ML ton... ..fnaml tuamt**
F«untf«d Oct. 2, I«7S. Thirty-***"** Y«ar.
CKtrr.ttr of Ccmm«rc« BwMdlnj.
TKMtFHOWgB— »«««»♦■ Ij^ «<"»«- **« B^* l *
Th» — «T BiaWWl l»»«»»P«w •• t»»t*w» itlltorM* *««*■•
lr» Hi* fu!) > nn.r).l«<S Pr*M report* _______________
PEW* HtKVl'Jß— M#«it>»r *f th« AHorituj *t«m, tw^inai
fit fvll report. frv.rl^r*| If <<ot ttortft • 4*7.
_/»TE»W _«JE!*7»!— »n»lth * 9 Iran Mvr, PoU»r B> «lUIll»,
pfw.Tf It; Trtbw «u!'<jier. <-M« »r» _______
rates or _u»»c*urrioi«. with f*u^» maoasin* 1 ;
fXfly, t>jr r«rrt»r. p»f month •••'.■!!
|.'»l'jr, >r mall, ».« m.Mb* ................. '•• • ••
r>»li/ tr n»fl. »:» month* J II
Uillr, br «n»il. on# ?»«r ...» • ■■*•
(»■'»» I'-t* rf. t>r m*.il. or.» ft*r ... ■•••
W«.kly H»r«l4. by — »«. on» y— * ■■■• l<>>
En)*r*4 •' J J - ►«•«■/», Lo* >>»■<» •• S««on4 • >« Matin
Bov'lu-n '■.•litoruJ» vlfltora t9 l»» rr*r\rlmr.v will en 4 Th« jt*r*'A
•■ Mi* ««.)If «t U>« »»•« »»«n«» In *_• *••'•«• «-« «t rr»>ic.i
»*».:» at>4 t-r .» . •« «....., * ■ ■ . M< M_rk*t; »i !*•»• ' ••- .
■ P Ferry. »n«J oat)*»a t)*» »tr»»«p 1..y Wh*»fl»]r.
TM H«rald'a clrcul*ti«n in th« city of Lo* Ang«le*
1« larger than that «f V.V '. Examiner or th« Express
and second onl/ to that of th« Time*.
That J3-y*-»r-o)d youngster in J>on4on must be a
musical r r '><li^y, la4ee4i as "his best conposlUon i« so
<3ifß<-uJt that. Jie admits his own Inability to play it."
TAiny written thingu are not undenstandsible by their
authors or anybody else.
Governor Kolk'e orders to 'be Ht. !/>u!s jx>ll<-p com
mtesloftTs 'o 'lose Ui«? saloons las* Sunday an? ro
portcl as having b*«a «trj<-tjy nbryni. The big city was
pstcAsibly "dry ss a powder horn." As a consequence
thoussnda of people crossed the rlvpr 10 Ksst Rt. l/juis
or hM »/) ofher moM spots beyond Mip BL J/wls Hr/ilts.
Others in quest <if internal Irrigation flocked to tlia drug
There fg a wrird si/K^silverif-ss about that wireless
message received on the cruissr Kainbow from some
point at KfH wh)r|j could not l/c located. The message
was, '.'Do you wish t<j communicate?" Hut when a reply
was Bent no response came Iwk. Have the "spooks"
• aught on to wireless telegraphy?
The National Council of Women, In session «t Wash
ington, declares that "th« safety a/id tho stability of
tiie honif, of society an<l of the state nro principally
iiepentleiti upon tho character of their individual mem
bers," That, fact whs demonstrated by the. grand
mothers of the present generation, who devoted their
energies to the homo work of bringing up their boys
and girls In the way they should go.
Oi'y promotion with a *pe/!lal train and a brass band
Is the novelty now Introduced by "tho Bantu Cruz enter;
tiilnini in committee," A tw<'nly-day tour of the efato
is to be ma<i« wiih a company of forty-five citizens
■with iha purpose of "giving frerj band concerts and
elereopticon entertainments at nil .the principal towns
(■n route." Why not a whole circus?
