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Ynung Martin Pays $25 for Putting
Knife Into Hie Friend— A
Dangerous Fire—Pasa
dena News
Pasadena Agency,
114 East Colorado Street
PASADENA, Aug. 28.— FrRtiz Her
mann, for seventeen years a well known
character In this city, was found dead
this . morning at his humble home on
Fair View 'avenue; Heart trouble was
undoubtedly the < cause of death, ■ and
this was the verdict of the inquest held
this evening by Coroner Trout at Ivei
& Warren's undertaking rooms. The
fact that It was reported that the old
man, recently sold a little property h«
had owned here and' that he had a hor
ror; of banks and would therefore not
be likely to put any money he may hay»
had In their keeping gave rise to th«
sugEWßtlon that the old man may have
been foully dealt with. But the lnquesl
settled this beyond the peradventure of
a doubt and proved , that ' death came
from. natural causes. ■.> A
1 Hermann was over 70 years old and
as far as known had no family connec
tions,' except a daughter who Is said
to live In the east, but where nobody
knows. He left no ■ money about his
little home and the extent of his be
longings is as yet unknown. It is prob
ably!" not : much more than enough ' to
"provide for his decent Interment. He
was a quaint character and many of
his peculiarities If recorded would make
Interesting reading. For Instance, he
was a firm," believer. In the personal
presence of his Creator with him from
day]tb,day,,maklnj revelations as to
current affairs and, as to his own con»
nectlon with them. At one time, he
caused to be printed a little pamphlet
giving gome of his extended conversa
tions with God, and he frequently as
tonished his companions by remarking
in the most matter of fact tone, "The
I first time that I met God was down at
Santa Monica," and bo on. By occupa
tion. Hermann was a gardener, and In
spite -of his various peculiar beliefs,
which were not confined entirely to the
province of religion, he had many
friends. \: It is said that several times
within the past ten days he had told
his occasional; companions' of his ap
proaching death, saying that It would
,> be soon. The arrangements for his
funeral have not yet been made.
Resigned the Office
.Park Superintendent Albert Zimmer
man presented his resignation this af
ternoon at the meeting of the fire, park
and police commissions and It was ac
cepted. He resigns on account of 111
health, his physician having ordered
him to go to the mountains or to Ari
zona to live. Herbert H. George, now
with the park nursery, has made ap
plication for the vacant position, but
the .'■; appointment has not yet been
made. . At the same meeting Wright
E. Gougal and Belden J. Demmln also
resigned from the fire department, both
on account of business engagements. It
Is reported that the commissioners are
not all agreed upon the proposal to ask
the city to bond Itself for $25,000 to
provide North Pasadena with adequate
fire' protection.
Escapes With Fine
Guy Martin, the young man who used
a knife on his. friend, Bruno Selble, at
the La Mon rooming house Friday
morning when expostulated with for
making a noise, was a very contrite in
dividual this morning when called be
fore' Justice Congdon to.ahswerfor the
affair. His friend Selble; was In a dif
ferent*' mood, too, -and was not willing
to push the matter.' , Martin. was there
fore" allowed to plead guilty to simple
assault and with solemn promises to
'quit drinking,' paid his' fine of $25 and
was released.
A Dangerous Fire
During the present hot weather there
have been several flrea In the neigh
borhood of the city, usually in vacant
fields and were easily watched and ex
tinguished .when threatening to become
dangerous." But this afternoon one of
these fires broke out In the wood and
fuel yards of M. Jacobs on Montana
street, which took some Immediate and
heroic work by the fire department to
extinguish. The fire when found was
Just beneath the big tanks of distillate
in the yard, some of the woodwork be
ing already in flames. The danger of
these tanks catching fire and exploding
was real and the escape narrow, thanks
to the department.
Pasadena Brevities
Justices of the Peace Henry H.
