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The Tract ol Tracts
Wide Streets— 77, 80 and 100 Feet Wide O N Wide Lots— 6o, 65 and 75 Feet Frontage
r '
c ; , ;
•— — — Corner Western Avenue^
High-Grade Building Restrictions. Improvements will be new to Los Angeles — none better. A view of the mountains each day, that
drives dull care away. The drive to Tract is thro' the best portion of Los Angeles — Westlake and Wilshire Districts.
Don't delay— go out today. Prices low; terms easy. For further information, see
224 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
Miss Shizu Tagaki Arraigned in Court
on Larceny Charge Declares
She Is Innocent of
Charged with grand larceny, Miss
Bhlzu Tagakl, a fair little geisha girl
from far Japan, appeared before Jus
tice of the Peace Pierce yesterday
and was arraigned and placed under
$1500 bonds which one of her little yel
low admirers produced in coin of the
realm and succeeded in having her re
The girl is less than 22 years of age,
nnd according to her story and the
stories told by a number of her
friends she is absolutely without guilt.
She came to the United States more
tliun a year ago, and when at Fresno
lost most of her money because of
her Inability to successfully conduct a
rooming house. A number of her
countrymen were coming to Ijos An
geles and they gave her funds to make
the trip south. She arrived here Octo
ber 21, and that evening, according to
the statements of the prosecuting wit
ness in the case, some of the Jap boys
wanted to go out and have a good time.
Jt is alleged that Y. Morlta produced
a roll of billH amounting to $150 and a
stack of gold amounting to $200, and
risked MiH3 Khi/.u to take care of It
for him until he returned. She Is al
leged to havo taken the money and
departed for Baratow, whore Hhe was
iirrested l>y Deputy Sheriff Hutchln-
Hon Friday afternoon.
Attracts Much Attention
When the deputy sheriff appeared in
rourt yesterday with his prisoner
everyone stopped judicial proceedings
lo stare at the couple. "Hutch" tow
ered high in the air, his broad white
hat and florid countenance giving him
the appearance of a cattle king. He-
Ride him, somewhere In the neighbor
hood of his knees, trotted the little
Japanese laciy, a. miniature model of
The petite prisoner was dressed In
black and wore a. long white walk-
Ing coat. Her hair wus arranged In
a high pompadour and was surmount
ed ny a becoming blue hat. -
When she reached a seat near the
prisoners' dock the little woman Hat
down and gazed shyly toward the
judge and the contesting attorneys and
swung her neatly shod feet which
dangled over the nide of the chair.
Hhe had very little to say during the
arraignment, indignantly denying the
allegation, but later through an in
terpreter, she told her story to a Her
ald representative.
"I was born in the province of Sat
«uma," Bhe said, "and everything was
»o nice there. There was nothing but
fun all the year round, from the feast
of the cherry blossoms to the dance
of the geishas, during their festival.
"My people took me to nee them
pne day and I thought they were very
pretty, but w»y father uald for me
to *tay away from them. My people
were not rich, und when I was little
more than a child there came a fail
ure in my father's busluees, ami, us
his daughter, them wan nothing else
(or me to do but to sell myself to the
PART 11.
master of the klndrome and become
a geisha.
Starts Life Anew
"The money went to my father, and
I had repaid the debt I owed him for
granting me life. Money was easy to
get in the klndrome. There they take
from the pocket of one young man
and give to another. No one ever says
anything about It.
"But finally I had a chance to come
to America and I thought that I could
leavt. the old life and start all over.
I went to Fresno and started a room
ing house. I dressed like the Ameri
can ladies dross and all I wanted was
to live right and be happy. The
thought of returning to the geisha
life never came to my head.
"Finally I lost my money and I
didn't know what to do until I met
some boys and they were coming to
Los Angeles and they put up the
money for me to come here. They
left me the day we arrived and I went
to Barstow and went to work. I never
touched a cent of money and I don't
see how the white people can have
the heart to make such a charge
against me.
"The first I ever heard of the charge
waa when I was arrested in Barstow
and there I met the big officer who
was so kind to me. I have been sit
ting here in court all this time and I
do not know what the judge will do
to me, but I am innocent. They say
people ure sent to prison for Btealing,
but I would rather die than go to a
dark place like that."
