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Financiers Stop ln.,atlon Tendency.
Under Pressure Reading Dropped
Four Points — Decrease In Call
Money for the Interior
Activity marked the opening of
stock trading yesterday. Railway
EUeel Rprtng was carried tip il<i on
large transactions. American To
bacco preferred opened 2% higher,
Virginia Iron 1%, Canadian Pacific
1%, Dulutli, South Shore & Atlantic
preferred a point, and American
Grass Twine and United Railway in
vestment large fractions.
Rending mude Its oustomnry flight
to 139, but fell precipitately later to
13(5, when the entire market became
weak. In the flight upwards; Ameri
can Tobacco preferred nnd Mocking
Valley benefited to the extent of 3,4,
Cotton Oil 2%, Consolidated Gas 1%,
United Railway Investment 1%.
American Orass Twine 1%, and
United StatM Pipe 1.
Delaware & Hudson yielded 2, Gen
eral Electric 1%, Lead 1% and the
Smelting stocks, Tennessee Coal, Lo
comotive, Duluth, South Shore & At
lantic preferred and Hocking Valley
preferred 1. -
Reading fell four points, Cenoral
Railroad of New Jersey 8%, Northern
Pacific, Duluth, South Shore & At
lantic preferred, Tennessee Coal,
Smelting and Locomotive 2 to 2%,
Union Pacific 1%, Brooklyn Transit
IVi, and Lead 1%.
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— The bank state
ment today for the first time in miiny
weeks agreed with preliminary estimates
based on the known movement of money
and on other factors.
For that reason, apparently ns much as
for any other, it came as a shock to
speculative sentiment and caused a break
In prices of stocks. The forces at work
for the depletion of bank reserves were
not noticed during the week and the
speculation in stocks gave an obvious
indication of expansion of loans, but op
erators have come to depend on a modi
fled bank statement to save the appear
ance of conditions.
Yesterday's rise In call money rates to
6^4 per cent was a confirmation of the
situation. The banking situation, how
ever, was almoßt ignored today up to
the time of the appearance of the weekly
statement on the stock market tape. The
response in the market was immediate
and the closing tone was easier after a
Blight rally caused by hasty profit-tak
ing on the part of the bears in the board
The surplus reserve of the banks Is cut
down by the week's operations 510,076,650,
bringing It to a meager $2,254,275. The
heavy interior requirements for the cur
rency have reduced the cash in the banks
Borne $7,405,100, thus effectually dlßslpat
ing the speculative hope that tho turn In
the Interior currency movement has set
In in favor of New York. Yesterday's
sharp rise In the open market discounts
at Berlin was followed today by an ad
vance In the official rate of discount of
the Imperial bank of Germany to 4% per
cent, and there was a sharp drop In ster
ling exchange at Berlin, further marking
the pressure on that money market.
The advance In the bank rate in tho
middle of the bank week in itself marks
an unusual situation. Sterling exchange
and the money markets In New York
were nominal, as Is usual on Saturday,
but the tone was firm and there was
growing expectation that gold would go
out next week.
Today's early stock market showed vio
lent speculative advances In a number
of comparatively 1 obscure specialties.
Reading was under pressure and sold at
one time four points below last night,
closing only a fraction above the lowest.
The loan expansion by the banks of
$16,453,000 was attributed for the most
part to the speculation of the week in
the stock market and bankers made little
disguise of their satisfaction with the
check administered to the stock market
- Total sales of bonds, par value, $2,105,000.
New York Stocks
»!>>- Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— The following
were the quotations for stocks and bond*
on the stock exchange today:
Bales. High. Low. Close.
Adams Bxpress 240
16,400 Amalgamated Cop.. 83% 82% S2V4
1,800 Am Car & Foundry 40$ 40 40
100 do preferred 100% 100% 100W
16,800 Am Cotton Oil 35% 33 34Vi
do preferred 94
100 Am Express 230 230 227
Am H & L pfd 31%
American Ice 27
100 Am Linseed Oil 1714 17% 17
. ■ do preferred 39%
>VJt28,900 Am Locomotive 71 6SV4 fiS'i
■ "V?, do preferred iu4i
V'B,3i)o Am Smelt & Ref1n..141% 13.W 159%
\1\,400 do preferred 126W 125 125U
\*;soo Am Sugar Refln....U2Vb HI 141%
U. 400 Am Tob pfd cer 107^4 105U 105%
Anaconda Mm Co 118
4,800 Atchlson 88% 87% 87%
400 do preferred 103% Wi'A 103,4
COO At Coast Line 161 1602 :G1
1,200 Baltimore & 0h10..112M 111% lll»i
100 do preferred 97% 97% S7
13.000 Brook Rap Transit 7GT4 75'Z 75%
22,800 Canadian Pacific . .174% 173Vl 174»i
100 Cen of New Jorsey.224U 2M\i 224'
1,000 Chesapeake & Ohio 55U 55 65tt
SOO Chicago & A1t0n.... 23 33 32Tt
.! do preferred 78
1.700 Chicago Gt Western 21% 21% 2114
100 Chicago & N'west..22l 221 220$
8,900 Chi Mil &St Pau1. .18014 179 179<?
300 Chi Term & Trans 17% 17« 17
300 do preferred ?7^5 ml E7K
400 CCO&St Louis.... 99$ 99 99
2,100 Col Fuel & 1r0n.... 45 HV. 44>i
Colorado & South 21'Z
500 do Ist preferred .. (,m 62% 62
200 do 2d prefened ..42% 42 42
4,300 Consolidated Gas ..185% 183*4 184
' 300 Corn Products 14% 14? 14
2iK) do preferred 64 R4 54
J. 1,000 Dela & Hudson 232 M9K228
Del Lack & AVest „ 460
600 Denver & R Grande 35% 35U 34
do preferred 87
„SiiB ll 7 tU ' orßl Securities 45% 45V4 45V4
12,000 Krle 50% 4<\S tnS
1.200 do Ist preferred .. 82& 81% 81?4
700 do 2d preferred .. 74? 73$ 73(J
»00 General Electric ...186% 186 186&
600 Hocking Valley .... 9ii 95 90
P 800 Illinois Central 179 178% 178<J
t>oo International Paper 22% 22% 22U
500 do preferred 802 79% 79%
.... International Pump .... .... 28
....... do preferred g?
lowa Central 2C'/S
; do preferred 66
"••;^! Knnßas . Clt y South 26%
400 do preferred 68>i X"VI 682
2,900 Louis & Nashville..lsl 160« 150%
100 Manhattan U 166 i«i igc.l
800 Metro Securities.... 78% 78« 7?
6,900 Metro St Ry 122% 121 121%
600 Mexican Central.!. H« 23T4 01*
200 Minn &St Louis.... MU 81 SO
100 Minn S P & 8 8 M..188H 138% 137U
do preferred 162
4,800 Missouri Paciflo ....103U WU \mi'.
