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Support of Rock Island Issues Pro*
duced Good Effect — Foreign Ex.
chango Market Easy — De-.
dine of Rates
Prices were generally lower nt 1
the opening of tho stock market ■
yesterday. '
Northern Pacific yielded 2U, '
Oreat Northern preferred 2, Hrook
lyn Ilnpld Transit 1% nn<l Cana- '
dlan Pacific, St. Louis Southwest
ern preferred, Smelting, Hepubllo
Steel preferred, Tonnesur-r, Coal, ,
IlockliiK Coal nnd Anaconda 1 to ,
IVi. Lend reached 70 Vi- .
A brisk rally In Reading which ■
brought It up nearly n point from ■
tho lowest had a steadying effect <
on tho entire market. Virginia- >
Caroline Chemical moved up 1% ■
and American Ice IVi- '
Rock Island rose 1, tho pro- •
ferrofl 2V4. Tennessee Coal nnd U. '
B. Pipe IV4 and American Ico 2%. '
Delaware & Tf'idson and Pnclflc
Coast fell 2, Consolidated Gas 1%, ;
nnd Atlantic Coast Line, nIK Four, ,
Locomotive preferred and New ,
York Dock 1 to IV4- .
Lead lost nearly all of its rise. ,
By Associated Press.
NKW YORK, Dec. 2.— Today's stock
market was under the same Influcnco as
that of yesterday. Tho depression and
hesitation shown In tho early dealings
were based on tho uncertainty of the
money outlook, tho financial disturbances
tn Russia and some anxiety over the ef
fect of the assembling of congress nnd
tho proposed legislation for federal con
trol of tho railroad rates.
There Is no actual borrowing of money
at tho stock exchange on Saturday, loans
made on Friday carrying over until Mon
day's money flurry to 15 per cent, left Its
disturbing influence and the nppearaucu
of the bank statement was looked to with
Interest to throw light on tho actual
situation. Tho statement was a weak
one, but sentiment seemed to lonn to the
interpretation that tho conditions disclos
ed were those of the paßt week and that
improvement was to bo looked for next
The Influence was an upward tendency
of prices after the publication of the bank
statement, which served to rc-storo large
ly tho previous declines.
A good effect was produced by the ap
pearance of support at tho last In the
Rock Island . Issues and the denial of
rumors of tho withdrawal of a leading In
terest in that property. The foreign ex
change market, although nominal on
Saturday, was easier In tono and rates
of discount declined again In London.
Btcrllng exchange at Paris was wetik.
Tho closing tono of stocks was llrm at
the recovery.
Total sales of bonds, par value, $1,355,000.
New York Stocks
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Doc. 2.— The following
were the quotations for stocks and bondb
on tho stock exchange today:
Adams Ex 240
22,800 Amal Cop 1)0 !>0 S!)«i
I.bOO Am C& F 40»i 3Ufi 40%
.......... do pfd 100 VI
1,300 Am Cot 0i1... 35% 34y 4 35
. .;.'. . . . do pfd !I2
; Am Ex : 221
.•.: . . ■. '.- Am H& L pfd . : , 34
6,300 Am Ice. 33 Vi 31 Vi 32%,
Am Lin Oil 17%
... do pfd .• 39V|
13,600 Am L0c0.. .... 71-A 70% 70T4
400 do pfd 117% 117 117
8,000 Am Sm & Uef. ls2V* 151 151»4
700 do pfd 130 I29Vi 120%
fiOO Am Sug Rcf.,140 139 Vi 139Va
1,200 Am Tob p c.;ioßVi 107->i 107%
2,600 Ana Mln C 0. .158% 185 157
6,900 Atchison 8«% 85% 85 y,
200 do pfd 103Vj 103 103
6,900 Atlantic C L.. 180 Vj l«0 100
5,400 B&O... 112 111V4 111W
100 do pfd 07 97 !)7
28,200 Brook R T... Bfi»i 85 V» »s»i
4,400 Can Pac 173 U 172» 8 173U
.100 Cent of N J..227 227 227
. 700 Chos & Ohio.. 03% 63 Vi 63%
...:.:. Chi & Alton 31
. 100 ' do pfd 15V4 75 V 6 75 Vi
400 Chi G W 21 20-7* 20%
ChI&NW 217
7,000 OM& St P... 176% 176 176%
Chi Tor & T 17
do pfd 37
100 CCC&StL... OnVj 96V4 95
. 5.200 Col Fuel & 1.. 4C . 45V4 45Vi
. 300 Col & South.. 28 V- 2S>4 2SVi
400 do Ist pfd.. di% 64 4 G4'.£
<■ 700 do 2d pfd.. 44% 44'/i 44' A
1,100 Consol Gas 177 175 175
Corn Pro 14 %
100 do pfd 53% 83% 53?1
200 Del & Hud... 222 221 220
Del, Lack & XV 470
: 200 Den & R G... 34>,£ 34 U 34 >/,
........ do pfd kiy
1900 Distill Sec 47 411% 47
28.500 Erlo 47 Ti 47 47%
600 do Ist pfd.. 80 Vi 80 80 k
000 do 2d pfd,. 72V4 72'/, 72tf
200 Otn Klec 184% 184 1 8 3 Va
Hock Val 109
100 111 Cent 17fi 176 175%
200 Inter Paper.. 25% 23% i\
1,400 do pfd 87% 87 87%
Inter Pump 27
do pfd 82
lowa Cent 21!'*
do pfd 65
300 XC South.... SO 29% 29V4
1,400 do pfd 62 61 BlVi
2,600 T, & N „.150 148Va 14»%
Mi-nhat L IG3
t2OO Mot Sec 72 71 ?i 72
1,200 Met St Ry 118% 118>/« 11KV4
400 Max Cent 23% 23 vl 23V4
.Minn & St L 78
MStP&SHStM 137 Vii
do pfd 166
2.800 Mo Pao lOOVi 99% 100
3.900 MX & T 35 % 35 Va 35 V4
do pfd 67 Vi
17,f100 Nat L?!i(l 7!»Vi 77 Vi 77l't
100 NRRof Upd 36^ 36 V 4 3G%
