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Popular Member of L. I. Z. Sorority
Announces Approaching Marriage
and Will Entertain Society'
at Supper
An oyMrr supper to her sorority la
the fine Miss Ahbn McC'rendy will have
to pay for having tho temerity to bo
como engnged. Kho Is tho first of the
L-. I. Z. Rlrls, thn lending nororlty at
Occidental college, to daro to do so. One
of the avowed objects of the organiza
tion Is to discourage matrimony amonir
Its members. Individually, the feeling
may be In favor of tho yoked life; col-
Ipctlvely, to tho last girl, they arc
against it. With this Idea in mind, onn
of the first rules made by thn sorority
was that any member breaking tho vow
of splnsterhood Hhoul.l be lined an oys
ter supper for all tho otliern. ThlH
awful penalty had provod a deterring
power until Miss McCready dared to
Incur it. Now thcro Is no telling how
many will follow tho demoralizing ex
am pi p.
Miss McCready will give tho oyster
wupper at tho homo of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. McCready, 818 Caron
dolet street, on tho ovenlng of Decem
ber 21. , It will bo the first of a series
of affairs In honor of her marriage to
John O. Htaun, which will take place
.January 3. Kor this event, that will
crown all thn others, great preparation
1b already being made. Miss McCready
1b one of the most popular girls at Oc
cidental, and the Interest In her ap
proaching marriage Is general through
tho college.
Miss Ailepn Staub, sister of the
groom, Is coming home from Wellesley
college to attend the bride, and Mlsa
Margaret Herkowlts and Miss Lillian
Merrill, both L. I. 55. girls, are comins
down from Berkeley for the ceremony.
On tho evening of December 22 the
Tj. I. 55. girls will give a reception in
honor of the betrothal at the home of
Miss Frances McComb, West Avenue
Fifty-two The following day a show
er will be given Miss McCready at the
homo of Miss Estclle McClung, and on
December 26 Miss Lillian Merrill will
give a luncheon for her at her homo on
Pasadena avenue. December 27-28 will
find all the sorority girls gathered in
a house party at Manhattan Beach,
where the families of several of the
members have 3ummer homes. On the
second day Mr. Staub and the young
men friends of the girls will be guests
nlso, and a merry time is looked for.
This will be the lust of the festivities
boforo the wedding the week following.
Carcass of Bruin Prevents the Exit
of His Slayer From the
Special to Tho HeraicL
1 SNOWSHOE, Pa., Dec. 2.— Penned
4n a cave for two days by a big bear
which he had shot and could not move.
Dr. Walter Kurtz of Howard was a
prisoner , who gladly welcomed a
searching party which today came
within sound of his voice. While im
prisoned he killed two more bears —
cubs which had attacked him after
their mother had been shot.
Dr. Kurtz was hunting when he
found bear tracks leading Into a cave.
He crawled into the hole on his hands
and knees. His eyes had not become
accustomed to the darkness before he
heard the grunt of a bear. As Bruin
run past him toward the mouth of the
cave he fired, and the bear fell, block
ing the passage. Tha carcass was so
heavy thnt the physician could not
move it. Suddenly two cubs appeared,
and they, too, were killed.
For the Human Body | n Henllk aud
The mention of sulphur will recall
to many of us tho early days when
our mothers and grandmothers gave
ub our dally dose of sulphur and mo-
lasses every spring and fall.
' It was the universal spring and fall
Vblood purliier," tonic and cure-all,
and mind you, this old-fashioned rem-
edy was 'not without merit
. The Idea was good, but the remedy
was crude and unpalatable, and \
large quantity had to be taken to get
any effect.
Nowadays we get all the beneficial
effects of sulphur in a palatable, con -
r(;ntrated form, bo that a single grain
1s far more effective than a table-
spoonful of the crude sulphur.
In recent years, research and ex-
periment have proven that the best
sulphur for medicinal use is that ob-
tained from Calcium (Calcium Sul-
phide) and sold In drug stores under
the name of Stuart's Calcium Wafers.
