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Down at Long Beach the way* ft
summer amusement are devious- Bath-
Ing, boating, fishing and dancing, as
welt as driving, automoblling and
house parties claim the atttentlon Of
the young people assembled there. The
launches claim a large measure of
popularity and are kept busy in the
daytime taking out fishing parties and
on moonlight evenings dash out on
the bay arid ocean with merry parties,
generally accompanied by a band.
For those who do hot like the rough
ocean trips there are still water trip*
to be made, on Alamltos bay and Ban
Gabriel river.
Borne of the best "fishermen" In
Long Beach are young women and doa
ens of them are to be seen at almost
any hour on the pier with rod and
reel. They land the big yellowtall and
barracuda with the skill born of long
practice, and even on the fishing boats
hold their own with the best of the
male fishermen.
Tennis, basket ball and even baseball
are among the sports young women de
light, in at Long Beach. Just now ten
nis has the call and half a dozen courts
are kept busy. •
' The automobile parties form 'a very
important item In the social routine,
runs being made to San Pedro, Comp
ton,, Anaheim 'and the beaches north
and south of Long Beach. The autos
have not succeeded, though, in entire
ly displacing the time-honored tallyho
or even the straw ride. . •'„'.
■And, the dances!. The Joy of the
youthfulheart In Long Beach centers
around the far famed "sun parlor" at
the outer end of the public pier. Three
nights a week the Marine band gives
a hop which always has hundreds of
patrons, and for those who do not
dance at the pavilion there are numer
ous small hops at the hotel. •
A favorite at Long Beach this sum
mer Is Miss Maud Mendenhall of Pasa
dena," who is spending the summer With
her grandmother on Daisy avenue. She
Is the life of every party she enters
and her presence at every social affair
Is eagerly. sought. •', : • " :;
Miss' Fannie A. Gettle, a San Fran
cisco belle who has spent so much
time in this section that she might be
said to belong to Los Angeles quite as
much as to the northern city, is spend
ing the summer with Mr. and Mrs. C.
H. Brouillette at 431 Locust avenue.
Miss Gettle possesses a remarkably
sweet contralto ■ voles and is often
heard at private muslcalea in the beach
city. %
; '' Miss Dorothy Mentone, an lowa dam- 1
sel who was a reigning favorite among
tourists in Los Angeles last winter,' is
rounding out a Southern California
tour by spending the summer In Long
Beach, occupying with her aunt a cot
tage, on American avenue. A fearless
swimmer, excellent dancer and accom
plished musician, there is no "sum
mer girl" on the coast that has
achieved greater popularity than Miss
Mentone.; She will go east in the fall.
1 •' A Los Angeles bride of last' spring Is
enjoying her honeymoon all this sum
mer at the Hotel Riviera. She ,1s Mrs.
Frederick Arnold, formerly Miss Bs
telle) House of Brooklyn, N. V., who
came to Los Angeles last winter and
was" married in St. Paul's cathedral.
p Another, summer visitor at the Riv
iera' whom a host of Lbs Angeles
friends .will remember is Miss Faus
tena Guinn, a Kansas damsel who has
now been several months in Long
Beach.'. ' Miss ' Guinn is an excellent
dancer and Is always to be counted
upon when parties are being gotten
.up.".:. . ■'"■•' '-■ :"'. ;..■'■ ...'
"Miss Frances "Whiting of Pasadena is
chaperoning a merry party of young
women who are spending the summer
at Va, Cedar avenue. They intend giv
ing a series of informal entertainments
during their stay here. In the party
are: Misses Ethel Love, Virginia Love,
Louise | Derby; Marjorle Derby of Los
Angeles,' Anderletta Glassell of Troptco.
-< John Hettrich and daughter. Miss
Rose ] Hettrich of Cincinnati, O. ; Mr.
and ' Mrs. John '. Hettrich, Jr., of Los
Angeles; Misses Mabel Faust and Marie
Wheeler and Perclval James and Dore
Chapman of ; Pasadena went to Cata
llna island from Long Beach In a party
early this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ballard, who were
recently -married In Los Angeles, are
spending 'their honeymoon at 214 East
Ocean Front, Long Beach.
j Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kerr, formerly of
Long Beach, now of Coachella, are
spending a month with friends here.
: Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Test of Pasadena
have come here for the summer and are
located at 37 Atlantic avenue.
;. Miss Wells Is entertaining Dr. and
Mrs. Sylvester of Los Angeles at her
bungalow on Magnolia avenue.
Mrs. J. F. Herdman entertained at a
supper i Monday evening at her home,
Ocean Front and Esperansa street. Rod
geraniums and smilax were the decora
tions and the color scheme of red and
green was carried out, in the refresh
ments. The affair was in honor of Mrs.
■Wlsenborn and Mrs. Stanford and her
daughter, Miss Mabel Stanford of Red
lands, who are in. Long Beach for the
■Mlas'Laurelle Latourette Chase gave
a ; pupils recital' in . the Congregational
church-- Thursday evening, assisted by
John Douglas .Walker,' director of Christ
church choir of Los Angeles, Miss
Blanche Hardy and the Arensky trio, '
Tues'.liiy Master Floyd Nixon enter
tntned a party of hU young frleada at
h picnic on the beach,' given in celebra
tion of ltls eighth birthday,
''Mi', and M™». J. B.Heartwell and Mr.
and: Mrs, J, Heartwell have gone to
Catallna island for a ten days' outing. 1
Invitations have been Issued for a re
ception to" be givenlby Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen Townsend August 1 from 8 to
10 p. m. in honor of their son, '. Ray
Townsend, and his bride, formerly Mlsa
Campbell... ...■.,;'''
Miss Nellie. Owen of Salt Lake City,
who has been visiting relatives in Long
Beach, returned home this week, accom
panied by her cousin; Miss Lulu Schil
ling-, of Oakland, jwho -has" been" the
guest of her grandmother,": Mrs. S. M.
McConnell of 413 East First street.J .
- Mr. and Mrs/ J. D. Kelley of St. Louis,
who have been. visiting W.L. Porter
fleld at 819 Cedar avenue, left this week
for their home via the Portland fair.
'■ Mrs. Grace Freeze of Santa Ana' is
visiting Ma j. and Mrs. Nat Brown' of
237, East Sixth street. . . . ,
Mrs. ' M. E. Hutchlnson of this city
has gone to Escohdldo for a visit.
Just a little way , down the beach
from Long Beach Is Terminal Island,
a narrow strip of beach, to be. sure, but
one where ■'• pleasure ' rules with . un
daunted hand?
The fair Terminal girls aiy bubbling
over with life and merriment. There Is
no water quite bo still and Inviting to
the Bwlmmer, there are jio cottages
quite : so cosy and no bay so Inviting
to the amateur sailor. At least this Is
what the glrlß of Terminal have to
say. ■ '-'fy ' .:;i^.'v:.:/';.r, A • -
Every one knows every one else at
Terminal and perhaps that accounts
for the delightful informality existing
there. Then, too, there are several
Los Angeles women \ who are famous
hostesses in town during the winter
season, ', and their reputations do not
lose anything at the beach.
If the historic ghosts of Dead Man's
island could be caught walking dur
ing the midnight hour there Is no
doubt some Interesting secrets might
be gleaned from them as to the havoc
Cupid plays. with young hearts when
their owners Journey to the island, for
this Is ons of the favorite of picnic
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Clark Carlisle
are •at Terminal and ] their cottage Is
one of the coziest spots on. the Island.
Never a week goes by that Mrs. Car
lisle does not entertain some of her Los
Angeles friends, and In town one Is
always 'meeting with some one .who
has "just been down with her for a
day or two." . • . \
•"Wren's Nest," where Mr. and, Mrs.
Walter Wren hold forth, is a rende«
vous for a certain happy set of young
people.' Mrs. Wren is a member of the
Student's . Musical club and this pop
ular young matron often entertains
other members of this club, who are
prominent Los Angeles girls, j
Mr. and; Mrs. Frank Thomas are
there and have with them their, daugh
ter, Miss Anita Thomas.
, Mr. and Mrs. C. . D. Soothe and lit
tle Mlw Sully Hootlio are occupying
a cottage and not far uwuy from, there
are Mr. ■ and :' Mrs. George P. Cad wal
lader and ', their family' and • also Miss
Florence A very, , who ■is vlsfUng them.
