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VOL. XXXII, NO. 303.
Decrease In the Number of Deaths
'■' and of New Foci Encourages ■
Those Who Ars Fighting
the Disease
i New cases reported up to 8 p. 4
m. Sunday 27 *,
Total cases to date ......... 263 J
Deaths today 3 i
Deaths to date 57 «
New fool 4 I
Total foci . . ............... . 41 . «
By Associated Press.
I NEW ORLEANS, July 80.— Though
this was Sunday the work of sanitation,
fumigation, oiling and screening went
on Just the same and will continue dally
until- the city- has been thoroughly
screened and made mosquito proof.
fe,Tho .record for today ; shows little
change from that of yesterday, except
in the reduction of the [number T of
deaths. The decreased number of new
-■ ■, ... ,-rl ;-.. f —
foci -, Is also a new encouragement. - A
new complication was disclosed today
when ■ Superintendent Curren' of \ the
New Orleans & 'Northwestern "railway
announced that two passengers 'who
had ' remained the required , length 'of
tlme'in'the' Slldell detention camp arid
sought admission into Mississippi had
been turned back.' , : . ."■:■ .1 "' ,
The; location of, the Louisville &
Nashville camp has not yet been fixed,
but Dr.' t 'Ouiteras'> hopes to get incom
munlcatlori' f wlth Adjt. Gen. Fridge of
Mississippi, who is 'in charge of.' the
state quarantine on the Gulf coast, and
finally arrange the matter. . •' 1 .
/..It was anndunced tonight that of the
I ten men of the rcrew^ of the Seguranca
"under^ detention'' elght ! -wefe suffering
-from malarial fever only and that while
•' there 'was '• still;, some - doubt regarding
the j firemen > and 1 steward It was prob
able that jthejr'.were, suffering from 'the
same form of t ever . , - \ '•■''." ._', „ . *
'•.: ..Denies ' ; Vardaman's" Assertion i^-'* 3 *'
I President Souctioh "of , the state' board
of health has also taken cognizance of
Governor ,Vardaman'B comments about
evasion and "dissimulation and. today
gave'out, the' following statement:. ..'• ".:.
:."I most emphatically deny the asser
tion made , by , Governor, Vardaman of
Mississippi * that I knew I there were a
great j many cases of yellow • fever in
New. Orleans before the announcement
of the fact was made.
I ."That ' assertion ' is i false and • erratic,
and f Quite '.in .' keeping .with the" well
known temperament of Governor, yard
aman. ", The;. first ' case canie upon; me
like a : thunderbolt from a ' clear, 'aky.
As soon as I had seen four . suspicious
cases which all. came. to my knowledge
within four" days, I wrote the following
letter and ' sent (the.( the . following. telegram
to Dr! Hunter of Mississippi, Dr. Ta
bor of Texas, Dr. Sanders of Alabama
andJDr"..\Vyman of the marine hospital
s , Dr. Souchon, then quotes his letter
and. telegram .notifying them of ;.the
presence of cases presenting symptoms
of yellow fever. •■„. • ■■„ ■_■ .