3.200 N V Cent 149>,& 148^ 149
1. 100 N V Out &W. H2 51% n2
400 Norfolk & W. 83% 83Va S3V4
. ... ... do pfd 02
900 North Am 100 90V4 i) 9
1.600 Pau Mall 49% 49V4 49* i
13.700 Pennsylvania -39 138*; 148%
700 Peopled 0a5..103 102% 103
100 PCC& St L,.. 80 Vi SOVi 80
1.1100 Pressed SCar. ii2'l 51U 62
300 do pfd 99 99 99
.'...... ' T'ullniKn PC. ....'.... 244
17,800 Raiding 155% 134% 13.%
do Ist pfd 92
do 2d pfd 97
14. 800 Itenub Steel.. 33% 3211 33%
do pfd 104V4 102«" 104 Vi
IMCO Rock Is C 0... 25% 24% 2.1%
7.000. do pfd 06 f,39i 85Vs
Rubber Gds 38^
do nfd 104
P 1,100 RtL&SF2d pd. r,7% 56 57*1
lOOHtbBW 2H£ 21V4 21V4
2CO do pfd r.6% • Bit 66U
5,100 South Puc... «7Vi 67 67Vi
200 do pfd 120 120 120
4,600 South Ry 34U 33%z34'A
100 do pfd 99 V» 90 Vi 99 Vi
C.OOO Turn C& linn. •„'.■!".!; 121 123 Vi
100 Tex * Pac... 3SJti 82« 32V»
300 Tol St L& W. 36*« 36Vi U%
1,000 dp pfd 67% 86V4 67V*
34,ri()0 Union Puc. .. .ian% 134% 134%
100 do pfd 97: 97 97
ir a Xx .... no
U S Hlty 88 K
1,900 U 8 Rubber.. 55. 54V4 64
do ufd. ..... . . ; HO
11.400 U S Bteel 36% 36V4 3ti%
13.000 do pfd 103% 10»V« 103 V&
12,800 Va Car Ch. ... 42 40 41S
800 do pfd 112V4 112H lid
200 Waba*l 20% 20V4 20%
600 d" pfd 40% 40 1; 40Vi
Wolls V 13x .227
West Kloc 170
20-) West Union.. 92% 92Vs 92 </i
700 Wheel &I, 15. 17% 17«,4 17
Win Cent 28',i
, do pfd 58 Vi
-800 Nor 111--' 196% 195! i 1»5
BOD Cent T,»a. 4« 43H 43H
800 do pfd 105 105 108
4,400 Sloes Shelf 1 .... 89 tt S9 88.*
Total sales for the day 836,000
New York Bond*
By Associated Pre.«s.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.-The following
wero offlciil closing (|iiotatlons for bonds
U 8 ref 2 rrg.lWi Japan «b M ser. WtJ
Do co»ip ....lWi Do 4V4* crt.... M%
V 8 Rs rrfs . ... lon 1 4 Do cert 2<i ser. 02*4
Do coup ....l(B'i f, & N un 4«....in5*i
ti 8 old 4s rrg.llWH Man con (fold 45.103J4
\)o coup ....10l</ 4 Mcx Ont 4s .... 81
ITS new 4a reg.132% Do Ist inc.... 24V4
Do coup ....1.12*4 Minn Sc Htl. 48. 97
Am Tobacco 4s. 80V4 M X ft T 45.... 100%
Do 6s 116 Do 2ds BTO
Atch gen 4s ..102% Nat R Mcx c 4s. 8174
Do ndj 4s .... 93% NY Cent X 3V4S. !»Z
Atlanta 01. 48.102 N V Cent g 3V4s. 90%
B& O 4a 10.1 North lac 45... 104-%
Do Sku P6Vi Do 3a 77J4
Brook UT c 4s. 98 Nnr & Wrnt c 48.101*4
Cent of Hn 65.113VS Ore 8 J, rf 45.... 95*4
Do Ist 1nc.... 95% Perm cv 3V45....102V4
Do 2d 1nc.... 80 Reading pen 48.103%
Do 3d 1nc.... 75V4 Ht L & I M c Bs.UMi
Q ft O 4'/4fl 10SV* St h Sc a F fg4s. 88V4
C & A 3V4s .... SOVi St I, 9 W c 45.. 81
CB & Qnew 45.101W Seaboard A L 4s. BDV4
CHt & P It 4s. 7!)% South Pactfls 4s. !)t
Do col Rs .... 90% Do Ist 4s cer.. 97H
CCCft SLR 4s.W2Vi Southern Hy 85.120^
Col Ind Ba s A. 73V4 T & P lsts 125V4
Do ser n Tl<A T St L & W 4a. 8t
Col Mill 4n 7SV4Unlon Pacific 45.108
Col ft Bouth 4s. 93*4 Do cv 4s 131V4
Cuba Ra 105V 4 U 8 Btecl 2d Es. %VS
I) & II O 4a..,.101V4 Wabnsh lsts ...US
Dlst See 85.... 81 Do Dob H 7(>
Krln pr In 45..1014 Western Mil 4s. 8!)
Krln gen 4a .... 93% \V & L X 4s .... 91T4
Hock Val 4V45..112 Wls Cent 4s .... 95V4
Japan 6» OUVi
Boston Stocks and Bond*
My Annotated Press
BOSTON, Dec. 2.— Tho following were
c'lindutr quotations for stocks and bondd
Monoy— V 8 Stool %M
Onll 10nn5....5V4W.ya Do pfd 103>,i
Time loans &C|jlj Wcstnghs com,. 83
Bonds — Mlnlnß— •
Atch adj 4s .... 93 Advonturo 7
Atchison 4s ....101% Alloucz 41
Mcx Cent 45... 70V6 Amalgamated .. 89%
Railroads— American Zinc 9',<i
Atchlson m Atlantic 2.1V4
Do pfel K«iJ Blngham 24tf
Bost & Albany.2s3 Cal & llecla ....«7i>
Bost & Ma1n0,.17» Centcnnlnl 27'< i
Bost Elevated. ls2 Copper llnngc... 74W
Fltchbur* pfd.142% Dady West 19Vi
Mcx Cent 23V4 Franklin 17«4
NY NH & 11. .197 Griiney 10V4
Pero Mnrq ....100 Islo Itoynlo 23
Union Pacific. l 34% Mnss Mining.... 9V4
Miscellaneous— Michigan fi
Am Arp Chem. 24% Mohawk 6!>V4
Do pfd 9-1 Mont C& C .... h%
Am I'll Tube.. 8 North Huttn .... 75%
Am Sugar 189% Old Dom Xi?i
Do pfd 137% Osceola 1(«
Am T & T 130 Parrot 29
Am Woolen ... 43? i Quincy 107
Do pfd lot* Shannon '2%
Dom I& S 19 Tumiiruck 126
Edison Klec 11.243% Trinity 10
Gen Electric ..181 United Copper.. :H<i
Mass Electric. J6ys IT H Mining 3!)%
Do pfd D!l IT S Oil llVi
Mass Gas 48 Utah 66V4
United Fruit. .lo4% Victoria 64
United ft Mach. 7.1 Winona BV4
Do pfd 31 Wolverine 128V4
Financial Record
By Aosoclated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Close— Money on
call nominal, no loans; tlmo monny firm;
sixty (lays. 6 por cent; ninety days, 6^iti«
per cont; six months, 6fa- r >!4 per cent.
l'rlmo mercantile paper, uVisi!i% per cent.
