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Reported Attack by a
Grand Duke
Aspired to Bo Dictator
of Empire
Loyal Troops Still Maintain Isolation
of Court, and It Is Difficult to
Obtain Accurate Infor.
Special Cable to The Hernld.
BEIILIN, Deo. I.— The Vosslscho
Zeltung prints a dispatch from St.
Petersburg saying that ono of tho
grand dukes attempted the life of the
czar. Ills majoaty Is said to havo been
wounded In the right hand.
It Is Said Grand Duke Englneero
the Plot
Special Cable to The Herald,
LONDON, Dec. 1. — According to one
version of tho attempt on tho life of
the czar on unnamed grand duke, alm
inp to constitute hlmKelf dictator, en-
Kineercd tho plot, In tho attempted ex
ooutlon of which tho cznr wan wound
Tho rumors cannot bo confirmed, nor
is 'It probablo Hint unytlihig will be
learned of tho uffair so long ns there
nro sufficient loyal troops to maintain
tho present isolation of the court,
which is us nearly comploto ns if It
wcro in tho moon. • Nevertheless, tho
arrests that have been made and tho
partial admissions of tho officials arc
regarded oh proving there havo been
serious occurrences of Bomo sort at.
Tsarskqe-Selo, while 1 tho fidelity of
tho guards and regiments is consid
ered as no longer existent.
Tho groat preponderance of troops in
St. Petersburg and district are now
Cossacks, who have little in common
with tho mans of Russians, and whoso
devotion to tho czar is as yet not even
suspected. This is the reason for the
plan to mobilize them.
All Sorts of Rumors Current in St.
By Associated Tress.
Kimrds arrested ut Tsarskoe-Selo
Thursday night nnd Friday morning
numbered 250, including 20 officers.
'AH. kinds of rumors are current,- In
cludlng. 'tb.e.v.asH<>i'tlon that, one of .the
Brand dukes is Involved in a con
spiracy against the emperor, but none
of them, ran be verified. It only seems
certain that no confidence, can be
placed even In tho guard regiments.
Arrested soldiers arc seen every day,
escorted by their comrades with drawn
St. Petersburg is swarming with
Cossacks, the. only troops against
whom there is no suspicion of disaf
It Is understood that the whole Coa
sack force of tho empire, some 400,
000,-will be mobilized.
' A conference was held at Count
"Wltte's residence last night to con
sider the demands of tho telegraph
Count "Witte has declined to receive
a, deputation from the telegraph and
postal strikers on the ground that
they are violating their duty to the
state, but he sent a note to the depu
tation recommending that the strikers
address themselves to their immediate
chiefs. ;
Admiral Gives Account of Revolt at
By Associated Press.
' ' ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. I.— The fol
lowing dispatch from Vice Admiral
Ohouknln at Subastopol dated Novem
ber 30, was given out tonight:
"The revolutionists counted on com
plete success, assuring the sailors and
soldiers that they could remain loyal
servants of the emperor while present
ing their demands, und that It was not
necessary for them to use violence. By
acting together, they were told, they
could not fail to succeed.
"Only the ring leaders were acquaint
ed with the real objects of the putting
forth of the economic pretexts on the
service basic, tho majority of them be
lieving that arms would not be em
"The crews on board tho ships re
mained loyal. Terrorism, Including
threats of death, was used to force tho
workmen of the port to strike.
"The tempest of war lias ceased, but
not that of revolution. Tho Russian
people are being led unconiprehendlng
ly Into civil war and self-destruct Ion."
. Oen. Baron Mellcr Gakometskle, com
irnnder of the. Seventh army corpß tit
Hebastopol, telegraphed as follows:
"Armed revolt hns ceased. All tho
troops behaved brilliantly and per
formed their difficult duty devotodly.
"Tho number of prisoners exceeds
"Kxcltement prevails among the in
habitants, especially among tho Jaws,
whom "the revolutionary officers In
sulted and threatened.
