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■ Cll LdUllvllvw * ' 4KHf^^ jpjk^c^y i(lr*^rjw if \t \\
Small Boats yi immw imhim imii ....„■,..,,»!»,. ..u,^ „■■„,,■,...,„■„ ,■,■■„,.,, „, „ „|,,,,M F,...,,F ,...,,— mu.,.,., „„... m ■„-, .m^. .u.,... „, B ,, Maw iiiiiiuilllluxi . flily Thdn
f|shin(J . Z 1 ~~ " "~~ p2p 22 -* '"' "" c """2U Ocr<in Kcsort
Miles of SffmfcW^^ LolS
The Choicest Beach Property Between San Francisco and San Diego
All Houses Built on a Uniform Line Giving ■ < 1 It Has the Two-Fold Advantage of Being
Unobstructed View of Lagoon and Ocean rT^l "TWT j ~T% t a ~Y A 1 Both a Winter and a Summer Resort
11T ;■ cn t ;;.■.*; Ihe Nearest Beach to Los Angeles a . D . . „ o
All Lots 35 to 50 feet wide, Ocean or ~ Building Restrictions, Gas, Sewers, Elec-
t e l. ~, . x j. r~ i. _ j Playa del Rey, "The King's Beach," because of Its admirable location, its peculiar natural advantages, Its close proximity to Los , . .. --. •''"". e t-> j.i_ j t_t-ii
Lagoon frontage, twenty-foot speedways, Ange(eB and the vast amount of im p rovem ents now being established 1.. without the semblance of a doubt, the most desirable tncity, 40 minutes from Fourth and Hill,
12-fOOt board WalkS, fOUr inches thick, "all the year round" ocean resort on the South Pacific Coast. This beautiful watering place, only 14 miles from the city, has the 15 minutes' Service tO Ocean Park. LotS
largest pleasure pavilion south of San Francisco. It also has a pleasure pier, a natural lagoon several miles In length, and over
retaining WallS along LagOOn. two rnlles of beautiful beach frontage that affords a constant view of Catalina and the sweeping contour of the Sierras. Beau- at ITlodera.te DHCeS. EaSV temiS.
0 00 t lf u( res icj e nces have been recently built by the following well-known people: Frank A. Garbutt, Oliver Morosco, W. W. Burton' f ' J
F-w-— --r- -w-- -w- ■—- -— ---„_, ._. A. W. Eager and George W. Signor, and the following prominent Los Angeles business men will erect beautiful villa homes im- __ . __. ___ ___ ._. -__. __ .—■«-_ -»- /:
\\/ I-? I I IVI I ■*• mediately: George B. Ellis, H. L>. Lombard, N. W. Church, James V. Baldwin, Frank W. Flint, jr., and Frank Hudson. Is'itnot lAC \T T> A | Ift A/^/ I TV]
. VY - r fly 111 I • 9I , significant when men like the above, who are noted for their keen foresight, their ability and good Judgment, decide to locate Ir\ w^« V . BJ /"\ I_/rJ T T H 1
7 / In this favored spot to which nature has been so klnd7 Don't you think that these men have carefully studied the situation be- J -*-.m.k^» » • -»-*■-*. m.■ jj*-' w » -«.-•-
_ , _ „ fore buying7 You may travel the entire coast length and you'll find no better opportunity for investment than at Playa del Rey
Owner s Representative _ jn truthr a beach fit for a k | ngi ' ' Owner's Representative
204-205 O. T. Johnson Building ' ■ J 207-210 Conservative Life Building
Both Phones 723 Los Angeles, Cai. Branch Office at Playa del Rey Station W. H. Willebrands, Res. Agent Sunset 51 Both Phones 57 Los Angeles, Cai.
C. E. McKeag Allowed Twenty. Five
Dollars From Fire Pension Fund
and a Like Sum From Fund
for Disabled Policemen
The fact was brought to light yes
terday that on last Tuesday the police
pension commissioners had voted C. E.
WcKeag, the mayor's clerk, a salary of
$25 per month. According to schedule
the lire department pension commis
sioners yesterday handed McKeag an
other J25 per month from the fund
supposed to exist for the maintenance
of disabled firemen and their widows.
The reason ascribed in each case was
that McKeag was the regular clerk of
the two funds. This $50 per month is
in addition to his salary of $125 which
he receives from the city as i the
mayor's clerk.
The police and fire commissioners
are also the pension commissioners of
their various departments. In the part
the mayor's clerk has acted as clerk
of the mayor's commissions but Mayor
McAleer, desiring to change things to
the advantage of his clerk, succeeded
In getting the two commissions to al
low McKeag $50 a month in addition to
his salary of $125 on the ground that
he acted ati the clerk of the two com
missions mentioned. The question was
referred by the council to the finance
committee. That committee unanimous
ly decided against the request, and
averred that It was the business of
the mayor's clerk to attend to th»
duties imposed by the mayor's com
Finding that It was Impossible to get
the money from the council the method
of taking It from the pension funds
was adopted. The agreement was
made In executive session. In the pub
lic session of the police pension board
which followed the regular commis
sioners' meeting last Tuesday a resolu
tion wag passed declaring the tempor
ary officers who had been chosen
should be made the permanent ones.
Yesterday It developed that the entire
resolution had not been read la the
public session, but only the introduc
tion. In the latter part of the docu
ment the clerk was allowed a salary.
Yesterday In the meeting of the fire
reunion commissioners the entire reso
lution was read. The minutes In both
rases are perfectly clear on the sub-
J«ct. i
PART 11.
C. H. Scott, the winner of the col
legiate oratorical contest at U. S. C. In
which students from the law school
and college of liberal arts participated,
Is a Los Angeles hoy. He Is a senior
at the above Institution and has taken
his whole academic and coilegiate
course there.
