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Friendship, Love and Truth Will Be
Names Given to Three Wee
Babes Brought by Over.
worked Stork
Three little bablea, coning ild« by
side In a snowy white bed, are ample
evidences that there is no race suicide
In the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Wilson at 2011 Miranda street. These
triplets, which are the second set In j
the family, which already boasts of I
one pair of twins, are healthy and !
bid fair to become strong American
The babies have the honor of be
longing to one of the most dis
tinguished families In the United
States, and when they are old enough
to go out for an airing will take their '
dally outings in the only baby buggy
designed for triplets in the world.
There are many other distinctions :
these little tots will have heaped upon |
them, but now they are unconscious of
the honor which they bring to their
proud parents, and are quietly gaining
strength to fight their battles In the
Mrs. Wilson, the mother, l« delight
ed over the advent of the babies early
Thursday morning and said that she
would have been glad if there had
been four Instead of three.
Mr. Wilson was on his way here
at the time of the birth of the babies,
and only learned of his good fortune
on Tils arrival yesterday morning,
when he was one of the happiest men
to be seen In Los Angeles, and said,
"the more the merrier."
Friendship, Love and Truth
The first triplets, which were two
boys and one girl, as is the case In the
latest addition to the family, died
■within a few days of each other when
eight months old. The little newcom
ers are said to be as near like the
other triplets as It is possible to be.
The first pair of triplets were chris
tened on the china wedding anniver
sary of their parents, the second wed
ding ceremony being followed by that
of the christening. Over 300 guests
-witnessed the ceremony in Chicago, in
cluding Mayor and Mrs. Carter Har
rison. At the christening Mr. and Mrs.
Wilson were presented with a toy auto
mobile and were promised an airship
for the next triplets, which they are
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wilson, Their Twins and Their First Triplets Being Wheeled by the Twins
At il» it* >ll A A A »ft A A ili >t« ifc Ji ill tfi .In ib ifr »b »1« 4t J. >!. ifc ih >Ii ill fl« iti ITI ifc A ■. A »T. >t. .T. A A .t. A .1. A .1. tt. *, .t. .T. .T. .1- »T. .T. it. ■% .T. il. .1. it. A ■!. .1. J. .T. .1. ■'« .r
now expecting to take the babies on
their first voyage in the world.
Friendship, love and tnith, the em
blems of the Odd Fellows lodge, of
which Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are both
prominent members, were the names
given the three other little ones, and
which will be transferred to the babies
which arrived at the pretty little home
early Thursday morning.
Three Golden Links
The American Rebekah lodge, of
which Mrs. Wilson is an officer, pre
sented the babies with tiny gold rings
with the three links of the order, to
which the second set of triplets will
fall heir by virtue of their names.
Rivalry is promised by the George
H. Thomas circle, G. A. R, of which
Mrs. Wilson is vice grand, as that or
der wished the first triplets nnmed for
their order, Fraternity, Charity and
Loyalty. It was then prophesied that
if the stork brought another set of
triplets to the happy family that the
It. A. R. would make a good fight to
have the little ones named after their
order. Mrs. Wilson is also an officer
in the Eastern Star and Maccabees
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have received
six letters from President Roosevelt,
which are now framed and hang in the
home. The president heartily con
gratulated the couple and said that as
long as such people were American
citizens there was no fear for the
future of the republic.
Twins Cling to Mother
"I want God to let my little babies
1 ye and I thoroughly feel that these
little ones who have come to our home
have been sent to tako the places of
those which were taken from us They
are exact counterparts of the others
and both Mr. Wilson and myself will
exert every Influence to make them
■tronj; and healthy children."
At this Juncture a pretty little black
•yed miss of five years entered the
room on tip toe, lest she wake the
"new born babies which the doctor
had brought to mamma," carrying; a
huge bunch of bright huert chrysan
themums. The little twins. Vivian
Lucl nnd Vlvlene Luc-ille, came here
with their mother. "When asked If they
ucrompanled her here, the fond mother
said, "You might as well ask If I
brought my heart here. Why, I could
not leave one of my darlings, although
when I came here I was almost a phys
ical wreck."
Mrs. Wilson came here six months
ago for a visit. Following the deaths
of the triplets she was seriously 111
with pneumonia and nervous prostra
Will Remain in Los Angeles
As soon as she was able to me up
she was brought here, accompanied by
a physician and two nurses. She has
since remained here and has come to
like Los Angeles so well that Mr. Wil
son has disposed of his business and
large property Interests In the east
and will invest here. Already options
have been secured on several hand
some residences on West Adams street,
in one of which the family will reside.
In their former home, Austin, 111.,
they were well and popularly known
and almost dally they found placards
on their front lawn, with humorous
remarks about the visits of the stork,
Bueh us "Three Are Uetter Than a
Pair," "Triplets Are the Latest Style,"
"All Babies Look Alike to Me," met
the eyes of the font parents. They
have disposed of their beautiful home
at 2217 North Fifty-third avenuo, on
account of the aversion of Mrs. Wilson
to returning where the other babieti
lived and died. She Bineerely mourns
the little ones, but looks forward to
the lives of the present babies to fulfill
the hopes and plans which olie had
made for the others.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Wilson come of
remarkable families, twins being fre
quent in both, but they are the rtrst to
have triplets. Mrs. AVUaon b a twia.