Klamroth and Itoscoe P. Congdon
unite In a petition tomorrow to the
city council for permission to hold their
several court proceedings In the city
police court room at times which will
not conflict with its use by the police
court. This Is an echo of the recent
resignation of Justice Congdon, before
which a great majority of these Justice
cases, were held In the police court
room. Now the people who are required
to attend Justice court are seeking bet
ter quarters.
Juan Madena, the Mexican who filled
upon red wine Sunday and endeavored
to chop a few of his fair admirers Into
pieces until, locked up by the police,
told Judge Wood this morning that he
thought it must all be a mistake as
he didn't' remember a thing about It.
Mut the court aald $20 or twenty days.
Juan's mother produced - J IS. all ■ the
PART 11.
money she could raise for her grace
less son, and the court gave the pair
a week In which to raise the balance.
Juan does not speak English, which
Is supposed to explain why he did not
know tho difference In wines that
inebriate and wines that do not.
Justice Klamroth has rendered a de
cision In the assault case of the
Chinese Mam Ylng against Policeman
Joseph Nlcoll. by which the defendant
is required to. pay $100 damages. The
court says that in order to offer provo
cation In mitigation of d&m*.*;<t It must
be so recent. and immediate as to
form a part of : the same transaction.
It seems ; th nt Ting made a remark
to Mrs. V Nlcoll for, which .. the police
man some time later severely thrashed
the Chinese. Yifig ; sued ■'.tor damages
and wins the case. ' .■
fV. It. Meyer and ■ his ,j son are In
trouble with the' humane' Society for
mistreating 'the horses 'used in the
Toung 'America dairy delivery wagon.
It is alleged that the young man Is
too free . with his whip 'and that the
father does' not : cause : him to stop,
although requested so -to do by the
humane officer. l, Constable Austin
therefore' arrelted' them [ both.
Hot "here.' Coot at' Coronado.
Rain and Thunderstorm Reported
From Various Points, With Cloud*
burst In the Mountains
Special to The Herald.
RIVERSIDE, Aug. 28.— This is the
banner hot day of the season, the of
ficial temperature record being 104, with
a minimum of 64,' This Is two degrees
hotter than yesterday, when the hu
midity added to the general discom
fort. '
Reports .from various portions of
Riverside county Indicate that rain fell
at several points on Sunday. Beaumont
reports the heaviest rainfall. The pre
cipitation there lasted for two and a
half hours and the rain did a good deal
of damage to hay in the stack. Baling
will not be resumed until .Wednesday. .
The fall of rain at El Casco was not
large,' but higher up in the mountains
there was a cloudburst and a quantity
of water came down. This washed
away a barn on the Roberts ranch and
a section of pipe line. '
I At Idyll wild there was a smart shower
at noon yesterday, with sharp thunder
and lightning. A strong wind was a
feature of the storm at this point. A
heavy shower of rain fell between . 3
and 4 p. m. at Perris yesterday after
noon, and Borne damage was done to
exposed hay and grain.
Detective Talamantes, through his at
torney, Luther G. Brown, communi
cated this morning with Riverside
county officials In regard to his connec
tion with the case of the Mexican girl,
Elolse Rodriguez, who was sold to a
Casa Blanca cholo for $55.. The detec
tive was advised that he would be sent
for if wanted.
Rubldoux mountain was a mass of
flames for a couple of hours today. . The
side of the mountain caught fire and
the brush furnished fuel for a con
spicuous blaze. .•» The fire department
turned out and wetted down tho
grounds about the Salter residence,
which was "threatened for a time by
the fire.
Capt. H. E. Mitchell of Sherman in
stitute has been offered the position of
superintendent of the Ktamath Indian
school in Oregon, but has decided to
decline and will remain in Riverside.
Are you warm? TryCoronado. .
City Engineer Finds Currents Are De.
stroylng Cylinders and Recom.
mends a Sea Wall
Bpecial to The Herald.
LONG BEACH, Aug. 28.— City En
gineer W. A. Foster filed a report with,
the board of trustees this afternoon In
which he stated that he had taken
many soundings at the end of the
splendid cylinder pier, the pride of the
city, and had found conditions ther»
worthy of immediate . consideration.
