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Points Out That Various Prominent
Persons Ought to Be Ready
Subscribers to "Fad*
and Fancies"
kuli) .■. ■ ... inipd Press.
I NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— "Fads and
I Fancies," the book of American social
, celebrities which came into prominence
several months ago through the an
nouncement that some of those who
figured, In the book had paid many
thousands of dollars for the prlvllfgo,
was owned by Justice Joseph E. Duel
of the court of special sessions of this
city, according to a letter read in police
court today. The letter was written by
Col, W. D. Mann, publisher of Town
Topics, a weekly publication. It was
read by the attorney for the defendant
In a suit for libel brought by Col. Mann
against Peter F. and Robert Collier and
Norman Hnpgoorl, Incidentally Col.
Mnnn testified that he (Mann) owned
only one share of stock of Town Topics,
and that either Justice Duel or Mrs.
Duel owned thirty shares. "Fads and
Fancies" was printed by the Town
Topics company.
Other letters purporting to show that
Justice Duel was Interested in Fads and
Fancies were read by the attorney for
the defense. Among them was one al
leged to have been written by Justice
Duel and addressed to Mrs. Wooster, an
ngent for "Fads and Fancies," who wa*
at Palm Beach, Fla, The letter ex
pressed a hope that Mrs. Wooster would
, meet nice people In Florida, and con
tinued :
"AH of them are like Davy Crockett's
coon, so that all you will have to do Is
to point your gun and every hlghtoned
citizen of Palm Beach will tumble Into
your basket" ■ ■:'.
, Col.. Mann said that he might have
written one letter to Mr. Wooster, the
subscription agent for. Fads and
Fancies, which was put in evidence by
counsel for the defense. It gave Woos
ter Instructions how to secure certain
names and included the following In
"Gen. Fitzgerald is a very pompous
and vain man and very rich, and I
think, if approached in the right way,
can be captured. You did not go to
Boston, but Thayer, Henry H. Hlggln
son and H. K. Blgplow ought to be good
victims. Spencer Trask of this city is
rich and vnin. • You must pounce on
William S. Cromwell the minute he re
turns from Paris.
"Neldrlnghaus of St. Louis was at
the Waldorf-Astoria yesterday. He Is
a great tin plate manufacturer, very
rich and a very able man. Go after
him. Bernard Baker of Baltimore, if
you do not mention Dr. Emerson to
him, and If you do show such men as
Grlscom, Morgan, W. W. Woodward,
Pembroke Jones, etc., I think you can
get him notwithstanding he declined
Hunt and Crawford Given Penlten.
tiary Terms for Being Accessories
After the Fact to Illegal Operation
on Miss Geary .
By Associated Press.
BOSTON, Dec. 2.— A verdict of not
guilty was reported in the superior
court today by the Jury which last
night deliberated the case of Dr. Percy
McLeod, charged with being an acces
sory after the fact to the illegal opera
tion which resulted in the death of
Susanna Geary, the victim of the suit
case tragedy, and with concealing the
crime. The prisoner was discharged.
The case was given to the jury at 4:45
p. m. yesterday and a conclusion was
reached at 10:15. In accordance with
• instructions of Judgo Stevens the \er
. diet Tag sealed and reported when
court opened this morning.
William E. Hunt and Louis W. Craw
' ford, who pleaded guilty several days
ago to the charge of being accessories
after the fact to the illegal operation,
• then were brought Into court.
Bach was sentenced by Judge Stevens
to not less than six years or more than
seven years In state prison.
When the verdict was announced in
Dr. McLeod's case there was a pro
nounced stir throughout the court room,
accompanied by applause, which the
judge immediately suppressed. The
clerk of the court then told McLeod
that he was free. • " ■ .
■Judge Stevens at once ordered Wil
liam E. Hunt and Louis W. Crawford,
who pleaded guilty several days ago to
the charge of being accessories after the
fact' to the illegal operation, brought
into court for sentence. Their counsel
• asked that they be given as light a Ben
tence as possible In view of the circum
stances of the case and the aid they
had given to the authorities in solving
the mystery connected with the tragedy.
Judge Stevens then pronounced a sen
tence for each of not less than six
years nor more than seven years in
state prison. .