4,900 Mo Kas & Texas.... 3« £& 351?
„JK », dO . Preferred 69% 69% uiHi
6,100 National Lead ...... 52%* 60% 61
NR R Mcx pfd ]* 451^
2,900 N V Central 151T4 16014 IBOV4
600 NY Ont & West.. 65« 54™ 642
8,400 Norfolk & Western 86% m 85%
do preferred 91
f 600 North American ...98% 97U 6714
700 Puciflo Mall 49 48U «>?
17,100 Pennsylvania 112% 14l« 141%
600 People's Gas 104% 104 jolu
VCC &St Louis.. .... .„., go*
100 Pressed Steel Car.. 50% 49% r.mi
SOO do preferred 99^ 89 98^
Pullman Pal Car , „ . 248
11,200 Reading 139 135 iuu
. 100 do Ist preferred .. 93U nu 931?
f,dO do M preferred ..lOOvJ lh* mS
1.200 Republic Steel 25% VM mv.
1,600 do preferred 34«J u\%, »\it
6.200 Rock Island Co % ym 29%.
1,100 do preferred 73 72% 73%
„ Rubber Goods) , 37&
» do preferred ..... 101
BpeclAl to ThA Herald.
NEW YOnK, Nov. 4.— Although th« market d>cllned somewhat this week,
prlrp« cloned firm. Eleven cnrioadg of orangres and eleven of lemon* were sold,
ns;ninst six rnrloads of oranges a year ngo, prices comparing 1 favorably. Only
eight carloads of Valencia* left California during the past week, and ship
ments are about over. This will wind up the Valencia, sen/ton about Nov. 17,
when new navel ornng-efl will begin to Arrive. Valencia* are expected to rule
llrm until the end. An excellent demand awaits the arrival of navels, as good
oranges are wanted.
Florida oranges are In liberal supply and largely green, yet they sell well,
cont-lderlng the condition of the fruit, at [email protected]
Jamaica oranges were In more liberal receipt, ISOO barrel* and J3OO boxes,
but prices were easy. Ilarrels, $3.00©4.12; boxes, $1,65(fJ2.80.
Twelve hundred boxes of Mexicans were sold at $2.5503.20 a box.
The Porto Rico crop Is short and not many oranges are expected. The
fruit Is Irregular In quality and value. Price, 95e®52.45 a box.
California lemons Are still selling finely. Prices are 60 to 70 per rent higher
than the foreign stock and the outlook In for good prices despite the Increas
ing foreign supply. Sixteen thousand boxes of foreign lemnn» were sold this
week. The market was 60 to 70 cents hlßher. Fancy 300s, [email protected]; 3«os, $2.85
(33.18; choice 300s, [email protected]; Snon, [email protected]
Kleven thousand boxes will be sold next week. Only 83,000 boxes are In
Quotations as Riven above are according to grades of brands us they are
registered In California In the citrus brand register.
1.000 St I. &8F 2d pM., fifl^ 64% SBV4
700 St Louis Southwest 23% 23 23
do preferred 67
160% Southern Paciflo ...60% 68% «9<;
do preferred „ , , 120
1,700 Southern Railway.. »i% &:% 85%
do preferred D!)
3,8n0 Tcnn Coal & Iron.. f12% 90% 90%
POO Texas A Pacific M% 34 84H
200 Toledo St L & W.. 38% 38% 37%
On proforred 67
41,700 Union Pftclfio 133% 1.11% 131% .
do preferred 06 '■
U 8 Express 118
200U S Realty SB ?5 P6
800 U S Rubber 61% 61% 61%
100 do preferred 109% IOOU 10!i(5
1R.400 U 8 Steel 37% S'CJ 37U
12,500 do preferred 105% 104% lftl'J :
18,800 Vlrg-Cnro Chemical 35 33% 34»»
1,700 do preferred 108% 108 108U
ZOO Wabash 22W 21% 21« l 1
200 do preferred 41% 41% 41% <
Wells Fargo Ex 2SO
Westghs Electric 172
Western Union 93 1
Wheel & L Krle 17 :
Wisconsin Central 2.1%
100 do preferred 60% 60% 60»i 1
COO Northern Pacific ..204% 201% 202 :
400 Central Leather 45 44% 4VA •
do preferred ]04>£
Sloss Sheffield 72% 72% 71 :
Total sales for the day, 691,400 shares.
New York Bonds
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.-The following
were official closing quotations tor bonds
U 8 ref 2s r..102% do 2d series.. 98%
do coupon ..102% do 4%s cer .... 92%
8s registered.. 103% do 2nd series.. »24
do coupon ..103% Jj &N un 45. ...105%
Old 4s reg ..104% Man en gold 45. .104
do coupon ..101% Mcx Cen 45.... 81
New 4s reg ..133% do Ist lnc .... 24%
do coupon ..133% M & S L 45.... 98
Am Tob 4s .. 604 M }.C A T 45.... 102%,
do 6s 116% do 2da 89 .
Atch gen 45. .10-% N R Mcx en 4s 84
do adj 45.... 94% NYC gn 3%5.. 79%
A C Lino 45.. 101% N J C gn 65....134'H,
B & O4s ....103% Nor Pac 4s 104%
do 3%s 95% do 3a 77*4
Br RT cv 3%s 95% N & W en 4s..ini%
Cen of Ga 65.. 114 O S L rfdg 45.. 97%
do Ist me ..96*4 Perm cony 3%5,.10;i%
do 2d lnc .. 81 Head Ron 45.... 102%
do 3d lnc .... 76 SL, & IM en 65. .11676
Ch & O 4%5..108V4 Slj &SF fg 45.. 89%
Ch & Alt 3%5.. 81Vi SI, SW en 45.. 83% '
C B & Q 45. .10214 Sea Ah* Line 4s 89<4 ■
CRI &7' 45,. 80% Sou Pac 4s 95% '
do col 65.... !i2'i do Ist 4s cer .. 97*4
CCC &SL 45..103% Sou Ry 5a 120%
Col In 6s ser A 75 Ti & Pao 1ut5..126%
do series 8.. 78 T SL. & W 45.. 84
Col Mid 45.... 74 Un Pac 4s 102%
Col & Sou 45.. 94 do cony 4b. ...134 I
Cuba 6s 105% TJ S Steel 2d 6s 97% !
