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>v/v*^ V*iOO\ *^ c Embroidcrv BeadinK& Galloons sc 75c IJmbroiderics 25c 25c Wood Picture Frames lOc
X\., f. Ntn t » , t , n t r „.. t... ....... 1 .. 1 nnAinmn/r r«. trxt- 111/Tirr" pwilf rinirr iniiurn A*\ ' r|ne fmbriildprles with wide marfflns; extra Wood frn ir.cn for burning; ovnl or Bquarfl
'Z+l l v <* _JT\ Kxcrljpnt nMortmcnt of prrtty pnttorns; Rood ( ,iml- RROflnWuYX^ I fIS AltllFl FS STFFI F-FARIhX WAI KFR fil flno duality of .twlss and cambric pdges and shapi; 6xB Inchoß, larwsnM.ortmf.nl of do-
V .&? Mf^X V y P ' lKe; (IPP r " h . le f<> : trl '"»''"* wash waists. and UIUSMI/UAI QJ- UAJAIiUULaUILLLI, IMI\IOJDt WMUILIV VAA innprtlonßj wldthf, up to 18 Im-hps; 6nc to 76c nlgns to choose from; regular 25c values. On
■-•■ y^Sr^y^ <lresspH> worth l " c - On Hllle Uon^y> I'er yard, r.c. quality. On sale Monday, ench nt 25c. sale Monday, each nt 10c.
St&^^jp^a^ >•<s»/ Sa ' e °* * ian^^ crc^' e f s °f tremendous importance begins tomorrow morning. It's an event planned long before this store was opened to the public, and preparations for it have been under way for many
'^''■^pSt^^fyyiJ>^ months. Los Angeles has seen some great values in handkerchiefs in seasons past; no one recognizes this fact more than our handkerchief buyer, who has been responsible for most of the sensational hand-
* 4^\';!sQ%p^?i£ir kerchief bargains which have been sprung on the Lds Angeles public. It was, therefore, up to him to provide for this sale patterns which should eclipse in range and beauty anything heretofore shown— a
variety which is almost bewildering in the choice it offers, and values which by far outclass anything heretofore attempted in this city. We believe the collection he has arranged for this sale will make
*$":s}"/&' \ *> 00( * * n a^. these particulars and we want you to pass judgment on them Monday. No use to tell you how many thousand dozens are involved in this sale — that sort of thing does not convey much to the
-**&&\f'''.? " >^v average mind. There are enough for everybody, even though the values are such as will make you want to buy a dozen in place of one or two. Come as early as possible Monday before the choice assort-
X&S^s^ ment is broken. These six hints as to the prices:
H,4^Kw--^% 5C Handkerchiefs SV3C lOc Handkerchiefs 5c 15c Handkerchiefs 10c 25c Handkerchiefs 15c 35c Handkerchiefs 19c 50c Handkerchiefs 25c
iWk**">k'*^ ■ Ladles' lawn handkerchiefs of plain Beautiful lace trlmmrd hnndker- Ladles' lace and embroidered hnnd- Excellent quality of mvlss lawn Extra flno luwn handkerchiefs i; fine- Clean up of a largo manufacturer;
• VP?\> \Vtf- swls.sla.wn; made with duinty %- chiefs of Rood quality lawn nnd fine kerchiefs; some made! with dainty handkerchiefs; beautiful embrold- \y embroidered; hemstitched and inadn of fino swlss lawn and linen;
SyC V% inch hem: some made with % -Inch val. lace edge; also a lot with protty i tl cc nnd lawn make-up; others of ered work: also a lot of laco and In- «ealloDPd ortirrs- i-xnnllont nHH m-f excellent quality and flno cmbrold-
\%, h<m «md well worked initial in one embroidered patterns in each cor- beautiful embroidered patterns nnd sertlon trimmed: excellent work and v * ' tALI -" 1 " 1 assort- cre( i patterns and open lace -worked
■ ■•^LL Q t£L «*"^'Ss corner; worth Be. On sale Monday. ner; regular 10c values. On sale tucked effects; worth regularly K,c. well made handkerchiefs; worth up mtnt ot <'^nty patterns; worth 35c. nnd tenerliTo edges; worth up to 50c.
l^^Ap^jr cach> at 3 1~31 ~ 3c ' Monday, ench, at uc. On sale Monday, each, at 10c. to 25c. On sale Monday, each, at 15c. Cn sale Monday, each, at 19c. 01l sa ] e Monday, each, at 25c.