Upper House of Relcharath Discusses
Proposal of the Govern,
By ABSoclated Press.
VIENNA, Dec. 2.— The upper house of
the relchsrath today dlßcuased the gov
ernment's suffrage proposal. Count
Franz Thun and Prince yon Augersperg
accused the government of Inconsis
tency and weakness in permitting the
recent suffruge demonstrations In
Daron Qautch yon Frankenthurn, the
premier, repudiated theße charges and
raid that the government would con
tinue In the path it has chosen despite
nil obstacles until it succeeded or fell."
Appointment for F. J. Heney
D) Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2.— lt was
stated at the department of the In
terior today that F. J. Heney, whose
successor has been named as district
attorney in Oregon, will have entire
charge of the government Bide In the
prosecution of the land fraud cases.
John Mitchell Recovering
By Associated I'retw.
SPRING VALLEY, 111.. Dec. 2.— John
Mitchell, president of the United Mine
.Workers of America, la better today,
but it may be a week or more before
he can return to his work at Indian
apolla. < -He i» suffering; ' from nervous
ness caused by. overwork
Tie* Laid Across the Track, but Are
Discovered by a Freight
Br AMftrlatftd Pre.w
BAKERSFIELD, Dec. 2.— An unauc
cesßful attempt was made at 7:80
o'clock this morning to wreck the
Southern Pacific Overland, No. 7, west
bound, at a point near Offer's resort
An engineer ,on a special freight run
ning Into Kern City- from Mojave dig
covered ties laid across the track
barely In time to gave his own train
from derailment.
Officers were notified and set out at
once for the scene on a light engine,
and about two miles east of Kdlson a
Mexican against whom damaging evi
dence has been collected wns overtaken
and arrested. The boots he wore were
found to fit exactly tracks discovered In
the vicinity of the pile from which
the ties acruss the track had been re
The discovery of the freight engineer
without doubt averted an appalling
wreck. Both Santa Fe and Southern
Pacific overland passenger trains all
heavily" londed, were within a few
miles of the obstruction. Had It been
dark the freight would in all likeli
hood have been ditched.
Fleet Will Probably Seize Islands of
Lemnos and Imbros on Monday.
Porte's Offers Dilatory and Un
By Associated Press.'
PARIS, Dec. 2.— lt was learned by
the Associated Press in the highest
government quarter today that tho
powers, ofter carefully examining the
sultan's latest counter proposals, have
decided to reject them and actively
resume the naval demonstration in
Turkish waters on Monday with tnft
probable seizure of the islands of
Lemnos and Imbros. No' considera
tion has been given to stopping the
passage of the Dardanelles owing to
the Interruption of International co i
merce which would follow.
After an examination of the sultan's
counter proposals all the powers came
to the conclusion that the propositions
were dilatory and entirely unsatisfac
Turks Are Weakening
By Associated Press
unanimity of the ambassadors Is be
ginning to have effect on the'ottoman
authorities. Even the military men,
who are leading the opposition against
the acceptance of the demands of the
powers, are showing signs of weaken
Tells Court She Won't Keep a Big
Family on Allowance of $5
a Week .
Special to The Herald.
READING, Pa.. Dec. 2.— There was
a pathetic case In Judge Ermentroufs
court room here today, when a mother
deserted her five little children.
I Mrs. William. D. Lerch asked the
court to Increase the allowance of $4
a Week which her husband paid her.
She claimed she was unable to get
along on such a . small amount. She
was accompanied to court by five of
her eight children. The father earns
$13 a week when working full time,
but averages about $10 a week all the
year around. -.„■•:<.... . ■
Judge Ermentrout made an order di
recting the husband to pay $5 a week,
half of his earnings.
"la that all I am to have?" said the
wife, indignantly. "Then he can keep
all of his children himself." i
Turning to the husband, she said:
"There are your children. You can
keep them yourself."
With this she turned on her heel and
marched down the large aisle of thf
court room and left the building. On 1 ?
of the children followed her and sho
sent It back to the .father. Friends of
Lerch are making an effort to provide
a home for the little ones.
By Associated Press.
