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Los Angeles herald. (Los Angeles [Calif.]) 1900-1911, April 30, 1905, Image 10

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HUUijlillrinTTlfFJj4A \\v\ UlLrPjJyfify wide; no 'phone or mall orders. Xi .«.'^BnoAQy«rCoß.ft>inxLoa^|wwtLca>jAnriiw LtTT^PwoPf>iETQW.f« t jda no 'phone or mnll orders. ! fli^ tuJ?7 '
15c Butterfly Batiste 10c Yard 15c Grand Prix Voile 10c Yard Z^^^g^Si^ --~
Butterfly bntlste, n little heavier thnn lawn or organdie; beautiful colors; pretty White Krounds of openwork mesh, with printed floral patterns; some In Persian ■ ■ - "~~ -— •'
patterns; a bargain at 15c. Sale price, the yard, 10c. designs; a splendid washing fabric, always Fold at' 15c. Sale price, yard, 10c.
TULA STRIFES— A new sheer wnsh fabric with alternate stripes of openwork n C ' C? 1 X* \^T 1_ <f* J VT RT ' nAI ' Ll OROANDIK— 3D Inches wide, soft finish and will not crush; beautiful
nnd satin; pretty scroll patterns; nlso floral designs; beautiful color combl- (fftilV J^ G\a m/ Zsf* Yb B-wB -w fft (Tfi (T9 Ixl £\%JU Hornl pnttorns; such ns roses, rnrnatlons and chrysanthemums; excellent Ifl.
nations; width 27 Inches; regular price 12'^c. |n r MIUJ %X vJUCt3U&A 3 xJXIUIjUJ Ul ?f Q Jll UUUUj 1^ %/ W value at 2r,c. Sule price, the yard IVC
Sale price, the yard *«»• PARISIAN ORttANDirc-Hnln weave, sheer and soft, printed with lar^e floral
VENETIAN VISILINO— A new weave In wash Roods, plain colored prounds with n^-i mnnpv snvintr nnnnrrtinitip<; llprp nresontpd slmilid nnnoil to PVPrv tViriftv l' attprns on whlte Krounds; full 32 Inches wide; a fabric, that sells rapidly lQ r
nubs of contrnstlnK colors nnd small checks; soft and light; an Ideal fabric for me "lO"eV Sa\lHg Opportunities HCXC preseiliea SllOUia appc.ll lOC\ery tliriliy nt the re K ular price of 2iic. Monday, the yard 1"C
summer go\vns nnd evening costumes; worth 25c. ICj, woman ill Southern California. This Sale is not a happening, but a Carefully plan- TOCO SILK— A soft, Pllky material for suits and waists; 30 Inchen wide: beautl-
Sale price, the yard , rmnnrtnno p,,nnt cnlinrlnlr>rl nimnct- tr. tlio PV irf A^\r m-lioh flip nninritv r>f immoti fl " Patterns; these am part silk and wash splendidly; worth regularly in o
cTmPANA FANCY— A thin sheer material with raised corded stripe; pretty llccl opportune CVCnt SCIICCUIICa aIUIOSt tO tile exact Clay \V lieil tne majority Ot WOmCll 350 i Sn)p p r | cei the }nl . f ] ...1"C
colored Krounds with figures of the same shade or contrasting color; 30 IC-, w {\\ fog most interested ill W\ish materials for SUllimer ffOWIIS. A Sale tll.lt is broad PINO CHKPK— A soft crepe finished material beautifully mercerized; has the
Inches wide; worth 20c. Sale price, the yard «>^»» , .' 111P1 . -nt-i-i luster nnd finish of a silk- theso come In nlaln hlnck white rrram cmv nnw
.vioLETTE-A pretty sheer material in white and tinted grounds with invisible and far reaching, embracing every wanted weave in washable fabrics. Materials , k> !, piTnndich?rnpagne; excellent value 1 at 35c . ' ' 'c y> oq-
stripes and pretty floral patterns; a most desirable fabric worth regularly |^ c that will appeal to the lllOSt fastidious. There are many Styles which CailllOt be Sale price, the yard £. JC
