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Part II
Suggestions for Christmas Gifts From Santa Claus Packl
1 c ' e kirc°hi ; Vo;4iV:ff!;br^":^"f;..".. 98c r. m '. oh $2.95 $2 50 Women's "Gloria" fit rf\ Fancy Holiday Perfumes 15c to $5 F^Z^.^^.^?!^.^:.. 5c ™* $^-50 I
I ?22^£28!iJi™r™$.y*. 75c o >^ $1.75 gl^V^^f^f^—^^v.V I^^d^a%!lrShotas^^; v T*. c ?:™*}r.!*™:.?™ d .**: 15c F !^.*£.^;!^*** 98c |
I; C ar.!:.^ a !^. and ..!?°.^ 8 . r .T. d .. c^. ds> ...$1.35 HWbS^^^-^^l'wis 1 " o "'^ Fancy Pin-on Hose go c Fine Hand Mirrors 75c to $5 Si l™*. B ™?*™*:.7!?^.?™'. 59c f ;
2 Imported pyroftraphlc outfit com- t? 10 Hand painted «llk covers B lovo nnd -ye r Wnmpn'c il (\(\ "film-in" A/^ i-> SlippOrterS xOv. Khony.' celluloid, v oak and metal backs; with Men's JS.OO nnd J<;.oo nil wool $3 OR
I~ plete in stamped box, atr *4.0y handkerchief boxes IoC Women S $4.UU UlOna (Pl r/\ K ancy P | ilsl | c In all c01m,,; prettily lace . best French plate gJnss. smoking Jackets, at VO.VO ».
Leather pillow tops, burnt with headsC IAA IG-inrh round hand embroidered no Silk Uni!)l"CllaS at WUudXJ trimmed. 3 for *I.of< men's Bilk initial TC- <?>
and missions, cfioice *J.W) center pleceß ........ ..„..?. 98C 2T;- ln eh l'^Bth! "teel rod.""paragoi, frames; AIKal trimmed fancy work box, £5c Fine Hair BrUSheS 75C tO $4.50 handkerchiefs, at each ....«<<♦
Enameled back playing cards, heads en- 50c tapestry panel squares for sofa ts Hterilng silver or gun metal handles. .i ...................... i Mr g n assortment of best American guaran- Men's ?1.00 fancy suspenders, In W) r «
or initluls, pack OVC pillows + ioC _ ■ -■ ■ ■'_ - ''. - ~ "Riicfpr Rrnw/ti" /% rm teed pure bristles with fancy backs; in separate box, at ww .«.'
J7.00 3'/ 4 x3i4 film cameras with aero- ffr or Heal Battcnberg dollies and <M nc TraVelinjJ Foilct CaSCS $4 to $10 OUSKI DPUWII /Kp e b ony, olive, rosewood, satinwood and eel- Men's Jl.OO all silk neckwear, qn r £
matic lenses, at W.V3 dresser scarfs, 19c to $1.V5 Oenulne leather toilet cn.es containing hut. Work BOXCS at . . ■ £*O\< lulold - newest styles, at OUC *
J3.60 I3xlG real carbon pictures, In t? 10 4-panel T.V4 ft. silk embroidered CI f»C tooth and nail brush, u\no brush and comb. Are fancy covered and iuat the thine for Ostrich feather lions, worth to C?fl ftft Men's $1.50 dress gloves, all wanted <CI Ofl '■'
3-Inch frames f>i,,ty Japaneso screens $<J.Vo little girls . *3500 at $i.UwU shades, pair * *X*
P t^r*^ L !? ; . 2 *!^..^. 98C f^,Sffl patter^s 1 !! 1 ." 8 . 1 . 01 . 1 :.!. 11 .^: $1.95 uof^J^Lf 11 nl 1 ;? I^or .^. ........ >9c !:?^ . WO r^ $3.98 of'^x.... $1-50 |
J3.98 16x20 Japanese lacquered t? 08 »5.0n hand embroidered »IIK tiandkcr- CJ nc round^se't In" ebony, "wattnwood, "ouiror^ai- «.50 hand carved Japaneso crvpto-Ci fIC Sateen sofa cushions, handsome «3 7K Men's 3 for Jl.OO fancy half hose, 2sr %
tables, double shelves, ut chief holders $O.VO lulold. merla tables 3>4.y0 designs and colors *O.£v> at a pair ***"■&.