Miss Shtzu's friends are raising a
fund to aid in her defense, and she
will have a good attorney.
President of the Jamestown Exposi-
tion Company Leaves for
By Associated Press.
LONDON, Dec. 2.— Harry St. George
Tucker, president of the Jamestown ex
position company, left London for Ber
lin today. He has no doubt that tlis
German authorities will accept the in
vitation to participate In the naval and
military displays at Jamestown In
The British admiralty has given In
structions for the preparation of an
exhibit of modern inventions of instru
ments of warfare which will include
many models requiring much time to
Former Officials Charged With Con.
spiracy to Defraud the
By Associated Press.
PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 2.— Former
Director of Public Safety A. L. English,
former City Architect P. H. Johnson,
James D. Flnley, a former city employe,
and John W. Henderson and H. Huton,
members of a contracting firm, were In.
dieted today on the charge of con
spiracy to defraud the city In connec
tion with the construction of a small
pox hospital.
Serious Condition Discovered in the
Mutual Building Society of
By Associated Press.
MILWAUKEE, Doe. 2.— The Journal
today ways: A condition far more sen*
national thun waa at Ilrnl Indicated has
been discovered in the affaire of the
Rkurb Polskl Mutual Hulldlng widely
of Milwaukee, of which Frank Heller,
who lias dlnupueared. wuh secretary.
The tihortuge wan foun<l to be übout
,sluu,tHW liiKteud of $70,000.
Detectives Think Prisoner Who Has
Cartridge Belt and Soft. Sole Shoes
Is Person Who Terrorized
Residence District
Harry Ilendrlcks, the 18-year-old boy
arrested early last evening by Patrol
man J. M. Harrison for carrying con
cealed weapons, may turn out to bo tho
bare-footed burglar who terrorized the
residence district about Tenth and
Flower streets Wednesday night and
the footpad who caused a reign of con
sternation in the Aliso street district.
Hendrlcks, according to the police,
has told several stories. He claims to
have run away from his homo in Seat
tle some weeks ago. and has Been
"bumming" his way from town to town.
But when it came to telling what ho
had been doing hero and where he had
been he told different stories.
When searched at the police station
a pair of soft-soled shoes, a 32 caliber
revolver and a well-filled cartridge belt
were found. Protection was the ex
cuse that Hendrlcks gave for carrying
tho gun, and he said ho used tho shoes
to walk long distances.
From descriptions secured Wednes
day night and Thursday morning that
of Hendrlcks corresponds to the burg
lar who terrorized many houses on
West Tenth street and escaped from
Patrolman Paurtz, who was detailed to
Investigate the rases. The fact that
ho seems to bo quite familiar with vari
ous parts of the city Indicates that ho
has been hero for some time.
Youth Carries a Gun
During the past few weeks there
have been many complaints made to
the police of a young boy holding up
drunks, old men and women and chil
dren In the neighborhood of Aliso
street. In every case a description was
turned over to the police which might
easily be that of Hendrlcks.
Most of the attempts were not suc
cessful, and for that reason the police
have been keeping the matter dark.
But little has been said of the affairs
supposed to be the work of the "boy
footpad" In hopes that he might keep
on In his work and be caught In the
act. However, ho has successfully
eluded the police.
On San Fernando street Ilendrlcks
was found last evening, apparently
almUHsly wondering about. Patrolman
Harrison followed the lad for some dis
tance, and becoming convinced that the
boy was acting suspiciously, he over
took him and questioned him. Upon
making a hasty search of the boy's
person he found that Hendrlcks car
ried a gun.
Not being ablo to give a sufficient
reason for having the revolver, Patrol
man Harrison decided to send the boy
to the police station. As soon as Sert.
McClure saw tho lad he eatd he might
be the "boy footpad." The matter
was turned over to tho detective de
partment for Investigation.
He— They say tobacco is a great dis
infectant. She— Yen, I'vo noticed It
often cleans out your pocketbook In
good shape.— Detroit Free Press.
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