SssS! 6^^'LTSE^led'^und^oV^a^'plnk'and"^;;" wuh'^ nnd found elsewhere and none of the prices can be duplicated on the Pacific Coast. The SK N^A3?SiWpdfJSgi S ffijbtaS "hiSaSd^Sim! S^ n -
small dots nnd lace stripes of white; very sheer; desirable for evening dresses ttest, cst l ots arc limited, in quantity SO ail early response is advisable. See OUr sIIOW c J a " y desirable for party dresses; worth 35c. 2 O r
and afternoon gowns; an excellent 25c value. I<?r> -i i „,.».•'-',. 1-.1 -i • Sale price, the yard i»VL
sale price, the yard 13C windows, there san unbroken line of lour of our biggest Broadway windows given JArQUARD STM<s _ 30 , nohM wlde ; plain grounds with small dots and nn B ure S:
SERPOLET— A sheer serpentine weave that ls similar to the expensive nets that OVCr to Wash fifOods, makingf a display SUcll as has never before been attempted 111 nlsn Plnlrts and stripes; these are just -as pretty as all-silk materials and will
are so popular this season; small floral patterns and large conventional |Qr> T A 1 launder perfectly; actually worth 50c. on
designs; a bargain at 25c. Sale price, the yard Wl* JUOS Allgeles. Sale price, the yard fcVC .
60c Organdie Renforce 45c 50c Silß Spot Crepe 29c 50c Figured Mousseline de Soie 39c 75c SilK Chiffon 50c
A soft, silky finished material that has the appearance of a high- 27 inches wide, in plain colors nnd pretty figures; small and large Silk mousseline de soie, cream grounds with large floral patterns Silk chiffon, 36 Inches wide, In new and popular colors; brown,
grade challle — small dots and large floral designs and pretty leaf silk spot; lavenders, tans, grays, Niles; also black nnd cream; of various colors; also silk stripes and dots; very desirable fabrics onion, navy, lavender, Nile, etc.; also black, cream and white;
patterns; beautiful changeable effects; 27 inches wide. Worth beautiful fabrics for summer gowns; actual 50c values. Sale for party dresses and summer gowns; splendid value at 50c. Sale splendid materials for party dresses and afternoon wear; excellent
60c. Sale price, the yard, 45c. price, the yard, 29c. ' price, the yard, 39c. values at 75c. Sale price, the yard, 50c.
New Shirtwaist Suits tf» O4g f "~ m \ «4SBfe White Silß Waists fljo ffcfi
OfFineßrilliantine.. _ tpO^^ JflP Safe 01 COttOll Shift WaiSt SllltS ®$%W Good $7.50 Values ; t^O.^O
New brllliantine shirt waist suits, waists made with . ■?/ Continued \ Pretty white waists, made from heavy China silk;
wide knife plaits and trimmed with embroidered ' ' trimmed with Spanish drawnwork; beautifully made;
French knots; large leg-o'-mutton sleeves; fancy V^^ SVS V We Had 1800 SllitS tO Begin With .^^^^^^^^L the sleeves aro not exactly up-to-date, though they are
stock and cuffs; skirts made with plaited panels; nJn^V^bJl <Sff^^Sfl^w» I T l.« D.«~». A.«» V«««, V^- ♦« H~l* /&&•■ WlllPll? 'T^Yv fu " and pUffy: thore are I )lent y of slzcs = if the sleeves
these come in brown, navy blue and black; plenty of JM j&jjffliffTlfß Y§M ITICeS Are Very Near tO Half /r'i^.lmTOlV / " c ™ HSht We ' d F0 " th6m at $7-50 - Y ° UM better come
sizes. Sale price, the suit, 18.48. W '|aJw *8 W We told you of this sale Friday. We secured the entire made-up stock of a (S( S W\\ 1 1 |^^y'i\ ra^ 1£ J'° ll °" e ' Monday, while they last, J3.98.
