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Uaual String of Rumors and Reports
'■[ ' of Crop Conditions and VarL
;'•!■ it,.' ova Combinations Affect
Stock Prleea
I The stock market yesterday was ,
sotlve shortly after the opening.
, St. Paul Improved 2V* to 178V4, the
• preferred 3V&; Northwestern 2Vi,
1 Pennsylvania, Union Pacific, New
'York Central, Louisville & Naah
.vllle," Illinois Central, Colorado &
(Southern, the second preferred,
• Brooklyn Transit, Ixwomotlve,
1 Lead. Consolidated Gas, United
' States Ruhber and Hides and
! Leather preferred Ito 1%. North
.em Pacific lost 1 and rallied \Vt.
• United States Steel stocks sold
• slightly below Tuesday, North
' western reacted Hi and Locomo
. tlve and Louisville & Nashville a
.point. Great Northern preferred
• and Bagr lost 1 point each.
' United States Steel sold down
'almost a point. to 30U, Tennessee
, Coal lost 1 and Colorado Fuel as
.much. Northern Pacific fell back
» to 191, ■ St. Louis Southwestern
•dropped a point and the preferred
'made a precipitate decline of 2%.
. Great Northern preferred saKged 2
.and General Electric, Colorado
i Fuel, Metropolitan Street Railway
• and Steel Foundries preferred 1 to
'VA points. \
\ Earlier gains In the railroad list
. -were lost, Union Pacific and oth
• ers, falling a small fraction under
• Tuesday, St. Paul rearited 1%,
•Northern Pacific lost 2%. C. C. C.
■, & ' St. L. 2% and St. Joseph &
> Grand Island first preferred
• dropped 7 points.
By Associated Pres«.
NEW YORK. May 17.—There were n
few more shares dealt In on the stock
exchange today than on yesterday, but
the listless character of the trading
1 was not altered. The market showed
the same position to yield the day's
. extreme changes, the -only difference
I being that yesterday, those changes
were declines made In the first hour
and followed by a slow movement of
retrieval, while today the only ccVistd
erable .gains were established during
the first hour and were slowly yielded
afterwards. . t
The exception was St. Paul, which
made Its highest prices later In the
day, /responding to several distinct
buying movements, which lifted the
price a stage higher each time.
■ The effect of this special movement
on the general list steadily diminished
throughout the dny and practically lost
Its Influence In the later trading.
' Union Pacific showed a special sym
pathy at first and was almost as ac
. tlye as St. Paul Itself, but Its price
dropped and Its activity diminished be
fore the operations in St. Paul closed.
'These operations were attributed very
largely to professional account and the
J many' rumors afloat to account for
.them-associated St. Paul and Northern
Pacific' 1 in one way and another. The
assertions regarding these two com
panies pointed to absorption of one by
the other, the absorbing company vary
ing in the rumor.
Meanwhile Northern Pacific Itself
nnd Great Northern showed . evidence
of some pressure and this largely de
prived the St. Paul movement of its
The market had some help from a
. renewal of reports in circulation in
European financial centers of a revi
■ val.of efforts amongst the powers In
directly Interested to bring about peace
In the far east..
The I London stock market showed
sensible relief from the pressure of be
lated liquidations which has caused
. liquidation there for several days past.
The weakening of the price of wheat
on account of the weather reports
;• showing clearing conditions and more
favorable prospects in the-wlnter wheat
belt helped the market. •;:
.'-Reports of a project on the part of
. the Kansas City Southern for securing
lan Independent outlet to New Orleans
gave some strength to Its stocks.
The most effective check to the In
fluence of the St. Paul movement was
the . heaviness of the United' States
Steel stocks which were depressed
throughout on the fear that the Iron
Age's weekly review of trade condi
tions would make an unfavorable ehovv
lngV The appearance in Wall street of
the advance sheets of that review was
followed by an active selling move
ment, which weakened all of the metal
• (stocks and especially the United States
! Steel stocks. / "
• Excitement was caused by the state
ment that the buying movement of
pIR iron had been almost arrested while
indications were that the Jobbing trade
had overbought early In the year in
the lighter lines of finished iron and
steel, and that the offering of conces
'Blons was of problematical success In
moving goods.
"The feeling Is abroad," said the
Iron Age, ''that a fresh buying move
ment cannot well be expected until well
Into June and that the crop prospects
will have a decided Influence upon the
movement." This broke the market
and wiped out the day's grains for the
most part.
There were some rallied on short cov
erings, but the closing was unsettled.
Bonds were steady. Total sales, par
value, $1,905,000.
United States bonds were all un
changed on call.
Now York Stocks
1V NBW YORK, May 17.—The following were
the official quotations for stock! and bonds
on the stock exohange today:
Sal"- A '„' HlJfh. Low. Close.
6,900 Atohlson 82H Bt4i 81* i
1,400 do pfd 108& 103 lOltJ
600 Atlantio C. L...184H 164 152U
I.SOO Bait. & 0hi0....108 H 108 108
do pfd teu
3,400 Canadian Paclflc.l4» 147% U8
Central of N. J * 107
7(10 Chen. & 0hi0... t:i% i<)% 49U
...... Chicago .& Alton 33
do pfd , .... 76
1,800 Chicago Q. W.. anH 20 2119;
600 Chicago & N. W.Ul'J'i 217H 217
136.600 C. M. & 8t.;1>...17»H 17« Vi 178U
,±(,S, Chicago T. & T. n\.