"Tho conduct of the Brest regiment
In the capture of the marine barracks
was Irreproachable us was ulso the ser
vice rendered by the Blelostok regl
iiio.nt, tho fortress, artillery nnd other
Emperor Apparently Not Dejected by
His Troubles
By Associated Preea.
ST. PKTERSBUUQ, Dec. I.— Lewis
Nixon of New York wus received In
tiudience by the emperor this after
The audience took place in the pal
aco at Tsarskoe-Selo und wub unusual
ly long for un audience of a private
character, lasting over half un hour.
Vice Admiral Kiiiliilf, minister of ma
rine, wus pivtieiit.
Ills niiiJ.'Hly displayed not thn slight
est trace of the gloomy deject lon •in
which lie Is pictured us being plunged,
(Cuuiliiiiril on I'uite Tnr«>
Los Angeles Herald.
PRICEI ""KtV.".?" 165 CENTS
The Ira H. Owen Founders in Storm on
Lake Superior
Craft Was Seen, Showing Distress Signals, by the
H. J3. Nye, but Latter Vessel Was Unable
to Itender Her Any Assistance
liy Ansnclntftd Preu.
CHICAGO, Dec. I.— Thesteel steamer
Ira 11, Owen, carrying a crew of 1S»,
Is believed to have gone down with
all hands during the recent storm on
Lake Superior. The Owen was last
sighted last Tuesday by the steamer
11. 13. Nye whllo off the Apostle Group.
The Owen was showing distress sig
nals and seemed to be In a bad way.
The Nye was almost helpless In the
terrlblu storm and could do nothing
to assist the Owen, which was soon
lost to sight In a blinding snowstorm.
When the storm cleared two hours
later the Owen had disappeared.
Today Capt. M. X. Chnhiberlnln of
the steamer Sir William Plenums re
ported at Ashland, Wls., that yester
day when twelve miles east of Michi
gan Island he run Into n mass (of
wreckage consisting of c'.vllrs, stanch
ions, the top of a en bin und other de
bris, floating In the midst of the
■wreckage were a number of life pre
servers marked "Steamer Ira H.
The owners of the vessel In Chi
cago have given up hope of tlie
steamer ever reaching port. Of the
crew of 19 the names of the following
are known:
.IOSKPH MULLIGAN, Ruffalo, cap
THOMAS BONNER, first mate.
M. HAGGKItTY, second mute.
H.RUCHANAN. first engineer.
J. li. ALGEK, second engineer.
n. N. HOOK, oiler.
J. JACOBSON. wheelman.
L. MONTHAY. wheelman.
G. McKAY. lookout.
.T. KNUDSON, lookout.
Tho Owen had a cargo of 116,000
bushels of barley. She was built in
Cleveland In 1887, and was Insured for
$100,000. Her cargo of barley was also
Steamer Watts Is Safe
By Asm dated Press
CLEVELAND, Ohio, Dec. I.— A tele
gram received at the offices of the
Plttsburg Steamship company today
from Two Harbors, Mich., states thnt
the steamer Watts with tho barge
Thomas in tow has arrived safely at
that port. These vessels had not been
heard from since the big storm of
Up to the present time ten vessels be
longing to the Fittsburg Steamship
company have been reported ashore
Police Fire on the Mob, Killing Five.
Strikers Have Been Parading the
Streets of Georgetown Since Tues
day — All Business Suspended
By Associated Press.
GEORGETOWN, Demarara, Dec. 1. —
A strike of wharf laborers which is in
progress here assumed a very serious)
aspect this morning, when the police
were compelled to fire on a rioting
mob. It is reported that five of the riot
ers were killed.
Later in the day the rioters attacked
tho governor's house. Tho governor
and other officers are now besieged in
tho public buildings.
Tho arrival of warships is anxiously
awaited. The strike, which was the
result of a demand for higher wages,
began Tuesday last, and since then the
strikers have been parading the streets.
As a result of today's troublo all busi
ness is suspended.
Cruisers Leave for Demarara
By Associated Press.
ST. THOMAS, D. W. 1., Dec. 1. — The
British crulßorH Sapho and Diamond
huvo gone to Demarara.
