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8. Solomon Takes Goods From Store
lof M. Mlschokowsky But Is
Allowed to Go
i Free
1 Paaad«na Agenoy,
114 Eait Colorado Str»»t.
PASADENA, May 28.*~Conf.ronted
with the evidence of his guilt Samuel
Solomon confessed to the police of
stealing goods to tho vaue of $100 or
more from his employer, M. Mlscho
kowsky, proprietor of the Boston
store, on North Fair Oaks avenue.
Solomon was a clerk and was observed
to carry out parcels beneath his coat
when he ieft tho store for his meals.
These observations were made by out
side parties, who mentioned the 'mat
ter :to tho police. Chief Plnkham sent
Officer Mclntlre on a still hunt and
he learned thnt It had been the prac
tice of Solomon for some time to de
posit bundles at a parcel bureau and
later call for them. Following up this
cle\y Officer Mclntlre learned that Solo
mon had taken the bundles to Los
Angeles, where they were all recovered.
The' goods consisted principally of
table linens, shirts, collars, cuffs and
ties. Mlschokowsky did not know
that he had been robbed until In
formed by the police.
Solomon was arrested Saturday night
when he g^ve cash bail of $50, Today,
however, he was released at the re
quest of his late employer in order
that he could proceed on his way to
Brooklyn, N. V., to vlßlt his sick
mother. Solomon resided with a bro
thqr on West First street in Los An
' V To Receive Senator Perkins
" A reception committee of twenty-flve
has arranged to go to Los Angeles to
morrow to meet Senator George C.
Perkins and escort him to this city.
The party has planned for a special
car. over the Pacific Electric line and
to arrive here about 2:45 o'clock in the
The senator will be the guest of the
Hotel Maryland management for din
ner and several of his intimate friends
will dine with him. At 8 o'clock a
reception will be tendered Senator Per
kins at the 'Maryland, to which the
general' public is invited.
. ' Throop Memorial Exercises
The students of Throop institute will
assemble. tomorrow morning to partici
pate in memorial exercises, for which
the following program has been ar
ranged: Devotional, doxology, prayer;
song by. school, "Flag of the Free;"
exercises by grammar department;
song, "Columbia, the Gem of the
Ocean;" recitation, "The Blue and the
Gray," Helen Mears; flag salute by
school; song, "The Star-Spangled Ban
ner;" oration, "The Soldier Boy," Wal
ter Pittlnger; song, "Annie Laurie,"
by. quartet; reading, "The Whistling
Regiment," Ruth Gaylord; talks by G.
Ai.'R. members; song, "America," by
Pasadena Briefs
The Washington Heights Study circle
has decided to invite husbands and
brothers of the members to attend the
club's annual picnic, which is to be
held on June 30.
South Pasadena residents will cele
brate the Fourth of July with a de
monstration at Garfield park. *A num
ber of the social organizations will
take part.
The closing exercises of the English
classical school will be held tomorrow
evening, beginning at 8 o'clock, in the
assembly hall.
Rev. R. 11. Greaves of Monrovia
' fllle'd ' Pastor Albert Smith's pulpit at
the Baptist church today, tho Rev.' Mr.
Smith being still absent in the east.
The First Congregational church was
largely attended by G. A. R. veterans,
members of the W. It. C, and the Sons
of Veterans at the morning service to
hear a specially prepared memorial
sermon delivered by the pastor, Rev.
R.' ; :R. Meredith. A special of the
music was the postlude, "Old Glory."
Refuse to Go to Work and Are Taken
Back to San
Ep«eUl to Th# Htrald.
SAN PEDRO. May 28.— Six stow
aways were returned to shore from the
schooner Marconi this morning, frus
trating what might have been an at
tempt to hold up a vessel on the high
teas. ■■•../
The schooner Marconi had complet
ed her cargo and departed
for Ballard yesterday with her regular
crew. Shortly after gaining tho chan
nel and well north of Catalina Island
the Marconi's captain was surprised to
notice a rough looking stranger advanc
ing from below and abruptly asked him
where he came from. "Oh, don't ' get
.flurried, captain; we are here now and
you can make the best of It." Two more
appeared, seemingly to corroborate, tho
tpeaker'B actions and Intentions. The
captain requested them to go to work
and they refused, The vessel's head
was then turned towards Han Pedro and
ere. the self-constituted passengers ; re*
allied tli* commander't) diplomatic
move they were called u't anil ordered
ly complied with and the three were
landed on the rocks on the extreme end
of the Bhore.
