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2 I have a short option, eight (8) days, on a moderate sized block of shares of a Goldfield company. The com- J
$J pany owns outright four (4) separate groups of claims in different parts of Goldfield; all the property ?
3 being paid for in cash. • fe
« S
The directors are Colorado men; four of them being mining men who have made successes in mining, J
fy and the fifth is ex-Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the state of Colorado. % 2
few ' '~ " • *^f
5 As long as my option lasts I offer these shares at Four (4) cents per share, and if you are interested in S
£ buying a cheap Goldfield mining stock of a company that has a clean, competent, honest management, I %
« think I can show you that this is a very unusual offer. ?
3 I do not care to sell less than 500 shares nor more than 2000 shares to any one person.
5 If you have confidence enough in my statements and are willing to buy without further investigation — %
6 although I always prefer that buyers of stock investigate before purchasing — you can wire your order or mail S
5 it to me and it will be filled; provided, of course, that my option has not expired, or all the stock has not fe
been sold. Otherwise write me at once and I shall send prospectus, etc.
$j[ {My Market Letter Is on Another Page of This Issue.) 9
I Ue rUIIOII VJlltlilOll Los Angeles, CaHfl |
Return of Earl Alderson From a Tour
of the Middle
"Los Angeles Is the city for me." said
Earl Anderson of the real estate firm of
Anderson & Bro. on his return from an
extended trip through the middle
western states last week. "I spent sev
eral days at Omaha and Kansas City,"
continued Mr. Anderson, "and while
those cities show marked evidence of
growth and Improvement I was struck
with the countrified look of some of the
districts In those great gateways to the
northwest and southwest. Omaha Is all
spread out. Many of the large retail
stores are blocks apart, and the same Is
true .of the new buildings In Kansas
City. Neither city Is as compactly built
for the retail trade as is I,os Angeles.
Some of the big houses are seemingly
out In the country. Vehicles, autos and
trolley cars must be used constantly by
the women who desire to visit a number
of the big stores In one day.
"I came home by the northern route
and visited Seattle and other large
cities. Everywhere there is evidence of
prosperity. All lines of trade appeared
to be in good condition. We know that
we have a flourishing city, but let me
tell you that there are other growing
towns lined up In the west and north.
People are flocking that way from the
east, and while we are getting a goodly
number of the prospectors and home
eeekers and have a large percent of ad
vantage over our rivals by reason of
our matchless climate and the rich pro
ductiveness of the glorious southland
other cities are hustling and filling up
with a good class of people.
"But lios Angeles is the queen city
for me. There Is no place on earth like
Los Angeles."
Architect Haley will soon publish a
souvenir edition of 25.000 copies, show-
Ing California homes and business
houses, some of them In three colors.
The book will comprise thirty or me«
pages. ; „\. ;,
W. p. Mclntoßh, one of the oldebv real
estate brokers and most active specu
lators in the old boom of 1887-8, is in the
city on a short vacation. Mr. Mclntosh
has been Interested in the oil industry
of Kansas and Indiana for the past blx
year*. He Is greatly pleased with the
growth of the city and can hardly
realize that this Is the same place lie
left a few years ago.
Wilbur O. Dow of the Home Real
Estate company left Friday for Gold
field and Bullfrog, where hi hag large
Dow expects either to come
back with a. million or walk back to
Los Angeles.
George A. Smith of Nolan & Smith
is another Log Angeles real estate oper
ator who hag been investing in the
Goldfleld and Bullfrog country.
K. M. Phelps Is contemplating a trip
to the Portland fair, "Just to rest a little
PART 11.
from my hard work and compare the
'pike to the trail,' '" he says.
F. L. Botsford will leave next week
for an Inspection of some of his mining
properties in Old Mexico.
Provision for Ample Water Supply by
the California Land Syndicate
Inquiry has Keen quite active during
the p^st week concerning the acreage
property placed on the market in the
Baldwin Ranch tract, In the San Gabriel
valley, by the Callforifla Land Syndi
cate, whose offices are at 133 South
Broadway. The tract is laid out in one
and flve-ncre lota at $2no per acre. Sine-?
the tract was placed on the market
hundreds of people have visited the
property at the expense of the syndi
cate and over 100 acres have been sold
for home pltea. Many of the purchasers
have commenced to erect residences and
others are projected.
The syndicate has expended thousands
of dollars in grading for streets and
for the construction of a large reservoir
to contain 200.000 gallons of water that
will be piped to every lot In the tract.
Superintendent Backus yesterday issued
building permits as follows:
Aldama avenue. Mas— F. ll. | Sloan, owner;
John Hi*nry, huilrl^v j on?*story» t hi'f^-rooni
frame residence; J4OO.