The big piers form so great an obstruc
tion as to cause currents' under the
wharf. ■ .. These have undermined j the
mooring piles. on the east side of the
pier entirely and have seriously endan
gered the monster cement cylinders.
Unless some permanent precaution Is
taken the wharf will have to be con
stantly watched and frequently re
paired, and as a suitable precaution the
city engineer suggests the building of
a sea wall 800 feet long on both sides
of the structure and at the south end
some 100 to 200 feet distant. This wall
Is to be about five feet high.
It Is estimated that It will take some
1600 to 2000 tons of rock, and that the
cost will be probably about 12.60 to 13
per square yard. Trustee Losee sug
gested a bond Issue to meet the coct of
the proposed Improvement. The mat
ter will probably be left in the hands
of the public works committee. The
question of strengthening the pier Is
one of vital Importance and Is deeply
Interesting the entire community.
The residents of Alamltos avenue
made a novel proposition to the board
of trustees this afternoon which .met
with Instant favor with that body. W,
D. Watklns and some of his neighbor?
offered to pay half the expense of oiling
Alamltos avenue, between Seventh und
Anaheim streets, provided the city
would pay the other half. The street
superintendent, C. J. 15. Taylor, was
notified to proceed with the work. It
is hoped and believed that this course
of procedure in the matter of repair-
Ing Long Beach highways will become
generally popular. '
Are you warm? Try Coronado.
eald: "Come. I want to talk to you."
Let's li«ve a little "face to face" talk
about framing that picture. It Isn't so
much the cost of materials, but how th«y
are combined that "makas or mars the
effect." Quality, style and price so evenly
balanced that choosing will be a pleasure
-ami our experlcaee >» ■ free. * eVuboru.
YaU ft Co., »f South Broadway.
Wounds Himself With Shotgun and
Loses His Arm, but Will Re.
cover— Local Notes and
Bpeclat to The Herald.
SAN DIEOO, Aug. 28.— Postmaster
Newklrk has received word from
Washington that his application for
an increase In the carrier force has
been granted in part, and that after
the Ist of October he is to have two
more carriers. He may have two car
riers mounted on bicycles and four
carriers provided with horses.
The steamer St. Denis left last night
for Knsenada, from where she will go
to Santa Catallna to take on a large
consignment of Mexican onyx which
has been quarried and brought to the
shore for shipment. While the steamer
Is away on her southern trip the launch
McKinley will take the mall route be
tween here and Ensenada.
. The> schooner Tornado, formerly the
Rover, well known on this coast, is
reported to have arrived at La Paz,
Lower California, where she is to en
gage In pearl fishing In the Gulf of
Child Is Poisoned
The little' child of Rev. Harrison, of
Richland. was poisoned last week by
eating the phosphorous ends of parlor
matches. It was only by prompt ac
tion on . the part of parents and phy
sicians that the little one'a llfft was
Thunder storm conditions prevailed
In the mountains yesterday and rain
was reported from several of the
mountain towns. Carapo had over one
half an Inch of rain, ■ and Julian and
Mesa Grande nearly as much. Though
the maximum temperature in the city
was only 77 degrees It seemed much
hotter because of the great humidity
in the air.
Lanoscara Leo, an Indian living at
Pala, accidentally shot himself with
a shotgun last week. Doctors Crlse
and Crlse were summoned from Es
condido to dress the ' wound. They
found that the bones of the right fore
arm were so badly shattered that am
putation was necessary. The Indian
will recover. ;
Artists on the Desert
C. A. Fries and Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
Everts left yesterday on a Bketching
and painting trip through the back
country. They are supplied with
camping outfit, 'team and wagon, and
will also carry a photographing out
fit. • ■
Reports which have been received
from the Bennlngton men now at Mare
Island state that the ■ entire number
of wounder] taken from here are get
ting along nicely, with the exception
of Mr. Diedrlch, whose broken leg did
not knit properly and who had to have
it broken over again. W. A. Holly,
who was badly burned about the face
and hands. Is going to come out well,
though scarred. He was more severely
Injured than any of those who sur
School opened this morning with so
large an Increase in the number of
pupils that additional outside rooms
will have to be provided immediately.
