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London Again Heavy Purchaser of
American Becurltle«— All Excite.
ment Quieted ■• Result of
the Day's Deals
iy Asitocl&tM Prcsa.
Prices rose slightly on the open-,,
Ing of the stock exchange yester-* ,
day. Louisville nnd Nashville*
reached as high as 154 Vi before the; ;
weakness developed, and Great, ,
Northern preferred had also been, ,
up 6. Federal Mining 4 and Atlantic.
Const Line, Northern Pacific, Colo-*
•rado Fuel and Northern American*
'1 to 1%. The market developed a;
'strong tone after prices had reced-,
led to near Monday's closing. Ten-.
>nessee Coal, Lead Preferred and*
•Locomotive fell 1, and American 1
'Express 5. Northern Securities on]
'the curb rose 7, and then fluctuat-,
led uncertainly. Prlc.e3 sold oft,
> again, changing some early Bains.
•to losses and then rallied to about
'tho best. Amalgamated Copper •
'and Chicago Terminal preferred,
.gained VA and Atchlson and On-,
.tarlo and Western a point. •
» Consolidated Gas lost 2>/4, Wool-*
'en preferred 2, Pressed Steel Car;
!l% and Northern Pacific, St. Louis,
, Southwestern preferred, the Steel,
• Foundries stocks, Smelting, Sugar*
'and Linseed a point or more. There
*was a stile o£ old Rock Island;
| stock at 31.70. a decline of 3V4-,
.Great Northern preferred reacted.
•6, to 1 below Monday. •
• Union Pacific rose to $1.25%.«
•Smelting gained 4, . Amalgamated;
! Copper, Lead and Tennessee Coal,
.aVi. and the United States Steel.
• stocks, Colorado Fuel and Federal
•Mining preferred 1 to 1%. North-;
*crn Pacific rallied to $1.68^.
' . Southern storks ■ rebounded,
.strongly, Louisville and Nashville.
• rising 3 over last night and At-<
Mantle Coast Line 1%. St. Paul;
• gained 3%, Union Pacific 2V4, Unit-,
,ed States Rubber 1%, General Elec-.
. trie 1%, Wabash preferred and.
• Kansas and Texas -preferred IH.'
'and Norfolk and Western, Pnclflc'
*Mail and Linseed preferred a point.,
„ Great Northern dropped 7 and,
. Westlnghouse Electric 1%. •
NEW YORK, April 25.— The fright of
speculators In stocks showed evidence
of subsidence today, and as was to be
expected after the violence of the re
cent downward plunge, there was a re
covery in the prices.
It. was to be expected also that the
stocks which had led the decline
should be especially affected by the
demand from uncovered shorts, which
constituted the principal factor in the
"Union Pacific, St. Paul and New-
York Central were the principal ex
amples in the railroad list. . . . .
In the industrial list an aggressive
tone was taken on the recovery In
some of the stocks which have of
fered comparative good resistance to
the decline, notably in the metal group.
There was a very distinct falling off
In Interest In the market, however, and
traces of nervousness and feverishness
were still very noticeable. This was
especially the case early in the day
before the relaxation of the selling
pressure from outside sources was
clearly perceived;
London resumed operations after a
four-day Interval of idleness and took
our securities with such freedom as
to make a material aid in supporting
the market. A number of internation
al stocks went between 1 and 2 points
higher during the first hour.
Besides the practical effect of buying
of our stocks, the tone of the London
market dissipated any remaining fears
of a critical state of European politics.
The weight of selling brought out by
the opening bulge in prices had a de
cidedly chilling effect on sentiment and
a halting movement followed.
An anxious eye was kept on develop
ments growing out of the Milwaukee
banking scandal and there were some
fears that still further losses would
be Involved. More importance was at
tached to the possible effect of the
episode In shaking the existing state
of confidence In the outstanding cred
its, which Is of Importance to the pres
ent prosperous condition of the coun
The day's events served to quiet ex
citement to some extent regarding the
Milwaukee incident. The quieter tone
of the wheat market was also an ef
fective, influence in turning the stock
market. With the downward tend
ency arrested and the upward 'turn
established, less was heard of yester
day's rumors of hostilities in the rail
road world, which pointed to a degree
of bitterness that hud prompted a con
test for control of Union Pacific it
A notable feature of the market on
tho recovery was tho lessened volume
of activity, the total transactions for
the day falling considerably below
those of yesterday.
The speculation during the afternoon
began to anticipate the action of tTie
meeting of directors of the United
Stateß Steel corporation, which was
to assemble later in the day and give
out a statement of earnings for the
quarter. Expectations that this would
prove remarkable and record figures
were talked of In the course of the late
buying of the U. S. Steel stocks.
Other metal stocks shared full and
even exceeded the strength of the iron
and steel issues, In spite of the weak
ness of the market for crude copper.
The advance in prices did not become
general for some time and was inter
rupted by a number of reactions before
It was established and carried to the
strong closing. Call loans were easier,
but sterling exchange was firm in
uplte of the buying of stocks here for
London account.
Bonds were steady. Total sales, par
value. $2,665,000.
United States 2s registered declined
>a and 2s coupons advanced V* per
cent on call.