During the boat crew's abaenre an
other trio of visitors »how«d themselves
on derk before the astonished mariner
but they were likewise placed safely on
shore. The Marconi turned seaward
again to resume her Interrupted voy
Schooner TJxeelslor, Captain Forest,
was towed In from Redondo this morn
ing and was placed on the mudflats to
have rudder repaired. During he,r trip
south to nedondo the vessel encoun
tered rough weather and the rudder was
Woman's Relief Corps and Grand
Army Men Make Plans for
Decorations for Memorial
special to Th« Herald.
SAN DIEGO, May 28.— Members of
the Grand Army of the Republic and
the Woman's Relief corps attended di
vine service this morning, those of
Helntzelman post and corps at the Con
gregational church and those of the
Datus E. Coon post and corps at the
Baptist church. The exercises on Tues
day morning will bo held at tho Isls
theater, when addresses will be made
by* Patterson Sprigg of this city and by
J.- W. Thompson, formerly adjutant
general of Illinois. The decoration ot
the graves will take place In the after
The sixth annual encampment of the
State Norrr-1 school will bn held to
morrow morning at the auditorium of
the school building.
The graduates w - ho are to receive
their diplomas are: Iva Lois Barker,
Annabel Bates, Lois M. Black, Mary
Alma de Borra, Carol Louise Browne,
Emma ODessa Galllher, Rose Anne
Graves, Frances E. Grosvenor, Kathryn
E. Harris, Olive L. Hawley, Helen
Louise Jaeger, Olive Jerman, Harry
Vincent Johnson, May Adelaide Killey,
Gertrude H. La Rue, Lena Llckert,
Ethel V. Loveland, Janet Ogllvie Niven,
Genevieve Northrup, Aimee Paine,
Frank Achilles Storme, Flora Viola
Wadsworth, Antoinette Walker, Cath
arine M. Wood, Hallie Adelaide Woods.
W. W. Russell, department comman
der of the G. A. R. for this department,
has appointed T. H. Scoby of Helntzel
man post to be senior ald-de-camp and
William Hargrave of the same post and
Wellington Patrick of Datus E. Coon
post as special aides.
Veterans Hear Memorial Day Sermon
at First Methodist Church
Special to The Herald.
SANTA ANA, May 28.— The G. A. . R.
post of this city and auxiliary patriotic
societies, including the recently formed
Camp Sedgwick, Sons of Veterans, at
tended in a body the memorial services
held at 3 o'clock this afternoon at the
First Methodist church. The sermon
for the occasion was preached by Rev.
Leander Lane of the First Christian
church and special music was furnished
by a quartet. The veterans occupied
reserved seats in the center of the
Mrs. Antha Merriam, aged 70, died
this morning at her home on North
French street. Funeral services will
be conducted tomorrow at 2 o'clock
from the First Baptist church.
Arthur J. • McFadden and bride, nee
Miss Anna Kelso of Inglewood, have re
turned from a wedding trip to the Sap
Bernardino mountains and are domi
ciled in their new home on West street.
The baseball team of the Santa Ana
high school wrested a victory from thf
Los Angeles Polytechnic team here yes
terday by a score of 1 to 0. The gam;
was witnessed by adherents of the high
school, who did lively rooting for the
contesting: athletes.
Appropriate Memorial Day Services
Are Held
Special to The Herald. '
VENTURA, May 28.— Services appro
priate to Memorial day were held at
the Methodist church this morning 1 . The
members of the G. A. R, and W. R. C.
attended in a body. Rev. R. B. Coons,
pastor of the church, delivered an ap
propriate address.
A meeting of the citizens is called for
tomorrow night at the city hall to dis
cuss the question of a Fourth of July
celebration. Oxnard had planned for a
hlg time, but owing to a lack of en
thusiasm the matter has been dropped.