MADRID, Dec. 2. — The formation of
a new ministry in place of the Montero
Klos cabinet, whose resignation was
accepted yesterday, is designed to over
come the separatist movement In Cala
nolu as war minister Weyler's policy
of repression has not satisfied either
element. Reports from Barcelona show
that the situation Is still serious. Sev
eral .of the leading newspapers have
been seized, and the governor of Bar
celona has resigned.
The resignation of Montero Rlos may
complicate the Moroccan question as
the premier gave Spain's i Influence to
France, whereas the new ministry may
reawaken general activity. . .-. <. .;. ....
Gilbert F. Little, Seattle
By Associated Prets.
PANAMA. Dec 2.— Former Judge Gil
bert P. Little of Seattle, the pioneer
American attorney In the canal zone,
died last night at Ancon. Judge Little
at one time presided over the Hilo cir
cuit in Hawaii.
London Steamer Sunk
By Associated Press.
DOVER, Bng., Dec. 2.— The Belgian
steamer Philllppeville from Antwerp
for the Congo reports sinking . a
steamer, name not given, southwest qf
Dungeness early today..
The steamer sunk by the Philllppe
ville was the Harlow. of London. Four
of her crew missing. Nine were saved.
H I For Women
JwMSL I of all aces there is no safer or more reliable remedy
t'" 1 " "'* Hitter*. It has bten used hy women all over
>iKJ&S»IBWij»-i> llle w " rl(1 f01 " ovrr 50 ymra and hundreds of them
m3aH W*7fH2K?*gß , nilVo toßtlrtert to its goodnms. If you suffer from any
ECJ&J DTOHACH iHnient peculiar to your box g;et
mw?sfe>° HOSTETTER'S
JtftjSl CltfjlifSr ' at Oll( ' e ' aml be Inaila wo " "Kiln- It has tuivcr been
if JPn I J*m\lLZ*£fif i known to fall in Cttßt-s of liiipovrrlnlied Uluoil. Moullilr
Jlifiytl ~ *^mr%**f Irregulurltlc» or
Dizziness, Vorritin"', Cramps, HacK-
rffcflf^siißE ache « Nervous Headache, Sleep-
SflßfiraßaSrc 4 lesiness, Costiveness, Indigestion,
f Kfl^^^^W I lyspepsfa crtolds
CifriljflfoT<fiE*tK 1 "°n't fa " to * r y ■ l»»ttle 'today. Delay only makes a
■WRMIJIYI . TafcaM I euru «o much harder. Yom rtniKKinl will supply you
t3B»miV&JwTi f Wl " 1 "'" Ke " ul " v wllh uul " '■•'»"•«' Stump over tht
Lieut Gen. Adna Chaffee
Lieut. Gen. Adna R. Chaffee Tries to
Purchase Famous McJohnson
.Place In Beautiful Foot*
hill City
If Lieut. Gen. Adna K. Chaffee carries
out the wishes of Mrs. Chaffee and his
own long cherished plans, he will spend
the remainder of his years on the slope,
at the foot of the beautiful Santa
Monica range In Hollywood.
Gen. Chaftee Is at present chief of
staff of the United States army, but
will retire next spring. , It is the Inten
tion of Gen. Chaffee to purchase a place
somewhere In or near Hollywood. With
this end In view, the general and Mrs.
Chaffee , went to Hollywood yesterday.
It has.been learned that, Gen. .Chaffee
made an offer of $30,000 cash for the
McJohnson estate on Crown and
Franklin streets, opposite the Homer
Laughlih hill. It Is Bald this offer was
refused, but as no definite statement
could be obtained, negotiations for the
property may still be pending.
The McJohnson estate Is comprised
of about . a half a block of land, and
the residence which was erected by Mr.
McJohnson about two years ago. : The
interior of the house Is beautifully fin
ished in hard wood and carvings.
Gen. Chaffee Is a cousin of the late
Judge Chaffee of Vine street, Colgrove,
and residents, of Hollywood and Cole
grove have foT some time looked for
ward to the day when the general and
Mrs. Chaffee,' who is always extremely
popular socially, would become resi
dents of their district.