New York Stocks
liy AuocUUd i'l'KMk
NEW YORK. April 35.— Tli« following
I «re the official quotation* for stocks and
bond! on the vtock exchange today;
gale*. IIIkIi. l,ow. Close.
ll.tlOU AtfllUon 8711 ««H BTV*
1,0(10 do I'M l«-"i 103 'i 1»2 ii
3.8U0 Atlantlo tJ. I- IHh'.ii 1«», U7ll
J 500 Unit. ft Dhlo....lUS'i 1011, liis-i,
.;.... do pfd »s
0,800 Canadian I'ai-lil.-.ir,'.' 160 ft Ifl
-SQO t'entrul of N. J.H'J'i in 7 lit
7,000 file*. & 0hi0.... fio»i U\i 60 9i
SOU I'lilrugn & Alton. 88, 37* i , 3»
1.V.... Uu J.M-. «»
tpcclai to The H«r*t<L
NRW TOnK, April 25.— Thirty-one carload" of ornnged and one of lem
ons wore eolrt todny.
Prices were firm nnd I*r*e fruit n little hlfther a* demand wn« very
flrtlve. The weather la favorable, the fruit keeping well nnrt coming In
eplendld condition. Navel fruit la showing extremely fine quality.
The brands reaiistlm? the best average prlrpn per box were: Navel*.
Cloister, $3.14; Elephants. $2.88: Colombian. $2.76; Monogram. $2.73; Our
Pride, $2.71; Kagle, $2.65; Gold Buckle, $2.86: Oolden Rule. $2.90; niuo
Mountain, $2.78; Tied Mountain, $2.70; tllalto, $2.71 and *2.«3; CJolden ttiile,
$2.82; Jewel, $2.70; Chinook, $2.61; Rlalto Olrl, $2.60; Kngle Head, $2.76;
Cyril, $2.60; Old Mission, $2.62; Bennrlta, $2.76; (Mover, $2.71; Polnsettln,
$2.75; Bloods, Goddess of Fruit*, $3.10; Don Quixote, $2.83; Rlalto Girl,
$3.00; Old Mission, $2.93; Keystone, $2.89; Carnation, $2.70; Jaffas, Polnaet
tla, $2.74; Sweets, Alhambra, $2.90; Don Quixote, $2.0«; Old Mission, $3.08;
Golden Eagle, $2.76. , %
Prices— Navels, fancy large, $2.05 to $2.95; clear, $2.iS to $3.76; smnll,
$2.75 to 3.10; halves, $1.65 to $1.75; fancy large, $1.6S to $2.80; regular, $2.85
to $3.86; small, $2.85 to $3.35; extra choice ltirge, $1.55 to $2.55; regular, $2.i0
to $3.50; email. $2.90 to $3.20; choice large, $1.60 to $2.75; regular $2.60 to
$3.60; small, $2.60 to $3.26; standard, $1.45 to $3.30; orchard run, $2.55 to
$2.65; sweets, $2.05 to $3.25; bloods, fancy, $2.70 to $3.16; halves, $I.GO to
$1.65; choice, $2.40 to $3.10; Jaffraj), $2.06 to $2.95; tangerines, halves, $1.60
to $2.45.
Grape fruit, $1.85 to $2.85.
Lemons, choice, $1.60.
Quotations as given above are according 'to grades of brands as they
are registered In California In the citrus brand register.
2,(100 Chlcmto a. W... 5.1 22',i iVM
1,200 Chicago «V N. W. 135 233 2:<l\
46,800 C, M. ft St. P. ..1791,4 176H 179',»
Chicago T. ft T 17
600 do pftl .i.li 33<t *>U
200 C, O.i O. ft St. J.,.102' t 101% 101 !4
2,400 Colo, ft Southern 28% 28 U 2*%
200 do Ist pfd.... R!iU R9U M
800 do 2ri pfd ««',»■ M M
1,300 Del. ft Hudson.. ll7% 117 18*U
Del., U ft W 372' i
Denver fr 11. <1 UV,
400 do pfd 87 , Si! Tii 87
23,900 Erie 45U 44 45
2.600 do Ist |>M.... *""<. 80 80
1,400 ilo 2d pfd 68<4 r.7 U CD
Hocking Valley 92
do pfd 9J
6,400 Illinois Central.. 1«1<4 160*4 Hl{4
lowa Central 29
300 do pfd 54 r>3 (3%
1,800 K. 0. Southern.. 30 U 30 .10
I.ROO do pfd «.1 82 82 H
102.R00 Louis. A Nash..l6s<i 1 M »i ir,l-»
twin Manhattan 1- 1 r, r. IH4U H4>i
2.400 Met. Securities.. 82 81T« »2%
4,900 Mnt. Bt. liy llflH H*Vi 11!"4
3,200 Mexican Central. 23 22% 22%
Minn. A St. I. (A
800 M.,St.P. ft 8.8.M.1in% 114% 115
lino do pfd l«l<i 159T» 1«1
R. 400 Missouri Paclflo.lo3T4 1 18214 103H
2,300 M., K. ft T 3074 30' i 30%
2,8<10 do pfrt 65% 64U «'>%
300 Nat. of Mex. pfd. 38 ! s 37 1 37
23.400 N. Y. Central 162U ifiO'i 15S
1.000 N. V., Ont. ft W. r.7'i BB^d B7
8.500 Norfolk ft West. 84 14 S3'i 84 >i
do pfd 92
31.700 Pennsylvania ...142U 140% 143
P., C, 0. ft St. I* 80
68.400 Heading 95 9.li 94%
300 do Ist pf.l 92<i 92., flt is
do 2d pfil 87
12.100 nook Island Co.. 32«« 81% 32%
l.flon do pfd 77 7«U f!V,
300 Pt. Ij. ft H. F. 2d. fiß'i «7 «7'i
