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Distinguished Party Arrives to Fill
Lecture Engagements at Venice
Assembly and Speaks of
Female Right*
I Susan n. Anthony and her party of
' distinguished woman suffrage workers
' srrlved In Los Angeles yesterday morn
ing at 11:30 o'clock,
j Just nine years ago the same leader
of the once most unpopular of reform
movements mado a visit to Los An
geles, but those who saw her yester
day declare that if Los Angeles has
aged In nine years Susan B. Anthony
lias not. She does not look a day
-'(older and would not thank anyone for
even suggesting that she is feeble.
It was a group of splendid young-old
women gathered In the drawing room
of Mrs. Wills' home yesterday af ter-
Vioon when a reporter called. Susan B.
Anthony, Rev. Anna Shaw and Mrs.
, Charlotte Wills, three veterans in the
suffrage work, each with hair that has
long been white, but each with the flre
'of youth and battle in her eyes, which
years have failed to deaden.
"Yes," said Miss Anthony, "I am feel-
Ing as well as ever, and expect to spend
many years fighting for the cause most
dear to me.
Public Sentiment Changes
"The time has gone by when the
' cause can only be laughed at, and
every day we find new evidences of
the wonderful change in public senti
ment in favor of equal suffrage. Since
we were here nine years ago there has
been a revolution of feeling."
v "Tou see we have just come from
Oregon," added Rev. Dr. Shaw, "and
' both Miss Anthony and I were so
Rleased with our campaign in that
'.state and the encouragement we re
ceived at the hands of politicians we
- cannot help dwelling on this. Suffrage
is Inevitable."
. ... , Criticise Library Board
V& Both women spoke of the library con
troversy and both attended the meeting
in the council chamber last evening.
' "This library question should be an
j excellent argument in favor of women
having the ballot," said Miss Anthony,
"Every day similar questions come up
all; over the country. Women have
their positions taken from them just
. because they are unable to defend
* themselves with the ballot.
„, . ,"I wonder why it is that the city of
I Los Angeles can afford to pay Mr.
Lummis one hundred dollars a month
more than Miss Jones without even
trying him. How has be proved himself
a hundred dollars a month more val
. uable than the woman whose place he
will take?"
! Today Miss Anthony and the mem
bers of her party ; will be honored
guests at a reception given by Los An
geles' club women at the Woman's club
■ Tuesday Rev. Anna Shaw will speak
twice before the Venice assembly.
.Tuesday afternoon a suffrage sympos
ium will be held at Venice and well
known local speakers will also take
part in the program with the visitors.
On Wednesday morning Dr. Shaw will
leave for San Francisco en route to the
feast. She will speak at twelve conven
tions in various states. Susan B. An
thony will return to her home.
Miss Anthony and Rev. Shaw are the
guests of Mrs. Charlotte Wills of 501
Buena Vista street, while Mrs. Edward
L. Doheny of 8 Chester place Is enter
taining Mrs. Emily B. Gross and Dr.
Mary Hussy of Chicago, the last named
being a daughter of the woman who re
cently donated $10,000 to the National
Suffragists' association.
Miss Jessie Anthony of Los Angeles,
a cousin of the lecturer, has as her
guest Miss Lucy Anthony, private sec
retary to Mrs. Shaw, and Miss Mary
A. Anthony, sister of Miss Susan B.
Anthony, is the guest of Madame Car
oline M. Severance of 806 West Adams
Two Directors and Secretary Elected
for Provident Mutual Building
and Loan Association
Vacancies on the board of directors
of the Provident Mutual Building and
Loan association were filled yesterday
by the election of H. W. Hellman and
Nlles Pease, who take the places made
vacant by the resignations of O. H.
Wadlelgh and C. C. Boynton.
J. M. Hunter, formerly cashier of the
Kern National bank at Bakersfleld,
was elected secretary to fill the vacan
cy caused by the resignation of W.
C. Crook, jr.
Breeds Dandruff, Which Tanaea Falling
Hair and Finally Haldneaa
Prof. Unna, Hamburg. Germany,
European authority on skin diseases.
says that dandruff Is as contagious as
any other malevolent disease, and that
one common source of the spread of
dandruff is the use of the aame hair
brush by different persons. The way to
avoid catching dandruff or any other
dUeaee from another's brush, is to ln
slst on the use of Newbro's Herplclde.
It not only kills the dandruff germ, but
It Is also an antiseptic that will pre
vent the catching of any disease what
ever through contagion of another's
Sold by leading druggists. Bend 10c.
In stamps for sample to Toe Herplclde
company, Detroit, Mich. > -
A square deal for every smoker who
uses Las Palmas cigars.
