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««t« %t ««v • vr v o ,>,,»>-. *v ' Ventilated Dress Shields in.
Why Not Write Us a Letter? m^^> ji * \ n %4*% 4* Ws>s&« The-omozouav.- 4yc
au^riss.t^3 z 'Sttn zz-z:z mmws*<\j[Wß^ areySss svr w w """ dd * nd are p " fwtlT od<)r " M - E - ■
dMlßhfrrt to .on.) .to.. .«mpl« of n<-w .prin, rtrr« ««vl«. .Ilk., W n.h «n n d, „r mAJw^.'Vv .- H nTc>^ I — ..r^,-. .^r^.* '^^^^^''•"^9^ pnlr «.mr n n(^d. Snlr prlrr inc.
• lon. imd onr Mfh»n«(. nnd refund (tyitera «ppll«« lo Mail Order hu«ln*M the • •- » - - • -v# " TWMiltßjn*^ **<4l&£r UemOnSlrailOn All 1 niS fTeen
•nnift «» to our city «r»d«». " i '
* "" . , '
Carload of Jardinieres Table Linens, Mill Remnants and Factory Ends
* i tu jjifn- Worthy Materials in Wanted Lengths / BSftl IJl^^ajS^
lllwA n Bi 8 Chances to Save Here S 2 i:j-^SfS
'SwfHf^' ThC ClcallU P Of ft Wh ° lc Factory our ))npn buycf wag fortunate enough to Becufe nn , mmonn( , lot of factory ends of table llnen.S j ? |Jtjj i^V^fe,^
Our crockery buyer on r recent eastern trip purchased the en- "f "'■ grades nnd kinds. There's not a tblnß In the world the matter with these linens ex- II h ft -Jp Jbjk '<
nttl?H*&\ tire made-up stock of jardinieres ln one of the largest fac- rrptlnß the fact thnt they nre remnnnts. but In the mnjorlty of cases tho lengths aro just whatn l^iLTt -^JSO ffl.[
.''^CT^«^ torles ln the country. There's a solid carload in the shipment, v^fgS^^'iPtt you would purchane; so the ndvmitagn Is all yours, as the prlres nre very much below regular. |S^^E<S2PiV JMgu,
$; jF&§£fy i vh i ch h ns just been received and poos on sale Monday at ThP cholceat Patterns "re "<" duplicated, bo the first buyers will get tho best. Tako tho hint Wf\J£\\ } '/flffi^fiffltfffl
'^•''■'''W/^MiS^r I I considerably le.«s than half price. There nre beautiful jar- $^&:'fivf^Vf\ '■ W nnd come early. feij^^^ •• I^«S 4 > ' /wT# r /
I dlnleres of various styles, colors and shapes. The choicest pat- _^JiwLM *^VHw r- o Tl¥»1 1. J*T U1 ¥1 lr OQ« V*l |wJjK^BLj'*V^" S. V W >/*
'IKI t terns are connned to the shortest lines and these will sell first, I;- ;\ 58-InCIl DleaClieCl 1 aDIC DaHlQSll ZoC Id. p?S&^> < ' V< "
' '///MIS/yV^ilJ /// and though there are enough to lait several days, the early buy- Vjf J .^^^v-X^ : - : '- : ;\ v \r^ ' /Nv
• lF" Wfy/vW! li rrs wlll " pt ' ur<> tho brst bal "K aln9 - For convenience In Felling '''S^to^'^ Bleached table dnmask; 68 Inrbes wide. Oood patterns. Lengths from IV4 to 3 ynrds. GradeEC/^- . /js'
ili %¥^^/mIM the entlro pn'P" 16 " 1 haa brrn c" vlfJea lnto two lots aB 'ollows: T/^,i^^^^ijhM^^^^>^- :^i woll '»' orth 40 °- KllI ° Price, the yard, 2.1c. [F^ ■ yM^ ♦
'• I ' - "iß^^rlKK li' -r»1 1¥ J-* A . /v-! P*V'-/SralSl»Er^"'' Bleßched tnble dnmnsk, extra weight, B8 Fine patln dnmnsk tnble linen. KS inches Ej. . . , .._. „-&._. V)
SoM Pedestal Jardinieres $4 Qg pfl^e^^?l)#/ r-r -f s wlde ; v^ y I>r "^ mtt T^T l»^\^^J^z;?^ Crenm rolored tnhlfl (lnmnsk of unlon
teS^ffltm Values From $8.50 tO $15.00 «I*"X»^V/ V'^Vfe*^ v 'r-iiT*"^ ually worth '' wanted OQ C well worth $1.25. Sale price. QBr linen; extra weight; pretty designs; good,