Mr. and ■ Mrs. Harry ■ Lee Chandler
cannot be forgotten when , the young!
married people are concerned, for they
are always ready to add to any party
at any time. - ';.'.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Chamberlain never
think anything too much trouble which
will add to the pleasure of the young
people, and . their own pretty daugh
ter, I Miss Lola Chamberlain, Is one of
the most attractive of the beach belles.
It j is small wonder " the Chamberlain
home is so often the scene of a dancing
or card party. . :'.... •
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Helm, and their
daughter, Miss Elizabeth Helm, and
Mr. and , Mrs. WV" C. Patterson and
their daughter, Miss . Hazel Patterson,
are installed In two cozy cottages not
far apart. , .
JWllllam Berg and family came down
from Los Angeles the early part of
the week and are at the Glenburnle
for a month. < . .'. ■ . ' . .
Mrs. Fanny ■ Armstrong of * Lob An
geles has taken apartments at the
Glenburnie and will remain for several
weeks enjoying the recreation afforded
at this resort.
Miss ! Laura Bishop and Miss A.
Brickel of Davenport, lowa, who have
been staying for .the past few days at
the Johansen cottage, will leave next
week for their home by way. of Seat
tle. '$
Judge Wilson and family of Los An
geles are at the beach for a month's
rest, and will occupy . the Yorke j cot
tage during their sojourn.
C. A. Bash ford of Los Angeles Is an
enthusiastic rod . and reel artist and
never falls to land his catch, j He char
tered the launch j Clarllla last Tues
day and during his cruise to Portu
guese bend succeeded in hooking forty
barracuda, five yellowtall, . twenty-four
bonlta and one sea bass.
The Typhoon Is the name given by
Jack McCrae of Los Angeles to the
new rival j for ' the ' yacht ; Detroit, and
from her appearance as she nears com
pletion jln the , Fellows \ Construction
shops at Terminal she Is a superb
skimming dish and Is bound to develop
speed of an unusual character.
.The Typhoon will be ready about the
first of . August and , a trial 1 trip will
be made and Improvements of a minor
nature will be added If necessaVy/
The Detroit was taken from the ways
yesterday. and given a trial run and
seemed to gratify the ambition "' of
yachting enthusiasts, but a few defects
were noticed In her rigging and some
work will be' done ere the speedy craft
is considered In perfect condition for
the merry parties ' planning to make
trips. ■: ; ,•.'•.■ ~ •.'••■ '■'.'.
The Misses Juanita Ingmlre, Ruth
and Ruby Rockwell of Los Angeles are
visiting their relatives at Terminal this
"Messrs. William C. Spence and 11.
Dinwoody, prominent i citizens of Salt
Lake, were at Terminal for a few days
this w«ek visiting their friends, J. X.
Ferguson and family.' . *-
July, 24 the anniversary of the pion
eer settlement of Salt Lake fifty-eight
years ago,' was celebrated with an out
ing and picnic by the natives of Utah,
who assembled at the beach last Mon
day from Loa Angeles and Pasadena*
Addrenseo were delivered by prominent
adherents of the Mormon faith, uota
bly among them being that of J. Gor
don Kimball. A program consisting of
music and singing followed and boating
and bathing occupied the balance of the
Miss Elizabeth Gehrman returned to
her home in Los Angeles, after spend
ing a. few pleasant, days ...with her
friends, Mesdames Eggert and ' Chad
*ey, at their summer , residence' ,, on
Ocean front. -'\ . . ,'"' . <
It would be difficult to find a resort
the superior of Santa Catalina, > "the
magic isle," in the diversity of ■amuse
ments of both an. educational and re
creative character to be enjoyed any
month in the year and at all hours of
the day and night Mountain explor
ation parties go away, for , days at a
time and with a few provisions, their
blankets and the starry heavens for a
roof and have the "time of their lives."
Fishermen are busy •■ from , bne day's
dawn till. the next. Excursions from
Avalon to the nearby beaches are well
patronized. Goat hunting is a' feature
and in fact It would be almost impos
sible to name a popular outdoor sport
or pleasure that is not represented. The
Avalon golf links have long enjoyed
the distinction 'of being the equal of
any In the vicinity of Los Angeles. The
club has a large membership, a com
modious, well furnished club house and
promotes frequent tournaments. ' The
Catallna Marine j band of twenty-six
pieces Is orfe of the best in 'Southern
California. Under the leadership of
Director E. Kammemeyer ' this; aggre
gation of musicians gives concerts In
the large open-air pavilion every even
ing during the summer season • and at
the present time a vacant' seat Is sel
dom to be* had 'after the- first number
has been given. "
Thomas Oberly, leading man 'at the
Belasco theater, and Manager. ' J. H.