Big Reception Committee
Additional members of the chamber
of ; have- been appointed on
the reception committee to entertain
Gen. '-. Chaffee at' the reception to be
given Monday evening. The reception
committee will report to the chamber
of commerce at 7:45 o'clock and the
chairman, Maj. E. F. C. Klokke, will
furnish them badges and give Instruc
tions for the evening. The reception Is
Informal and open to ladles as well as
gentlemen. Speeches, light refresh
ments and music will be the order of
the evening. Following are the addi
tional members of the reception com
mittee: D. E. Luther, Dr. W. A.
Smith, M. M. Davison, F; D. Owen, K.
J. Louis,' Gen. Robt. Wankowskl, A.
B. McCutcheon, E. E. Selph, S. F. Mac
farlane, iDr. Francis M. Parker, Jno.
A. Merrill, Clarence A. Miller, A. E.
Morro, J, W. A. Off, B. L. Oliver, H.
Z. Osborne, C. A. Sumner, Wilson G.
Tanner, W. L. Valentine, C. O. Valen
tine, Frank M. Vale, C. M. Staub, ■ H.
G. Weyse, A. M. Brown, Dr. J. M.
White, Boylo Workman, Chas. G.
Greene,. Jas. Shultz, Geo. H. Wyman.
New Cunarder Sails
By Associated Press.
LIVERPOOL. Dec. 2.— The new
Cunard line turbine steamer Carmanla
sailed from here today on her maiden
voyage to New York with a big com
plement of passengers. Several ma
rine engineers are on board to observe
the working of the turbines. •;'
Million Transferred by Postofficea
Hv vif>H(flnl<>il Press
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2.— One million
dollars was today transferred by draft
from' Chicago to the New York city
postofflce. The transfer was made by
First Assistant Postmaster General
Hitchcock from the money order fund.
Churchmen Reach New York
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK, . Dec. 2— Archbishop
Christie of Portland, Ore., and Bishop
J. J. Hartley of Columbus, 0., arrived
here today on the . steamer Prlnzess
Irene from Genoa,
Colusa Man Kills Himself
By Associated Press.
COLUSA, Dec. 21— O. B. Turman, son
of H. 8. . Turman, committed suicide
here today by shooting. He placed the
muzzle of a Bhotgun In his mouth and
pulled the trigger with his toe.
Franco-American Bank Looted
nv Anvorlated Press.
PARIS, Dec. 2.— The government has
authorized the Franco-American bank,
organized by Speyer & Co., to be Hated
on the bourse with official privileges.
Men Capture Lad After Difficult Chase
and Battle With Truok Driver.
Gett Away In Shadow
of Station
Two grown men who attempted to
capture a lad of 16 years whom they
accuse of stealing a bicycle, found the
alleged thief a too slippery customer
to >deal with, as he was twice In their
custody yesterday aftertioon, and when
within a block of the police station .
made good his escape. I
In the effort to capture the boy, the
men, W. J. Long of 801 Pico street and
J. C. Crater of 1263 Flgueroa street,
experienced considerable difficulty and
claim they were assaulted by two
drivers of a van which they allege be
longs to the Transcontinental Freight
company, into which the boy Jumped
in order to avoid capture.
Three weeks ago a wheel belonging
to Long was stolen from him while
standing .on Broadway. Two days
later a young man brought the wheel
Into the J. C. Crater bicycle repair
shop and ordered some alterations on
the wheel, saying that he would call
for It within a short time. In the
meantime Long, who had been search-
Ing for his bicycle, found It In Cra
ter's shop and It was arranged that
•when the lad called for It the pro
prietor was to notify Long and the
two of them capture the boy.
The youth who ordered the altera
tions on the bicycle called for It at
Officials Who Go to Farmhouse to
Investigate Have Narrow Escape
From Destruction— Deadly Traps
Laid for Intruders
By Associated Press.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2.— Startling events
which have followed the mysterious
disappearance of John A. Thompson,
a wealthy but eccentric Swede, have
aroused the village of Hobart, Ind., to
a state of high excitement. When Mar
shal Fred Busse and Trustee Alvin
Wilde yesterday went to Thompson's
bachelor house on the outskirts of Lake
station, they had narrow escapes from
being blown up by dynamite.
A woman named Helen Frltche held
a mortgage on the Thompson house,
which he declined to satisfy. Last
week she determined to foreclose ancl
notified her agent, Charles Seydel.