Additional teachers will also have to
be secured.
Council No. 177 of the Order of
Pendo, will send a drill team to the
annual gathering of the councils of
Southern California at Long Beach
on September ?0.
.Hot, is it? Try Coronado Beach. '
Heavy Rain Falls on Date of Last
Year's Cloudburst
Special to The Herald.
BEAUMONT, Aug. 28— Heavy rain
fell here yesterday afternoon for an
hour. Some time previous the clouds
hung over Bear valley, Orayback and
San Jaclnto. About 8 p. m. the clouds
swung together and 1,40 inches of rain
fell. The Interesting feature of the
etorm is In the fact that It came on the
exact date of the cloudburst which
caused such damage one year ago,
drowning cattle and hogs, carrying
away barns and bridges and causing
the death of at least one man In San
Timoteo canyon.
The rain yesterday did little damage
to grain or fruit, but will delay thrash
ing for two or three days.
The Graham-Cope machine from Red
lands has about two weeks ■ work yet
on hand.
Are you -warm? Try Coronado.
Mishap Occurs While Cargo of Ship
Olsnerlcht Is Being Landed
at San Pedro
Special to The Herald.
SAN l'Kimo. Aug. 28 — While the tug
Sea Witch was towing In a lighter load
of cement which had been unloaded
from the ship Qlenerlcht during the
day the lighter turned turtle and the
entire contents, about 250 tons In bur
rels, went to the bottom. The accident
occurred In midstream, half way be
tween Peadman's Island and the Cres
cent company's wharf, for which this
portion of the cargo waa destined. No
plausible reason can' be assigned for
the mishap. .The Crescent Wharf com
pany's official* went out to Investigate,
as the loss will fall on the transporta
tion company. *
The Glenerlcht in a recent arrival
from Hamburg, loaded with 22,831 bar
rels of cement, and draws twenty-three
feet of water. In order to be safe
severAl lighter loads Are being taken
oft while the vessel Is at anchor In the
outer harbor, otherwise her keel might
rest on the bottom while moored at
the wharf at low tide.
Hot, Is it? Try Coronnilo Btach.
President of Los Angeles.Paclflo Road
Offers to Bear Quarter of Expense
of Building New Structure
Special to The Herald,
SANTA MONICA, Aug. 28.— 1f the
board of city trustees can devise some
meAns for raiding three-quarters of
$10,750, the amount necessary to re
place bridge No. 2, spanning tho arroyo
at Ocean avenue and Front street, re
cently condemned and now closed to
wagon traffic, that eyesore will be re
moved without further notice. A brick
arch and concrete walls have been
suggested and approved by President
E. P. Clark of the Los Angeles Pacific,
who, on behalf, of his road, agrees to
foot one-quarter of the cost.
A real estate transaction of glgantlo
proportions was consummated today
when the Western Pacific Development
company, purchased from the Santa
Monica Land and Water company 860
acres of land lying back of Santa Mon
ica and. overlooking the surrounding
country. The tract is north of Ban
Vicente boulevard, one mile west of
the Soldiers' Home and two miles from
the' Santa Monica city hall. The pur
chasing company will turn the entire
property into an ideal residence dis
trict and to that end have already
planned an elaborate system of im
provements. E. W. Hills of Riverside,
prominently Identified with the Pal
isades Investment company, is presi
dent of the new corporation. W. S.
Vawter, vice president of the Mer
chants' National bank, is secretary.
The directors are George A. Parkyns,
assistant general freight and passen
ger agent of the Southern Pacific; W.
L. Brendt, president of the Merchants'
Trust company; G. R. Bentel of Los
Angeles, a broker, and T. H. Dudley,
mayor of Santa Monica and president
of the Santa Monica Merchants bank
and the Ocean Park bank.