Sterling exchange was weak, with act
ual business In bankers bills at $4.SS(iT)S!J
4.8575 for demand, and at $1.8250 for slxtv
days bills.
Postud rates. M.83V4 and $4.R(5V4®4.87.
Commercial hills, $1.81«[email protected]
Bar silver, U%c.
Mexican dollars, 60c.
Bonds — Governments steady; railroads,
LONDON, Doc. 2.— Consols, 90 3-16(1;
Treasury Statement
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.— Today's state
ment of the treasury: Available cash bnl
ance, $135,023,151!; Bold coin and bullion,
$8U,328,7tf8; gold certificates, $4i),f103,250.
New York Bank Statement
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec 2.-The weekly bank
statement of clearing house banks for the
live days this week is as follows:
honns. $1,023,582,300; Increase, $11,594,000.
Deposits, $1,007,172,500; Increase, $7,1)91,1)00.
Circulation, $54.0CU,5W; decrease $53ii,100.
Legal tenders, $74,515,100; increase, $30.20).
Specie, $179,843,400; decrease, $4,623,200.
Reserve, $254,358,500; decrease, $4,5!)3,2Q0.
■ Reserve required,' $251,793,125; Increase,
Surplus. $2,505,375; decrease, $6,691,726.
Ex-U. S. deposits, $4,707,(125; decrease,
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO. Hoc. 2.-Frults-
Fancy apples, $2.50; common, 40c.
Berries— Strawberries. [email protected]: rasp
berries, $104(12.00; cranberries, $15.00&16. W.
Orapes— Ordinary. [email protected]>51.25.
Pears— Common. $1.00; fancy, $2.00.
Pomegranates— 7sc<as2.sO. .
Persimmons— iiO«frsl. 00.
Orunpos— Navels, $1.25(^2.50; seedllntrs,
[email protected] .25.
Japanese mandarins— [email protected]; Mex
ican limes, [email protected]
Lemons— Common California, $1.25;
fancy. $3.50.
Tropical fruits— Bananas, $1.2Va3.00;
pineapples, $2.0Ofo3.0O; Smyrna figs, 75c©$l.
Dried Fruit Prices
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Tho market for
evaporated apples continues ilrm with
common to good quoted at 7c; nearly
prime, [email protected]; prime, 9Vic; choice, 10c; and
fancy, lie. Prunes continue firm. The re
cent slackening in demand has not alter
ed the attltudo of holderu In primary mar
kets and local spot quotations are well
maintained at 4%@Sc, according to grade.
Apricots aro unchanged with choice quot
ed at SWPio; extra choice, OVfcCflOc; extra
fancy, HV!i4<l3c. Raisins show some fresh
features with demand light lor both Cali
fornia and Imported varieties. Loose
muscatels, D'i&fc; seeded raisins, CVb^c;
London layers. $I.UO.
Shipments of Fruit
LOS ANGELES. Dec. 2.— Carload ship
ments over the Southern Pacific railroad
December 1: Oranges, 18; lemons, 5;
grand total, 233.
Cotton and Wool
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Spot cotton closed
dull. Middling uplands, $11.65; middling
gulf. 111. flu Sales, 34 bales.
Following was tho range of prices:
Open. High. Low. Close.
Jnnuary $11.33 $11.34 $11.3:! $11.23
Murch 11.65 11.57 11.47 11.48
May 11.65 11.71 11.IW 11.61
July lt.7i) 11.7H 11.70 11.70
December 11.20 11.20 11.10 11.10
ST. LOUIS, Deo. 2.— W001, steady; ter
ritory and western mediums, 2(i®3oc; flno
mediums, 22(82te; flne._l9®2lc.
Sugar and Coffee
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Sugar— Raw, firm;
fair refining, 3c; centrifugal »(i test,
3 0-16 c; molasses bugar, 2%c; refined, firm;
No. 6, $4.10; No. 8, HO0; No. 9. J3.85; No. 10,
$3.90; No. 11, J3.85; No. 12, J3.80; No. 13,
J3.76; No. 14, J3.75; confectioners' A, $4.65;
mould A. $5.06: cut louf and crushed, $5.40;
powdered, $1.60; granuluted, $4.10; cubes,
Coffeo futures closed steady, net un
changed to 5 points higher; Dec. $0.70;
May, $7.15; July, $7.30; Bept. $7.45Uf7.W.
Chicago Live Stock
By Associated I'recs
CHICAUO, Dec. S.-Cattlo-Ilccclpta.
COO; market steady; beeves, tS.OO^jU.IO;
cows, f1.11XU1.50; heifers. $3.25y'4.90; calves,
$G.ik><U 1 7.w>; good to prime steers, $s.BsiU>
6.70; poor to medium, t3.30gj5.2t>; stocker*
unit feeders, f:'.20((|4.1"i.
Hogs— Hecelpts. 22.0OO; market strong, r.c
lower; estimated Monday, 48,000; mixed
und butchers, $i.H.">ii<s.oU; good heavy, $4.*5
fri3.no; rough heavy. T4.U54i4.8D; light,
»i.WKii4.W; pigs, fl.liV/i !>•">; bulk. >I.Mr,, i.;,,.
HlH'i-p-lli'i'i-tjils. 2000; nmrkot strong;
Sheep, l3.Wji.Kv; yi-iirliugs, $:!. IH'mi.r,;
lainba. fi."s«(7.'ij.
Fancy Ranch Eggs Marked Down to
42c a Dozen, a Drop of
Four Cent* in Four
Tho dally mils on tho Don Angeles Pro
duce, pxchnnge will lie held at 11 a. m.,
beginning Monday, In order to give Job
bers an opportunity to attend to forenoon
business without Interruption, attend tho
exchange, nesslon and then go to lunch.
Tho sai"* yesterday Included one enr
load of fancy Hellcileur apples and 200
boxes of yellow Newtown pippins.
Among the Jobbers
Tha Pnturday trade In all lines of sup
plies wan good.
Tho butter nemnnd was nctlve, and al
though receipts wcro heavy, prices were
sleudy for good stock.
Ilnnrh eggs dropped another cent, quot
ed nflli-lally nt 42c, with receipts of 83
case* posted and moro coming. It Is ap
parent that the rains have Induced the
hens to resumo business and aa a conse
quence the local market la overstocked
with fancy goods.
Potatoes were reported ensy; also vege
tables, poultry, turkeys, wild ducks and
Produce Receipts
Kggs. cases .....••••••••••#,• ! 'XI
Butter, piiuuilM 13,407
Cheese, pounds 2,340
Potatoes, sacks 4,124
Potatoes (sweets), sacks 2
Onions, sacks 9
Hi-aiis, mirks 1,157
Produce Pricea
Following aro jobbing prices in the
local market:
KUG3 — Fresh California . ranch, 42c:
eastern fresh, 34#35c; eastern storage, 27
(<j2Bc: seconds, 23i!.
