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Buy now Strong ®. Dickinson's B«yB «y now
|M p^ tl .,,i| M , M . a .,, tMM^^ ■■ ■■ ■■ —
i r
Opened Only One Week Sales Already Over $25,000 Take a Ride, Go Out Today
High-CIaSS Terms: $20 Dc^wn, $10* Monthly, 6% FRANK D. ED lE, Manager of Tract for Get Noi4o?Fc^rtrStree r t. o Cet! >rr o I ff atTour
« . Interest. Including Streets Graded, Oiled cTDrkiur m nr^viKic/Mu Ti* Off ice, corner of Mountain View Avenue,
WOIS and Graveled, CemenL Walks, CemenL il M 1 ,„ STRUNO ffflj DICKINSON 1 Here Colegrove. See our agent, CALVIN H.
Curbs and Water Piped. Phones „"„."„. ,135 South Broadway FOSS. Sunset Phone Hollywood 811
Another Fine Block for South Broad.
way and Mercantile Structures
for Other Streets— New
Dwellings Planned
The inclement weather of the past
week has served to retard to some de
gree the advancement of improve
ments under way in different parts of
the • city. Nevertheless fair progress
has been made and contractors state
that they ought not to make any com
plaint as they have accomplished great
results all through the year, losing only
a few days on account of weather con
ditions. Many of the more important
improvements started early In the year
are rapidly approaching completion.
Work on the Temple Auditorium struc
ture, corner of Fifth and Olive, Is well
under way.
On Broadway
Another fireproof mercantile struc
ture of four stories and basement will
6oon adorn the east side of Broadway,
between Third and Fourth streets, the
plans for which were drawn by Archi
tects Parkinson & Bergstrom. The
Improvement will be made by the Trus
tee Company of Los Angeles. The
building: will be 51x150 feet, steel and
concrete construction, with brick ex
terior walls. The front will be faced
with dull glazed terra cotta. The
foundation will be of concrete and th&
entire construction will be calculated
for weights and strains of a ten-story
building. Two passenger elevators
will be installed. The building on the
property is now being removed In order
that the excavation and concrete base
ment walls and piers may be completed
as; rapidly as possible
Other Buildings
Architect Haley is receiving bids for
the erection of a new live-story store
and hotel structure for Thomas Hig
glns, the Arizona mine owner, to oc
cupy a lot on the corner of Main and
Carr streets. Copper store fronts and
pressed brick are some of the orna
mental features of the design. The
same architect has drawn plans for a
large automobile building for Charles
Lord, to be erected at Pomona; also
plans for alterations and additions to
the Richard P. Blaisdell building at 537
South L.OS Angeles street.
Architects Morgan & Walls have
prepared plans for n. brick mercantile
block, one story aim basement, 50x130
fept, on the north side of Seventh
street, between Main and T-os Angeles
streets, for H. H. Kerckhoff.
Architect 11, O. Long has planned a
two-story hrick business structure,
90x94 feet, to be erected at Whittier
for Truman Berry. Provision 1h made
for four storerooms and eighteen office
Architects Hunt & Orey have
drawn plans for a two-story brick and
plaster building. 60x100 ffet, to he
erected at Pasadena for D. M. Lin
Many Dwellings Planned
Nearly all of the architects are busily
engaged in planning new homes. The
following new plans are reported by
architects to the Builder and Con
Hunt & Eager— Plans for a two-story
A Truly Lovely Spot TfSSPffff^ Lots 80x13^
A Home Place ijßtfMlilll! First Offering Sale
Covered with fine full bearing fruit trees — highly improved. On the ij^MnjMffi^ Just outside the city. 3 new car lines. Perfect soil. On Main Street, the
line of growth and improvement. Big Lots. IB Hflj^|i g re at artery of Los Angeles. Bound to advance many times in the next . .'.,.'.
few years.
First Offering O>A J C Easy Terms Main Office Single dO A Double &C±AJC\
Prices M> c *» $100 Down; $10 a Month In Our Own Building Lots tyO6\J Lots ipUHrV/
Buy for homes, investment or profit. Branch Office, 5725 Central O/\O asy termS| toa to our Branch Office, 53d and Main Sts. (Maple Aye.
Avenue, at end of Central Avenue car, or on the Tract. Take Long ===== ===== car or New Moneta Aye. car). Our carriage will take you over the Tract
Beach car to 63d or Spaulding. until the new car lines are finished. v :
*/ Telepkontj-Horae «737, 29108, 29098, 29J71. Sum.i, Red 120*. S. 787, S. 3164 *T o*lll . Did till WttJ Teltphonw-HQine 8737, 29108, 29098, 29171. Sunset, H.d 1202, S. 787, S. 3164
V . ._. M
colonial style dwelling for W. R.