Brings Action to Collect Penalties for
Alleged Violation of Safety
Appliance Act
By Associated Press.
Southern Pacific: nfllcinls have been
nerved with notice- of suit against them
by the, government In the United States
district court at Portland, Ore., to col
lect penalties for their alleged violation
of tho safety appliance act passed by
congress In 1893 and subsequently
amended in 19<W. Similar sultH have
alt») been brought against other over
land roads. The act In question re
quires that every train should have v
sufficient number of cars so equipped
with power or train brakes that the
engineer on the locomotive drawing
such train can control Its speed without
requiring brakomen to use the common
hand brakes for that purpose.
All passenger trains are properly
equipped and us a rule will not take a
car from another road coming In a
through train unless It has airbrakes.
Tho suit is therefore In the nature of a
surprise, and is probably the first action
of the kind brought in tho federal
courts on this coast. ■':..•*'.
San Francisco Hotel Man Bound and
Gagged and Relieved of
Dy Jksforlatnd Pest
Barto, proprietor of the r,archmont
hotel on Butter street, says he was re
lieved of $800 In currency by two robbers
at un parly hour this morning. He al
leges that he was forced to throw up
his hands, after which ho was bound
und gntfge.il. Ills uHsullants then so
cured the money and escaped.
The police are making a seurchlng In
vestigation into the matter.
n» a result of the rorrnt. gale. The
Vega ran 011 Fox Island during a
weather hns moderated greatly.
The Ktetimor D, M. Cleinson, prevl
ounly reported missing, Is safe. Bhu
arrived nt the 800 today.
Barge Constitution Safe
By ARnorliitwl Pipss.
BATFrELD, Wlo.. r>«c. I.— The burg*
Constitution which broke nwny from
the steamer Victory during the great,
storm early In the week, was picked
up nnd brought to thin port. Her
Steering gear broke during Iho gale,
but tho borit otherwise is unharmed.
Steel Steamer Beached
By AssnrlntPd Press.
CHICAGO, Dee. I.— Tho large steel
steamer Western fUnr, owned by M.
J. Cummlngs of o»wpgn, N. V.. Is now
lying on tho sandy shore of Luke Hu
perlor sixteen miles enst of On tuna
gon, Mich. The boat was run ashore
during a snowstorm Inst Tuesday. The
rhiinces are tint It can be floated be
fore wlnt»r sets In.
Steamer Vega Wrecked
By Associated Press
NOHTHPURT, Mich., Dec. I.— The
steel steamer Vega, ore laden, Is a total
wreck on Vox island, 11 1 the foot of
Lake Michigan. The crew of 1!> men
was taken off by Indian fishermen nnd
was brought here lust nlprht. The.
heavy snowstorm and ■ shortly after
wurd broke in hnlf.
Canadian Vessel Ashore
By Associated Presa.
DULUTH. Minn., Dec. I.— A report
received here from Port Arthur. Ortt.,
says the Canadian steamer' Monks
Haven Is ashore at Pie Island near
Port Arthur. The crew is safe, but the
vessel is a totnl loss. The If. B. Nye
got Into Two Harbors last night in a
budly battered condition.
Disastrous Season for Shipping
By Associated Press.
DETROIT, Mich., Dec. I.— The Jour
nal today says 149 Hyps havo been
sacrificed, over seventy ships wrecked
und a lons of nearly $7,000,000 has been
sustained in tho three, big. storms on
the great hikes this season. ;.That this
is the most disastrous season - In . the
history of shipping' on the lakes . is
beyond a doubts ;..-^ * ■ . .'■ '-. • .'
Declares He Performed the Operation
In an Effort to Save Miss Geary's
Life and States That He Did Not
Dismember Her Body
By Associated Press.
BOSTON. Doc. I.— The jury which has
been hearing the evidence at the trial
of Dr. Percy D. McLeod, the Back Bay
physician who is charged with being
an accessory to the performance of an
illegal operation upon Susanna A.
