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the Herald will »»f |1» m e«»ti t» »«f
m« fiirnlMilnn «vM«ne« thftt will lend M
th« ftfrert and conviction ot »nr pttien
cmitht »t<-nihiK eoplee of Th« Herald Irora
tb« pr«ml«e« of our P«r°n* fl MEralj b.
Btr»ti*«r« are Invited to »l«lt tli« Mtilbtt
»! California product! «t th» Chamber «l
Commerce building, on Broadway. B J*|* f ( J ( "
m«itlon n win'b 00 e n Klven on all iubJeoU pef
Ulnlnff to thin Motion.
■ (nml, 410 South llrmitlnrnr, city.
IIOTIIX NATIG'K neni stand, 110 Went
rimt »lrrr(. pity. '.
nori'.i, iiiii,i.i:mii:ik new* «t«n<l,
Srrnn.l nml Spring Htrecta, olty.
D. 'V. UAIIDNiaiI, BOS South Sprin*
■ Irect. rl(j-.
IIHTi;i, ANKFXt'A nrnit M«n«l. COtntt
Fourth nnrt Spring «trrr(«, *UT> \ .
IIOTlSf; WMSTMINSTKII next* stnno.
rorn«T Ftmrth nnil M«ln ■tr*e««, oltjr.
IIOTIU. ItOSSI.Ytf, 43T South Mala
■trert, rlt.r.
It. A. 11OIIN, 813 Booth Sprint* street,
MONTOOMmnY A TONE, come* Seventh
RAMIWA "noolc COMPANY. 207 We.t
B?W^oW*S"&8 South Mnln .t«.t.
city. - '
J. HAWAK, Hotel I^nnkemlilm new«
■tnnd. corner Seventh and Broadwnr,
■SnvJ'tanA. BOOK COMPANY, 051 South
Mnln Btreet. r\i y.
lIOTKI. NADHAU new* ■tnnrt, corner
Flrnt nnfl Spring dtreetii. city.
OMVim * IIAINES, 10S South Spring
■trret, city. . _ „
IIOTIiI, VAN NUYS nena atnnd, Fourth
and Mnln ntreei*. rlty.
n. E. Monnnj, 1022 pnwidenn n-rrn.
11. NHH.IiVO. corner Seventh and Hill
■troem, city. „„ _.
teenth nnd Mnln «treet«, city.
MIL IIAItMON, 104 North Daly atreet,
' city.
Mil. . a anskht, come* Se-renth and
Alvnrnilo atreetM, rlty>
Mns. k0 11 11 1,1. 1.. 1808 Enst Flrat street,
HANKS A GltlSnN. 1000 South Mala
Mnln Htreet, rlty.
M. A. HENN.*IR En.t Filth Mfeet, city.
N. ' I-OENNECKEII, 251 Eart Fifth
street, city.
G. ' WETHEnilili, 2448 South Main
street, city. ' „
B. AMOS, 514 Went Seventh street, city.
E. JOPI3, 521) Went Seventh utreet, city.
G. SAKEI.AIUM, 815 North Mnln atreet,
.TACOn MonTENSBW, 319 No. Mnln St.
lIPNRV J»onATII, «23 Centrnl Aye.
A. S. RALPH. 117 Commercial St. .
W. 1,. SHOOKI.KY. iril No. Mnln St^
MAX nOTII CIGAR CO., 100 South Main
J street, city.
». n. AI.I,1«, 1040 F-n»t First street.
I.Ann & STORY. 213S Enut Klrnt street.
C. TATE, 8«*00 Enut Fourth atreet.
SU PHEI-PS. J72S Emit Seventh utreet.
M. J. AI-I.EN. 31 00 Enut Ninth "treet.
J. niT,ERNIA,I«O4 En»t Ninth »«eet.
A. MET/.OTCR. 310 Enxt Ninth utreet.
SIR. CUTBCSH, corner Eaut Flrat and
Vtnh utreetn. • . . ' .
f . ' DKHMLOW. 2502 Went Ploo Btreet.