Unless Ventura celebrates there will be
no demonstration In the county.
Mrs, J. lloos entertained a large
number of friends at her home on Ash
street yesterday afternoon. The party
was a novel affair and was held In the
basement, which had been elaborately
decorated for the occasion.
D. S. Blackburn and family hava
moved into their handsome new home
on Kiißt Main street.
A Habit to lie Kncouragrd
Make It one of your regular habits to
keep Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea ißemedyi ßemedy In your home as* a
safeguard against a sudden attack of
bowel complaint. It Is certain to be
needed soou«r or later, and when that
time comes it. will be. needed badly, 'lt
will be needed quickly. . Buy It now. It
may save life. For sale by all leading
(UuggtiU; *■♦.•■■■.-•-. • ■ - • ,
Next Bunday Will Be the First Dry
Sabbath In the City's History.
Memorial Services by
O. A. R.
Special to Tha M»rnM.
anti-gambling and new saloon ordin
ances were given their final passage
last night by the city council and will
become effective Wednesday night at
midnight. At that time all gambling
In this city must cease and saloons will
be subjected to much more stringent
rules than at the present, being .com
pelled to close their doors at midnight
and all day Sunday. Next Sunday will
be the flrßt "dry" Sunday In this city.
Public gambling has flourished In this
city from time Immemorial and the
change about to take effect will be a
marked one. The restaurants will bo
restricted In their serving of liquors
also, as nil stalls, boxes, etc., will bo
done away with. The saloons must
also do away with all side rooms. Ono
radical change will be thnt no games of
cards or dice, even for social amuse
ment, will be permitted In any saloon.
Memorial Sunday Services
Memorial Sunday was observed by
the G. A. R. here today with public
services ', at the City pavilion at 3
o'clock, the principal address being by
Rev. J. B. Crutchfleld, pastor of St.
Paul's Methodist Episcopal church
south. Memorial day will be observed
Tuesday by the decoration of the
graves of veterans, both Union and
Confederate, and the Spanish war. The
National Guard will participate. The
chief address Tuesday will be by Judge
B. F. Bledsoe of this city.
San Bernardino Briefs
Death last night entered the home of
Chief of Police and Mrs. W. A. Shay,
taking their youngest son, George W.,
who was aged 2 years, after but a brief
A 7-year-old lad named Ashton has
been frightfully injured by a playmate,
who struck him in the face with a club,
cutting a long gash in his cheek clear
through into the boy's mouth. The
boys were quarreling.
Mr. and Mr 3. W. R. McNeil last night
celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding
anniversary by entertaining a large
company of friends in old-time wedding
costumes. Engineer McNeil is well
known among Santa Fe men. ;
The annual' reception of the juniors
to the seniors of the high school oc
curred last night and was the most
notable function of its kind ever given
by the local school. Fully 200 guests
were present,' Including a number from
out of the city.
The Highland Orange Growers' asso
ciation has elected the following of
ficers: President, Seth Marshali; vice
president, Walter Savage; secretary,
M. H. Evans. , These, with W. T. Noyes,
Pierce Coy, Dr. Williamson and E. J.
Yokam, constitute the board of direc
Redondo People to Petition for Street
Special to The Herald.
REDONDO, May 28.— There Is a
movement on foot to petition the board
of city trustees to open Emerald street
to the ocean. At present there is not
a street in Redondo that is open to the
water's edge, and citizens of the city
feel the need of a thoroughfare. It is
Intimated by those who are wise that if
Emerald street is not open to the ocean
front before next spring's election the
question will be made a local issue and
only men pledged to the best Interests
of Hedondo will stand a show of being
Notwithstanding the fact that Tent
City will not formally open until June
1, the mlvanoe 'Kiiarfl has already ar
rlverl and several tents have been
Miss Elizabeth Adams, who recently
purchased a lot on Commercial street,
announces that fhe will in tho near
future have a handsome two story hotel
built thereon.
Anglers who were fishing off wharf
No. ] this afternoon lmd a great run
of luck. A large school of mackerel
made a run In and for a while every
body was pulling; them In and excite
ment ran high.