U roil Mil lo |i, tmmt. o. HardMk,
Litigation Arising From Claim for
Loss on Breach of Contract Is
Decided Adversely to Aged
"I accepted his promise in good faith.
I thought he would stand by his word,
but he went back on me," said Mrs.
Rebecca Diffey, an aged lodging house
keeper, in her suit against Rev. W.
S. Bryant before Judge Conrey in de
partment No. 5 of the superior court
yesterday 'morning.
According to the complaint Mrs. Dif
fey contracted with Rev. Mr. Bryant
for the lease of a lodging house he was
erecting at 324% East Third street:
The agreement gave the old couple
possession of the house September 1,
1903, for three , years at $90 a month
rental. -
Trouble' started when the city In
formed Bryant that he must make the
house entirely of brick instead of the
preparation then being used. This the
minister alleged delayed the work con
siderably, and he was unable JLo com
plete the house by September.
The old couple had given up their
boarding house and moved into the
house September 7, although the roof
was then not finished.
Mrs. Diffey alleged yesterday that
she was unable to furnish the house
for the reception of lodgers until late
in October and she thereby lost $700.
Mrs. Diffey became excited while
testifying to her alleged wrongs and
exclaimed, "Yes, he promised to make
the loss good and then went back on
his word, and he was a preacher, too."
"Strike that expression from the
transcript," said Judge Conrey to the
court reporter, "and, madam, if you
make another such statement In my
court you will be fined for contempt."
Judgment was rendered against the
aged couple.
Call at Local Institution on Return
From National Congress Held
Recently at Portland
Dr. Melville Dewey, dean of the New
York state library training school, to
gether with Anderson H. Hopkins, li
brarian of the Plttsburg public libra
ry, visited the Los Angeles public li
brary yesterday. '.
These noted librarians were In at
tendance unon the national congress of
librarians, which held sessions In Port
land this year, and after the meeting
went to Alaska for a short trip. They
are now on their way home and are
guests of the California club while In
Los Angeles,
Miss Edith Toblt, librarian of the
Omaha public library, Is also in the
city on her homeward Journey from
the association's meeting In Portland.
She called at the Los Angeles library
yesterday. • • \
Contractor Olaf Johnson Experiences
Strenuous Time In Attempts at
Avoiding Contagion
Six smallpox cases at the pest house
In Chavez ravine will hold up the work
on the new detention hospital for some
When Contractor Olaf Johnson
wanted to begin work yesterday on the
new detention hospital by burning down
the old pest house he knew nothing of
the case* there. When informed of the
condition of affairs by the Inspector
Olaf lit out over hill and dale for a
doctor, bad himself fumigated, formal.
dehyded and ate so much sulphur that
the market advanced 10 cents a pound,
It Is said. ■
Then he betook himself to the city
health office and had himself fumigated
again, after which he went to the city
attorney's offlce to find out if he would
have to go to work at once or what he
could do. | '
The council ordered the old buildings
burned and nothing can be done until
the council meets August 7 and pro
vides a place to take care of the cases
In hand. Meantime the city will have
to wait for the new $50,000 detention
The board of park commissioners de
cided at yesterday's session to adver
tise for bids for the boating privi
lege in Westlake park, the present
lease having expired. It was also de
cided to make requisition on the civil
service commission for an animal
keeper for the Eastlak* zoo. Exam
inations must be held' for this posi
tion. Requisition is also to be made
on the civil service commission for a
mounted wat<jhman for Elysian park.
Proving Populnr
The Crafton tours via the Salt Lake
route to Yellowstone park, Portland ex
position and Alaska. Next party leaves
Los Angeles August 3. Only a few book-
Ings left. Information 250 South Spring
street. Both phones 352. B
An Interlocutory decree of divorce
was granted Mrs. Mercy Mayhew by
Judge Bordwell in department four of
the superior court yesterday morning.
The ground for the decree was deser
tion and, although the husband had
visited his wife recently, his Intention
of leaving her without support .was
obvious and the court allowed" the de
cree without argument.
Nervous Women
Their Suffering* Are Usually
Due to Uterine Disorder*
Perhaps Unsuspected '
6V ag&WjW"""jsl Can we dispute
SraffiwtsSsSlN/Sv no we^ * known
that American
/if : '«^mH— ■ n wornen a ' e ner-
ll'-'&^P JlifeSJf / How often do we
/ ijfsfi&S'SdLh&i \VOUS|\ V0US| itseemsasi *
Uf/-xA/.£.S/,ofx»v/i\ me " things
*- - " w "Vnnnnj you and
make you irritable; you can't sleep,
you are unable to quietly and calmly
perform your daily tasks or care for
your children. ■ • ,
: The relation of the nerves and gen*
erative organs in women is so close
that nine-tenths of the nervous pros-
tration, nervous debility, the blues,
sleeplessness and nervous irritability
arise from 'some derangement of the
organism which makes her a woman.