Thin morning tba organization of Woodmen of tho
WOIM of the Pacific coast division will begin Its annual
convention In 'his eliy. |i U expected that. 2000 mem
bers from oilier sections will l*n present, 600 having;
bl«/!<-ci the way hera hy the Halt Lake routn (v v special
train of I'uilinau cars, arriving Kuurluy night.
A bear pursued many miles. i»y a great pack of rtoßs.
He i-inj'* ni limes to beat off him tormentors, hut. the
approach of men with kum^ spurs him onward. Finally,
utterly tired out, ho climbs 11 tree, He Ih free from th<»
teeth of the dogs, but. the men mnl thn guns* are near.
Then the mi«liiy Nlmrod of the band of hunters rides
close. 10 iho tree, takes a dead runt with iiin rlfla at. ih<i
big brute fifteen or twenty fuel from the muzzle of tho
gun nnd blazes, away, The bear Is d«'ad and a shout of
triumph room up that la h<-ar«l by wiro all over the
United Suites.
While we complain In I .o« AngoleH Of the slow nn
folding of typical local sih'liik, wh may note Ilm fact
that I'li-hidi'iii Hoosevell \n taking his hunting outing In
deep Know and hliy./.tmU and Dint Mackinaw City! Mirli.,
reports "twenty-eight steamers now in the straits wait
ing for a , channel to open through the |en."
Any discrimination iiKalnHt a person or a <-Im«m sim
ply because of rellglnug ballet Ih out of place la the
twentieth century, The religion of every man should
)>e respected and bo hliuulil ho tin* sentlmenlti nt every
man whose conscience and Intelligence forbid him to
flcetpt the leneta of uny religious denomination,
Thora bt'fim in iiii rather formidable drawbacua to a
railwHy ntrllot In Italy, In th« case of thn one now re
ported 1' !■ stated Unit "the Htatlbns will ba occupied
by military and the trains conducted by Hnlillcrn, the
navy supplying tha engineers and stokers. I ,' Incident
ally "the iiiii'Krt will ba patrolled by cavalry."
Tha gragarjmiH lonrtoncy nt Ihn American people, an
jhowu iiv 1 in' crowding of loading Hilog In recent years,
)a rn-iiiiuf-- nnirii ihhi Hoi-inn uml loiue apprehension, in
ilm aaHlern slitcm.
It Id shown thai hi Him present Unix thera Ih a popu
lation of 5,000,000 wliliin 11 rlrcln having it lan-mlla
i.tdiiiM from N>'w York's < • 111 1 y hull, a ,rlrelfl from tha
dims point with it rartlim of (wenty-flye tilling gives tin
il l < 1 1 1 >> x. 1 1 1 ■> ■ 1• > population of 6,600,000,
In Philadelphia the twenty flva mile circle embrace*
5,075,<i00 peopli iiihl In Chloagi) 2,700,000,
Morn than i<h million pfiopla, m Ighth of the popu
lation of ilm United hiuioh, live within rmo honr'i rld_
•if ih.' rentral points. In tha three rltleg named, The
isntlra sectifin ombrsced in the twenty-flva miin radtui
in each «'u*n In fliher Hiy or ■übiirbi car ilnoH radiate.
In every direction from Ihe central polnti itmt iin< out
lying towns and vUlukhh are all linked together i>y rapid
Hut 1 h>< tlir. mi I'iiii'rt 111 >i.lli .1 1 mn only larger examples
of in,, rapid Kii'ttiii of urban population, aii the cities
<>f iho United hiiiich mn growing with great rapidity in
romniti'lttou with Ilm InrrmiMO of i>< >iniliit ion In Mm mrul
hfiiiiiiiin. Tha ciili'H urn hupiiluk ilm country in tha
I'unitii'ii niiiii'ti. Increasing i-h plilly in mimliert, while
the rountry (luiiliitt make but little numerical progruas
in id f* it v liicmllilum Ihhliik ground,
l.i>ri AiiKi'lnn anil tint country illinrlly Irllintiiiv tv U
urn extraordinary eireptlona to the rula bated in tin*
■■Bui. wiiiin thu population of tbU city 111 doubling now
jil ilio mi« of obm In lOTtO Of '"Imlh yttttiM, tliti olli«r
< liloh uml inwiiri In thli swtlnn of Boilthtra California
also art* growing rapidly, And tha same nmy be xald of
the 1-ininii-y dlitrlcta. The. big ranches of former yen™
are going through the mrvliiK proreii, reuniting in un
era t>f "small farms w»ll tlll«<1," owhukl by prosperous
farmers t>le««ed with nippy houtei.