Black wood arrived on the Cabrlllo last
evening t and ' registered at the' Hotel
Dr," an^Mo. George A "Comt« of
Los Angeles 'are enjoying camp life at
the Canvas City.
•Mrs.'W. S. Tupper and Mrs. H. M.
Field of Los Angeles are registered
at the Metropole.
G. W. Hoover and wife and Mr. and
Mrs. G. S. Hoover are prominent
Hollywood residents who are tempor
arily located here.'
,B. P. Whitney, wife and son of Red
lands have .quarters' at' the Canvas
City, where they will be domiciled for
an Indefinite time.
Mlsfl Olga Hempel, sister of Walter
Hempel, the Pomona college j coach,
la a guest of Miss Edith Tra villa. The
young ladles are students at Pomona
and are among the best known of the
college social set. .
Miss Hazel Watte of Los Angeles Is
the guest of her uncle, Mr, Charles F.
Miss Jessie Beals of Pasadena, ac
companied by her friends, the Misses
Harriett Paisley and Laura B. Wells,
whose home is in Chicago, arrived here
lost evening and arranged for .camp
quarters, which they will occupy during
& stay of several weeks
The Pasadena high school has a rep
resentative crowd of Jolly young men
here, who are holding forth at the
"Feed Yard." There ara seven. ln the
party which will be augmented by new
arrivals during the next few days.
' Though Venice of America is one of
the newest of the resorts $h*r* has al
ready been ; Inaugurated soma delight
ful social features by the young people
down , there „ and ;In addition to those
who are occupying cottages and villas
for vtha k summer, there are many who
visit the resort for a few days to hear
•time favor It* speaker, ,.
The chip hotel' attract* many people
.' ARNOLD: •• . ... : - ■■■ ■■.■•:' -.Vl-VLi
and there Is hardly a day that lunch
eon and dinner parties are not given
On Tuesday, the Southern California
Woman's Press club will go to.Venlc*
in a private car. The members will at
tend the suffrage symposium at the as
sembly In the afternoon and high tea
will > be served on board the ship at 6
o'clock. — i ■ : ■
There are a few very popular young
women i already living ■ at- Venice and
many ■■ more are expected ; to jgo .there
within the next month. : Mr. Mills ha*
charming daughters, who help to make
things bright, , and | one young woman
who divide* . her time between Venice
and Los Angeles and Is a great favor
ite Is Miss Ethel Taylor. Miss Taylor
takes part In the plays which are an
interesting feature -of the llf e ■ at . the
canal' city and she shows remarkable
talent.: ■
Miss Addle Schuman of Altadena
and her guest, Miss Elsie Byron, will
spend the week at. Venice and Ocean
Park. ;', ' V-: -.V -' .■■ »■ -.'.,-■■ ■
W. F. Naftel and family of Pomona
are spending the summer at Venice and
Ocean Park. . . ; :
.Miss Carrie Martin of Pomona is at
Mr. and Mrs. Willis O. Stamps came
to reside in j Venice immediately after
their wedding in Los Angeles last Mon
Mrs. Gladys Parsons and daughter
are at Venice for a week.
Society with a big "S" will be at
Ocean Park this week to attend the an
nual tournament > of the Southern Cal
ifornia;. Lawn . Tennis association. •; In
former yiars this tournament has been
a' big .drawing .'card for Santa Monica
but the new courts of the Country club
and the fact that the club placed the
newly completed annex to the building
at , the disposal of .the players with ar
rangements ( for the overflow at Hotel
Windward won , the . day ■ for ' Ocean
Park. Mrs. . Jonea of • Santa ; Monica,
who did her best to Induce the associa
tion to play on the Santa Monica
courts has taken the defeat gracefully
and is doing all ' -within her power to
entertain the . visitors.