—^^^-^^— —————— -——^--— -—-—---—---------—--——--—------— —^-^----—^ .. <^
I ftr^^ "Toyland and Dolldom" Holiday Book Sale |||j|f
I /P^V^^^L Santa Claus' Headquarters for Southern California Many Books at Little More Than Publisher's Cost I Ili^^SlP I
♦ \/ ' Good olcl S;lllta Claus has again established his headquarters at Hamburger's, and has gathered ln this Our big Look department Is now ready with every wanted book that could be desired as an addition to your SE Bffi K^O 'X.
♦ \^/^W^S^\ great Btore> whlch he styles "Toyland and Dolldom," the vary ilnest toys and dolls of Europe and Amer- . '. Horary or to be given to some friend at Ohristmaa. Every one ofi tlie^new Popular copyrighU that «ell In W \AM* ♦
<> .' VG/Vl^ f \>/uMf morning shopping: as much as possible. As an entertaining feature the Royal Sextet orchestra of St. sales people, plenty of extra space, and books are displayed on large tables for easy selection. Of the trou- J JJJ^ — {sSyT £#i
♦ "i- — *—*&' •]? Louis will render concerts morning and afternoon every clay this week, and for the first three days of sands of books on our shelves, representing every subject, we specially feature at this time those only, of Rs^ fIA " ; <*<
;V «'; :...._.. v. the week we offer the following special merchandise attractions. No 'phone orders., the new copyright books, books of peculiar Interest to children, and a few of the finest gift books. vj. ,','T
I C • 1 "fcT 1 O • 1 IVT /-* r-i '' ; . i -ikT V r-i '. : -i ;^x' r - m ClCni^'lK *i -rk i Old Urn Jucklln-Read, $1.18. Jack Archer. A tale of the The Easy Printing Book; I9c. ♦
I Special No. 1 Special No. 2 Special No. 3 Special No. 4 $ N^° F a &n $1.18 «f, of ~A — fe ... a ta, i iS.-&- Judy 800k ' - I
I $2.25 Steam <t-| QE «3.25 Mechanical <^-| £>Q $10.00 Auto- Kfl «3.80- Ball <feO ZLQ „ ' ,„,. , „,„ »n Blalr-Lllllbrldgc. II.W. Ou B tuv«^Adolphu« and the war. wlld alld ' Domestlo Animals, ♦•
| Engines, Each s>l.^G Trains at &I.WJ mobile at {b7.5U j oint edDoll Jh^.4t9 A » hh ™ w stC a^i.Bo'and He,n S Done aood-i.ent, ,us. Ll , m of st. Mark. A. ale of othor aooso Rhymes ♦.
& A model steam engine, highest The "Empire State" express; best The body made of selected wood; Very finest grade or imported ball- «, 35 ar , 3 on Bll \ P | n our de- Prize to the Hardy- Winter. 100 ln the fourteellll > CP »- chlm.-H, and Jingles, 49c. ' ♦
♦ quality of the best known man- jiuality of Imported mechanical the front of sheet steel with wire Jointed dolls; 24 Inches hiuh: best '.'„■ , ]t „ IS . f., vor ites Curlv-Pocock m. \,, m , a t. p. „,i ■1'
<h ufacturer in Germany; is 12 locomotive, with extra strong edges; painted bright red outside; quality long curly sewed mohair partment at^ 51,18; »V»""" \" r 'l 10(OCK - ,„,„,, Tho Lost Iletr. Thn Toy Train A, B. C. call- ♦
♦ inches high, with black imam- clockwork spring, working pis- prettily striped- the inside green- wig; fancy luce and ribbon that sell readily for the higher | Indifference of Juliet-Rich- 11 "':. co; colored, 35c. ■.«>
f cled boiler; has oscillating cylin- ton and speed regulator: finely i ms license tag suspended from trimmed chemise and good quiil- prices: handsomely bound nnd ! mond. Maori nnd Settler. A tale of „,,,„ i.o^tal Cird Painter- 4■♦
♦ der, safety valvo and steam whis- enameled in dark red with sepa- roar: green enameled gearing; Ity '-shoes and stockings: of. slzo ir i,,t P d from ileir type- also ' Volnnda-Major. «.W. tb« New Zealand war. nnrds to mice 19c ! *"' ±'
