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g| Good $6.00 Opera Glasses $4.98 ESKfe?^u^ /% 4 a *P +i~> »\ * Foot Ills Remedied y
yi vfllues. Monday. In the optical department (third floor). r'/A />N."Ig% BL VB W LMrHLrAJUU iJLAi* JkJ * </ |>/ $/%/»/¥ 'i *\/fw\ -Xm l iyy\r^ /n>/'. In charge of thin department, Is nn orthopedln sur-
Ji choice, tJi«» pair, J4.9«. y^yV V,\ " ■ IV^., vfe-7 *^»^ «»^**V^^ *^ V" /aT** I V'-f*-« l..'""\'# C^Vvft? Reon of long prnrtlce. Not only I* she capable of car- |^
■'N We have an excellent aMortment of the genuine Le- J l'\' IL?'"V' "* \^T if I t «^«*»^/il'.?^i!J' i "'"" V "»'?V(*IWVV* Inff for tired and nchlnft feet, but she thoroughly tin-
iO malre opera glnsae*— there's none better made; prices * ; T*"^^^ >s<* -vJW-- j» . /# ?l_«<^>iJs» I " '■"•'■"■ ; \{am&t)ZZ derstands how to remedy foot deformities. If you ye jm
WAW A range fnim $3.98. and from there up to $25.00, which * ©OCR^TOVKUWf U 3l "n? r rZwriTr c \^VCSU)Ct/aC J!XCVS£Z&7ZVitX'*\ /S2 nnythlnsc the matter with your feet, make a visit to
meani a savlnff to you of an average third from ex- . ,' JwXJNWJUiiAaiiS.^ thls department. Consultation free, and you will £
elusive stores' prices. •' -»<tfj\' Burely be benefited. B^
X O -At ¥ %kl a TUT • OP •1 U If the Children Can't Come Have -A
1 Santa Claus Is Now at Home in loyville
W i^^^^^^k Eoll FamiJ y Now on Parade in Toyviile Santa Clans is now at home in Toyvillc on our third floor, -where he will l»c Every Conceivabl e Kind of Wheel Goods
'A M^^W^ , ■ — — p TMrd "'•'~T. # 1I , Pleased to meet all the little folks. Santa Claus says (and he ought to know) A Z, desire I , „/*
4m SS| k »^VtS'^Cji -V-8r Wo'rr nilßlity i.rnnd of o\ir collection of dolls, nnd everyone A " llin lPr « lml k ||l(l '" wnec i kkoiih joi (inpiif. iii'iiimn:"-"^^: jl— 3»T g3
S i; h rfet VV y B oVtteX C k! a S^'.ome " that TllC n~«n ~«^ a y Department Store has the biggest and best assortment f^Z^l &rT&SZSS?k&& r T&SZ$S?k& £\X ' -^ g
X >n "" v : o :r;:r, nr ! y 11 iiiiv !" R: vi , nf t(^ hc hiis^" s » ;in his n;ivds -" If - v<m havcnlt visited T °j- villc ' [t is T^^ciairfor i^.x^t™'™™ J^MSMMJU^ S
PV n Mfflll fwVif £») Kestnor liiill-Jfilntod cIoIIh. size HS Inch"! 1 ; have hand-Hewed , . , . ■ !■§/■« • n • n .. , , ... . . .• „,.„. /x^iiJ^fe^ r « ■ 'v-fiITN. V
<J yBBIW™L "'" " l " 1 I1: "" n " r >-",'- lsllo?; """' ph(l^ nn " sto " k - $7 50 h'Rllh ' Rl1 limC y<m dill< COIMC '"" l" R % chiltlrcn with >'° 11 ' Ct il vi?io " Oi Children's wnßons.w nR ons. made with rock steel pear; aXT|^s^4 xT^LU^ X
C 4 i^iMliiA Kin/r T^wTaX" «^' f ;Vih"^iV wr«d chiWlio«rs delights and renew your youth. It's unnecessary for us to men- jiwnrh ih« body, on 8 b^^^/ A^^J R