l^^^^J ||li ioiuwiiuui^*. v 1 \°;A^Sv^S''^^sbv /-"uft* lengths. Sale price, the yard "-'*• theyard ? > firm quality; excellent patterns. 65c AQr
/ffWtifcXi Beautiful jardinieres, with pedestals to match; many of them M^ [/ White satin tnble dnmask nf union linen; sllvPr bleached tablft dnmnsk, soft finish; v " luP ' Half> prl(>Pl lh ° yar ''
i**JN 1 ?3Vi/ similar ln design to the illustration on tho left; there's a big : %H*osr^M WIT" V f ' n llll ' lloS wide; excellent patterns; bettor desirable patterns; good lengths; grades Heavy weight, all-linen, unbleached table
Ms£k*TT&sf^K assortment of colors and patterns to choose from; various A§l=?7r i StF^ / than what Is ordinarily sold at 65c. CC-, worth Rsc and more. Sale price, AK r damask; 6fi Inches wide; pretty designs;
(^^WJ) prlce ' lh " J ' ilr<l theyard ' C
-««^« |li |p''** r «n SIK fin Choice Monday. $4.98. Heavy Scotch linen tnble dnmnsk, 64 f!2-lnch crenm colored tnble dnmnsk; good
10 »io.uu. v-iiuitc, j. ' I I I I Ml^^ g Inches wide; full bleached; most excel- weight, soft finish; mill remnants: grades AU-llncn, crenm colored tnble damask, 2
lent patterns; mill remnants in wanted worth up to BOc. Lengths range from IV4 yards wide; good pntterns: wanted
Iron Jardiniere Stands ARr Large Jardinieres zg c &S^:^^^TOc Kg? 39c |^^^^^^.83c
Well Worth $1.00 **Ul, Values $1.00 to $2.00 f> 7/ . Ma^Vino Rfc J) oZen $\ OH NaDKinS isl 49 DoZeil
Wrought iron jardiniere stands, artistic shapes; 24 inches high; Large size jardinieres of beautiful design. In richly blended colors; iDC WapiUlW DJi. UVLVII $1. JV 11^^111115 •?!.*§ J I/U^Cll
beautlfullv wrought' finished in black. These, with a pretty thousands to choose from. The neatest and most artistic patterns ig-inch union linen damask napkins— good weight; pretty pat- 20-inch soft finished white damask napkins— good quality union
lardiniere add to the appearance of any room. They usually are in the smallest quantities; these will go first. Jardinieres terns; worth 75c. Monday, the dozen. 6Rc. linen; worth $1.90. Monday, the dozen. $1.49.
..ii m Tr,n«t «tor M at JlOO- we have priced them heretofore at actually worth $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00; In fact, those nre the prices 18-Inch full blenched Scotch linen napkins-floral designs; QO r 22-Inch satin damask napkins-pure linen; handsome tfjo 30
£• you will find these on sale Monday'ln the basement, ea.. 48c. that they sell for regularly. On sale, Monday. 69c each. rcgu.ar price $1.25. Monday, the dozen JJC d es.gns; worth $3.00. Monday, the dozen
— '■ . ;
Spring Sale "of Go-Carts Milli S JS ains ililll I feS?-5^ 22Jc g^jte
* _ _ _ . , j, ni. I „ J^^^^^^Sp^^^^^ Fancy Japanese linen warp floor matting; yard wide; close- '\ L* »/. WG*\»\ t
Buy a Horseless Carnage for Baby TJTll^L^^r.^r'ZZl «' —b- — — flne — the - come ln - ctty /PlaffiK!
Prices 1-3 Less than Regular foimge; new ornaments; rich color com- ** 40 ~vczl**> w enrpet patternß of rei1 ' sreen nnil bl>10: re K ulnr 30c and 33c \i%^^%
** blnatlons; values up to $6.38. Monday.... «?•*••«» W mattings. Monday, on the third floor, the yard, 22^c. F^*r\C^^lr W «.