NORFOLK STOVE CO., 3603 Wert Ploo
A.'cIjAIIK. »1»72 West Pico atreet.
li. M. LAYTOKi corner Pico nnd Hol)»on
B." t n? e m;nLINGAME, 281S.tVe«< Pico
J. 11. CREW, 839 West Washington
A. EIiMSTEAn, 2020 South Mnln street.
11. STRICKIiIN. 20.13 Snntn Fe ayenue.
H. O. AHI.E. 824 En»t Fifth atreet.
A. (M. DUFF, Twenty-first atreet : and
Maple nvenne. „
J. K. DUKE. 2020 Central nvenne.
DAVIS & SATCHELL, 105 North Doyle
T. J. HOUSE, 2001 Enst Mnln street.
J. VALDKZ, IS2O Emit Mnln street. :/
MRS. W. STANFIELD,' 430 College
P.'sCHWARZENDHIi, 840 Buenn Vlita
..street.. .'.-■■■•■ ■■■■ - ' •■/ ;■(:.' ■'•'".■• i
; Eastlake Park
Moore's Fidelia Band. l '•■ :'»: '» '■' ■ "
March— "Yankee Grit" Holtzmnn
'.Waltz— "Urn Folie De Pesth" Camlllo
: a. Love Scene.
b. v Village Revels, from Suite. A. E. Mott
.Bong for trombone.... Selected
- - i-» ■ Mr., Tyler. - '
"Popples" ' (request) • .Moret
Grand Fantasja— "Cfeme de La- Creme"
- v, , . . . , , Tobahl
Paraphrase— "ln the Deep Cellar"....
.... „ Lorenberg
Selection— "Amorlta" Czlbulka
"Humoresque" ..Kretßchmer
Finale Selected
Explosion Starts Fire
Explosion of a gasoline stove caused
.. J3OO damage to the Interior of the home
of C. Orlando, 767 Wall street, yester
day afternoon.
Socialistic Meeting
•: The regular propaganda meeting of
i the . Socialist party will be addressed
,' tonight by Tred . J. . Spring on , "Evils of
: Child Labor." The meetings are held
'at Metropolitan hall, 327 South Spring
Ebell Corner Stone i ,
"■":. The j corner stone of the new Ebell
| club house on' South Figueroa street will
be laid Monday morning at 10 o'clock.
? The ceremonies are in charge of Mrs.
'"Surnner P. Hunt, the president of the
Ebell Building association.
"Facts and Fictions About Jews"
£j; Dr. ,} Bmll G. Hlrsch, the eminent
; Jewish rabbi, will speak this evening at
Temple B'nal B'rith, corner Hope and
Ninth streets, on "Facts and Fictions
I Regarding the Jews." * The address will
be open to the general public.
Y. M. O "Aii Services
; Rev. J. .H. Mallows, pastor of the
: Plymouth Congregational church, .will
speak to men at the Y. M. C. A. rooms
• this afternoon at 3 o'clock. A sacred
'concert -by the orchestra will precede
. the' service. Nathan Newby will speak
to young men and boys at 4 o'clock,
'; under' the auspices of the Triangle
.ciub: -••::.;. ;.. , ■ =
New Orchestra Leader
Julius Bierllch, whom Manager Mor
osco.lnduced to come from Brussels to
Los ' Angeles, will take possession of the
leader's chair of ,' the, Burbank orches
tra) this afternoon. For the past four
yeivrs ' Mr. , Blerlich has been traveling
throughout Europe visiting the great
musical 'circles. For his opening week
he will Introduce a violin solo.
I'otvdered Wlga Formed nu Important
Adjuurt to a (Jientleiiiuu'M Auuarel
It la safe to say that the majority of
bald men of today would gladly revive
tlu> old, dignified cuotom If they could.
Hut, they can do the next best thing to
It; that Is, hold on to what hair they
have. : .2»t*k**imt»j"'lm'*j*ay*i*i Milj .
•Hi cases where the hair root or hair
bulb has not been completely destroyed
by * parasites -that .infest It, Ncwhro's
Hel'plclde will do wonders, In the way
of cucouraKlnK a now growth of hair.