Parade Will Include Representatives
of All Organizations and Fra.
ternal Orders
£p«dal tn Th« ilrrr.M
UIVKRSIDK, May 2S.— Riverside will
observe Memorial day this year with
impressive ceremonies. The parade,
which ; will utnrt at 9:10 a. in. from
the corner of Main and Sixth streets,
promises to be unusually represent
ative, j Nearly all the fraternal orders
have accepted an Invitation to bo repre
sented in line, and the Grand army,
Sons of Veterans and other orders will
be largely represented. An automobile
section Is also planned for. The line
of march, will,'. be ' down Main street
to Eleventh .• Eleventh to Cedar and on
Cedar to the cemetery, The Riverside
Military . band will head the parade,
followed In turn by th*r Grand Army,
Relief Corps, Company M and the fra.
ternal » orders, • 'At • the • cemetery- the
rltimllstlo work' of the Orand ■ Army
end Relief Corps will b« presented, and
on returning to town the remainder of
the exercises will take place In Albert
S. White park. Here the. address of
the day will be delivered by Clyde 1..
Bishop, the Santa Ana attorney. Mu
sical number* of merit have been ar
ranged for by the committee.
The Unlversallsts conducted me
morial services of marked Interest In
honor of former clergymen of. All Sanits
church. The .service' was held In the
church at 5 o'clock, and preceding this
the graves of the three mlnlstera—Rev.
C. A. Oarst, Rev. ,T. J. Austin and Rev.
A. W. Cross were decorated with
a wealth of flowers. Rev. Dr. Deere,
pastor emeritus, and Rev. It. K. Renton
pronounced eulogies on the departed
and a special musical service, was held.
Bishop J. W. Hamilton of San Fran
cisco occupied the pulpit nf the Metho
cllst churrh morning and evening today.
With his wife and daughter ho Is a
guest of the Olenwood hotel.
It Is Governor's Plan to Station
Soldiers at Doors of Every
Grog Shop In St. Louis
Special to Tb+ Herald.
ST. LOir«, May 28.— Governor Folk
is said to have made up his mind to
distribute militia In St. Louis county
next Sunday to enforce the Sunday
closing law against saloons and barber
shops. The plan is for Battery A of
St. Louis to go to tho county next
Saturday night and for four men to be
stationed at saloons, two at the front
and two at the rear door from mid
night Saturday to midnight Sunday.
The law was openly* and flagrantly
violated In St. Louis county today and
no arrests were made. Practically ev
ery saloon in the county and all the
gardens except the Delmar and Mera
mec Highlands, sold liquor freely.
In the city several arrests were made
for violating the closing law and it is
charged that many saloons did a back
door business under police protection.
Liquor men are openly boasting that
the "lid is off," and that the decision
of the court of criminal correction,
rendered yesterday, to the effect that
the excise commissioner cannot revoke
a license without a trial by jury, re
moves Governor Folk's only weapon for
enforcing his order.
By Associated Press
BERLIN, May 28.— The empress re
turned to Berlin yesterday after a nine
weeks' absence from the capital. Her
majesty was deeply veiled so as to con
ceal the bandages covering the in
juries on her head sustained by fall-
Ing downstairs at Wiesbaden May 1.
Ban Pedro Shipping
Schooner Kxcclsior. Redondo.
btcamcr J. S. Ulggins, Redondo,
Steamer J. S. Hlgglns, Fort Bragg.
Hchgoner David Kvuns, Everett.
Steamer l'asadcna, Kurcka.
Schooner F. Ji. Sunder, tlray'g Harbor.
Schooner Enpada, ISverett.
Schooner Advent, Coon Bay.
Ship Pindos, Hamburg.
Schooner Caroline, Umpqua.
Schooner Philippine, Uray's Harbor.
Schooner King Cyrus. Uray's Harbor.
Schooner Alvena, Taeomu.
Schooner w. K. Wltteinon, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Ariel, Uray's Harbor.
Hmkonllne Portland, Portland.
Steamer Charles Nelson, Portland.
Schooner Melrose, Gray's Harbor.