Hotelsand Beach Resorts
<u>ania Caiaiina Ssiand
Daily steamer service leaving San Pedro at 10 a. m., making direct connection
with Southern Pacific, Salt Lake and Pacific Electric trains from Los An-
geles. Extra steamer Saturday evenings.
Hotel letmopk Opei AH tie Year
Bamming Company Pacific Electric Bldg. Both Plicmes 36
Q/7/ <fiS)J Nortli Beach, Santa Monica
M/'^TTfi <& SMPitiyG Filled fresh every dny and heated to n ter-
n of 86 degrees TJnrlvaled and abso-
lutely safe aurf bnthlng. Now la the moat beautiful season of the year at the bench.
/T a /Hi a •' L ST 159 Gl?aatic Birds
(UCtWStOn USiF&Cffl <J*€irn2 Beautiful Seml-Troplcal
Urouncls nnd the largem
stock of Odtrirh Feather Qoods in America for sale at producer's prices.
/» '* French and Italian Dimmers
(yampi s a specialty
609 San Fernando Street Tel. Main 3470
(F7J) am? . <&* Up-to-Date Restaurant
Z^w //fonw Qjavvrn 219-221 w. Third st.
f* if <?72> ' a J Business Lunches Dinners Complete
<yaire *SJriSW£ After-Theater Refreshments - Room for 1200
(fi)J)* 'A T*i j/^ » Spanish Re»t«ur«nt— High CUss Spanish
i/lSit tsU<*' LdU&Slaa Dlnne "- 208 Commercial Street. Tele-
and she says that the other members
of the family are getting "cold feet"
and vow they will dlo old maids and
The triplets' baby buggy has been
wired for, and will arrive the latter
part nf next w»ok. This was designed
by Mrs. Wilson, who has a patent on
the wheels. It being too large to en
ter an ordinary door two of the wheels
are so arranged as to slide, allowing
the carriage to be taken In sideways.
On this contrivance Mrs. Wilson was
granted the patent.
Mrs. Wilson's mother, who is a
prominent physician in Chicago, wrote
her daughter that If she presented her
husband with twins again she would
leave and go to Canada. "Triplets —
will you go to Europe?" was the mes
sage wired the anxious grandmother.
The happy mother thought If two chil
dren would send her to Canada three
would surely take her to Kurope.
* ■ >
* , Six Thousand Bottles Smashed in
\ Fredonia, Kas., Kills the
| Grass
> Special to The TUrald.
[! TOPBKA, Kas., Nov. 3.— The qual
i lty of whisky sold in Kansas through
i the Joints and by traveling boot leg
' gers was revealed Monday at Fredonia
' when, under the order of Governor
! Hoch, Dl 3 cases of beer and 6000 bottles
i of whisky were publicly destroyed in
• the court house square while a band
' played temperance melodies.
\ The contents of the bottles were
> poured into the sewers and yesterday
• the people of Neodesha, a few miles
• below, complained of the contamination
• of the water by this liquor which
\ poured down Fall river and into
j. ! Neodesha's service pipes.
> : When the thousands of bottles were
J: broken a carload of them were thrown
I In a heap in the court house yard.
■ f ■ What beer and whisky remained In the
!• fragments of bottles trickled through
S" the grass across the court yard,
>' making a path several feet wide. L.ast
t night this path was marked by dead
> grass, which had been green the day
't before. A dispatch from Fredonia
f says the grass is dry enough to burn.
jj This furnishes striking testimony of
U the quality of, liquor now being sold in
• ! KiltlKilS.
"Dependable Furniture at a Cash Price"
Reductions on
i<*.^»». Beglnnlnj Mon d ■ y
*iQS3g liiSlfd^V^^^iimfjf^] ftajv armuree and embossed
$&£*s '•»^?v^C*^S£~s;- i >T«l' »■ drapery department on
• our fine line of tapestry
-' SSfc!' portieres and our show*
Ing of new fabrics for
wall coverings, upholstery and furniture coverings.
Our Entire Line of
Blankets and Comforts
10 Per Cent Off
For this week only a reduction of 10 per cent will be given on
our entire line of blankets and comforts. This Is Just the time
of the year that you will have most need for good blankets. We
feel sure you will appreciate this opportunity to save on your bed-
ding supply. This reduction Is for this week only. Our goods are
all marked In plain figures and this reduction will mean much
to you. We have the finest stock In the city.
Furniture Co.
4-30.441-4-43 South Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
II 111 I i* I I I I
By Mary Cholmondeley
Author of Red Pottage
An intense, dramatic novel, touching the strongest human
emotions and the deepest springs of character— with a plot of
unusual interest. It grips a reader with the first installment
and to the very end its intensity of appeal and continuity of
interest are unparalleled in recent fiction. A novel that wall be
widely read and talked about.
8 Stories 7 Articles
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