Mra.-,R. A. Phillips entertained
Thursday evening ■• with cards and a
musicals in honor of Mrs. George Sib
ley. Euchre was played and four, prises
awarded. -Mrs.'', J. Why to Evans took
the ttrst prise for women players, a
beautiful, water color.' The second prize,
a fan. was won by. Mrs. J. Jones. The
man's prizes war* captured by Messrs.
W. Griffin* and J. June*. Tha musical
program, which wu . h«*rtlly , appre* .
el«,t«d, constated of ««io« by Mr*. Phil*
lip* «n«l Mr*. Bran*, ; nccompn nl«d jby
Mr. Orlfflsn on th« pinna. MiM Mab«ll«
F*rnley gave % reading and Mr. w*th
burn a piano «oto. Mr. Krnnn aang twa
Old Scotch ballad*. The afuect* w««
Mr. and Mr*. J. Whytn Ev«n», W. OriN
Am, Ml m Oriffli*, just . recently . from
Baltimore;' Mr. and Mra. ; Oeorg^ ' Blb
ley, Mr. and Mr*. Georgs ; C. Lemeke,
Mr. and Mr*. J.' Jonea, Mf.' Byrne, mim
Byrne of San Bernardino, Df . and Mr*.
Goodwin, Mr. Waahburn, Mr. fftftow.
Miss Merlow, Ml*i M*b*ll<» *>*ftti#y.
Mr. and Mr*. Damretl and Will Phillip*
of Pittaburg. " Ref reahments w«t» sin* ;'
ved by tha Mines Alleert and LIIH«n
Phillips. RbswQS^v<-i :
' ' Mr. ft nd Mr*. John Van Oelaon Poaey.
together with » Mr, «nd> Mr*, Chester
Montgomery, who have . been i upending •
some time at Ocean Park hay«. re
turned to La* Angeles for the aummer
but are expected to b* present at tha
T«nn!s tournament thl* ,we«k. _ , ; ;. .
'.Mr*. L. M. Oarrett of J7 Palomn ave
nue entertained with a lawn | party.' in
honor of ; Mr*. ■■ L. P. Jordan j and Mr*.
Georga Garrett. The lawn w»* decor
ated with Japanese lantern* 'and those
present paased < a ' merry evening" In
dancing th* Virginia reel ■ and playing
old fashioned game*. The gueats ' were
Mr. ; and Mr*. J., P. Jordan,"; Mr ."and
Mrs. Clay Berrytnan, Mrs. 7 Ben Butler,
Mrs. Whlteslde, Miss' Lottie Osborne.
Miss Grace Butler, Miss . Lily ' Butler,
Mr." and", Mr*. George Osrrett,* Mr.'-
Charles Thatcher and Mr. Pierce But
ler. ; .'. ■ . "• •* " ;| s ' Sz?'i;'£
John Anderson, '. Mr*/ ' Walter ,, Kohl
and Mru. John Anderson, Jr., with Mis*
Laura Anderson are spending ' a fort
night at Ocean Park. V ■r''.~y\y
..The Mis*e« Ida and Myrtle Scott of
San Bernardino are at Ocean Park for;
the summar. ■' '■"•■"■ r '■■ • '.;■ v ''\'i«ftK;:
Mrs. Warren MMsey of Pasadena t«
visiting her Aunt,' Mrs. Roth, at Ocean j
Park.,> :■ ■';■- ■;.'•'•' ■''.'■ • "■ '■ "«n : '?. ( >--K?
, William Mcc of Gladbuck, la.. I* reg
istered at th* CM* del Mar. ,v .V
Henry W.Hoffman, a leading- Ineur-i,
ance ; man of Los Angeles, U ; stopping
In Ocean Park for a short vacation.
Mrs. J. S. Wobllacott entertainea'th*
Six-hand ' Euchre' '■ { club Tuesday ' at
luncheon.. ■:.,.;_- .'. .. ■ „ : , . /.^V't-v' ,'
' Miss ', Ethel . - Mitchell. 1 ; cornet V soloist,
has . been""securedyfor^ the^Redorido^
quartet. , She Is conuldered one^of th«
best'lii Los Angelesl' ■...-; .'l I '!'
; Mrs. J. N. Parton and^MUsjkary <
Chllds are gueits of Mrs. H. Harwdod.