' do pfd ' ..,<; 81$
200 C, C, C. & Bt. L. Uii'i 88H us
VOO Colo. & Southern. 88 37 ■ 27
2,000 do Ist pfd 68Vi r,7 57
1,800 do 2d pfd aiTi 14 84U
SOO Del. & Hud50n...186% 180 184%
Del., 1.. & \V 170
...... Denver * it. U 29H
. 200 do pfd 85 85 87*
5,900 Erie 43H 41% 43
400 do' Ist pfdv... 78% 78H> 78U
„....' -do 2d pfd .... ««
V. 100-Hocking Valley. 87 «7 } 8b
„;..t. ■ do pfd ..; »»
J.OOO Illinois Central..l«:!'.i I*l MO
lowe, Central. ••■• 26
* v i 9 l'*ii, „..,jj , t _-i >v. *«.w - ♦'
Ppecint t« Thn TT«r»M.
NEW YORK, May 17.— Thirty-four carloads of ornnires ftnrt two of 1/nwjJ 1 "
were Bold. Th« prices were barely utearly, an the market 1b nvprstorkeri wim
fruit, largely of an Inferior quality. Srarrely any omall *\ze* offered nnn
large nlzes were easy. Strlotly fine navels are wanted and good bloods and Bt.
Michaels and aweeta are selling well.
The brands of navel* realizing the beat prlrea per ho* were: Blue Olow,
$2.56; Golden Rule, $2.39 and $2.34; Oypsey Queen, $2.21; Old Mission, fanry,
$2.40 and $2.29; Daughter of Oolden West. $2.29; Orange Olrl, $2.74. Bloods:
NlftgnrA, $2.25; Gypsy Queen, $2.45; fit. Mlehnela, Oypsy Queen, $2.45; Old Mis
sion, $2.49; Golden Eagle and Lnverne Home, $2.22; Rose, $2.72; Stella, $2.44.
Sweets: Niagara., $2.23; Old Mission. $2.32. Ornpe fruit: Old Mission, $3.rS and
$3.80; Independent, $2.85. Lemons, Independent, $2.RS.
Auction prices by grades— Navels: Kxtra f.inry, large, $l.fir>(ff2.7o; regular,
$2.fi8©3.20; halves, J>scffsl.os; fancy, large, $2.15<i53.05; regular, $2.5r>(fj;3.35; extra
choice, large, f1.4002.30; regular, $2.15ff».n5; small, $1.70«?2.30; halves, 85c(fT$t.SR;
choice, Jnrge, [email protected]; regular, $1.70(ff'2.85; small, [email protected]; standard, 70c(i?
$2.25; orchard run, $1.30(3)2.95; budded, f1.40W2.45; halves, $1.00(^1.30; seedlings,
$1.10(3)1.20; Rt. Michaels, $2.40®3.3r>; swnets, »0c«T.52.60; JafTas, f1.08W1.80. Tan
gerines (halves), $1.10fg>2.00. Grape fruit, f1.7504.10. Lemons, f2.00p3.25.
Quotations ns given above are according to grades of brands as they are
registered In California In the citrus brand register. i
JOO K. C. Southern.. 27% 27?» 27
400 do |.f<l <>«• 61% i!I!j
3,600 Loalf, & Na»li..lH-. 144<4 IMU
Manhattan 1, I'M '.a
1,700 Met. Securities.. 76., 75% 7fi%
2,000 Met. St. Ity 116H US',, 116 • Is
600 Mexican Central. 21 >* , SIU -H»
Minn, fc H». I. r.H
mm w..Ht.r. & s.s.m.Ush 115 nr,
do pra ie 7
1,800 Missouri Pnclflo. its 1)7 W>,i
2'lo M., K. A T 2fi'i MM 2«<i
200 do pfd 60% not fi'.'Va
100 Nat. of Max. pfd. UH SS'i 3b>/i
5,200 N. Y. Central... l43«l 142' A l-t2V»
20(1 N. V., Ont. * W. 60 49?, 49 Vi
1,400 Norfolk & West. 78 H 78 ' A7B
do pfd »2V4
29,100 Pennsylvania ...136tt 1 3 r, '■;, inr.%
P., C, i". A. Ht. I, 73
27,600 Ki-ftil lp (T 93% 92% K2H
200 ilo l»t pfd.... 01% 91% HI !j
do 2d pfd «S%
2.3D0 noclt Island Co.. 2»Vt 2SW 281*
600 do pfd 74 U 73 Vi 78 Vi
200 St. JU & fl. P. 2d. ISd'/i 68U 6DH
200 St. Louis S. VV.. 23 22 <,i 21 Hi
1,200 do pfd 62H 60 61
11,200 Southern Pacino. «S% 62^ 62%
200 do pfd 11»U 119 118%
800 Southern By 30% SOU .10 U
do pfd 05 Vi
fiito Texan & raclflc. 33 ' i J:i'» :t:(
(00 Tol., St. U& W. 38% 36^4 35
■600 do pfd 66% 56% 66
91,300 Union Pacific... 123 Vi 122 ,ll!2U
do pfd US')*
Wabash 19
200 do pfd 41 Mi 40H 40
400 Wheel. & L,. E.. 16V4 16 16
' 2,800 Wisconsin Cent.. 23% 23 22&
1.100 do prd BOV4 4!H4 4»Vi
2,300 Northern Pacific. 192 ',j IS9V* 189 %
Adems !<3
American 23S
100 United States. ..122% 122% 122
Wells-Faruo 211
18,000 Amal. Copper... 84',i 81% S3*&