1 i j'jW \'tl*ilM noted eastern maker of women's wash suits. There's a broad r;inno of materials. } »J\ )')!• j !;'^&»'+ f k- -ai" I fi»t "f P T ««r • . gu-m mr>
H9Z(\(\ Silk SiliK <18 SO *tz^\ I/ \ Jr\^sMm styles and colors to choose from. Many of them are samples. Every wanted / J&fVl fwii W&M*et\)S %bk»l D LfiWll WAIStS 5)1.48
«P*3.wv OllH OUIIS «plO.dU -.-^A.^ ! »^kJwfev.f*C \ wnsh fal)rlc ls re P rosentP( l a nrt in most lines there ls still a complete range of T/W V Ai r*w7*mS^ «*-Jt.J «p*»*»V7
A splendid assortment of silk shirt waist suits; both il ■ H 'mKjfVuVws— . ') sizes. The values are nearly double the selling prices, which runge as follows: fJfflZs \\r V JwlsvBssr Wnlte lawn waists, trimmed with tucks and embroidery;
plaited and shirred waists with skirts to match; ;| ; } \<-nmff \\\\\\\Wfts^r? «R1 AR Cl Oft (9 OK anil ti QA tyJ&^\\ *1 \ jfJ^y^^^ large, tucked sleeves; plenty of sizes; actual $I.7s 'values.
prettily trimmed; blues, browns and blacks; all sizes; j|l Iftlll * laJs?m£&\ Monday, each, $1.48.
new models; actual $25.00 value, Sale price. n,50. .. I M . UUV|| WOmCII'S SleeVeleSS VeStS 7iC wH^U 3 1 ' 48 LaWn WdiStS 98c' "
New Coat Suits $23.50 j jj| |W &^SSgS^SSfe y ; ffl?? white only: taped neck: M . I :/ T etty V hf k G la t T ™¥\XT wlth b pl r, its - law Bleeves and
Handsome new coat suits o£ brilliantine; half fitted box ' ■' JM fl , lltMtt Vl¥\ *%S&f\ V •! / fancy stocks: trimmed with fine embroidery; plenty of sizes;
front; new leg-o'-mutton sleeves; full kilted skirts; high- W'/| llSllll!v|\ SleeVeleSS VeStS 10C 25C UlldeS VeStS 15C Ifif\\ | / { *!•« value. Monday, each, 98c.
grade materials in wanted colors; stylish spring- "suits '///1 111 111! IuVA ■«- . , ! vf^/v' ■.^iJKiTl c New Percale waists of various colors and patterns; trimmed
$7.00 Cloth Coats $4.98 //I I ill ■*>-■»-«••—■-■ ;»=■»'-"-"* f.ond Straight Front Corsets Ort
/if//// Hi liM Slppvplpss Vp«t« 191/ r n» wt j *-,/ IIOOU Oirdlglll II Uill t/U13C15 VIIm
Covert cloth coats for women; trimmed with velvets and HI ill I AV\t ||!iiUu\ J^t;evt:les^ TWIS U/ 2 C 25C Underwear 17/4 c r „ M, , *...» v , tV*'J&
braid; nicely lined; pretty colors; good assortment of /If if/ i §§■ 111 if ||l| "Women's low neck, sleeveless vests; Women's high neck long-sleeved jer- Excellent flOuelS — Jpl.OU ValUeS \.\J J\*
sizes; there's not many of them, so hurry If you're in- //// IH i !| ! j ||||1\ I light weight, pink, white or blue; sey .ribbed vests- knee length pants to ' ,_
terested; good $7.00 values. An extra charge will be U//iJ| | 1 1 IH I swlss or Klchelieu ribbed; some lace match: all sizes'; 25c value. Londay. f^t shi str , al e nt fr ? nt J1(!"e,J 1 ( !" e , t ff I l lt b f r !j, I-nn"" 16 /T 66 * 3 B 'n dle f
... j ..,, i^ (lal.nl ill 'I I' Ml3l trimmr.fi iimnioi. ...k ioit,, 171/ „^«( D in the lot; corsets come in blue, pink and white; there s a Rood range of sizes: all of
made for alterations. Monday, while they last, each, ybjOyUt^pJ i *^ : -*^ trimmed. Monday, each, 12% c. m 2m 2 cents. em are ' regular ?100 values . ' C ome early for these. Monday, 39c?