SOn St. Louis S. W.. SK 24 4 2B
100 do pfd fi3'4 <53\i MM
22.100 Southern Pacific. «4*i fi.l 64H
1,700 do pfd 1 1 7 ' i 117% 117' i
600 Southern Hy 34 33 U 33,4
do pfd , 96 '*
4,3flT> Texas ft Pacific. .IS% 34 M, SB '4
800 Tol., St. L. ft W. 38 «4 38 ' i 3Mli
1,30 ft do pfd R9»i 89i,4 BH'.i
206.700 Union I'aclflc. . . .121 >i 123T4 ISHV4
(In pfd 98i>
400 Wnhash 21% 21 4 21 H
2.200 do pfd 46»4 44' i 4fi«,
300 Whpcl. ft T,. X.. 17% 17U 17
1,100 Wisconsin Cent.. 22% 22<4 224
1.300 dn pfd.. 49% 48% 49%
1,400 Northern Pacific . 1 (ill 1«6 169
Adams 246
American 22.1
United States 126
Welto-Knrtd 240
63.400 Amal. Copper... 84M> 814 83%
7,500 Amer. C. & F... 40V4 39!4 40',j
20n do pfd lot 100 100' i
100 Am«T. Cot. OIK. 34,4 J44 34 4
do pfd 93
100 Amor. Ice s<i B U 5V4
A(tO do pfd 40 39 39
800 Amer. T.ln. Oil.. 19% 18% 20
100 do pfd 46 46 46 .}
14,nnn Am. Locomotive. 57 94 66 67 V»
600 do pfd 119 118'J 118' i
M.nnn Amer. S. ft R...111»U 114% 11814
2.000 dn pM 122T4 132 122 .4
6.40 a Amer. Pug. Ref. .140", 13SH 140
700 Am. Tob. pfd.. c. 98f4 M>i 96%
1.400 Anaconda M1n...123<i 11B>i 118 .
>».900 Brooklyn R. T... «B'4 65T4 66%
15.4 M Colorado F. ft I. M' 4 61 62>4
2,000 Con. Gas 204% 201 l i 2O4Vi
800 Corn Products... 11% 11 U H 1 *
1.000 dn pfd 66 69U 591 i
8.400 PlMlllers 1 Sr>c... 43% 41% 42! i
4.200 Gen. Electric... . .178*4 178 167
1,900 Inter. Paper 22% 22 22%
100 do pfd 80T4 -80>,4 80%
?00 Inter. Pump.... .32 32 32 l i
dn pfd 82%
2.900 National Lead... 474 43% 45%
700 North American. 102 T4 . 101% 102%
1.600 Pacific Mall 4-1 ' 41% 42%
• 500 Peoples Gas 107% 107% 107%
600 Pressed Steel Car 43% 43 43 Vj
300 do pfd 96% 95 96%
Full. Pal. Car 241
3 800 Republic Steel... 21 20% 21%
2.700 do Pfd 78% 76% . 78%
1,800 Rubber Goods... 3214 "!♦';
100 do pfd 107% 101% I" 6
13.900 Tennessee C. ft I. 98% 94 96 U
6.200 V. S. Leather... 11 11 [ U
100 dn pfd 108H ms'4 105
400 U. S. Realty 90% 89% 80%
3.400 U. 8. Rubber 42 40% 41%
1100 do pfd 112 111% H2U
59.400 U. S. Steel 3«'S SSV4 36%
53.300 do pfd 102T4 101% 102%
1.000 Vlr.-Caro. Chem. 36 35% 3oV,
200 do pfa 107% 106 106%
400 Went. Electric... 175 173 l? 172Jy
1.000 Western Union.. 94 93 4 • 93%
Total sales tar the day, 1,119,500 shares.
New York Bonus
By Associated Press.
NEW TORK, April 23.— The following were
the prices ot bonds on th« stock exchange to.
it* fl' ref Ss res ..H4H Japan 6s cer 90
do coupon 104H L, & N un 48 103
do 3s reg 104 Man con (fold 4s ..104
do coupon 105 Mcx Cen 4« 78
So new 4. Reg ..133 do Ut lno 23%
do coupon 153 Minn & SL, 4s .... MV,
do old 4s reg ..W4»i JIK4T* H'S
do coupon W4»i> do 2nds 85
Am Tob 4s cer.. 73Ts N KR Mcx con 45.. 81
do 6» cer UJV4 N V O m 3%s ..100%
Atch Ben 41 10214 N J O gen 6s ....135V4
do^d] "s ........ m 4 Nor Pao 4. lOr.H
At Co Line 4s ..mUi do 3s !««
B & Ohio 4s 103 N& W con 4s ....ion;
. j, 3>t s « OSL rfdg 4s .... Wi
Cen of Ga t lWi Perm rcnv 3V4s ....105
do Ist mo 91 Tteadlntt gen 4»....102U
do 2nd Ino 71 S 1., &I M con H..IIHH
<~h & Ohio 4'4s ..108 SU&S Ffg 4».. 90%
Ch & Alt »'.4 i ..'.. "1 S L. S W con 45.. 83%
r B & Q new Is.. »9«4 Sea Air Line 45.. S«4
C R I & P 45,... 83\4 fiou Fae 4» 9.1 V,
,i" col Si !WJ Sou ny 6 119%
CCC & SL un 4S..VMV6 Tex ft Pao lsts ....123V4
CM I Tern 4s , 97 T SI, *W 4s .... Wi
Col Mid' 4s W4 Union Pao 4s 106
Co\ * Sou 4 93T4' do cony 4 127%
f-uha 6s cer .„... 10514 V S Steel 2nd Ss .. 99
n & R G4s 10114 Vnbash luts 11«
Dlst Sec 5s T7S% do Deb B 79
Erie pr In 4s ....101Vi Western Md 45.... P0
do gen 4s 93U "U'h & I, X 4f 94(i
F W & D O lst..H4V4 AVls Cen 4s 94
Hock Val4^s ....10M.4
Boston Stocks and Bonds
By Associated Pres"
BOSTON, April' 25.— The following- were
closing prices for Mocks and bonds on the
stock exchange tort*."'
