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t the Speed. Mad Cowboy Will Re.
Physicians Now Have
\ Little Doubt— May Be
— tVnlter Scott, cowboy, miner, speed
iniac and trngedian, has disappeared.
ilnce his mad ride of Monday night
,V. Ift n he attempted to hreak the autn
ff«M>blle record between Los Angeles nnd
•sfisadena on a wager and nearly lo«tj
■S life, Scott has been moved three
, .'Too many callers," say the nurses
of'd physicians.
#tt was rumored thnt Scotty was at
tempting to avoid being arrested, but
this Is emphatically denied by Rol
King, Scotty's confidential manager.
As for Scott's condition, it Is said by
his physicians thnt the miner Is
tmrtlally paralyzed; that his back is
not broken but that It Is severely
wrenched and thnt he has sustained
severe Internal bruises. That he will
recover, there seems .Ittle doubt.
The miner Is to be arrested as soon
is his condition improves, say the
police. Violation of the speed laws will
not be tolerated, declare the officers, at
least not such a flagrant violation as
ivap^cotty's effort.
"hlanY Milling, proprietor of the Im
perial Cias/Tiica practically recovered,
and Chauffeur teho is none the worse
for his experl*ee In the wreck. Jay
Davidson, the: (newspaper man, who
was one of theparty, is confined to his
home on EastNdams street. His left
shoulder is sevrely bruised and he has
not recovered lorn the shock sustained
when he was lirled from the automo-
Scott was rfved from his home on
West Eighth* frcet to the Reliance
lodging house p South Hill street yes
terday. Laterle was.taken away from
the Reliances! a stretcher.
"I don't km' where Scotty Is," said
Rol King lastlght, "but I do know he
is not In hidfe to escape arrest. He
can be foundvhenever he 1« wanted.
He needs rei and this he could not
obtain wheni tiers were constantly at
his rooms." .'[
Hugh B. RldiLong Search for Health
In trJjrlent Proves Un.
' The deat/i* Hugh B. Rice of the
Hugh B. iW General Steamship and
Tourist* asl. which occurred at the
residence !P Is son . T. L. Rice, 224
West ThiJ» street, at 8 o'clock last
right, whlftot unexpected will be a
severe slfß to his large circle of
friends {.Southern California and
elsewheraßis death was due to ar
terial sclßsis, or hardening of the
arteries. (B
Mr. Rl/B 1 " the best known steam
ship maJfithe city for a long series
of year/ ■ possessed the confidence I
nnrt estrwr all with whom he was
rtgßor!aWd,"both In business and social
I circles.
' Last March, in the hope of regaining
his health, Jlr. Rice made a voyage to
West Japan and the Philippines, re
turning via Honolulu, but the disease
was npt retarded.
He as survived by a widow, an un
marrldd daughter and two sons, Dr.
C. E./Rlce and T. L. Rice, assistant
city /passenger agent of the Pacific
Coast Steamship company. The family
resided in Pasadena, but Mr. Rice's
! (Seath occurred at the home of his son,
( T. L. Rice. 218 West Third street. Fu
neral arrangements have not been an
Classification of Detectives Must Be
Altered, According to Mem.
bers of Board
The civil service classification of the
police depflrtment will have to he re
y vised for detectives, a class which now
Is not specified under the civil service
rules, detectives being considered as
This change In the classification in
due to the fact that there are no
Pllglbles on the civil service lists for
police sergeants and three more ser
geants are to be appointed for the Tlnl
verslty and East L.os Angeles sub
stations. Dr. John R. Haynes, the civil
service commissioner who has charge
of the police department, recommended
at the meeting of the commission last
evening that detectives who have served
two years as patrolmen be considered
eligible to become sergeants. As the
classification of detectivesis not recog
nized by the commission the feature
must be provided. There are no ell
glbles for captain, Acting Chief Auble
being the only man in the whole service
who has ever taken the examination.
