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i Tfie Best Offer Ever Made I
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:* g C Balance $1 to $2 Per \Hs f *% / 1 1 Balance $1 to $2 Per | f|f Q __„ 2:
5 P*i*»*^***^*i JL^'U'lwP WeeK. No Interest VJVJ+Jr w *ir£saJr vr Week. No Interest WvW S
. -„-■■- — j I -j- mr
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I Be The Most Beautiful Beach on the Pacific Coast Now Worth |
§ Built k a Grande Beach is the first point south of San Francisco, where the Southern Pacific Coast Line touches the $5000 p
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§ I J drives. Everything imaginable to make a place beautiful. BE ONE OF THE FIRST. V J %
1 421 South Spring Street Phones Exchange 56 Los Angeles, California 1
Complete Figures for the "No-Saloon"
. Campaign Not Obtainable, but
They Run High — Can.
vass of Votes
Complete figures of the cost of the
recent anti-saloon election are not to
be had at present, but some of them
are available. Yesterday the council
approved the demands of the officers
of the election boards In 108 precincts,
the total amounting- to JSIS4.
This represents only about half of
the actual expenditure by the city.
The estimate made by the city clerk's
office is $11,000. The officials believe
that this is a close and conservative
At the city hall yesterday politicians
were making guesjses as to how much
money was spent on the day of the
election. It was generally agreed by
all that tho antl-prohlbitlon forces,
both through the Business Men's asHO
clntlon and private interests, who hired
workers for the day, spent in the
neighborhood of $25,000.
The amount of money which the no
ealoon forces spent June 2 can only bo
approximated, but it la considered by
men competent to Judge that $2000 is
a conservative estimate. Thus it will
be seen that the no-saloon election
itself cost between $35,000 and $40,000,
to say nothing of the money spent by
both sides during the month of hard
campaigning which preceded the elec
Competent and conservatlva politi
cians place the money expenditure in
the anti-saloon campaign at approxi
mately $150,000. The loss of time of the
workers and general falling off In busi
ness cannot even be guessed at.
The official canvass of the votes at
the last election by the council yester
day gave 8349 for the ordinance and
1C.487 against It, showing a majority
a,galnst the ordinance of 7135.
Oolf Is greatly Indulged in by the naval
officers and Kuropean residents In China.
In eonnequeiwe the Chinese boys have
wanned Home Idea of the game, and they
«re frequently to be seen uiniiHlnff them
halves with an old stick converted Into a
club and a real golf ball which «ume
golfer has lost.
F*w bonkn will bring tttrt to a man*
iv» Ilk* * volura* ol tiiiok*.
Declare That Careers of All Men Who
Come Before the Public Should
Be Looked Into Thor.
Politicians beware! Look to your
Following in the footsteps of some
of the women of eastern cities to con
duct a crusade against corruption in
politics, Los Angeles women have ex
pressed their views on tho subject.
"The careers of all men who come
before the public for offlro should be
investigated," was the statement made
yesterday by Mrs. Caroline M. Sever
ance at a meeting of the Los Angeles
Equal Suffrage association held in
the Woman's club house, and nhe was
only one of a large number of women
who think the samp.
The women declare that the best men
of the land should b<* the onrs to rule,
and that only niPn with rlear nnd open
records should be allowed to enter the
race for political honors.
Airs. Severance also gave an interest
ing talk upon the subject of taxation
without representation, and Mrs. K. B.
Retchun, who is on her way to the
convention at Portland, declared that
the power to do things lira in the little
white ballot, and until thin is secured
the energy and vitality used in accom
plishing any work is to a great extent
thrown away. Mrs. Retchun criti
cized the position which Orover Cleve
land has taken against club women,
saying that he speaks of a subject
which he knows nothing about.
"The man who knows the least of
women's clubs condemns them the
most," said Mrs. Retchun. "The wo
mun'H clubs are doing a great work
all over the country."
■The' committee is preparing to give
a reception in honor of Susan B. An
thony, Anna Bhaw and other promi
nent women who will come to Los
Angeles after the close of the conven
tion at Portland.