WB_WW?Jms^SF* ' ' ' •
Now c/jtap« the premise of rapid city tz><i Lat*furb*a
tr«fl«tt without pole*, wire* vt tb<? trolley.
A final rjflMsi trial of an imUpprndeut sasolir,* motor
on Sunday rpar Omaha prove* beyond apparent (•«••
tlon the practlcabilitjr of tbe new ryst.em. The motor
•Uu<sed 1,9 hM bereirjfore b*Cl dtKftbftd In The Hers 14
when experiments with it were In progres*. The Mea
of It wa« wnoeivfrfj \, 7 vice Pre*l<3ect Mohler of Ib#
Union Pacific r«iJway and (be rbole srhem*? wa« worked
out In the tbop* at Omaha.
The Ja*t trial of this DOtOf prior t.o lh% hejrinnic)? ot
'oust ruction of a Jargi? nutsber of cars of the *stn*
kind was ma"Je In a run of 200 mile*. A* a remit It 1«
raid that "railway offir.-ials who made the trip express
tb<? opinion that the tocoMl of the rsr will result in a
revolution of suburban an<l branr.b ))ne pa^senper and
ttt/UfiA f.'-rv)r.e." Kurihermore, Jt "will pl&C* tb» rail
toad* in fair c.otnpetitWn with electric *übwrJ.«aD line*,
and give small brarx.h Jlnc* a s«rrlc< equal to that of
the main line*."
The fundamental que^tirju of cost in operating the
new (ootor is setil^'l by exact calculation. Jt i? SaM
that On? etpenM of op«ratlon will be about one-tlxth
Die cost of operating regular pai?f.enjr' j r trains". No estl
n>ate is yet i>howirj>? tlie esost «« compared with
thst of operating electric cars. Hut if the expense "'
Ftram railway wrvlr.* can be <ut flown to OD*-Slxth by
•übtUtUlloa of the new motor ih'-re is hardly a doubt
that it will surpass the electric system in economy of
The rej>ort from Omsba i* to the effect that several
of the n< j w motor earn "will be p]ace<l In srrvlrp on the
Pacific coast as «oon as »hey can be built." As. the
l.'nlon I'wißr and Southern P»<-iflr railway? are intl
jnaMy allied, we may expect to see tho new transit
wonder in the near future.
The int« v regtinß «jup»tlon now arlsp*,: Will the gaso
line Independent niot/>r be as serviceable for city transit
as it Is proved to b* 3 , according to the claim, for subur
ban and lon«f-r distance service? In the second place,
osHuming that it will work satisfactorily in cities, what
will bp the effect on <he electric plants? Obviously the
people of every city will be j;Ja<i to (?et rid of the poles,
the wires and the trolley if as goo'i or l>e.t»er Kervlro.
can be had without those appliances. Bo far as the
electric companies are concerned the new system will
Ue lilii'ly to necessitate a change of motive pow<>r in
rase the claims for it ar<» proved practicable. If the
promise of extreme cheapness be realized, however, the
economic operation should more than compensate for
the change of Kyatem.
Unless the Union I'aclflc managers urn far astray
in th"lr calculations, which Ih <|ulte Improbable, we are
drawing near the period when the hideous poles and the
wire, cobwebs will have to j?o.
If tlifi fleets of Togo and Itojnutvpnsky come together
in a fight, ns ihey seem certain to do, the naval battle
will dwarf everything of the kind In tho world's history.
There havo been but fow naval engagements with mod
ern ironclads. an<\ iho tremendous guns thoy carry. Tho
bottom of ilio hpa will receive Immenso quantities of
junk and Iho fishes will feed, probably, on thousands, of
ik'nd Itiifislans and Japanese,
Thfi zealous advocates of municipal ownership point.
ti» the fad, that J.or Angeles ban tho legal right to bor
row $4,000,000. But a sagacious hiisin»Rß man would
not. think of going the limit in his borrowing ability for
money 10 Invest In an untried and doubtful venture.