1,000 Amer. C. & F.... 36 35 V» 36 M,
100 do pfd 97 >A 97 Vi 97 U
Amer Cot. OH 32 >/i
do pfd «■♦
Amer. Ice 5
do pfd 37 Ij
Amer. Lin. OH 19
do pfd 45
12,800 Am. locomotive. 83V4 51V4 61 fc
1,100 do pfd 113 112 113
18,700 Amer. S. & R...117H 115% 116%
000 do pfd 120V4 11»% 119%'
1,300 Amer Bug. Rcf. 137 Va 130 % 137
600 Am. Tob. pfd., c. 96 95% S5Vi
1,600 Anaconda M1n..i108% 108 107
6,600 Brooklyn R. T... 62% tCl'/4t Cl'/4 61%
7.600 Colorado I' 1 . &I. 46 Vj 44U 45
2,500 Con. GM 189H 188 188»i
1,100 Corn Products... 13% 12Vi 12Vi
1,100 do pfd 6!) 69 ■ 69
700 Dlst.llcis' Soc... 43% 434 43H
' 400 Gen. Electric 176 175% 1754*
600 Inter. Paper 21 20% 20
do pfd 79
Inter. Pump 3D
100 do pfd SI 81 80
3,600 National Lead.. 48% 47 47'/i
1,800 North American. 101 U 100% 100 Vi
Pacific Mall 37
3,700 People's Gas 100-"4 99 99 <„
700 Pressed Steel Car 40 3'J%- 39
do pfd Of
. Pull. Pal. Car 23<
1,100 Republic Steel.. 19 18H IR
1,300 do l.fd 74% 73% 73 \4
300 Rubber Goods... 86 35 35 Va
300 do pfd. 106 V» 106 lOoUj
7 900 Tonnessoe C. &I. 82% 7!1% SOh>
U. S. leather JUi
do pfd 10 5
100 11. S. Realty 90 90 87
1,200 U S. Rubber.... 11% 40V* 40%
1,300 do pfd 109 HJ- 107 H l»7 l 3l 3
86.400 U. B. Steel 31Vi* 30 30%
CO7OO do Pfd 98T. 97 07%
800 Vlr.-Caro. Chcm. 35 Vi 3»'/i si.i
201) do P!d 107% 108% 10«'.4
300 West. Electric... 171 170 169
300 Wcst-rn Union.. 93*. 93 93
Total sales for tho day, 826.600 shares.
New York Bonds
By Associated Press. .
NEW YORK. May 17.— The following ivero
the prices of Bonds on the buck exchange to-
u a> S rcf 2a re(?..104»4 :«lnn &S L, 45.... 07
do coupon IMI4 M X 4 T 4s 103
Oo 3s CB l<Wi do 2nds 85%
do coupon 101 NRR Mcx con 4a.. 80
do new 4s reg ..13a NY C gon «»•••■«'>
do coupon 132 N J C gen 55....13H
At-n ccn 4s 102% Tcnn tony 3'/4b 10JV*
do aSI V ".. S6 Heading Ken 45.... 102*;
At Co Llno*4s ....102 RL& I M con Bs..llO?i
do 3i,i,g 96 SLS W con 45.. 83
On of Ga 5a ....113% Sea Air Line 45.... BBJ4
do lstlno 94 Kou Pac 4s 9->'/4
?«?£^!!:::Stefe dd i 3i 31 fflA i a::-:^
COC & 8L gn 4«..W3% Wabash lsts U'h
Chi Term 4» »8 do Deb B 76
Col Mid 4s 75 West Md 4s »9Vi
CO & Sou 45.... 93% Wh & L B 4S .... 94
Cuba 5s cer 103K Wls Cen 4s 94%
D & R G 4s 101»i Japan 6s cer 95%
ni.i vt'f 3a ... 80»i do 4V4s cer 87
S Pr in t. "lOltf Col Ind 6. «erles A Oft
do gen 4s 02? i do series B ••••••"
FW& D G 18t..H3 Man con gold ,4s ..104%
Hock Val 4',4b ....11H4 M»x Con 4s .6V4
Japan 6s cer .... BU4 do Ist too 31
JL,,& N un 4a ....103%
Boston Stocks and Bonds
By Associated Tress.
BOSTON, May 17.— The following were
closing prices for stocks and bonds on the
stock exchange today:
dM :$ JCr.::::::::::
aaa 1 ?!::: f'&"fir»sS":::::: S,j
do preferred ....MSVfc Atlantio JStf
& M»lne y ..:...m' J Cal & I!«o ..••«*««»
Hoston L 157 Vi Centennial SOU
Fltchbuiß Vtd ..144 Copper Range 7Ui
MM Central .... 2»i Daly- West 14
NY NH & H ....107 I>om Coal 77
Pore Marquette.. 100 franklin *
Inlon Paciao ....122« Qra?oy 5K
Am Are ishem .. 23^ Isle Royale 2J
do prefeired .... S9 Mais Mining »\i
AinPneu Tubo .. 4«i Michigan 13
A Bugar 13« Vi Mohawk 49^
do preferred ....135 Mon C& C 3
Am Tel & Tel ..ISSI4 Old Dominion ....24%
&;::::::::::::: p
nan Kinrtrlc ....178 Taniai'ftcK l' N
Mass ElMtrio ■• 18 Trinity 98tf
rfo Di-ifi-i-red .... 60',, United Copper .... 23
Mass aw 45 L' S Mlnlnß WJt
IJiTcd Fruit ....W,i ir 8 Oil 10V4
Un Shoe Mch f Utah 43
An nrpferi-cd .... 33 Victoria oil
lIX Steel •• • ■• • 30V4 Wlnona Wi
do referred .... J7V4 Wolverln 108
Weßtghs com .... M ■
Financial Record
By Awoctated Fr«M.