They are small chocolate-coated pel-
Icts 1 and contain the active medicinal
principle of sulphur in a highly con-
centrated, effective form.
. Few people are aware of tho value
of this form of sulphur in restoring 1
und maintaining bodily vigor and
health: sulphur acts directly on the
liver, and excretory organs and puri-
fies and enriches the blood by the
prompt elimination of waste material.
Our grandmothers knew this when
they dosed us with sulphur and mo-
WiHses every spring und full, but the
crudity und Impurity of ordinary flow-
ers of sulphur wero aften worse than
tho disease, and cannot compare with
the modern concentrated preparations
of sulphur, of which Stuart's Calcium
Wafers is undoubtedly tho best and
most widely used.
They ure the natural antidote for
liver and *kldney troubles and cure
constipation and purify the blood in
a way that ufteu surprises patient niid
physician alike.
Dr. It. M. Wilklna while experiment-
Ing with sulphur remedies soon found
that the sulphur from Calcium was
superior to uny other form. He says:
"Kor kidney, liver und blood troubles,
especially when resulting from consti-
pation or niuluriu, I have been sur-
prised at the results obtained from
Stuart's Calcium Wafers. In patients
suffering from boils und pimpled and
even deep-seated carbuncles, I hnve
repeatedly seen them dry up and dis-
appear In four or live days, leaving
the skin clear und smooth. Although
Stuurt's Ci)lulum Wafer* is v proprle-
tary article, und sold by druggists,
und for thut reuson tabooed by muny
physlcluns, yet I know of nothing
hii safe und reliable for t'oustlputlon,
liver und kidney troubles und espe-
cially in all forms of sklii disease us
l his remedy."
At any rate people who are tired of
pills, cuthurtlcH and so-called blood
"liurlfM'S," will flud in .Stuart's Cal-
cium Wafers v far safer, more inUti-
tahlu und effective preparation '
British Divine Explains by Saying
That Pledge to Maintain Church
Along Original Lines Has Been
By Ansnclated Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 2.— Rev. R. C.
Fllllngham, vicar of Hexton, England,
who a year ago violently attacked
Bishop Potter, returned here last night
to expound a new cult which he calla
•The New Liberal Movement In lle-
He Bays It was a success In Georgia,
and tomorrow night he will tell what
It Is at a public meeting which he
has called.
Dr. Fllllngham said last night that
he would take action against
Bishop Potter before both the law
courts and the ecclesiastical courts,
charging him with receiving moneys
under false pretense. Explaining this
atlon, tho vicar said:
"I have not given up my fight
against ritualism in our church, not
withstanding the fact that I am now
promulgating a new religious move
ment to do away with dogma and ritu
alism. I want to see ritualism driven
from the sanctuaries of our church,
and will always work to that end.
Now, it should be known that every
bishop In the Protestant Episcopal
church, at his consecration, takes an
oath to preserve the church along the
lines it was founded. It was founded
as a protest against this very thing I
am fighting, high churchlsm, ritual
ism, confessionals and the like. Bishop
Potter, I maintain, has violated this
pledge, and by receiving moneys to
keep such churches as St. Mary the
Virgin, St. Ignatius and others, takes
such money under a false pretense.
Hence, my proposed action."
Small Boy In Knickerbockers Has
Career Brought to a Sudden
Special to The Herald.
NEW YOItK. Dec. 2.— A small boy
!n knlckerbocktrs and a sombrero hat
ttood watching with glittering eye a
poster Indian in front of the Victoria
music hall last night. Policeman Do
laney approached. The youngster drew
a revolver, and pointing It at the In
dian, saying:
"Your a dead one."
Delaney grabbed the weapon. The
youngster drew a bowle knife. De
laney grabbed the knife. The young
ster drew a bean shooter. .
"You're a walking arsenal," said the
co'\ "Got any more?"