Burnett's Vanilla Is Pure Food
Always get Burnett's. Take no other
IDalton Villa Tract
In the Beautiful Southwest Addition Th(* HnmOKPPlcer
i? ln i'«.TV^ O .I l J| 8l MtllM tl1 M " ln w "«":•"• ?»'"' JLarCe LrOlS Arriving In 1.0. An K *l» and tho.r who are al-
will aoon bt> .onverteU Into a four-track systrm. T" T^ 8 ,,0 d «h.iol«. churcUe., K ru,(.-.l «tre*t. and .IdeJ
'ii. i. k. ...<■/ i 4 <a <••t* * j t wnlka— WAl/TON \ ill. A haa all these, as II
Thl. brautlful tract la aubdlvlded and has «7«*^« f-.— > !•>">• ««»• northern boundary of Compton.
.all the modern advantages of any city, W&l6r t TCB
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i"on two yeaiim, — ■ --■ . Lot in this Tract,
Lots Are Selling Fast and You Will Do Well to Buy Mow
Colonial Mortgage and Trust Company
.... Horn. Phon. nap .... 518 and 519 H. W. Hellman Building . . . . s™... h>.» «m . . . .
the lupe: of death
Speaker at Newman Club Says Servant
Should Be Subject to Master, Infe.
rior to Superior — Laboring Man
Should Emulate Humility of Saints
"Joseph, the Saint, the Carpenter and
the Ideal Laboring Man," was the topic
3f the puper read last evening before
the Newman club, by Paul J. JlcCor
mick. Members with the Christian
name of Joseph took part In the dis
Mr. McCormick contrasted the
pati&nce and humility of the saint
with the aggressiveness of the laborers
of the present day.
"Concerning the life and labors of St.
Joseph very little Is known." said Mr.
McCormick. "Indeed, his chief charac
teristics were humility and obscurity.
It is recorded, however, that he was of
the lineage of David and therefore of
royal race; but be this as it may, his
circumstances were known to be very
poor and his livelihood was gained by
his constant labor as a carpenter.
"What a contrast In Joseph's con
tent and patience to the turbulent ana
aggresive agitator of today, and what
a rebuke Is his incomparable faith In
Ood and almost Infinite resignation to
the Divine will to that visionary
Utopian, materialistic theory called
"socialism, 1 which is today truly but
wrongfully deluding so many honest
tollers throughout the Christian world
with its fascinating, but dangerous and
Godless doctrine.
"Every inequality In social life is
characterized by socialism as an un
bearable fraud and tyrannical oppreH-
Rion, although reason and revelation
teach that the servant Bhould be sub
ject to the master; the inferior to the
superior; the child to the parent, for
conscience Bake because It is the will
of God. Yet this system of modern
socialism considers all these as a viola
tion of equal rights and duties to all.
"The temper of reformers Is en
thusiastic, hence they almost invarbly
exaggerate the evils they seek to cor
rect. The crowd Is fond of reckless
statements and its leaders not Infre
quently win and hold their prominence
by the boldness with which they deal
In passionate rhetoric.
"Let us trust that the laboring man
of today will ever hold fast to those
teachings of Christianity which have
ever been his protector and to that
old church which has ever been his
haven of rest from sorrow and toil,
which from the beginning has been the
conservator of his rights and the re
pository of his hopes and desires. In
a. word, let him emulate and imitate
the life of Joseph, the Balnt, carpenter
and Ideal laboring man."
Police Department Head Will Not Be
Chosen for Another Week,
at Least
Owing to the continued ahsenee of
Police Commissioner O. T. Johnson the
question of appointing a chief to suc
ceed \V. A. Hammel did not come
up for consideration at the meeting of
the commission yesterday morning.
It is expected that Mr. Johnson will
return in time to be present at the
meeting next week and the mayor has
promised that a chief will be named at
that time if it Is possible for the mayor
and the members of the commission to
agree on the same man.
From tlio HillnrlPlphiß North American.
Unable to control his motor-cycle
while crossing Seventh street, on Ruth
avenue, last evening, O. V. Edwards
of 948 East Second Btreet collided with
an express wagon belonging to the
Fnuthern Supply company nnd owes his
life only to the fact that he alighted
in a pile of loose dirt.
