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f Plaintiff's Caia Is Strengthened b;
estlmony of an Old Soldier,
Who Is Witness for
"Because a woman Is married to ft
man Is that any sign she Is compelled
to treat that man like a baby, wash
him and trim his nails for hlm7" asked
the Indignant Mrs. Margaret A. Fatton
in reciting her troubles to Judge Bord
well yesterday morning. , '.;■ './.'
The woman wns suing for a divorce
from Michael Patton, an old soldier,
and her complaints were many. They
were married In 1878 and some time ago
went to live in Santa Monica, so that
Patton could be near the Soldiers' home
at Sawtelle.
;The trouble started a short time after
the move west and Mrs. Patton says
that she was compelled to bathe h?r
husband. That was only a small part
of the difficulty, according to the
numerous allegations, and the plaintiff
further accused her husband of trylnu
to kill her.
"I was afraid of my life when that
man was around," shouted the excited
woman, and one of the attorneys said:
"Madam, do you talk to your husband
that way?"
"When He Need* It"
"Yes, when he needs.lt," was the
reply. ."My husband has always abused
me. -I bad a little property and he has
tried his best to make me give It to the
Socialists, but I fooled him. and it still
belongs to me." ... ... .. v
iPatton had a number of witnesses
from the Soldiers' home to. testify In his
defense. One of these witnesses cause!
surprise . when asked about Patton's
habits. The old soldier cast one look
at Patton and then became Indignant.
Turning to Judge Bordwell, he said:
. "That fellow Patton is the laziest
man In the state of California. I will
even go a step farther. He is the laziest
man I ever knew."
: i The witness was hurried from ' the
stand and the case continued.
Counter Charges of Cruelty Cause Puz.
zling Complications
: As the last chapter ln~ the domestic
troubles of Prof. Samuel M. Wood
bridge, the South Pasadena chemist,
suit for divorce was instituted against
him yesterday by Mrs. Edith G. Woori
bridge before Judge Oster, sitting in
department 3 of the superior court.
/The case has been one of the most
sensational in the history of South
Pasadena and there was a large at
tendance at the trial yesterday. Ac
cording to the allegation of Prof. Wood
bridge, he is the 111 used party to the
suit, although his wife la the plaintiff.
He asserts that his mother-in-law and
wife conspired to trump up a criminal
charge against him on which he wns
compelled to stand trial.
•Mrs. Woodbrldge declares that her
husband has been cruel. According: to
the complaint Woodbrldge lls charged
with having told his mother-in-law she
had reared "a hard bunch" of girls. He
Indignantly denie4 the statement on the
fltand yesterday. According to hIJ
statement he went to. his .mother-in
law's house to obtain an audience with
his wife, but when she saw who was at
the door she slammed in his face, and
his hand, held out to prevent such
action, crashed through the glass. This
formed the basis for an assault charge
In the Pasadena courts.
Other difficulties marred their mar
ried life and .now both want divorce,
the woman on the allegation that her
husband was extremely cruel to b^r
and the man that his wife was cruel ti
him. This forms peculiar complications
in the suit, as Judge Oster has ruled
that If both prove cruelty honors will
be even and neither shall have a
Woman Granted Divorce
.Sirs. Nellie Waldo was granted a
vorce^ from George A. Waldo by Judge
Glbhs yesterday. The couple married
In February, 1899. Several months
later her husband deserted her, ac
cording to Mrs. Waldo, and since
that time, she says, he has not contrib
uted anything toward her support.
Charges Desertion
On an allegation of desertion Mrs.
Carrie M. Carlisle was granted an In
terlocutory decree of divorce from L.
A. Carlisle by Judge Oster in depart
ment three of the superior court yes
Petition Denied
The petition for divorce of L. S. Var
noy, flled several months ago in the
superior court against Mrs. Ida L. Var-
J iiey,"'was tried before Judge Conrey in
department 5 of the superior court yes
terday and denied.
Mane* Divorce
■ ' On the ground of desertion a decre*
of divorce was granted Ethel Manes
from Robert M. Alane.s by Judge Conrey
in department S of the superior court
New Suits Filed
; Petitions for divorce were filed yes
terday as follows; Gregorl against
lit MM A H IBbw Wr _^i^^^^^^Jr M
4aP^ Thp RpPP
I HIS LJv/x/l
That Made Milwaukee Famous.
Phone tTHsln 670. Sherwood Ok Sherwood, 216 No. Main St., Los tytngeles.
The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous
Pale and Erlanger "Bavarian Brew"
Jos. Melczer $ Co., 14 " 47 Sooth Maip St -
Florence Sanchet, Ida against Isaac
Bergr.-W. A. against Harriet Campbell.