''•'.This forenoon,. in response to the call
of i Souchon, ■ a conference was held to
discuss i- freight and : passenger regula
tions.. No represenatlve of the- states
'wasf present', except- Dr. Baxter of»:the
Tennessee j board,' who expressed i him
self, as follows:;:; ..■ . ' — ■■.■'.;
,"L am thoroughly, satisfied with every
condition I see, both as regards energy
and "efficiency." - • : : > ' -' •>'■■ •
Fumigation Is Thorough
Dr> - White, ' public ' health and
marine hospital 'service, said' that
freight cars ' were fumigated whenever
there ,'was a' possibility 'of their con
taining Infected mosqultos and wher
ever else'there was a demand for fumi
gation on the part of the authorities
of the states to which or through which
the- cars were to run. : ' •• ■' '■■■' ■
.' Statements from D. D. Curran, super
intendent of the . New . . Orleans and
Northeastern railroad, by.O..MV Dunn,
superintendent" of the Illinois Central,
and announcements' by others familiar
with the situation! were that every pas
eenger train run out of New Orleans was
either, supplied by a shuttle train at a
point) beyond. possible Infection or .was
fumigated prior , to departure and was
closed (through the, states demanding
such regulations. ;-:..; • ,-,
./There is much , gratification at : the
action, of Texas in raising the quaran
tine against the' state, except at , points
of infection, 'w^lch Is in line-*, with' th'a
statement of Dr. Tabor that this course
,">ould be taken "Just as soon as the
state was quarantined against the in
fected points. On the other hand .the
Mississippi authorities are drawing, the
line's tighter 'every day as was, shown
by the refusal to admit passenger* with
certificates from ' the' Slldell , detention
camp on.the' Nev( Orleans and Eastern
railroad.' Burgeon Wfclte has taken this
question up with the authorities of Mls
sUslpplvand hopes ■ to".be, li able*" to
straighten out the tangle '
Los Angeles Herald.
Special to The Herald.
l SAN PEDRO, July 80.— About
2:45 o'clock this morning a dog be
lonKlDK to Mrs. J. H. Rpnkln, who
ts living on Fourth street, began
barking loudly and awakened Its
mistress. She immediately arose
and discerned a bright light In the
room of an adjoining building,'
which was found to be ablaze.
Arousing her husband and sum
moning aid, the fire was soon got
under control.
Edward Osborn, - a belated
roomer, had lighted his lamp be
fore retiring and an explosion oc
curred, scattering flre over the
room. He seemed unable to help
himself, when the door. was burst
'open by Paul Helsterman, who
soon got I him , out of danger, j A
garden hose sufficed to quench the
incipient blaze. The vicinity - U
thickly settled and a serious con
flagration might have resulted.
Report,- of Engineers State Scheme
a Under Consideration Presents Only :
Feasible Plan for Adequate
'. ■' 'vWater. Provisions'..:," '■:"'■
|i'ln Bouthern California there, ls no
source from 'which ': the cltyV can se.
cure so great a quantity of water as
It needs. The only available source
seems to be the Owens river valley."
— Llpplncott and . Parker, consulting
engineers.'" 4'4 '* 1 ' 1 ' ■-'* •' ' ' - - : _ S
' When the "public fully realizes that
in ;all> Southern .California there Is no
source of. water-supply other than the
Owens' River valley. , : which is' adequate
tfrid : available for the .demands of Los
Angeles" now and In. the future, the jic 7
tiori of- the board, of : water commission
era in furthering .this "scheme and ufg
'ihts' the 1 co-operation' 1 of ' citla'ens'<of Los
Angeles will be the better understood.
. Facts which were ;kept secret by the
board'' in. the fear that divulgence wouli
cause a panic, are now freely discussed
by : ■ the A commissioners. About V. six
months "• ago - Llpplncott and \ Parker,
consulting engineers, were employed by
the. board :of water commissioners 10
investigate and " report as -to where
Los ' Angeles could secure a water sup
ply sufficient for the needs of a city- of
300,000 persons "' ■ '• .'•■
That report, which was read ' to the
commission ■ at ; an • executive sessslon,
was as follows: , , '" : '•, ;
.."In' Southern California there Is no
source from. which 1 the city can secure
so great, a quantity of water as- It
needs. | The only available source j ap
pears to be the Owens river valley."^
; It is small i.' wonder then that; the
mayor, .city attorney,, and water com
missioners ; immediately started on a
trek to the valley of the Owens. They
found 'what th«y'were looking for, but
time was precious. . Ex-Mayor.., Fred
Eaton, however, was equal to the occa
sion! and;secured options covering. the
entire valley for^ forty-six miles.