It UTT Hit— Fancy valley creamery. 2-lb.
roll, OS&flTVfco; fancy creamery, storage,
riG(f/57V4c; ladles, 22c; mlxod storage, 20®
22c; cooking butter, 200220.
IJONJOY— Water white, GO-lb cans, "o
Ib, i light amber, Cc; umber, sc. llonev
comb — VVntor white, 1-pound frnmo, ICW
16V4c: light amber, 14Jflue; amber, 12V4c:
beeswax. 27c.
CHEESE ((all per Ib.)-Northern, 16©
17c; large, local, 17V4e; Young America,
lX',4c; hand matin, l!>V&c. Knstern— Nqw
York. l"p; Wisconsin, Hie; twins, 16fri'ld>,tc;
long horns. 17(fjlSc; Cheddars, 16c; daisies,
Hi'/rji7c; Klnco'n, 10c.
POTATOES— Burbanks, choice (per 100
pounds), *].280f1.!5r>; Salinas (fancy). Jl 00
(fi 1 .75; choice. J1.50; Highlands (fancy),
$1.20(3)1.30: choice. $1.20ijj.1.30; Oregon
(fancy), $1.4<%£1.60; choice, [email protected];
Nevada liurbaiiks. $1.30^1.40; Watsonvllle
fl.BO; Woodward Islands, f1.15yi.25; Palm
Tracts, $1.15(fi1.25; liOnipocs, [email protected];0;.
sweets, yellow, $1.25; red sweets, Mo;
white. $1.00.
HKANS (nil per 100 lbs.)— Pink, No. I,
$2.80(?«'2.ii5: limn. No. i, $4.75(&5.U0; I,ndv
Wnsnliißton. No. 1, 53.005(3.10; blackeyes,
$s.s(irrfii.oo; garanuas, fl.6UigS.oo; German
lintels, tT.OUiiS.OO.
ONIONS (per 100 lbs.)-Silversklns,
[email protected] Yellow Danvers, $1.7u,.n0i
them, f1.25; Oregon, funcy. f2.OU; Nor
thern Australian browns, f1.G0(i(1.75.
APPl..KS— lJcllelliiiirs, 4-tler box.
$1.50; 4Vi-tler, f1.25; Colorado Jona-
Ihana, $3.00; Wincsaps, 33.25; No. 2
WinesaijS, $2.25; evaporated Chiles, Ib.,
lU(&)20c; OanoH, J2.00; W. W. Pcarman
4-tlor box. $1.50; 4Vi-tler. $1.25; Ye. low
Newton- I'ippins, f1.50 4-ticr box, f1.25
I'OUL.TRY— Jobbers sell poultry to the
trado as follows: (per pound) liens, IBVJc;
young roosters, 21c; fryers, 22c; nil
roosters. 13c; broilers. $3.50 to fG por
dozen; turkeys, per pound, 27c; old loms,
2tjc; young toms, 27c; bun turkeys, 27c;
geese, 18c;. ducks. ISc.
BAKEUS' FLOUR— Made of eastern
hard wheat. Per bbl., f5.25; blended wheat,
$4.90; oastern rye. $5.26.
CEKEAL GOOD3-A« follows;
10 Ib. 26 111. CO II)
Eastern Graham f2.80 f2.75 $2.70
Eastern Whole Wheat. 2.90 2.85 2.80
Graham Hour 2.90 2.85 2.50
Corn Meal, W and V 2.30 2.25 J.2U
Whole V.'heat 2.C0 2.55 i.W
Bye 2.75 2.70 i Xi
Cracked wheat 8.40 8.35 8.30
Farina 8.40 8.35 3.30
Wheat flakes, case of 36 2-lb. cartons. 3.20
Wheut flakes, per sack of 50 lbs 1.33
Wheat flakes, per bbl. of 125 Ib 3. net.. 4.0«
GRAIN AND FEED— (Per 100 lbs) -
Wheat, $1.65: wheat (100 Ib. eack) $1 (0:
corn $1.45: cracked corn, $1.50; eed m*A
ll.te; bran, heavy, $1.30; rolled barKy,
f1.35; oil cako meal, $'2.10; cotton seed
meal. $1.85; cocoanut cake. $1.55; shurts,
pounds, J1.50&1.UO; fancy Woodward
$1.45; white oats, $L 65: red oats. $1.50; red,
Texas grown, $1.75; Utah rye seed. $1.65.
HAY (all per ton)—
Choice wheat hay $16.00t?16.50
No. 1 wheat and oat 13.00Q13.50
No. 2 wheat and oat 11.00^12.00
Choice tame oat 11.51Htf12.60
Other tame oat 7.00®10 00
Wild oat 7.00W11.00
Stock hay COO© 700
Alfalfa B.o(Xi<Hi.oo
Straw (per bale) 30® .65
4>ic; strawberries, 10®12V4o; dew, 6c; rasp
berries, VSi'lUc; black 'jerries, 10c; logan
berries, Iv'(oc.
CITRUS FRUITS— Lemons, fancy. $3
a box; oranges, new Washington
ravels. i 2.50©3.00 a box.
Ib.) Almonds, IXL, 15MUGc; Ne Plus Ultra
lSVsrulGc; peanuts, California fancy, GVfec;
eastern fancy, 7Vise; Japanese. Gc; walnuts,
California bleached, No. 1, 14V4c; pocana,
Jumbo, 15c; extra large, 14V£c; Brazils, We;
filberts. 13c: Mexican pino nuts. 20c.
OATES-Perslan Ilallowls. 6V4W6c;
Fards, S'A^mWc.
VKOKTAULES— Beans, string, ' 40
Ib.; beans wax, 4e pound; beets, SO
■JJBBo sack; celery, fancy, 30c dozen;
chiles, evaporaled, 20 (1f 30c Ib.; garlia,
7c Ib.; lettuce. 12'/j «fir>c dozen; [email protected]
sack; peas. 4 ',(.<: pound; spinach, Ibc
dozen; turnips, 50u sack: cabbage, 400
lack. ■■'<..
Retail Prices
Following prices for leading articles of
consumption prevail at the Loa Angeles
Butter, 2-lb roll, fancy 600
Butter, 2-lb roll, Poppy 7F>o
Bllter, 2-lb roll. Santa Ana 6SJC
Butter, 2-lb roll, Orange Co. and cook-
Ing stc
Kggs, fresh ranch, per doz 50c
Eggs, cold storage, per doz 35c
Potatoes, fancy Sullnas, per lflfl 1b5.... 52.25
Apples, bellefleurs. per 50-lb box $1.75
Poultry— Hens, 22'/sC Ib. : fryers, 30c;
turkeys, dressed, local, 30c; eastern, 27c;
gray geese and brants, f5.00ii7.00 doz.;
wild duck, $2.00 doz.; spoonbills, $3.50;
teal nnd widgeons, $4.00; mallards, Jil.00;
all picked; singlo ducks, picked, 50V 75i:.