D & R G 45..102 Wnbash lsts....H6Vi
Dlst Sec 55.. 81% do Pob B .... 75
Erie pr in 45..102% West Md 45.... 87%
do gen 45.... 93% Wh &1/ R 4b.. 91
Hoc Val 4%5..111% Wis Cen 4s 90*4
Japan 6s 98%
Boston Stocks and Bonds
By Associated Press.
BOSTON, Nov. i. — The following were
official closing quotations for stocks and
bonds today: ■.j - » .., ...
Atcli adj 45.. 94 Allouez 42' i
do 4s 10::' i Amalgamated .. 82%
Mcx Cen 45.. 79V4 'Am Zino it
Atchlson 87% Atlantic 23>/i
do pfd 103!4 Blngham S3Vt
B & Albany. .2s7 Cal & Hec 675
B & Maine. ...175 Centennial ?flYi
Boston L 153V4 Copper Range.. 73V4
Fltchburg pf..U3 Daly West .... 13/4
Mcx Cen .... S!3 IJom Coal 77
NY NH & H..203 Kranklin 15*4
Union Pac ..113% Grancy 9V»
Am Are Chem 26 Isle Royale .... 24V 4
do pfd 93 Mass Mining.... S^
Am Pnu Tube 1% Michigan 16%
Am Sugar ....141 Mohawk 68^
do pfd 139 Mon C & C... 3%
Am T & Te1.,136% North Butte .... 65%
Am Woolen .. 40% Old Dominion .. 2!)%
do pfd 104 Osceola 110
Dom I & S .. 21 Parrot 28
Kdlson E I ..245 Qulncy 10(i
Gen Electric. lST) Shannon 7%
Mass Electric IS Tamarack 12i>
do pfd 55 Trinity 9"*
Mass Gas .... 49% United Copper.. 32%
United Fru1t..107% TI S Mining 8(1%
Un Shoe Mch 72 IT S Oil 10
do pfd 31% Titan 47
U S Steel .... 3714 Victoria 46' i
do pfd 104% Winona 9'i
Westghs com. 85 "Wolverlna 125
Adventure .... B<4
Financial Record
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— Close: Money on
call nominal; no loans. Time loans,
steady; sixty and ninety days, 4%®5 P«r
cent; six months, [email protected]
Prime mercantile paper, WaV A per cent.
Sterling exchange firm, with actual busi
ness in bankers bills at $4.8H«[email protected]"5 for
demand and at [email protected] for sixty
days bills.
Posted rates, $4. 84<?j>4. 87>4.
Commercial bills, »[email protected]%.
Bar silver, 63c.
Mexican dollars, 48*4 c
Government bonds steady; railroad
bonds firm.
LONDON, Nov. 4.— Consols, EBHd; silver,
29 l-16d.
New York Bank Statement
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— The statement of
averages of the clearing house banks of
this city this week shows a surplus re
serve of $2,354,275; a decrease of $10,076,650.
The statement follows:
J ,01ms, $1,068,272,400; increase, $16,453,000.
Deposits, $1,552.778,600; increase, $10,688,200.
Circulation, $54,368,500: decrease, $531,600.
Legal tenders, $75,084,300; decrease, $1.-
Specie, $190,464,600; decrease. $5,684,600.
Reserve, $265,548,900; decrease, $7,405,100.
Reserve required, $263,194,625; Increase,
Surplus, $2,354,275; decrease, $10,076,650.
Kx-tr. S. deposits. $4,491,675; decrease,
Treasury Statement
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 4.— Today's state
ment of the treasury balances shows:
Available caßh balance J155.219 72:5.
Gold coin and bullion 78,380,!H4
Gold certificates 47,795,8»0
Sugar and Coffee
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— Sugar— Raw quiet;
fair refining, 2%c; centrifugal 96 test. 3%0;
molasses sugar, 2%c; refined qulot; No. 6.
4.00 c; No. 7, 3.05 c; No. 8. 3.90 c; No. 9, 8.85 c;
No. 10, 3.80 c; No. 11, 8.76 c; No. 12, 8.70o;
No. 13, 3.85e; No. 14, 3.60 c; confectioners
A, 4.45 c; mould A, 3.95 c; cut loaf and
crushed, 6.80 c; powdered, 4.70 c; granulat
ed. 4.60 c; cubes, 4.85 c.
Coffee futures closed steady, net tin
changed to five points higher. Sales were
reported of 39.000 bags. Including: Decem
ber, ti.fiixyu.ssc; March, 6.ss(jjti.»c; May,
a.t)5®7.10c; July, 7.100j Sept., 7. 3007. 40 c;
Oct., 7.3<X87.40c.
Cotton Quotations
By Associated Press
NEW YORK, Nov. <-Cotton futures
closed steady at an advance of about )or<i>
lti points. Following was the rang* of
prices; ■
Open. High. Low. Clos*.
January 10.96 11.24 10.96 11.23
March 11. 18 11.4 a ll.lii 11.42
May 11.2« i 11.(3 11.23 11.52
July 11.30 11. ta 11.20 11.57
December , 10.83 11.10 10.IH u.io
Wheat Shows Weakness, With De.
pressing Effect on Corn— Pro.
visions Easy
liy Associated Press.
CHICAGO. Nov. 4.— Tho wheat market
wns Incllnml to weakness thA entire day.
At the opening the May option was off
UfflUa to V.Wko at 89%©89%0. December
wns down W to WUV* at fSMp'ic.
For May the lowest point of the day
was reached at 89% c. December sold off
to Mt%c. During the last few minutes of
trading there was a slight spurt on the
reported chartering of vesftols here to ship
to Buffalo 250,000 bushels of No. 2 red win
ter wheat. The market, however, closed
easy with May off % at 83H(SS9%c. Final
quotations on December wore 88% c,
Weakness of wheat had a depressing
effect on the corn market early In tho
session. Slight recessions occurred on
moderate selling by commission houses.