Mary against Clarence Warmlngton
and Effa against Frank Van Wagoner.
Warrant Recalled In Santa Paula Is
Served on W. C.
Through the neglect of the Santa
Paula, Cal., officers to recall a warrant,
W. C. Purcell was arrested In Los An
geles yesterday afternoon by Detectives
Murphy and Sharon on a charge of
grand larceny.
Marshal Baker of Santa Paula, who
arrived in Los Angeles last night, in
formed the police . that since the issu
ance of the warrant for Purcell's arrest
It has been learned that the case is one
of mistaken identity. No complaint will
be made against Purcell In Santa Paula.
Baker explained that the complainant
In the warrant has expressed his desire
to recall the chnrge, ns he has learned
that he was mistaken in his man, but
owing to severe illness he has not been
able to appear before the proper
authorities. After this information the
officers of Santa Paula took no further
measures to recall the warrant and con
sidered it a dead letter, but did not in
form the police department of Los An
geles to this effect.
! It willbe necessary to take Purcell
back to Santa Paula, where he will be
arraigned on the grand larceny charge
of stealing a watch, and then discharged
In the regular manner.
By Terms of Will of Deceased Sport.
ing Man Relatives In East Are
to Share Alike
Letters testamentary were applied for
yesterday in the superior court by
James Fitzgerald and Joseph Myrlck
relative to the settlement of the will of
the late Thomas F. Fitzgerald, the
former partner of Col. Black.
The Fitzgerald will was flled with the
petition for letters and gives the entire
property, amounting to $200,000, to three
heirs. James Fitzgerald, Patrick Fitz •
gerald, brothers of the deceased, and
Margaret Fitzgerald, his niece, are to
share alike. The heirs live at Little
Falls, N. T., but will come to Los An
geles for the settlement.
. The will of Fitzgerald covers all th?
points made by Col. Black. Black's will
made certain stipulations regarding the
handling of property and left these re
quests to be carried out by Fitzgerald.
The bequests have been paused on to
the junior partner of .Black, Fitzgerald
& Co., with orders to have them ful
filled. . , '%■ '. ■.
Chamber of Commerce Makes An.
other Notch in Its
Two thousand members are now en
rolled on the books of the chamber of
The 2000 mark was reached last Mon
day and It measures an Increase from
less than 1700 Blnce last November.
President Koepfll was so much elated
when he discovered the big number on
his list that he sent a telegram to Sec
retary Frank WlgKlns In Portland.
Encouraged by the organization's
rapid growth within the last few month*
members will make an effort to hasten
the acquisition of the next 1000 public
spirited citizens.
fast Tmlna to Catallan
On the Bait Lake iloute leave Los An
geles Xt 1:40 and 9 a. in.. 12:30 p. m.,
daily except Sunday; on Sunday only
at 8:45 a. in. Kxtru boat on Saturdays
conneoti with train leaving Los An-
Btlea 5:25 p. m.; name convenient sched
ule returning;. Passengers traveling on
the Salt Lake Route get first choice
of steamer accommodations, In addition
to a beautiful seashors rlda from Long
Beach to San Pedro.
Information 250 South Spring street.
Both phones 552. Flint street station.
Horn* i»9, Main 4096.
J. C, Wlllhett Surprised by Officer
When He Complains of Theft
of Bicycle . : ■. . i
When J. C. Wlllhett went to the de
tective headquarters yesterday after
noon to report that his bicycle had been
stolen Sunday from Eastlake park, he
was surprised by Detective Kelley, who
Informed him that the wheel and the
thief had been found In Pomona.
It was learned by the local police
that two Los Angeles lads with stolen
wheels were arrested In Pomona, and
It is supposed that Willhetfs bicycle
is part of the stolen property. The
lads will be se^i t to Los Angeles today.
Reports Hold.up
William Pratt of 810 Santa Fe street
told Officer Stevens Sunday evening
that he had been held up at the corner
of Santa Fe and McPherson streets
about 8:30 o'clock by two men, one
dressed in working clothes and the
other wearing a black business suit,
and that $9.60 had been taken. In
vestigation was made, but the police
could find no trace of the robbers'.
Burglars Enter Home
While Mrs. C. F. Gates was absent
from her home at 835^4 South Spring
street Sunday afternoon, thieves entered
the house and stole a valuable gold
watch. The burglars gained entrance
by the rear door.
Steal Suits of Clothes
Burglars entered the home of B. H.