Pacific Coast Trade
By Associated Press.
HAN FRANCISCO, Pec. 2.-Beans, pink,
$1.9(Kft2.10; lima, f4.20®4.25: small white,
f3.00(ft3.25; large whlto, f2.40(gi2.G0. Potatoeß,
Oregon liurhanks, 75c<tftl.l5; Sullnas Bur
hnnks, f1.05(§)1.40; Merced sweets. fI.4W
1.80. Onions, fancy, f1.40; common, f1.20.
Various— Green peas, [itftge: string beans,
Ssil2Vic; egg plant, 4J/8o; Kfeen peppers, 4
tfdde: tomatoes, 50cf«$1.00; Hummer squash,
75e(fj$1.00; garlic, bKHtic; cucumbers, 75e(Q)
fI.OO. Flour— Family extras. $4.80(715.50;
bakers' extras, $4.15(35.00. Wheat—Ship
ping, f1.40(>i1.45; milling, $I.6osrl.tiO. Barley
—Feed. f1.20Ca1.22V4: brewing, f1.22V4^1.27H:
Oats-Red, »1.25f(|1.G2Vi: white, f 1.37^1 1.60;
black, f1.25fa1.76. Mlllstuffs-Mlddllngs.
t37.0U«('28.«t; mixed fee<i. f24.(Xi«25.«0; rolled
burley. t26.UO(('2<>.oa. May— Wheat. fll.SOifi)
1U.50; wheat and out. f11.00Ta15.60; wild oat,
f7.00®11.00; tamo oat. f!).0n(}<,13.00: barley.
$s.(»)ji ii.ihi; alfalfa, *7.6U<« lo.iw; straw, M(
55<r. Receipts-Flour, WB0; wheat, 6090;
barley, 1490; ontH, 5130; beans, 4280; corn,
(iOO; potatoes, 4100; outdliß, 360j bran. !!)!«;
hay, 110; hops, 359; hides, 535; wine, 20,000.
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
By Associated I'li-m
HAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 2.-Uutter-
Fancy creamery, 2(k!l seconds, 23V4c.
Choesc— Kafctern, 16V^<il lit;: Young Ameri
ca, 14(((15o; western, 144»14V(iC. Kggs—
Itiinch. 82V404301 t-asterii, 22Vi|(il3Oc.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2, -On tho PruducH ex
chaugu tiidiiy the bulli-i- market was
Hteudy; i-reamerleH, 174r23i-; duirles, 17»|/
20e.. Kggx, llrm at mark, eases Included,
18'a'«'4c. Chei-nti, Kii-udy, 119i4(/13'/4o
f/>8 ANORU3S, D«c. J.-"No change In
local conditions" mi the answer of local
lusines* appeared to bo lively for the
half day operation*.
Los AnKMf.fi rat«s remain steady at RVi
m per cpnt. with ample funds to meet
all demands.
Commenting on the report of the T-oa
Anprelea National banks, Nov. 23, the New
York Financier pave place to this para
graph: "The total resources of the eight
national hanks of T-os Angeles. Oal.. foot
up the splendid total of $50,271, 82f1. when
one reflects that these statements, which
pro given in tho names of the various
bunks, are really a statement of the cash
condition of the citizens of this city, It
assumes a greater Importancn «nd Inter
est In Its bearing upon the fortunes and
prosperity of tho people."
Loa Angeles Bank Clearings
I,os Angf>i«A bank rlearlntrs Saturday
Khow an Increase of $31,623.61 over the
corresponding day last year. Following Is
a comparative statement:
1905. 1901. 1003.
Nov. 27..5t,R2t.8(i1.18 $1,5fi4,184.79 $1,2W.170.M
Nov. 28.. 1,722.100.52 1.<0T,177.0r> 1.371.00r,.!»
Nov. 2JI. .1.979,705.03 1,671,057.23 1,277,504 «
Nov. 20— Holldiv.
pec. 1.... 1.635,315.37 1,41n.M3.2!» l,nOO.BS(!.31
Deo. 2.... 1,522,281.37 1,490,894.96 910,645.63
Official galea-Ban nipfro Home T. A T,
Co. bond ($500) at 83V4; First National
bank stock, II) nhnres at $435 each; Ban
Diego Homo T. A T. Co. stock, R shares
nt $32.50 pach; Kivernlde Home T. & T.
Co. stock. 1035 shares nt $551<5« parh;
Ifccla Mining Co, Rtock, 1000 shares at 45c
each; Johnnie Con. Gold Mining Co,
stock, 1000 shares at 60 each; Associated
Oil stock, 17,000 shares at 57(f?87V40 each;
2000 share* at f7%« (h. 30) j U. 8. Long
Distance T. & T. Co. stock, 10 shares at
$57 each.
Bank Stocks
Bid. AIK'O
American National Hfl 117
llioarlway Hank & Trust Co. 163 1(4
Central 2TO
Citizens' National 1!X?
Commercial National 105
Dolb.r Savings Bank 135 141
Equitable SavlnKs Dank.... 1«5
Farmers & Merchants Natl.. 325
Federal Band ot L. A I'A
Klrnt National 433 410
(lermnn American 4MV4
Homo SnvhiKS lt|«, of L. A. 71U TS
1,. A. Nntional 220 ...
I.os Angeles Trust Co 115H
Merchants National 343
Merchants Trust Co ion
Mercantile Trust Savings... 65
MM'ormlltnn HAT C 0.... 120
Natlonnl Hank of Cal £00 260
Secirlty Havings Bank 260
Southern Callfornin Savings. 275
Southwestern National 121
Stato U«nk Si Trust Co 11)0 105
United States Nitl HanX.... l«tt
Union Hank nf Savings 3M)
West Side nanlf 110
Mid. Aslcerl
Associated Oil ftl !i|ii
California I'aclHc Ry 100 103
Corona Power & \V. Co !>OV4 »1
Cueaniongu Water Co 101
Homo Telephone % 07
Edison Electric Con. Co 101 Vi
Home T & T Co. of Bnnta
Monica nnd Ocean Park.... 83% 90
L. A. Pac Con Mtir 110V4
1... A. Traction C... IIP,
L. A. Railway Co 117
Mloalon Trnns & It. Co H4
Jit. Low.! Hallway Co 83 !*)
Pacific LlKlit & Power C 0.... lnflV6 101
Pncllie Electric lly Co lit
Panadena H. T. & T. Co.. MV4
i.cdlnnds Homn T. & T. Co. 88 S3
Pomona Con Water Co 101
Riverside l^ight & P. C 0... X! 100
San Diego Home T. &T. Co. 83V& . 85
Santa Uarhara lOlectrlc Ry.. 01 100
Seaside Water Co !WV4
Temesc.il Water Co fir.