A Philadelphia bargain counter must bo wonderfully
alluring to warrant such a spectacle an was described In
yesterday's Herald. People lighting wildly to get to
the counters nnd "the weaker ones trampled beneath
the feet of the more robust bargain hunters." But no
doubt thnro wan ample compensation for all Injury In
iho knowledge that, bargains had been obtained.
Well Into tho second half of April and three-fourths
of tho pi-oplu of I.oh Angoloß, probably, liiill wearing
their winter garments. It hua been an abnormally
"backward" spring Boaßon, cool, cloudy and rainy, with'
Bcarcely throe consecutive <layß of hihihlilih'. Ordinarily
typical Hprliiß wetather begins hare before It In duo
according to tho vernal equinox, Tlilh y<;ar, however,
tho fioaHon lias been quite llko the "buck cant" sprlng
iihih of March and April.
No wonder, therefore, that people have hung on
affectionately to winter habiliments, There h.4|o boon
at times two or threo daya of reminders that lighter
clothing wan desirable, but. before tho average person
got ready for a change tho weather Rave an cxciiho for
further ilHuy.
Tho limit of uiiHcaHoimhln weather, however, must
bn near now. VVhon the change to settled sunshiny
weather comas thorn will probably bn llttln If any
notice, Ilituvy garments will muMi-nly become Irkßouio
and tlio HlnrcH will bo crowded with c-iißcr customer! In
search of apparel to match the woather. It is always
no when the coming of cither cold or warm weather Is
abnormally idto, For some unaccountable reason even
people whom) pockets are well lined with money will
■Inlay milking provlHlon for HcaHoimblo chariKen of cloth.
Ink until forced to do so by weathnr conditions.
The minor percentage of people who malm such
provision for tho Inevitable rhnngoH havo causn to ho
thankful fur their foroHlKht when Ihn suddon necoHslly
occurs. They mii Tor no vexation or annoyance by rea
son «>f havliiK to awiili their turns In thn rush of buyers
unit tho mailing find niliiig Incident, lo donning new at
Ah Ilin end of thin cool h|U'liik In nun- to come soon,
and probably with a rather sudden thud. It Is the part
'of wlHiloin lo "Inko time by the forelock" and mnko
iifi'iifiii iMinhiiKi'rt at once, A riviii denl of time and
worry may be hhvpil by that simple precnutlon. Pro
vlHlon iiiiihl bn mail" for Iho curly coming of hiiiihlilhh
in conventional Kouthcri California chunks. Prepare
for it in time, There Is no time like ilm pretgont for
doing wlmi iniiHt in> done.
Htiri'ly v cog iniiHt have nllpptxl In iho weather gear«
ing. Know In the *»st from Khiihhh to Ohio, damage to
crops nearly everywhere. Ice at Norfolk, Va., and a
killing frost iiwuy down In South Carolina. All this In
thu hint Int l r of April.
J. Plerpnnt moi'kxu Is to he tho recipient of a gold
modal from tim Italian government '" recognition of lilh
return <>f "ilu> cop- stolen from the cathedral at ahcoH."
Ho might »'•''• another Kohl medal from employes of tha
steel trust If ht> should rut urn to them what they have
ichi by depredation of the Htock he worked off on
them by Iho benevolent pretense at 85 cents on thu
A decliton that mutt h«v« a wide and Important
I'.miliij? on tho labor situation baa just be«n rendered by
iliti Uuiii'd States supreme court. It declares imcmiHii
tutloiiftl the New York stato law making ten houra a
day'i work In bakeries. The declilon would seem tv be
upvllcablo to a great deal o( tloi» limit labor legUUtkm.
What Mr. Bettinger Said Respecting
Their Education
LOS ANGELES, April 17.— (Editor
Ilfinld;: Hinro thro? of the loading
<!ty papers havo given prominent
mention to something that tsomo ono
understood mo to Ray before the High
land Park Child Study circle last
Wednesday, will you kindly give space
to what I really did nay?
On the "don't" phase of tho subject
I Bald: "No child over got his rightful
poise or Iwirnori his rightful relation
to people iind things who was shielded
and sheltered and coddled and hedged
In and dressed up and 'don't-ed" all
through his childhood, In Bcason and
out of season, by his elders. 1 ' That
was the only utterance on the subject
of "don't" In the whole talk.