NEW YORK, May 17.— Close: Money
on call, easy; [email protected] per cent; closing
bid, 2; offered, 214 per cent. Time money
easy and dull, sixty and ninety d ays,
BV4 per cent; six months, 3%®3J4 per
cent, PVlme mercantile paper, 3%@4%
per cent. Sterling exchange Him, with
actual business In bankers' bills at
$4.8t>80<8>4.8685 for demana and nt $4.8465
©4.8470 for 60-day bills. Posted rates,
$4.85% and $4.87^. Commercial bills,
$4.84%?H.84V4. Har silver, 6794 c. Mexi
can dollars, 44% c.
Bonds— Governments and railroads
LONDON, May 17.— Consols. SOU;
silver, 26% d.
Treasury Statement
WASHINGTON, May 17.— Today's
statement of the treasury balances In
the general .fund .shows:. Available
caoh ty'""/-9 .JWiiiMSl told. W.
Wheat Price* Weak— J/lay Corn
Btrong— Oata Steady
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, May 17.— Weakness was
manifested In the wheat market
throughout the entire session. At tho
opening, July was down %c to %c, at
Two main factors entered Into tho
situation to contribute to the Initial
decline. Ono of these influence!* wns
the weakness of the wheat market nt
Liverpool. More significance, however,
was generally attached to the prospects
of clear weather In the spring wheat
country, official reports Indicating
clear skies and higher temperatures,
throughout tho northwest. Soon after
the opening, covering by shorts forced
the price of July to 87%@87%c. but a
reaction quickly followed. During the
early part of the session the trudlng
was active, several large holders be
ing liberal sellers.
Sharp declines nt Minneapolis and
Duluth encouraged the bears here.
Later the selling pressure was checked
materially, by an unfounded report of
a Chicago crop expert. Outside this re
port there was little news of a bullish
nature. During the last half hour of
trading shorts were fair purchasers,
hut this demand caused only a slight
rally. The market was weak at the
close with final quotations on July at
96%©86% c.
The May option was again the star
attraction in the corn market. The
market opened exceedingly strong and
closed strong. May 'opened unchanged
to lVsc higher nt 53i??54MiC, sold between
!i2%e and 64& c and closed at' CS^c.
July opened %@y 2 c higher at 48%@
48% c, sold between 48 ;c and 48%0 and
closed at 48>4c.
A steady tone prevailed In the oats
market. July opened unchanged at 29c.
sold between 29% c and 29%@29%q and
closed at 29% c. . 'I'll*
An advance ot [email protected] in- the price of
live hogs had a strengthening effect
on prices, being given moderate sup
port by packers. At the close, July
pork was up fW/fcc, at $12.65; lard was
up 2V4c, at $7.37%, and ribs were un
changed at $7.27%.
Market Ranges
The leading futures ranged as fol
Wheat, No. 2— May, 94% c; July, 86% c;
September, 80V4c.
Corn, No. 2— May, 53% c; July (old),
48% c; July (new), 48^4c; September
(old), 47% c; September (new), 47% c.
Oats, No. 2— May, 31% c; July, 29Vic;
September, 28%@28V4c.
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour — Steady.
Spring wheat— No. 2, [email protected]; No.
3, [email protected]; No. 2 (red), 96%@99%c.
Corn— No. 2, E3%c; No. 2 (yellow),
63% c.
Oats— No. 2, 3U4c; No. 2 (white), 33®
33% c; No. 3 (white), 31%@32%c.
Rye— No. 2, [email protected]"8c.
Barley— Fair to choice malting, 46
Flaxseed— No. 1, $1.26; No. 1 north
western, $1.42; prime timothy seed, $2.95.
Provisions— Mess pork, per bbl., $12.45
©12.50; lard, per 100 pounds, $7.22%@
7.25; short ribs sides (loose), $7.05<5)7.15;
short clear sides (boxed), $7.12%@7.20.
Whisky— Basis of high wines, $1.26.
Clover— Contract grades, [email protected]
Articles. Receipts. Shipm'ts.
Flour, bbls 29,500 16,700
Wheat, bu 7,000 230.400
Corn, bu 73,700 185,600
Oats, bu 166,700» -104,000
Rye, bu 1,000
Barley, bu 94,200 34,400
Cereals of the World
By Awoclateil Press.
NEW YOIIK, May 17.— Wheat: Spot
easy; options closed: May, 97% c; July,
91% c; September, 85VsC.
LIVERPOOL,, May 17.— Close: May
wheat 6s, B'/id; July, 6s 9%d; Septem
ber, 6s Bd.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 17.— Wheat:
Easier. May> $1.47 asked; December,
$1.29%; cash, $1.51%.
Barley — Easier. May, $1.17%; Decem
ber, 86% c; cash, $1.21%.
Corn— Firm;' large yellow, [email protected]
PORTLAND, Ore., May 17.— Wheat:
Club, [email protected]; blue stem, [email protected]; val
ley, [email protected]
TACOMA, May 17.— Wheat: Un
changed. Blue stem, 91c; club, 82c.
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 17.— Fruits:
Fancy apples, $2.00; common, $1.00.
Berries — Strawberries, $2.50(8)10.00;
blackberries, $5.00®6.00.
Oranges — Navels, $1.00<5>2.75; seed
lings, $1,[email protected]; Mexican limes, $4.50
Lemons — Common California, 75c;
fancy, $2.50.