Monday we begin a sale of high-grade reclining go- •S^ffSsj^V C*- no * Hate • \?" -f <M o/r C D , nfi # A^JwlS- (U .^
carts which should appeal to every person who has a /J^^^tfT^rMk OirCClllal3 )?^H «|)I.ZS OHiyma KUgS VOC £ 5/7^l '\LV^
K2 ~,s r» iL-srs? srsars ss r, e ur.- a ssss- i s:,rsu <s^#L ' — ~ — • — » -•• — - •■ ■-*- mmmm
market price. We offer them at a like price conces- '*■»"V» "V ZaaSSO^L,*--. new Ideas. Special numbers for Monday at V ;j'i VSti, } on S: heavy fringed ends; oriental and floral patterns; $1.25
slop. You can judge all the values by the three fol- '/jSS!§&^fC /'"* «1 Ae «1 1 C n<l «9 /1« \!|'/ values. Monday, each, OSc. • '
lowing Hems: «)>1.40, «pl. /i> OUO $Z.40
Reclining Go-Carts «1 7 0 A |l||f Stylish Ready-to- Wear Hats $3.00 Bagdad Couch Covers $2.25
„, . "„„ , n %Dl I • Vrvf #v^ SSC^W^SrS' I Heavy Bagdad striped couch covers?; fiO inches wide and 3 yards long; heavy, dou-
Well worm *u.av , Special lines of ready-to-wear hats that arrived too late for Saturday's selling; ble-knotted fringe all 'round; rich color combinations; covers worth $3.00. Monday,
High-grade reclining go-carts, handsomely up- Inorllsh neW rPt]cctine the I:itest trPml ° f as indicated now In each> $2 25>
hofstered with plush and fitted with .Ilk parasol; '^^^^^K^l eaEtern CPntPrS: S ° me "° W C ° lodnE3 a " d BhaPeS> fc;ltured $2.48 ¥ r«-**i~ « a «,«1 Q c r» i- T* 1
automobile scar with rubber cushion tire wheels; WffW^^f^V^J for Monday at $3.48. $2.98 and LaCetUrtain OaiTipleS Off/» || j| « K
beautifully modeled carts that are priced regularly at t q If* fl%"l«1 ' T? t Qualities Worth Up to $4 a Pair l**J\, A^CAl#lA .._■:}_ ; ; ;
$22.50. Sale price, $17.00. \JJ^* ' OftHiple JLIRe V/tlllUren S . XiaiS Travelers' samples of fine Nottingham and Scotch net lace curtains. These samples
Reclining go-carts, nicely upholstered; Reclining go-carts, nicely upholstered; sample children's hats; extra qualities of Milan and fancy braids ln different measure IV* to 1% yards long; they are from 45 to 60 Inches wide; full curtains of
beautuSfly finished; good running gear! well finished throughout; good strong shapes and colors; one or two only of a kind; values up to ng c the same grades and patterns are worth up to $4.00 a pair; no 'phone or mail orders.
strong steel wheels; baby can take a running gear; substantial wheels; neat $2.00. Monday, each /i:- On sale Monday morning, from 8 to 9 o'clock only, 26c.