Hark Jlnydn Brown, Tacoma.
Schooner Alpha. Wlllhpii.
Schooner Kndeavor, ulympla.
Strainer Muriel, Portland.
Schooner Spokano, tinmlile.
Steamer San Oabiiel, Unipqua.
Ki-hnonT .rallies Itolph, Everett.
Schooner 11. E. Godfrey, Ballard.
Steamer i'oo,ullle River, Crescent City.
Schooner Columbia, Ballard.
Schooner M. Winklenian, Uray's I-larbor.
Ship aienencht, Hamburg.
Steamer J. M. Weatherwax, Blakely.
Schooner A. F. Coats, Gray's Harbor.
Harkentlne Encore, Everett.
Schooner Lucy. Umpqua.
Schooner Admiral, Rveiett.
Schooner Nokomis, Gray's Harbor.
Steamer Norwood, Gray* Harbor.
Steamer Nome Illy. Purl land.
Steamer Eureka. Seattle. .
Steamer Cascade. Portland.
Schooner K. K. W'nr.d. .(Sray'n Harbor.
Steamer Shasta. Uelllngham.
Schooner Irene, Portland.
Schooner Vahuknno. Portland.
Schooner Pro»p»r. Ballard,
Sihonner Rancor. Qray'i Harbor.
Schooner Polaris. Everett.
Schooner llonolpa, Portland.
Schooner Kiislkti. Qnv't Harbor.
Schooner Soqiiol, lUrilork.
British Rark Pas. Keniweankle. Antwerp.
Schooner Meteor, lladlock.
Schooner lieflance, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner O. J. Olson. Ballard.
Schooner Ruby. Coqullle River.
Schooner G. W. Watson. Portland.
Schooner Forest Home, niympln.
Rarkeutlne Makawella, Mukllteo.
Schooner Luzon. Portland.
Schooner K. IV. Hartlelt, Gray's Harhor.
Barkentlno <*. !••. Crocker. Port Townuend.
Steamer Cenlralln. Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Taurus, Ludlow.
Schooner J. A. Campbell. Columbia.
Schooner Itobert R. Hind, Portland.
Redondo Shlpipng
Steamer State nf California, San Diego.
Steuiner Jliiuitu. San Francisco.
Steamer Stata of California,, San Krancleco.
Steamer ■ Bonltu. San Pedro.
Schooner- For«nter. Kvwett.
Steamer Coronada, Oray'a Harbor.
Steamer Banta H"»a. San Francisco.
Undelivered Telegrams
At »lm I'oblhl Telegraph company** o(Tlc«
338 South Hprlng draft for Mini Annetta
Mtmoe. B." K. Davla, Mlaa M. K. Cheney,
Mary M. Biker. Key. Ilaker l-c». CMarenua
Hiihli, ti. 11. Arnold, \v. A. Molntonh. and
cable fur tJro»|c»ii. At the WeUern Union
Telegraph company's office (or Georgia
Smith. , Kminti- M. Oorden, U. 11. Jiuriell,
Blaochard Miller, ti. K. Borge.
,-. I'll ' promlmi to i>lt«»n you— Laa i'almai
cU»K '
Citizens Indignant Over Attempts of
Ranchers to Destroy Magnificent
Lombardy and Carolina
Sreeldl to The Herald.
SANTA BARBARA, May 28.— There
is a prospect of a polo tournament for
August. Local enthusiasts are in com
munication with teams in the southern
part of the state and expect to reach a
conclusion shortly ns to dates and
other details. Tho Burlington team
seems to have been scattered and con
sequently tho tournament will have to
proceed without the pleasure of Its
presence. But Los Angeles Is expected
to send a good strong team Into the
arena and its team Is doing some good
practice work in anticipation of the
event. The Riverside Country club
will he able to send a good team, as
It always has done, and It is its hope
and Intention to advance the cham
pionship by another victory at Santa
Barbara In August. ; '
Theodore Aarkrogh, familiarly known
in naval circles as "Fearless Teddy,"
and who Is in fact one of the most
widely known heroes of. the Spanish-
American war, Is in Santa Barbara.