fej K^S;;^:;^::. 1^,::::;^^. 1^ "•„, prices in conn^.i,.,, with our toy display, for everybody knows that V 7 &
W yl 14-Inch kid body dolls; Jointed; sewed wljr: movlnsr ..,. I'^rriiS AKF EVERLASTINGLY THE LOWEST. Velocipedes. 16-Inch front wheel and 9- •! "TC > VJ«J«^*"^ X *iJU* ir
VJ m eyes, and shoes H nd stocklngn. Choice, each VVC our i «viv-^o i\i%L. i-vi-ivuaoia'.ui.! r". ■..^"'f.i, 1 Inch rear wheel. On sale Monday, each ->— - |»
« H
Men's $7.50 House Coats $4.75 &jSill|^^ vX?."? l^' • Silh^^NechrufTs $J#7sJ # 75
Fsj douM«-roced jrolf cloths and cheviots; desirable col- ili^Wa^^l^fl Hiyin^lB§B§ll^^ I^/^tC)! Women's neckniffs of chiffon, liberty and taffeta silk, S
5J ors; all size* from 33 to 42; regular J7.80 values; nny [ KKfIBIMskJSSXma M «£tm ■ -F--I Hfl B kJLJU'-'H IRU H -~-H-~ffT»rß (-PR B,— H «l'* l 'M n S?^ X :S >^'SV -^il '" black nnd white; stole effects; full fluffy nmkpiccoa Ek
jB man would tipprcclnte one of theso for Christmas, and KW|j^»JwSrTKp«L Pi SOrVJO H^-, H H^tl H^— >rßTl^lFi»raViH K^tTTa. H. tl R « f^/fljjlf B^lO, 13, Jl'ttiffi /"^i^ ifek <li{ In good sizes; very suitable for Christmas gifts; vnl- ral
V^ you Favo ut this Piicrlnl prlco, each, J4.75. BMffj^W^g^iJKMMkK^BJffl^ftirffrViT^ fST^/r*ir W"l'|%Ml^l^,%tJ«YY^'Y=g»*fe :^ c^*'^^ wto^ C'lr \.offil MM '?! " nB raIIBe "" '" Ou - °" Ha '° Monday, each, $1.75. V 4
fy Men's $10.00 House Coats $6.50 ||KMKP 50c Novelties 25c 50c Fancy Boxes 25c ! Women's 35c Top Collars Iff r $
fA 'fa^v%rv.o^%ttd%ro n th iml^rah^umwou'S I K^fW^^^H^r """"">" ""vrU.es cons.s..n B of pin Olovo and. handkerchief boxes spec- A \^WM^K 1 ! Drawn W.rK. EmbroiJ.red Ui-
33 novelties In the way of trimming*: all sizes; actual \K*ArL&Sr7BSMSXB3s&ffI*I? tray*, ash receivers, niiiti-h hnider*. tnclo Doxes nnd boxes for holding TJ / f\^^\/^&mßmKPa t\ "Women's dainty turnover top collar* nf Japanese Br
y? 510.00 viiliirs. On sale Monday, each, J6.50. ■ IBKM wfaWSaNWf'Jß&n , tootM pick holders, Ptninn und Jewel trinkets; made of fancy Japiinese straw t<S >J> K7K*|Mri2> S I linen, with hand-drawnwork designs or linen lawn in \\*
%C l^K SfflHHmlffiHM boxes: made of gold-pin ted meldl wnr- in various Rhnjirs; nil colors; hnnd- » l**WflL BfJ^fflOT 4 dnlnty cmbroldorod pntterns- nlso bund nnd pointed *A
Er Mom*. «T CA n.«k Dali>. «1 no • : TTff^H IVtmtit^^vlmrWutrifiw' ranted not to tarnish; very sultnble for jmlnted, celluloid rovers: those makn I* /zpXTJimt lEJw^Ssk TM effects- reiriilnr Sic values Monday each 15c.
Yj Men S $7.50 Oath KOOeS $J. 90 >\ fmW JHWPi^^BlffllHlyr fhrlstmns Klfts; values up to 50c. On pretty and inexpensive Rifts; regular ' SGsaJ^&fSLJmtyiQsßh S ' reguim .i.n. values. Monuaj, caen, we.
