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N«vud* avenue Tuesday afteVnoon. The
young hostens wan assisted 1 In enter
taining by her mother, Mr«. Sutherland
Hutton, Mrs. Maurice Burmeater and
Mr». J. D. Kennelly, Jr. The house wan
decorated throughout in pink and
green, pink roees and ribbons being
combined with asparagus ferns. The
tea table was decorated with the same
colors and a birthday cake was In
etalled In the center. Members of the
club besides the hostess are: Misses
-Dorothy Frlpp, Nora Young, Henrietta
Hunt, Ruth Knesel. Queenle Nebeker,
Isabel Brown, Clara Hamilton and
Alt* Nourse. The members of this club
•will "give a tea on next Saturday after
noon at the Third street casino. Danc
ing will also have a part on the pro
gram of merry-making.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lawrence of
S3 Raymond avenue entertained a
house party over Sunday. Among those
In the party were: Mrs. Eliza Tupper
Wllkes and daughter, Miss Frances,
and son; A. O. Wllkes, Miss Jessie
Skinner, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wllkeu,
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Umsted and Master
Leon, Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Park and
, children, Miss Cassle Llndley and Mrs.
■ Mrs. N. K. Brooks, the mother of
Mrs, N. C. Weir of Santa Monica, cel
ebrated her ninetieth birthday Wednes
day. ' All day friends called to congrat
ulate Mrs. Brooks and many letters
and remembrances were received .from
friends and relatives in the east Late
in the afternoon tea was served to the
guests. „
'Earl Oilman of the Pier Avenue ca
• stno'gave a dinner on Wednesday even-
Ing, to the Santa Monica city officials
on , the balcony floor of the casino.
The' following were present: Mayor T.
H. Dudley, Trustees W. S. Vawter, J.
C. Steele, A. F. Johnston, H. X, Ooetz.
Marshal' M. K. Barretto, City Clerk
J. C. Hemingway, Treasurer George F.
Doty, Recorder A. M. Guldlnger,
Health Officer Dr. Llndsey, H. L. John
son, superintendent of streets, and T.
H.J ames, city engineer.
- Miss Mary A. Burdlck and John J.
Stliie were married at the home of Mrs.
Crampton on Second street Wednesday
evening by Rev. J. C. Jennings. Both
bride and groom are prominent in Po
mona society and the bride Is a cousin
of Mrs. ; Crampton. After the ceremony
supper was served In the garden, which
was lighted with Japanese lanterns.
' The most elaborate children's party
of the season was given early In the
week In celebration of the ninth birth
day, of Donald Clark at the home of
his parents on Fifth and Nevada ave
nues. Invitations to a fishing party
were sent out by Mrs. Jessie Clark. On
the lawn tubs were placed in which
tiny paper fish were fioating. The chil
dren, armed with hook and line, en
deavored to land their favors, which
bore numbers corresponding to the prize
packages. After supper had been served
the usual birthday cake, which bore in
stead of candles nine small fishes with
a fisherman In the center, was cut.
The guests'' Included Misses Lillian
and Isabel Brown, Arta Rogers, Eliza
beth Harrison, Lucy and Janet Stuart,
| T . . (OF CANADA) • . ' " / ;;
Capital StocK, $5,000,000.00 Officers and Directors Par Value of Shares, $5.00
Full Paid and Non-Assessable PreB ._<.„. F £ Hen , haw Director of Mol . Secretarr _ H G Mathew3 No Bonds and No Preferred StocK (
jj . son's Bank, Montreal, Bill Telephone Co., etc. General Manager— Major Geo. W. Fish- "..._., ■ '
Not since Bell Telephone Bold at $1.00 and afterwards went to $1000 a Vice-Pres Gu"lielmo Marconi Inventor back. ■ The Marconi Wireless will bear closest Investigation. Conservative peo-
: share, has there been such an opportunity for safely Investing small sums f.. Wi * . TVWranVi ' a »• pie In all parts of the world are putting their money Into it. Wireless Telegi-a-
with almost a certainty of reaping enormous profits. Every dollar put Into UI mc ""C'css* icicgrapn. Andrew A. Allan, of the Allan Steamship phy is no longer an experiment — and the Canadian Marconi Company bids V
Canadian Marconi at its present price will come back to the investor with 2nd Vice-Pres. — J. D. Oppe Vice-Pres and Company. fair to be a better proposition even than American or English Marconi — for -
Five Other Dollars; mark the prediction. G M Marconi Wireles«» T>lec»ranh On TNT fttvi.nehii.MQ V r PrMiiVnr of the the reason that Commercial and Industrial conditions of Canada demand bet- :
The English Marconi stock originally sold at ?5 per share; has since uen / M » n Marcom Wireless Xelegraph U>. J. N. Oreenshields, K. C. , President of the ter facllltles tor quick communication with other countries, especially Eng-'
sold at $22 on the London Stock Exchange. The American Marconi stock has ot America. Shawinigan Water CS, Power Co. land. There is no question but Wireless Telegraphy will in time take the
advanced to $140 per share. By acting quickly — now — TODAY — you can , ..i. place of ocean cables, and people who are in position to know say that BUch
secure the Canadian Marconi stock at $5 per share. t v , time is in the near future.