Later, however, the loss was almost re
gained on demand from bull lenders. The
market closed steady. Dacembed un
changed at 46c.
Sentiment In oats was bearish as a re
sult of weakness In wheat. December
closed unchanged at 30<?i.:!0' „<•.
Provisions were easier on selling of lnrd
by a leading packer. At the close May
pork was unchnnged, lnrd was oft 2%0
and ribs were down a. shade.
Market Ranges
The leading futures ranged ns follows:
Wheat, No. 2— Dec, 88% c; May, 89%®
89% c; July, 84%«84%c.
Corn, No. 2— Dec. old, 46"4(346%c; now,
46c: May, 4GHc; July. 46U<fW8C.
Oats, No. 2-Dec, 30',4c; May, 32%f632Vfcc;
July, 31% c.
Cnsh quotations were as follows: ,
Flour— Steady; winter patents, $l.nflS?
4.20; stralgts, [email protected]; spring patent,
M.OOIfM.'K; straights, $3.60(fk00; bakers,
$2.20(5(3.30. No. 2 spring wheat. 87(&8!)c;
No. 3, 8r)%87c; No. 2 red, BS%©BB%c; No.
2 corn, 60c; No. 2 yellow, 53% c. No. 2 oats,
3nfi3l%c; No. 2 white. 31f?32c; No. 3 whllo.
29%i&'31>4c; No. 2 rye. 72c. Good feeding
barley, 39c; fair to choice malting, 43(f050c;
No. 1 flaxseed, 93c; No. 1 northwestern,
$1.00; prlmo Timothy seed, $3.20; mess
pork, per bbl, $13.87%®14.00; lard, per 100
lbs, $6.9707.00; short ribs sides (loose).
J7.12®7.26; short clear eldes (boxed), $7.12«»
7.25; whisky, basis of high wines, $l.J0;
clover, contract grade, $13,25.
Articles. Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 21,200 39,100
Wheat, bu 111,000 512,000
Corn, bu 241,900 ItS.IOO
Oats, bu 340,500 220,800
Rye, bu 14,100 4200
Barley,' bu 161,900 204.500
; Cereals of the World
By Associated Press.
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 4.— Close: Wheat-
Dec, 7s %d; March, 7s %d; May, 7s.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4.-Wheat
weak; December, $1.41%; May, $1.46; cash,
$1.45. Barley, firm; December, $1.21; May,
$1.23%; cash, $1.22%. Corn, firm; large yel
low, $1.42%®1.45.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— Wheat: Spot mar
ket easy. Options closed [email protected]%c net
lower. December closed 94%0; May, 98% c.
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 4.-Fruits—
Fancy apples, $155; common, 40c.
Berries— Strawberries, $4.00®9.00; rasp
berries, [email protected]; cranberries, $3.00tff10.60.
Grapes— Ordinary, [email protected]; Isabella,
[email protected]
Pears— Common, $1.00; fancy, $1.60.
Pomegranates— [email protected] so.
Persimmons— 7s [email protected] .00.
[email protected]
Oranges— Navels, [email protected]
Mexican Hmeß— [email protected]
Lemons— Common California, $1.50;
fancy, $3.60.
Melons— Watermelons, nominal.
Tropical fruits— Bananas, $1.50^f3.00;
pineapples, $2. 00©3. 00; Smyrna figs, [email protected]
Dried Fruit Prices
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Nov. 4.-The market for
evaporated apples continues firm and
sales aro reported of prime apples on
spot at B%c. Common to good are quoted
at s(§6V4e; nearly prime at 7>/[email protected]; prlmo,
S%c; choice 9c.
Prunes are still in moderate demand on
spot and with stocks light. Prices are
firmly held at from 6V4®7i4c, according
to grade.
Apricots nre unchanged. Choice are
qusted at BV4®9c; extra choice, 9 1 if/9 : jic;
fancy, [email protected]
Peaches are in light supply on spot and
quotations are firm. Extra choice are
quoted at 10c; fancy, [email protected]
Raisins show no fresh features. Loose
muscatels are quoted at 6%@7%c; seeded
raisins, 6U(88%c; London layers at $1.20®
Shipments of Fruit
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 4.— Carload ship
ments over Southern Pacific railroad, Nov.
3: Oranges, 0; lemons, 2; total, 12.
The Metal Market
By Associated Press.
. NEW YORK, Nov. 4.— There was no
change of importance in the metal mar
ket and trading was generally quiet in
the absence of cables. Spot tin was
quiet at J32.9i(&33.00.
A L ?, k . e ™, c^ r>er lB niore or Ipss nominal
at $16.37V4<&-16.75. Electrolytic $16.25(QdU (j'V.
casting at $16.00©1G.37',£.
Lead is firmly held at $5.15 to arrive,
while spot quotations range up to $5.30.
Spelter is quiet and unchanged at $6.15(££
Iron Is reported in good demand and
prices rule very firm.
San Francisco Mining Stocks
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 4.-The official
closing quotations for mining stocks to
day were as follow;:*
Alpha Con 7 Kentuck Con .. 2
AndJS 23 Mexican 155
Belchor 23 Occidental Con .. 87
B & Belcher.... loo Ophlr T>s
Bullion 37 Overman 0
Caledonia 4D I'ntosl 13
Chal Con 13 Savage 56
Chollar 13 Scorpion 12
Confl lence 70 Bug Uelcher 4
Con Cala & Va..175 Sierra Nevada.... II
Crown Point .. C Sliver Hill 92
Exchequer 48 Union Con 63
O & Currle 24 Utah Con 9
U & Norcross..l2s Yellow Jacket .. 20
Justice 2
Official Stock Sales
On the Los Angeles stock exchange yes
terday sales were recorded as follows:
Bullfrof,' llundlo Mining Co. stock— looo
KlinrcM at lie each
Hecla Mining Co. stock— looo shares at
sac each.
American National Bank stock— Twenty
shares at (116.60 each.
Contr.ll Oil stock— looo shares at S'Vic
United Petroleum stock— Thirty shares
at J"fil each.
Associated Oil stock— 2ooo shares at 66% c
each; 1000 shares at 66%0 each.
Largo Gems the Fad
Advices from Parts are to the effect
that fashion in Jewelry is changing.