Destroy the cause, you remove the ef
fect. Thut is tliu successful mission of
Heroic Ida. .-. " MufrniiriwV'MM "*tm*rfm
Sold by leading druggists. Bend 10c.
In HUiupa for smniilo to Tim Ui»rpl«kU
company, Detroit, Mich. ,■
Constitutionality la Questioned on the
Hearing of Writ of Habeas Cor.
pu», and Court of Appeala De.
cldea Against It
'. It shall be unlawful In the coun-I
|ty of Los Angeles, between tKe*
• thirtieth day of June and the flf- »
', tcenth day of August of each year,;
•and between the fifteenth day of<
[August of each year and the six.;
; teenth day of February of the next;
! year ensuing, for any person to.
; hunt, pursue, take, kill or destroy,)
• or have In his possession, any dove >
)or doves.— Section 1, ordinance)
• 120 (new series), board of super*'
', vlsora of Los Angeles county. -•,
By the decree of the court of appeal*
for the second appellate district at Cal
ifornia rendered yesterday In the appli
cation of Lyman D. Prlndle for a writ
of habeas corpus the "dove ordinance"
passed by the Los Angeles county
board of supervisors has been declared
Invalid and of no force and effect and
the only law bearing upon this subject
Is the general state law.
Prlndle was recently arrested for vio
lating the ordinance and pleaded
guilty. He was fined and In default of
payment of the fine he was confined
In the county Jail. Application was
made - for a writ of habeas corpus on
the declaration that the ordinance was
void and of no effect and the decree
upholds this contention.
It Is the opinion [ot the court, In
which Judges Gray and Smith concur
with ; the opinion rendered by Judge
Allen, that the amendment to the con
stitution, known aa No. 25 1-2, adopted
In 1902, took away the right of the leg
islature to delegate the county boards
of supervisors the right to legislate re
garding fish and game within their Jur
isdiction and left the sole and exclusive
right to so legislate with the state leg
islature. This amendment Is as fol
lows: . .: /
;'The legislature may provide for the
division of the state into fish and game
districts and may enact such laws for
the protection of fish and game therein
as they may deem appropriate."
Opinion of Court
..Several .typewritten .pages 3 are de
voted to a discussion of the legal
points Involved, the opinion summed
up In the following paragraphs: '
"The word 'may' In section 25 1-2
must, therefore,". be ~' read ■ 'must;' ■' and
ever since Its adoption the express com
mand has been upon the state legisla
ture to enact such legislation touching
the care and' custody, of wild game as
Is necessary for , its . effectual • and full
protection, • and { this 'with reference ,to
local conditions, if any such there be,
which ' would require ' special • legislation
for special localities. '
"We are unable to see, however, any
particular significance 5 attaching to the
manner In which the word 'may' shall
be read in this constitutional amend
ment, . inasmuch as its obvious intent
was to confer j upon the state legisla
ture alone authority to deal with the
subject of fish and game, and in such
legislation to relieve it from the neces
sity of enacting general laws applica
ble alike to the whole state, and the ef
fect of which could, only be to remove
the necessity theretofore existing for
delegation- of power to local authorities.
"We are of the opinion, therefore,
that any authority reposing In the leg
islature to delegate legislative power to
counties in' reference to ' this subject
was revoked by the amendment 25 1-2;
and the failure and neglect of the legis
lature to obey the plain mandate of the
constitution does not , empower the
board of supervisors to assume this
duty reposing In the state alone. '
"This ordinance, therefore, having
been adopted since the adoption of sec
tion 25 1-2, and since authority to dele
gate power with reference to this sub
ject has ceased to exist, it must be held
to be Invalid. . .
"Were it even a valid exercise of
power, the ordinance upon its face is
an unreasonable exercise thereof. The
delegated power originally was with
reference to shortening the season,
which can only be held to be a period
of time within which persons might ex
ercise a natural right to hunt and kill
the game belonging to the public, and
not to enact an ordinance In Its nature
"The ordinance, therefore, , being void,
It follows that the prisoner should be
discharged, and It is so ordered."