"Yep," said the boy, drawing an
tlectric pocket lamp.
"Come with me; I'll show you In
dians," said Delaney.
Tho boy went with him to the West
Forty-seventh street station, where he
said he was Arnold De JJM. aged 13,
of 14 South Broadway, Yonkers. He
carried a thumbed copy, of "Outlaws
and Law Makers." T|ie police tele
phoned to Yonkers and learned that the
young Indian fighter was the son of a
retired sewing machine manufacturer.
Thfy wanted him sent home.
"Better leave him In jail over night;
it will do him good," suggested Sergt.
Schulum. They agreed.
"I am glad the kid has developed
Rome nerve," said one of his relatives
over tho telephone. "He won't so to
bed at home without a light."
lowa Couple United in Marriage Un-
der the Glow of a November
flrxx-lnl to The Herald.
DES MOINES, Towa, Dec. 2.— Under
the glow of the November moon and
in the midst of a tield of several hun
dred acres of uncut corn, • Earl E.
Campbell and Amber N. Strlckllne
were united In marriage at midnight.
Thirty-five guests had nearly all ar
rived at the Strickllng home when it
flashed across the, bridegroom's mind
that he had obtained the marriage
license In Cherokee county, while tho
ceremony was scheduled for Idu
After a hurried consultation It was
decided to adjourn to a high knoll In
the center of Farmer Strlckllng's farm,
which extended across the county line.
The carriages were called, und thither
the Jolly bridal party wended Its way.
Tho night wind rustled the leaves of
corn for music, und to Its gentle ac
companiment the Rev. C. P. Morgan of
dishing spoke the fateful words.
Little Girl Hugs Her Plaything Until
Death Comes to Claim
Speclul to The lleialcl. .
I'UILADKLiPHIA, la., ]>er. I.—W ith
Hi" doll thut liad oauscil her death
clasped tightly li> her arms, Amanda
Tonillnson, 1 yearn old, died yesterday
morning In the Jewish hospital.
The child had been severely burned
on Hnturdny nli:ht h.v getting ioo close
to a bonfire i>n Willow nveiuu, In front
i>t her lioimh, at Ljunotli AlniitKoinci-y
county. Her dull hud fallen Intu the
lUuiKH, und, atli-mptliiK to rouciyj It,
the pushed boldly Into lhi> tire. Her
frock Ignited and tthu was fatally
burned before bygtumlurH could smuili
er tlui lluiiich.
Whun Amanclu was taken to thu h(U«
j-ltul Bhci Insisted on curry inir th« doll.
"1 \\t\\\\. my uolly," Fhe suicl. ami no
one had thti heart to deny her. While
Iho doctors wei'u clivxhliik her wounds
«lit> found uuluct< In cuddllatr lliu dull,
und It wan l»y her sldo couutuntly
until she died. " *
Newspapers and Political Clubs All
Talking of Cabinet Crisis— Camp.
bell Brinnerman to Return
Ny /Morlnteil t'resn.
LONDON, I »pc. 2.— Complete secrecy
was maintained throughout the day in
official circles concerning the cabinet
crisis and connoquently political wrlt
fr« and prognontlrators of overy shnde
nrc unchecked and the newspapers ami
political clubs nrn talking ot little
else. Tho premier is playing golf, but
will return to the city Monday. King
Edward will hold a privy council Tues
day, and Tuesday night he will be tho
guest nt. Lord Alllngton's house party
at Crltchel, Wlmborn. at which Mr.
Balfour will also be present
King Edward will arrive In London
Monday and it is understood will drive
at onco to the Hinlthfleld fat stock
show. It Is considered possible that
the premier may tender his resignation
later on Monday, but It Is believed that
no announcement of It will be made un
til after the privy council meeting on
The fact that Sir Henry Cnmpbell-
Bannerman will return to London from
Scotland Mondny and the positive as
sertions made by persons well Informed
on political events lead to the belief
that Sir Henry has decided to accept
the responsibility of forming a cabi
net If the task should be offered him
No one can be found ntnong well-
Informed perßons who will say posi
tively whether the premier has decided
on his resignation or the dissolution
of parliament, but In any event it Is
believed that much depends upon the
decision of King Edward himself, who,
It Is said, Is quite likely to request Mr.