He has the distinction of being one of
the two men under Schley who -were
struck by Spanish shells at the battle
of Santiago. He was in the naval hos
pital at Brooklyn for seven months
after the battle and now shows the
scars of wounds received In action.
Aarkrogh was standing by the side of
Yeoman Ellis when a shell practically
severed Ellis' head from his body, and
Aarkrogh caught the lifeless form be
fore It could fall upon the deck of the
Brooklyn. They were the only men
struck in the battle by the Spanish
A tempest which has gotten beyond
the teapot has been raised in Santa
Barbara and Goleta by the threat of
owners of property along the Goleta
road which runs from Santa Barbara,
to cut down the Lombardy and Caro
lina poplars which go to make one of
the most attractive drives In the vicin
ity. The owners of the land claim that
the trees absorb too much of the nutri
ment that should go into the crops,
while the other people contend that
the beauty of the drive would be ruined
by the destruction- of the trees. The
trees seem to be on the highway and
the supervisors propose to abide by the
decision of the people, to be expressed
by petition. As the owners are few
and the people are many, it is not
likely that the interests of the crop
of beans will weigh very much in the
balance with that of the crop of .tour
ists and the esthetic tastes of the fre
quenters of the beautiful, Goleta road.
The Santa Barbara county board of
horticultural commissioners met yes
terday morning at the office of L. G.
Yates in the Natural History society
building. This is the first meeting of
the new board. Commissioners Yates
of Santa Barbara and W. H. Schuyler
of Lompoo were present. The other
member of the board, C. J. Russel of
Santa Maria, was unable to attend.
Dr. Yates was elected president and
secretary. The corcmissloners made
an investigation of injurious fruit
pests found on trees in the gardens In
the immediate vicinity of the Natural
History society building, and then dis
cussed the best means for their de
struction. Commissioner Schuyler re
ported that the San Jose scale was
working great damage on orchards In
the Lompou valley, and that some
measures should be taken at once to
suppress the pests. He also said that
ii disease had struck the apple crops
in that vicinity to such an extent that
in some parts of the valley two-thirds
of the crop would be lost. Mr. Schuy
ler suggested that a petition be pre
sented to the supervisors at an early
date, asking them to pass an ordinance
that will prevent any one from remov
ing any fruit in the Santa Maria and
Lompoo valleys from the ground upon
which* It is grown, without the fruit
first being inspected by the commis
sioner and the grower given a certifi
cate to that effect; and also to em
power the commissioners to condemn
fruit that is affected by contagious,
Injurious or destructive pests or dis
eases. The commissioners will ask the
county to supply them with badges
showing their official capacity, in order
(o assist them In examining orchards
and other duties. The county will also
be asked to furnish the commissioners
with suitable stationery, record books
and legal blanks.
Memorial Exercises Hold at Prospect
Park Church and Masonic Temple
Rprcial to Tho Herald.
HOLLYWOOD, May 28.— Memorial
exercises were held this morning at the
Prospect M. E. church and this after
noon in tho Masonic temple under the
außpli-es.of the churches of tho city.
All the veterans in tho valley who
could be mustered were In attendance.
Dr. Will A. Knfghten preached at 11
o'clock on "The Life of the Nation."
Miss Dean recited effectively "Colum
bia's Dead Soldiers." At 3 o'clock Dr.
Warren Day spoke for the north and
Paul Morton for the south.
Hollywood union high school district
will observe Memorial day at Holly
wood Tuesday afternoon. It Is expected
to have several hundred school children
In line, led by the veterans and high
school cadets.
Many Physicians Decline to Accept
Theory That Beards Carry Disease
Germs— Won't Chop
Talk flbout your "hard knocks." Well,
this certainly caps the climax. It's the
same old story— science la always look
ing for some new victim. This time it
is whiskers.
The announcement that the sficretary
of the lowa state board of health has
ordered all doctors and surgeons in the
Ilawkeye commonwealth to remove
their beards, following the theory that
they carry disease germs, has caused
smiles to ripple over tho faces of Los
Angeles' medical men, and the wonder
Is will an attempt be made at the next
session of the California legislature to
compete with this proposed "freak" leg
islation on the part of lowa.