St. Paul's pro-cathedral— Rev. Dr. X
J. Wilklns, dean and rector. Morning,
"Ceasing the Circumstances of Life." ■
Christ Episcopal— Rev. Baker B. Lee,
rector. Morning, "The Wages of Sin
and the Gift of God." No evening ser •
vice. Telephone connection over Home
'phone for morning service.
Church of the Neighborhood— Rev. T.
C. Marshall, rector. Evening, "Tlw
Teachings Of Jesus."
Cathedral of St. Viblana— Service ot
Investiture of lit. Rev. Mgr. Harnett at
10:30 a. m. High mass, Mgr. Harriett,
celebrant. Sermon by Bishop Cuiiaty.
Rosary and benediction, 7:80 p. m.
Our tiady. of Angeles, opoelta tUn
Plasa— Mass at 6,' 8, 9 and XI a. m.
Evening" devotions at 7:30 p. m.
Bt. Vincent : de Paul— High mass at
10:30 a. m.;' sermon by* Rev, W. 'A.'
flchult*. C. M. Rosary and benediction
at 7:20 p. in.
St. M&ry'a fioyle Heights—Mass at
7:80 and oa. m. No evening service.
Bt. Agnes'— Mass at «:&0, 8:15 and 10:80
a. m. No evening service*
fit. Thomas the Apostle— Mass at 7:30,
8:80 &hd 10:80 ft. m. "' V ;
St. Augustine's chapel— Mass at 8
and 10 a. m. No evening service.
Newman Methodist— llev. O. B. Ton
ter, pastor. Morning, "The Wanderer's
Return." Evening, "The Thing. That
Boyle Heights Methodist— Rev. W. M.
Sterling, pastor. Morning, "Byitematlo
Giving." Evening, "A Banquet."
Vincent Methodist— Rev. B. C. Corjr,
pastor. Morning, "The Power of Demon
stration." Evening, "The Crooked Gen
eration." •
Trinity Methodist South— Rev. 10. P.
Ryland, pastor. Morning, "A Study."
Evening, "The Sheperti of Israel.''
First MethodUt— Rev, Robert Mc.ln
tyre, pastor. Morning sermon by Rev.
O. A. Hough.
First Christian— Rev, A. C. Bmlther,
pastor. Morning, "The Church at
Work." Evening:, "I« There » Hell?"
Westlake Presbyterian— Rev. W. P.
Landls, pastor. Morning, "The Use of
Life." Evening, "The Good Shepherd."
First Congregational— Rev. William
Horace Day, pastor. , Morning,' Rev. li.
B. Long of Tucson will preach. Even-
Ing sermon by Rev, Dr, Warren 8.
Day, pastor emeritus; topic, "The Out
Central Baptist— Rev. A. S. Phelps,
pastor. Morning, "How to Study the
Bible." Evening, "A Gospel Triangle."
Immanuel Baptist— Rev. W. C. Clat
worthy, pastor. Morning, "Second
Sight." Evening service in charge of
the B. T. P. U.; topic, "The Indian."
Horace Jaynes, reputed to be many
times a millionaire and patent medi
cine manufacturer, arrived in Los An
geles yesterday over the Southern 'Pa
cific on his way home from the Port
land exposition. Jaynos, who Is ac
companied by his family, travels In the
private" car "Columbia,"' which was
used by William McKinley wTille pres
ident, and pays $50 a day for the priv
ilege. He left his home In Philadelphia
early in June and has visited many
points Of interest In Ihe northwest. He
wili go to Grand canyon Tuesday. The
plain American citizen pays $17.60 car
fare from Los Angeles to the canyon.
Jaynes, traveling in his private car
with his family of six persons, pays at
the rate of $100 each.