Avenue Thirty-nix, 13»-Los Angeles Arti
ficial Stone company, owners; J. E. Johnston,
builder; one-story frame shed; JlllO.
Confidence street. 133 -May A. Hardninn.
owner; \V. H. llardman, hullrler; one and a
half-story, seven-room name rejiileni-e; SIMV).
Kleventh street, 2711 West-I. Levin, ownw
and butldtrj two-story frame nut building;
Forty-eighth street, Sin feet west of Moneta
avenue—J. C I^ennox, owner and builder;
one-Btory. five-ronm frame residence; $1300.
Fourth street, 3"Ui East-D. F. Imbert, owner
and rmllder: -.ne-otory frame shed; J4O.
Fifty-sixth street, near Ascot avenue— !_.. M.
White, owner and hullder; one-story frame
renlden.e; $15fl.
Fortieth street. 330 East-S A. Langrford.
owner and builder; one-story, four-room frame
rinldence; USD.
illadys avenue. "tin- Mary Wlrdsman, owner
and builder: alterations to one-story frame
residence; 1,150.
I^trove avenue, 404— (i. W. Smlddy, owner
and builder; one-story frame residence; $250.
1-ong Beach avenue. 2807-F. W,< Smith,
owner and builder; alterations to one-story
fiame residence; $40.
Ninth Btreet. 101 l East-T. Wlesendanger.
owner and builder; three-story frame apart
ment house; lio.oflrt.
F'U'O street, corner Arnold— Convent of Good
Shepherd, owners; P. J. Bolln. builder; one
stcry brick building: |:*oo.
Ruth avenue. 76S— Pasquale Niosl. owner and
builder; two-story, sixteen-room frame apart
ment house; CMJO.
Second »treet, 711 West— C. W. and A. M.
Hanencamp, owneri; 11. M. Pawks. builder:
alteration* to one-story frame residence; $1100.
Twelfth street. 61« East- M. A. Colgan.
tnenty-flva room frame 'enement buildiiig;
San Pedro Shipping
BAN PEDRO. April 22.-
...*', BAILKD.
«t»am»r Tamplco, Mallard.
Btramer Balvator. (iambi*.
Ktfamcr Krrlondo, Portland.
Steamer AlcMraz, Orttnwood.
Barkentln* Hollywood, San Francl»eo.
Harkentln* Makawellt. Muklltso.
6choon»r Forant Horn*, Olympla.
Schooner Robert R. Hind, Portland.
Schooner lllldrtd. WUU is.
Schooner Arsus. Qray't Harbor.
Schooner O. TV. Watson, Portland.
Schooner J. M. Coimnn. Everett.
Schooner Ethel Zane, Portland.
Schooner Expansion. Ballard.
Schooner William Renton. Wlllapa.
Schooner Novelty. San Francisco.
Barkentlne K. Flicklnger. Portland,
Schooner Luzon, Portland.
Schooner Meleor, JUdlock.
Bnrkentlne G. r:. Perkins. Portland.
Schooner Oamano, Uamble.
Schooner R. w. Bartlett: frray's Harbor.
Bitrkentlne James Johnson. Portland.
Schooner Defiance, Gray's Harbor.
Stramer Sar. HabrleJ. I'mp-iua. '
Steamer Santa Rarhara, Oray's Harbor.
Days out.
Ship Plndos. Hmhurir (US
Ship Gloncrlcht. Hamburg S7
Schooner Americana. Portland 15
Rarkentlne Helper. BnllnM 11
Schooner Carrie rove, dray's Harbor 11
Schooner Falem. ballnrd 8
Schooner Manila. Everett 8
Harkentlne .1. M. Orlfftth, Hadlock... 7
Steamer Rival, Eureka. 7
Steamer Eureka. Scuttle 6
Schooner Minnie A. c'alne, Tacoma t
Steamer J. s. Hlitiilns. FV>rt Bragg 4
Steamer Oriire Dnllar. Seattle 2
Schooner Marconi. RaMani 2
Schooner P. S. Redfleid. Rallard 2
Srh.ioner Korealld. Astoria 2
Steamer Vannuarrl. Kureka 3
Schooner Kva, Rureka.
Schooner Mabel rjale I'mpqua.
Steamer Charles Nelson. Portland.
Steamer Corona.lo. Giayi. Harbor. ,
Steamer Roanoke, Portland.
Barkentlne John C. Meyer, Everett.
Schooner Erie, Portland.
Steamer Bee, Portland.
Schooner Ludlow. Hadlock.
Schooner David Evans. Everett.
Schooner Kona, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Klnu Cynic. Oray's Harbor.
Schooner Alvena, Tacoma.