The Value of Marconi Patents Important Traffic Arrangements. W^SZTSTtt^^^
maJ^^!"^^^ h m a U d Bt bee b ben c Have been effected with Brtftah Post Office, Western Union. Postal Telegraph. Dominion Tel- '. What" ConCernS YOU Most
in operation but two years when it sold for $15,000,000. Shareholders had eBre 8 ra P h * n d Canadian Telegraph for an exchange of business on equitable terms. It lB of more importance that we succeed in impressing our patrons with
then received in dividends $3,290,575. and by the terms of sale realized a f\__ ' j r»—J jr> .1 j A «.„-♦.,« «f ,*!-,.,.♦ ™m «,„„»<.«» M or. the Extraordinary Opportunity afforded for profit by an investment in the
further $14,437,500. The purchasers resold for $25,000,000. Three-fourths of LOMieClinß LcHlflUcl &HCI iLnPlailCl T ByBtem ° f direct communication Btock of the Canadian Marconi Company, while shares may be had at $500
> the manufacturing capital of the country, upwards of $6,000,000,000, is based *> v **»» ** «•»»• <w» & mwu«* between Canada and the Mother —par value. Scarcely more than a year ago this stock was selling at $3 00 '
I upon patents. Judging from these facts Marconi patents may be estimated at Country is of great importance to the welfare of the British Empire. "Wireless" will eventu- afterwards bringing $4.00, and n0w. 55.00 a share— and selling rapidly. • '
$25,000,000. ally accomplish the desired extension. , After the present allotment has been subscribed the price will advance
_ to $6.00. VThy not irvest NOW, while you can get in at the lower price? There
ASSetS Of the Company inmnanv Salf.Slt nnnr Jin O "Government participation has placed the com- }« absolutely no chance of loss— while every indication points to big profits In U
The principal asset of the company is the ownership of the Marconi ™ m P™y aWMUppOnUlg pany pn a self-supporting basis. Large and th ° «*■»•« future. g
V patents. Reckoned by the same standard as these patents are valued in generous subsidies have been made. Ynitfr HnnnrtnnWv fc Knw ■ S
X other countries, they exceed by many times the value of the capital /«i .... . o _„ . , ,-' ..,.,, lUUI WppuriUllliy 1» «OW X
V X stock. There ig a substantial working capital in hand. The stations g |WJ WirCieSS At 363, Mrfrchant marine vessels equipped with wireless apparatus Applications for not less than 6 shares nor more than 300 shares ao X >
X^ X. tnus far bullt have tieen erected a t a cost of over $500,000, Including ww ** must, on their winter trans-atlantic voyages, pass with- companled by check, draft or money order for the total amount, made X.'X*
• A X N. elue 1 ul P ment - and tn <> Ca P c Breton station is now being reconstruct- in 100 miles of a Canadian Marconi station — which is the last point of communication on either payable to Southwestern Securities Company, will be accepted XX ■'
■."V XXedat an expense of over $150,000. inward or outward trips. A considerable traffic must necessarily pass through the station. £ or a ? hort time; but we reserve the right in every instance to XX •■'
%X. X. ========================================================= ' furnish a FEWER NUMBER of shares, or to return entire X X •'
*», •'. \\ . ?\i . «- - - .. ' v- remittance. If the present allotment of Btock should be over- XX ,•' .