William W. Qulncey, a Chicagoan who
Is spending a few days In Los Angeles,
confided the story to a friend during the
course of conversation in one of the
downtown cafes last night. He said:
"Another crank in the medical world,
a professor of something in an eastern
medical college, and whose fortune in
escaping a practical application of the
Osier theory was a personal gain and a
public loss, recently emerged from ob
scurity into the limelight of a doubtfui
fame by declaring that physicians
should wear no beards because, he wise
ly informed his students, the beard wa»
a vehicle of contagion, sweeping 1 in all
the disease germs floating in the sick
room and distributing them Impartially
amonrr other patients, and required all
his students to remove their hirsute ap
pendages, including the professional
Van Dykes, mustaches, goateea and
burnsldes. •
Whiskerless Students
"Accordingly, all the young aspirants
to medical fame via this particular in
stitution of fossilized professors and
fourteenth century ideas, who sported
the manly badge of hair upon their
faces, reluctantly and with ' aching
hearts, appealed to the barbers of that
city for disinfection and had their whis
kers scissored.
"The very next day when the stud- 1
ents had gathered in the den of bac
teriological research denominated a
class room, by the college faculty, they
had all lost their 'willies' and present
ed an appearance resembling-^ that of
the primary class in a Sunday school.
"After the close of the lecture one of
the women students, who had not been
present on the occasion of the lecture on
whiskers the day previous, and who
noted the fact that all the men students
had visited the barber shop and had
unanimously experienced a shave, in
quired in her perplexity, why such a
seemingly inspired shaving had been in
dulged in by the students.
"One of the apostles of Scudder ven
tured the information that it was an
event in furtherance of 'advanced
ideas' in bacteriology, and that they
had sacrificed their personal and pro
fessional appearance In the cause of
science and to the requirements of mod
ern materia medica.
Why Not Shave Heads?
"Failing to comprehend, the woman
student asked for details and received
them as herein related. Curling up her
lip In unmistakable scorn she eyed her
Intelligent informant sufficiently long
w'w &JphWWMSMW &&& n °- BS can be . com P le * -
is her nature to lovt
$m ogßfhsßm2%B*&* ■• »^'^s
So MsjsMaMUlißß&aß «S2p iti.toiov.th.
. . , beautiful and
pure. The critical ordeal through which the expectant mother must
pass, however, is so fraught with dread, pain, suffering »nd dancer.
Ihat the rery thought of it filli her with apprehension and horror.
(There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful
br dangerous. The use of Mother* Friend so prepares the system fof
the coming event that it is safely passed without any daatrer Tkia
jreat and wonderful a *"*".,
ins carried thousands «7 WHS GUP WB B KJPU Wffl
bf women through «___
)he trying crisis without suffering. i 3F aBr ~_. & — B
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enough to make certain of his waning
sanity and asked, 'why don't you shave
your heads, too?'
"The question was a stunner and the
logic of the Yankee style of argument
instantaneously permeated the shallow
mass of grey matter in the student's in
telligence bureau and he, with a dead
ly, murderous light in his eye, rushed
oft to propound the same question to
the antiquated, conceited ass of a relic
of paleozoic days.
"Rushing into the august presence of
the human fountain of knowledge and
advanced ideas, Mr. Student gasped the
query between several installments of
his fast ebbing breath.
Inquiring Student Ejected
" "Smilingly," the fountain aforesaid lis
tened until the question had impressed
itself distinctly ui>on._ his massive
brain, when, realizing the utter impos
sibility of giving a satisfactory answer,
he whirled and kicked the student down
three flights of circular stairways and
expelled the meddlesome woman stud
ent from the university.
"Now, it is said, the subject has been
dropped by peremptory order, and tho
faces of the smooth-shaven students
are beginning to show signs of return-
Ing whiskers, and the wise professor
blasphemously observes that he will be
eternally damned if he will ever attempt
the inculcation of any more 'advanced
ideas' in the brains of an unapprecia
tive class of imbecile students, who pos
sess Just enough intelligence to pro
pound silly questions."

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