Seydel met Thompson in Hobart and
told him of Mra. Fritche's determina
tion. Thompson remarked:
"Well, there will be a hot welcome
for you when you come."
For over a week Thompson. had not
been seen and his house was closed
and the blinds 'drawn. . .
Wilde and Marshal Bueae went to the
farmhouse to investigate. offi
cials were of the opinion that Thompson
bad killed himself. .%.•-,
Busse was about to break In the front
door, when, he says, he was Belzed
with an intuition to get away from the
door. Going to a side window the men
climbed cautlonsly Into the house. They
were unable to find a trace of Thomp
son, but in the hall leading to the
front door was found a pile of dyna
mite of which there was several pounds.
It was connected with the front door
by 'a ■ wire fuse i to an electric battery
so that an intruder would have ex
ploded the mass.
Black powder was strewn in every
room in the house and wires led from
the front door to the explosives in all
directions. Over every door in the out
side of the house and barn was sus
pended heavy weights designed to fall
if the doors were opened.
Alleged Representative of Proposed
New Railroad Takes His
By Associated press.
SANTA CRUZ, Dec. 2.— M. B. King,
who came here a few days ago for the
announced purpose of running prelimin
ary surveys for a railroad between
Visalla and this city, has disappeared,
and with him have gone for the present
prospects tor a local connection with
the Santa Fe. which was promised by
him with great flare of trumpets. . King
left town early yesterday after leaving
checks for several of his men and send
ing a draft for $1200 on F. M. Perrins
of San Bernardino through a local bank
for collection.
While here King ordered supplies as
a locating engineer of the Santa Fe. A
party was to start at once to locate
depot grounds In this city and an order
was left with an employment agency
for 800 men for grading work. Men em
ployed by King here say that he picked
them up on the street, offering them
good wages as chalnmen and instruct
ing them as to what to do and say
while In the city. No attempt will be
made to flnd King, as he committed no
crime but work on the credulity of the
Pomona Man Succeeds Longdon
Hy A»i«nHn«<>rt Press
SACRAMENTO, Cal., Dec. 2.—Gov
ernor Pardee has appointed J. T. Brady
of Pomona to be supervisor of the
First district of Los Angeles county,
vice O. W. Longdon, deceused.
z&lj&i The Los Angeles
N^f/ Limited
commencing Deo. 81st will run dally between
A through train— steam heated and electrically lighted— running over
the ; • »
x Leave Los Angeles 2:45 p. m. dally, passing .through beautiful Bait L.ako
' ■ City. Information 250 8. Spring St.. or First street depot.
Watch for the
New Train v^/
J _^_ J _^_^_ „ ] _i
For Best Results...
Try a Herald Want Ad-Sure Winner
Crater's shop yesterday afternoon.
Crater Immediately notified Long, and
as the latter entered the atore the
boy made a hasty exit.
Driver Assault* Mm
The two men . Immediately gave
chase and were Joined by Fred Jones
of 1832 Manhattan street. Some dis
tance down the street the fleeing boy ]
leaped upon a van which the pur
suers claim belonged to the Transcon
tinental Freight company, Jones,
Crater and Long ordered the drivers
of the van to stop, but the latter re
But the three men who were after
the boy continued following the van
and the drivers finally drew up at the
corner of Eleventh and Grand avenue.
The boy was still in the van, as the
rear doors were locked, and the only
| way of egress would have been through
| a small opening back of the seat
, where the drivers wer« kitting.
, The drivers remonstrated and a fight
ensued between Crater and the two
drivers, In which Crater was badly
ben ten about the head.
Watching for an opportunity to m
■ cape from his temporary prison, the
lad Jumped through the window and
started up the street, but was at once
overtaken by Jones and Crater. The
latter with the boy In their possession
boarded a car and when they alighted
nt the corner of First and Broadway
the lad wriggled out of their grasp
and was soon lost in the crowds.
Crater walked to the receiving hos
pital where his wounds were dressed.
Detectives were at once put to work
on the case. It Is said that charges of
assault will be preferred against the
drivers of the van. An effort will
also be made to locate the escaped
boy, against whom charges of larceny
will be lodged in case of his cap
Edward Dudley Kenna, First Vice
President, Tenders His Res
By Associated Press.