Farther on In tho talk I used thoso
wonls: "In order to properly find
himself out he should have a chance
to bo bad, not to become bad— that Is
different But hft should have free
runßi! enough to find out that there Ik
a bad side to lifo, and then there
should 1)0 somo ono living In clone
enough confidence with him, nnd wlfie
enough to give thin knowledge of evil
the right setting In his mind and sup
lily the antidote for any moral poison
that may have boon picked up. That
would prevent him from becoming bad,
whllo at tho same time It would land
him at mnnhood'R estate prepared for
life nH It really Is."
I simply rnado a ]>U'ti for parents to
follow Froebel's advice nnd live with
their children, Instead of creating an
unreal world for them by oversheltor
jng. M, C. BETTINGE'R.
Christian Science Based on Teachings
of Christ
LOS ANGELES, April 17.— (Editor
Herald): In your Ihhi»p <>f April 10 hp
pears nu article containing a declara
tion of Chaplain Kldder t« the effect
that Christian Scientists have bor
April 18 in the World's History
lil s n. f. Tlin .lowlrli pnssnvor, a fostlvn! In rommfinoratlon of the <1c- f
Btruc.tlon of Ilm first born of tho KRyptiano. whllo the houses of tho t
Jaws worn r|iiut(l, waft oolnbrated In thft now templf». .
1561 Nli-liolim ITdall obtained a patent to print tho works of Pfiter Martyr •
and Ihn Knfillßh niblp. '
\r,M — Miinoi'd crontrul in Amorlra. •
li;7fj Siidhury, Maw., nttnoUod by the Narraßaivrttfl. Roveral honseß '
nnrt hiirnn worn hnrnod nnd a umall party who had hastened from ,
Concord to Ihe'r rollef woro Intercepted an<l fiit off. •
ICS'i Hlr Kflmund A. Androß, Rovernor of Mnßsachußotts, seized and 1m- ,
prisoned by Iho people and tho old maßlfltrattm reinstated. This roy- «
olullon wiiß liroiight al>out after the colonlHta had borno tho lmpoßl- J
lions of the new administration about threo years on the circulation .
* of a rumor that a innHßncro was intended by tho governor's guards. •
1710— Four Indian Chiefs from Kaßlern New England and Canada arrived ',
nt London and were carried in the royal coaches to their audience •
with the queen, . '.
I7gl UrltlHh evacuated f!amden, R. C, after burning the Jail, mill, nev- «
eral houses, tho creator part of their Imggaße and stores and a lnrgo •
uunntlly of private stores. They Ipft thlrty-ono Americans and fifty- ,
eight. UrlllHli diildlttrs mv\ threo officers, all too badly wounded to be •
removed. ',
1782— Nnvul action helween tho French and nritlsh fleets, In which Rod- .
ney Of Rngland defeated and took prisoner Count Do (irasse of |
Franco. •
17tH i.ouln XVI and the royal family arrested by the populace while on •
their way to Bt. Cloud and compelled to return to Paris. ',
1804— Heavy reinforcements of regular troops arrived at tho Spanish •
colonies In Florida. ■",.■ *
tß2t) — The itiiHHian minister and all members of his staff at Teheran, .
t'tu'ntH, wero HURasßlnuted. •
IH47 — The American army carried the heights of Cerro Oordo with much ',
loss, but took many prisoners. •
IS64— The courts of London, Home, Vienna, Merlin and St. Petersburg ;
agreed to recognize the Kmperor Maximilian when France should •
place him on thu throne In Mexico. ■ <
1888— floac-oe Conkllng died. !
1898— flen. (?re«po died. * <
litoa ■ -i!rtilner Weat Virginia launched at Newport News, Va. ;
rowod their Ideas from Hlndooism. As
this statemont Is wholly erroneous and
misleading, I request the privilege of
correcting It.
Christian Science, ns Its name indi
cates, is bapod upon the teachings of
Chrlpt, and nothing else.
The study of the Christian Selene*
text book, "Science and Health "With
Key to the Scriptures," will disclose
that Christian Science dons not depart
one iota from the teachings of Chrlfit.