_ wVODien S 75C UniOn OUIIS 30C Fine quality cambric petticoats, finished Women's night gowns of fine quality
5J20 Of) CraVPnPttP CnatK Slid OS w . ■ „,,,,>. . . „ „ . , , with dust ruffle and deep, full lawn cambric and nainsook, both lilrli nnd low
iptV.VV V-iaVCIICUC 1/UdlS $14. JO Women s jersey ribbed, light weight union suits; high neck, long sleeves, an- jiounce; trimmed with six rows of lace In- neck styles; cut long and wide; trimmed
Full length cravenette coats with large sleeves; some with capes; new styles; wanted Kle len B'n: others high neck, short sleeves and knee lengths; still others that gertion; tucks and pretty lace edging; with laces, embroideries and ribbons
colors; these, are rain proof; there's a complete range of sizes; actual $20.00 values. are low neck and sleeveless; all sizes; <oc values. Monday, 50c. values up to $3.48. «•«> Oft *!- 25 values. g\ O '
Monday, each, $14.98. >-|^ ->i|nß-!|BB|11-^^^ B-BB-B||-^ Mg-^ Monday •pA.VO Monday VOC
Trimmed Hats Reduced Strong Leaders in SilKs for Monday SSKSS3L?!?JW^Q
_.»«- *J**. Excellent pickings from our choicest mil- t> w» • r\ »« on • > n •• •».. - ... •• ••• -^ . n . '
'+?S&&mg linery; many hats that have arrived this Every Price Quotation a Money Saving Possibility Sets Well Worth $8.50
week: ever y P rice hns been affected by 100 pleces of j apanese wash s n ks; 2 7 Inches wide; cream and 100 pieces of shirt waist suit silks; Loulslnes, swlss taffetas, Mismatched dinner sets of best English J^Zf-:—^k^v
Uliß reductlon> ThiH *'"'■ " ff " rH lh " best ivory whit,, only; linn weave; suitable for women's waists peau de soies and peau de cygnes; Shepherd checks, pin semi-porcelain; prettily decorated; ' fiTY .
°r >portunltles of tne seas °n f °r socurlng and children's dresses; pure silk; worth 50c. stripes and small woven figures; excellent assortment of though they are mismatched, the pat- CJJ-U *• / y^]
l^^^^iS'^y Smart milllnery at prlces much, below Monday, the yanl JC colors; widths 19 and 22 inches; silks that are guaranteed terns are very similar; there are dishes jf&S^,
Mz£&Z^'W regular. Three specially strong lots are not to cut or break: values up to $1.60. ' fift enough to seat six people; these sets (&^^J&^^rff\^&
QEBr!g^^^ offered at the following reduction: Ten pieces of all-silk pongee, 26 Inches wide; natural color; jj on( ] ay tne yar<l O"C are actually worth $8.50. There's only ' miA *^^^^^T' zjr
R. \W ~s . - . suitable for waists, coats and shirt waist suits; a crade that nj^% t hlm<*^'to'tiii^'n'i£i&&&l : rttobto^ * llml ' e( \ ""^! r ' fh^"
\TJ- MgP TrimmpH «t»O F*f\ ""' laUnder P erfectly : re & ular 98c quality. .c« ww a its.R ts. skirts, full suits, etc.; worth 69c. CO r Monday, to close them out, the set, , MttS&-*'
\^J A&lllllllCU rafl | Monday, the yard JJ^ Monday, tin- yard *'*»' ?4 "°-
S^^ IHTotc S.lyUja&J' \Jf __ «» . -. -. « . — . ~ .. .„. Large, while footed oyster or Open sugar bowls of rterman china;
vggg3ak iiala _ w^-r*%^ S2 25 Mohairs $1 S3 SI 23 Suitinps 95r 28 In Enlienne 49c bprry bowls: BOOd sha P cs ; /»r p^ttny decorated; good size; c_