xtch adj 4s »« Adventure 4
do M. 1"3 Allou.l SO
Mcx Central 45.. 7« Amalgamated ««.
AtchUon 87H Am Ztno 13
d, pr*f«r«« ....WiM. Atlantlo UV,
B & Albany ....850 Btngham SW'/i
13 & Malnj 179 *"al & Heo „,.660«660
Boston Ij 1M Centennial 18%
Kltchburg pfd ..IM',4 Copper Kang« 53»4
Me* Central .... 22V4 Daly \\>M 14
NY NH & H ..SM'.i Dom Coal 7T
pere Mamuette.. »9 lYnnklln H'S
\JnlJn Facltic ....126 Urancy 6H
Am Arg them .. 2«H IsH Royal* SWJ
do preferred .... i* Mass Mining 9<i
Am Pneu Tube .. 4?i Michigan m,
Am Su#r »»% Mohawk W
do rueferr'd ....136'/j Mon L! * 0 iV,
Am Tpl & Tel ..14» Old Dominion S5V t
Am Woolen .... W!i Osi'eola »54
do proforrod ....KB',4 J'arrot S3
Dom I* 8 .... 23 Qulncy si
KdUon H I ....SS» Shannon 7H
O»n BUctrlo ....IT7H I'umaraclc IJO
M^ss Hleotrlo .... l»?i Trinity s»;
do preforrad .... OHi United Copper .... 25
Masa Has 44 ir H Mining 31*;
United Fruit ....IW',4 IT 8 Oil OH
Un Shoe Marh .. mi trtah 42%
do preferred .... 33' i Victoria ji,
U 8 Bteel S6«. Wlnona it
do preferred ....102*; H'slvarlnt 108
Westgh* com .... W <
Flnanclal Record
Hy Amoi't.tui PreMk
NKW YORK, April 25.— Close: Mon
ey on i-ull firm, 2%©34 per cent; cloa
liifr bid 2,4, offered 2% per cent. Time
loans ntendy, sixty days 3V4 per cent;
00 days, 3>4; six. months, 31,i/((.33 I ,i/((.3- 1 !i per
Prime mercantile paper, [email protected]'/4 per
Hterltng exchange firm, with actual
burliness In bankers bills nt $4.BB2r>fft>
4.8630 for demand and at *4.8435®4.8410
for sixty days' bills.
Posted rates $485 nnd $4.87.
Commercial bills, *4.B4Mi«i> I -4.
Bar silver, 5~V&c; Mexican dollars,
44 Vie.
Government bonds Irregular; rail
road bonds steady.
LONDON, April 2C— Consols, 90 13-16.
PAKIS, April 25.— Prices on the
bourso today showed a general de
cline, mainly due to uneasiness of the
Moroccan question and possible events
In the far east.
Big Deal In July Wheat Option Now
On — Corn Strong
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, April 2G.— An altogether
different fenllng from that recently In
evidence existed In the wheat pit to
day. The opinlo nwas generally ex
pressed that Gates' line of May wheat
had been entirely liquidated. With the
denl In May finally settled, attention
whs turned to tho July delivery.
Humors of a contemplated deal In
that option under the guidance of in
fluential bulls gave considerable con
fidence to the shorts, who covered free
ly. Notwithstanding favorable weath
er fo rthe development of the winter
wheat crop, sentiment during the
greater part of the day was quite bull
ish. At thn opening of the market
July whs at shade to %<?!'? higher at
84%(f585U. May was %@% higher at
93V* to 93?.
There was little nervousness after
the opening and trade In the May op
tion at 95, with other trades at the
sam emoment at 93V4 to 94. From
these figures there was a gradual de
cline under scattered offerings by
northwestern houses and a little
eleventh hour liquidation by small
traders. One of the big longs also was
credited with enormous sales.
The selling pressure was sufficient
to force the price of May down to 92
before the end of the first hour. Mean
time the price of July had eased off
to 84% under selling by the pit trad
ers. Sentiment then .changed and for
the remainder of the session a firm
tone prevailed. The j principal cause
for the buying was a'.blg decrease in
the world's visible supply as against
an Increase of 878,000 . bushels for the
•corresponding week last year.
The market responded to the Im
proved demand, July advansing to
85?. The close was strong, with July
selling at the highest price. May
closed at 93. .