United Electric (>. & P. Co. 101
Union Transportation C 0.... 05V4 !*7
U. S. T,. D. T. & T. Co S9 !)2
Whlltler Jlomo T. &T. Co.. MU ]0l)
Wh.'tller Light & fuel Co.. %
Miscellaneous Stocks
Bid. AsKta.
Kdlson Electric preferred... 88.(10 90.(10
Edison Electric com 46.00 60.00
Hmtrgeiicy Hospital ;:o.iKl
Home Telephone fil.oo (115.30
Home Trust «2.00 U8.50 ■
.Lou Angeles Brewery 110. Of)
Pasadena Home T. & T. Co. 38. (X) 41.00
Riverside Home T. & T. Co. 53.00
Santa Monica H T. & T. Co .10.0 1 )
San Diego H. T. & T. C 0... 32.25 lla.oo
Seaside Water Co 85.00
Sun Drug Co 1.00
U. S. L. D. T. &T. Co 58.00 58.50
Oil Stocks
Bid. A«ked
Associated Oil Wf, .57>b
Central 05 ].on
Columbia li .211
Continental 20 .21
Kullerton Oil 31
Kullerton Con 75
Globe 02V4 .05
Home Whlttler 1.00 1.60
MeNlcan Petroleum Wl'A .71
Ollndn. Oil C( DC,
Pirn Oil Co 04
Puente Oil Co 50
Reed Crude 23% .25
Union 161.00 170.00
United Petroleum 209.00
Westlake 01
Whittier Con. Oil .OlVi
Western Union 210.00
Mining Stocks
Bid. Ask'U.
Hisliou West C .01 .10
Uutto Lode 15.00
Bufa M. & M W3
Golden Argus 14.00 25.(10
(Jreen Con 20.25
Heela Mining Co 43
Jesse Bell 01 .03
Johnnie Con. <!. M .OG»i .06%
Mitchell Mining 5.75 9.75
Now Era o£»i ,02-Vi
Nevada Keystone 03
Quartette 11.00 16.00
Searchlight M. & M. Co 40 .50
Wheat Shows Weakness, Closing
Lower for May — Other
Cereals Lower
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2.— Tho wheat market
was weak throughout tho entire session
today. Tho principal rausn of this* con
dition wuh a statement regarding tho
worlds' shipments emanating from Liver
pool. According tv this tho total move
ment will approximate 14.(100,000 bushels,
compared with 10,592,000 for tho corre
sponding week of lusl year.
Tho same authority predicted a con
siderable increuse in the amount of bread
Btuffs on ocean passage. Tills tended to
Incre.-iso tho bearish sentiment. Early in
tho day Hulling was held in check by v
marked decrease of receipts In the north
went, but during the last half of the sea-
Miou selling becamo (|uito general, result
ing in a material decline. Pit traders and
commission houses were tho chief sell
ers, offerings were tuken by shorts and a
few local bulls. Tho volume of trading on
the whole was small. The market closed
weak, with May half down at BT%@BTSi,
The corn market wan somewhat Irregu
lar for the greater part of tho day, Cut
at tho closing a steady tone prevailed.
May closed practically unchanged ut 44% c.
weakness of wheat had a bearish effect
on oatß. May closed unchanged at 32c.
Provisions were weak on profit taking
by a leading packer. At the close May
pork was off lite, lard was down sc, and
ribs wcro 2V4550 lower.
Market Ranges
Tho leading futures ranged as follows:
Wheat, No. 2- Dec. 84H«: May, 87%®.
8776 c: July. 83»i083?4c.
Corn. No. 2— Dec. old. 45fici Dec. new,
44%u; May, 44%0| July. 44% c.
Oats. No. 8— Dec. KJliu; May, 31%@32c;
July, Wic
Cash quotations wero as follows: Flour
—Steady; winter patents, f3.dbti4.loVt;
straights, $3,054)3.85; sprlne patents, »3.704»)
4.1(i; straights, $;uiu<ii:i.Wi; bakers', $2.25f<)
S.IK. No. a Bprlng wheat. MVa4<B7c; No. 3,
83ii(8i!i;; No. 2 ml, KOWuSti&io; No. 2 corn,
4«<l|4«'/ic; No. 2 yellow. 4(iVi(fi47e; No. 2
outs, 2!)V4e; No. 2 white. 32&©330; No. 3
whlto, aO^tfjX'c; No. 2 rye, li7(ijiMo; good
feeding barley, \ii\V/u itu- ; fair to cholue
mHlllug, 404/50O; prime timothy seed, f3.30;
incsH pork, per Mil., JIT !"'</ i:i.W>; lard, per
100 lbs.. f7.271Mii7.30; short i-ibs sides, loose,
J7.00ft«;7.12Ci,: short clear bides boxed, $7.12V4
WY.25; whisky, basis of high wines, $1.30;
clover, continct grade. %13.WHyi.ii.
Articles. Hecelpts. HhmptM.
Klour. bbls 3f!.80O 44,11)0
Win-Hi, livi.sh 4!i,m«i 2:;ii,nm)
Uiun. bush 249.2U0 223,600
Oats, bush 251.100 m,m
Rye, bush 15,201)
Barley, bnsh 132,100 82,600
Cereals of the World
By Associated Press
MVKRPOOK Dec. 2.-Close: •vVhest-
December 6s 11V1<1; March, 6s lltfd; May,
<s Ift'id.
HAN FRANCISCO, Deo. 2.— Wheat,
quiet but steady; May, $1.41; Deo. 11.84;
rash, $1.45. Barley, O.IIIM hut steady; May,
11.22H; Dec. $1.22H; rash, $1.22 V*. Corn,
easier; larjrci yellow, t1.87Hf11.40.
NHW YORft, Dec. J.-V/heat. spot easy.
Option* Vi®Ho lower; Msy, D2V4c; Dec.
PORTLAND, Dop. 5. -Wheat— Club, 70*9
71n; hluestem, 72073 c; valley, 74fJ>75c; red,
TACOMA, Doe. 2.-Wheat-Dluestem,
,74c; club, 72c; red, Me.
The Metal Market
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK. Dec. 2.-The metal mnrk
ets were Kf-ncrally firm nnd unchanged.
Bpot tin was quoted at $34.40^34.80; Take
and electrolytic enpper was more or less
nominal at Jtl7.7ynlS.dfl, and rastinff nt
$17.60igi7.78. Lead was firm, with nuota>
tlons ranging from $5.21Vif5.6n; spelter was
quiet nt $5.3ktf«.4R. Iron, firm and un
San Francisco Mining Stocks
Uy Associated Press.
BAN FIIANCIHCO, Dec. 2.— The official
closing flotations for mining stocks
today were as follows!