4M Persian Mankets: nn excellent range of colors; good : ft ß] w Il^Hra^SfiS^^A?P %vr r> i» "ft'CWCienneS L>dCe OC E£
V^ styles; smnll. medium and largr slz.-s; regular 57.50 &H! aa|r^^^§^OTj|^^ Children's WOrK CoXeS 25C Cuff and Collar BoXeS 49C Pretty patterns In Val. footing and liirf*; Billtable fnr V*
|% robes. On sale Monday, each, 13.98. v^Ti^K»liP^^^^ Children* work boxes, of pressed leather, Combination cuff and collar boxes, made =! ! S^UWi' I flying handkerchief waiters; actual values up to fA
Wa m , c | . , . v - mm mm I^F^vß^*// containing nmbroidery silk and tins?; 11 of black leiitherottp; strong and durable, . >SSt s *s?r^*ES*''^ 15c< On salo Monday, the yard, sc. Jg
\ft riGH S DmOIVIIIR IcLCItCtS C / /IZ , Jfvfw^ Rlrt thnl tne chlldren "■"• «ppreclate; with pretty fnncy llniiiKP: vry acceptable "W'j^aXlL^ifSff*® 1 ! w«
fA nnil Hnmt Tnatt Ul2 ?0 Onpt <Jj I»I J i *^^?2i_-WC>Ss£-T — llipy are useful, too. On snlc Mon- fnr Christmas cifts. on f.-ile Monday, ■^ > *?Jr**vSt '■ lflr linnn Hflnri'Rp'rrflipfc 1r R\
ouu uuwii vubii, vu«» -^^ » w w «»- , , \CS»^^vV^"^c»»ni dnv each T»c choice c ich 40c IVL l^lllcll aioiiuiaca i^aiicis */v c^>
1^ Men's smoking Jackets nnd houre conts, made from '.. _. M __ , _ _ - , _ -_ Women's handkerchiefs, of good quality linen; splen- prj
£\ high-gnide materials, such os broadcloths, cheviots ■ $3.50 Fancy Toilet i etS $1.50 flen S t ancy SmoKing ietS 49C did size; regular 10c vnlue. Monday, each, Be. fK
B^ nnd golf cloths: richly trimmed; splendidly lined; all I Collet sets, consisting of French beveled mirror, good bristle brush and heavy Men's fancy smoking sets, consisting of pipe and clgnr holder; put up In nent 4m
Wa sizes; actual ?12.r>0 garments. On sale Monday, , „e u u o|,j0 |,j comb' fancy mountings; vurious designs; values to $3.r>o. On snle case; would be cheap at 75c; make a very appropriate and Inexpensive gift *\Kr* Ctllf RifiVinnc I*«r V
»7.7. r i. Monday, the set, $1.50. for a man. On sale Monday, complete, 49c. OOV Olltt niDOUIIs 191. |Tj
AQ . - - , _ — j . I — ■ — ' ' •^=~ ~~ :—: — ' • ' — Pretty all-silk fancy ribbons, In stripes, plaldH, dots jsn
S Ji e £i«. F S"S. SllSpeildeni 39C ' - $5.00 Silverware $2.48 $2.48 Gilt ClocKs $1.45 $2.00 -Shopping Bags 95c !«5S ?^VBK££ iSS?! 8 resu ' ur Xc a " d 5
ft M^rs fancy n'^t CX X^ 2 5c Bolts Taffeta Ribbon 10c ■ ?
5< Ished: extra well made: good assortment of colors; ke and baking dishes; also dessert sets quality material; gold leaf finish, 6to 12 Inches black _ brown and tan; pre ttily lined with moire * 3 *' •*"•« «ouci» niuuuu *v\.