Liquidation of the Ma yoptlon was
the feature of early trading in the
corn market. July opened at 46? to'^,
sold between 46% and 47 and closed at
the top.
Influenced by early weakness of the
corn market, the oats market experi
enced some depression during the first
hour but later the market rallied
sharply In an attempt by eadly sel
lers to reinstate their lines. July
opened a shade lower at 29%, sold be
tween 28% an d 29 and 29? and closed
at 29?.
Provisions were weak at the statre
on profit taking In pork brought out
by a 10 cent decline In the price of
live hogs. At the close July pork- was
up sc,.lard, .lard was up 7%c and ribs were
Be higher.
Market Ranges
The leading futures ranged as fol
Wheat, No. 2— May, 93c; July, 85?;
September, 81c.
Corn, No. 2— May, 46% c; July, 47c;
September,' 47 1 4-
Oats No. 2— May, 29%; July, 29V4; Sep
tember, 28%.
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour— Easy.
Wheat— No. 2 spring, 92%; No. 2
red, [email protected]
Corn— No. 2, 46%; No. 2 yellow,
Oats— No. 2, 29%@29%c; No. 2,
white, 31%@32c; No. 3 white, [email protected]
Rye— No. 2, 74c.
Bailey— Good feeding, [email protected]; fair
to choice malting, [email protected]
Flax Seed— No. 1. $1.25; No. 1
Northwestern, $1.40.
Prime timothy seed, $2.90.
Provisions— Mess pork, per bbl.,
[email protected]; lard, per 100 lbs., $7.07%®
7.10; Short ribs sides (loose), [email protected]
6.87; short sides (boxed). $6.87%@>7.00;
-whiskey, basis of high wines, $1.23.
Clover— Contract grade, $13.50.
Articles. Receipts Shipments
Flour, bbls 26.500 12,900
Wneat, bu 224.000 8,000
Corn, bu 14,200 110,900
Oats, bu 140,900 189.000
Rye, bu 5,000 10,000
Barley, bu 73.700 6,900
By Associated Frtss.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 25.— Fruits
— Fancy apples, $2.00; common, $1.00.
Berries— aira wherries. $2.50(fi>9.00.
Oranges— Navels, [email protected]; seed
lings, [email protected]
Mexican limes, [email protected]
Lemons— Common California, 75c;
fancy, $2.50.
Tropical Fruits— Bananas, 75c®52.50;
pineapples, [email protected]
Dried Fruit Prices
By Assrnlated Tress.
NKW YORK, April 25.— The market
for evaporated applea is quiet. Com
mon. 4®-5V»c; prime. [email protected]; choice,
6(fi 64c and fancy, 7c.
Prunes seemed to be In a little better
demand at from 2V& to 5%, according
to grade.
Apricots are easy in tone. Choice,
lOijdUl; extra choice, 10^@U and
fancy VMiiln:
Peaoheß are dull and unchanged.
Choice, VHiWAw. extra choice, 10V4®
10% c; fancy, [email protected]'12o.
Raisins remain unchanged. Loose
Muscateli, 4'4Cii«Vi; London layers,
)[email protected] > 1.20; seeded raisins. 6%<S'6%c.
lluliii'n of Herald photo voupona on Harriett
& Hun's atudlo wlntilnv Hitting* on Sunday
mutt make engafemeut nvcral day* In ad
vani-e. All cuui>O(il u>u*t b« iu'ewutcd Ufoit
May 25, lIHB. ,
H. W. Hellman Bldg. N. E. Cor. 4th and Spring
Safe Deposit Boxes
Of Special Sites Just Installed
"Boxes for "Rent .ft^eOO P 6^"^^^^'^' ■
Our safe deposit vaults are the strongest and
most conveniently located of any in the city.
M. P. HNYDEH. Prt-lrtMit ARTHUR LETTS, Vice President. F. H NICHULtt. Ca.hi.f
Cor. Fifth and Broadway
rays tnt«r«»t on Deposits. Open BatuMsr Bv«nln«s. « to *:*»■
Strawberries Fill the Market— New
SHverskin Onions Arrive— Old
Potatoes Firm and Scarce-
Fish Limited— Poultry Active
With thp butter receipts since Sun
day from cofißt points and the Sacra
mento valley up to Tuesday mornltiK
machln* !)8,023 pound*, the market can
be placed In the glutted list. Yester
day coast receipts were about 33,000
pounds for dairy and creamery. This
sold at 37V4®40c a roll, and brought
the valley article to a sharper stand
still. Shlpplnu demand also has fal
len oft because Arizona and southern
points are producing larger quantities
of local butter owing to the feed con
ditions. Storing Is active and must be,
because this large quantity of butter
must be cared for. Authority is given
that the butter board creamery mem
bers are striving to hold at 45c, but
that Independent dealers are selling at
42% c, and that Smith is selling at 40c.
In the face of these conditions the
consensus of opinion seems to be that
butter will rule firm and that as April
Is fast passing the usual decrease in
the output will follow.
situation Just now Is facing
the usual condition when the changes
come, as hens stop their active lay-
Ing- Northern, It is admitted, cut a
figure, or they are sold cheaper on
their merits. The receipts of these are
active. Local receipts' are less, and
while the market looks weaker In face
of supplies, yet It is known that sev
eral dealers are offering V 4 cent more
for eggs In the country than prices
prevailing last week. Several large
country shippers also report that they
note a decrease In the output. These
conditions It is said tend to confirm
the opinion that a gradual . advance
may occur. On the produce exchange
yesterday the egg quotation committee
again fixed the price for Southern Cal
ifornia ranch candled at 20 cents, and
for northern at 18c. Demand is report
ed about normal and that little Is left
for storage purposes.