nap in one of these; carts priced regular- and attractive in appearance; regular m t*» mr\ ■wr'' V
ly at $15.00. sale price. «n # 5o £{£*"•»»■ Sale ..$10.98 25c to 50c Chiffon 10c Yard 85c Carpet Samples rtff r 10c Curtain Swiss r r VJ
eac '"■■■' „ From Bto9 a. m L*J\* From Bto9 a. m J\, JLW*
J Finn Hsmmnrki 4*»r* MC% Undesirable colors of chiffon and mull, mostly lavenders, old rose, etc.; val-
J rillc llallllUULllS Tfc^ f| fS ' ues up to 50c. Monday, in the millinery section, second floor, the yard, 10c. Travelers' samples of heavy wool Ingrain Fancy satin striped white curtain swlss; '
Ifefcv jf Worth Regularly $3.50 «P^»'*VJ Black and white mallne; good' width; Odds and ends in flowers, various carpet; one yard square; beautiful pat- full yard wide; fair quality; a grade ac-
Kw^V J& Extra large hammocks, closely woven; fitted with just the thing for millinery purposes; kinds and qualities;, good colors; some terns; just the right size for rugs and tually worth 10c; no 'phone or mall or-
r\VvM4v sd&T head nnd foot spreader; large variety of colors can also be used for neckwear; worth soiled and faded; others in good con- mats; carpets that are worth 85c a yard; ders. On sale Monday morning, from 8
t V J>«rwS&>> _-*^^ to choose from: strong, comfortable hammocks 15c. Monday, on the second floor, ff« ditlon; values up to 50c. Choice, |Q_ nQ . pnone or ma |i orders. Monday morn- to 9 o'clock only, on the third lloor, 5c
ySSxSlE—lsS&^r that sell regularly at $3.50; fresh, new goods. Mon- theyard Monday „.*«*• from 8 to 9, each, 25c. a yard.
day, each, $2.48. l ; I
$<U) 00 Sam nip Suits tT' 1 !. $22 50 Handsome Embroidery Edges and Insertions ?K c A
yOV.VU JdllipiC Tailored - Widths l0 w Inches . L . 1_._.._..._.....j .._ :........L \)\) f!¥
i#< -— ' -^^^s. A sample line of women's tailor-made suits, of French serge, Panama cloth, . ■• .. /riS^^^SL
t^^S&UL. ' 'j^^yp^ni^ Venetlan cl °th and etamine in navy blue, brown, black and Shepherd Fine* Qualities, Worth Up tO $1.50 A^fiPiilßll®^
{•KA4lrssJ& j^-^^9t*9tf \\ checks; close iUtlng hip length cnats and blouse Jackets; kilted, paneled , BP^Wi .■''•.■■ V'- - . „
WW? W^e^mj )) anfi flounced skirls; falr assonment ot Elzc - s: new and stylish modcls; eooa SSTK^w floors ro!,^: 55S53?^U^^^^f^^^TLlt^ m2.o^\\
'V^ 1 N^ iV "|tt ti^wfififc' XV 530.00 values. Choice, Monday, $22.50. edges suitable for skirts, waists, undergarments, .etc.; some corset cover edges; many of them 18 inches P "r^\^\^y'H s \
Ji&JT>. w"^ "^ rl wide; actual values up to $1.50. Monday, the yard, 25c. yp . I A
ftKfctv >^Jw^^ik M» $15.00 Shirt Waist Suits $8.48 • nf . „■ . „ ,1A An AUMtMirx^ mr /' Ji*r~~wMs
RW^^/»W A »'^'ot of shirt waist suits, some of fancy su.t.ng. lers of brill.an- 25C "HaildKerChiefS lOC 49C AllOVef I^Ce, 10C \ i^iW
V»' i^L^ Jr3S|pB''flJi Wm- -^2^^ tlne > and BtiU others of satin foulard; all of them prettily trimmed; good "Women's handkerchiefs of fine quality sheer Allover. laces, fine quality pretty patterns; ■ \&^ W&S^&Jfcj^^
r*Wm^<NW^^^'^MjCt JM^ c ° lor s: assortment of sizes; values up to $15.00. Monday, $8.48. swlss; hemstitched borders; pretty, embroidered strong mesh; in white only; 18 inches wide; \®£i_J >g^S«Sr '
j?Oi TO iMnif IktS£ ' patterns; 25c values. Monday, each. 10c. regular 49c values. Monday, the yard, 10c. '
M^ Wi^ffflfl^^ m \ (• <J W¥^t <pD*\)\) oniri WaiSl OUIIS tpZ.4O E^f% -o ' T 1 C # llr D'l%.l*. -a
<^£§D7^ /' jf^S^ ftn 1\ 'jVAvV^t Shlrt walst sults of wash materials, cotton voiles, madras, chambray, lawn, g^fex PQflHtllVlt . jlllt J\IDJjOHS | 11/t f*
f i?^ In i'mV^S 111 II \\ 'lM¥^^» Percale, etc. ; plain colors and Shepherd checks; new styles; latest sleeves; sR£P*Sirt A^^R™™^^^wwi^^” c w u WA V l,« •» •»««• JLm^l^ LUa
'^^ // M| TJj \\\p \\ M\ %\Sl pretty crush belts; fair assortment of sizes. These are regular $4.00, $5.00 and &M "^'W[(m^^}^^W-^W^ 5 inches Wiae, Values 10 O3C •■v -w- — . -—•
1^ /// i|'4b *\ \\ / |L \\J' ? -i ''"^ f I S';-00S ' ; - 00 va ' ues - You'll have to come early, us the quantity is limited. Mon- RJi l&£]s* • All-silk ribbons plain taffetas, satin taffetas, satin gros grain and double faced satin rib-
■2/V 1 "? /// I' < '-\» // f f-^ li \IV-> Jay morning, while they last, choice. $2.48. I^^ ! K-^«F l^^ bons; medium and heavy weights; all the popular and wanted colors; soft finish and high
\ -M / W V* 1 \vf ®KC»W-" £o^'.|^ l) N^fffi^" luster; widths range up to 6 inches; values up to 35c. Monday.. the yard. 10c.