To Call' Election
The proposition will soon be submit
ted to the voters of .the city at a special
election, which' is to decide whether the
city will purchase, the ..water of the
Owens valley. The first bond issue will
be small, but it will be at this election
that the scheme will either be approved
by . the voters or turned down alto
gether. '•' -' ;.;. •' '• - ' ' ■ •
I Never In the; history of Los Angeles
has the action of. a. commission or legis
lative body stirred every home and
citizen as. has the move of the board
in inaugurating this" scheme. .
"What do you ' think of the plan for
bringing water to' the city from the
Owens river?" .'"•" 1 ; " '
; This 'is ' a question asked yesterday
throughout the city 'and the posslbill-;
ties' of the proposition were "eagerly
discussed. ' ' ''H^'t?
Owens lake, which marks the'termi
nation of the river, lies about 180 miles
north of Mojave ] and | above this the
valley stretches for many miles. De
splte the fact that it is watered abund
antly, the valley Is arid.
To the east. from the river the desert
stretches away beyond the horizon,
while to the west the glgantlo peak*
of the Sierra Nevadas lift .t heir snow
clad slopes into the clouds.', It Is from
the canyons that lead back and up Into
these ' mountains to the ' perpetual
snows, that' the hundreds of mountain
streams come gushing down Into the
Owens river. • * ...
As the valley lies in the shadow of
these, the loftiest mountains in the
United States,' the formation of the
soil and rock in the bed of the valley
corresponds ; to \ that of the ' mountain*.
Lava* bearing ' rock is everywhere ' and
much* of It contains native glass, melted
into ; peculiar shapes ,by the ' terrific
■(Continued ' on ** «» o Tiro)
tradesmen Call at the Cottage But
Discover the Pair Has Dlsap.
:. peared— Landlord's Tale
, ' of Woe
Special. to The Herald.
I NEW YORK,' July 80.— Putnam Brad
lee Strong and May Yohe, the actress,
after ' residing' in a cottage at Bath
Beach one month. have departed, leav
ing numerous . creditors unpaid. The
liveryman, the gardner, the laundry
man, the iceman, • the milkman and
others made calls at the cottage and
learned of Strong and Yohe's flight an 3
then' said things. The landlord, was
also somewhat put out ■ and said he
wondered whether he would ever be
able- to collect a portion of the rent
still due. The couple made tho>r ap
pearance In Bath' Beach in the middle
of ' June and took possession of the en
tire house. They paid part of the rent
in advance.
■ "The larger part,'! , the . landlord said
Jubilantly today. ."They ,had four
trunks and things looked bright until
last Thursday, when I discovered there
did not seem to be "any chance of my
getting the balance of the rent. ■ At thu
same' time I discovered the couple had
been* using the long distance phone
with as much' nonchalance as if It
wasn't burning up my money. I told
Strong I thought that' was the limit
and when he assured me he was ex
pecting checks I told him to get out,
and he went." '
John- A. Valentine and Wife Hurt as
'^ Result of Collision While
r j ;;./'."';' ,: '/Automobiling C; ■■,•■;. '
By Assqclated'Preßt. 1!:!'. t; .= ;. i.t i'lji • JK.
j CAMDEN, N.J., July Sl.— An auto
mobile .- in which > John ■ A. .'Valentine, : a
"well known society, man of Philadelphia,
lilSi.wife and two friends were riding,
was 'struck by a trolley car. here early
this i morning. , Mrs.-. Valentine;:sufl
talned a fracture of the collar'boneian3
Mr. Valentine was cut, and ■ bruised
about the head and ■ face." . They were
taken 'to the Cooper hospital. •* /Tho
other occupants of the automobile were
not Injured.
j Mr. Valentine Is a noted whip and is
master of the ■ Radnor Hunt club of
Bryn Mawr, near here.
Great- Demonstration by. Japanese as
Americans Leave Kioto for
"■ : Kobe— Attend Church'
By Associated Press.