Fits of depression or restlessness and
irritability. Spirits easily affected, so
that one minute she laughs, the next
minute weeps. Pain in the ovaries and
between the shoulders. Loss of voice;
nervous dyspepsia. A tendency to cry
at the least provocation. All this points
to nervous prostration.
Nothing will relieve this distressing
condition and ' prevent tnonths of pros-
tration and suffering so surely as Lydia
E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound.
Mrs. M. E. Shotwell, of 103 Flatbush
Avenue, Brooklyn, N. V., writes:
"I cannot express the wonderful relief I
have experienced by taking Lydia E. Pink-
ham's vegetable Compound. I suffered for
a long time with nervous prostration, back-
ache, headache, loss of appetite. I could
not sleep and would walk the floor Almost
every night. . ■
"I had three doctors and got no better, and
life was a burden. I was advised to try
Lydia K. i'iukham's Vegetable Compound,
and it. has worked wonders for me.
" I am a well woman, my nervousness is all
gone and my friends say I look ten years
Will not the volumes of letters from
women made strong by Lydia B. I'lnk-
ham's Vegetable Compound convince
all women of its virtues ? Surely you
cannot wish to remain sick and weak
and discouraged, exhausted | each day,
when you can be as »judlj cured aa
other women.
yV I<\ &. A. M., will confer the sec-
Yy ond degree this (Friday) even.
I▼ V y. h, WHITa, Sacra tarjf. j.
able \
Conditions " rst Allotment Nearly Exhausted
No :
Parallel ' \ Concrete Improvements guaranteed. Sco a copy of guar- I
Elsewhere antee which The Naples Co. gives with every contract |
Look up our standing — _. . I
Then Buy j
•-- „■ ! \ .... ■'..„{ j , ■ ■ ■ i
fV- ; : *M.";. ; v)i.- Contracts being let right now for tremendous work. Visit !
■!*} .} ; ' out engineer's office and sec for yourscl£ Railroad track !
I ?>;• • ,; into Naples starts Monday. V j
I I " ' ■*■■■■ (
'•!,"'■' ■ , ■ ' • . •
I IA. M. ®> A, C. Parsons 12-ts !
I 701 H. W. Hellman Building Home Phone 862 !
:LI ; J :
|p^l_^^^=fyjf^^gr^^l A feature of this beautiful resort will be the great eiectrlo tower on |JL<V * \ JlJil
I l^-STr^^^^^^^Sft Del Rey Heights. The Immense structure will serve as an observatory A Ci^f»Ußl
I ll^lf^"^^^SfflvVll) and wi " command a magnificent view of mountains, valley and ocean. 1 Jjjll JlMwflnP SfflVmffii Wt\
llM^^^^M The Best Resort for Every
s^j*jrP Dldv in tlve Ye«ir
"^ZHI^IZZIIZIZI^ZZr" Playa Del Rey, the famous "lagoon city," because of Its admirable *~~"~" '
. ji i location, many natural advantages, Its close proximity to Los Angeles l \\\\ .. ■
■ ...,' and the vast amount of improvements that have been established, Is
' . ■ unquestionably the most desirable "all the year round" resort on the
western coast.
The Great Incline Railway and the Beautiful
Lagoon Bridge Are in Course of 1
, , Construction
LotS Prominent business men of The
\ • *•;■•■;>■ «- . Atx p A keen foresight, ability and *. '
05 10 4U Ht. good Judgment are building WCarCSt
"■. V lVidf* homes at Playa Del Rey. ; ; Rpach'
The Del Rey Resident May Be in Close Touch
With City Life and Still Enjoy the Daily
Delights of the Seashore .
Surf and still, water bathlngr lagoon Is Ideal for calm water boating;
majestic pavilion; pleasure pier; 'two miles of perfect beach; broad |P">i
,• •> promenades; 'sewers, gas and electricity,
t Lots at FAIR. Prices
. 1-3 Cosh, Balance 1 and 2 Years
V, ' D«l Rey Carl Leave Fourth Street Station Every Half Hour
Owner's Representative -Owner's Representative
n'l 111 HII 207-210 Conservative Life 204-205 0. T. Johnson IMIIIII
:■ , ■•/ i " — Bldg. Both Phones 57 Bldtt. Both Phones 723
" Branch Office Del Rey Station, W. H. Willebrands, Agent '
Herald "Want Ads" Bring Returns

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