It no longer runs to settings with
many small utones. The fashionable
woman now Uemiuula largo single
# Inquire About
Anything you may not fully understand respecting our
methods. Inquiries from prospective depositors out of town
are Invited. Four per cent paid on deposits here.
in :: Home Savings BanK
1 1 152 N. Spring St. Cor. Court
Rent a box in our vaults— s2.oo a year and up.
To Celebrate Opening of New Ex
change In Bank Building— Local
Market Is Active, All Goods
Selling at Firm Prices
Tho customnry Saturday nctivlty was
observed in the local produce market.
Jobbers and their assistants were busy
filling ordern and receiving goods, and a
general feeling of satisfaction prevailed.
At the produce exchange In connection
with routine affairs there was talk of
the occupation of the now exchange rooms
in the Merchants Hank building on No
vember 16, when there will be a called
meeting of all members by way of cele
brating the "grand opening." That even
ing, November 15, in tho red room at
the Angolus hotel the exchange members
will partake of an elaborate banquet, at
which there will be music nnd addresses.
Jny Jacobs, the chairman of the commit
tee, stated that the spread will bo one of
the finest In the history of the organiza
The official report of the cold storage
company on November 1 shows that there
were 27,308 caseß of eggs In storage, 1,151,
324 pounds of butter, nnd 608,598 pounds of
cheese; a supply thought to bo ample to
meet local and shipping demand. There
wns no change In egg quotations.
The butter market was active, prices
rather easy.
There were no changes In prices for po
tatoes, onions and vegetables.
Poultry, fish and game in light supply
at firm prices.
Produce Receipts
Nov. 3-
KgKS, cases 27
Butter, pounds 8,057
Cheese, pounds t 140
Potatoes, sacks 3T>7
Sweets, sucks 35
Onions, sacks sil
Beans, sacks 313
Produce Quotations
Following are tho Jobbing prices in
tho Los Angeles market;
BUTTER— Fancy local creamery, 2-lh.
roll, 6714 c; fancy valley, 65<g'67V4c; valley
storage, 52!4c; eastern, 604iu2',4i;; cooking,
EGGS— Fresh Calif ornla ranch, 41c;
pastern fresh, 310350 ; eastern storage, 27(Jj)
28c ; seconds, 23c.
CHEESE (all per lb.)-Northern. 18V40
14V4; Anchor, (large), 16c; Young
Amurlca, 17c; hand-made, 18c; singles,
lS'/4c; eastern Cheddars, 15c; eastern leg
horns, 16c; eastern daisies, 15'/4c; Swiss,
domestic, 19c; Swiss Imported, [email protected]
BEAN3-(A11 per 100 lbs.)-Pir.k, No. 1,
52.6002.75; No. 2, [email protected]; lima, No. 1,
$» 0005.50; Lady Washington, [email protected]
POTATOES— Fancy Salinas (all per 100
pounds. [email protected]; fancy Woodward
Islands, [email protected]
SWEET POTATOES — All grades, $1.25
ONIONS (per 100 pounds)— Lncal silver
skins, 85090 c; Danvers, $1.2501.35.
POULTRY (per dozen)— Dealers pay llv«
•iveightaa follows: Broilers. [email protected]; fry
erb, [email protected]; old hens, [email protected]; old roos
ters, 7c; young roosters, 14015c j ducks,
lie; turkeys, 16® 18c.
BAKEHS' FLO UK— Made of eastern
hard wheat. Per bbl. $3.00; blended wheat,
$4.80; eastern rye. $5.25.
CEREAL GOODS— As follows!
10 lb. 25 ll>. CO lb.
Kastern Graham $2.80 2.75 2.70
Eastern Whole Wheat. 2.50 2.75 2.70
Graliam flour 2.50 2.45 2.40
Corn, Meal, W and V 2.30 2.25 2.20
Whole Wheat 2.60 2.55 2.50
Rye 2.75 2.70 3«
Cracked wheat 3.40 3.35 8.8)
Farina 3.40 8.35 3.80
Wheat flakes, case of 36 2-lh. cartons. 3.20
Wheat flakes, per sack of 60 lbs 1.35
Wheat flakes, per bbl. of 125 lbs. net.. 4.00
GRAIN AND FEED-(Per 100 lbs;.—
Wheat. $1.65; wheat (100 lb. sack) $1 10;
corn. $1.45: cracked corn, $1.50; 'eed meal,
ll. iu; bran, heavy. $1.30; rolled barl'.y,
$1.30; oil cake meal, $2.10; cotton seed
meal, $1.85; cocoanut . cake, $1.65; shorts*.
iiomuls, }1.50<&l.liO; fancy Woodward
1.45; white oat.s, $1.65; red oats, $1.50; red,
Texas grown, $1.75.
HAY (all per ton)— Old crop No. 1 grain,
$12«/>14: No. 2, t'JipU; alfalfa, local, $13;
northern, $12.
sc; strawberries. 8fo'18c; dew, 6c; rasp
berries, 8010 c; blucKuerrles, 10c; logan
berries, 4(S5e.
CITHUS FRUITS— Lemons, choice $2.50,
fancy $3.60 a box; oranges, Bweets and St.
Michaels, 13.00^3.50 a box on quality.
VEGETABLES— Beans, string, 3o lb;
beans, wax, 4c pound; oeets, ou
@55c sack; celery, fancy, 80c dozen;
chiles, evaporated, 201^300 lb.; garlic,
7o lb.; lettuce, 1 l l «,s 4f'lsu dozen; [email protected]
sack; peas, 4c lb.; spinach. 15c
dozen; turnips, 50c sack; cabbage, 4uo
Retail Prices
Following prices for leading articles of
consumption prevail at the Los Angeles
Butter, 2-lb. roll SOc
Eggs, fresh ranch, per dozen 450
do, two dozen 85c
Potatoes, fancy Salinas, per 100 1b5.... 52.25
Apples, belletleurs, per 60-lb. box $1.75
do Jonathans $3.00
Wild ducks, per dozen-epoonbills, $1 00;
teal and wldgens. $5.00; mallards. Jtf.oo;
all picked. Single ducks, picked, 50(g>75c*.
Pacific Coast Trade
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO. Nov. 4.-Beans—
Fink, $1.7501.90; Lima, J3.4003.50; small
white, J2.90163.15; large white, J2.00(^2.2r>.