Cheese is Bteady and unchanged,
with eastern and northern arriving In
large lots. Local make Is not exces
sive, but It Is said the standard brands
are going Into storage. Shipping blbo
is active and the local demand as the
resorts begin to open for the present
season Is reported greater.
new potatoes from the north
came to this market' yesterday
and Jobbed lH<s2c a hundred weight.
Local new potatoes are arriving more
freely and are larger. These are steady
at [email protected]%c a pound. Demand is good.
Old potatoes are scarcer than at any
time In the past two seasons. Fancy
are about good, and any fair to choice
potatoes up to $1.50(^)1.65, and the ex
treme good stock [email protected]
Sllverskln new crop onions are ar
riving In larger quantities and appear
firmer. These Job [email protected] One car
load of lowa red onions is on the mar
ket. This shows the scarcity and from
whence supplies are drawn. Austra
lian browns still are in stock, and are
firm at 6V4®6V4c in small lots. They
are splendid keepers and prove popu
open market yesterday and In
jobbers hands vegetables were plen
tiful and a good demand was reported.
All seasonable varieties are In evi
Fresh peas plentiful [email protected] a ]b.: string
and wax beans, 7(?i8c; cabbage, 40®
60c a sack and freely offered.
Rhubarb Is freely offered as the sea
son is fully on; choice is lower at ~s(d>
85c for 40 lb. box. Demand Is only
Asparagus from the north Is B<gloc
a lb., with receipts increased. Cauli
flower is firm at [email protected] a dozen. Cel
ery is also scarcer, coming from stor
age, and jobbing at 75c<§$1.00 a dozen.
cherry season is full open, but
dealers say the receipts are lighter
than on even dates In last season. De
mand took the 75 boxes that came In
yesterday at JI.OO per 10 lb. box for
whites: blacks, $1.25(§'51.50, and Tartar
la ns $1.75.
Receipts of strawberries are liberal,
reaching 1500 crates yesterday from
Tropico that jobbed at 7#Bc. From
Gardena 11,500 cases came in and
these jobbed at [email protected] Monotas are [email protected]
Blackberries are still 16c a. basket.
Loquats are $1.25 a 4-baßket era to, In
good demand. Fancy red apples are
$2.25<8>2.60 a box.
Bananas range from 3%ig l 4c a pound.
KuppllpH are fair. Receipts are esti
mated at flvn carloads this week.
tail, with a little halibut and
barracuda, were In the market yester
day. Demand depleted supplies. Few
tthml or striped buss came from the
north. Crab* were scarce.
Few rabbits were received and thme
cleaned up at once. One hundred and
twenty geese arrived.
In poultry the receipts of old hens
Is larger, as the active laying season
Is closing. Broilers and fryers ulso
are In better supply. For live weight
14i! is paid for hens and 210 for broil
Turkeys are wanted and for these 21c
la paid. If prime live weight.
hecelpU of Product
The produce exchange reports the
(|§P Interest
$1.00 at 4 per cent com-
pounded twice ' a year
will double In 16 years.
Try It— deposit a dollar
•with us now— and as
many more as possible.
Equitable Savings Bank
I Palo Verde Tract
I-OTS OJfLX 1500.
Clot* In a* Ninth and 'Flgueroa (treats.
James R. Kiggins & Co.
Corner Spring and Court.
Phone 4055. Over Home Savings Bank
Did You Read what January Jones
hid to say in Sunday's Herald ?
Call and TalK It Over
Laclede Brokerage Co. .
Salt* 537. H»llman Buildlnil.
Riverild* Comity, Calif* raU
Rector Bros. Realty Company
Sole agents (or Coachella Town Lou. Lo«
Ancelee ofdee 232 H. W. Hellman Build-
ln» Call nr wnt« fnr mir_hnokl«j».
following articles received on the date
April 25 —
Eggs, cases 474
Butter, pounds 64.438
Cheese, pounds 6,845
Fotatoos, Irish, sacks liiiu
Fotalnps, sweets, Hacks None
Onions, sacks ".14
Beans > None
Local Produce Prices
The following prices rule In a Jobbing waj
In the Lou Angeles market:
BUTTER — Produce exchange quotation*.
Fancy valley creamery. 45c; fancy coast
cream> ry, 40c flat; fancy dairy, [email protected]
Kggs — Ranch, candled, 20c flat; northern,
ISc. No eastern.
CHEISSE (all per lb.) — Northern, 14®loo;
Anchor (large), local, 16c: Youns America.
17c i hand-made. ISc; eastern singles, 149
16c; tmstyrn twins, 14^j)15c; eastern Ched
dars, 14c; eastern Stilton, 14c; eastern long
horns, 14tpl<>c; eastern daisies. [email protected]>16c;
Kwlks domestic, 19c; Swiss imported, 29c.
BEANS (all per ion ]bs.)-Plnk No. 1, 14.259
4.85; No. 2 14.00.. 4.26; lima No. 1, 55.00..A.50;
Lady Washington* No. 1, $3.23.. 3. 35; small
white No 1, 13.75; tiarvanzas. $5.00; lintels.