Resolutions were inmaed deploring
the death of Mary A. Llverinore, the
noted suffragist worker, ami extend
ing sympathy to the bereaved family.
KitKtif til Suitor — You are nty nol« aim
In life, Minn Margery.
Coy Maid — Well, you won't makn a
hit ui.Ub» you K«t clow- to the target.
Started Out Sunday Night, Arriving
in Los Angeles Yesterday
Footsore and
Because they were homesick and
wanted to find their mothers, three
t.niall boys, Bentlcy Stemhoss, 10 years
old, Howard Sternhoss, !) years old, and
John Schwenger, 9 years old, escaped
from the orphanage at Anaheim Sun
day night and walked to Los Angeles.
AH through the night the three waifs
tramped over the hard roads, walking
twenty miles, finally arriving, hungry,
footsore and utterly exhausted at the
Southern Pacific station at noon yester
From the time tho young travelers
left the orphannge until they arrived
in Los Angeles they neither tasted food
nor water.
Hoth Mrs. Sternhops and Mrs
Kchwenger, mothprs of the bnys, live
In Los Angples. and wore notified yes
terday of their arrival. Mrs. Stern
hnss resides at 4fiO West Srvonth street
and Mrs. Schwenger resides on Sunset
The children were sent to the receiv
ing hospital In -tho police patrol, whore
they were received by tho matron.
They will be held pending advice from
the orphanage or from their parentß.
Council Appoints Men In Engineer's
Owing to the refusal of the civil ser
vice commission to certify to the men
filling the positions created In the city
engineer's department by the salary
ordinance passed last week, tho coun
cil found it necessary to adopt a reso
lution appointing theso men or have
all of the improvements now going on
in the city stopped.
City Knglneer Stafford Bays that it
takes the entire ttlme of one man in
his department to keep truck of die rul
ings of the civil service board with
reference to his force.
"Ah!" sighed the young rhymester, "you
care nothing for the (rials of uh pneis '
"l'rithably not," replied the cruHly ed
itor, "hut I'd Jlks to he on the jury In
Just one trial."— Philadelphia Ledger.
I'm with you to «lui--iaa l'almas
Children to Be Supplied With Nutri.
tious Food Hygienically Pre.
pared and Daintily
Forty-six little school children with
each and every one of their respective
little stomachs calling aloud for a bowl
of hot soup at mid-day make the con
dition of affairs at the Custer street
school rather startling, according to a
report made several days ago by Mrs.
Kstelle Smith, the superintendent.
Mrs. Smith's report to Superintendent
Foshay'goes into details as to the suf
fering incurred by the youngsters In
being deprived of their daily supply of
soup. She further outlines the plans of
a great enterprise by which her school
intends to take the initiative in the
work of relieving dyspepsia and indi
gestion among the school children whilt
at the .same time decorations for the
school are secured.
Superintendent Foshay has bestowed
his support on tho enterprise and It is
only a matter of a brief time until
the Ouster street school will have the
distinction of being tho only local
school fully equipped with cooking an 3
serving apparatus sufficient to feed all
the children within -a radius of several
For some time children have been ap
pearing at the school with only lunches
of cold bread and cheese, which, ac
cording to the school teachers, are not
conducive to inspiration in child edu
cation. Six children, the report de
clares, have neither lunch nor the
money with which to purchase lunch,
and therefore have to remain through
out the entire day without food.
A Real Soup Trust
Forty-six children have the consent
of their parents to take five cents to
school each day to purchase their bowl
of Kiiup, and with a promised trade of
at least $2.30, the teachers went to
work to form a soup trust. Three dozen
little blue and white bowls, each hold
ing the certain quantity of the warm
soup which is supposed to be about the
capacity of a child's stomach have been
purchased. Some charitable person has
donated a gas stove to the new culinary
department of the school. Uai is to J
He Empties His Revolver at Fleeing
Highwaymen and Believes He
Wounded Both — Men Are
A fusillade of bullets was exchanged
between Detective Ritch and two Mexi
cans late last evening when they at
tempted to hold up and rob the officer
at the corner of Ducommun and Center
The detective declares that three
shots were fired at him by one of the
hold-up men while standing only six
feet from him and two more were fired
as the robbers made their escape down
Ducommun street. Ritch says that he
emptied his revolver of five shots and
he connected with the school pipes and
a woman is to be hired to make the
soup and to wash the dishes. Three
little pine tables have boen purchased
by the teachers and chairs from the
school rooms are to be used.