% C. C. Cline, city editor ot the Journal
In Kansas City, is here with hla wife,
touring the west. | Mr. Cline, thougn
from one of the most hustling cities on
earth, throws up both hands when
speaking of Los Angeles. "We've a
lively place of our own," said he last
night, but I ■ never . saw anything like
Los Angeles. It is clear, bright, . beau
tiful. lam amazed at it. Broadway
Is : the most beautiful Btreet at night
that I eyer saw. I visited the beaches
today and was astonished at what I
saw. The world doesn't realize what is
doing : here; > it iis .marvelous and sur
prising." -
Myer Siegel of the firm of Myer Sle
gel& Co. has left for the east, where
he will spend four weeks on business
for,., the ' firm. ,
E. J." Brent and wife have Just re
turned' from- a 'six weeks' sojourn in
the east. They report. a very pleasant
trlpr-pretty. hot and not half so good
as California.
Stanley H. Castleman, cashier of the
First National bank of Riverside, ac
companied by his wife and brother, ar
rived In Los Angeles yesterday and Is
registered at the Broadway Van Nuys.
W. J.-, Wilson of Nlppeno, well known
in Los Angeles as the promoter of the
Loa Angeles Athletic club, now inter
ested in the new gold camp on the
desert, Is registered at the Angelus.
Fat Folks
I reduced my weight M pounds, bust
8 inches,' waist 6 Inches and hips 9
Inches in' a short time by a guaran
teed harmless remedy without exercise
or starving.'- I will tell you all about
it. Enclose stamp. ' Address, Mrs. A.
C. McFadden, San Gabriel, Cat.
Save you sight! Save you moneyl We
are In a position to give you the very beat
optical service at a minimum price. Best
Al crystal reading lenses In 10-year gold
filled frames at 31.60. Some dealers ask
from J3 to |5. Don't take our word for It,
but i ask your neighbor about these
glasses. Satisfaction guaranteed. Clark's,
351 S. Spring, near Fourth street.
Are In each drop of -wine that leaves our
busy store. • You are welcome to free
samples. 20-year-old port, sherry, Angel*
lea. muscat, Malaga, Madeira or orange,
only 11. 60 per gallon. Medicinally pure
whißkics, per quart, GOo and up. ■ Edward
Germain Wine Co., 63S S. Main. Both
phones. ,■
Trunks, 250 up; pianos, furniture and
merchandise -moved. We store and ship
at low rates. Tels. Main 8486, Home
2184. 817 West Second street.
The Queen, Shoe store, 168-ITO North
Main street, Is the oldest and most re
liable ahoe store In the city. This firm
carries reliable shoes for the family.
At Durgwald's. Cloaks, suits, skirts and
waists at big reductions. Real bargains.
539 South Broadway. ..-,,.
Itaynor & Wood, 210 Laughlln building,
will remove Sept. Ist to the George P.
Taylor building, 625 S. Broadway. Special
bargains in all lines., . ■
Extraordinary reductions In high-class
millinery! 110 to 120 dress ■ haU for J5.
Miss Sullivan, Grant building, room SOS,
corner Broadway and Fourth street.
While building your bouse, bo aure and
arrange (or
Lowe Open
Ventilating Gas
Fire Heaters
In every room. They are beauties)
Call and ace them and arrango (or
bub ■upply. at our new ottlca and
»(.■!•«. J'vO 80. Hill street.
Peoples Independent Gas
. Company
this Machine Will Banish
Poverty and Bring
kV*- -. • -•■'* -^ I Aflvcrtisintf SI
WmSfaMMi AswnED^^rSjn
HHBSnßllllHH^ffCr^hlß^ ftt. JalfSil
' _ Let It Work for You
This Is a picture of an automatic machine for selling 5c lead pencils,
llt pa^s no rent and works night and day and holidays*. ' . i. »
It keeps no books, requires no clerk, takes no bad money and cheats no one.
■ ,It will stand op a pedestal In every busy place.
Schools, colleges, universities, public buildings, libraries, depots, hotels, in
business blocks, stock exchanges, newspaper offices, street car barns, depart-
ment stores, ocean steamships and many other places too numerous to mention.
You drop In a good nickel and out comes a fine Dlxon pencil sharpened,
ready for use and rubber tipped— a good pencil for the money.
