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Part 111
TO COST OVER $1,000,000
Mammoth Emporium to Be Largest
West of Chicago— Elaborate In.
terlor Finish and Large
Roof Garden
In the near future Hamburger's new
department store, the most complete
establishment of Its class west of Chi-
cago, will be erected on the southwest
corner of Broadway and Eighth streets
at a cost of $1,000,000; also two othe*
buildings In the, same vicinity, to cost
about' {500,000, all three notable Im
provements to be made by the Ham
burger Realty and Trußt company.
'The Mammoth Emporium
I The Upper Illustration shows the
Broadway front of Hamburger's new
store, which will occupy a plot of
ground 305 1-2 feet on Broadway, 160
feet on Eighth street and 120 feet on
Hill, 1 , the same style of architecture to
,be carried out on the two latter streets.
This mammoth emporium, when com-
pleted, will be the most extensive de
partment store west of the Rocky
mountains and possibly tHls side of
{Chicago. It Is to be seven stories high,
120 feet of the structure having a depth
.of 830 feet. The building and grounds
;wlH'be owned by the' Hamburger
'. Realty $ and Trust company, and at
> completion of the same for the Ham
burgers' use, they, will have the most
.modern and up-to-date store of its
kind on the western slope.. It will con
tain about 482,475 square feet of space,
which' is estimated to be larger than
j the space at present ; occupied ■by all
I the department, clothing and dry goods
stores in the city. I 'The plans are for a
fireproof building of granite,- steel and
glass, the estimated cost being in the
.■ neighborhood of $1,000,000.' ■
'„"■■') k Elaborate Interior Finish ;\
; Several hundred thousand ' dollars In
addition ' will ; be expended to furnish
the. interior, these fittings to be of a
most lavish character, the shelving of
hard; wood.' and French, plate glass.
Every novel feature of a' department
store ; is ' to be Incorporated and every
thing that is sold for man, woman or
child i and many articles as well for
animals, -will be for sale. . The entire
space lof the, \ seven floors will be
brought Into requisition for the various
departments and features. 'Every por
tion of Europe 'arid the United States
has been explored ' to obtain sugges
tions I for improving present - methods
of merchandising and for. the-perfect
ing of labor saving devices and more
expeditious ;' methods of service to fa
cilitate: and simplify shopping. ■•>
j : ;M.;.'Ai , Hamburger 1 and' S. "A.' Ham-
burger, spent, the months of April and
May in the large eastern cities for the
purpose of inspecting the most recent
ly I constructed department stores . and
familiarizing , themselves with the lat
est ideas appertaining thereto. S. A.
Hamburger ! is ." now In j Europe, having
sailed froiji New York June' 17 for' Lo
ndon.> Subsequently he will visit. Paris,
Berlin 'and Vienna, for the purpose of
obtaining ? the . very latest conceptions
In 1 L department store , architecture,
brought . to completion since his visit
of last fa 11 ....;
Features of New Store
,v Among the proposed features to be
Incorporated " in the new store will be
gorgeous parlors, retiring, rooms, read
ing and writing rooms,' a nursery, also
an emergency hospital, with physician
and ] trained nurse in constant attend
ance. ■•' Maids ; will, also' be' provided to
care for and assist mothers with their
babes. 1:;■1 :;■ Escalators, '<■ or ', moving 1 stair
ways, will be a boon to those opposed
to elevators,, for by stepping- only on
the first step of the stairway a person
will be carried from one floor to anoth
er ': without the sense of dizziness ex
perienced' by many, in elevators.
The seventh, floor is to be the recre
ation ; floor, and its arrangement will
be such that it can be thrown into one
large auditorium, where concerts, pub
lic receptions, recitals and entertain
ments of .various character will be giv
en. 'The roof will be an exotic garden,
to I be ,' employed during the summer
months as a restaurant, where it i is
estimated 1000 people can be seated at
one time. At night thousands of col
ored lamps will illuminate and give
the , garden a f airylike appearance.
Bummer night .festivals will be ten
dered the public free of charge. Enter
tain me n ts of almost endless variety
are "being planned by the Hambur
gers j that ; later will make their, roof
garden one of the most famous and
popular ; places of Southern California;
Entertainment for the Public
:, Though primarily the building is to
be for business and profit, the Ham.
burgers, feeling that In a great meas
ure they, owe their popularity and sue
"cess to the people of Southern Cali
fornia, : through j whose encouragement
and patronage they have achieved their
Los Angeles Sunday Herald.
present position in the community,' are
willing from a sense of gratitude to
expend large sums in. the procuring;. of
entertainment and instruction for | the
masses, and they propose to make this
seventh: floor a public forum, much af
ter the Roman amphitheater, where
through - the ' Hamburger j hospitality
the people may assemble and enjoy
lectures, performances," etc., "or ' meet
for public debate or discussion of lo
cal matters of vital importance. As a;
matter of local history it may be stat
ed that the first public concert given
at Westlake park' was 'proposed "and
paid for by the Hamburgers. .