Kti put up one puir In a fancy box; regular Doc value. and ' var " loua ot her articles; numerous shapes and hl K h : eood, reliable movements; fully guaranteed s | lk Bnd fttted wltn card caaej co i n p llrs , e an(l pome gg a tln tnffeta ribbon. No. 2; bolts of 10 yards: good fej^
2H On sale Monday, the pair, 39c. deslirns- not a Piece worth less than $3.76, most of for one year: uctual values J2.48. On sale Monday, , vltn mirrors; regular values to $2.00. On sale Mon- range of colors; regular 25c values. On sale Monday, B9
V3'»!ff » /»•/ II Jl* 1.1 * them $4.50 and $5.00 values. Monday, each, J2.45. at the Jewelry counter, choice, each, $1.45. day, each, 95c. the bolt, 10c. X
W»?% s bl " HandKerchiefs JCZf $2.00 Berry Spoons $1.50 Children's 50c Sets 25c $1.25 Cuff Buttons 50c ««. Silß Ribbons 10c %
Yj HalrDoZin to a Box • «^V no gers Bros.' 1547 silver berry spoons, In satin and Children's three-piece sets, consisting of knife. New nnd fancy designs In cuff buttons; 14-karat x *' 1 ' olln I**"****" 3 * W U
4*A Men's fine quality lawn silk handkerchiefs with open- French gray ftnlsh; choice of four different pat- fork and spoon; all silver plated; put up in pretty gold filled; plain and fnncy patterns; some cset with All-silk ribbons. In white, black and plain colors; ex-
W work Initials; hemstitched; full size; put up half a terns; excellent values at $2.00; anticipate your lined boxes; splendid values at BOc; suitable for Jewels; fully a dozen different effects; regular cellent quality taffeta, satin taffeta gros grain: Bk
CV' dozen to a box: suitable for Christmas gifts. On sale Christinas needs. On sale for Monday only, at Christmas gifts. On sale Monday, at the Jewelry values to $1.25. On sale Monday, choice, the weuves suitable for funcy work for the holidays or BP
Monday (men's furnishing department), the box, 73c. the Jewelry counter, choice, each, $1.50. counter, the set, 25c. pair, 60c. for hair bows; values to 25c. Monday, the yard, 10c. rj
by ; . . [ . . ■ : ~~ : : . ~~ ~~~ ' r ~~~ S
8 jfe -'■ S M^ ll V?i l «'-i- vs ls— $1-50 Blach Wool Dress Goods Weaves $1.19 J^SViitiilftn j* t
k> \£E&zM*sJ~is& WOmen S tall 3UIIS **^ Black - woo , dreßß gO ods, In all the 'mwent fall and winter weaves, including poplins, malabars, prunellas, gran- "Omeil S IWW Tall llatS M fJ|X»)\/\/ M^eM- 4
Br p^ jfer'^s?* 'I 517.58, $20.00, $25.00 and $27.50 Values Ite cloths, mohairs, Panamas, cheviots, writer-proof worsteds and Katln cloth; lines that urn popular Just now .
a*a T /W/W^d inventory time is drawing near; all flocks must "»• Buits . Ion X coats etc.; widths from 41 to 3S inches; some of them spot proof; regular $1.50 materials. On | Values FrOTI $3.00 to $5.00 yS jMOm& \
f A U/>'«t/i|!'U /> '«t/i|!' V-^ be reduced to the minimum, and even in lines sale Mon Jay. the yard, $1.19. An exceptlonal opportunity to buy ivomen's / _<^teP?jWW\ X
X \MsBffF) "'- - That^fhe^slonrr'^rsenZr $1.50 Mannish Suiting $1.09 $1.00 Wool Malabar 68c %s?'&■s££ h til "U^iSSS^ $ /'^^^W M *
"'nut'e S >mJ l^a l .o lOn f'!oin "ShevtotV Woo. surah twill a mannish sultjng-proper weight Woo, ma.abnr. the latest and most popular weave of I *X\tV£ anTtrim'mJd hats" All' tile ffiloni" jSITW^Sb W %