.^B^^^V ... „ ' „ .„ yt-.t.J llUliailS tpi.OO «pi.£O OUlllllgS JJV, AD 111. CUllCllllC I^l worth 12c. Monday, each 3C actual value 19c. Monday, ea...3C
Ijj^j r&OC Values Up tO $14.98 100 pieces of mohair suitings; plain and 30 pieces of invisible checked Panama Silk warp eoliennes, light weight; will
One table of selected hats; almost every color and shape ls represented. fancy weaves; also Shepherd checks; suitings in medium light gray, tan and shir or plait nicely; 28. inches wide; j*^**** ' Xoilet SetS tZf\ '
New models, all of them. A wide range of styles In a large variety of widths 44 to 50 inches; splendid as- brown; 46 Inches wide; all pure wool; all the new and popular colors are JSfc.^ 5 Pieces " tD*»3\/
trlmmlng-s; high-class, up-to-date trimmed hats, worth up to $14.98. portment of colors; values up to $2.25. weight suitable for walking Fkirts and represented as well as white, cream >a *» tf ffifofofrfflf l-fefrSffSty^)
T • #1 ll' Skirts made to measure free if ma- tailor-made suits; a popular, pervire- and black; popular for spring cos- /g<H?ft<M? TiffiffiST" Worth $2.50
1 rimmed HatS €t*£T f\Q *^ terial Is purchased Monday. Sale able fabric that sells regularly at $1.23. tumes; one of the best values to be r^fiVffl&ff/^J. , .. |PFt^» „ _,„„_ H o - nr -, n H t^not .o».. o ».
Wortn Up to 91U.UU %D*J» y\J < r?ft'sin^ price, the yard, $1.33. Monday, the yard, 95c. found. Sale price, the yard, 190. t*9l If^jl tSBBS^ large ewer and basin; cheap
A whole tableful of handsome hats in in- y^&*^J^l c-Ilr J 1 n J «->!.• no cm /or \XT 1 /T» Jno T&Ss&tT «» lfe|> at $^.50. Sale price, Monday,
divjdua^Btyjes^and^coiorinKs:* selected /^^y^^^^^^j SilK and wool Crepe de Chine 98c $1.48 Cream Wool Goods 98c . 50 -
Ideal huts for every purpose and oocas"on' j^QK^?l^£?Slab'"g?y 44-inch silk and wool crepe de chine; also eoliennes and 20 pieces of cream wool dress goods, voiles, etamlnes, silk . (jj^ '•^Sh., 1 *' fH" ijr' \ ,AA A A
cleverly made from specially good ma- '^S^^^J^SS^^sf/ If crepe de Paris; all the new and popular colors, as well as batistes, nub Panamas, Sicilians and brilliantlnes; widths ./"""N Tq * . '■*" ■* [I
terlals. Choice, Monday, $5.95. I black, white and cream; splendid values at $1.50. Monday, 41 to 4S Inches; values up to $1.18. A special offering for fVA
Trimmed Hats <i»o AQ J^JHB^// th " yanl ' 9Sc - Monday, the yard. 9 8c . h%\ Wlplfpl SllvPF
Values to $7.50 JbO.VO /fl HSF^SF /"" T» * • i» T • • 'O *• V* l 1l 1^ 11 ' 11^ 1 vJIIVCI
iri^ir— 1 !-:^,^:,:;:-: & k\jM^y Bargains from the Lmmg Section X/ j ab i c are m
r^rena'b 1 !?-' 'trrnvnUn's^h 8 !"' 1 ' 1 th 2r oUffh " '^"^"^-fe^^^^ 36-inch mercerized sateen, permanent finish; all the new 40-inch lining lawns, in shades of lemon, royal and navy ' ' v
chuck full' of ntyle; many of" these 'ana •fiK'^S-^&l colors, including black; suitable for waists, underskirts, pet- blue, gray, Nile green, black and white; sheer and Iff-, Special PHceS for Monday J '