KIOTO, July 30.-Secretary of War
Taf t and his party spent Sunday morn
ing quietly. Some of the members of
the party attended church, 'while others
visited the temple. When the party left
at 8 o'clock this afternoon on a special
train for Kobe there was another re
markable demonstration: At the sta
tion •a ' great crowd awaited Secretary
Taf t j, and Miss Roosevelt_ and began
cheering' when their carriage . arrived,
the' ovation continuing until the train
started. -The band played the national
anthem and "Auld Lang Syne" as the
train pulled away from the station.
Dan- Marsh Drags Gun From Wagon
„ and Weapon Is Dis-
Special to The Herald. '
I RIVERSIDE,' JuIy 30.— Dan Marsh of
Riverside was . instantly kiled at Win
chester this afternoon by the acciden
tal discharge of his shotgun.' He took
the gun muzzle towards .him from his
wagon when it was discharged and the
heavy charge lodged in his neck. The
tragedy was witnessed by Marsh's lit
tle son, who accompanied him on the
trip.' .
By Associated Press.
UTIGA, N. V., July 80.— Sepretary of
State . Root and Col. Sanger, formerly
assistant secretary of war, accom
panied 'by Mr. Root's sons, Klihu, Jr.,
and Kdward," today le/t Utica for Mon
treal. ; From there they go to St.
Johns and from theife will sail for
Labrador. They expect to be absent
a month.
Special Cable to The Herald
• PARIS,' JuIy 80.— Among the Callfor
nlans in this city are Mr. and Mrs. W.
H. Krlm, Mri. Dewltt and -Miss Dewltt
of Los Angeles. *< Mrs.' and Miss Farrell
of La>» Angeles are at L.uc«rn«. ■<;
: ;iJr :< OF -KILLING \ . ■
Georgia Preacher,' His Two Sons and
' Negro Accessory Will Have to j• •
- Hang for Atrocious '
.'.,■ ' • :, " - ;.; • Deed ".,•,■■,■ ,■, „ .
By Associated Press.
VALDOSTA, Ga., July 30.— Rev. J. G.
Rawllns early today was found guilty
of accessory.' to' the murder of. two
children of Rev and Mrs. W. L. Car
tel, and unless a • higher.: court inter
venes Rawlins and his " sons, Milton
, ■ . .......-,,.. f ■„,,.. . ; .„, •
and Jesse," and Alf Moore, a negro," will
have. tto be hung. -, The Rawlins ' oons
and Moore were found , guilty of mur
deV. some, time ago. . •, ■ . ■•. •
; Both 'Rawlins arid Carter ' were .". for
years minister in the Methodist church.
A feud started and Rawlins plotted to
wipe out, the] Carter , family. It ;was
arranged that Moore and Milton, • Jesse
and Leonard Rawlins. were togo to'th'e
Carter home and kill the parents while
they, sat at ..the supper.' table.' ."When
the children ran >ut they were .to"; be
shot down. , . . ,j,J . . . . „
; The assassins,, however, arrived after
the_ evening meal arid ! could ( not^ shox>t
through the windows at ) their j victims.
Some noise caused Willie and .Fannie
Bell. Carter !to' run, into, the. yard/ , '.
! Instantly, the guns of the' murderers
spoke and the girl fell dead.' The boy,
shot through ' the body, j dragged him
self into the, house, and told who" had
done the firing. .
1 All/night long the ' Rev. and .-Mrs.
Carter crouched in their home. Through
crevices in the' log house the Carters
could see .the assassins creeping about
the yard,' but whether * their j daughter
was dead or not they could not; learn :
': Finally : Carter' reached ; his"' rifle .and
fired through a crack in the door.. The
shot caused 'the murderers: tof flee.
Moore confessed the 1 plot.
' Bpecial to The Herald. : .
. NEW 'YORK, July ;30;-Los , An-
Igeles people In this city at present
•include: Mr. and Mrs., P.'-'hW.'
! Parker at the Grand, Mr. and Mrs.
' Wall at the Bartholdt, Mr.' arid Mrs.
>H.- B. Dudley at the ' York, Mrs.
;wing at the Earllngton, Mr. and
• Mrs. Brink at ! the Grand, ■ Mrs.