T4 '\^SptVt\ bro-idcloths homesnuns and novelties In eton for long coats, tailored suits or skirts— comes ln gray. the season. In gray, navy blue, brown, green, Alice m! „, „„ ;V' / ' l! It , , „ 1 h ?n jL •Xp&SsM * &
- \<\ ti\\W\ h, k, i "ml blou"o ?It"n iri 'is^Ka ment myrtle green, cardinal, navy blue and brown; f.6 blue, cardinal and tan; 45 inches wide; exceptional ™\\ c ° ors are represent c d. a^ nd they are made $rj <tt*J§m£ &* **
I W- K^^"le»l^^^f^S .gS^kteVS? --ywhere atsl.Do. On sale for for suits, coats, etc. til^\^S^S^S^ £%*£it£%Ss $L' sV lE JF ■ X
42 I I \\\ V\\\ ' 520 - 00 ' « 2 - 50 and J27 - 50 valueß - There are "" Mondaj ' lhe yald ' $1 - 09 - On sale Monda - V - the > ard - 68 C - men ts and ribbons; not a hat that you can dv- lB^W jgS fk
V* lil )lltfji§s\\ sii!ea r "" 1 ll F l )lPnrtld ran » e of colo ™< su'- 11 J| s /•« Cillr IJnSno' Air OCr Tnilnrt' H*;,.ri A *k 1». plicate for less than $3.00, a good many sell reg- i&SxiL W<
ikS iM- ' .1 W\ brown, blue, gray, light and dark mixtures und OUCMIK Lining 4<iC ZSC 1 allOrS Hair tlOttl IC ularly at $3.48] $4.00 and there nre plenty of $4.50 ißtftl/llMmlvmz!^ &
W> l/m '/41%\ •■'lacks; there's a generous assortment and It's gf finlshed Bllk lining; guaranteed by the manufac- Tailors' haircloth, in gray only: same quality priced and $5.00 values in the lot. This . is the most \\i\M fifl'/J Wtt ' A
ft {/$[ U/ii\\ \\ n.Xd \n7 O uicteLt so bet er turer to give satisfactory wear; all colors, also black about town at 25c On sale Monday (no 'phone of mail liberal millinery offering we've given sea- iV'i l\\tf\ flfoW ,1 •; -i S
*A /flmwlVl \ ?™n, S .arlfoies Choice ach Jlo" and white; usual 60c grade. Monday, the yard. 43c. orders) at the lining counter, the yard, lc. son: naturally the best will be snapped up flrrt. (l|||^f II I % C<
jSi II ll' kA{\\ \\\ \i l)p a mong the early ones, cnoice, caen, Mon- go be, here early Monday. Choice, each, $1.00. \* A All 1 w
is ILJ 'f\\fc^n B'/6c and 12J^c Outing* Flannel 5c 15c Wamsutta Cambric 9c 191/ _ TT ~ f/ *
W' '^*;. 1 VvC^tt/ Isc F lBllllBlB " 0 8 /^ c • Outing flannel, short lengths, 10 to 20 yards In a piece; Wamsutta cambric, in lengths from 10 to 20 yards; 36 **/^C UHTii Fef CaleS O/3C &
Vf s^* la " Jg ' a '*'»i \'\ *?*■ Double fold corded flannelette; 32 inches wide; these come in stripes, checks nnd plain colors; reg- Inches wide; the best quality on the market at 15c. Good dark patterns of 36-inch dress percale?; red, navy, cadet and black V
fA\ c= ~- =:3 £~?>^" jCiy*" regular J6c quality. Monday (third floor), the ular 8 l-3c, 10c and 12V£c quality. Monday, on the third On sale Monday (third floor, no 'phone or mnil orders), grounds; small dots, figures and stripes; regular 12V£c value. Monduy (third kj
wj «-=»'" ■ .-£■ «ri.-i yard, 8 13c. floor, the yard, sc. the yard, 9c. floor), the yard, 8 l-3c. " iff
,—;■■ ■ ■ ■ g
B Flannelette Gowns Qfi r Toilet Needs at Cut Prices Pure Food Grocery Specials Art Embroidery Pieces QQ** 3
tjk ■ Splendid Values at $1.18 S%3\* Oriental cream, the magical beau.l- Piilm olive soap: splendid for the 20 pounds of cane granulated sugar; Fels-Naptha poap; regular -price Samples, Values to $5.00 jrSJX* k"
4M v- ,^-= nn,,n.i»it o-«,,-,,= n,,. „i M „.i H(, n ,, f i "en regular $1.50 size. On Qfi. bath; regular 10c size. Mon- 7 r regular price 6%c Mon- Cl Af| Ho a bar. Monday, -10 bars AC* , „ , "' ', . f&