Geary, the dress suit case victim, re
tired to consider the testimony at 4:45
o'clock this afternoon. Judge Stevens,
before whom the case has been tried,
instructed the Jury to seal the verdict
should one be reached tonight and
present it tomorrow.
The proceedings today furnished a
dramatic climax to an already sensa
tional rase. Dr. McLeod In his own de
fense testified that he did not dismem
ber the body of the chorus girl. He de
nied that he had ever had any connec
tion with the "Mrs. Dr. Bishop" offices,
where the illegal operation la alleged to
have been performed, and swore that
he had never been inside the Wiuthrop
street house where the girl died until
summoned to perform an operation to
save fkU»» GeHry's life. According to
Dr. McLnod'B testimony ho waa called
to the Wlnthrop street' house by Dr.
John 11. Petten, who a few day's ago
testified that he was summoned there
by Dr. McLiPod. He. testified that his
only connection with the case, was the
performing of an operation known as
laparotomy. the only hope, ho claimed,
of saving the woman's life.
Santa Barbara Orchestra Leader
Leaves Wife and Child in Desti.
tute Circumstances
Special to Tho Herald
erick Itunklf, leader of tho Santa Bar
bara Military band, eloped with Mis*
1 race Crapmnu last night. Tho affair
has created a great sensation here.
Miss Chapman Is a talented young
musician and has fur some time played
Iho piano in Runklp's orchestra.
The young woman wail with Kunkle'u
orchestra during his engagement at Ite
tlmiilo lust your.-'
TJio orchestra had been engaged to
play ut a dance last evening and other
musicians, had to be secured for tho
llunkle loaves behind him a wife and
v 12-yeur-old Invalid son. They ure now
In destltuLn circumstances. A warrant
has been issued for tho man's arrest.
.Mlsh Chapnuin is said to own a ranch
Btld other valuable property in Texas.
Hhe left a note with Mrs. Richards, her
ii u nt, with whom she hus been living,
fcaylng she had gone with llunkle uiul
would never return.
Freight Strikes Work Train
My Associated I'ix-hh
BACHA.MKNTO, Dec. I.— At Florlston
this ufternonu there was a roar end
collision caused by it freight train run
ning Into a work train. Several empty
ear( were wrecked. Nobody wub hurt.
Borne oil on the track made it ho slip
pery thut tho engineer of the freight
train could not Btop. , '.',;,■;.
Many Declare He Wants to Spring a
General Election on the Country
to Gain a Tactical
Tty AMOnlAtml Press.
LONDON, Dec. l.— m somo quarters
It Is considered possible that Premier
Httlfour may yet elect to dissolve par
liament rather thnn resign. Homo lib
erals do lint hesitate to attribute to
the premier a deep laid plot to spring
tho surprlso of a genc-ml flection on
thn country nt an Inopportune moment
for th« sake of gaining a tactical nd
vantagp for his party by forcing- the
election before the new register of
voters comes Into operation In Janu
H Is further alleged that the hints
of the premier's Intention to reslght
have hpen spread with the purpose of
concealing his real motives from tho
No mutter whnt decision inny be an
nounced next week It is a fact that
both pnrtlps nre already In the throes
of an electoral enmpaign. The leaders
Rre making nightly speerhes In their
fonstltuencies. The unionists are rep
r< renting Sir Henry Campbell-Han
nerman and his liberal followers na
tied to the heels of John Redmond,
while tho liberals am assiduously em
phasizing the divergences In the views
of the unionists for and against protec
As far n« party organization Is con
cerned both sides nre well prepared
for tho elections, but there Is an ex
treme likelihood that the varying
views on tho fiscal policy will produce
a crop of three-cornered contests
which will render any attempt to fore
cast tho result a very difficult mat
Feeling within the unionists ranks
still runs high. Lord Hugh Cecil,
leader of the conservative freo traders.
In addressing his constituents at
Greenwich tonight said that Joseph
Chamberlain was engaged in an en
terprise which, if it were allowed to
succeed, would ruin the unionist party.