Witnesses of the affair rushed to
where the man lay, thinking that he
had been killed. Edwards was carried
Into a nearby house and the police
were notified. Before they arrived he
Police Commissioner Refuses to Grant
Liquor Licenses— "Will Tickle
Johnson," Say Members
The spasms of virtue which have been
afflicting the police commission of late
appear to be settling into a fixed habit
from the resolution that was passed
by the commission yesterday. This is
that no more restaurant or wholesale
liquor licenses be granted before Jan.
1, 1906, unless the applications appeal
to the discretion of the members of the
Commissioner James, one of the
solldest of the "solid three," which
usually grants the liquor licenses, was
responsible for the resolution. Com
missioner James voiced this sentiment
In the midst of a perfect deluge of
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BRADFIELD REGULATOR 00.. Atlanta. Ga. H 1 lVll\l
hnd regained consciousness, but was
tnken to the receiving hospital.
Dr. Freedman found upon examina
tion that Edwards had escaped fatal
Injury by falling on a soft spot. His
injuries consist of a badly bruised head
and light bruises on the right side of
the body. The shock of the fall affect
ncl Edwards so much that he was un
able to relate the circumstances of the
Witnesses say that Edwards was rid
ing his motor at reckless speed as he
neared Seventh street. They think that
he saw the Supply company's wagon
too late to change his course.
applications for restaurant and whole
sale licenses.
An even dozen of the applications
had been granted whun Commissioner
James saw a large bundle of them
In front of Secretary McKeag.
"These are coming a little too strong,"
said James. "I move that It be the
sense of this board that no more li
censes of this nature be granted unless
there are good reasons for them."
"That will tickle O. T. Johnson half
to death when he gets back," suggested
another member of the commission. "I
think If he only stays away another
month or two we will have a prohibi
tion town here."
"I can't see why It Is that some men
will go In raptures over a silly woman,"
said the fair girl to her chum. "Who's
been making love to you now, dear?" —
Kansas City Independent.
J^^ 4l^
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For tuts- Rale, the rnnl *C For this sale, lh« rnrri ..**•
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The Slur. That Save* You Huatj
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Dependable Furniture at a Cash Price ~H|
~ A Creditable Showing of J
Old Colonial I
Pieces I
— Ije 1"*1 "* "'^ ~" "M The plain simple lines com- ~ I
Wi j^ sk \ binet * w * th tlie borough _ I
/nfu >y^ s/^^ 1 1 workmanship usually found I
W.,,. _, ._, .. Jf I in the true Old Colonial pieces — I
tt^U i. a. j ,~ , ... „.jJ\ niake them most desirable. j
— '^^JEPy^nri^Sl We are now showing an ex - ~ ]
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IF W hogany finish. This is with- 9]
$ out question as fine Colonial v * Jl*
— furniture as has been X /Jf//' X/ ' -[H
shown in this city for 3 jll yf Jy /dy '' ' —I
some time. The work- /1/ 1 / y *
_ man ship is of the high- || rf/ y — H
est quality and the »»--l 3|
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Niles Pease \\
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~" 439-441-443 South Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. I
I'll i i i i i i i i i • m
M * i i ■ ,_,-■-■, _.,. ,,,,, . ..,. L. urn iiiiini iiiiiniMi—ii II
We MalnlHlu Our llrimtuliuu of Ilnuilllnt ' E3
The Best Lines of Ranges I
Both cast and uteel, roada In this country. B9
THREE THOUSAND GLENWOODB In use In I.os Angeles and vicinity I
testify to their popularity and success. To these we bay* added E||
.__ r- THE QUEEN -. ■
An up-to-date steel range, offering It at prices unprecedented la this mar- I
ket, considering Quality, weight and finish.' i|
Gleanood nausea (rom «-l Vp. Queen Steel Hnngra (rom «31.50 Vv
James W, Hellman 161 North Spring St. ■
Los am;i:i,i:h MM
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