! Doesch at the Navarre. Mrs. 8. R.
1 Smith at the Empire, Miss Olson
'at the Norinandle ; and Mrs, Tra
|han at the Broadway Central.'
"E. Biitterworth, ; J.* A;', Kenny
and Kred liU timer of Los Angeled
have Baited for Europe." '
;•;:; Jl ) v flop d tsS' ' \ 1 : : 1 \
Dam Glyesj Way' Near]! Bridgeport and
J Torrents ( Carry ;AwayJ Houses:
... .With Sleeping Occupants — „
':. ';•' i ; 'Police, Save,- Lives '/,. ; '
By Associated Press. __ :...■-' • ' i.
■ BRIDGEPORT, Conn"," July, 30.— Loss
"of I life ' and lmmen se' ; ' damage jof I prop
erty ' followed the bursting of reservoirs
north of this cityVasf a/result .of ith«s
unprecedented fall ' of | raln;early-today.
■ The dam at ; Ward's 'mill - at _• Aston
went out" at -2 o'clock", thls r morning,'
sending, a'gfeat-body j of .water down
through the towrirof.Trumbull. ; : ■;
..There , was 'no Vwarnirig. to ;■ the: people
who lived' on' -the'' banks*, of ,'• j^haf* Is
usually la- r fl mall ; '-water ■ course. ■ > The
house occupied by. John : Lesco,' his ' wlfo
and severarchlldren; were'plcked up'by
the flood and 'carried a mlievbelow.V The
Le'sco ■ family were ' asleep" , at the j time
and all were- rescued; after' a i perilous
Journey."--' • .-'.^•'.'■■•- •'• - ; - ■ ■:•'•">■'■■*■'>•'■ ■•'
A . house t occupied 'by-'MlchaeliMoran
washurled against the Berkshire, bridge
and smashed.to kindling, wood and r lt,ls
believed" that "'Mo'ran' was , v drowned;
Police and firemen ; went 'to' thft'tescue
and saved several- llyes.'- l i: - '•'■■■ J '^" :
'in North Bridgeport the water: swept
against the Barnum' avenue. bridge and
wrecked It Just- when' an v Ice wagon was
crossing it- In the -wagon werejWllliam
Kowzeski and John Starkln.", The wagon
and horses 'were' ewept'away and'-Kow
zeski' wa's 'drowned. J Btarkhi>'was*' able
to swim ashore. ' ; ■ ',' ' J V . \' * \
•;,••■•.;..• .:.-; DETAILS/OF' SUICIDE
Sajyj Dlegan Carefully rArrfinges .• Af.
fairs of i.H ls Estate, :, Then
. ,^ : fßhoots; Himself^ . : ;
j SAN. DIEGO,' July 30.— J.; W. ; Mount.
68/ years of age, who came 'to- this ctty
from- Kentucky; some years ago,, com
mitted' suicide iin a remarkably delibe
rate manner today. In' the morning ;he
excused | himself i to" his j wife : from at
tending church with her and she went
alone. ' !'\ s :' ; 't« ' ■' ' '• ;; •' ' '•' '' '''
I 'On her I return' Mrs. Mount" found ; on
the door of their 'residence ; on Eleventh
street a note'from her husband In which
he told'herto get a neighbor to accom
pany her j when ' she' entered' the house.
Mrs. , Mount did as ' requested. 'Accom
panied by neighbors she entered , the
dwelling . and , found . her^ husband .dead
In a chair.".". HeThad '.shot J himself, the
bullet entering^ the abdomen a'ndltra
versing upward." i 'v;,;'j;.'! js ;i . 'i. .
Prior; to* killln*.' himself ;Mr. Mount
had arranged j his ■ papers I and \ put j his
Bffalrd*in such 6hupe>s to:make iure
that. Us wit«".w'ouMi:*«r«i»lHtiie-proih:
•rtjr; he lefU •„■;/,' .-'-.■■ f. ;s i\*j
: |W|RSt? ■ CRIMINAL : - OF-- AGE,"
§^^^lKfoliette ';''{
Wisconsin Governor Denounces' Rich.
j ,', est -Man , In . World In Address ,
: - .;■ : Before Illinois Baptist . ■
. . Chautauqua .