Burke on the southeast corner of Berk
eley square and Western avenue; also
plans for a dwelling for Mrs. W. D.
Stephens, to be erected at Hollywood;
for a two-story dwelling for Charles
E. Nortpn in Crescent Heights, West
Hollywood; for a dwelling for J. S.
Dodge, on the corner of Monterey
road and South Fair Oaks avenue,
South Pasadena, and for a bungalow
for J. F. Hanna, to be erected at River
Architect Shattuck— Plans for a cot
tage for C. W. Stockwell, to be built
on Forty-second street, near Moneta
Architect A. C. Smith— Plans for a
two-story dwelling on South Flgueroa
street for Pattillo & Pattle.
Architects Scott Bros.— Plans for a
two-story mission dwelling for Mr.
Hoff, to be erected at Hollywood; for
a two-story dwelling In Harvard
Heights for Mr. Kammermeyer and for
a bungalow for Mrs. Hatfield on
Thirty-seventh street, near Budlong
Home Places In Various Parts of
the City Purchased
Last Week
Among the sales of the past week
reported are the following:
M. O. Miller to G. Lewis, an unim
proved lot on the east side of Lake
street, 250 feet south of Sixth street,
lot 50x150 feet. New owner will im
prove with modern residence; $1800.
Marie A. Boardman to G. W. Burton,
an unimproved lot on the southeast
corner of Coronado and Sixth streets,
lot 60x130 feet; $3500.
Burton Warner to E. Shields, four
lots on the west side of Normandle
avenue, south of Adams street, lots
60x148 feet each; $5000.
F. J. Hochgurtel to Mrs. Lily Wy
man, the seven-room bungalow at 238
East Forty-second street, for $3000; lot
40x135. • ■:. "■■-
VV. J. Gretten to W. A. Devine, the
five-room cottage at 532 East Thirty
fifth street, for $2650; lot 40x135 to a
16-foot alley. ■ . ■;
B. M. Campbell to J. H. Moran, the
eight-room house at 156 West Confi
dence street, for $4600; lot 50x150 feet.
Poole & Jones to J. M. Gaspard, the
six-room bungalow at 1107 El Molino
street for $4250; lot 45x130 feet.
W. D. Hlckox to Mrs. Jessie Doney,
one acre at Bell's station for $550; mi
nor improvements.
West Ninth Street Heights Co. to E.
E. Bensell, an unimproved lot on the
west side of Hobson street, just south
of Ninth street; lot 50x128 feet; $1300.
R. B. Young to G. Harms, a six
room cottage on the north side of
Francis street, 200 feet east of Vermont
avenue; $3000.
R. W. Alven to C. N. Poundstone, the
five-room cottage at 941 East Thlrfy
second street for $2100.
Poole & Jones to Mrs. J. A. Ivan, the
five-room bungalow at 1727 Vermont
avenue for JHHOu.
Poole & Jones to T. S. Brockinbraw,
the six-room rnltago at 2124 Vermont
avenue for $4000.
Purchasing Homes
Althouse Bros, report sales of the
following home places: N. ,L. How
land to Roland Paul, a two-story res
idence at 1986 West Washington street,
lot 50x150 feet. Consideration, $6000.
A. J. Sherman to F. E. Hand, a two
story nine-room frame residence at 818
West Klghteenth street, lot 50x170 feet,
$8250. 15. E. Barnard to L. L. Ole, a
six-room bungalow at 1035 "West Twen
ty-third street, lot 60x150 foet, $3250.
Highland Villa Tract
The Junss Investment company laßt
week sold nine lots In their Highland
Villa tract, aggregating $4300. The
grading- and cement work is progress
ing satisfactorily.
Senator Stephen W. Dorsey and His
Associates Have Arranged for
One of Best Subdivisions in
Southern California
Pasadena Heights, in many respects
the most extensive residential subdi
vision ever exploited in Southern Cali
fornia, is now ready for the market
and the Initial announcement 'will be
found upon another page of this issue
of The Herald.
The Pasadena Park Improvement
company are the owners of this prop
erty which lies east of Lake avenue
and north of Villa street, embracing
over 300 acres.
The property Is now being highly
developed and a large and rapid In
crease of the populalton of Pasadena
will result. The holdings of the com
pany embrace 300 acres fronting more
than 4000 feet on Villa, Santa Bar
bara, Las Lunas, Orange Grove, Pa
loma, Loma Vista, Mountain and Pasa
Grande streets, and extending north
ward on Holllnston, Hill, Hamilton,
Sierra Bontta, Sinaloa, Allen, Palo
Verde and Paladora avenues, some 3000
feet, including the southern portion
of the Hugus and Craig ranches, as
well as many email farms and hold
No acreage could be more perfectly
adapted to such a project as the com
pany has provided for. The general
plane of the land Is flawless and the
prospect either north or south Is ln
gplrlngly beautiful. All east and 'west
streets are 80 and 120 feet wide, and
the wider ones parked their entire
length down the center. AH are being
oiled, sidewalked and curbed. Thous
ands of shade trees will be planted.