Potatoes— Oregon Burbanks, 85cu1.15;
Salinas Uurbanks. [email protected]; Merced
sweets, JI.DO. Onions— Fancy, (1.20; com
mon, Jl.lO. Various— Green peas, r.i/iic;
string beans, &H7o; egg plant, Jl.OOCttl.OO;
green peppers, Oc<Ssl.oo; tomatoes, 50cQ$l.U)
summer Bquash, nominal; dried okra,
[email protected]; garlic, UVfc'Ußc; cucumbers, Jl.2S®
1.75. Flour— Family extras, $4,804*5.05;
bakers' extras, [email protected] Wheat—Ship
ping, $1.40(j(l. -ID; milling, J1.50^1.60. Barley
-Feed, Jl.awi.23H: brewing, J1.25<61.^7Vi-
Oats-Red, JI.2Md.C2V4: whito, $1.35«H.47V4:
black. [email protected] Mlllstuffs-Mlddllngß,
$2G.00<£) 28.00; mixed feed, $24.00025.00; rolled
barley, $25,004*26.00. Hay— Wheat, $U.soiW
$16.50; wheat and oat, $U.oo«f 15.DU; oat, wild
$I'.OOSj 13.00; oat, tame, Jii.iXi^lS. DO ; barley,
$8.00(^11.00; alfalfa, $U.Do<j|9.Do; straw, JOC<s
55c. ltecelpts— Flour, 6040; wheat, 78SS;
barley, 'Jii.su; beans, S.VU; potatoes, 6'iHO;
onions, 251 ; bran, 133; hay, 180; hops,
917; hides, 728; wine, 55,500.
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4-Buttcr—
Fancy creumery, 27c; seconds. 24Vio.
Cheese— Kastern IBHWtiu; Young America,
12%fy14c; western, f44cH%c. Kkus— Kuiicli,
SMCiOi 1 ; Htiiru, nominal; eastern, 'MbtMc.
CHICAGO, Nov. 4.— On tho produce ex
change today the butter marked wan,
fancy strong, other steady. Creameries,
7(U22%u; dairies, 174f:oo. Kbßs linn tit
mark, cases included, 20c. Ch«ese steady,
12%&15% c.
Neighbor— lt's) funny how people can
live ho near in a large city and not
know Midi other's ulTaliß. HeconJ
Neighbor— You're right. Twitson Buy»
he liven in the next room to his wlt-j
and didn't know she had twins until ho
reaa it in the papeni.-lllustrated Bits.
Bank Stocks
1 Bid. Asked.
Anwlesn National 116%
Broadway Bank & Trust Co. 1M 158
Central 210
CltUeng Natlon»l 197 200
CommerdaUNatlonnl , 106
Dollnr Sayings Bank 133 14*
Kqultable Savings Bank.... 165 ...
Farmers & Merchant*' Nntl. 807
Fedornl Hunk of L* A 128
First National 405 430
German Amprlcnn 400 600
Lome Savings Bk. of L. A. 74 79
L A. National 210
Los Angeles . Trust C 0..... 115%
Merchants National 840
Merchants Trust Co ... 105
Mercantile Trust Svgs 66% Si
Metropnilti-n 11. gc T. C 0..., 120
National Hank of Cal 210 250
Beci-rlty Savings Mnnk 250
Southern California Savings. 275
Southwestern National 121
State Bnnk & Trust Co. 100 103
United States Nntl. BanK.... i:«
Union Honk of Savings EM ...
West Side Bank 110
Bid. AsKed.
Associated Oil Dl% 93
Calli'orntn Paolflc Ry 102
Corona Water Co 89% 91
Cucamonga Water Co 100
Home Telephone i) 2 95
Edison Electric Con Co 101%
Home T. A T. Co. of Banta,
Monica and Ocean Park... 80 80
L. A. Pacific Ist Con. Mtg.. 110%
L.. A. Traction Co 107
L. A. Railway Co 114' i
Mission Trans & R. Co 91
Mt. Lowe Railway Co 50 90V4
Paciflo Light & Power Co.. 100% 102
Pacific Electric Ry. Co 111%
Pasadena Homo T. &T. Co. 87%
Kedlands Home T. &T. Co. 88 93
Pomona Con. Water Co 101
Riverside Light & F. C 0... 92
Snn Diego Home T. &T. Co. 82 84
Santa Barbara Klcotrla Ry.. ViM
Seaside Water Co 99%
United Electric G. & P. Co. 101
Union Transportation C 0.... 96 9S
IT. H. li. D. T. & T. Co 89 90*4
AVhlttler Homo T. & T. Co. 95 66
Whlttler Light & Fuel Co.. M
Miscellaneous Stocks
B'M. Askea.
Edison Electric pfd 85.00
Edison Electrlo com 45.00 49.00
Homo Telephone 68.50
Home Tel. c0mm0n........ 30.00 35.00
Home Trust 65.00 70.00
Pasadena Homo T. & T. Co. 33.00 39.00
Santn Monica H. T. & T. Co 25.00 30.00
San Diego 11. T. &T. C 0.... 32.00 35.(10
Sun Drug Co 70 1.01
U. S. L. D. T. & T.. Co 68.75 60.50
Oil Stocks
Bid. Aaked.
Associated Oil 61i%- .hfi%
Central 87 .87%
Columbia .23
Continental 20 .25
Fullerton Con 75
Fullerton Oil 33 .35
Globe 02 .06
Homo Whlttler 1.00
Mexican Petroleum .69 .72%
Olinila Land Co o>>% .08
Plru Oil Co 05%
Puente Oil Co 60
Reed Crude 24% .25
Union 155.00 159.00
Westlake .01
Whlttier Con. Oil .01%
Western Union 110.00 200/ JO
Mining Stocks
Bid. Asked.
Blsbee West C 00% .04
Butte Lode 22.00 30.00
Bufa M. & M 92 .95
Golden Argua 14.00 25.00
Green Con 26.00
Hecla Mining Co 38
Jesse Bell 01 .03
Johnnie ("on. G. M 05 .08
Mitchell Mining 8.50 10.00
Now Era Oil
Nevada Keystone „.. .03
Quartette 11.00 15.00
Searchlight M. & M. Co 35 .45
Los Angeles Bank Clearings
1905. 1904. 1903.