In Mark 1<5:20 It Is related of tho
dlßcfplos "And they went forth and
prcar-hed everywhere, the Lord work-
Ing with them and then confirming the
word with signs following." In the
seventeenth verse of the same chapter
It is aald: "And these signs shall fol
low thorn that believe." Now it logi
cally follows that since Christian
Science produces signs (healing)
through the understanding of Jesus'
teaching that its Interpretation must
be correct and therefore Christian in
the fullest sense of tho term.
Asslßtant Christian Science Publica
tion Committee.
Valuable War Relic
Recently there was hung on the wall
In the Union Lengue reception hall a
relic of the days of 1776. It Is a Brit
ish colonial flag that was captured
from the Knßllsh by General Poor. At
the battle of Saratoga General Pool- led
thfi attack. The holes shown in the
ling were mnde by the old slug bullets
used by tho American army. The
Btrlp torn off the bottom was removed
by an army surgeon to stop the flow
of blood from the wounds received by
General Poor Just previous to the sur
render of Hurgoyne. Tho relic is the
property of Colonel Perrle Kewen, and
is loaned to the Union League club for
a short time.
Returns to San Jose
Lloyd Chllds, who has represented
the Ban Jose chamber of commerce in
Lob Angeles during the winter, has re
San Diego Has a Suggestion for Los
SAN' DIEGO, April 17.— (Editor Her
ald): Permit me to suggest to the
temperance people of Los Angeles the
very great desirability of providing
substitutes for the saloons.
Most workmen feel the need of a
place to spend a pleapant evening, to
meet their friends, smoke a pipe or
read the paper. The saloons further
provide them with music.
Now, why cannot the temperance
advocates go the saloons one better
and take a leaf out of their books?
To close all the saloons without pro
viding plenty of counter attractions
would be a huge blunder.
In addition to tea and coffee, there is
a perfectly harmless drink that might
be provided: Add one-fifth claret to
v glass of lemonade. It may be said
that this would necessitate a license,
but surely this is a matter of law
that may be compromised, or If not
there is such a thing as unfermented
claret which can be substituted.
Claret (one-fifth) la superior to all
fruit essences and with one-fourth
lemonade makes a most refreshing
drink and has all the apearance of
I would like to see a room set apart
for reading aloud of anecdotes, short
stories, Interesting narratives etc. For
25 cents an hour plenty of good readers
caii be hired. It Is at least worth try
ing and for boys and girls, to keep
them off the streets, It would be an
immense success. F. A. BINNEY.
Conference of St. Vincent de Paul
Will Aid Needy ,
A good, comfortable home for work-
Ing and newsboys at a nominal price
is the aim of the Conferences of St.
Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles, which
is soon to be realized. These confer
ences have at present the necessary
money pledged for the undertaking,
which will be established early in the
fall. '
It Is the plan of the cathedral confer
ence, whloh started the project, to first
rent a suitable building. The boys will
receive an education, as well as home
care. Classes for both night and day
recitations will be organized, as well
as reading clubs for general culture.
A gymnasium will ha a prominent fea
ture of the home. Later land will be
purchased and a building erected. C.
C. Desmond Is the president and I>r.
Cotter vice president of the cathedral
conference, which originated the plans
and which will be assisted by all the
conferences of each parish.
At the quarterly meeting of the con
ferences yesterday reportH were made
regarding the work and an employment
agency which has been established.
It is termed the Mutual Employment
association and has rooms at 115H
North Main street. In this new project
the conferences have received the sup
port of a number of Catholic organiza
Hlshop Conaty was present at the
meeting yesterday and made an ml
ilrt'Ha on the work of the society.
Mrs. I'tomklns — No, 1 can give you
nothing to eat; this Isn't my house — I
ju»t board here. Why should a healthy
man like you beg for food? You're
fully able to work.
Ambling Alfred— W'y should a lady
woman like you live In a boardlu'
liouae- Ye're fully able ler keep house!
—Cleveland Leader. i
Mm*. Hel*r,a Mod.Wka tnd Count
Carlo* Bf«»nt.» »rrir»a in L>o* Angel**
j«teri3aj- on their tisj- 10 New Twk
and at.t«n<J*d th» r*rform«nr» of "Psr
nifa)" la»t evening.