%o^\ PoDlilar DreSS Fabrics Early Morning Specials $3 Comb, Brush and Mirror Sets
„ \Z\ \ ■'• " V/|/*4IC*A AJA VU*J Ji UVI lvo These' items on salp 1 In the drapery department, third floor. /Tfc-d 14 C\ ÜBHf" r %
A Particularly Low Priced i *°"' s i ul r^^on^n tKI lv& i-~
■'. \i\. y^>>\ ordinary Interest. vfyjl.* JL.\*J f "g' #^fiK^.
tyfc^Wo>}£&y SI 2S ChiffOll Rmaddoth 98C lOc Cheese Clolh 3c Ioc Curtain Scrim 4^c J tral ,V'(:", V ' ( :"' U ,- s V, lpr ' ov : al bev , el «l mirror, real brlstl.j jtM fi&njiSjk
f # JI.M tnillUn UrUaUUUin m M chp(?se ,, nncy rtrlpeil curtiiln brush wth shell, m sterling mounted; each net Infancy « !p«L^,
chiffon finished broadcloths, excellent full woi K ht, beautiful finish. In all tho yard wide: ilornl nnd oriental wcrlm, yard wide: in while leatherette case; worth *„. On sale Monday, each, at $1.48. J Tft JN\Zsk
Si^.ttW- popular light and dark colorings; an ideal cloth for coat suits and popular de-slgns; suitable for comfort imrt ecru, with pretty __ p-lx D^.,l,l^^ ♦ \% ft&g&nSnrtK.
- L y for dress purposes; |1.28 values. On sale Monday, yard, at 08c. %T%?2&^J^! sZ% V^ On Monday!" 8 Belt BUCkICS 25C lULISmHBHS
/ ;it, 3c. ' " 'to 9. at 4',ic. Novelty belt buckles of Human gold and jet Mack finish: i W ViwraSß^ASSfrk/
// , KQr rlPnriftfn 1 ? Jinn Spnrpi; IV in w a ci.-4 i'c^ IK ' W and attractive designs; worth 50c. On sale Monday. M\ A JffifflsS*ff'S\»i I
// llLiiritllUU UIIU OCrgl-b 4OC C nmn |p« ??,. .10c Window Shades ISC each, at 2f.c. .ejij il 'fIL : >toS»*VVM
//I I vurpCl oafnpiCS mC ('nod <.'lotli window shades t**^ Vx ITS %MlTmK\ \^|
/l\\ S"t^;-:::;n,:?d iM£Bi«liSi £t™°z™\ n^ ***< *>«****>
JN A Monday, per yard, tit 4Jc. square: just the right size to sprint? rollers; four shades B< "* and sldo combs, hair jp» Vl| W^^ ■
W *1.80 Fancy Silks 98c 85c Black Taffeta Cloth 55c rh^SSS %£&?£fi£i<g?& SrS^. fA
%' Moire taffeta silks in all the new effects and Chiffon and swis.s weaves, 20 " l - 5C - Monday, Bto 9 only, at 15c. /e^with jewels.'sheU moTnting^el w?th various collr stoZ;
colorings; pompadour and swivel patterns: inches wide; pure dye. good CM en n nnr p qnf >le AQr end amber effects ln latest some signet and children's rings in the
many Diesden effects; suitable for waists, the weight, rich, lustrous black; ex- .pi.tfv uvvi railClS t/c patterns; regular 25c and X Ift lot; a new ring for any one of them not
new corset covers and fancy bags; values up oelient value at 85c. On sale Mon- Heavy Arabian door panels, with handsome braided motif 50c values. On sale Monday, giving satisfactory wear- worth 25c- on
to J1.50. On sale Monday, per yard, at 9Sc. day, per yard, at 55c. centers; worth $1.50 regularly. On sale Monday, Bto9, at 49c. each, at 12V4c. sale Monday at 15c.