The unionists, he said, must beware
of leaving such a stone around their
necks as the liberals had in home rule,
and If Mr. Chamberlain's policy con
tinued tho unionists would a decade
henco be struggling with an old man
of the sea on their backs. , ; ,
/ ■ . ■ . > — ;—77:; — 77: ■•-.-•,. ;■ 1
Tailors Engage in a Fight— Assailant 1
1/ , „ Olv'es Himself lip tb'the.' > ■ .'>
/ • .-*-■"•"'■ polled' •'■' '■''"TTw
\ Klchard Slinms.' a tailor In room 223,
! old ,Hellmtin building, became Involved
In a quarrel last night with A. Petrle,
also a tailor, nnd after hot words Pctrle
cut ftmms 1 throat with a razor and
then ran to the city jail, where ho gave
himself up to Se.rgt. McClure.
The police sent an ambulance to tho
Hellman building and Himms was found
on tho floor bleeding badly. : Ho was re
moved to the receiving hospital. Slmms
was near to death, but through the
efforts of the police surgeons his life
was saved.
. Petrle told the police what he had
done and said that It was through self
defense that he committed the deed.
Slmms, although able to talk, refused
to make any statement.
Walking Delegates Accused of Extort.
ing $250 on Promise to Call
Off Strike
By Associated Press.
NEW-YORK, Dec. I.— Four walking
delegates were arrested tonight In a
saloon ut One Hundred and Twenty
sixth street and Third avenue charged
with having extorted $250 from Morris
Jacobson nnd upon its receipt promis
ing to call off a strike declared last
Saturday on three flat buildings being
erected by Joseph Jcobson, son of the
The prisoners are John Kingston, a
boss mason: Luke A. Burke and James
J. Galvln, delegates of the bricklayers'
union, and James Doyle, a delegate of
the hod carriers' union. _
Governor Hlgglns Interviewed
By Arsuclnted Press.
ALBANY. N. V., Her. I.— Oov. Hlg
glns was asked tonight his opinion as
to the advisability and probability of
the insurance investigation being pro
longed beyond the next session of the
'I cannot, say as to that," he replied,
'until after the committee has re
It was suggested that tho committee
might continue Its investigation while
the legislature ts in session.
"It is not advlHable," said the gov
ernor, "for special committees to work
during the session. It Interferes with
legislative proceedings."
Tho Herald's Sunday magazine for
tomorrow will be largely for women,
and many of Its features will appeal
specially to them. From start to
finish, 'it is their own pnrt of the
There is a discussion of Los An
gelps nnd tho Gibson typo of girl
have we oiip, and If not. why not,
mid whom have we as a type su
perior? The illustrations, of social
favorites, will prove the citse.
A new fad is to wear false hair, not
to eke out your own scanty locks, but
as the chief glory of your poll, using
your real hair merely us a foundation.
That's sturtllng, but New York has
approved of it. That is told of, with
pictures und the new designs.
The occult side of dressing well will
Interest you. So will a model vego
tarlaii dinner, with recipes. A smart
horse show story is an attractive
Vov the children, there Is a whole
pitgr, wtth stories thny have themselves
written. Kor the men, a discussion of
thn state senators from here, by Col,
Lynch, a delightful discussion.
These ure samples from the duy's
menu. Get v Herald and enjoy the
■Mliolu bill of mental fare,
The 1 Late J. P. Davenport
Former Councilman James P. Davenport,
Injured in Wreck, Dies in Ambulance
on Way to Receiving Hospital
Former. Councilman J. P. Davenport
was almost Instantly killed ami twenty
persons were Injured in a collision be
tween two electric enrs at the Intersec
tion of Washington street and Burllnjj
ton avenue' at ,3:23 o'clock yesterday
afternoon. : ' '. ■
..Washington street car, N0., 279 on the
Los Angeles ratlway.Une struck, Inter
urlmn car No. 188. w1th»terrlft<i Impact,
| overturning 1 ' ihe blfc cqach »nd! injuring
r Unfamiliar with their. Orders. jthe Loh
Angeles, railway crew attempted to
cross. the Interurban tracks when the
University car of, the Intnrurban line
held the right of way. But the fatal
accident .would have been avoided had
the motorman of the • Interurban car
held his tram under control. ';'
Instead Motorman Brown of the Uni
versity car let' his car speed in front
of the Washington street car. and as a
result the Interurban electric was
hurled from Us trucks, killing: Mr.