Special to The Herald.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., July 30.— "John
D. ', Rockefeller is j the greatest criminal
of „the : age." ; In these words Gov.
Robert M., La. Follette of Wisconsin
denounced, the richest man in the world,
in': an. address delivered this afternoon
at.. the state fair grounds, before. the
Illinois Baptist Chautauqua. , ;;
, The ( - declaration, .was greeted ■ with
cheers..., Gov. La' Follette's address was
a'J stern, arraignment .'of corrupt poli
ticians, state'arid.'natlonal, and of mo
nopolies that controlUhe industrial and
commercial " life 'of 'the United States.
He scored the Armours and other large
packers.' l r i '.' :.':: .' : ■ "''"
'] Qbv.'Deneeri' presented the Wisconsin
executive to and' occu
pied a seat on. the platform.
Hamlln Garland Gets More Local Color
i Than He Seeks
Special to 'Ttie' Herald. I'■
) DENVER/July 30.— Locked In a cell
in the penitentiary and left there for
hours, uwhile' a. crazy i man in an ad
joining, cell, was yelling and cursing at
then topi of his ;volce,..ls j Hamlln | Gar-,
land's • latesti experience- in gaining
local: color, for; his next, work
I ; Garland .visited the penitentiary and
asked for>a;brief sojourn in a real cell.
I Three 1 hours had elapsed before; he
was .released.- J The' novelist , was "hot
under ..the , collar" , and expressed , his
indignation,, '.but, afterward . sent the
warden" a box of cigars.' . .
Hezeklah Butterworth, . Famous Au.
' thor, Suffering From Nervous
■ ■ „ , .• Exhaustion
Special to The Herald.
I BOSTON, July 30.— Hezeklah Butter
worth, famous poet and author. Is criti
cally Hi of nervous exhaustion ' at his
home here. .'
i ' He : is advanced in years and physi
cians are doublful of his ' recovery. Mr.
Butterworth has been * working ' very
hard" of late against ' the advice of
friends and doctor/ ; r
By Associated Press.
; SANTIAGO ! DB : CHI LK, - July : sa~
■ There <j have ; been . tremendous .. ralnn
throughout I the .whole country; and the
prospects of the wheat crop are bad.
Crowd t Takes She lter In Bath < H ousi
and Building . Is Struck, Killing
Five and Injuring Nine.
' Other Casualties
By Associated Press.
NEW ;TORK, ; July JO.—Durtne.a
thunderstorm of ;. . terrific •*'■' intensity
which passed over New .'York this af
ternoon . five persons were struck by,
lightning and instantly killed and. nine
were seriously injured at the Parkway
baths, Coney Island. At the same time
one fman "was killed and three ( others
prostrated at dravesend Beach. ' Those
JACOB FRANKEL of Manhattan;
ROBERT # W. WASCH of Bronx bor
ough v ■ :
FRANK. BENNERLE of Brooklyn; •'
lyn. ;.■ ■- . ' ' '-. i ■'." - '' I- " • '•■■' ' '
i The intense heat of the morning, at
tracted a great multitude to the shore ;
resorts, i and late 'in ■ ■ the I afternoon, "* .
when the . storm : blew from* the ' east- •
ward, • the , park „ and ■ beach ' t were* '
thronged I with bathers and spectators. : I
The , rain descended in' torrents J,: and i
hundreds of , men, women and children ! ,
sought . the shelter . under : the big ' bath'l
house,;: which is <; elevated ; above \;th'e'i*.
sand on piles. >■■ ■ The lightning ' was : in- \\
cessant '■.■ and' -.; terrific ,• thunder '; claps t ',
shook the : bath . houses to the . terror -■ i
of the crowd ! huddled together, beneath .'.