Elevators and Distribution -
The elevators of the building, will be
of ' dimensions capable of holding . the
largest truck when loaded tp Its '. ful
lest capacity, 'such loads to be hoisted
to . the upper . - floors . and ' unpacked.
When contents are marked and ready
for distribution they will be forwarded
to every department in the house by
means of an automatic ' railway. The
parcel gatherer will be another novel
feature, which works on the principle
of a moving sidewalk, with openings in
cv.cry department.' , A parcel placed on
the carrier, by an endless chain is car
ried around and down tothe basement,
where the packing: department will 'be
located. Delivery will be done by the
firm's automobiles. . From the street
will be built an incline so. that the ma
chines can enter the basement, back
up to the parcel delivery, load and pro
ceed to deliver with only one ' handling
of parcel.
To Install Manufacturing Plants
As it ' is Intended to manufacture as
much of the merchandise as possible on
the premises the fittings of the base
ment will give It the appearance of a
"county fair," for here will be located
all' the machinery for the manufactur
ing plants, each factory to be enclosed
in glass, enabling visitors as they walk
up and down the aisles to witness the
process of manufacture and see the
materials that are employed In the pro
ducts on sale. It will resemble a bee
hive of Industry.
The installation of an electric plant
with capacity of furnishing light and
power for the three buildings, approxi
mate cost $150,000, will be an ornamen
tal as well as Instructive piece of ma
The Hamburgers Intend later on to
make known to the public Just what is
to be manufactured and sold on - the
premises, as well as the various forms
of entertainment and amusement to be
provided. '
Plans for Employes
Nor has the comfort of the employes
been neglected, for probably in no
other department store In the United
States have the proprietors given this
subject. such careful attention. There
will be reading rooms, with complete
library, writing . and social rooms, a
large assembly room where meetings of
the buyers or clerks, can be held or
when occasion demands it can be
transformed into a ballroom. . In . a
commodious and well appointed din
ing ; room * meals will be served to tho
employes , at absolute cost to the firm.
There will also be a gymnasium with
bath 1 rooms, ; also a', class room ' for the
education' of new and \ Inexperienced
employes . In ' the art of selling, book
Top, Picture^— £
Department f.
• Store, .
Bsven <
',■-■"• I.I ' '. v.! "
'. . Stories ■ > I
:^.-:i,'\«ndf ■ '■"• ■„.,'•..;
Corner of
• Eighth
.Broadway. ...
Second Picture—
. ' Story
' Btore
' ; . and .• .- . .
.Hotel., .
With -
1' ' Corner of
,'..;, Ninth i . .
Broadway. •
keeping, etc. An Instructor will be em
ployed' and those , who j desire to I avail
themselves " : of a thorough course jln
salesmanship, bookkeeping,, advertis
ing' • and similar subjects required jof
up-to-date, persons seeking to ' fill such
positions,' .will . be ' given Jlre'e tuition. ) f A
billiard room,' a' bowllng'alley and other
innocent " games ' and j amusements will
be ; provided. . these ' rooms to "be kept
open during business" and at I .st ated
hours thereafter,' so that employes may
at their ' leisure . enjoy . themselves |in
this club feature. And . those prefer
ring to devote their spare time, to study
will \ be' given;" such j opportunity.
The Hamburgers '.will profit | by the
experience gained in ''< the erection of
the latest department stores of the
east, avoiding all mistakes that have
hitherto' been made and incorporating
only the best features in their plans.,'
It Is their, intention, so far as the
Hamburgers can control same, to make
Broadway, between Eighth : and Ninth
streets the finest block in the city,' that
it, may stand forth, as. a '.monument 'of
their ability for all time; one' that may
be pointed to by a future generation
as an' example of what patience, per
severence, strict attention to business
and i honor 'between men will accom
plish. ", ■'.'.. '
Stores and Hotel
■ The building, to .be erected on the
northeast .'; corner 'of ' Broadway and
Ninth street is shown in sketch No. 2.
The plans ,. and j specifications for j this
building have been prepared by Archi
tect A. ,M. Edelman, and provide, as
above shown, for a , seven-story build-
Ing, which will occupy a plot of ground
covering 178 feet on Broadway and 160
feet on Ninth street. The foundation
will be laid for a seven-story building,
but will be completed to the height
that the prospective tenant may elect.
There will be nine stores on Broadway
and two on Ninth street.
: Lower Picture—
..■'.,: - Seven
, Story
. '." Store
■.■'■'■.':-. --and
... ...Office .
' Corner 'Of
. /< ;' ; Eighth
. ' and
' Broadway,
North of
. Cost of
• . Buildings,
With- 1 .
'■' . Furnishings,
About' r
i $3,000,000.
The upper floors will be finished to be
used as a hotel | or for. a high grade of
offices. The building will be of pressed
brick, granite and steel, and on, the
Ninth, street side there will be a hand
some marble vestibule entrance, with
waiting room 18x100 feet, for use of the
hotel guests or similar purposes. Every
outside suite and moat of the InaMe
suites will, be provided with toilet' and
bath. The courts will be open, so that
every room 'will face the open air and
Jn realty ' will be an outside . room so
far as ; fresh air is :■ concerned. - This
building will cost $250,000 to $300,000.