Wonifns flannelette gowns, cut extra wide and sale Monday 7OC d a y, the cake «v a ny <pJ.UiI f or 43C Sample line of art embroidery pieces, consisting of W
j^ h.nrr. l.«Kh and low neck styles, with double yokes; . Klinlto i tooth wash, the well-known I ' o^' l Alaska red salmon; regular price Choice northern wheat patent flour; lesser scarfs, lunch cloths, squares, table pieces. g
W- i trimmed with torchon laces, fancy wash braids and antiseptic tooth preparation; OOpO p jj'.n,,,*' ICBUmI • v JUU /C 14c. Monday, dozen cans $1.25; || r .*.O-pound sacks; well worth $1.50. dollies and shirt wnlst patterns; till of linen; Bat- A
ty, ' buttonhole edges; striped and plain colors; slightly sOc slze ' On sale Monda y UUX ' Cucumber, and ''eideVVnowerf cream; single cans, each "»- Specially priced for Mon- tfi Q-y tenberg, drawn work and English eyelet designs;
rJL i.i „ ,0 ,t, Stewart's dyspepsia tablets; splen- makes the skin soft and white; reg- ■Washerwoman's ball blueing; one- <lav - the sack «(»»•«• nn cxcop tional opportunity to procure linen pieces k^
soiled ana mussed; good laiues at J1.4&: no pnone did for Indisestion; $1.00 pack- ii7 r ular 25c : size. On sale Mon- |Q r half-pound boxes; regular . «T_ Repackage Q_ 5c p'ck'ge •>- for holiday gifts; values range to $5.00. Monday IS
\^ or ni'iil orders. Monday, the garment, 98c. ages. Monday V*\, duy, the bottle *xt« price 10c. On sale Monday *t. fruit wafers.. ••'*• oyster'ts «*< only, each, 98c. fr 4
'A Beautiful Lace Curtains $1 (|O 1i?llll/||^\\litlf[f ! A Holiday Sale of Ri^^k Qilkc / r t^f
5 White and Arabian-$3.00 Values ipl.VO M W V W WIY 313^)16 DISICR 311 US ,^^W R
A choice line of fine lace curtains, In white and Arabian colors; plain centers b/|||/ FK«i2 S \.««f\\l nl Ir I ' A <T* J t |J M
NJ with pretty Grecian borders and scroll designs; handsome patterns; largo ilfli/umviff \.'% W'Valli Ir *al \yOSl &HCI jL#6SS • */
variety to select from; regular $3.00 values. On snle Monday, tli>> pair, $1.98. l^ffmyW jL 'Xk^W*'!/ J^!W( X
X $2.50 curtains $1.69 $2.00 Curtains $1.25 fS^f {&* P^h ore Acceptable Gift Than a Siiß Dress Pattern V
5H Fine white lace curtains, in dnlnty Arabian lace curtains, plain centers K\«k ! \£% W^^«* LvC'^'fnl I ■ ti. n • * %j j»»»« < (k&mTfjtt VfiX'^ ~% '■
jv fimai patterns and rococo effects; with pretty scroll and medallion bord- Mi^^rTO^r^^^^^/fiJi : nese Prices Are for Monday and Tuesday Only r"v*Z&jl' J\ \Vj 3
gS. excellent for parlors and living ers; made from double thread net: best Jrt**ftSffif I HmmMMiffiMfrT^ W* ■ v r 1 i ■ nr. 1 !-. tc, 1 n-i • ... . .-., . . . (ft<3S^* » ? S fcl *^ \BS
P> rooms; regular $2.50 value. On salo buttonhole edges; good $2.00 values. On lyg^l. J-l i'Mf fnl niMliC^fW- imcllluss characterizes all Broadway Department Store sales. I Ins Black Silk sale is particularly \i^m®k( \\ ** W
6 Monday, the pair, $1.60. sale Mon lay only, the pair, $1.23, ystts i timely, coming as it does when many people are wondering what gift to select for wife, mother, sweet- /^W^^MjW ' Ca
98c Arabian Door Panels 49c $1.00 White Lace Curtains 69c I llcart ur sistcn No In:ilter tllc extent of her wardrobc ' a black silk (lrc^ patten, can always he used . ?