The Panhard Country club automo
bile, which was built for August Bel
mont at a cost of $20,000, arrived here
yesterday carrying fifteen passengers.
The party enjoyed a brief stay and
then continued to Venice, where, as tho
guests of P. Nieman, they were enter
tained at dinner on the ship hotel
Cabrillo. Those in the party were: C.
C. Grlder and H. H. Boore of the Pa
cific garage ;-J. . C. .Ralnesj,. owner of
the big car; J. T. Keough and' A. P.
Wetterauer of the White garage; J, ByB v
McGee,' P. Eckstrom, '.Harry Goeta,
William' Nieman, A. J. Stone, Henry
Gierllch, A. S. Hamilton, F. L. Arata,
H. C. Sampson and C. F. Gates.
Hot here. Cool at Coronftdo. •■ '
Hottest Day In the Season Reported
From Santa Ana — Qraln Crop
Exceptionally Good
Special to The Herald.
SANTA ANA, Aug. 28.— Engineer
Poulles of the overland San Diego train
was struck In the head at Anaheim
this afternoon by the arm of a mail
pouch crane and sustained injuries that
may prove fatal. The train was pass
ing the crane when, Poulles leaned out
of. the cab and was hit in the back of
the head. He Is now In the hospital
here undergoing treatment. -
. A marriage license was issued today
to Leo A. Slayman, aged 21, of Pasa
dena, and' Ellendor Richardson, aged
20, of Santa Ana.
Pile drivers for the Pacific Electric
company are at .work west of town
/■■ear the Fifth street crossing of the
Santa Ana river putting in the bridge
for the new Los Angeles line. They
will complete their work and be ready
for the laying of the track within two
weeks.; >;
Today was the hottest of the season,
the thermometer registering a maxi
mum of 91 degrees in the shade. Yes
terday It was 90. The heat Is mitigated
by coast breezes and will do no dam
age to crops. •■■■'"■ "■■'...
The grain harvest for Orange county
this year approximates 600,000 sacks.
179,000 sacks of which comes from, San
Joaquln ranch. It is all of a quality
above the average and* Is bringing good
returns. There are 7500 acrea sown to
beans, now . beginning to be harvested,
and yielding from 12 to 15 sack* to the
acre. . . ■. . .■
Cool— Comfortable— Coronado.
Ground Cleared for Erection of the
New Veterans' Barrack
Special to The Herald.
SOLDIERS' HOME, Aug. 28.—Con
tactor n. D. Kronnlck of Loa . Angeles
has cleared o(I all - the trees, rose
bushes and flowers from the lot oppo
site the Arizona cactus bed. overlook
ing the Soldiers' monument and green
sward to the east, for the new, veterans'
barrack?, which is to cost $30,900 and
will be 202 feet long by fifty feet deep.
Two sides of the porches are to be
glass enclosed. The building will be
three etorles with a basement for
quartermaster stores. It will be very
convenient to the hospital.
Hotel del Coronado, 117.60 a week.
Colle aad lilurrhuea— A Itemed? That Is
I'runipt and rirmauut . ,
The prompt results produced by
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea llemedy together with Its
pleaeant taste have won for It a place
In many households. Mr. W. T. Taylor,
a merchant of Window, Ala., writes;
"I - have used Chamberlain's ■ Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy myself
and also with men on my place, for
diarrhoea and collo, and It always gives
relief promptly and pleasantly." jn»r
sale by, all leading druggists. ,
Levy Is Placed at $1.78, Which Is 10
Cents Less Than Last Year.
Mexicans Plan Cele.
Special to The Herald.
Gate City Is sweltering under the hot.
test spell of weather thus far this sum
mer and the people are wondering how
much longer ,it Is to continue. The
heated spell may be said to have com
menced last Friday. The following day
the mercury registered 104, while on
Sunday it went to 106. Today It Is still
hotter and It will go close to the 110
mark. The hottest previous tempera
ture thus far this summer has been 108,
which was. In the fore part of July.