• ":■..• ■■■'.■". 4
Mr. snij Mr*. Etftrln CswMon ct
Pouth Pasadena have i*ft for a visit
tf> Kn^lantf.
A pr»Ur horn* •n-KjiSing *ti •*!•
*mnis»i r>n Punflar •when MIM OJire
Craln anfl Auruft Robert! niar»
ri»'J at ih» hnm» nf tri» Mdt'i parent*.
MS South Workman *tr**t. Rev. Hob
«rt Mflniyr* officiated. Aftfr a *hort
wMdlni? trip 1h» coup)* will be at
home at 41S Weil Forty-third street
Mr*. Dan L, McF"arland will be th«
iru»tt of honor at a reception Monflsr
afternoon irlven hy her mother-in-law,
Mr*. Charle* McFsrland of 115 West
Twentj-eighth ttre'et.
• • •
Mr*. Pamuel Merer 1* entertaining
h?r daueht»r and Pon-in-law, Mr. and
Mr*. Warren Preston Carlisle, who
have Ju*t returned from a wedlng trip
to Santa Barbara.
A party that spent Punday at the
Bol*a Chica as the ?ueets of Mr. and
Mr*. Michael J. Connell of 2307 South
Flgrueroa street included Mr. and Mrs*
John G. Mo**ln, Mr. and Mrs. William
May Garland, Miss Garland of Chicago
and Miss Louise McFarland.
Dr. H. Gordon Bayless left yester
day for San Francisco on a profes
sional visit.
•• • •
A muslcale and tea will be given '
Saturday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. A. C. Smlther of 1500 West'Adama
street for the benefit of the Woman's
league of the First Christian church.
• « •
The Leonidas club has issued invi
tations for a moonlight hop at
Kramer's Friday evening, April 2S.
Fruit Growers Notified to Rush Dis.
plays for the Portland
Fruit growers and others In Los An
geles and Southern California who de
sire to have products shown at the
Portland fair are notified that they
must have the fruit or other products
at the Los Angeles chamber of com
merce before the last of the present
week or they 'will miss the shipment.
Deputy Commissioner Wiggins ar
rived yesterday from San Francisco,
where on Sunday Goveronor Pardea
and his deputies, Mr. Wiggins and Mr.
Fllcher, held a conference. The gov
ernor, who is the chief commissioner,
desires that the California exhibit en
tire shall be in place promptly at the
opening of the fair on June 1, and
every effort will be made to comply
with the governor's wishes.
No products for the building will be
received after the end of the week,
but works of art will be received up
to May 15.
Deputy Filcher and Mrs. Wiggins
are now at Portland to remain until
the close of the fair. Mr. Wiggins will
be In attendance 'after May 1. •
Assistant Secretary Qurley Is Making
a Thorough Investiga.
H. B. Gurley, assistant secretary of
the Los Angeles chamber of commerce.
Is on his way to Nevada to Investigate
conditions in the new mining district
for the information and use of the Loa
Angeles chamber.
Much hag been said and published
about Goldfleld, Bullfrog, Tondpah,
Las Vegas, Ivanpah, Soda Lake and
other points in Nevada. The board of
directors of the chamber of commerce
wish to be Informed as to actual con
ditions, with special reference to the
business end of the proposition so fat
as It affects the commercial interests
of Los Angeles. Mr. Gurley will visit
Daggett, Las Vegas," Callente, 'Bull
frog, Goldfleld and possibly Tonopah.
He is not restricted as to time nor
Is he limited as to points of visitation.
He is out for information for the good
of Los Angeles, and on his return will
submit an unbiased business report to
the directors.
"I wonder who was the first politi
cian?" queried the heavy-weight
"Adam," answered the cheerful Idiot.
"How do you figure that out?" asked
the obese party.
"He didn't have to go to work until
he lost his Job," explained the c. I.—
Capital raMnJI Capital
$27R,000 B3iflp $278,000
Ladies' Waiting Room
A room for the ex-
clusive UHe of ladles
is part of the Trust
co in p a n y'a equip-
ment. m ___
In Our Own Building,
207.200.211 S.Broadway

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