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Commenta by "Uncle Billy" Workman
on Stability of Property Valua.
tlons— Anticipates Best Sen.
•on In History of City
Thfi past week hAg been one .of con-
Bldernble activity In th« Lo« Angeles
real estate market, as Indicated by the
size and number of the Important sales
recorded In another column of this Is
sue-. Dealers generally report the mar
ket In v decidedly healthy condition
■with bright prospects of closing many
large deals during the next few weeks.
In neml-buslness and outside properties,
some purchased for Immediate Improve
ment and others for Investment. ■ Thou
sands of visitors are In the city for the
winter, and while many did not come
here for the purpose of making pur
chases they have become convinced that
Los Angeles is the most Inviting field
in the country for safe Investments,
and already a. number have made pur
chases and others are figuring on plac
ing money In different propositions.
Bright Prospects
W. H. Workman, city treasurer, said:
"I regard the Los Angeles real estate
market In a splendid condition. Every
thing looks bright and prosperous In
the city and throughout Southern Call,
fornlo, and no man can lose by making
purchases of any property at present
prices. Values are continually advanc
ing. Lots bought a little over two years
ago for $400 and $500 are now selling at
$2000 each, and lots sold a few months
ago have gone up In value $300 to $500
each. Outside property selected any
where Is a good proposition for the
home builder and the Investor, while
Inside property is none too high at
present valuation. All property in the
central buslnes center Is well worth
$5000 a front foot. Those who make
Improvements rent their buildings at
big figures. One corner drug store pays
$800 a month, but the firm Is making
money, and so do all the merchants In
the other business houses, although
they pay what is regarded by some peo
ple as big rents. You don't hear of any
of the firms going Into bankruptcy on
account of the rents. They are all
doing well, because business Is gener
ally good, and that Is what makes real
estate valuable. Los Angeles business
frontage is none too high when you
know the valuntlons that prevail In
cities like Chicago, New York and other
big centers of commerce.
"Real estate conditions In Los An
JSS r — : ! \ SS
I 1 Fourth Pnze | j 0 t h e |rj ve Most Popular Salesladies |
8 £i*2n^- * s ®^k I . t i In Los Angeles, December 23d |
*wl gest number of Vw. > '*S^S?W Li**L JT^ iLJLixZ J^fj
|g Made Suit, valued l^^^^^^S ' i^^^jjßHWl Second Prize Third Prize Fifth Prize jg
J3 ipMSSp^n^^^ \ SISUSS 11 IK'SmH a Fine Tailor-Made Suit, valued at $50.00, from B. B. $£
geles were never brighter than at pres
ent, and I look for great business for all
the dealers In realty and In other lines
of business during the winter and
Looking for Homes
The fact that Oenerul Chnffefi and
many other people of character and
means are In Los Angeles this winter
looking around for homes, vanglng In
value from $5000 to $50,000, Is sufficient
evidence that money does not stand In
the way of bringing the bfst class of
people to Los Angeles to enjoy the In
comparable climate and the many at
tractions that cluster about the
metropolis of the southland. Realty
dealers state that they have hnd In
numerable Inquiries for Improved prop
erty. Saturday a property owner resid
ing In the west end sold his home place
within a few hours to a man from the
mountain district, and the seller has
already sought accommodations at a
hotel, as the purchaser of his place also
bought all of the furniture from cellar
to garret. The sales aggregated about
Many Investors are buying property
In all parts of the city to hold for
advances, which do not fall to material
Heavy Investments Reported Made by
H. E. Huntington and Others.
Improvements Planned
It is reported that Henry E. Hunting
ton and associates have purchased ISO
acres located two miles southeast of
Pasadena, Including the Oak Knoll and
contiguous property, for a consideration
of $500,000. It Is planned to subdivide
the acreage into large lots and expend
at least 1100,000 in improvement. High
building restrictions will be enforced
to secure the best class of residences in
the tract.--
The Qlllon Orchard of Twenty Acres
and the Van Toble Place Selected
for Subdivision and Im.
The McCarthy company has purchas
ed the well-known aillon orchard of
twenty acres, ultuated on the corner of
Compton and Slauson avenues, near
Its Fruit Acres tract, and will prepare
this magnificent orange orchard for
subdivision at en early date. This lo
cation Is one of the most Important
corners In this section of the city,
Compton avenue being, an old thor
oughfare, and Slauson avenue being a
cross-town thoroughfare. The property
Is highly Improved — full bearing or
chard of oranges, also an orchard of
various deciduous fruits, peaches,
pears, plums, apricots, and has a va
riety of palms, shade and ornamental
trees. The purchase price was $40,
The MaCarthy company has also
purchased the Van Toble place of six
acres on Main street, south of Slauson
avenue. This Is In a popular and fast
growing district, and Is adjacent to this
company's new Main Street Villa tract.