The subject of hiß oration was "The
Meaning of Patriotism." Both Mr.
Scott and his trainer, Miss Beulah D.
Wright, are receiving numerous con
gratulations. Scott will represent the
university In the intercollegiate oratori
cal contest to be held the latter part of
Executor* Ask Court to Compel Say.
ings Bank to Deliver the
Tho heirs of James H. Ashdown
yesterday filed a petition for probate
In the county clerk's office with a pe
tition to force the Union Savings bank
of Pasadena to give up the will to the
court officers. The petition was filed
by Julia Klize Hart and Job. Schwelk
ert of Pasadena.
Ah executors of the will, the peti
tioners allege they went to the Havings
bank and demanded that the will be
turned over to them, for probation. It
Is alleged. that their request wan re
fuged and an order of the court Is pe
titioned. 1 The property amounts to
about 112,000, consisting chiefly of gold
mining ttocki.
Wife of Well Known Landscape Paint.
er Fails to Rally From a Dan.
gerous Operation She
Mrs. Ellen F. Sturgis, 49 years old,
wife of Frank E. Sturgis, the well
known landscape painter, died yester
day morning at the Good Samaritan
hospital after an operation for cancer.
The death of Mrs. Sturgis came as a
great shock to her many friends and
acquaintances and to residents in the
neighborhood of her home at 730 East
Tenth street.
Tho deceased was one of tho best
known charity workers in Los Angeles
and for ninny years hnd been prominent
where charily and aid to stricken man
kind was most needed.
Day after day Mrs. Sturgis was in
the habit of going among the sick, re
lieving their wants and aiding and as
sisting In many ways, until she be
came one of the most beloved women
in the city.
Friday morning 1 Mrs. Sturgis was re
moved to the hospital, where the opera
tion was to be performed, but because
of her strong constitution little fear
of the outcome was entertained and
the shook of her death was very great
to the members of her family.
The deceased Is survived by her hus
band and three children, Robert, Fow
ler, and Mrs. Ethal Nollac, well known
In musical circles.
Funeral services will be held Tues
day morning from the family residence,
Rev. Mr. Knlghten ofticiatlng. In
terment will be made at Kosedale.
AT MORE THAN $100,000
A petition for the probate of, the will
of Henry W. Stoll was tiled yesterday
in the county court by Louisa and
Albert Stoll. The property left by Mr.
Stoll amounts to $90,000 real and $25,000
personal, giving a monthly Income of
Put. I'olk*
1 reduced my weight f) pounds, bust
8 Inches, waist 6 Inches and hips 9
Inches in a short - time by a guaran
teed harmless remedy without exercise
or starving. I will tell you all about
It. Unclose stamp. Address, Mrs. A.
O. MeFaduen, Ban Gabriel. Cai.
Everything you want you will find Is the
•JaulOwl Mini • aoodwa «ncjclov«ll«.
Weeks Consumed In Trial of the Case.
Many Mining Men Come to the
Aid of Mrs. Nathaniel
After weeks of argument In Judge
Wilbur's division of the superior court
a decision was reached yesterday In the
case of Mrs. Ella Bell Goldner against
Mrs. Nathaniel Bell dt Los Angeles, and
through the decision all the claims of
Mrs. Goldner to a share in the fortune
left by Nathaniel Bell were declared
The Goldner-Bell case has attracted
more local interest than any other pro
bate case for many years, and grew out
of the demand of Mrs. Goldner for a
legitimate child's portion of a $300,000
The history of the case is as follows:
Many years ago Nathaniel Bell, one of
the best known mining men in tho west
and a partner in the firm of Stephens
& Bell of Silver City, N. M., became
Infatuated with a Mexican woman
named Llbrada Valencia. From the
testimony In the case the Valencia wo
man had many suitors and Bell was
one of the favored.
When Bell died several months ago
his will was probated, and Mrs. Gold
ner of I,os Angeles immediately claimed
a share in the estate, alleging that she
was the legitimate child of Bell and the
Valencia woman. Scores of Bell's
former friends and mining companions
flocked to the aid of his widow In deny
ing the claim of Mrs. Goldner, and
prominent legal talent from all parts
of the state was employed by both par
In his opinion of the case Judge Wil
bur said; "According . to the evidence
in the case there is Insufficient proof
that Mrs. Goldner was the legitimate
child of Bell. Her witnesses failed to
prove that a marriage existed between
Dell and the Vahnvla woman, while
seyeral witnesses have testified that 1.1
brada Valencia lived with a number of
men during her life. I deny the claim
to the estate entered by Mrs.' Ooldner
and flnd that Mrs. Nathaniel Bell and
her two sons are the deceased sole and
legitimate heirs."
Mot Ice to Holders of Herald I'liota Coupon*
iluMrra of Herald photo coupon* on ilarnett
ft Son* •tudlo within* fitting* on 6und»y
muit muk« •ng«grni«ni t#v*r*.l a*y* In ad
vance. All coupon* niutt b* pi«»em»d btfor*
May 26, ISO*.
These Two Cottages For Sale
Located at* 168 and 170 Dwight Avenue, Ocean Park
L. C. Hulburt, Owner and Sole Agent
«£S^^^^^^^^^fHS Shatto C i>lacc a WilshirePlace
t^!^^^^^^^^fiT^&^^^^^^^ Sunset Park Tract
fitSS^iii^V^''^ 6 "^ 111 LT^«^^SX"S«^^^SSli Copenhagen Tract
.|r Cream of Westlake Section
sipW Lt'i* Lou Hrancli Office 2950 Wilshire Blvd. l^l^ir^iliri^^pSl^^i^J
fjtfrML.. Building Restrlctloof Agent Always There to Show Property

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