!^Mi [ "Wl -ff !C'% Stylish Walking SKirtS $3.98 1 S^S^m.. 15c Veiling 5c . $1.50 Dress Nets 25c
f4P^M jllwiiJ , femi! \\ PreU y talking skirt,, made from good grade mixed tweeds in light col- |$3§( W&k&rJfiW" Pre "y mesh veilings, plain or fancy mesh; Black »«»■■ P/^^J^i. t^ 2" *?n5
WS^^^^*^**^^^ 3^! / iO^^Amj^ors; all the latest styles; splendidly made and finished; light weight; Just illp'ilp^W^f black, white and colors; good quality; 18 $1 50 ' values . notnlng tne matter wlth ' u b ut
lit . N ""3SH' 3 *"^^ right for this season of the year. Specially priced for Monday only, ™ Ml'N:" ♦ inches wide; worth regularly 15c. Specially the price. Monday, the yard, 25c.
\l "j each, $3.98. Jljljl %' priced for Monday, the yard, 6c. . ._,■,■; irziiTii' "rinw mniii" r 1 \]ft
$20 Coats $14.48 $12.50 Covert Coats $8.50 ■ py _ hte „, Jt*LS^^ M!M !^ -j -at >-^
Rpdlngote mats of peau de sole, taffeta, mohair and rravenette; Short box mats of fine covert cloth; newest colors; splendidly burning, alcohol lamp, benzine bottle, union cork, double seam Dum ana '""""j. J L „.»J.f ^VjL
shirred and plaited skirt effects; larße, roomy sleeves; all the lined; trimmed In straps of the same material; with or without every outfit fully guaranteed and thoroughly testeci iiei ore u i« •"'» ""' "y llv >S?>»^Tlii-fiffai'- "^'- " JS*r%l^<^i
popular colors; plenty of sizes; $20.00 values. Choice. Monday, collar; stylish, serviceable garments, In a complete range o£ sizes; nir-nt. These are packed in basswood boxes stamped tor ourning. uuuuo anuano- >&^^S/r-«Bll »> '/ : i*'E3! H'Sy^
$14.48. regular $12.50 values. Monday, $8.50. worth $2.50. Monday, each, $1.50. » rj^fe^a
"Wnmn" QJf Dn^nrmn f^mtc d»« r*^ <«k^ 49c Momie Scarfs 15c •^^^SOsS^^af^-^
NemO Oeil IVeaUtlllg LOrSeiS *^ll Mlfif^k. Momie cloth varfB stamped in pretty designs for embroidery; knotted and fringed CJ
Regular $2.50 and $3.50 Values tpi»»/\/ .$&&P | W?^ ' ncls: Klze ltix3<J lncheß; reßUlar prlce 49c- Monday> ln ulsle h caohl 15c ' "*^
The "Nemo" self-reducing corset for stout figures; strong, light and splendidly modeled; made of <s«^ *<ffir * W „. • tfjl /TA •»*»<! *//% IClli' f^l^lVDC Qftf '
coutll with double whalebones and double steels; strap across the front to reduce and support the J O^CT /(^^^^^ • . ■ WOUICn S and «pi* •%J IHU WlOVtJa JOv>
abdomen; plenty of sizes; corsetß that sell all over the country at $2.50 and $3.50. Monday, the j/^~%£\ jzSjzSh&fc Women's fine quality kid gloves, made from selected skins; pique finish; gusseted fingers; Paris Point '
pair, *i.&u. yr _^y*JtTM\ embroidery two clasps; all the new and popular colors; complete range of sizes. These are the regular '
$1.98 Shirt Waists $1.48 $3.48 Shirt Waists $2.48 f^^W\\ tlJ ,, nd w . ro ,uauu-. Mon q>y. th,^.^ ... . .,,. -■■
White lawn waists, prettily made and nicely White lawn and colored bntlste waists, prettily / / \HgtSt^jdVK*' s ~-' ■ ' '
trimmed with laces and I'mhrnldery; Fprlng made nnd splendidly trimmed with fine embrol- / / Xvvtswijr P " " »» :** ' '
styles; most of these are mussed from being dls- dories and rich laces; most of them Rolled mull \ vS\\/T/ 11 A * T* feJT J . Ontiml IfPTiartmPllt jttStSHS^V ' *UJ<*lß3Bfi!esk.