Two Contracts Let
In the office of Architect A. L. Haley
Saturday afternoon two contracts were
let for Improvements. One was for a
two-story brick and basement struc
ture on the corner of Ninth and Wall
streets for E. F. C. Kokke, size GOxGO
feet. The valuation is $7200. Z. C.
Saffel Is the contractor.
The other improvement Is a thre»
story frame flat on the corner of Eigh
teenth and Flgueroa streets to cost
$5700. The contractors are C. M. An
slyn & Co.
Five Lots Sold
The Hamburger Realty and Trust
company have sold five lots In their
tract on Flora and Clarence avenues
to various parties during the past
week, two corner lots at $700 each and
three inside lots at $500 each.
AVnll Pnper Clearance
To close? out some lots we offer tru;
biggest bargain rv«r attempted. Fetch
size of your rooms, also for window
shades. Headquarters on burlaps. Our
burlaps arc lieavy and can bo pasted,
retlnted or repainted. Glazing and
•• WALTER BROS.. 627 S. Spring.
Got an Art Sou- 1^ y k "W"^v 0"^ /*▼ Miles of construe-
venir of Naples l^k I /^k IJ^Jr fl B d < ' on un^ er wa y«
Making Good All Our Promises
It is the deliberate intention of the Naples Company,
seconded by H. E. Huntington, to make NAPLES the
Most Beautiful Seaside Residence Resort on the Coast
OkURj consolidation with Mr. A II ■ A jT"% I"V
§gili£ A. ML and A. C. Parsons
will be carried out to the letter.
So don't wait for the Spring rush, I ——== SOLE AGENTS — -g=gg
but secure a holding in the ;
701 H. W. Hellman Building w „ S TRACT A <™" ,
«r» i -r-i i rk t c*'l IV! *-J W.W.Sweeney A. J. Delaney
Red Tiled ROOT City NOW Home 862 Sunset Main 1858 J. H. Waybright
Good Work Done by the Duchess of
Marlborough Is Frankly Ac
Special Cable to The Herald.
LONDON, Dec. 2.— "The duchess of
Marlborough was our best commercial
traveler for the church army last win
ter." mild Pastor Carllle, organizer of
that Institution for relieving distress.
"She never lost nn opportunity to rec
ommentl fire logs sawed In our shel
ters, anil though many titled women as
sisted, the American duchess cold more
than all the others put together. Wher
ever she went she suggested to her host
and guests thnt they buy fire logs. It
was all done unostentatiously and only
that I mention it nobody could know
how she worked."
Mr. Carllle has presented to the duch
ess a writing table, made In one of the
army shelters, which she placed In her
writing room at Sunderland house. The
duchess presided three days this week
at a stall at the East End hospital ba
zaar, making a considerable sum for
the charity. She had been Invited for
three days to Lord Farquehar's shoot-
Ing party in Norfolk to meet the king,
but the duke went alone.
Poet Laureate Austin Makes Address
on Rest for Tired City
Special Cable to The Herald.
LONDON, Dec. 2, — "Naure's Pana
cea for Modern Fatigue" was the sub
ject of an address delivered by
Alfred Austin, the poet laureate, be
fore a meeting of the National Trust
for Places of Historic Interest and
Public Beauty, in support of the pro
posed purchase of Gow Barrow Fell,
Cumberland, for the nation.
Mr. Austin described a visit he had
paid to the Fell, which enabled him
to understand what the purchase would
mean to people in all ages. He said:
"Nature has been a source of rest and
refreshment to men and women, Jaded,
depressed and nerve wrecked by ex
hausting; toll In cities; but never bo
foro was there so much need as now
for the healing change and restor
ing solace she provides in the nursing
homes of her green dells; the silent
majesty of her mountains and the
melody of her becks and waterfalls.
"Such Is the comfort nature offers
for the fatigue and worry of this fe
verish modern life, and when those
who have sought It return to their
crowded urban existence many a time
they will feel and say, as "Wordsworth
felt and wrote—
" 'The music In my heart I bore
" 'Long after it was heard no more.'"
Attempt of Charles Elgin to Resign Is
Frustrated by Mayor
Charles Elgin, driver of chemical
wagon No. 1, who was recently fined
$80 by the fire commission for failure
to obey his superior officer, handed In
his resignation to the commission yes
terday with the stipulation that it
take effect at once.
"If we accept this resignation," said
the mayor, "Klgln will be eligible for
reappolntment under the civil service
rules, and he has only paid $40 of his
fine so far. We should refuse to uc
cept and 'fire' him."
The suggestion of the mayor was
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