I Miss Hope Tlbbot of Los", 'AnieliJllil
spending a few weeks in Redondo.^ She
will have as her ' guests / the -coming
week Miss Nellie A. Book, also of thl*
"Waldo B. Norris left; Friday [for ."" a
visit of several Weeks'; in^ New^l'ork.'
His' friends gave. i hlm,; a, farewell f «ur«
prise Monday evening. " J^SSS^wifaiffl
; Mr. and Mrs.7c.' J., tieriarth^ofiLOsi
Aaf^^iWlth;'thyr/wnTiMd'{fla^]t« ( J ;
are at the beach for two '..weekaT^^Sj
Mrs. Annie Hunter of Pittsburgh. Ptu*t
is enjoying the season at the *ea*ldft.^^
- Mrs. J.i Backrath "and daughters.
Misses Anita and Ethel of Sacramento,
are at the Welcome cottage. >;,;,;.'
: Mrs. : Woolley and daughter! of , Oak-/
land have taken rooms at the Welcome ; '
cottage.. .. .'.:,; .
Mr. and Mrs. >W. Shields and family^
of Sacramento have arrived for a'stayj'
of a few week*. \ ■
Mr. 'and Mrs. George Craft of f^ Lor;
Angeles are at the seaside for -tWj
weeks. ' ' ; -':;*;: ,'•
Mr. and Mrs. L. Schmidt and daugh
ters of Los Angeles are at the Ray-*
.'■' Mr. Angevlne, formerly In buslnes* In
Los Angeles, has removed hi* family to
Hermosa Beach. ;.■•■• ,
The Misses Ida and Frances Lock- ;
hart , of El ( Paso, Tex., are making an
extended stay in Redondo. ; ; : ,/j j^f;
. Mrs. A. . P. Freemuth, • Mrs. A... Ben-'
nett and Misses Beatrice and; Esther
Bennett of .Colgrove are In Tent City
for the summer. . : , ,'•/.'■
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Camp of ; LOi
Angele* are in Redondo for! the sum
mer. '..". , . ' ; '^■4^^'tJ^WWß
Mrs. C. B. Dittenbaugh ; and j family I
of the Angel city are at thl* beiih fo» ■
three month*. ...
Mr. and Mrs. o. O. Hagaboom are at'
the Raymond for * ,we*lc - : '■■'• ■•»* ■
Mrs. oJ Wiley Wells and Mr* v Pur
nell entertained the Ladies' Afternoon
club Wednesday : afternoon at jcard*,'
The score cards for the game of heart*
were , ornamented with \ pretty fflqwe*
fairies.; Prizes were won by, Mrs.' J: P/
Jones, Mrs. Charlotte Holmes arid Mrs?
Robert Jones.' The good luck prise wm
won i by ; Mrs. v Egleston. '..'The ! 4 : guest
prise and the consolation pritCs { fall
to; the' lot of : Mrs. Fa'rquar : and • Mrs,"
Patterson, respectively. .The dub mem-*
bers present were: Mrs. I Dlke^ Mrs.
Sutherland Hutton,' ' Mrs. < La l Grange,'
Mrs. Loul* La Orange. Mrs. Eglaiton,'
Mrs. : Oeorga H. Hutton." MrsV {Robert
Jones, . Mrs, -Hunt, Mrs. '''■ Burmeeter,
Mrs. Chapln, •■ Mrs. , Jamison. Mr*. Leg.
gett, Mrs. : Holt, ,' Mr«v_ Patterson,* Mr*.
Georgo Miller, Mrs. Force Parker, Mrs,
J. ( P. Jon«s, ; Mrs. Lester, \Mn. Harrj
Gorham. s Mrs.* Holmes, - , Mrs. D»vl(|
Kennelly, Mrs. Roy »- Jonas,' > Mis«ea
Brooks. Cochrane. Frances Cochrana,
Matilda Jonas,' Holmes. Georglna Jones.
Th« guests present were: Mr«. Priiesa,
Mrs. Farquar,' Mis* Lila Lett* of Rlv.
ersld* and; Ml** Louis* Kaitenblne oi
Kentucky. _
Ml»» Dorothy Hutton entertained th*
Q.T. C club, of which ah* i* praaldent,
at a birthday taa given at h«r bom* o*

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