played on our counters; odd sizes; pretty waists mussed from being handled; these come fiH>m our \ \ JSSW/f NfltlOTIS I* Of FlOnUaY vv r lttOl "^r"' »«»««*»»»^« rL2apm&SBS* i C^^^
that are splendidly made and nnished; $1.88 val- best gelling spring lines; values to $3.48; good as- \ \ yf/^k *^vr».*w*»j *v» » • ■ patent Htlffened gold-filled
ue.i. Monday, $1.15. gortment of sizes. Monday, each, 12.48. \ \ff I ]\[f\ "Broadway" best C-cord hi I cotton; 200 yardi to the spool; frames that will retain •bolrjgyVHgSMajß' IJ&f€ot^l
\X I /I \i\a black or white; all numbers, 7 21r shape. Guurunteed by tho »>nn-gJjffiS3cWfl iKCS^«^5r
#^ j /^O r i . «*. . -— >fr Ja SL /Ml spools for ; !l ufacturer for ten years. Sot with^V^^gwi Sf^^L-^
| v nAfl VlXf* % t' IA/S\lCtC A*^f A I Sewing ullk, bla<U. white and all colors; smooth -ami O r fhst finality rryntal reading Hr , '.
\JWt* yiJi. vJllll i T» CXI3IJ *f«/^ liMH^^mW* Utrong. Monday, tho spool •«• lenses fitted to your eyes and » , v
liit^ /frlln Cube pins, containing 100 pins of assorted sizes;- Jet or *-, guaranteed to give satlefactlon. .. j« l V
A large collection of Bhtrt waists of percale, ln neat colors and good patterns; also plain white // ¥ |JILII colored heads. Monday, the cube * v No better glass can be procured dfl2L...jj|
madras; full cut and neatly made; plenty of sizes; excellent values up to OSc. Monday, each, 45c. li " India tape, in packages of ten yurds; three Qq at any price. Sale *Q r#j W«g^»*
assorted widths; worth sc. Monday ***•. price, complete «J»*««*V , V^
Walking skirts of Scotch suitings also mannlah «7 jo Children's dresses of black and while checked gingham, trimmed nn a t pins, all lengths; black or white heads. A* A Bpec i a i ii o t of reading glasses, 'straight bow frames or eye-
tweeds; popular colors; finely finished. Sale price.... «P« •lo with ruffles and embroidery; excellent styles; regular «C| fCn Monday, the dozen •••••, gi aßg frames: perfect In ever/ respect. IC*
Women's ehort lawn kimonos, both light and dark colors; 'I- 9 * an< l $2.48 values. Monday, each «j»l.Vy Ued croes safety-pins, made of strong nlckel-plated wire. SaJe prlce> the pa , r % 4JQ
neatly trimmed In ruffles and banda; regular 490 values. n£- Women's gingham aprons; well made; finished with deep |C r fasten on either side; all Blzeß. Monaay, . £q ->f g¥f|Tnlr<t«g ¥f|Tnlr<t<< y ,. T
Monday, each 03C hem; full width; worth 19c. Monday, each **'*' the dozen ••••• ' .

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