Corded Arabian lace door panels; medallion centers, Pretty white lace curtains, in a largo variety of new and up- '" advantage. For this event we feature a number of the most popular weaves in reliable black silks V^wLll^Sm f A
Wa mounted on heavy Arabian net; handsome designs; to-date designs; .1 yards long; all the wanted patterns; good at prices you cannot afford to pass hv. Some at reelllar wholesale cost and some below cost Rcmem- * "^jLY Hill 1/
\*a sizes to fit any door; Me ones. Monday, each. 49c, fl.oo values. Monday, the pair, 69c. ' ' • , , Wluw '"' fc -^ml iIW |ffilKiffi>\ r<
«1 r ..,, . i-i, r ci /i« bcr, these prices are for Monday and I uesday only, and the best values may sell out early, so, if in- t \wM^Wsi?Jv tt\
K\ /^tffsf^V thlldren S Feed RocKers, Line Cut, $3.48 tercstcd, time your shopping as early as you can. Judge all the prices by the few that follow: /K^4 $
?A tfwM^SiSwUl^ Vor M " lKlav "'° offer an exceptional bargain In children's reed rockers; ihf> cut on the l"l"t * ft HW^l &\X!Bsi£r' k<
ffiyOCwOOyOuOOft.i la an exact reproduction of this piece of furniture; they have high roll back and arms; they 90-Inrll RlnrU Ppail Hl» Snip Af\ _ 97-Inrll niinrnntoaii TnflTofo #»n // *f i Wfffl^'/ N
Ci ftwGKlStfS**^ are most durable and comfortable; will be a useful and practical gift for a chim for ChrlHt- -CU-inCIl UIULH rettU Ut JOIB ACltf* A<-IIICII UUttrailieea Xalieia Cfi r // iff , Jii.MM^' B
ft!?f^f«%SSi3 milß- You can>t du P" cate tnem ln furniture stores for less thun $5.00. Our speclul price for Ek ra Value at 85c "X^t* Regular 98c Quality _ J\J\t II nil f) Jwrnfr **
jJKF jtl^ft^SuiW *°" d> " eai '• *' ' Sliii'k penu de soip silk, 20 inches willed all silk face, Hlack tarf«'tn silk full "7 inches wide 1 a grade that is guar if V 4&
S /^lfflW¥ $ 20 - 00 BrUSSels RugS $14.98 $7.50 Wool Aft Squares $5.48 j fvr 9t8 Bl Hk?rtM: l coats le and > ' I coH"ume q ;! <I H^ .rqum^.ac'k; -"-« not to om or b"re«ks deep gl OBB y black B ultab. a for" %P/ !WM S>
nJ^isiZ*iWfyL'!tM Brussels niRS, nize 9x12 feet; In beautiful Hoom *!/.<- art squares; all wool; beautiful un iinusuully good quality Tor 85c. Come early for "■.lists, skirts, coats and kullh; regular 98c quality; only 200 / ]W&ll M e it ' tS^ l|Vl feC
C^i iiSrOrsSljlJfdp iSI oriental designs; rich color comblnutlonH; scroll and Horul designs ; tan and green ef- this. Sale price, the yurd, 4!)e. yards or so, so come early Sale price the yard 5Sc / 'Ffc'/nWiSSfi nf E9
k\ m*&^£j&£!!t ti!f very durable; styles suitable for dining fects; reversible; size 9x9; regular *7.M vul- . ' / //■ / /J 7Tr > *S»m)[, 1 .tt |\ Va
X rJa6i«l-^i^sfH rooms, llbrarle«. etc.; regular J^O.OO vulue. U es; every thread all wool. On wile Monday fiQ r 3(l=lnrh RlarK Taffftn Silk 40r YH SI IKM t xC&*M\ lA fd