The hot weather is having Us effect
on business, people not stirring - about
any more than necessary. All who can
get away have gone either to the moun
tains or the beaches, the exodus being
general. The heat at this time is much
more oppressive than usual because of
the sultry condition of. the atmosphere
which has prevailed for more than a
week past.
Tax Rate Fixed
The city council ' tonight fixed the tax
rate for the coming year $1.78, which
is the lowest point the city 'rate has
touched here for a number of years,
being 10 cents under that of last year.
It was made possible by the water com
mission meeting a portion of the value
bonds due from the water fund. In
cluded in the levy are $3000 for a new
city Jail and improvements in the fire
department. The grammar schools of
tlie city are also given 60 per cent more
money than last year.
There .have been severe thunder
storms in the mountain districts in the
past thlrty-slx hours, but so far as
known no serious damage has resulted.
The hardest rain occurred in the Yu
caipe valley, southeast of here, the
sound of the thunder being plainly
heard in this city. .
Mexicans Will Celebrate
The Mexican population of the valley
Is preparing to hold a celebration of
filexlcan Independence day, September
16, In Redlands. The celebration is ex
pected to be the most elaborate affair
of . the kind that has ever been . at
tempted by the Mexicans In this sec
tion.' Invitations are being sent to all
surrounding towns to participate In the
Observance of the day.
1 Much interest has been revived re
cently in the Lane's mill mining district
on the desert, in the vicinity of the once
famous Calico district, and numerous
claims have recently been filed there all
along a supposed fissure velri that has
been opened. At one time, years ago,
the Lane mill district, gave promise of
being a rich one, but the bottom
dropping out of the Calico district dis
heartened prospectors from going on
Into the Lane district. Work of open
ing up this new prospect is actively
under way, and some very profitable
values are being taken out. 'If the re
sults warrant there will bec ome exten
sive work done.
Coolest resort is Coronado Beach.
Ocean Park Band Fund Committee
Suggests Necessity of Regular
• Taxation for Its Support
Special to The Heraid.
OCEAN PARK, Aug. 28.— A crowd of
intoxicated young rowdies, who had
spent the day playing ] baseball ' at
Santa Monica, tried to create a riot on
Windward avenue, Venice, last even
ing, and as a result five of their num
ber spent the night in Jail. This morn-
Ing, on being arraigned before Judge
Wheat, -H/ Pothle and Manuel Roblez
pleaded guilty and were fined $10 each.
Carpenter, Remero and Gonzales, the
other three ■" men, pleaded not guilty
and waived Jury trial. They were ex
amined by Judge Wheat and dis
charged with a warning.
jj The youthful Inmates of the deten
tion home of Lbs Angeles will be the
guests of C. M. Pierce, manager of the
Balloon Route excursions, on a trip
over the. line during the coming week.
Unless the " community responds
quickly to an appeal for funds, th"
dally band concerts at this resort will
be a thing of the past. The band fund
committee claim that one dollar per
month from each house owner would
more than defray the expense and that
the men who have heretofore fathered
the scheme refuse to do so, at their
personal expense, any longer. , "
Only 80 degrees at Coronado yesterday.
Track Layer Severely Injured by a
Wagon Turning Over
Special to The Herald.
BAWTELLE, Aug. 28 William
Moore, a track layer on the Loa An
geles Pacific electric railway, waa se
verely Injured Saturday on the way to
The men ' were breaking : camp at
Sawtelle, had loaded a wagon with
heavy gooda and overtopped It. Three
men were on the load when It went
over and a heavy stove fell upon
Mooro, breaking his left leg above the
ankle. It in a compound fracture), both
bones being broken.
■ He was taken 'to the Soldiers' Home
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Every step in the making of Cubanola cigars is carried
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Private Lining Rooms— 742 S. Broadway, 243 S. Spring ,
hospital. . It was learned that he had
no home and no family. He was em
ployed with the car crew. • ■'■■.
H. C. Mallory, Roy Putnam, Dr.
Bahrenburg and others returned from
a hunt in the mountains above here.