POTATOES (all per 100 lbs.)— Salinas,
fancy, [email protected]; Salinas, choice. $1.608»1.60;
Highlands, (ancy, (1.35® 1.40; Highlands,
choice, $1.2001.30: Nevada Burbanks. fancy,
|1.40£|i1.60; Colorados, 11.2501.35; Hcmets,
12 00 iy> 2.25.
SWEET POTATOES — Reds. $1.60: whites.
11. 25; yellow, 12.00.
ONIONS (all per 100 lbs.) — Yellow Dan
vers. northern, $4.75<3>5.00; Australian brown,
15.75156.00; Nevada, fancy, |[email protected]
POULTRY (per doiHn)— Old roosters. 14.00
04.60: old bens. [email protected]; young roosters,
15.6006.60: broilers. J3.50<i*4.0u; rrters. 15.00
0 4.00; turkeys, alive, per IK. 23 to 2 4c; ducks,
alive, $6.00© 6.00; geese, f 1.000 1.60.
Live weight, [email protected] a pound.
CEREAL GOODS— As follows:
10 lbs. 26 lbs. 60 lbs.
A-l flour. $290
Pastry flour 2.7G
Banauet flour 2.80 ■■•• ....
Eastern graham 3.4S $8.40 $3.35
Eastern whole wheat... 3.45 3.40 3.35
Graham flour 2.50 2.46 2.40
Cora meal. W. and T... 2.20 2.16 3.10
Wholo wheat flour 2.«» 2.55 1.60
Rye flour 2.75 270 2.J5
Cracked wheat J. 40 JSS B.SO
Farina S-40 3.35 3.30
Wheat flakes, per case of 3« 2-lh. cartons 3.20
Wheat flakes, per sack of 60 1ba........ I.M
Wheat flakes, per bbl. of 125 lbs. net.... 4.00
HAT (all per ton)— No. 1 jtraln. fancy.
$14 OOffllB.00: choice, »13.0l)<ifl5.00; No. 2, $11,009
13.00; alfalfa. $11.00011.00.
FRUITS AND BERRIES— Bananas, fanoy
Port Llmons. [email protected]; -strawberries. [email protected]; dew,
22c: raspberries. OCc.
CITRUS FRUITS— Lemons, choice. $1,600
1.70 box: /ancy, $1.75® 1.85 box: oranges.
navelk, $1.4001.60 box; extra fancy. $1,700
VEGETABLES-Beans. string. 4®70 lb.:
beans, wax, 41T70 lb.: beets, 61©70 c sack;
celery, fancy, 600 doz.in; chiles, evaporated,
13a lb. ; egg plant, 768 c lb. ; grarllc, 14c lb. ;
lettuce. 21c dozen, $1.16 tack; peas. [email protected] lb. ;
spinach. 300 dozen; turnips, Bta sack.
APPL.KS— Colorado fancy red. $2.25 box; W.
\V. Pearmaln, 4-tier box, [email protected]; Newtown
pippins. $1.50.
(lIIAIN AND FEED (all per 100 lbs. net)
—Wheat. $1.75; wheat, 100-lb. aacks. $l.« 0;
corn, t1.46: cracked corn, $1.60; feed meal,
$1.66: bran, heavy, $1.30: rolled barley.
$1.86; cocoanut cake, ' $l.'ss; ahorts, $1.46;
oats, wblte, $1.45; Kaffir corn, t1.46.
10 lbs. 25 lbs. 50 lbs.
Rya flour 1276 $2.70 $3.«>
Cracked wheat 3.40 3.35 3.30
Farina »40 3.35 $.30
Corn meal. W. and T. .. 3.40 2.85 1.30
Eaafn whole wheat flour 3.J0 815 J.lO
Eastern whole meal.... 3.20 8.15 3.10
Whola wheat flour ».»0 2.55 250
Wheat flakes, per case of 86 2-lb. cartons 3.10
Wheat flakes, per sack of 60 Iba 133
Wheat flakes, per bbl. of 126 Iba. net.... 4.90
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 25.— Butter
— Fancy creamery, 18V£c; seconds, 18c;
fancy dairy. 1714 c
Cheese— Eastern. 16Q'17^c; Young
American. [email protected]
Eggs— Ranch. 18<gl9e: store. IT«M7Wc
CHICAGO, April 25.— 0n the Produce
Kxchange today the butter market was
weak. Qeamery, 22® 29c; dairy, 20®
K*TeTS— Weak. March, cases include
cd. U%c
Cheese— Strong, 14c.
Official Stock Sales
On tl.a Los Angeles stock exchango
yesterday 1064 shares of Reed Crude
Oil company stock were Bold at 20c a
Bhare; 2000 RhareH of Atutoclated Oil
stock at 32^0 a share; 10 shares of
Home Telephone stock at $54 v share,
Twenty shares of Union Oil stock sold
lit $83 a share, the highest prlcu ever
paid for this stock. The top price
caused much comment unions the
brokers on change. •
jfflfcm^^ Oldest S« vlnt » Bank In Southern California. \
Today's Foresight
J#*^l9i4l»^^! J'fina tomorrow's Independence, Oprn an
|ll''rtfl," -'1 9]))]]n account in this (savings lmnk. I.RrRO for-
■ 'ifll'i »1 it H tunos nlten date their beginnings from small
jlflfi !r2is]| 1131 r. savings nccounts.