Schooner Volunteer, Everett.
Steamer Robert Dollar. Milkllteo.
Bchooni-r V. B. Sander. rJray's Harbor.
Si-hooner Mary Dodge, Eureka.
Schooner Dora niuhm. Eureka.
simmer Ontralta, Gray'a Harbor.
Steamer South Bay. Gray's Harbor. •
Schooner Stlmson, Ballard.
Reriondo Shipping
REDONDO, April 22.—
Steamship Coos Bay. Capt. Klcolson, from
San Francisco.
Steams-hip George Loomts, Capt. Seddon,
from Point Richmond.
No departures today.
Steamship State of California, Capt. Thomas,
from San Dl«go.
Steanuhlp Vanguard. Capt. Odlund. from
Steamship Santa Barbara. Capt. Zaddart,
from Seattle via San Pedro.
Steamship State of California. Capt. Thomas,
for Port Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and ban
Steamship Chehalls, Capt. Johanssen, for
Port Lcs Angeles.
Steamship Queen, Capt. Alexander, from
San Francisco.
Steamship Queen, Capt. Alexander, for Ban
Schooner J. A. Campbell, Capt. Swanaon.
f 10111 Portland.
Schooner 8. T. Alexander. Capt. Jacobson,
from Portland.
Steamship Dctpatch, Capt. Weber, from
Gray's Harbor.
Steamer J. S. Hlgglns, Capt. Hlgglns, from
Fort Bragg.
titeamvr I'liehalls. Capt. Johanssen, from
Gray's Harbor.
Steamship lieoric* Loomls, Capt. Beddon,
from Point Richmond.
Tug Redondo, Capt. Crockett. In port.
Steamship Santa Monica, Capt. Olscn, from
Gray's Harbor.
tkhooner Blakelty, from Port Blakeley. <
Steamship Juqua, from Gray's iluilior.
Schooner o M. Kellogg, at Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Samar. at Everett.
San Francisco Shipping
SAN FRANCISCO. April ». -Arrived: Steam
er Berlin, San Pedru; steamer Samoa, San
Window Khuilrk
Fptrlal lot 7-fuot opaqu« thanes, 25c. B»it
paint, ll. {o gal. (lood paper and border for
12-foot room, |J. L*rg*»t variety wathable
papers. 26c; elsewhere 35c. Headquarter! on
burlaps; heavier goods than elsewhere; lower
| prlc* •• Molding, 2c ;r-i. Wiltcr llios., s.'7
'South Spring. '...''■
The end of Choice Beach Property at moderate prices will soon be
J^r reached. It will probably always be possible to secure inland property at reasonable X
f^ prices, but with ocean frontage, it will be an entirely different story. ; Secure a lot •
j& now, before everything is controlled by individuals, who will boost prices beyond your «L
J means. !•
A Town With Unusual Advantages j
No beach town from San Francisco to San Diego has better prospects than this smart little town, located on a high bluff and com-
manding a grand view of the rolling Pacific. The country surrounding the town Is a veritable storehouse of agriculture, a condition
which will cause the pldce to become an industrial center of no mean Importance.. Although Huntington Beach la only a little over ay-;
year old, hundreds of pretty homes have been erected, a $5000 school house has been built, several stores, a bank, pleasure pier, bath
house and pavilion have been established and several other important features will be added soon. Among the new features will be
a beautiful park system. ■•,'■//■.' -■' :r- : ' ' ■ •'"'• :; "v ■ I :
Two Big Conventions Prices of Lots Today I
Huntington Beach has been selected as the permanent seat of Today's prices may not be tomorrow's. Choice lots are offered to- ■I-'.
the annual Methodist State Conference. Ten acres have been day tor * 200 and up within, three blocks of Ocean avenue. All •'■f^
secured by the church people in the center of the town. Thou- -"^ ; g?ft '^I'tS^'JEthW ll
sands of people will assemble here to attend *his convention. caß h and balance in six and twelve months. Why not locate in this M
The G. A. R. reunion is also scheduled for Huntlngton Beach town of promise and grow up with it? Go down today. Look it over. MB
in September. '-.*: :.:,••...■.- : You'll enjoy the outing and may find something to your advantage, ,1m-
Enjoy an Outing at Huntington Beach Today i W
Take Pacific Electric Cars at Sixth and Main. . Jm
.k Huntington Beach Company J--
332 Byrne Building, or Any Real Estate VjTiit
WMKMBH*f««j>»«ii>«iinii^t»iiiii«.iffli«i *«iisas/Ii«. i'si*i«Miirt«it^Tiiir»Mtiifirti*<riit»MrnTiiriifir»%*ii-rffrtnri*l»w^^

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