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Home of Unique Design
in Western Los
The above attractive resldencff of the
old English style, a half timbered cot
tage, shows what can be accomplished
in California by the expenditure of a
Bmall amount of cash — only $3000.
The house occupies a high lot on the
northeast corner of Twenty-third street
and Arlington avenue and Is the prop
erty of Mrs. C. A. "Wright.
Architect A. Dudley designed the
home and pave ' special attention to
pleasing; exterior effects while every
Active Spirits at Interest Plan Big
Things for an East and West
Thoroughfare, Including a
Lighting Scheme
Evidently all spots look alike to you
and to me in Los Angeles when it oomes
down to investing, but. just like the
Easter bonnets that are on tap and
passing in review today, some are
fairer to look upon than others. Of
course they are all Easter creations,
and real estate is all creation, but some
creations look better and have more
backing and filling.
Last Sunday I told you much about
the prospects of values in the district
within one thousand feet of the corner
of Eighth and Broadway as a center.
Evidently the information was timely,
ss I notice that the wise ones pricked
i,p their ears, and you will notice in The
Herald today a fine array of property
advertised within that area. I tell you,
printer's ink does count.
But let's get down to the things that
are real today, since the bells have
pealed with loud acclaim that the
period of fasting is over. And let me
I appeal to you that your eyes had better
be riveted upon Sixth street for a while.
Last November I raised my voice in
behalf of Sixth street, and just now
the predictions made at that time are
coming true. If you will stand on Main
street, where Sixth street now really
begins, as far as outward Improve-
Kments go, you will be in the shadow of
the great Huntington building. On the
opposite corner the Spverance Interests
are building a handsome block.
The other two corners are held by
W, O. Kerckhoff and E. T. Earl, on
Sixth and Main, and these are not for
sale. They will be improved as tenants
ran be found to occupy the entire
buildings. The AY. G. Kerckhoff home
stead once stood on the northeast cor
ner of Main and Sixth.
On Sixth and Spring the southeast
corner is to be improved with a hund
wiine building, the foundations for
which now are in. Dr. Henderson Hay
ward has ordered out his tenant* on
the southwest corner of Sixth und
Hprlng, and this means unother big
building. On the northwest corner is
the new Front company arid bank, of
which Frank W. Keisey is the head.
Out the biggest thing now planned
for Sixth Is the southwest corner of
Hrriailvvay, where J. if. Norton on
50x144 feet will erei-t a »even-«tory
building. The northwest corner is
owned, by the Rowan and Churchill In
(treats and X am reliably informed that
inch of the Interior space was utilized
lor home comfort. A large veranda ex
tends along the street and avenue
sides of the residence and a cllnkered
brick chimney adds to the beauty of
the place as viewed from the avenue.
Front and rear balconies afford fine
views of the mountains, Hollywood
and the Pacific.
In the living room, 20x28 feet, Is the
staircase and at the side Is a wide
mantel of unique pattern. Built-in
bookcases are also a feature of the
living room arrangement.
A small hall divides the living room
end library and beneath the staircase
is a lavatory. .
The dining room, 13x16 feet, is at th«
near of the living room and on the
east side Is a splendid sideboard bull:
ns soon as leases are expired a ten
story building will" adorn the corner.
None of the Rowan interest has told
me this, but It is told in public that
that progressive crowd will never let
valuable property remain Idle.
What Nelson Story will do with the]
southeast corner of Broadway and
Sixth, the Lord only knows, but he's
rich a-plenty and can do wonders if
he wants to. He's the Montana banker,
you know.
On the Sixth street front that faces
Central park much Is promised. Bob
Work tells me that he and Holllngs
worth, who own the southeast corner,
will improve when certain formalities
are overcome. Judge Charles Silent,
who holds the southwest corner of Hill
and Sixth at $210,000, is completing his
negotiations for an improvement that
will adorn a notable corner with a
notable building.
On Olive and Sixth the corners are in
strong hands, like Vail and Gates and
E. T. Earl, for all of which flattering
offers for leaseß have been made. From
Olive westward Sixth street reaches to
the Bellevue terrace on Figueroa street,
and everyone knows that values have
followed the asphaltum pavement that
extends from Main to Figueroa Rtreet.