Balfour to retain the reins of gov
ernment until a verdict of the people
Is given In favor of the Liberals or
of tho Conservatives remaining In
The Associated Press was Informed
today that King Edward favors this
course, but that he would yield In the
event that Mr. Balfour decides that
he cannot with credit to himself re
muln in office during the election.
Town In Delaware Accommodated by
a Most Obliging Con.
Special to Tho Herald.
NEW CASTLE. Del., Dec. 2.— This
city Is enjoying the unique distinction
of having the services of a constable
but one day a week. Since the Demo
crats went out of power, several years
ago, the Republicans have been unable
to fill the oflice. Consequently Thomas
Buckley, who Is legally constable for
New Castle county, but was appointed
for Wilmington, has agreed to do duty
here on Saturdays at the office of Mag
istrate William T. Terry.
With all this disputing over its band
how can Long Beach expect much "har
mony" from the Donatelli organization?
25i IvvlvJKt' A TF WPT 1?Y SATF
lAwCj* . lAlv^L as tiie greatest record of
I _WtsiMiyi&'*fe t +Vn' f il' r f /^^jp "Zjr Force of circumstances ia responsible for this tuile and inukos
i r &VAuC& W'tf'f i'/Fs''.* It absolutely necessary to close out :it unco thla entire stock of
watches, diamonds, jewelry, beautiful bric-a-brac, silverware,
" ne leather goods und in fact tho stock contains everything that
J(i«^ belongs to a first-class Jewelry store.
11- *,"S '•'.'i^t^'K «^«r^db ""%'^S' •.» !n the adjustment of our prices tho cost will, in many in-
•'-.•~. : *-i»X|/*^s» af 'j^fii\a '***t**?~"'" stances, lip the .soiling price. We've even gout; below cost In lots
,S\""i.-V,~2i^* r *2iS?S^- of cases— Wo will quote you— something unheard of, for it was
;'*'•'•-" ■•; &_fJr^Bfffr •■ZZxSzl^z:" never before attempted by any first-clans Jewelry store In this
:-iv"*"'." l iV^:,.H- l -.m Ma ' country. We must and will Bell thoso goods Irrespective of com
Myi-rffffgiy^Mt B; 9s&fflWJm*immtarrmm—> Clf value— und the public of Los Angeles knows and appreciates
****———'*'**%>■^Jaa^raWv \ N tlin * a(l " lut when we enter Into such an undcrtuking we will
',«7**a^ curry it through at uny cost.
In diamonds the opportunity for Investment Is particularly favoruble, and diamonds go along with the
rest of the stock with their proportional reduction. Advices from the diamond mines all tend to show that the
supply Is far less than the demand— many even hinting at the mines becoming exhausted— and in any case
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it— now.
A Genuine Retiring Sale
Just a Few of the 10,000 Hargains We Offer
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jewel to » Jewel. In solid Sold and gold tilled cnse« at % n^o V Xtt K^-im to select from-at
Ladles' sterling" silver chatelaine watches ut %'i. DO. I'UICKS.
Imported enamel watches, 0 size, at $3.50. The largest sud best assorted stock of jeweled
Gents' thin model gun metul watches ut $3.60. back combs ut about factory cost.
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Union Men
Who Wear Non-Union Made Clothing
are Traitors to the Cause of Labor Union-
ism* To Be on the Right Side
Sleeping Qlrl Dislocates Her Cervical
Vertebrae and Can't Turn
Her Head
Srwelnl to The Herald.