Oct. ■t0..51,318,036.82 $955,739.16 $1,079,943.67
Oct. 31... 1,373,453.44 1,174,137.08 1,151,190.45
Nov. 1... 2,000,313.515 1,542,307.411 1,888.«X).24
Nov. 2... 1,518,571.18 1,31 C..555.50 1,125,121!. 49
Nov. 3.. 1,630,277.16 1,020,213.07 U18.108.68
Nov. 4... 1,633,865.0!) 987,070.60 1,035,421.77
Chicago Live Stock
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Nov. 4.— Cattle— Receipts, 800;
steady. Beeves. [email protected]; cows, $1.30®
4.40; heifers, [email protected]; calves, [email protected];
good to prime steers, [email protected]; poor to
medium, [email protected]; stockers and feeders,
$2. 254(4. 25.
Hogs— Receipts, 14.000; Monday, 36,000;
steady. Light, [email protected]; mixed, $4.75®
6.20; heavy, $4.25(55.20; rough heavy, $4.35
©4.70; pigs, $1.505|5.10: porkers, [email protected];
good to choice, $5.1005.20.
Sheep-Receipts, 6O0O; steady. Natives,
$3.40(Tiii.85; westerns, %i.Wy)\M\ yearlings
$5.20^6.10; lambs, $6.00©7.70.
Northern Oil Stocks
By Associated Preps.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4.-Californin
Stock and Oil exchange. Morning session:
Twenty shares 28, at $10.00; 150 shares
Occidental, 4c.
Credit Balances
By Associated Press.
OIL CITY, Pa.. Nov. 4.-Credlt bal
ances, $1.61.
San Pedro Shipping
Stpomer Alcazar, Greenwood.
Steamer laqua. Portland.
Steamer Santa Barbara, Grays Harbor.
Schooner Uuther Buline, Uureka.
Barkentlne Diamond Head, Tacoma.
Steamer Alcazar, Greenwood.
Schooner Blakely, Ulukely.
Hteamor Aberdeen, Grays Harbor.
Schooner Sliiukuii, Balard.
Schooner Kona, Grays Hiirbor.
Schooner Commerce, Kverett.
Bchooner Dauntlvss, Grays Harbor.
Schooner Manila, Kverett
Schooner W, J. Patterson, Grays liar—
Steamer Coronado, Grays Harbor.
Schooner Admiral, Kverett.
Schooner William Renton, Wlllapa,
Kiii'ki-ntinii T. I*. JSinlgh, Tacoma.
Schooner O. J. Olson, Ballard.
Schooner Hukli Hogan, Tlllamook.
Hchoouor Mahukona, Portland.
Schooner Bangor, Grays ilurbor.
Schooner Sulem, Ballard.
Schooner George 12. Hillings.
Schooner Soquel, Hadlock.
Burkentlne Uarvester, Tacoma.
Schooner K. K. Wood, Grays Harbor.
Schooner F. I' 3. Humidor, Grays Harbor,
llurkeutlne Aurora, Tacoma.
Schooner Prosper, Ballard.
Schooner Okanogun, Gamble.
British bark Kllmeny, Hamburg.
Schooner Solano, Blakely,
Steamer San Uabriel, Umpqua.
Bark Star of Uengal. Portland.
Burkcutiuo James Johnson, Portland.
Schooner Alert, Bellingham.
Schooner Boulah, Aatoria.
Barkentlne lienlca, Kverett.
Steamer Bonlta, Sun Francisco.
Schooner Jtebolute, BellinKham.
Schooner Kiiiel Zane, Portland.
Bchooner Fred J. Wood, Grays Har
Steamer Centralla, Grays Harbor.
Steamer Cascade, Portland.
Schooner Gamble, Gamble.
Schooner Henry K. Hall, Bverett.
Steamer Harold Dollar, Seattle,
llarkenttne John Palmer, Kvorott,
Schoontr l.uzon, Portland.
Steamer Noma City, Portland.
Steamer Norwood, Gruya Harbor.
PART 111.
Savings Banks
4 Per Cent on Term Deposits and 3 Per Cent on
Ordinary Savings Deposits. Open Saturday
Evenings. Loans on Real Estate.
G.r m nn.A««l<..n ».».-„ O.lfe M. M. AVERT, President
First and Main Streets. W. k CALLANDBH. Cash.
Btentur S «Tln«. *«.h &.*&.
iieiiman tsiag. Cash. Seo.
Srathtra Cal. Bar. Dante J- »• "«^T. President.
8. H. Cor. Fourth and Spring. Braly ft '[> vroOLWtUw V. P.
"•'■^ CHAS. IT. TOLL, Cashier.
Union nank of Sarlnca J. M. Elliott O. T. Johnson
■•• a a i b» ♦ '• N. VRn Nuysß T. Karl
223 S. Bprln-r Street. j B ; cravpna J. C. Drake-
W. 6. Bartlett W. B. MoVajr
Hcrcanlllo Trnat and F. M. riOT*f)r-AH3, Pres. Capttal.l2oo,ooo.oo
«.,,.„ n.-i, H. F. STEWART, V. Pres. Assets.. 800,000.00
SHvln,- nnnu w JARVIS HAIILOW, V. P. Deposit. 600,000.00
640 South Broadway CHARLES EWINO, Cashier. Paid up. 100,000.00
Citizens' National Bank n J - wathshs, Fr«. , .
means isanonai Dan* WATUM. CuhlOT.
W. B. Cor. Third m Upting. Capital »280.000; Burplug and Profits $180,001
Central Bank YVILAJA* Mill). Pt.i ;.. v.
entrai Barnc w c DUB(MNI emm».
N. E*. Cor. fourth «n« Broadwar- Capital, $100,000; Surplus and Proflta. f7I,M
Mnlted State. National Bank few.c w. HERMAN. Pr^ ,
V 8. E. Cor. Main and Comniercls.l Capital. I200.0QO; Burplua and Profits, HMI«
Commercial National Bank £• «»%*«£»»•
4» Bouth Spring. Capital $200.000; Burplus and Profits $l»,flot
Farmers & Merchants National Bank iaM U nxTum!'c2uu
1 Cor. Fourth m vuio 811 Capital, $1,500,000; Burplus and Profits. $1,260,00*.
First National Bank J - *•- KUJO'T, Pra*.
irsi National van* w. T a Hammond. CaaMaw
8. B. Cor. ««eona rnifl Spring. Capital $500.000; Burplus and Protlta $ffl.«*|
Merchants' National Bank " *w. he^ma^ igj.^ .