Evident Shoe Savings OflfTnPlTfc fni" WmriPtl Exceptional Drapery Values
* uai ui^ui3 iui ?ymntii rnrnmrm $15.00 pair curtains on
$>d.vv, !!)i).uu cHia .v.uu sM :|\ New Rain Proof /^^*%\ J5~ $15.00 Voile l, ( ' bale at 75c Each
Women's Slippers s&r am Coats $7.50 / (sVss&^/~i(J%2^' r*\ ; / Skirts $9 98 v^^^^&i? -^'''i Manufacturers> sample curtains; fun width and
(C(7 qs «s«^s ; l*s '''^W A special lot or fino full kA— -i /vCvirirfV i[«F^?S£s^~ -^ A^^%l^^-v * ® j^ & length; point de luxe curtains and fine French
$3ilP .' f li^ length rain coats for wo- )6^ u6rMI fkYr t s^in'" nretty light - fl-ltt^fflM hobbinet curtains; trimmed with hand-made
Suitable for parties, weddings, receptions, .<\mi3m men: rlnln nn<l checked jfc/ ,^<^M^\ weiL-ht weaves- In black ~< XflSSmfiSSßS*^ F i Battenberg motifs, edges and Insertions; worth
French and leather heels; variety of styles .Pf | "^ collars; large sleeves, fan- I^Wl/WIMMIW mcd with taffeta straps; Hq3BH|H U $1 ?5 White LflCe H &
and patterns; made by the famous Laird, Kg-i/.. .rj <-.v cuffs; neatly trimmed -Jill— T /^il/ ?^?sf^^^ll\bAS\Wt«3l *„n „„,! w " lrlp sl ik .Iron i wPSfti®?' o\ i * L.aCC J f\n
Schober .t Co.; worth $5.00, 56.00 and $7.00 fflsfH" J " itn l llIlto » s : values to ~D<///IV/'Hu ..I il i> V&J^lllil\vln \V\V\TI>W 7 ..t »i \ WJsFSwsirk* \o ClirtailiS fl Ot
nernair On sile Mond-iv at \" V, B&fe ■$} i)S>t) - On sale Monday, w// W /iTO^ 'j! «' iffe**-- v\%\fj skirts, made with ruffled \ l««»a "UV
per pair. On sale Monday at $2.95. MK^S^ each, at $7.50. P^/ /!' i 1 1 ¥I! H i^P'A'^^tl'K "ounce; vulues to $15.00. k j^j^^^M^t ■ DO inches wide, 3 yards long; . pretty floral
*(iCfi Wnmnn'o rr 1 ™, f -«- M^' iiT • (ir Wn , 7|. rf^ ffll/l 1\ //f llli'iHil iKiSH^Pm On sale Monday at $9.98. KWißwslfOT^i '^! slcroll anil (irt -' ( ' liln borders; ovcrlocked stitched
$2.50 Women s^ Com tort Jpjr $15 Women s y'^fi j ill U /^g If I :f|l|M\m $25 Suits $16 50 pafr cs kt worth $l-25 - On sale Monday> por 75c
Made of extra soft kid stock, lace stylo; plain, medium wide toes; hand- weight covert and woolen / \Ji» I IjlJ ||| If '11/11/(1 '' I 'IIH 'ihtl! 7 ilSlTGP&lyi broadcloths, serges, pru- m_ g-^ .. -r%t 'V* !* mh>
B [ H ?^^. STi!?SsSs^K^st»'^"! lM ? a .*r;^r-.*- t - ! JS^ 1^ te i ;^ Ml iSwlllf iuS^» nena8 I t n f s ma , o nTcrt o ed 75c Cotton Blankets 45c —
$2 00 Women's Shoes SI 45 TT, c °t? in , T lot: I 1 1 iwSKa^». :nd m er r^,era X i^g SJtSeSr^S^^^ pretty borders:
YVUIHtIIh OllUth $1.40 lined to the waist; new M *\\ WJXM/w1%7//^W^>S^^ length coats in the lot; . .