CHICA O, Deo. 2.— Edward Dudley
Kenna, first vice president of the Atchi
son, Topeka & Santa Fe, has resigned.
Mr. Kenna Is spending an Indefinite
period In Europe and conveyed hla
resignation to President Rlpley by
cable. His retirement from the railroad
world Is said to be largely due to the
loss of a favorite child, which occurred
while Mr. Kenna and his family
were In Paris a few weeks ago. The
death of the child Is said to have af
fected the health of Mrs. Kenna, and
Mr. Kenna has decided to remain with
her indefinitely In the south of Europe.
Mr. Kenna has been with the Santa
Fe since 1895, when the United States
court appointed him solicitor for the re
ceivers of the property. Upon reor
ganization he was made vice president
and solicitor. No steps have been taken
as yet to fill the vacancy by Mr. Ken
na's resignation.
E. H. Gary Is Married
By ARRoclatPd Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Former Judge
Elbert H. Gary, president of the Fed
eral Steel company and chairman of
the board of directors of the United
States Steel corporation,' was married
today by Bishop McCabe to Mrs. Emma
Scott of this city.
New York Brokers Bankrupt
By Associated Press.
NEW YORK,' Dec. 2.— E. MUll'ken &
Co., who did business as brokers, today
filed a voluntary petition In bankruptcy
with liabilities of $66,902 and assets of
$27,170. The firm Is composed of Earle
MHllken and Tra Mllllken.
I'cw People Know How Useful It la In
PrenervlnK Health and Beauty.
Nearly everybody knows that char-
coal is the safest and most efficient
disinfectant and purifier In nature, but
few realize Its value when taken Into
the human system for the same cleans-
Ing purpose.
Charcoal Is a remedy that the more
you take of It the better; It is not
a drug at all. but simply absorbs the
gases and Impurities always present
In the stomach and Intestines and car-
ries them ou tof the system.
Charcoal sweetens the breath after
smoking, drinking or after eating
onions and other odorous vegetables.
Charcoal, effectually clears and Im-
proves the complexion, it whitens the
teeth and further acts as a natural
and eminently safe cathartic.
It absorbs the Injurious gases which
collect In the Btomach and bowels; It
disinfects the mouth and throat from
the poison of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal in one
form or another, but probably the best
charcoal and the most for the money
is In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges; they
are composed of the finest powdered
Willow charcoal, and other harmless
antiseptics In tablet form or rather in
the form of large, pleasant tasting
lozenges, the charcoal being mixed
with honey.
The daily use of these lozenges will
soon tell In a much improved condi-
tion of the general health, better com-
plexion, sweeter breath and purer
blood, and the beauty of It Is, that no
possible harm can result from their
continued use, but on the contrary,
great benefit.
A Buffalo physician in speaking of
the benefits of charcoal, says: "I ad-
vise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges to all
patients suffering from gas in stomach
and bowels, and to clear the com-
plexion and purify the breath, mouth,
and throat; I nlso believe the liver la
greatly benefited by the daily use of
them; they cost but twenty-rlve cents
a box at drus stores, and although In
some sense a patent preparation, yet
I believe I fret more and better char-
coal In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges
than in any of the ordinary charcoal
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It
To Proye What the Ore«t Kidney Remedy, Swimp.Root, Will Do for I2!L
( Every Reader of The Lot Angeles Herald May Have a Sample
Bottle Seat Absolutely Free by Mall
It used to be considered that only urinary and _m
Madder troubled were to be traced to tri<» Vldneyp, ißSP""*'^
but now modern nolenrfi proves thnt nearly nil TOMtiT^'aVf
diseases have lh*>lr heßlnnln* In the disorder of S^^^Sr
tho«e mnßt Important or^ana. ryWS'Mf
Therefor*, whon your kidneys nre weak or out If 85 ill
of order, you can understand how qtilrkly your f)vy«P>l
entire body Is affected, and how every organ M, Jj ¥ J
seems to fall to do Its duty. /l If 9 1
If you nre slrk or "frel badly" be^ln tnkln« M>rt7'f A
the Rreat kidney remedy, Dr. Kllmem Swamp- If 'spy,,* t\
Root, berntifie ng noon B» your kidneys begin tn /*»jr»&iiJr\
set better they will help nil the other organs to iIHTHm ■■Hill fc
health. A trial will convince anyone wl * M I»?^^?TL-
I win out of henlth nnd run down Rfnnrnlly: had >kß"' "■ "' "-' J ■ ' *Bti^tai2s^^
no nppntltn, wnn dizzy find iHiflVrpd with headache mffimt"''^- '■' tr M*g*W^PlTlt
most of the tlmn. I did not know thnt my kidneys fiMWt xSSSSBBBLWWIiIfm
were thn pause of my trouble, but somehow felt Pig ßlllMWiMmil TMnJTili liHrflj ¥jm
thnt they tnlnht ho. and I be K nn tnklnir Swamp, iffiffl ■ .. . Bt-Vl
Hoot. Thme In Huoh n picn^int tapln to Swamp- BKSji »■. ■■L.iva r> ESS
Root, mid It Eoe» right to tho upot nnd driven din- Kl*J „„.„. T»A/i m EMF9
ense out of tho system. It hnn cured m«i. maklPß tffii SWfIMP.ROfIT Riff!