Dr. Bahrenburg killed . two fine deer.
A. C. Alger returned from the moun
tains of j Kern ! county Sunday. The
rest of the party remained behind to
attend . to the three deer they shot.
Two of the deer weighed 300 pounds
James Bruce and wife of Oil Center
and Mrs. L. M. Pardee of OH Center
are visiting Mrs. D. Bhively of Baw
telle. . - •■. ;;.;.-; ' ■ ;; , : .-.. .■.,.-
Only 80 degrees at_ Coronado yesterday.
Ferns given away free with shoes pur
chased at the Mammoth Shoe House, 619
South Broadway.
Watch for The Herald's 800,000 Popu
lation Edition, Sunday, Sept. 8, 1005.
A London newspaper recently printed
our Declaration of ■ Independence.
' The return of warm weather means «
return' of torture • to Eczema sufferers.
The blood is charged with burning acids
and acrid matter which is forced to the
surface through the pores and glands,
forming pustules which discharge a sticky
fluid, and the itchiug is intense. ;
The dootors said X had pustular Eo-
■ema: it would bre ak out la snail white
pustules, mostly on my face and hands,
discharging' a stioky fluid; orusts would
form and drop off, leaving' the skin red
and Inflamed. I was tormented with
the itahing- and burning; oharacter-
Istio of the disease) for five years, and
during the time used various medloated
soaps, ointments and washes, but these
applications seemed to make me worse.
After taking- 8. S. 8. a short time I be-
iran to Improve; the itohinar did not
worry me so - much. I continued the
medlolne, and soon all the u*ly erup-
tions disappeared and my skia i» now as
dear as anybody's. X have not been
troubled with sat breaking ont slnoe.
Urbana, O. • JS. JE. KELLY.
Sometimes the disease is in the 'dry
form, and bran-like scales form on the
skin, but the cause is the same— humors
in the blood. Balves, cooling washes,
powders and the like can do nothing
more than relievo the. itching, because
they do not reach the acid-laden blood,'
the seat of the trouble. S. 8. S. cures
Eczema and all skin diseases by neutral-
izing the adds and carrying; them off
through the proper channels. When
B. 8. 8. has done this the symptoms
pass away,' the blood la ■ cooled and
f ;-f:: , k ■ the disease is
S&fjjp %^/f '■WBBr iure | v gjj-jj,
PURELY VEGETABLE, diseases •• as
, J.; 8.8. 8., and it
at the same time acts as a tonic to the eu-
tire system. Book on fikin Diseases and
auy medical advice without charge..
Good Adyiof
; Always Drink " - ';
1172 1 J
Extra Pale Beer
Then you will never complain
and always be the same.
Germania Halt Tonic a Specialty
Family Trad* Solicited .
Adloff and Hauerwaas
■ .... ■ (Solt Agents) i.',\; . •'• , ;«■
1112-118 Central Avenue
Only $5
Fit Guaranteed
If you am hard up. or for . any other
reason you mn>t economise, we can mak*
you a CHEAP FLATS aa low M r ■■ ;;t
(Pkfy e*/\ On Red Rubber,
* Suction PlatosV
AdL.iv. $4t.sOiip
Plates T -»T
We refer you to th* Merchant* National
l)ank m to our reliability or rapoiulbUlty,'
W« hare been her* 14 year* and have tae
largest dental practice on th* •peat -
No Boys or Students r
To *kp*rlment on you. Don't he deceived
by p*r*ou» offerlnc a ten y*ar*' guarantee.
Aak your»»lt where they aro liable to be
In t*n years, or only tveu In one or tw*
year* - I ' J AflfjMJWg^gßpW ';
Schiftman Dental Co.
107 N.Hprlas, Over UaU'a
AUo open evening* and Sunday forenooni.
Be* (peolmwi of our vp-to-4at« work al
our entrance.
Delightful" -jf' *~^ojffr &/*,'
BverythtßeT you want you will find in
th« classified page— a modern enoyeie*
pedla. One sent at word.

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