Women's winter weight shoes and oxfords; made with extension soles; sleeves; values to $15.00. S*»t»__ -*SS* ~^?-5™<S<%'lWi& 'A\WWK\\*%\f 'Itrht crave blanks navy T* I ? foffntl RfnnL-pfc O^r
medium round toes; patent leather tips; military heels; trim, stylish lasts On sale Monday each a M §XWtM'¥ a I "n ini'. i' r- ir n . i. / V/UUUn DIUnKetS VOC
: well made and excellently finished; worth $2.00. On sale Monday, pair, $1.45. „,L, L M°naay. ea( ii, at TpalHid rl'OT^y^ '' eil il1 " 1 ereen ' I llillt<l(1 and (l ,""' 1 full *l™ 11-4 cotton blankets, in gray, tan or white; soft, fleecy nap;
* J - JS - *"^ •^^^jjittm^' plain skirts; some jackets shell stitched edges; worth $1.25. On sale Monday, per palr,-at 95c.
$1.00 Women's Slippers 29c 98 C Wrappers 48c KffiS^S woll made r? perfectly flnishPd: worth $25m $1.75 Cotton Blankets $1.25
Made of fine, soft kid stock; common sense toes and heels; 3-polnt pattern; nn ■ Good full 11-4 size twilled cotton blankets with shell stitched edtres- erav '
comfortable and^ea«y for houne wear; worth 11.(10. On sale Monday, froni Maae^of^percale ""^flannel- $25.00 Shirt Waist Suits $13.48 $1 .48 WaistS 98C tan or whlte centei ' 8 wlt^ P^tty borders; "good wSS^blankets; worth IS
on y, a .c. stripes nnd neat flgured°p°at- Smart lot of new shirt waist suits, splendid quality of Plam wnito and i ace °" Sal 6 Monday> per palr - at * x - 25 -
SI 50 Women's French lulietS 9.5 C terns; made with yoke, lin- chiffon taffeta, in plain and fancy patterns; green, red, striped pique waists; <?? CA fnltftfi RlnnL-pfc tl (\Z
Made of bes?al.*-wool ftSha^-fu^ «S e.th.fh in front and back; -Ith ruffles and fancy navy, brown and b.ack; waists made with' fun plaited « -W-j 12J< B)ze Jiil^ttOn BlanketS $1.65 _
trimmed with heavy black fur; colors red and black; worth $1.50. On sale braids; deep flounce with un- back; shirred yoke effect; full fronts; large sleeves; high }„££. °„ 0 w rteeve"- ty Btrlped bo <-ders; worth $2^50 On sale Monday,^per'pairat $1 65 '
Monday, per pair, at Sue. derhem; values to 98c. On cuffs; skirts made with yoke and deep llounce, others values' to $1.48. On sale - J
<C 1 Aft M ' Cl* CO sale Monday, each, at 48c. plaited; values to $35.00. On sale Monday, each, at $13.48. Monday, each, at 98c. QoOCI SHkolfrie COIIIfOrtS 95C
$I.UU JVien S olipperS OVC ttnn T « t «; • * ana CC Aft U7 I \\r ' + tf->ftQ Good size comforts, covered with fancy figured sllkoline; white cotton fill-
Made in velvet, embroidered or imitation alligator, In Everatt cuts; . $O.UU lallCia WaiSlS $4.98 s>3;oU WOOI WaiSIS $i.90 ing; hand-knotted comforts. On sale Monday, per pair, at 95c.