PAWTUCKET, K. 1., Dec. 2 —
Awakening from a frightful dream. In
which Bhe was struggling with a mon
strous creature. Miss Frances Robinson
discovered, to her added horror, that
her head was turned, immovably, over
her right shoulder.
At the Instant, too, the girl, who Is
20 yeai'B old, felt agonizing pain in her
shoulder and back. Her cries aroused
her family, who suspecting that she
had a sudden attack of neuralgia or
rheumatism, applied domestic remedies
In the hope of relieving her.
Miss Robinson's suffering and dread
increased, for she could not turn her
head again Into Its natural position.
Dr. Joseph E. Duxbury was called to
her home, No. 34 Parker street. Central
Falls. The doctor found that, In the
struggle of her dream the young wo
man had twisted her head so suddenly
and violently that she had dislocated I
one of the topmost vertebrae of her
spinal column — a cervical vertebra
one in her neck.
Dr. Duxbury told Miss Robinson's
family that he must try immediately !
to reduce the dislocation, to set the '
bone in Its place. He warned the
family that the operation was as dan
gerous as delicate and that should thb
vertebra, In the attempt to replace It,
press on the girl's spinal cord, paraly
sis certainly, and death possibly, would
follow. « . j
Miss Robinson eagerly consented.
The doctor, using some force, overcame
the distorted muscles in his patient's
neck, and with a "click" the bone slip
ped into its place. The girl has re
covered save that her neck "Is sore,"
she complains.
Dr. Duxbury says the surgeries con
tain many cases of vertebrae dislo
cated by violence, such as falls, but
he has never read of such a displace
ment caused by the muscles' own vio
lent action.
Desperate Struggle of a Young Girl
While the House Was
WATERBURY, Conn., Dec. 2 —
Raymond Cornwall of Putnam, 8 years
old, died yesterday at the Dayton Kim
ball hospital, iln.qplto the hcrolo efforts
of his sister Elizabeth, 12, to save htm.
The ohlliren were left alone Sunday
and an Infant brother, becoming fret
ful and hungry, Raymond started a fire
with kerosene. The stove exploded and
the lad, all aflame, wus carried Into
the yard by the girl, while he shouted:
"I'm burning to death."
The girl gathered alt the rug 9ln the
house to cover him up. Thinking he
was safe, she left him for a minute to
save the baby and extinguish tho
flames In the house. Returning, she
found tho flames In the rugs burning
afresh and dragged the boy to the
pump, fifteen feet away.
The fire In the house started anew
and she extinguished it. Then, ex
hausted, she locked the suffering boy
and the baby In a closet and sum»
moned help. The boy died. The baby
wan unharmed.
Cured Without Hadlclnt by tha Rob-
son Fusion Light and H«at -
Marvelous results are being obtained
by this new discovery. Severe pains
are relieved almost Instantly. The
Health Culture Institute, 507 Mason
Building, Fourth and Broadway, gives
free treatment to illustrate the won-
derful curative power of this new-
device. _________
Pennyroyal pills
_ Jr--C OriflaaT aal Oal? Uaaaiae.
%4(B&iu i» cmCHKSTicH's BNOLisa
£<4lVria*f& la atCn «M U.U atolld toi... Malta
— OBSJ ""a blaa rlbaaa. Tah. ■* alkar. l<«r<»a
W •*> »a l»««*rar»«a SaktUlaUaaa u< laalta*
|7 - flf g.»«- B»7 -f /tar Dr. H l«, « itaa 4«. la
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Aj P lan Mall. 1O..«0 T«Ha»alal.. S.lda»
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ataUMUUMrf M«al«.a Hun, I'UILI... IT A.
jmP\ -***f**^- a|^ii. 3B^sE^K2^EBaE»p|BlaVS^aTßiy9'ai# ■|l|
New Standard
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Antique Furniture
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makes than you can got any other
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I . ]>32 Uyrne Uldg. j
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Tfcoa. J. llauiplua Company, . .
|V 111) W. HrwnrtTTwy. J

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