X 'i\T^r*^f%i\ On sale Monduy. each, 1U.98. on the third tioor, choice, each, J5.45. O^CcJU lULUUiai.ll 1 dllClU 01111470 Id Sf //Mil j\ <£
£2 Sf/ 1 aJ7VVi jfwf ««> OX Avmlnctnr- Dnrfe Cl OB Xt X ' — : Vurd wide black tuffeta silk, sultuble for waists, skirts, costumes and linings; deep, rich black; //Y il If '# rf lllVll 11 V*
« ffl IV V' I ' o AAminsier WUgS $I.VO CaCIl ' Kru(le thn t will neither cut nor break; splendid value at S9c. No 'phone or mall orders; not more JlfJ 1 f hi U I \\/ V V«, ' 1 \t
JB Vtr"^^ til Axmlnster rugs, In handsome oriental and Persian designs; rich color- r- „ than 10 yards to a customer. Sule price, while It lusts, 4!*e a yurd. S"^ J JV I / VI N!* « B
fly ingß; Hlze 27xr.4; noft, heavy pile; good 12.9S values. On sale Monday {oHUmSfI *< / I ill 01 I V V > ~iVv *4
% Jt (third noor). choice, each. ».9s. ========= |S^H 98c Peau de Cygne 59c | *k/{- /// )'\A^ V ?J$ %
**A Wntnpn'« NnTihv Ud 00 TlrP«« shnn« *Z9 OR \wffi**T*m itlatk |)eau dl> J">'K |ie -•'' 'nches wide; a grude that 27-Inch China SilK '^jf- j^> L j\7V I#LL^ — V
r Afi women s noddy uress onoes 3>/.Vo fiw^SSla wl " ' llult or Bhlrr » u ' el y- » tl ellk - i )ure dye; worth k5
M Women's dress dhoes, of fine quality patent kid In luce or button Btyle; bright or dull kid tops: JCwM^m 98e> Sale price. B9u a yurd. A^^l Color» 1/11. _.J $1.25 BlacK Pongee 97^C P
M tlexlble hand-turned or welted «oles; various toe Bhapes; spike. Cuban or military heels; good ffi»i^®S#?A Cl „ r , iff t«• . tun Worth 50c IUTt JU. ,„ „ T • V
i£ M.OO values. On mile Monday, thu pair, $2.98. JHS3P»«E» 1 $1.75 ChillOn Taflfeta $1.19 „ . . „ „ , " lack KPot-proof pongee silk; guaranteed persplra. /i
V. £*l W^'v<W§«SM *rom Bto 9«. in. Monday t lon proof; Hoft, rich tlnlgh; will not upllt or break; «
J,< Women S $3.00 Shoes $1.95 Women's $2.50 Slippers $1.79 @/ 'JS&tSKSS Ulat-k French chiffon taffeta, muse Inches wide; Taffeta finished China silk, 27 regular $1.25 grade. Bule price. 97V40 a yurd. «J«
4 BBr&rss r^rasrai-affasasiss mMffl srsj^sj^Btewws.-vsi ; :;s?=:;rs $2.00 BiacK Moir. s .. 292 9
k^ Hole«; nobby toe »hapea with patent leather hand-turned solea; uplke und Kreuch heels JSaMfflT IPif «1 d 8 RlarK Tftffpfa OOr . . „ ? ','h.^ ,- ?n,ii !• i "lao k mo ireHilk, S6 Inches wide; l«rg« and medium Fi
fcj Up»; <;ul«iii or mllltury heels; value, to J3.00. Htylttdi lilting lasU; well worth »2.50. Ou salo JttßvMr VtifP 5>1.10 BIaCH 1 BHCIa yyc work no phone o nail ord- denlgns; good. weight for sultH. skirts or coats; a rich fj
Kon huli> Alonrtuy, the pair. JI.9S. Monday, the pair, $1.79. „ . . v.. ..«• . , n ...» .v . its: reßular 00c (|uullly. Mon. appearing fubrlu priced about town at JJ.OO. Sulo^
e uy . h^'par..!?!?!:^ coau B na ,uH-. Monday, the yard. 9.c. ' ' ; SOL.^ICBNTS FOH STANDARD FATTERNS „

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