trimmed with patent leather quarters: full widths- comfortable and easy New black 'tnffeta waists; hevy material, lined through- Wool waists, veilings and mohairs; in white nnd col- ' I \nc ni Rnel/pfc
for house wear; worth $1.00. On sale Monday, per pair, at 59c. out , extra full; allover einbroldery front and collar; large ors . a few plnln styleB other , with embr oidered and A O3mpie LIHC 01 DaSKetS :
d"l en \\r » rk n s J O>l CA sleeves, pretty tucked cuffs; box plaited hacks; worth $0.00. ° rs > al ew plain styles, others %\lth emDroluerea ana An immense showing of fancy holiday baskets; suitable for every c0n-
52.50 Women S DreSS OxfOrdS $1.50 On sale Monday, each, at iUS. lllce lll n»" etl fl °n's; some with yoke effect; button In celvable purpose, In an endless variety of weaves, shapes and colors; many 1
* v " """ 1V " ° WIVM UAlmgi3 V».wv » the back; values to $5.00. On sale Monday, each, $2.98. Individual and exclusive effects; one only of a kind; 49c to $9.98.
Made from good prade patent leather stock; hand-turned soles; military «i no C«f/»o*<»rc OSr .^_________^__
heels; stylish for street or dress wear; worth $2.50. On sale Monday, per «PI.VO OWLdierS VOC . «l Oft Plannolpffo K'imnnnc Tir " '
pair, at $1.00. For women and misses, blouse style, with and without col- 3>I.UU naiHieieiie MmonOSs/Ot --k.-- * . mmm . -■
.. n . o -. _ A lars; in navy, white, red and black; full, large sleeves; val- Flannelette kimonos and dressing saccmes; dainty f\{\n Wl (\lYtCktl C 1/lhhOn A P"
/OC IJOyS biipperS OUC ueatosl.9S. On sale Monday, each, at 9Sc. light colors, and more pervlceablo dark shades; neat UUv T T UIUCII O IVIUUCU AU^ /*f
Made of good grade kid stock; imitation alligator; soft nnd comfortable; CC nO rhil<lmn'c T/.-iic <C 1 <ft Uesigns .-mil patterns, with and without collars; *
worth 75c. On sale Monday at 60c. ■ JKJ.UU Vllliurui is Uiaih Jt.J.'lO neatly tlnlshed with fancy pipings; value B to $1.00. On I fl fl £F WPfl l" JL\J\^
- Sizes to (5 years. Astrakhans, bearskins and fancy velvets; sa ] e Monday, each, at 75c. fIIUWI TT Will _
light and dark colorings; plain automobile and plaited back;
jt\y&fr\ _ 25C Kitnona "| P double-breasted styles, lined and unlined; trimmed with Tl "M ' <s Ip Cn fs Nice soft flecce "" ned > form fitting vests; silk Jfflk
■ll~ rr '~rL'J^m^o' r , „ 11^ velvets, fancy braids and buttons; worth $5. On sale Mon- CllllurCll S Sample tOalS taped around neck ami Bilk trimmed; pants »rB "''
r.ij ( V — - ~" - -~~l^^Cg^ J LlOtll lUv ,iay, each, at $:;.4S. About 100 sample coatH for children and misses, sizes ankle length; COc values. On sale Monday I"" ' j|ußj|C f iK=a i
:I 1 ..:.xl ' / : / '/'/'/: /^^Wf ln lich Persian and Japanese de- * Qn ... ... r , c from oto 14 years; light weight meltons, kerseys and at 45c . (*M^to.