brand new, having arrived after Raster. BB ° l 'Ca»>V.J tlcoats, foundations, ruffles and fancy work; regular on., firm; worth 23c. .Monday, the yard NlrWei diver i,™icii <-,iw tMsnndiis eervleeahlo nnH n
Borne J5.00 values, but a great number of •* ■"**g^ SOc values. Monday, the yard . v '• -. ■';;•• ' Mtlsfaetorv pind thesf in the toS A «
$7.50 ones. Monday. $3.98. R0 pleewi of RlaßB clotn ,, nlng . „ )nchPß wl( , e: rustllnß Bllk .Bengaline moreen. 28 Inches wide; silk finish; all the popular Ke' of 6 Monday! for... ..!?.... "!?!?"; 48C , '
T-l~*~**A f-^ L C •! «o finish; for waist and skirt linings; all colors, Including black, colors, as well as black, white and cream; suitable for sep- fi& Nickel sliver tablesnoons On sale In i*'
1 rimmed trench SailorS 98C white and cream; regular 25c values. |fi r arate drop skirts and coat linings; excellent value at oorn r | (lie hnsnment Monday set On sa^e In ',1
French sailors, good shapes with flat rims and extension crowns; slm- the yard " 6 ° C> M °" day> the yard £\ »« • tor ' » 75C
wlth velm rlbbon: httts — ly -^ Special Offerings From the Drug Department W I^^}§^B^£^lM W
IWO Tone StraW Shapes 98C $1.00 Plver's Toilet Water 750 25c Truman's Face Powder 17c 50c Hay's Hair Help 350 ' _. «^ _.'
Two-tone straw shapes, made from rough braid; soft and durable- sty- 75c 4711 Toilet Water 50c 25c 8p Iro Powder 19c $1.00 Hall's Hair Renewer ......65c 50C DcMICC FOIIOS OQ^»
goodto^rvuiu^iS n^rMonday^eTh 'fie" 1 ' lot: "" '^^ *** willow violet Water A2O 25c La BedulBante 15c * 1 - 00 HarrlMn Halr ReBtorer •••■ 75c Very Latest Dance Music &OL
ITtltrifntn-fl Sfrilllf «1. -~ 25 ° BathaBWee u t# I? 25C BMOd ° nt Dent " rlCe 150I 50 ™° j* 1 "? L nfa " tB ' F °° d J 0 Charles lfS^^^^K"?SSS3^"r» Wearing My
Uninmmetl JiraW JliapeS 10/« BOc Creme Rhea 34c 25c Banl *ol Tooth Paste ;....15c 60c Nestle'e Food 35c Heart Away for You." "Oood-bye My Lrfuly Love." "Down in the Yule
Regular Values to 91.00 Vy\* 60c Malvlna Cream 31c 25c Arnica Tooth Boap 15c SOc Antlphlogl«tlne 350 of Shenandoah," "I'm Trying So Hard to Forget You" and many other
100 dozen untrlmmed straw shapes; all kinds," colors',' styles and models- 150 Tetlow'. Powder 10c $1.00 Coke. Dandruff Cur 65c 35c B. &B. Cotton, Ib 250 S?"J" lB j; " umbßr "- I>ub " Bhed t0 Bell at sOc - Monday and Tuenday. the
for both girls and women: values up to $1.00. Choice Monday I9r
D««i«*.. ITI „..,„_ W .L nm Heauty rubber complexion brushes; regular price 25c. *c- Ooodyear 'rubber dressing combs; fine and half coarse ns Wltmark's Dance Folio No. 8, containing "Oood-bye Little Qlrl, Good-
rretty r lower Wreaths 25c Monday, each 15c t *eth : regular price 35c. Monday .....25c .*};•.:: ::**£ K x^i'y^'^.J^^^^^^^J^^^' .
Flower wteaths, forget-me-nots, dallies and other wanted blossoms- Hl *ir brushes with ebony or rosewood backß; pure .- Horn dressing combs; good size; regular price 25c. .„.. Pub'llshedTo'gen'at 60c. Monday and SaUir'day, er ,- popu ar compos °""|
enough in one wreath to trim an entire hat; 39c value. Monday. 2&c. ' bristles; worth 65c. Monday, each 45C Mpnday. each **>&£ 'he copy. „ *-OC

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