Kalde, 129 South Avenue Eighteen, Sun
day evening and secured two suits of
clothes and $3 In cash. Nothing else
In the house was disturbed, the thieves
evidently having been frightened away
before they had time to search the
Robbed by Lads
. George Holland of 1317% Mono street.
reported that he was held up Sunday
night at the corner of Rio and Mono
streets by two lads. While one of the
boys held a pistol to his victim's face
the other relieved him of $2.15.
Shortly after sun down yesterday, four
men were lodged behind the bars in
the city jail with charges of theft rang
ing from a few cents to $50 preferred
against them.
James Little was arrested by Detec
tive Steele for Bteallng- a harness from
O. Yamamoto, a Japanese merchant, at
the* corner of First and Alameda
streets. When arrested. Little was
walking down Los Angeles street and
was recognized by one of the detectives
from a description given by the Jap
After taking Little to the city Jail,
the two detectives arrested Charles CaU
lahan, who is charged with having
stolen a box of carpenter tools from
P. H. Miller, 243 Avenue Twenty-two.
r The tools were taken from Miller's
Harry Alnsworth ' was arrested by
Detectives Talmantes and Rltch while
he was running away with a tele
scope valise belonging to a man wait
ing for a street car on Los Angeles
Charles Sylvester was arrested on
complaint of his . roommate, who
charged that Sylvester took twenty
five cents from his trousers pocket.
There isn't a store in Los
Angeles, where a more liberal
spirit prevails than that of
the gas office.
(Cafe Zfflrisioi Business Lunches Dinners Complete
After-Tbeater Refreshments - - Room for 120P
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of Men's Outing Suits ..... JJO^^
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Here's the biggest value we ever offered in men's suits. Today, and Kg iW, TO^t^m^jm* I^^..
today only, we give you a free and unrestricted choice from our. entire
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\ The HERALD /
V Continues to Break All £
\ Advertising Records /
Gains Unprecedented in Advertising Annals
of Newspaperdom in Los Angeles
-4 P»/T_ /ov /T • In Paid Advertising in the past
I N|l B V/f, I f Clifl five months, and during July
Y%J\J /U VJ-Cllll GAINED over June as follows:
Local Display Advertising, 4219 Inches GAIN) TotarNet m 5019 inches
Classified Advertising . . 800 Inches GAIN ) ™» D °« ™ ™** <=<* ™°"°z
The Greatest Gain Made by Any Newspaper in Los Angeles
The Herald is making the most phenomenal upward growth of any Coast
paper because it gives satisfactory results to its Advertisers. One. price
to all — a square deal for everyone.
Just Watch the Good Old Herald Grow
It Is a Pleasure to
Drink Wieland's
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flavor and strength. Family trade
Depot and Bottlin j Works
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J. C. Cunningham
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Change in Time .""■""■ ■-"• san rcdro whar "
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July ISth loioo a. in. lOiOO n. i.i.
lils p. hi. lils p. m.
Santa Catalina Island I c " M) *• -• _
For leaving time from Los Angeles
STEAMERS HERMOSA ace Southern Faclflc. Salt Lake or
c/IND CABRILLO Paclflo Electrlo tlma cards.
Daily Concerts br Our FAMOUS MARINE BAND.
ISLAND VILLA HOTEL— European Plan. ...
HOTEL METROPOLE— American PUn. :,---.
BANNING CO., Huntlngton Building v .....Both Phonis 36^
The beat camp In the San Gabriel canyon. Good lights. Splendid mualo. Plenty of
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stock of Ostrich Feather Goods In America for sale at produeeFs) prices.
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IKHCh ■ ■
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/V Suction Plates
Adhesive $4t.50 Up
Plates TV '7^
We refer you to the Merchants' National
Bank aa to our reliability or responsibility.
We have been here 14 years and hay* th*
largest dental practice on tha coait. ' ■
No Boys or Students
To experiment on you.- Don't be deceived
by peraous ottering a ten years' guarantee.
Ask yourself where they are liable to be
IB tea year«. or only *yea In on* or two
years. ' . v
Schiftman Dental Co.
-107 N. Spring, Over Hate's
ALso open evenings and Sunday forenoon!
See specimens of our up-to-date work at
our entrance. .
* ' rUK •
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;-\ VA"'W-h V; ;'■ ■■.;
During your summer outing
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The price is regulated by
the age and quality; satisfac- ,
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cJWail orders given prompt
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&& Phones Main 38
129 • iSI North Main Street
A A Hoegee
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" (Incaryerattd)
138-142 So. Main
VU/ , Ex'j 87-
Drivate Ambulance &,ffl?&
* i umbuluno* ' Mrvtc*. '■ we have **our*d th«
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uiauuf»ctur«d. ' Personal • attention. Prompt
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