Sixth street from Olive westward is one
mass of buildings that have been erect
ed in the past three years.
In order to beautify Sixth street a
lighting scheme is proposed from Main
to Olive, and as the lighting of Hill
street Includes a series of beautiful
globes around Central park that section
will be perfectly lighted. The lighting
of Hill street, by the way, will extend
from Fifth street to Pico.
All of this, of course, affects Olive
street and other cross streets, but the
Olive street people between Fifth and
Sixth streets have agreed to set back
their buildings six feet, thus creating
one of the widest sidewalks In the city.
I would like to mention also the Elks
building on the northwest corner of
Olive and Fifth, and also the audi
torium building on the northeast cor
ner of Fifth and Olive.
* * *
Say, don't this ail make you feel Just
a little swlnimy on this gladsome day,
when you realize that you live in a city
that is growing sn fast that a Kansas
corn stalk Is no patching?
And, again, Just think of it, that in
April, so far, $1,185,040 has been invest
ed In buildings in this olty in the heart
of the valley that points its nose west
ward from the Kierrn. Madres into old
And that of this amount over $500,000
has gone into 400 homes In the same
glorious spring month.
Don't ask for more. Just give more
thanks, H. J. R.
Lai Vegas Is Attracting Considerable
Attention From the Invest
ing Public
No class of Investment seems more
popular than the taking over of lota
in towns that are distinctive. In this
class money investors think Lag Ve
gas, Nev., Is classed and they have
demonstrated their faith by timely In
vestments, When it Is stated that
two and one-half months ago the
townalte of Las Vegas on the new Suit
in, with seats at the right and left and
plate glass windows above. Around
the room Is a paneled plate rack five
feet six inches high. Beam celling ef
fect Is provided In this room, and the
arrangement of the lower floor is such
that all the rooms can be thrown to
Ship kitchen conveniences are pro
vided in the kitchen, besides a laundry,
screen porch nnd other conveniences.
On the upper floors are three bed
rooms finished In Ivory enamel, each
with large closet and outside window;
also a bath room and servant's room,
a back stairway and a hall runnlnfe
from front to rear.
The furnace is In the basement, In
which are other conveniences for do
mestic use.
Lake railroad was placed on the mar
ket, and that nearly 300 lots have been
sold out of a total platting of 700 lots
within that time, the fact becomes ap
parent that the promoters of the en
terprise feel their Judgment has been
sustained In creating this new town.
Although less than three months old
Laa Vegas contains one-half dozen
general stores, two banks, three news
papers,-restaurants, hotels, drug stores
and other enterprises. As the gate
way to the wonderful gold fields, at
Bullfrog, Searchlight, Eldorado canyon
and the Colorado river country the
town has assumed substantial import
Of the townslte company R. A. Mc-
Williams is secretary and treasurer
and J. Harvey McCarthy and Fred
Itosenfleld of the Pioneer Investment
and Trust company are representing
the practical side of the investment
end of the enterprise. In order to ac
commodate the number of persons
who are seeking information the com
pany have opened offices on the ground
floor of the Chamber of Commerce
building, where maps and general liter
ature are obtainable.
Flower and Thirteenth
X: . H. Janes has sold Neil Colgan,
through the C. J. Heyler company, 1361
South Flower street, a house of fifteen
rooms with a lot 167x155 feet to a 20
foot alley, 400 feet south of Pico street,
for a reported consideration of $20,000.
The property has been purchased for
an Investment.
City Property Sold
The Althouse Bros, report sales as
P. C. Perew to E. H. Cooper, an
eight-room residence on the southeast
corner of Thompson and Twenty-nrst
streets, lot 40x150 feet; bought for a
home. Consideration, $6000.
Alta Planing Mill company to George
11. Rector, an unimproved lot on the
northeast corner of Hobart boulevard
to" *, y „.««>*»* \ ;; ■:■, i - ■;■ ■■; •;■ ; , } v:-? ;■,■■;. ■■ ;:...;; •?- 1 :V'^:V?;-i;>
The M< I'urtliy 14 lluom Modern Itealdeiico, No. l'«li Third Ave., Oukluud, till.