According to the plan, the pupils are
to bring: their nickels each day, while
their parents, the majority of whom
have to spend nil day at their work,
can leave the little ones with the knowl
edge that they will be well en red for
at noon. A short time before noon the
hired cook Is to prepare the soup, and at
noon the children are to carry their
chairs to the baßement corridor. The
boys have the monitorship of the chairs
in hand while the girls have volunteerei
to show their ingeuity in arranging the
bowls on the table. Following the
serving of the soup, the children will
have a half hour for play before resum
ing their studies.
The teachers of the Custer school
have shown great Interest in obtaining
the consent of the board to their plans
and have now the distinction of prece
dent over the Polytechnic school, which
several months ago started v .similar
plun that was not carried out.
Mrs. nobat, preaiilimt of the Child
Ktiuly circle, has been appointed treas
urer of the new department and tins
plan is to go into effect with the open
ing of the new term. The surpliw
fund Ik tv go for decorations In tin
believes that he wounded one, if not
both of the Mexicans.
Detective Ritch was sent from the
police station about 10 o'clock last
evening In response to a call from Miss
C. F. Menge, 325 Center street, who de
clared that she had seen a man with a
revolver around that neighborhood for
several hours. The detective, dressed
in citizens' clothes, was walking up
Center street, near Ducommun street,
when he saw two suspicious characters
standing near the sidewalk in a dark
Expected Hold.Up
"I had a feeling that these men were
going to attempt to hold me up," said
the detective in telling his story later.
"Taking no chances. I drew my re
volver from my pocket as I approached
them. As I did so they closed in on me.
I saw that they were both Mexicans
but could get no better description of
them than that they were both dressed
in dark clothes, one being short and the
other tall.
"The short man stepped directly tn
front of me, while the other one stayed
behind. I thrust my gun forward and
said 'Throw up your hands.' As I gave
this order I displayed my star and the
short man in front did as I told him.
"As the man In front threw up his
hands the tall man drew a revolver
from his pocket and fired at me three
times In quick succession, the first
bullet grazing my right temple and
blinding me. As soon as I could re
cover myself I opened fire and believe
that I wounded the tall man. I emptied
The Mathie Brewing Co.
Telephone East 66. Home Exchange 943
1834-58 East Main St.
■ ' . . ..:'
The Beer That Costs No More
But Tastes Like More
Red Ribbon Wurzburger
Malt One (Tonic)
my revolver as they rah away, the one
who did the shooting going west on
Ducommun street, while the other went
in the opposite direction."
Search for Robbers
Immediately after the shooting oc-'
curred Detective Ritch communicated'
with the detective headquarters. Act
ing Chief of Police Bradish ordered a
number of men to the scene of the
shooting at once and took active charge
of the search for the hold-up men. Ho
gave orders that every suspicious per
son in that neighborhood be arrested, j
Until a late hour this morning detec
tives under the command of their
superior ofllcer searched the district
where the shooting occurred but- no
trace of the two Mexicans could be
found. • ::.■■'.-:
This is the second time that Detec
tive Ritch has been made the target for
bullets from the revolvers of desperate
men. Four years ago he was shot at
three times by a burglar at Fourteenth
and Hill streets, but none of the bullets
took effect. „
Sinaloa Mining company— Directors:
George Cunningham, R. A. Gardner,
Guy Eddie, R. V. Dickson, James Irv
ing, O. A. Campbell, T. C. Thornton.
Capital stock, $1,000,000, with $1,000,000
Broadway Athletic club— Directors:
Arthur W. Crane, Albert B. Green, A.
A. Lawton, R. B. Young and George
Blake of Los Angeles. No capital

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