Alta 3 Justice 6
Alpha Con ...... 6 Kcntuck Con 2
Andes 23 I.ndy Wash Con.. 2
Belcher 32 Mexican 140
Bent & Belcher. lW Occidental C0n.... 82
Bullion 31 Ophlr 600
Caledonia 68 Overman 18
Challenge Con... 24 Potosl 15
Chullar 15 Ravage 61
Confidence ns Bcorplon 14
Con Cal A V 5...160. ..160 Bag Belcher 6
Crown i'olnt .... 16 Blerra Nevada 45
Oould & Currle.. 23 Hllver Hill 85
Halo & N0rc....140 Union Con 62
Jllft 6 Yellow Jncket it)
Justice 6 Utah Con 6
Northern Oil Stocks
tly Associated Preas.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dee. 2.— 0i1— 750
Claremont. 115.
San Pedro Shipping
Itork lladdon Hall, Inucquo.
Ilarkentlne Maknwells, Mukllleo.
Schooner R. W. llartlett, Gray's Harbor.
Barkentlno llenlca, Bverett.
Schooner Willis A. Ilolden. Mukllleo.
Barkentlno T. P. Emlgh, Tacoma.
Stonmer Beuuola, JOureka.
Barken lino John Palmer, Everett.
Schooner Excelsior, Wlllapa
Schooner Albert Meyer, Coos Bay,
Schooner Azalea. Eureka.
Steamer Pasadena. Portland.
Steamer Norwood, dray's Harbor.
Btonmcr Salvator. Gamble.
liarkentine G. C. Perkins, Portland.
Schooner Oceania Vanoe, Gray's Har
Harkentlno Skagit, t.ndlow.
Schooner Jaa. A. Garfleld, Grays Harbor
Schooner C, S. Holmes, Blnkely.
Schooner I,udlow. lladlock.
Schooner Sausallto, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner Carrier Dove, Gray's Harbor.
Hrho-iiipr Minnie A. Cainci, Tacomu.
KchooriPi- B. K. Wood, Gruy's Harbor,
Schooner O. J. Olson, Hullm-d.
Schooner Henry K. Hall, Evorett.
Schooner Gamble, Gamble.
Steamer Olympia, Portland.
Schooner Polaris, Everett.
.Schooner Resolute, Belllnghain.
Schooner Ethel Znne., Portland.
Schooner Loulr. Portland.
Steamer Roanoke. Portland.
Uarkentlne J. L. Stanford. Belllngham.
Schooner Americana, Portland.
Schooner Sailor Boy, Everett.
Steamer Northland. Portland.
Steamer Aberdeen, Grays Harbor.
Schooner Commerce, Everett. '• .
Schooner Kmma Maudine, Seattle.
Steamer Harold Dollar, Seattle.
Steamer San Gabriel, Umpiiua.
Steamer South Bay, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner C. T. Hill, Co<jull!e River.
Barkentine C. F. Croker, Port Town
Hark Tarn O'Shantern, Aberdeen.
Steamer Santa Monica, Grays Har
Schooner James Rolph, Evorett.
Schooner Cecillia Sudden, Cray's Har
Schooner Sollome, Portland.
Schooner W. It. Hume, Gray's Harbor.
Schooner J. H. Bruce, Tacoma.
Stt-amer Santa Barbara. Gray's Harbor
Sehoner Mabel Gule, Umpqua.
Steamer Shasta, Bellingham.
Schooner Expansion, Ballnrd.
Steamer Coqulllo River. Crescent City.
Schooner W. F. Wltssemun. Aberdeen.
Steamer Coos Bny, San Franclßco.
Steamer Grace Dollar, Gray's Harbor.
British Bark Pass of Kllllecrunckle,
German ship Wandsbek, Hamburg.
San Francisco Shipping
Uy Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec. 2.— Sailfld:
Steamer Nome. City, Sail Pedro. Ar
rived: Steamers JJeo and Alcatraz, San
Matter Submitted to Secretary of the
Navy by Judge Advocate Diehl
for Final Action
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.— Judge Ad
vocate General Diehl, of the navy, has
completed his review of the court-mar
tial cases of Commander Luclen Young
and Ensign Charles L. Wade, and sub
mitted the cases to the secretary of
the navy for final action.
These officers were tried at San
Francisco on charges involving neglect
of duty In connection with the explo
sion on the gunboat Bennington at Han
Diego, Cal. The final court-martial
In these cases has not been officially
announced, but It Is understood In
navu.l circles that both officers were
found guilty on certain counts not in
volving criminal negligence and wero
sentenced to be reprimanded. Owing
to the importance of the cases, Sec
retary Bonaparte will confer with the
president before deciding as to what
shall be done in the matter. It is ex
pected that an official announcement
will be made next week after SecreCary
Bonaparte hus had opportunity to read
the records and reviews.
Assistant Paymaster Accused
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Deo. 2.— Tho navy
department has issued urders direct
ing the court-martial of Passed As
sistant Paymaster George A. Deerlng,
U. H. N., on churges growing out of
alleged irregularities In his accounts.
The court will bo convened at the
Washington navy yard on Dec. 11,
near Admiral Remey as president.
Killed by Elevator
By Associated Press.
"WOROKSTBIt. Mass., Dec. 2.— (Jraco
It. Mc-Nulty, aged 20 years and em
ployed at a department store hore, was
cnught between the car of a passenger
elevator and the basement celling in
tho store last night, sustaining Injuries
from which she died ut the city hos
pital this morning.
Spots In the Sun
And now v Harvard professor has
tackled the race problftn. and we have
ua much light on it aa Brother Dickey
once threw on the theory of sun Bpots.
Kiild he:
•'i>f black HputH on de uun Is easy
counted fer: De fact Ib, hell is In de
nun, in ever' time Hutnn pitches a nig
ger in. der's a big black spot!"-- Atlanta
Savings Banks
4 Per Cent on Term Deposits and 3 Per Cent on
Ordinary Savings Deposits. Open Saturday
Evenings. Loans on Real Estate
. . M N. WKHY, President.
GermHß*Atnerlffln *avlttß« iinnk OAIT. B. JOHNSON. V. P.
First and Main Street*. W. F. OALLANUISK, Ca«h.
nrrurlir .Invlnan flunk CAPITAL nnil
It. H. Cor. Fonrth and Spring. H. W. „ JKSHjUSL; • * 800 ' 00000
OVER *in,7.-.0,000.0n
Smith-™ Cat. 8«v. VnnU j, Jr nflAf.T, President.
B. 13. Cor. Fourth and Spring. Brftly A. If. nnALY. V. Pre«.
Bid* W. T>, WOOt.WINB, V. P.
CHAri. 11. TOLU Ca.h.er.
Union n..nk of B.ri.M •/• M. ™J?»