For eale, or will take exchange, Loa Angeles property, aa»owner haß come
to Los Angeles to reside permanently. Choice home, flne location. Electric
line passes door; two blocks from Lake Merrltt and Boulevard.
Ih^ Iffl^ _«j Best neighborhood In Oakland.
pMniyW McCarthy Buildings
[P»|IPIJ 203 N. Broadway
Crescent Heights
Extenstve Improvements In this
beautiful Wmt Hollywood tract me
about completed. Partlen who di>*lre '
to view the lots and enjoy a trip to
the foothllld will be Mippllcri with free ,
car tickets by calling at the offlc# of
thf> xßpiits, Norton & liny, 318 West ■
Third Ktreet. '
1 .Speaking of (lie popularity of r'res
cent Height*, Norton & Hny submit ,
the following opinion* of several
prominent business men of I>o» An- >
geles: • ;
NAVIXiH BANK, fourth nnd Itinmhv.ij. '
Having lived Immediately opposite '
Crescent Heights on Runs«t houlevard '
for the last ten years, you may know ,
that I am charmed with the location .
and would not exchuiiße It for any ■
other location ncfir Loh Angeled, and •
am no taken With the fine Improve- [
ments being made In this tract that I ,
have, purchased two lols from Norton >
& Hay for $280(1, knowing iis I do that I
such property Is hound to double ! In •
value In the near future. )
JOHN fiKAvr oi' cm \vr mm*., ham.- ;
To visit Crescent Heights is to be ron- *
vlnced that It Is the most charming ,
location In Hollywood for suburban ,
homes. The elevation, noil and ell- •
mate were so attractive to me that t '
have purchased two la rue lots and ex- *
pect In the neiir future to locate my ,
home there. t
o. v. iiiiAvr or titi.k inmtramcb ami ?
Crescent Heights In my opinion l« the «
best located and most sightly subdl- «
vision In the West Hollywood dls- *
trlct and I predict that in the near ■
future Jill the West Hollywood foot- *
hills will be the location of the finest .
homos In Southern California. I also •
take pleasure In stating that the *
title to Crescent Heights Is clear of *
all Incumbrances and that we are J
furnishing to Norton & Hay full and .
unlimited certificates of title to all «
lots In siild tract. '
Having read the adds In the dally pa- «
pers as to Crescent Heights, West *
Hollywood, I was rather curious to *
know its advantages, and on seeing It t
was convinced It Is the finest location «
along the foothills and was much ■
taken on the thorough way the lm- *
provements are being made by Nor- J;
ton & Hay: In fact, I was so taken c
with the advantages of this tract that «
I purchased three lots before leaving «
and look for big returns in the future, j
and Twenty-ninth street, lot 80x133 feet.
Mr. Rector will improve with two resi
dences as nn Investment. Considera
tion, $1400. . ': j ':_■>■:: '
West Ninth Street Heights company
to G. P. Gray, an unimproved lot on the
west side of Normandie avenue, fifty
feet south of Ninth street. Mr. Gray
will Improve with a two-story residence
to cost $5000; lot 50x128 feet. Considera
tion, $1100.
Los Angeles and Seventh
Walter It. Cuthbert to a local syndi
cate "comprising Isaac Lowraan, Isidor
Conn and Oscar Lawler, through Black
Bros., 100x133 feet on the west side of
Loa Angeles street, 270 feet south of
Seventh street. The property contains
one double and two single dwellings,
729 to 735 South Los Angeles street, that
are rented for $60 a month. The con
sideration was $43,650.
South Siders Enthusiastic
At a meeting of the South Side Im
provement association, held Monday
night at Sassaman's hall, Councilman
Smith of the Fifth ward and Council
man Houghton of the Sixth ward were
Interested guests and In addresses
promised vigorous support in the many
Improvements the aggressive south
siders have planned.
The association decided to locate the
school building on a site In the vicinity
of Moneta and Vernon avenues and
voted to place the fire engine house in
the same vicinity, and will petition the
powers that be for larger water mains
and more fire plugs for the district.