me ntronKnr and hotter In every way, and I cheer- f I UII iIIUX "RUUI- Rrß
fully recommondU to all nufterern. §1 Kldßtr . Urer lti „,„„ Ngl
MnS. A. L. WALKKIt. S3l Eanl Mndr.n St.. At- tl] 0UM ' Iflfl
lanta, Oa. »Bl « K»fcT»««. rftfl
Weak and unhealthy kldneyn ore responsible §1 .ZXJZtm'ZiZ'Z'ttZ WiM
for mnny kinds of dlpenßes, and If permitted to II ch~i™Hi£!^~n.u..~. K.¥B
continue much suffering H nd FATAL RESULTS El "w ««».~. «» -Vu cJljl
AltE SUTIE TO FOLLOW. Kidney trouble Ir- jSgf tT^TaTU'ItZ ElHl
rltates the nerves, makes you dizzy, restless, Bl — u> i^uir. |49
sleepless and irrltiiblo. Makes you pnna water • Xl tm.,™!"^*, <■„,.. n Kifn
often during the day and obllses you to get up f i«i~it.iin».i>uM«riiiunti. KjtS
mnny times during the night. Unhenlthy kidneys ft ?£ ,wV«I"m" VJSS'm ftlftl
cnuse rheumatism, eravel, catarrh of tne bladder, t t.'" h !l£"£l'££ n Z!i HIH
pain or dull nrhe in the back. Joints nnd muscles; fi nn.kn imw «»*"*««. EgMJi
mnke your head ache nnd hack arhe. cause In- 1 "T^l'^i^.'^t"^' Hi
digestion, stomach and liver trouble, you get a Bi wHmanm rl Si
sallow, yellow complexion, mnke you feel as K| na. Kn.MJJ» *ca P1 39
though you had heart trouble; you may have Hfl WN ml»io« «. i ' ljl'*fl
plenty of ambition, but no strength; got weak KB »»i« t, .v pt.ot»».. EfM
The cure for these troubles is Dr. Kilmer's WM !WBmfamarmniir*ZmSiio
Swnmp-Koot, the world-famous kidney remedy. Ip§l9(ffftrTfl»»'!s3SsslsHsa
Ir> taking Swamp-Root you afford natural help E§BJBBMHfIHBBIHBItffIi
to Nature, for Swamp-Root Is tho most perfect P T? : : »?'l jHWß"fl»n»B|t^M
healer and gentle aid to the kidneys that Is ftJM^Xßt^x-ifcr^*;-*^'' ",*■£*&
known to medical science. -mmmmmamSOUfßm^BKm^
HOW to Find Out <Swnmp-Root Is pleasant to take.)