Davenport and injuring nearly every
passenger on the car.
Running west . on Washington street
the Los Angeles railway car neared
Burlington avenue, where the Inter
urban tracks ! cross the Washington
street line at right angles. On the Uni
versity line car 138 was approaching
Washington street from the south at a
high rate iof speed. Both cars slacked
their speed. . ' ■
Motdrman W. W. Gould of the Wash
ington electric had his car all under
control and, according to passengers on
his car, would have stopped, but his
conductor Rave him the signal to pro
ceed. As Conductor Thomas of the
University car give the "two bells" he
remarked ..to the motorman , that they
would cross. first because there was a
car behind. '■:■• ■'„■■'
Collide With Terrible Impact
As Gould ■ turned on ' the • power he
looked behind at the conductor and in
another instant his car crashed into the
sid« of the University car, overturning
It. Passengers In his coarh were thrown
from their seats »md the front anil
middle window glasnes were broken by
the terrible Impact of the steol framed
cars and several worn seriously hurt.
Among t.hoso who boarded the Wash
ington" car were a- party of nineteen
members of the Loyal Ladles" Sewing
society of Stantnn post of W. It. C,
who were going to a party given at the
home of Mrs. Alice Prid'hurd. There
were twenty-nine In the party, but. only
nineteen boarded the car because It was
too crowded. Many of those who did
board the car were Injured.
But few parfsengers In either enr knew
of the Impending danger, nnd being
tnken unawares the result of the ter
rific shock was more horrible.
The Washington street car was
crowded almost to Its fullest capacity
and a panic resulted.
Maddened by the shock the passengers
scrambled to their feet from the tangled
piles of humanity into which they had
been thrown and crushed each other in
getting to exits.
James Huey, a district messenger liv
ing at 2400 Hoover street, was the only
passenger on the University car who
realized the danger. Seeing that a col
lision was- inevitable he li-npi'ii under
the guard rail of the front end just
an the crash came.
Car Crushes Victim
When the Wushlngton street , ear
crashed into the Intururban car, the
latter was turned over on its side. The
dozen or more occupants were hurled
from their seutu Into piles of broken
glass or through windows ami openings.
Ex-Oouncllrnun Davenport was sit
ting on the left side of the car in a
front seat. When the crash came he
was pitched through the left entry-way
onto the ground, and as the car fell on
Its vide the edge of the roof struck lilh
head and the stanchion of the entry
wily pinned him directly to the ground,
having fallen on his hips.
Mrs. Austin wuh cnmhecl about the
head anil body und fearfully out. Hhe
was carried Into v ueurby store and
later removed to her home. At the time
physicians examined the woman and
expressed the belief thnt she would die,
but there wan some hope held out. : '
H. I*. Kimmel of 1!>29 Darwin nvenue
was standing at the left aldo of" the
motorman of the Wushlngton street car.
Seeing that the collision was about to
occur he turned his back to tho front
glass nnd hrarpd himself for tho crash.
An- Instant he-stood braced and , then
the collision came. -„. ■ '•■■■'
• Wlllard Goodwin's mother-in-law was
hurlod against Klinmel, injuring both
the woman and the man.. ■ .'•-..' •
iv ' '„< .'• » . V ° T.*£L ' •. ?.Jl' ro i)' 1 ? x . :, -- *it
lf> anntiitJr* instant Kimmcl waa out of
the Washington street -car and *.'to tho
rescue -of those • Injured In the other
car. Quickly taking in the situation,
Klmmel saw Davenport lay pinned be
neath the .overturned .car. . For v time
he strove in 'vain, to get. assistance, in
raising' the- end' of the car to release
Davenport. . ■ '
■With- thn assistance of Mrs. L.A.