Stores and Offices
j Sketch No. 3 shows a seven-story
building that is to be erected on the
northwest corner of Broadway and
Eighth street. It is to be a business
block, occupying 'sixty-five feet on
Broadway by 115 feet on Eighth street,
with 'stores on ground floor and offices
above, and will be a handsome, modern,
fireproof building, its architecture' and
finish' to be of the latest and most up
to-date patterns, In entire keeping with
its* sister building oh the southwest. A
large, dry goods store will probably oc
cupy , the ground ; floor ! and . perhaps . a
number of the upper ( floors. The con
struction will be ,' of ; steel, class ' and
granite, * the estimated cost ■■ being J250,
000 to* 9300,000. | ;'<
Real Estate Section
Commenced In a Bmall Building on
North Main Btreet— Progress of.";'
the Development of the
"People's Store"
The firm of A. Hamburger & Sons «
started in business November 1, 1881.
The firm then occupied a small' store '•
on Main street, thirty feet north'of Re
quena, it being at the time the only
vacant store in the city.'. The members
of. the firm were A. Hamburger, father,
and S. A. and M. A. Hamburger, sons.
In January, 1883, D. A. Hamburger, the
remaining son, also associated himself .
with the business. From the very out
set fhe business began to grow and has ,
continued to do so ever since, being one
of the most active of its kind. Ham- •
burger & Sons outgrew , their ■ Infant '■
quarters and' had constructed for them
in 1882 ' the Bumiller block, " forty-six
feet on Spring street ■, by ■ 100 feet :In y
depth, it being a part of their present -
location. Later I on; j when the j Phillips I
block was erected, , they rented the ;
north half of the ground floor and a few <.
years later took over ; the south \ half . .
Then needing. more room they had the ;
offices on the three upper, floors^turned '':,
Into salesrooms. Their next increase of
space was to rent the : Ponet ' store,',;
twenty feet' north of the Bumiller block; \
and .126 feet on; the New! High j street
side of their premises . has also ■ been "'
built for them. . A number of stores are f
rented in. addition , for storage',' pur- f
poses. ... ...-. . : , j- .
„ The business from its inception . has ; :■;
been ' on " a r strictly ' one price and
cash basis,' which in , the early, days of »
California ' merchandising bf asking all
you I could and I taking what you j could I
get j was no 'easy ' task to | accomplish, ; :
but that it won out is evident from the^
fact that in the twenty-four years » of_ X
their business career there has been nil
year in which the firm's methods haye\;
not been heartily endorsed by increased '*■'
sales and enlarged patronage. '
.' ; Seek the Business Center
The cost of the site on Eighth and
Broadway offered to the Hamburgers
by recent purchasers was three or four,
times the figure that it could have been
secured for a few years ago.. The • se
lection was made in the belief that five
to | ten years hence would [ see Eighth
and Ninth streets the center of the city
as Main, . Spring and , Broadway busi
ness will doubtless extend to Washing
ton with the ' city's growth.
To their personal application to work
and' strict attention jto 'all; details fit
can be stated is due the success of the
Hamburgers. The purchasing of all
European and Oriental merchandise is
given personal supervision,'- being :. as
sisted by department' buyers in 'the
markets ot the east.; :. \
Until the organization of the Ham
burger Realty ; and Trust" company .- in
December last the | Hamburgers have
retained all their profits in their busi
ness, accumulating : large , sums of
money which have been on deposit in
foreign and domestic capitals, enabling
the firm to procure merchandise at
their own price and being thus placed
in a position to dictate prices has of
course been a factor cf great impor
8. A. Hamburger is the representa
tive of the firm's Interests in Europe
and in New York. M. A. Hamburgror
is sole manager, of their great empor-J
lum in t!his clty.and the affairs | of . the
Hamburger Realty and Trust company
are conducted by D.. A. Hamburger,
with offices in the chamber of com
merce building.
,Wlth the completion of the; three
buildings above outlined South Broad
way will present a decidedly ' metro
politan appearance.
Lot Sales and Telephones
The McCarthy company ;. j reports
steady sales In the new tract at Fifty
fourth street from Main to Flgueroa
streets, and though these are only ad
vance sales, more than one-half . the
frontage of this street has been taken.
This attractive part of the cltyj is
growing steadily and, street work,
houses and other Improvements are be
ing made constantly.. "
The Home Telephone company is put.
ting In a row .of ' telephone poles and
wires along- Fiftieth street from: Main
street to Moneta avenue and 'Fifty/
fourth street from Moneta to Figueroa
to supply the growth of the new ( tracts
of the McCarthy company. ,'"
» Wlllowbrook Tract
'In "Wlllowbrook tract on , the Long ;
Beach '• electrict car .line last '■',', week .
twenty-seven lots were sold and con
tracts were let for the , erection of >
twelve new residences. '

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