If there Is any doubt In your mind as to your
It stand twenty-four hours. If on examination that *> w <»mp-Root «• what you
It Is milky or cloudy, \t there Is a brick-dust set- need > you can purchase the
tllng, or if small particles float about In It, your regular' fifty-cent ■ and " one-
kidneys arc Ir. need of Immediate attention. . dollar size bottles at. the drug '■
Swomp-Root is pleasant to take and Is used stores everywhere. Don't make
In the leading hospitals, recommended by phy- - ny mißtnfcp' »,„♦ r»m»mi,^
slclans in their private practice, and Is taken by f"f "*'!! *ke, -but remember
doctors themselves who have kidney ailments, tne name - Swamp-Root. Dr. ;
because they recognize in it the greatest and Kilmer's Swamp r ßoot, and the
most successful remedy for kidney, , liver and , a( idress, Binghamton, .N. ~Y.,
bladder troubles. :.'■•'-';■ lon every bottle..
KDITORIAL' NOTE— So successful is Swamp-Root In promptly curing even
the most distressing cases of kidney. liver or bladder troubles, that to prove its
wonderful merits you may have a sample bottle and a book of valuable in-
formation both sent absolutely free by mall. The book contains many of 'tho
thousands upon thousands of testimonial' letters received from men and women ■
cured. The value and success of Swamp-Root is so well known that our readers
are advised to Bend for a sample bottle. In sending your address to Dr. Kilmer '
& Co., Binghamton, N. T., be sure to say you read this generous offer in 'the
i Los Angeles Sunday Herald. The . proprietors of this paper guarantee the gen-
> uineness of this offer.
Bf ROUTE and the Chicago, Union Pacific &
ff North- Western Line. i3^
/the overland limited*
hT The opening of the S. P., L. A. & S.L. R. R. forms, in con- In
Mrncction with the Overland Limited anew and desirable
B route from Los Angeles via Salt Lake City to Chicago, with n
, B great reduction in schedule time, and choice of routes from B
■ and to the Pacific Coast. This in addition to the present ■*
■ daily service 'via the Coast Line and the San Joaquin Valley H
H Routes of the Southern Pacific to San Francisco, and thence ■ E
I ,The Best of Everything I
tjlPullman Tourist Sleeping Cars from Los Angeles ' to fa
mSt. Paul, Minneapolis and Chicago without change, viaß
tne new route and via the Coast Line. Mm •
yXfs&£SSffl\ Double berth, Los Angeles to Chicago _ B
JtßffuiiUlliP only, $7.00; to St. Paul and Minnc->J?T^L
fmmMr* apolis, $6.75. _ /S&4&S.
hUJAKJSrtjH/ Before going east, call upon or ad- f JJM^i'TaCI
dress us for booklets, maps, ti m e .l*Q v&\- jfifl "l
ijTdlirar tables, and full information concern-V Jj&jjpßL* l
J*4?yWftk ing choice of routes, train service, j5©U!S5^
BT?|H™J^^ " 'W.O.CAM>BEU, Jgr*™*
\IfIHM*JT ot«»r»i *t««.o. »«..w. nt. 0.. 1
Santa Cataiina Ssland
Daily steamer servlco leaving San Pedro nt 10 a. m., making direct connection
with Southern Pacltlc, Salt l.nko and Paclflo Electric trains from Los An-
geles. Extra steamer Saturday ovtnlngs.
■ Hotel Mdtrople Open All tie Year %
Banning Company Pacific Electric Bldg. Both Phones 36 1
@/7t tf/^J North Bea . ch » Santa Monl:a
M/afyffl te/ iMnttfO Filled fresh every day and beated to a
r «*/ temperaturo of 8b desrrnes. % Unrivaled
and absolutely safe surf bathing. Now Is tliu most beautiful season of tlio
year at the beach.
/* •■»"■'' French and Italian Dinners a Specialty
<Ua7np& $ ~
' 609 San Fernando Street. Tel. Main 3470,
47) j (fifi/l) ~» iF^ Up-to-Date Restaurant ""•
Zw ///ante wamrn 219-221 w. Third street
/o r » <j52) « > i Business Lunches, Dinners Complete
(ya/e tJJnSWi After-Theater Refreshments. Room for 1200
Excursion* t0.... Spftflfl \ •
Honolulu, Japan and Around t{ : World
IIVUII 11. HlfM ft)., Urn. (Meswsblp aud TourUt Aiti. v*v '* aiM W. Tblrd St.
Agents for all Trans Atlantic and Trans pacific linen; also Tho«. Cook & Hatu

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