223 B. Sprlnff Street. J. a Craven. V J. C. Drak"
W. 8. Bartlett \V. B. MoVay
M«*>»b<ii« Trmi mill F - M. DOTTOLAS3, Pres. Capital ...1200. 000. 00
talllnSlik »• *'• STEWART, V. Pre«. Awetd .... fWOOO.M
..» o .v « i .«., W. JAHVIS HARLOW, V. P. Deposit ... 600,000.00
640 South Bitadway. ciIAULES KWJNO, Cashier. Paid up.... 100.000 00
State Bank and Trust Company IC. J. WOOLLACOTT, Pres.
J. \V. A. OFF, Cashier.
N. AY. Cor. Serond and Spring. Capital, $500,000; Bnrphm nnd Profltii, |M,noB
Citizens' Nattonal Bank B. J. AVATISRH, Prea.
A. J. WATKRB. Cashier.
N. K. Cor, Third and Sprlny. Capital Bnrplim and Prnflts. llßO.Oflfl
Central Bank WILLIAM MEAD, Pres.
W. C. DURQIN, Cashier.
N*. K. Cor. Fourth and Broadway. Capital $100.000; Bnrplim and Profllw tIOO.OOI
United States National Bank I. W. lIELLMAN, Pres.
P. W. SMITH, Cashier.
8, 13. Cor. Mnln and f-'ommerclal. Capital. $200,000; Biirplun and Protlta, >.'O,fW<l
C~ommeroial National Bank W. A. BONYNnE. Prea.
C. N. FLINT, Cashier.
423 South Spring. Capital, $200,000; Burping and Profits. $Ifi,oM
farmers & Merchants National Bank I. W. HELLMAN, Pres.
CHA6. HKYLEH, Cashier.
Cor. Fourth and Main Sts. Capital, $t,BOO.00O; Biirplnw and Profits, $1,250,(W)
rirst National Bank " * «. Cashier.
' S.E. Cor. Second and Spring.
Merchants' National Bank H. W. HELLMAN. Pros.
W. H. lIOLLIDAY, Cashier.
N. K. Cor. Second and Main. Capital, $200,000; Surplus and Fronts, $37S,<HXI
.meric-n National Bank " " W.^F. nOTSFOKD^Pros.
** S. W*. Cor. Bficond and Brondway. Capitnl. ?1.000,C<)0; Surplus and Profltw. $75,008
National Bank of California JOHN M. C. MARBLE, Pres.
J. M. FISHEURN, Cashier.
K. K. Cor. Second and Spring. Capital. $200,000; Surplus and Profltti $250.00(».
Droadway Bank & Trust Company WARREN OILLELEN, Pres.
_ 308-310 S. Broadway, Bradbury Bldg._Capltal._s2so,oOo; Surplus— Und._ Profits, J135.0M
t The Growth -over-
oftheOaK 29 ' 000
UI me vail Depositor! |
■ ■■,
Is slower but Infinitely surer and greater than
that of the mushroom. The master key. to the
secret of success Is NOT spasmodic spec-
ulation, but steady, consistent saving-.
A (y/ Ob T«rm Q Of On Ordinary
4 /o Deposits O /o Sayings Accounts
Safe Deposit Boxes $2.00 a Year and Up
Southern California Savings Bank
S. E. Corner Fonrth and Spring
TRUST COMPANIES „...'';._.,_
Title Insurance ® Trust Co.
(Corner Fraaklln mid New Bl*h Street!) •; ■ ;
Cash Capital and Surplus - • $585,000.00
Acts In All Trust Capacities Tel. Exchange 12
LOCAL BONDS AND STOCKS— S to 8 per cent High.Qrade Investments.
He Declares It Will Overthrow the
"Nebular Hypothesis" — Says It
Must Be Admitted the Moon Never
Had an Atmosphere
Ity Associated Prexs.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2. — In an address at
the opening session of the annual meet*
lngr of the Central Association of
Science and Mathematics teachers yes
terday, Professor Thomas Crowder
Chamberlain of the University of Chi
cago, outlined his recently announced
"accretion theory" of the eurth's origin,
which if accepted by scientists, will
overthrow tho so-called "nebular hy
pothesis" and do away with most of
the ideas commonly held as to the
origin of the earth and other planets.
According to the "nebulur hypothe
sis," or Laplace theory, which haa been
held for over a century, tho earth and
tho other planets originally were
masses of molten mutter thrown off
from the sun by Its whirling motion
and gradually cooled to their present
This theory Professor Chamberlain
attacks from the stand that the sun
never had a whirling velocity sufficient
to throw off Buch bodies.
Professor Chamberlain's theory is
that a disturbance was cuused In our
bun by the neur approach of, or colli
sion with, some other sun, which drew
uir projectiles of neb«lous mutter from
our sun nnd gave them a rotary motion
by its own attraction as it passed.
These particles of matter then gradu
ally gathered together to form the
The Internal heat of the earth, says
Professor Chamberlain, developed by
compression as the body grew.
The theory that the moon once had
an utmosphere, he usuerts, must also
ba given up.
The meeting of the association is at
tended by 500 teachera of science and
mathematics from the central states. >
Have you read It? Let tin aend yoa
the September number— fra«. ,
tv 0. noßinrsoiv cohpant,
flis Grant Bulldlnc. Los Annlea.
Former President of Rock Island lm»
proving— Story of Quarrel With
Company Denied
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Daniel G.
Held, chairman of the board of direc
tors of the Chicago, Rock Island &
Pacific Railway company, said today
that the condition of Wm. B. Leeds,
formerly president of that railroad,
who recently suffered an attack of pa
ralysis, is Improving. Mr. Reid said
Mr. Leeds' doctor had told him that
ho might go out of doors on Sunday.
Mr. Held denied that Mr. Leeds had
decided some time ngo to sever bis
connection with the Chicago, Rock
Inland & Pacific Railway company, or
that Mr. Leeds had recently liquida
ted the bulk of his holdings of its se
At the office of W. B. Laeds today it
was denied that there is a split or
rupture of friendly relations between
Mr. Leeds and W. 11. Moore, J. p
Moore and Daniel O. Held.
"Royal" an Expensive Word
"Hoyul" is an expensive little word.
Tho committee of the Melbourne hos
pltu.l thought it would be an ornamen
tal and advantageous addition to tho
title of their institution und they ob
tained the klng'b permission for its
uue. Tho legislative sub-commlttee.
however, reported at the last meeting
that the cost would be £60 (presum
ably fees to court officials), and then
moat of the members who at Unit fu
von-il the idea felt doubts as to whether
charitable funds should be bo expend
ed. A Dpeclal general meeting of sub
scribers is to answer this question.— ,
London Chronicle.
A Gai Heater can be installed
in any room which haa a gas fix-
ture. Try one.

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