TT:iSilili¥ A % In^csL On
SMI Mi Term Deposits
" ' " Over 26,000 open accounts
i. ii. bbm,v rmiitent on our books— and deposits
A. 11. 11I1AI.V Vlr« Prrslflfnt
w. i>. himimvim: vi.».rrri.i.ifiit amount to over
feT^S^'fSiSH $6,000,000.00
J. n. SAMUEL Trust Officer I
Southern California Savings Bank
The Braly Building, S. E. Cor. Fourth and Spring
Cltlien* 1 National Bank J. j. wateus. Pres.
N. E. Cor. Third ana Bprlnr Capital, feo.^rflurpff.' SiS ffoflta, »*.*•
Broadway Bank & Trust Company waiikkn oillbi^bn, Prta.
KW-810 M. Broadway. Bradbury Bid.. c « pIU ), %>#*??£s£; Sj"'^!!^ «1»M«
Central Bank wiluam mead, Pres.
°'V _ „ ._ . W. C. DURQIN, Cashier.
N. a. Cor. Fourth and Broadwar. Capital. 1100.000 l Surplus and Proflta, M4.IW
C outhweatern National Bank John a cravens, Pr«.
0 N. W. Cor. Second and Broadway. Capital, WOO^bof °Bwpiu« lt a l n > "'promi. WOO*
rommercial National Bank -— — — bontnob, Fraa.
V «M South Sprint. Capital. »oo,000; Burplua and 'Profits. 110,000
Farmera & Merchants National Bank I. w. helljian, Prea.
_„. ., fc . , „.._ _„ CHAB. 81SYL.EK, Caahler.
Cor. 4th and Main Bta, Capital. 11.600,000; Burplua and Proflta. tl.lto,0O»
First National Bank & »£ ? JL fc v 2 Tl ',,£ r *"v,
„ _ _ ... W. T. B. HAMMOND, Cannier.
B. E. Cor. Beoond and Sprint. Capital. 1800.000; Burplua and Fronts. WO.Ots
Merchants' National Bank h. w. wagJJANj g;-^
•'• N. E. Cor. Becond and Main. Capital. 18)0,000; Burplua aad Profits. 1260,001
los Angeles National Bank £' £ &SSSSSMK*
H; N. K. Cor. First and Bprlnc Capital. tWO.OOO; Burplua and Fronts. MH.MS
i merlcan National Bank w. „ ng*™*^
rl S. W. Cor. Becond and Broadway. Capital. 11,000.000; Burplua and Proflta, 171.00S
ational Bank of California John m. g marble, Prea.
auonai nan* oi t B FIBHBURN, Caahier.
N. E. Cor. Becond and Sprint. Capital. tMO.OOO; Burplua and Proflta, tm.«»
C Uto Bank and Trust Company h. j^ woo o i^COTT,^r«.
O N. W. Cor. Becond and Bprlnr Capital. 1500,000; Burplua and Proflta. MO.ON
UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK » L S.^ GE s^r. s .us: A Vk c oS, plu coTnir
Main and Commercial Sis. OFFICERS— Isaias W. Hellman, Proa.; O. M. Bouden, Vice
rre« ; K. J. Vawtor, Jr.. Cashier. DIRECTORS— Isaitm W. Hellman. M. A. Newmark, R. H.
\ Lacy, M. A. Hamburger, J. A. Graves, Dr. J. H. Bullard, O. M. Souden.
" Accounts opened with II or more. 4 per cent on Term Dcpoalta. Money loaned oa
SDDroved real estate. Directors: Jamea C Kays, Free.; Wm. D. Stephens aad C. C. Das-
Lond, Vice. Pres.; Wm. Mead, Robert N. Built, W. C Patterson. Oscar C. Mueller! Nel.
„,, d. Tanner. Secretary. ; Open Saturday Bltht from S:«» to «.
rinnCrtliH/lf P/i RpnK ?4? 4 South deposlts.° r ßav°ngT*and Commerolal account!
VUIIOUIIUuIvU UOIIIV Broadway .elicited. W. a Carlson (ez-Speclal Commr. ot
Railroads of Cuba). President; J. O. Estudlllo (ej-Stat. Treasurer of California). Ut Vloj-
President; F. H. Dlxoa (ex-State Harbor Commr. of California). M Vice-president: WU-
Tlam Qrnven (capitalist. South Orante. New J<t»pv). Plroi-tor; C. 8. Ainro. casnier.
LOCAL BONDS AND STOCKS— S to 8 per cent High-Grade Investments.
■ — — —
Goldf ield Stock
A Share X& #fjf / ' / //
Par Value S^ 1 /' / / ..yr
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By acting quickly you can set in on the ground floor with the Bull-
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Shares 2|c— Par Value $1.00
Full paid and non.aHsesslble; but no more stock will be sold at the 2\Jo
price after tomorrow (Thursday) at » o'clock p. m., the company hav-
ing already advised us ot an advance.
Ofllco open Thursday evening for the accommodation of those who
cannot conveniently call during the day.
As to Our Responsibility
The Southwestern Securities Company is a corporation located in Los An-
geles. The business of the company U buying and selling mines, acting as
fiscal agents and financing companies fur the imrjioso of developing
mining properties.
Southwestern Securities Co.
sth Floor, H. W. Hellman Building
T * 1 if.»rm6 Fourth and Spring Sts., Los Angeles

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