\, '-. X X n *T ¥> *T m. ¥> 1 ImtlPratlVP NPPa Ol liaStP subscribed before order reaches us; but ono thing is cor- X X .'.' •'"
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•. "'. X. cV TT"^. *° conc^ us * on ' we want to urge upon our patrons the importance of acting promptly — if . -..un. Xs X '•'' •*' •**'
•*■••• '••: •'. V\. Cn "THL N \ < Eifi ( \ m«*ii O rt\« W^Tr' < "" 1 the y want to invest in the stock of the Canadian Marconi Company at $5.00 a share. We have cut out tuu coupon »»d fiMridfexz* X*X •'' •'" •"'
\•• '•• \\\ Vf^'ilSS "»"•»"« '»"*« '^»' : onl y «»mall block of stock to place at this price-and it will be a matter of only a few days m .v „ ,o, o „. tod.,- ! M&\ JS>f S*X // •' »
?W/? W/ *b ■*'*• '*• \ m»«ion. before the entire allotment ia exhausted. Better write, or wire today — DO IT NOW. with your remittance. X*X .•'" ••'' •*"' &*vj?--'
\ \^” ''- . *'" . tjV Address Jill Communications and Make Jill Remittances Payable to •' XX '* ' •*"' V* •'<•*
%'*K^*ss+C' r \*' ''^'''r ; '^K^ f~^ Entrance 503 H. W. Hellman y^Buildintf Telephone "^JBome V^2o96^-^ y^/.- 1"'//1 "'/ / t /^f>^* v <P
\ V \^%V* Corner Fourth and Spring Streets Los Angeles. California ' '/(x?^ ** ' «£ij
PART 11.
Beatrice and Jessica White, Lorena
Smith, Olive Tullls, Electa Kennedy,
Charlotte and Isabel Balrd and Mnsiers
Leroy Brown, Clarence Macy, William
Harrison, Hugh Stuart, Harry Le Ba«,
Albert Jackson, Clifford Bacon, Law
rence Jackson, FranK Hart, Vincent
and Lawrence La Berge, Brock Dafllng,
Harold Morehead and Clarence Met
A string of sausages for the gentle
man winner and a necklace of dough
nuts for the most picturesque woman
present were the prizes handed out to
the raggedest of the ragged attending
the "tramp social" given by the Fra
ternal Aid In Klnney hall Friday even
On Friday evening members of the
Wisteria club met In Odd Fellows' hall
to enjoy dancing and a dainty supper.
W. C. Most and family of Riverside
have come to Santa Monica for the sum
Fred Letten of London, England, H
spending a few weeks at Santa Monica.
Mr. and Mrs. Willis T. Osgood of San
Francisco are at the beach.
The young women of the Epworth
league gave a box social Saturday even-
Ing In the church club rooms.
George H. Hutton is back from
Miss Mamie Fuller of Los Angeles
was In San Pedro a few days this week
as the guest of Judge and Mrs. H. C.
Downing at their home "Sablna Cot
Miss Jessie Blake of Los Angeles
was visiting her mother, Mrs. C. B.
Lotz, at the Mlramar over Sunday.
Oscar Benedict was In San Pedro the
early part of the week as the guest of
B. C. Holloway and family at their
residence on Eleventh street.
James Menzies of Los Angeles was
visiting his friend, F. W. Greenough,
of San Pedro last Monday.
A young Defenders' league was or«
ganized a few days ago by Mrs. M. D.
Deardorft of Los Angeles, who was
successful In Interesting a number of
children in promoting the protection
of dumb animals. Regular meetings
will be held every Tuesday afternoon
in the Baptist church. Officers were
elected as follows: President, Goldle
Baker; vice president, Helen Thomas;
secretary, Gladys Muryi treasurer,
Dale Thomas. About thirty member?
were enrolled.
A pleasant trip to White Point was
enjoyed by the New Century knights,
an organization composed of the mem
ber? of the Sunday school class of the
M. E. church, last Friday evening.
Under the chaperonage of Mesdames
Haskell and Coombs a number of
young people enjoyed a delightful hay
ride to Long Beach Monday evening.
Hampers of dainties were taken 'along
and during the return trip the party
stopped at Wilmington Grove and dis
posed of them.
A party of friends visited the home
of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Barton on Bar
ton Hill to tender their congratulations
on the occasion of Mr. Barton's 67th
birthday anniversary. Their daugh
ters, Meadamea Nichols and Fawcet,
had prepared a birthday cake beauti
fully ornamented with 67 flags.
Henry Olsen and hla elater, Miss
Roxy Olsen, left a few days ago for a
month's vtalt with relatives in San
Mrs. Amle Ford of Huntlngton
Beach waa In San Pedro Tuesday last
as the guest of Mrs. Lydla Petty and
Professor 3. C. Owens and wife of
Santa Paula, accompanied by Misses
Iva Boucher and Edith Boor, were via*
Itlng their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Mitchell, for a few days this week.