Tropical fruits — Bananas, . [email protected];
pineapples, [email protected]
Dried Fruit Prices
NEW YORK, May 17.— Tho market
for evaporated apples remains quiet on
spot, with good conditions showing no
material change. Common to good are
quoted at 4' / 4«J>4%c: prime, [email protected];
choice, 6©6 Vac; fancy, 7c. Prunes show
a firmer tone, but no improvement has
yet taken pluce In. the local spot mar
ket, where prices still range from 2%c
to 5%c, according to grade. Apricots
are In limited supply and while demand
Is not active prices are steadily held.
Choice are quoted at [email protected]; extra
choice, lie; fancy, [email protected] Peaches are
offered rather more liberally, partly In
the way of resales, and the tone Is
easy. Choice are quoted at [email protected]%c;
extra choice. [email protected]%c;. fancy, U%@
12c. Raisins are in small supply on
spot and prices are firmly held. Loose
muscatels are quoted at [email protected]^4c;
seeded raisins, [email protected]%c and London
layers, $1.0001.15.
Shipments of Fruit
LOS ANGELES, May 17.— Carload
shipments over Southern Pacific:
Oranges, 35; lemons, 4. Grand total,
Sugar and Coffee
By Associated I'rous.
NEW YOUIC, May 17.— Sugar: Raw,
easy. Fair rennlng, a%c; centrifugal
M test, 4%c; molasseß augur, 3%0.
Iteflned, unsettled; crushed, 8.55 c;
powdered, 6.95 c; granulated, 5.85 c.
The market for coffee futures closed
steady, net unchanged to 10 points
lower. Total Bales were reported of
18.250 bags, Including: July, 6.60<<J6.65c:
August. 6.700 ; September, 6.80® 8.85 c;
October, [email protected]; i2ecefljby, 7,10®
4-1 Rf • ZJJflc,
/gfe, A Feeling of
r^S E ) • Independence
RwnUl from th» knowl«(sire of a »nug bank sceount «n a e<Mi»*rT»tlv«
/^**a6»«*^ pt ir t an account toddy with a dollar or mor#.
We pay you 4 per cent Interest, compounded s?ml-ftnnua.lly, tit youf
Home Savings Bank
IS2 North Spring Street ' Corner Court Street
i • i > Mnn»y to man on arpmvert r#»l #«tate.
Coast Butter Cleaned Up— Old Pota
toes Go Higher— Fish Too Plenti
ful — Onions From Texas — To
matoes Glut the Market
From appen.rn.nees tho fresh fruit pe
riod for the new Reason is in earnest
evidence. Yesterday the first new crop
of red currants came In from Sun Lor
enzo. This was only ono chest, but
the shipment broiißht $I.RO.
The first receipts of blue plums also
came, being forty boxes of ten pounds
each from Penryn, and jobbed at $1.20
The' first apricots In picking boxes
nlso came In from the mountain sec
tions nround BakerslleUl, and in 20
pound boxes jobbed at $1.75.
Oranges also are scarce, the common
navels that a few weeks a«o jobbed at
60 cents a box now bringing $1.00. New
Valenc.lns are $1.25. Lemons are steady
at $1.6501.85 for fancy.
From Troplco 700 trays of strawber
ries were received and ruled at 7 cents
flat. From Moncta 300 trays camo and
jobbed 6(?t>7 cents. All cleaned up un
der active demand.
Cherries were scarcer and no -whites
came In. Of reds and blacks 586 boxes
were received. These jobbed in 10
pound boxes at $1.00^)1.25 and in bulk
10012 cents. None were carried over.
Bananas are still plentiful and many
ripe bunches come. More cars fire ex
pected this week.' Price 304 cents a
EGGS RULT3 FlßM— Fresh ranch
eggs are firm at 21 cents for locals and
19 cents for northern. This is the
price fixed by the egg quotation com
mittee yesterday on the produce ex
change and the committee also snw
fit. to return northern eggs to the list,
as receipts are larger than expected,
owing; to the Rocky Mountain section
getting 1 eggs from the east. "Warm
weather is reported affecting condj
tlons and the country Is ready to meet
trade conditions, as the output is de
the- egg situation shows little change.
Receipts have shown a falling: off as
compared with the first of the week,
but the number of cases received are
slightly in advance of the receipts of
last week and are considerably heavier
than a corresponding period a year
ago. The first five days last week
showed 02,432 cases as against 77,140
for a corresponding period last year.
The market has. held around the same
prices quoted last week except there
has been a decline for prime firsts all
the way down, including grades below.
Extras nre quoted at 18 cents and stor
age packed are holding their own at
prices paid last week. Prime firsts are
steady at 16% cents.
It is now conceded that the hold
ings of cooler stock in Chicago are far
in excess of what was reported a short
time ago and those who are In a posi
tion to express an opinion say that
500,000 cases is a moderate figure to
name. Some estimate that the hold
ings are heavier. .
finds tho Kansas City egg market de
cidedly weaker, but there has been
no lowering of prices, with the excep
tion of easing off a half cent on cur
rent receipts, case count. Eggs were
purchased cheaper last week than at
any time lately, though there -were no
board sales, offerings, however, being
for lower prices than In some days.
Receipts have been fairly liberal and
.while the city demand has been fair it
would not have been sufficient to have
held the market steady had it not been
for a fair demand for eggs for storage.
Quite a lot have been candled during
the -week.
general that old crop potatoes will be
higher than now quoted. It is said
that the Wisconsin potatoes now in
the mnrket go fast at $1.7501.85 and
that the ordinary Colorado is firm at
[email protected] Receipts are light. While
the new crop is maturing, the big bulk
will not come until the middle of June
and up to that time the old crop will
be ■wanted. Where to get the goods
now seems the problem, as Nevada Is
out of the market and Utah affords
little relief. Northern California Is shy
on stock ns San Francisco takes most
of the goods.