Newton, - Kimmoll secured a block and
began to raise the car. After much ef
fort others joined the woman and man
and within a short time Mr. Davenport
was drawn . from beneath the car. Dr.
J. .T. Miller, whose ofllco is near by,
was soon on the scene und. with Pr.
P. T. . Jenkins, who also quickly ar
rived, cared for the dying man, and
after he had been sent to the receiving
hospital they turned their attention to
After assisting in removing Mr. Dav
enport from beneath the car Mrs. New
ton, who upon . hearing the accident
had rushed to the scene from a near-by
house, where she Has been staying since
coming from Houston, Tex., and Kim
mell, climbed into the wrecked car und
began carrying out the injured.
The two were_ soon joined by others
who had seen ' the accident, and by
Capt. Bradlsh and. a detail of officers
from the sub-police station, and in a
comparatively short time' all . the in
jured were removed from the "scene of
the wreck. Two ambulances from the
central station and several private car
riages conveyed the injured to thoir
homes or hospitals. ,■. — .■■:■.'...
Expires in Ambulance
Mr. Davenport was taken from the
drug store at Washington street and
Burlington avenue, where he had been
carried, nnd placed In the first ambu
lance. While, the ambulance was on
its way to the receiving hospital tin:
dying man several times gave orders
regarding tho cure of himself. Sudden
ly Patrolman Bartlett, who was riding
at his side, noticed a quiver and feel
ing his pulse, found that the Injured
man had expired.
The crews of both cars escnpod wlih
only very slight injuries, though both
motormen stuck to their posts. They
had nothing to say. as all four men
were completely overcome by tho ca
lamity. ';-> . ■;
H. F. Hutehlnson. who was on the
Wushlngton car. retained his presonco
of mind. Mr. Hutehlnson caught hold
of tin aged man at his side und pre
vented him from being injured.
Mr. HutchltiKon said that the J.no
Angeles railway oar had slowed down
and then the power was applied again.
He said that the, Tnterurbun car was
running at a higher rato of speed than
the Washington street car, and thought
that the accident might have been
averted had both motormen had their
cars under control.
Probably the clearest account of tho
accident was given by H. L. Klmmell,
who was standing In tho front of tho
Washington street car beside tho mo
torman. He saw tho whole affair und
related it clearly.
Mr. Klmmell Tells of Wreck
1 "nelng forced to stand when I board
ed tho car, I worked my way to tho
front nnd took my stand at tlio loft of
tho motorman. Ah wo approached Bur
lington avenue, the motorman, on our
car slowed down. When the cur had
upproachod the Intersection of tho
trucks within fifteen feet the conductor
gave two bells, the signal to go ahead.
"At thin time tho Interurban car was
about thirty feet from the crossing, but
approaching It rapidly. As the oouduo
tor of our cur gave. the signal ho re
marked to tho motorman that they
would cross tlrst, as there, was another
Washington street car behind that was
crowded and the stop would cause v
blockade. .
"The motorman began to apply the
Main News Section
Passengers Arc Thrown
Into a Terrible
Washington Street Scene of Frightful
Accident, In Which Former Coun. "
cilman Loses Life— Many
Women Hurt
j; The Dead ;
1 1 J. P. Davenport, skull crushed. '
', \ The Injured ' \
4, Mrs. T. n. Austin, crushed about
■ 1 the head mid body and cut on tho '
J I hands und face. \
'»'• ,, IMrs'1 Mrs ' H ' A> Lambert, 129 Houth '
4, Mower, concussion of brain; in- '
* ternal Itijurli-n: may die.
♦ Herbert I^ambcrt, 5 years old, !
j ; face scratched.
„ Miss Glfford.
* L. I). Hutchison.
♦ George . Morgan, 122014 Wash-!
J Ington street.
X Mrs. L. G. Wiley, 1223 Magno- '
4. Ha. '
f Airs. E. C. Willis, 413 Bonnie
J Bruo street; head cut und neck
t T severely wrenched.