It. .':. A ; . few , minutes . before v s••5 •• o'clock £•'
a bolt struck. the flagstaff and ground
ed in the very ; thickest of the ' crowd.t
Nearly ■ fifty persons , were prostrated f .'.
and the , crowd ■ rushed J out r into \. the\ !
storm. . Those who had remained', In^,.
the water were, almost panic stricken,^-,
and j ran [in all ' k directions, • not ' daring -■;
to . enter , the . bath , house,' .which^ap-',
peared to be on lire.;. , "/...; . ,•-,<.-,:
• Ambulances were summoned from all-.
the nearest 'hospitals arid on their ar^
rival ;• five "persons • wer» y found *: dead\"
and nine unconscious* under -the ! bath v
house. * . [„ V 4
; The bodies . of all were scorched by :
the electric fluid.
About the same ■ time Eenry ', Raris- *
iveiler was struck and killed -while*',
sheltering under a .tree at Gravesend ' !
Beach,' and his son William, with ' John
Apple'and Daniel McCauley,' were' ren-'^
dered unconscious :
' Lightning struck various . points in
this city. A' store in Flushing avenue/
Brooklyn, '• -was burned ; and al,a 1 , car in ;
Sixth ■ avenue, ■ Manhattan," was set , on •■
fire, but the occupants escaped >'un-*v
hurt.- •".
Southern California: Foggy Mon
day morning, becoming fair during
the day; fresh west wind. Maxl."
mum temperature' In Los Angeles
yesterday, 78 degrees; : minimum,'
61 degrees.'
I— Fever claims more victims.
2— Los Angeles'. water supply.
3 — Cornerstone of convent laid.
4— Sports. , • ■:
s— Southern California news.
6— Editorial. . . ... . . „ : .:,;%,:
, 7— Irish gentleman dying In poverty.
8.9 — Classified advertisements. . ■
9.10.11 — Public advertising.
12— Priest receives special honor*.
: Governor La Follette denounces Rocke-^
feller as the greatest , criminal of the age ■
Lightning kills six persons and Injures
many others at resorts near New York.
Bursting reservoirs cause loss of life In
Bridgeport, Conn. .
' Japanese steadily' force back Russians '
on Island of Sakhalin. > ■•< •-; :-yy^rr r t\
■ Russian reservists In Manchuria show
great discontent because of neglect ■ot
their families at home.. ■• ' ■;■ .•'..-;■.■
Zionists refuse Great Britain's offer of
colonization territory In Bast Africa, Hold
firmly to Palestine rdea. . ; . . .■
Board of Inquiry starts Investigation of ;
Bennington disaster at San Diego.. ■ ■•
Ban Bernardino policeman has exciting
midnight fight with burglar. .
Dog prevents serious conflagration a£.
San Pedro. . , ; . r , v
Owens river valley furnishes" only'
source of water supply, say engineers.
Dr. Emll Hirsch declares Jews are true •
followers of Jesus. • ■ ' „ •
Mechanics* "club" raided and . liquor ]
C °ASto a »p^eders still dlscuoed by'thow!
who would enforce law.- -
Teamster held up and $2.15 taken. ..
1 Ebell club house corner stone : laying
'"chfe'f Haramel host at Bullshead bar
b^eor«ro Decker, once famoua - baseball
Dlaver in county ho»pltal Insane ward.
Mm-'Harnett Invested with the Insignia
of domestic prelate amid great eclat. ..;
•Corner stone of the Convent of the Im
maculate Heart laid at Hollywood.
Harvard Heights United • Presbyterian
church cornerstone laid. - ->v*mrMmbMMSJ«N
"Father Time" Is patient at county
Tu'beroulosls patients at county hospital
■re optlinlsts. li «*BSWi§pslllSM»*iißlSlta '<•■»
Joseph P. Gregory, - escaped counter.,
falter, returns to complete . sentence of '
■even years in McNeil! Inland penitenti
ary after twelve years' freedom.
. Irish gentleman U dying in comparative
novelty at county Uosyit*!. i

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