More Tiermuda ' Texas onions will
come today and these will job at $3.50
©4.00 a full crate of 100 pounds. The
market is gradually weakt'iilng, as sll
verskins are touching 2V a &S cents a
pound. Tho crop of reds and Danvers
locally promises to he largo, but the
reason Is said to be late lit least ten
the supply of tomatoes that Mexicans
In slx-baskct crates have touched $2.0/1
flat and are slow at that. Flnrldas nro
fair at $2.25 and choice $2.50, with con T
cessions reported to move tho goods.
Locals from Hollywood are poor 'In
quality, with the trade taking spar
ingly and Jobbing 75c#51.00 a box.
Peas are slightly scarcer at 3<7?4
cents and beans, all kinds weaker at
2<&'3 cents a pound: cabbage is abso
lutely a drug at 85®85 cents a sack:
usparagUß 1b plentiful at SifclO cents;
rhubarb Is plentiful and fairly steady
at HOW7S cents a box.
terday the steamer from the north with
dairy and creamery coast butter,
landed at San Pedro. This quality Is
cleaned up and tho demand Is active
at 40#42% cents. Valley ia well held
at 45 cents, the creamery board price,
and receipts are sufficient, allowing
some surplus to go Into stornge. He
ports from Elgin say that the output
will not be so heavy as was expected
during the June packing season.
FISH PLENTIFUL— AII fish, except
hullbut. glut the market. Striped bass
are some scarcer. Small locals are
wanted. Demand, while active, can
not take the offerings and yellowtall
and. bonlta have gone to the waste
heaps In large lots.
Crabs and salmon from the north are
In and are only steady.
Receipts ef Produce
The produce exchange, reports the
Offer' for a
few days stock of the
Cashier Copper
Mining Co.
Tho claims of thn Cashier Copper Mlnlnit
Company aro olKht in number and am located
In tho well known Aqua Frla District In Yavß-
pn! County, Arizona, and In tho samn rich
mineral hrlt ns Senator VV. A. Clark's "United
Vrnle" mines, for which Jfi2.Dofl.oon has been
rpfi.f.ed, find tho famous "Hinghampton" and
"(V<l(ir Mniintflln" mlnp3, and only four miles
from trie Treadwell nmflter, which enables us
to troHt our or"« at a nnmlnnl cost. Our p.s-
nays show better thnn *X 0 per ton In copper
from five nssnyfl from avernuo samples over
two hundred ami titty fert r,f nurfnee. This
property >\vlll he'ln tho dividend clans soon,
and Ik offered by nnmf> of the host local citi-
zens, with ex-Mayor Snyclor ns president.
Never before has »uoh nn offer been made.
Thla Is too good to last Innir.
Call or write.
h-%1 c c :_.«, 3uthPhsr.es
421 S. Spring Exchange 56
following articles received on the date
May 16.—
Eggs, cases 471
Butter, pounds 21,915
Cheese, pound* 10,311)
Potatoes. Irish, Backs 807
Potatoes, sweet, sacks non*
Onions, wicks 24
Beans, sacks 34S
Local Produce Price*.
Th« following prices rule In a Jobbing wai
In iho I. cis Angolns market:
BUTTBR — Produce exchange quotation*'.
Fancy valley creamery, 13c; fancy const
creamery, 43"^0 flat; fancy dnlry, 40c.
EGGS — Southern California ranch, candled,
!lc flat; northern, 19c; no eastern.
CHEBSB (all por lb.) — Northern, 16®
lGVtiCc; Anchor (large), local, 17c; Young
America, 18c; hand-made, lac; eastern sin
gles, [email protected]; eastern twinß. [email protected]; east
ern longhorn's, 14«j)ioc: eastern daisies. [email protected]
15c; Swiss domestic, 19c; Swiss Imported,
BEANS (all per 100 lbs.)— Pink No. 1. 14.269
4.86; No. 2, (404.25; lima No. 1, »[email protected];
Lady Washington^ No. 1, J3.2503.36; small
white No 1. 13.76; Oorvanzas, 15.00; Uncuia,
POTATOES (all per 100 lbs.)— Highlands,
chofco, $1 [email protected]; Nevada Burbanks, fancy,
51.654f1.75; Colorados, Peans, $1.3601.45;
Colorados, Rural, Jl.Uifjl.7s; .'lew crop, 2',< I @3c.
6WEET POTATOES — Reds. »I.dv. wi..iai,
11.25; yellow. $2.00.
ONIONS (all per 100 lbs.)— Local sllvcrsklns,
very, sprthern, [email protected]; Australian brown,
15.750t1.iX); Nevada, fancy, J4.7505.00.
POULTRY (per dozen) — Old roosters. J4.00
04.G0; old bens, [email protected]; young rooster*,
|[email protected]: broilers, *3.50ff14.0u; inert, 15.0 ft
04.00; turkeys, alive, per lb., 2 8 ©24 c; duck*,
alivo, J6.00W6.00; goeae, [email protected]
Live weight, [email protected] a pound.