Building restrictions will be enforced.
A branch of the Pacific Electric line
from Lake avenue will cross the prop
erty from west to east. ...
Orange Grove avenue, formerly Illi
nois street, will be made 120 feet wide
through Pasadena Heights, and thus
Orange Grove avenue from Its present
southerly beginning to its eastern ter
minus beyond the Craig ranch will be
the widest and smoothest driving and
"mobllng" avenue in Southern Califor
nia. Villa street will be widened to 80
•The property, naturally beautiful,
will be still further beautified beyond
any other subdivision in Los Angeles
or Pasadena. Pasadena material and
labor will be utilized in so far as prac
The directors of the Pasadena Park
Improvement company are Stephen W.
Dorsey, president; Frank R. Strong,
Robert Marsh, Paul H. Blades. M. J.
Nolan, A. H. Busch, George F. Bur
ton, John W. Vaughn, George J. Denis.
The property will be sold in Los An
geles by Strong & Dickinson, Stone &
Blades, Robert Marsh & Co., and M.
J. Nolan, and In Pasadena by all
agents. The general office of the com
pany in Pasadena will be at 17 Ray
mond avenue. Wilbur O. Dow, a widely
known and successful real estate op
erator of Los Angeles, will be In gen
eral chares at Pasadena and on the
A«-t TlHnr.l. r.ntral W n 28 ft R rfprlng?
There's Only One Town of
We founded Watts less than two |J «|« /^^4 Mr3> Be ." c McCoy purchased lotn
years ago. Wo foresaw its W% |g» B AnEe! Era pa «K&V amounting to $750 less than a
Future importance as a big june- m £fogk B M 1» Hi psj XjtN. year ago. Recently they sold,
tion city. All our property is in Wrarwftn J"M\ •■••■• 19 Km before they were half paid for,
the center of the fastest develop- lUr W*3f m W» PI ISI wl for $ 1500 ' netting her a profit of
ment and every purchaser makes \jg vg R I^w Jr3 F*\ few J$ "^ per cent on ' 10r actua ' '"'
It was founded and built by the GOLDEN STATE REALTY CO.,
the largest realty organization in the State of California. Capital
$100,000; assets over half a million dollars.
We are placing on the market now the finest subdivision in the town limits of Watts, known as the "York Tract." It is in the town limits,
close to the new junction facilities and right in the path of steady development. _ Every railroad addition, every street improvement, every
new business, every public or private advantage gained by the town of Watts is immediately reflected in the value of property in this splen-
Strangers and Homeseekers Take Notice
vv c nave BtJY CLOSE T0 THE junction many nave
INO The surest progress and the most certain advance in value in at the june- JjOUDieU' "•« '■■'■■'■*)
. tlon of the Santa Ana and the Long Beach electric lines, where Junction ~T" • .
' (tCA facilities make land value. . «
&DU The York Tract at Watts— am
LotS Is right in the center of building; activity. Stores, school and all the im- TrGDieQ
provements are there. Over 1900 residents are interested in its progress. v
„„.,„,, _,„_, Dt , inn y,,, t When you buy at Watts buy in the town and at the Junction, where every Their money by snfn nnrf
Our lots start at JlOO, but improvement increases the value of your property. lnelr mon<? y oy s&io and
every one is located In the conservative investment
town limits of Watts, j^^ _ A< _ __. >*W g% under our direction at
where values arc Ktoadily ft H B fTl!^ «1 881 l #lTfclfl \ lT& RB^ R Watts, Every promise
rising and where every & H Jw\/13 "J/AW UllU \J f* ftl | made has been redeemed
purchaser will mako Sl M _ _ «... _ _. 1 ttnd tne town of Watts Is
money without waiting for H BUSIIieSS tOmerS JfrldU and Up V& | at the front now and still
the town to spread out to 4 1 H , ■ rf I H [ advancing. Get off at
h'm- I . \|/- ■ |$1 DOWN. ..$1 A WEEK IH' H I Wattß -
Free Trips All Day Sunday — Get Our Tickets ~
Get tickets free at our Branch Office, right on the corner of Sixth and Main, on your way to the Huntington depot. Take the Long Beach can any
time you please. Courteous agents with carriages will show you the property.
Golden State Realty Company
Main Office £21 South Spring Street Both Phones Ex. 56
Herald "Want Ads" Bring Returns

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