N. B. Cor, ntcrnn «na Mala. Capital $200,000; Surplus and Profits $CT,Ctt .
American National Bank w. f. botsford. Ptm. .• ■
T. W PHBLPS. CaahUr. ■ ■■■,
S. W. Cor. Smotii- >n<l flmnflwar. CpUM. 11 (K>o.<>oo- Burplui and Profit.. tn.m ■
flat-ona. Bank ° f C *" l ™* «
" N. W Cor. B«cona »n« Bprm«. Capital, taw.OOO; Burping and Profits $280,009,
State Bank and Trust Company ~ £•£ *°oF^ ( o2& w f r *' • •
N. W. Cor. Btcopd and Spring. Capital. 1500.000: Surplus »nd ProflU. SM.MS, '
R roadway Bank & Tru.t Company J™ kbnn£l2& FI '* < 4
v IM-SlO S. Broadway, Bradbury Bide- Capital, $250,000; Surplus— Und. Proflta. tUS.ON ■■
A Single Dollar Is Enough
JRwfclXp To onon a savings account, that draws Inter-
JsK£- (EH ffOKU eB * ; at *** c rale °'- 4 per cent on term deposits
mSSVMMfI II and 3 per cent on or< - mary savings accounts.
' issiw wi v\ Opea an account today.
fw; 313 1 9l ullhl Upwards of 28,000 Depositors Now
ISlty H S Si m Drawing Interest
'^^^^P Southern California
ifflS^Hggi Saving's Banh
- nsfiift^Jk sTT^ # s^ Cor^ ppjjyijj an 4 Spring
»aM«aia»au»jaaa*iMi»aai ui ■lan'ipin iiwipmhi— ai ■>■<— ■■^*nn ni«iia maniMiwwui— >— »wH
Title Insurance ® Trust Co.
(Comer Franklin and N.w High Streets)
Cash Capital and Surplus - - $585,000.00
Acts in All Trust Capacities Tel. Exchange U ' .
LOCAL, BONDS AND STOCKS— S to 8 per cent Hlgh-Qrada Investment**.
Barkentino Northwest, Eureka.
Schooner Philippine, Grays Harbor.
Schooner Ottilie Ford, Eureka.
Steamer Pasadena, Portland.
Stenmer J. S. Illggins, Fort Bragg.
Steamer Rival, Eureka.
.Steamer Scotia, Bowcn's Landing.
Schooner Robert Searles, Grays Har-
Schooner Willis A. Holden, Mukilteo.
Steamer Cheauamegon, Wisconsin.
British Bark Pass of Kllliocranckle,
Uerman ship Wandsbek, Hamburg.
Schooner Wawona, Willapa.
Schooner Columbia, Ballard.
Schooner J. A. Campbell, Columbia.
Redondo Shipping
Steamer Alcazar, Sim Pedro.
Schooner Bainbrldgo, Port Blakely.
Schooner Mildred, Belllugham.
Tug Rodondo, in port.
Steamer Alcazar, Greenwood.
Steamer laqua, Seattle
Nov. 6— Steamer State of California,
San Diego.
Nov. 6— Steamer Santa Rosa, San
Nov. B—Steamer8 — Steamer Santa Rosa, San
Nov. 10— Steamer State of California,
San Francisco.
Nov. 6 — Steamer State of California,
San Francisco.
Nov. 6 — Steamer Santa Rosa, San
Nov. B—Steamer8 — Steamer Santa Rosa, San
Nov. 10— Steamer State of California,
San Dleso.
Schooner Sequoia, Belllngham.
Stnumer laqua, Seattle.
Bnrkcntlno Katie Fllcklnger, South
Bteamer South Bay, Portland.
Steamer State of California, San Diego,
Schooner Krlc, Uvurett.
Schooner Win. Bowden, Tacoma.
Schooner Wlnslow, Olympla.
Schooner Mlndora, Aberdeen.
Bchooner Ruth I',. Godfrey, Kverett.
Schooner Columbia, Wlllapa Harbor.
Barkentlne John O. Alcycr, Urays llur
Dark Isaac Reed, Portland.
Schooner Forest Home, Puget Sound.
Bchooner Bamar, Ballard.
Steamer Nome City, Seattle.
Steamer Santa ltosu, San Francisco.
San Francisco Shipping
BAN FKANCISCO. Nov. 4 Arrived:
Steamer Samoa, San Pedro; steamer
Coos Bay, San Pedro.
Sailed; Cascade. Ban Pedro,
Have you read It? Let us aend you
the September number— fro*.
(OS Grant Building, Los Angeles.
Better Than a Gold Mine
Buy Stock in the Mean Grande Tourma-
line and Qem Company. Tourmalin* .
Minine means million! to Southern
California. Get In on the ground lloor.
Southwestern Securities Company
aoa 11. W. Hellman Building ■ -
Missourian Who Declined One Post
Is Now Awaiting An
WASHINGTO, D. C. Nov. 4.— Stanley,
Stoner, the St. Louis club man whq
made the Journey to Calcutta at govern*
ment expense with an appointment as
United States consul at that place and
decided not to take the job, is not in
so much disfavor as would seem from
published accounts. He now occupies
the queer status of being; an appointed
of the government without having a,
place. He accepted the appointment to
Calcutta and went there expecting to
take the consulate. There being some
delay in the arrival of his exequatur
he asked his predecessor, Robert ■ F.
Patterson, to continue with the duties
of the office until the exequatur should
come. Following this arrangement «
period of more than usual heut came on
and Mr. Stoner made numerous com*
parisons between the temperatures ot
India and those of St. Louis, to which
from^hlldhood he had been accustomed,
beside" having had the experience ot
a Bummer or two In Texas.
Btoner concluded that he would not
wait for the exequatur and Bet about
on the return homeward. From Paris
he wrote the state department, , ex
plaining what had taken place and
asked the favor of a transfer to. some
post where the climate would be more
agreeable, even If the salary, which at
Calcutta la $5000 a year, should be less.
Mr. Stoner has drawn no salary since 1
he left the United States for the far dls*
tant poßt, although he would be en*
titled to pay If he performed the du
ties of the Calcutta consulate even
temporarily. There are at present no
consulates) conveniently vacant for him |
and he may wait some time before he
CHn dovetail his wishes into opportuni
ties. The state department Is not in
formed whether Btoner >. will 1 wait ■lq !
Faxla or return to tills country^ .

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