CEKEAL GOODS — As follow*:
10 lbs. 25 lb*. 50 lt»
A-l Hour 12.80 .... ••••
Pastry flour 2.TC .... ..-
Banauet flour.. ..••••••• 2.90 ***• *>•*
Eastern graham 8.4S 1J.40 JB.«
Eastern whole wheat... S.4S 3.40 3.J5
Graham flour 2. 59 2.45 £.40
Corn meal. W. and T... 2.20 2.15 3.10
Wholo wheat flour 2.JJ 2BS I.SO
Rye flour J.TJ J7» 2.65
Cracked wheat S4O 8.»5 I.J)
Farina »■*<> «.«5 »J°
Wheat flakes, per case of 88 2-lb. oarton* 5.20
Wheat flakes, per snek of 60 1b5........ I.H
Wheat flakes, per bbl. of 125 lbs. net.... 4.00
HAY (all per ton) — No. 1 gram, fancy,
[email protected]; choice. J13.00O15.00; No. 2. J11.009
13.00; alfalfa, J11.00©12.00.
FRUITS AND BERRIES- Bananas, fsney
Port Llmons, [email protected]%0; strawberries, [email protected];
dew, lGc; raspberries 30c.
CITRUS FRUITS — Lemons, choice, $1600
1.70 box; fancy, »1.7501.85 box; oranges,
navels. J1. 5001. 70 box; extra fancy. J1.80®2.00.
VEOETABLES-Beans. string, 4®70 lb.;
beans, wax, [email protected] lb. ; beets, [email protected] sack;
celery, fancy, SCo doz.m; chllea, evaporated.
15<U -''c lb. ; garlic, 14c lb. ; lettuce, 200 doz
en, $1.16 sack; pead, [email protected] lb. ; spinach, 30c
dozen; turnips, 850 sack.
APPLES— Colorado fancy red, $2.25 box; W.
W. Pearmaln, 4-tier box, [email protected]; Newtown
pippins. J1.50.
OKA IN AND FEED (all per 100 lbs. net)
—Wheat, J1.75; wheat, 100-lb. sacks. Jl.ao;
corn, J1.45; craoked corn, J1.r.0; feed mnal.
J1.65; bran, heavy. J1.30; rolled barley.
J1.40; oil cake meal. J2.00: cotton seed meal.
II. 85: cocoanut caka. J1.66; shorts, 11.46.
cats, white, 11.66; Kaffir corn, 11.48.
10 lbs. 26 lbs. SO lb>
Rye flour J3-7S J3.7J $2.65
Tracked wheat »40 8.35 B.M
Farina «■«<> 3.35 ■ 1.80
Corn meal, W. and T. . . 2.48 2.85 280
Easfn wholo wheat flour 2.20 B.JJ 810
Eastern whole meal.... S.SO B.l| 8.10
Whole wheat flour 2.60 2.65 2.50
Wheat flakes, per case of 86 2-lb. carton* J.JO
Wheat flakes, per Back of 60 lb» 1.35
Wheat flakes, per bbl. of 126 lbs. net.... 4.0f
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
By Associated Press.
SAN FUANCISCO, May 17.— Butter:
Fancy creamery, 21c: seconds, 19c.
Fancy dairy. ISc: seconds, 17^c.
ChPPRe — Kastorn, 17W 18c; Young
Amorlm, lOWUc.
Eggs— Ranch, lR®20o; Rtnre, lß^'P
CIUCAOO, May* 17.— 0n th<> producft
exchange today the butter market was
easy. Creamery, lfiifi'L'li 1 : dairy, lfiifflDc.
Kbbs— Steady at murk, 14y a (g.l5c.
Cheese-Weak, ll^U'/io.
Pacific Coast Trade
By AssoclatPrt Tropa.
SAN FRANCISCO, May 17.— Beans:
Pink. $3.0(1®3.50; lima, $5.30<fjiR.60; small
white, J3.ab#3.50; large white, $2.50©
Potatoes— Oregon Hurbanks, $1.30®
$1.60; new potatoes, $1.00#1.76.
Onion*— Fancy. $1.60: common, $1.25.
Various— Oreen peas, $1.25<0)2.00:
string beans, Btji7c: green pepi>erß, &1(
15o; tomatopH, $l.O04R0O; Bummer
squash. B0c(«r$1.00; UHpavußua, [email protected]
rhubarb, 30&75 C: gurllc, B©l2Hc; cu
cumbers, 60c<&'52.25; Mexican tomatoes,
Klour — Fumlly extras, $4.80(8)5.05;
bukeib' extras, $4.75Ji5.00.
Wheut— Shipping, $1.45©1.51V4c; mlll
inK, »i.Bsftii.66U- ■■. ■„;„ - .
Uarley— Feed, $1.18%©1,21U; brewing.
$1.22V4t»1.25; chevalier, $1.20QH.27\4.
Oats— Red, $1.40©1.60; white, $1.42^^
1.80; black. $1.32H«?1.45.
Millstuffs— Mlcldllnsa, $25.00(5'27.00;
mixed feed, [email protected]; rolled barley,
Hay— Wheat, $11.50®14.50; wheat and
Out, $10.00'wl».f.O; oat (wild). $6.00(!t>9.00:
oat (tame), $9.00^12.00; barley, [email protected])
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v^\ 111 caUy* i n a savings account in this
X?r\ I- I banl< an<^ earn ' nterest while growing.
\^^k I I We Have Upwards of
\^) II 26,000 Depositors
cossets Over
A(y\% $6,600,000.00
ffl l/t.t* MM « •/% Should rent a Safe
mi. ft on ViSitOrS tO Deposit Box while
tntomr an ordinary »ha CltV here. Low rates for
dTZZ,. £SX inCLUy short time.
Southern Caliiornia Savings Bank
1 . tub niiAT.r nt.no., m. k. cohnkk rotJnTH anp wrino.