' If you accidentally drop in a penny, a'dlme, a $5 gold piece or a smooth
nickel the machine hands back the money.
i It is the only slot machine In the world that does not cheat Itself or cheat
you". You can't work it with a slug — no use trying,
j The pencils it sells cost about 1 cent and sell for sc.
The white space you see on the machine carries advertisements that roll
around when you pull the lever. These advertising spaces sell at $1 each a
month. There are six of these spaces on each machine. "
The machines cost about $10 each to build. They are leased for $50 each
to managers all over the United States. The profit will be stupendous— flguro
it out for yourself. v •,;.-■"
; Now remember this: Years from now you will tell your children that you
remember -when this company was starting and offering its stock for sale to
you at $25 a share. •
The machine is not TO BE invented— it IS invented.
The factory is not TO BE established— lt IS established.
The company pays no salaries to its officers.
The stock has a par value of $100 a share. It is selling today at $25 a
share. Some day It is likely to bo worth $1000 a share. , . .
i If you want some of this stock and can't pay all cash — all right; you can
buy it on- easy payments, from me. „ ,
' Don't say you are too poor — that's' why you remain poor. ' Get lively — do
something to merit wealth. Wealth doesn't like poor . people — never did.
Get into a thing whenlit is poor and get rich with 'it. /., This company is
going to try to make Its stockholders rich — every one of them. v '.. ■
It is hoped to put out 400,000 -machines. When this is done the profit will
run into the millions.' You have figured the profits; figure them again.
Do you want some of this money? Then get some stock — but get it NOW.
The machines by actual proof will sell more than ten pencils a day. They
were tested in this city in hotels, depots, business blocks, offices and colleges.
L The United States government protects slot machines that sell merchan-
dise, but prohibits gambling slot machines. This machine doesn't gamble —
It sells a necessity. ■ ;.
- [It will be welcomed and demanded wherever civilized people live — people
who use pencils. .; " v> /, . . . „•
. - It Is the only machine of the kind in the world. And the only machine to
sell lead pencils. It has a monoply — it is a small trust in itself. It Is patented.
The company owes no debts. The company has its stock of pencils on
hand and paid for. It has cash in the First National Bank of this city.
It has discounted its bills. It is a company that has no skeleton in the
closet. - It- is a clean company. „ — ,\ ■ •
This company will bo a dividend payer. This company has money In it-
figure it out again and see. :.„ : - ■
Now isn't it a sensible proposition?
Selling pencils hurts only the blind beggar. Share your dividends with the
blind man when the business begins to hurt him and pay you.
You can see the sense of a machine to sell lead pencils.
Come and see the machine and ask questions. !
: This company is all right. -It was started right and has grown steadily
better ever since. . ' . . :
There are 200 shares for sale at $25 each. So don't delay too long — wise
people act quickly. Look this matter up at once.
Think of the fortunes made in thousands of inventions since the days of
Fulton's steamboat and the days of your grandfather.
All good things are Inventions; some one makes a profit out of them.
Why don't you share in a good invention?
/This pencil company will be a big profit payer. It will make millions.
Some men claim that a share selling for $25 today will some fine day be
worth $1000. Looks sensible, too— doesn't it? •
Anyway, it will be worth hundreds.
The sewing machine stock sold at $5; it is worth $2000. The cash register
stock sold at $5; it is worth $1000, and other stock Increases are bigger. -
For instance, the telephone and electric light, the chewing gum slot
machine and the peanut slot machine.
Now don't put this off longer— get in a hurry and investigate this prop-
I am- in my office to tell you more about it if you can think of anything
more to ask — I can't, or I'd print it in this advertisement. ,
I have some printed matter and will write you a letter if you will send
me your address and name. -
Or telephone it to me over Home 'phone 7327.
Or -come to my office.'' '■' •..", ; - '../
Or send me a messenger.
Anyway, don't put It off too long and then be among those who said: "I
told you this company would make a barrel of money."
Send me your check if you 11 vo out of town. I'll send the stock at once.
I stay in my office all business hours and Saturday and Monday evenings.