H. V. Harris, the vice president, re
ceived reports from the committees on
gas mains, electric poles and wires, the
numbering of houses, renaming of
streets, the location of mall boxes and
Improved mail service. The association
will meet Monday, April 24, at Sassa
man's hall.
Allnictlre <n»h Vrlirn
Wo advise our readers to look over very care
fully tho liberal offer made by the Homoniaki-r
Publishing company, un pajje « of this paper.
The Homemaker 18 a brlgrlit. up-to-date and
newsy Btury paper, which Is read with Intertut
by every member of the family and alone is
worth more than the subscription price, bosldea
giving Btich valuable prizes.
ThlH Is not a guessing contest— lt Is a test of
ability and brains; the prizes go to the one*
sending the nearest correct count, and In case
of r. tie. to the one sending the bent plan.
The prizes will be anurded by an Impartial
committee and you have as good a chance as
any one to win. The surest way to take
advantage of this opportunity Is t» net your
arsweru In at nrce. ami we hope to see a
number of these prizes come to readers of our
I _*^ West Hollywood I
E /^Zy I Ttie Gem of «^ ll Locations J J% S;
S «6JC? I High, Sightly" and Frostlessl ;!
£ • • OVERLOOKING • 2*
5 Hollywood, Los Angeles and Pacific Ocean |
I tTWonica cars via We are not going to tell you all the advantages 3gj
* Hollywood, pas3 of Crescent Heights, but invite you to invest!? j£
■ ' gate for yourself. • ' t
■ *=» '
j GO OUT TODAY MgLgilgg |
5 cTWap and FREE TICKETS at Our Office. Open Sunday to Issue Tickets g
: ; NninyiN"s> hay 318 West Third St - 1
I llvAl Vll Cc I I/A JL f LOS ANGELES, CAL. «J
San Diego
Greater Rainfall
And the SPRECK-
are completing their
water systems begun
in the mountains. See
us for
San Diego Property
Splendid Lots
$20 Down, $10 Per Month
Excursion April 24
Price of tickets bought
through us will apply
on your investment.
Jones & Ryder
Land Co.
218 W. Third St.
Los Angeles, C«l.==
%t Z }*
X, pi Jt Tract Without Competition! pj £
I [Moulton Home Tract I
S —nn — — M ii ' I
«> Only a Short Half Block From Main St., Adjoining JJ
<& the Mew Southern Pacific Shops V
X Being surrounded by industrial enterprises and close to
•010 1 city's center; it is an ideal home site for the workingman. - --•
0 fAn S. P. switch run3 through the tract, insuring GREAT
J Over 70 Lots Sold Friday and Saturday o
! Ha,. S:slo 7 o' JSSs* I
: J Agent on Tract All Day Today and Every Afternoon , j,
1 Get in Quick..... They Won't Last Q
V 2l_ — — - 'S ;:
| [w. I. Hollingsworth & Co. |
* I. 1 §
! j I Tuke Muple live, uud Ku.tlake mr ( olu« north ou Hprlug »t. (Jet off at Autoulo. |_J '.
SV— ' *
WflttS Buy Where Values Are Rapidly lncreas ln« WflttS
No Better Investment Than the
Town of
15 minute*' ride || I 1 B ■ At the junction ol
from Sixth and HMI M H B the new Santa Ana
Mala Streets, on Bf cj /« i fg llae where Hunl "
the Long Beach «ULM \ aA 1 ington Is spending
Electric Line f f#» | | V/ $1,000,000
From a Ranch to a City in Fifteen Months
(Population Over 1600)
Stores, Schools, Churches, Paper, Bakery, Butcher, Lumber
Yard, etc. The now splendid opportunity for Drug Store,
General Merchandise Store and other businesses.
Ideal Home Sites for the Workingman
r,r*- Lots s9o and Up SIT
Golden State Realty Co.-,.
421 South Spring Street
117 Xi. I Branch Sixth Open Sundays ) \\T jj
W cittS I and cTWain Free Transportation W 3. X IS

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