About 80 members of the San Pedro
lodge of Eagles with their families and
relatives went to Long Beach Monday
evening and joined their fraternal
brethren In the celebration of their
first annual ball and banquet.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Angell have re
turned from a delightful sojourn of two
weeks at Wheeler's Springs.
Change* In Original Specifications Are
Expected to Increase Efficien
cy of the Plant
Los Angeles' garbage incinerator will
soon be a reality. The Decarle company
of Minneapolis, which secured the con
tract from the city, has sublet the work
to a local contractor and he began the
erection of the plant yesterday.
In the original specifications certain
details, which would Increase the ef
ficiency of the plant, were inadvertently
omitted. Expert Roderick McKay made
suggestions to Councilman Kern, chair
man of the building committee, for im
provements on the plans and Council
man Kern has arranged to make the
The Decarle company contracted to
have the incinerator In operation by
September 1, and to make good Its
word the work will have to be carried
on day and night.
Most of the session of the board of
fire commissioners yesterday morning
was taken up with a petition of the
City Mill Manufacturing company ask
ing permission to Install a steam bollej
In a new plant at 1773 Downey avenue.
Vigorous protest was made by residents
of the neighborhood against the grant-
Ing of the petition and action was car
ried over to the next meeting of the
Special Cable to The Herald.
PARIS, July 29. — Advices received
here say that the duke of Orleans, who
last May left with an expedition on
board the yacht Belglca with the Inten
tion of bringing back members of the
Ziegler Arctic exploration party from
Shannon Island, saved eight fishermen
from a perilous position in the Arctic
Out of ; Town Soclety-
(Continued from Vnuf Two}
son Northey, and his friend, C. A. La
Barre of Waterloo, lowa.
Elizabeth Barwlse, daughter of Wil
liam Barwlse, and Ernest A. Spann of
Phoenix, Arl*., were married on Tues
day evening at the home of the bride's
parents at the corner of Cypress and
Third streets, Rev. S. J. Carroll of
the Methodist church officiating.
John Mason and family left Wednes
day for his home In lowa, after a visit
at the home of Mrs. Fowler of Second
and White avenue.
K. C. Morgan of San Francisco visited
the first of the week at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. Stone.
Miss Cordelia Brunner of Woodland
Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. B.
Pyles of 699 West Llbble street.
Allen P. Nichols and wife and Wal
ter A. Lewis and family are at Bluff
Lake for a two weeks' outing.
Mrs. Howard A. Broughton left yes
terday for San Francisco to Join her
husband, who Is there looking after the
Interests of his mining company.
Prof. Theodore J. Irwln, former
teacher of pianoforte and harmony at
Pomona college, has moved to Los An
geles and will open a studio there.
Dr. R. T. Burr, once a practicing
physician here, and now a surgeon In
the United States army, Is stationed at
Ancon, canal zone, Panama, the main
hospital of the district.
J. Vincent Hannon left Monday for
Bloomlngton and Chicago, 111., for a
few weeks' visit.
Mrs. Gergle McCllntock is at San
Diego, caring for her son, D. R. Mc-
Cllntock, who was injured in the Ben
nlngton disaster.
Charles S. Hampshire is home from
San Francisco, where he has been visit
ing his family. His daughter, Miss
Ollie Hampshire, has received a diplo
ma from the Mark Hopkins Art Insti
tute. Miss Edna still has two years
at the state university.
K. H. Dorsey and wife of Los An
gejes have been visiting at the home
of their daughter, Mrs. C. D. Wright.
Dr. A. D. Campbell of Cleveland,
Ohio, is visiting at the home of C. E.
Ramage in the Kingsley tract.
Harry Beason has returned to Pom
ona after two years' residence in
Frank H. Hyatt is at Seattle on a
brief business trip. >
A. C. Abbott left Wednesday for a
month's visit at -his former home in
Eugene B. Ogle and wife of Belle
ville, 111., are at the home of his brother,
City Marshal Ogle.
The marriage of Miss Yetta Dexter
to C. H. Anson is announced to take
place August 10 at the home of Mrs.
R. D. Fessender of Los Angeles, the
grandmother of, Miss Dexter. Both
young people are popular in local so
ciety. Miss Dexter Is a prominent mem
ber and officer of the Saturday After
|j Alfred Benjamin & Go.'s Suits Reduced j|
11 Regular Summer Clearance of broken lines. The highest
la == grade of clothing manufactured in the world. ==5r
pjpES guaranteed to hold its shape, and fully equal to any made-to- =
I E order clothing in fit and finish.