I want you to some day thank: me for Interesting you la this stock — it
will make you money.
220 Mason Building Phone Home 7327
Cor. 4th and Broadway, Old Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
OCCUPATION. ..........'./;.,.,., C1TY....'.....;
Please give me the fullest possible information regarding the
pencil company. When will It pay the flret dividend?- When do • H
you expect the shares to be worth $1000 each! What .Is .your 7—30
easiest payment plan for stock? '' .
PART ft'
c g3| d The Quality Store "
issk Specials
pm: Men's Suits
/ ///ml|sll\ 1° Summer fabrics and styles — (T»^ par
YlhUHjin Absolutely the best tailored and *J) H tek
IrlWl most thoroughly satisfactory Hal
Iff \V| * »vita In Los Angeles iHL/
if m Trousers
IS v'M In splendid wearing mated- <J»/^| CA
uW fig *!*• cool and comfortable for «p *WmO\).
X\j- \%M Summer wear, and elegantly X,H=l!3
«P'**iffl| tailored— fitting is perfect.—. mm B ~z
[Mullen & Bluett Clothing Co. J
First nnd Spring v
Just For Fun
5000 Boxes at
50c Each
Every Box is guaranteed to contain more than 60 CENTS' worth of :i
Merchandise; every box also contains A good AMERICAN COIN, run-
ning in value up to a „
$5.00 Gold Piece
Every Box is guaranteed to contain, In addition to the above, a coupon
good for from one to twenty rides on my roller coaßter at OCEAN /
PARK, the only one in the world built over the waves — the wildest
ride you ever took — absolutely safe. .
Last Week of the Great
City of London Store
Will close for keeps, so if you want Rugs, Draperies, Curtains,";
Blankets, Linens and Pillows this is your last chance toget them at**
such prices that no house intending to stay in business could afford I
City of LondOii
337-339 South Broadway ' A. E. Hiles, Proprietor
A Positive Fact
That We Are Selling •
|K"^lp|^^R „ J T?-|-irTo^
ip^x^lli^jf^^^ ana. jvugs.
.JjVsh-vft^^v^^^^^^^ Lower than any other house. -
V^^^^C^^^^^^ BODY BRUSSELS, Made,
rj^^^^^^^^t Laid and Lined.... $1.29 .
k^y^^^^^^^^^t TAPESTRY BRUSSELS,
y^s^^Ss^^^' ■■■ COTTON and ALL WOOL
JjLIURI S&flfltfSi^L INGRAINS, 70c to 20c
1 Anil BN^?%g^s> I LINOLEUM, $1.40 to 40c
DRESSERS $5.85 to $*0.00
COUCHES. $2.95 to $'45.00
IRON BEDS.__ $2.50 to $18.00
GO CARTS _. -r51.95 to $16.50
Beds, Bedding, Crockery/Glassware, Tin and Enamel
Ware, Stoves, Dining and Center Tables, Chairs,
Rockers and Everything to Furnish the House Com-
plete at the Lowest Possible Prices.
x R. W. Pierce Furniture Go.
203-205-207 North Spring Street
Near Temple Street
Curtis Park Tract kryptok xensesv
28th and Compton Aye. Cement walks, — — Obtainable of—— ; '
curbs, Btrout eradud, tilled, rtnlalieil. .'■ ___ „' . --'n — fIV. 1 ■"'J*'JMJWn{IM
Lots «0»13S, lIDO. Can you beat thlsT AValterl. SCVITIOUr' r
Aaent on tract. WIESENDANQEU, * fa U>* .*• i tV^ IU V U *SV i
221 LHUBhlln Hlock. f 17 S. llroadway Third Floor '/\
private Ambulance foC^ HAmN Wo«r A*l«
luwit cunvßUl«ut •ud Ui>-io-d»l« vahlol* I IVI UIU fIUIII> «TV\J|J '
u,»nuf»ciur<!<t F«raoual •ttoiitluo. Plump* illiUV/r lillti
r«.^n». to oil* 4«y or nI«UU 'FW«» I*. ALWAYS WIN

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