m^K / <gW^^ "jlTnrmm ■_ signp- this season's choicest color- " C '"■^nnClCllC (lOWIIS 00C snappy mixtures; attractive styles; lined and unlined; • nWS£BN& "'
■:■: v;-:- : r*^'^^^) ings; "make excellent kimonas and Cut full and long, made in plain color; tucked double yokes, short and three-quarter length; handsomely trimmed -jr 11/ mA ). UnrlpnvAOf S MS!a-4XJ
laßEffirF? ''' \%^* dressing sacques; worth 25c On finished with fancy braids; values to 89c. On sale Monday, with fancy buttons and velvets and brulds; values to GDI/ TT UIUCII & UIIUCIWCcU J{< MIWwTmI^
JT^pr^ I • l]o%k sale Monday, per' yard, at 16c. at 65c. «2.50 on Hale at ?7.45; values to $7.50 on sale at $4.98. \f\ ll|»fl M*WS
zJ^^m^^^^ 15c Madras ft $12.50 Trimmed Hats $6.48 $500 Untrimmed J7 48 QC/1
"~^m^K--^/ Af^n WinghaillS VC Clever nnd original styles, from our own workroom; Velvet bliapeS V • QJ^ uHJ^raHMfflSiv
v|^»attf \! , ji, blue tan and oxblood- ver " sht (ven '"K ll!lt3 ln tllls lot; feather, silk and velvet hi navy, brown, red and black; a few light tHynH^^ffwWHl
7P ' J B " able fOr K " irlS: W<>rth ' Ir "' ;V S " : " )CS: lin ' ngS ° f B " k V6lVet: fl ° WerS> W '" gB a " d jKffllba^ dressy stvlis- 11 vaiJe^io" IsT^On ' sale J«™ey ribbed fleeced vests and pants. In white f®^
V -r //) sale Monday, per yard, at 9c. breasts; values to $12.50. On Bale Monday, each, /F^^SW Monday each at $2.48 nnd ecru; vests high neck, long sleeves; ankle fr «$>R
/I' at $0.48. <yty/j£^ii&^liis£n <l'll ' 1 ' " length pants to match; 350 values. On sale Mon- ™*«^
$1.75 Table (£| m^^uMo $1.48 Untrimmed day, each, at 26c.
10c to 12Kc Outfit /:^ Cloths 1 -^" $6.50 Street Hats $3.98 Shapes 75c $1.00 Negligee /rQ. $1.25 Wool OO no n
Flannel OC H«m.tUched aamartc table oloth.: Hmurt little street hats; elegant felt shapes; ln ||g^|L Rough and smooth felts, silks and velvets; Shirts OVC Underwear "OC
in solid c"oTori' : downeUe»'ana fancy manuftt^WpuTlin^nfSn 'I" 6 " ""' ' UrSe "T^ TVTT 1 , °' d6 ' 4 lHrge "^ BmUU Bty ' eS: eaB " y tr " nmed: a " ' Made °f "flnTmadrTsT'usht and Men', natural wool'ThTr'ts and draw-
llunnela- wnrVh in,. «.. i9t/V n * 175 - On sale Monday, euih, JI.2U. slruble colors; neatly and effectively trimmed; a^BX colors; values to $1.48. On sale Monday. medallion shades, stripes and ers; either flat or ribbed winter,
ilunneltf, worth 10c to M%c. On valueß to $6 30 On sale Monday each at $3 88 «PvST Monnay, neat figures; attached and de- weight: line soft flnlsh; shirts silk
sulo Monday, per yard, at «c. tyu. r fa< \, „ S l '"'" Monday. « aeh, at J3.Jb. Jfl&lft. each, at 75c. tached «-uffs; perfect littlng; trimmed m-ek and front; worth
$1.75 Damask j r Toweling 9C «•« 'n^ts' Caps 75c y^gffW^ 35c Children's
Na p kins Q l -^ --- twu^":;^ ,0,, s^^rT^aS^ss ffilJM Toques 19c $1 - 98 $1.48
■mi i fMiie-jna, worm ii.7D. On ut 12^c. On sale Monday, per yard, li<l>| ; vulues to $1.45. On sule Monday, * * W^Wfitfl&h "" iKllia wlth tassel; vahu-s to 3oe-. On uhed with' rowa of hemstitched tucks, lace inßertlona and embroidery ruf«
bdiu Muiiday. yer duaen. $1.25. w t 9c. each, at 7Bc. U { f^ r " sulo Monday, each, at l»o. .■ fles; $1.98 values. On sale Monday, each, at HAS. ......
PART 111.

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