§|| No tailoring at ANY price approaches Alfred Benjamin g=~
|jj| suita in style and fine appearance. =1
1 $15, $16 and $18 Suits $11 |f
I . $20, $22 and $25 Suits $15 =
■ #•11 Un^HUf't ' ' .■>' T - ', k - i■ * : v ~ ' ■ J
111 1 James Smith & Co. w-™ s - s P ri "g ||
noon club and a charming young
woman. MV. Anson Is postmaster of
Monrovia. and takes a prominent part
In municipal affairs.
Judge and Mrs. J. B. Holloway are
entertaining their son, J. W. Holloway
of Texas, and his family. They will
make a six weeks' stay here.
Miss May Baker will leave shortly
for San Francisco to resume her studies
in Mills college.
Miss Rebecca Frazer of Boston has
been a guest of the Misses Hutchlns of
this city the past week.
■ Mrs. Vera D. Sweatt and Mrs. C. L.
Daniels arranged for Mrs. F. N. Hawes
a delightful surprise party in celebra
tion of her birthday. The lawn of the
Hawes home was beautifully illumin
ated and outdoor games were indulged
in. The rose garden was the scene of a
banquet table where soft pink candles
cast their glow over the birthday cake
and ornamentations In pink.
Mrs. Homer Fort entertained Tues
day evening at her home on Palm ave
Rntrn to Imnerlnl nnd Conchella Vnlleyn
Special Round Trip tickets at reduced
rates from Los' Angeles and other
points in Southern California to Braw
ley, Imperial, Calextco, Indio, Coachella,
Thermal and Mecca are on sale every
Tuesday until September 26, 1905. In
quire at Southern Pacific ticket office,
261 S. Spring St.
Two or three shares Martini W. T.
stock. Address, giving price, BOX 405,
Herald office,.
Notice the band, it's green— Las Falmas
Every thing you want you will find in
the classified page. One cent a word.
Heat and Outside' Attractions Cause
General Exodus From
the City
Special Cable to The Herald.
LONDON, July 2».— Miserably dull
Is the only expression that can de
scribe the last week in London, both
socially and commercially. The weath
er has been so hot and there have
been so many attractions outside that
nobody who could find any excuse for
going away remained In town.
Even in parliament the government
whips could not keep the Unionist
party together, for Mr. Balfour's fol
lowers, overconfident in their strength,
were greater offenders In deserting St.
Stephen's than the opposition. Not
even the special meeting of the Union
ists at which Mr. Chamberlain ap
peared in support of the prime min
ister could infuse the necessary en
thusiasm to keep the government go-
Ing and avert the chance of defeat in
divisions before the adjournment In
The races at Newmarket, at which
the king appears every day, drew an
Immense contingent away front Lon
don, the weather being so bright, and
the closing nights of the opera season
saw smaller audiences than can be
Special Cable to The Herald.
PARIS, July 29.— M. Rlbot, the former
prime minister, has decided to put up
tor the chair ot the Duo d'Audlffret-
Pasquler at Academic Francalse. No
other candidates are In the field aa yet.
The chair has been filled In the past
by Colbert, the Due de Richelieu and
other great statesmen.
Special Cable to The Herald.
PARIS, July 29.— That there Is meth
od in the French government's so
called madness in permitting lotteries
on such a big scale as the most re
cent, In which there are three prizes of
$200,000 each, is apparent through pub
lication of the figures showing the prof-
Its accruing to the treasury through
these institutions. In the lottery men
tioned every ticket must bear a two
cent government stamp. In other
words, $26,000 was received from this
source. Moreover, ten per cent of the
winnings must be paid to the state al- ]
so; since there are in all about 10,000,
000 francs, $2,000,000 worth of prizes,
the French budget derives a handsome
addition to its credit side from the
game of chance which has grown 1 so.
popular that it would be impossible'
to abolish it even if the legislative de
partment desired to do so. '
Wall Paper Sale nt 7%c Roll
Regardless of cost and values we are
disposing of about 100 patterns of less
than bundle lots each at 7%c. most of
them worth double. Don't miss it, ■ but
fetch sizes of your rooms. Slightly im
perfect window shades 25c. Headquarters
on burlap, mouldings, enamels, painting
and glazing. , ■ , .
WALTER BROS., 627 S. Spring. ,

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