Miss Lydla Glacomazzl, 4719 '
. Western avenue. '
d Four othors sustained injuries'
•£• so slight that they went to their '
V homes unassisted and did not re- 1
J ' t <|ulrc the services of a physician. : '
'.', ' The Injured.. |
*' Mrs. James Ooleman, 541 Lake *
"t" t Shore. boulevard; two ■ t«»eth *■
„ knocked out and right hip dlslo- ■'
4 catpd. „; .;! *
• Mrs. Joannah Ansleyi 1107 West •
j 1 Eleventh street: back wrenched."*.*
J Mrs. Ixiuiso Muller,' 330'8outh'
4 Soto Ktreet: bruises und shock. ■'■■/!
* Mrs. Ilattln 14, Maro.hand. 148 .
"' West Jefferson Htreot; faco cut. •■■>. •
','. Mrs.- Mary 'Hayes, ■ 1200 Kaat '■
4 Forty-sixth street; arm and head '
♦ OUt.', ( :'■'■ ■ ■ ■ >'■■ . ' • Vl|
|| Mrs.. A... McCand loss, 1140? East' <
J Twenty-third street;hcad and car.'
>*;aiiti'", '■•"•"■"', •^*^ i^>-^-?- i ''-~^»-fii.'J* >^: J ;*J J )'-'
i> Mrs. S. O. Richardson, 148 Went')
< ' Jefferson . Ktrcct; neck , and breast' 1
i\ bruised. '' ■ . „ , - ■• '
„ Mrs.. W. T.j LawJer, ,243 Kast '
'• Forty-ninth Btrec>t; ! . cut • about |
" head, slight concussion of brain ,
J| and back and llniba wrenched. •
power to the car, nnd as ho did ho
turned his head to hear what tho con
ductor was Baying. Several person.s
saw tho collision was coming and gavo
a cry. As tho car collided the motor
man applied tho air brakes.
"Tho windows were broken In.vari
ous parts of the car and glass rainod
all over tho occupants, cutting and.in
juring several. Tho forco threw tho
Southern California: Fair Sat
urday, with heavy frost in the in.
terlor in the morning; light north
east wind. Maximum temperature
in Los Angeles yesterday, 65 de.
grees; minimum, 40 degrees.
I—Bad1 — Bad collision of electric cars.
2— Will not ask McCall to resign.
3 — Tacoma takes another game.
4— Editorial.
s—City5 — City news.
B—Describes8 — Describes trip to Holy Land.
I—Two1 — Two tramps save Santa Fe train,
2 — Young wanderer sent to Whittler,
3 — Baptists meet in San Bernardino.
4.5 — Classified advertisements.
6.7 — Public advertising.
B— Southern California news.
Steamer sunk on Lako Superior and
nineteen men drowned.
It Is denied thiit tho resignation o!
Mcfall will bo asked for.
I'lim to nmond shipping bill lit Interest
of tho I'hillpplnes.
Rumors current that czar has boon
wounded by grand duke.
Hiual treatment for Jews demanded at
public) meeting in St. Petersburg.
Htrlko in Deniarara mi hoilous that
British cruisers mo sent there.
San Francisco Gun und Electric com
pany sold to Now York parties.
Trial of Jail braikera In begun at San
Injunctions secured against state offi
cials in textbook (tuttrrel.
J. V. Davenport killed, mnro than a
score Injured in street car collision.
Tailor cuts throat of fellow workman.
Fourtoen-year-old globo trotter with re- ■
mui'kubla history In sentenced to Whittle"
by Superior Judga Wilbur.
Ui'feniimit In divorce suit pleads for
tlma. stating that Attorney Armltuga
whom hit hud retained to represent him,
had been arrested and Incarcerated In ths
city Jull.
Bwottthnart remains true and marries
blind lover.
Tramps save Santa Ye train near 1
UuilH for new Stcphcnxon avenue lino
already un tha ground.
(Lan lulu mil to K. rents.
Voting machine proposition will dlo
naturul death, etty coundlmeii.

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