Central Bank William mead, Fre«.
N. K. Cor. Fourth »nd Croadway. Capital. tIQO.OW; Hurplns and rroflt*. tH3iy>
Southwestern National Bank Joim s^ c^AVENS.^Pr.s.
N. W. Cor. Second and Broadway. Capital, $.ion,o'or): B;ir'p'lun and "rroflts. |4i),0OO
rommerelal National Bank w - A> TIONYNOE, Trei.
ommerciai waxionai oann c N flint, C«shl*r.
yj 423 South Spring. Capital. t2nO,OHO; Surplus and Proflts. 110.000
partners & Merchants National Bank HmAMMj.^v
I Cor. Fourth and Main Stß. Capital, $1,600,0001 Suiplua'anrt ProHu, ll,18d,0»l
Irst National Bank J ' M ' KLI>IO' r T. Pres.
irsi naxionai oanK w T g ,, AMMONDi Cashier.
B. E. Cor. Pecond and Spring. Capital. (500,W; Surplus and Profits. MM.OOO
.rrhantn' Natlnnal Bank "• w - HETAMAN, rr*«.
ercnantB National uanK w H ,lOLUDAYi, IOLUDAYi cashier.
N. E. Cor. Second and Main. Capital. ?20Q,000; Surplus and ProlUs. 1260.000
Los Armeies National Bank ' w - °- I'Ax'TEHSON, Tres.
08 Angeies iNanonai oanK Q R BlTT i Nf , En> cashier.
N. E. Cor. First and Spring. Capital, >5QQ,000; Surplus and Profits, 1815,000
American National B.nk E'ItfSKSESJSB
t\ S. W. Cor. SMOnd and Broadway. Capital, »1 Olin.roo; Surplus and Profits, $75,00^
Rational Bank of California JOHN %*££*!£**.
II N. E Cor. Second and Spring. Capllal, 1200.00(1; Surplus and Proflts, $115,000
State Bank and Trust Company JNv.
N. W. Cor. Second and Spring. Capital, $500,000; 'surpliij and Proflts. $60,000
CltWane* Nlatlnnal Rank ' A. J. WATERS, Pr»S.
itlzens National BanK A 3 WATEa3t cashier.
N. E. Cor. Third and Spring. Capital, $2^0,000; Surplus- and Proflts, $125.000
D roadway Bank & Trust Company Wiß^^UJgJHf.^
U SOS-310 S. Broadway, Tlrßrlhury Bldg. Capital, $2:0,000; Surplus and Proflts, $125.000
*J Main and Commercial Sts. OFFICEHS-Isalas W. Hellman, Pres. ; O. M. Souden,
Vice Pres • E J Vawtor. Jr., Cashier. DIRECTOHS-Isalas W. Hellman, M. A. Newmark,
R* 11. Lacy. M.'A. Hamburger. J. A. Gravea, Dr. J. H. Bullard. O. M. Souden.
" Accounts opened with $1 or more. 4 par cent on Terra Deposits. Money loaned on
approvfled real estate. Directors: James C. Kays. Pres.; Wm. D. Stephens and C. C. Des-
mond, Vlco Pres : Wm. Mead. Robert N. Bulla, W. C. Patterson. Oscar C. Mue Her; Nel-
Son O. Tanner. Secretary. OPfn Saturday night from 6:30 to 8.
M P SNYDER, President. ARTHUR LETTS, Vice President; F. H. NICHOLS. Cashier.
Cor. Fifth and Brondwny ..... - '
Pays Interest on Deposits. "pen Sat.irijy Evenings 6 to S;3O.
LOCAL BONDS AND STOCKS— S to 8 per cent Hlgh-Grade Investments.
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R. D. Robinson Company
Investment Securities
Established 169S Paid-Up Capital and Surplus $125,000
Incorporated 1902 ' ■"' — ■
Phone 1913. 608 Grant Building
355 South Broadway, Los Angeles
11 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Calif.
10.50; alfalfa, $B.oo® 10.50; clover, $7.00®
10.00; straw, [email protected], *„.„»..
Receipts-Flour, 290; wheat. 280; bar
ley. 4700; beans, 1045; corn, 1200; poUt
toes, 2660; onions, 590; middlings, 140,
hay, 845; hides, 1200; wine, 24,200.
Northern Oil Stocks
SAN FRANCISCO. May 17.— Morn-
Intr sesislon of the California Oil ex
change; sales: 100 Bhares"of Wabash,
37c; 1350 shares o( Wabaah, 85c.
Credit Balances
OIL. CITY, Pa.. May 17.— Credit bal
ances, $1.29; certificates, no bid.
Official Stock Sales
On the Los Angeles stock exchange
yesterday sales were recorded us fol
lows: 8000 chares of Heed Crude Oil
at 19 cents a share; 2000 shares of As
sociated Oil at 39% cents v share, and
1000 chares at 40^4 (buyer 80); thirty
shares of Union Oil stock at $SS each,
and thlrty-itvti shares . of Home Tele
phone stock at $56 each.
Wi! are prepared to furnish, *t lowest |
market prlceß, all local and foreign Stocks ■
and lU'liilh. Dally quotation sheet* mailed I
froo upon request. Corre.ipondenct Invited. I
SouthweHtern Securities Co., '." I
Kntrance 603 Hellmun liulliltmt. I
Angelea. Tul. - Home l'hune VIM.J
Did Yon Read what January Jones
hid to say In Sunday's Herald 1
C«ll and T.IK It Ov.r .
Laclede BroUerage Co.
Suit. 537. B»llm»» Bulldlni.
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