♦ tie; well made and substantial rate tender to match: a comblna- rubber tired auto wheels; front that will please any little girl. printed from clear type^nis Nedru _ Mc c u tcheon $118 one of the "Sth A talo ot cards - to pafce> IJc> ♦
♦ wooden base: complete with alco- tlon freight car and two vestl- auto steering wheel; slzo of body, No phone orders. a few other popular titles. £ <'ra MCLir teneon, *v is ., , _One_ of the .bth. A tdlo or chlld . B library Xmas Stock- it
j> hoi lamp, filling cup and funnel; buled passenger coaches, complete 14x30 ; inches! A of the. Old Frontier- The Gambler-Thurston, II.IS. .\ aterloo. Scries Week Pooka. «in set *
♦ an educational toy. with straight and curved, track. tfct2^~. Mil, l- 111 % n „iii, ii i« Sign of the Fox-liarbara, JI.IS Orange and Green. A tale of tnu'ethcr with, weo book case, ±
t * aviii miv • -^— ..,.,. * ryf-_;iVII-l. 11UY VJ»C CIIOICK OK Parish, *1.18. „„„„,„ Ayesha-I laggard. $1.18. tho Boync und Limerick. Jl.t». ♦;
I lOcl'Sci^or Ci"» J i:" l i>V iOC 1'IIO.c: »1- j, arK ,. Hlz , kIl , „„„,,„•,., nth doll. Millions of Misehief-11111. *I.IS Wrs Jlm and , Irs . Jlmmle _ O ut on the Pampas. tale of Xmas Stocking Weo Books, t
X r.in n ..n«..hn.h. .h.»« 9 M. . , , , 1 I J air of ndlustable roller skates. Ilumpty Durapty show with clown. Fugitive UlackBinith-StewartCimrad.Jl.lB. South America. two in box, 4Ue. . <j>
I \tss O pHH P ms. SlloWlnK ChanKCabI ° 50^th,fur or papier ntacheanl- f jhree dffferent kind^dec M^m.cal train complct, with J1.,8. Nancy Btnlr-l-.no. 11.18. I I{llJub the Jußglor . -Tho Lad Who Always Did ♦
1 L ?^c earthenware pig savings ? ox" of bright polished tin dlshrs. xVco^nlttan "dol/'gocart. Ciocm^ize tteel express wagon. Connuest of Canaan-Tarking- Concerning Bclinda-Brulnerd. Kn gland. A talc Hi« Ucst." board in colors. 30c ♦
I cSol^of ten different games. T^ofclfeWtt? SSSr^t^ " %B B£^S^^SSSi Jom^ n°sh fe'rod ' m v Jr.en,. the Chauffeur- Around tho World With Jo- of^Crecy^nd Po.cfiers. ** V:
X C l OHr0 H re en-. k^« P O d f rtrH 0 s " ea Cray ° na Little girl's carpet sweeper. ' T oL-co ,'re 10-^ey piun^ No! T -Simplex typewriter that \Vi Vnamson 1.18 <lmu(TLUr slal, Allen's Wlfe-ll.lS. Sturdy and Strong. board in colors, JUc. „
i nS! nf ?r %t 41 ,ifl fli rhrt«t Box of doll toy furniture Choice of ten different mechanical works perfectly. " niiamson, »i.». Samantha at the St. Louis _. m| . , h «,> rnv Astorv Qld Proverbs in New Dresses, ♦
J Box of 16. 86, « and 60 Christ- Wood freight car with 9 ft. of dc- t()ys . Up-to-date dressed doll or doll of Tales of tho Road-Crewdson, Exposition— Allen, JI.IS. [th 1 ddlt A story bo^ r a in co lors, 49c. - $■
I assorted lantern slides. «P.^.*X*«-J CHOICU or Ilumpty Dumpty show with ani- Harmless rifle that shoots small House of v Thousand Candles lole— Chambers. %c. With Leo In Virginia. A story "Dollikln's Party," board In 3>
X All rattan doll gocart or doll car- Toy range or stovo complete with mals and clowns. hollow rubber ball. vu-holson SI 18 Vlonecr— Bonner, JI.IS. of the. American Civil War. colors. 43c. , 9
j ilS°Si«k| il&M« se ::: ,:r,. r :r sfainl? 1 " y ;r; r E™ rf=&^ Sip ,, |w :r WM !
J5 mentor tools. cal autos or electro motors. pleto with front stenrlng wheel. Largo freight or passenger train oi S . House of Mirth— Wharton, JI.IS \oung Buglers. . A talo oi tne co\ei, Joe. <v
X Imported Bteam engine with safety Combination game boards playing Highest quality ball-.lointed or full- of iron i or steel, painti-d and or- nnvnnols-Dlckson Jl 18 J'he Deluee— Phllllns Jl 18 'Peninsular war. Tho. Jingle Book— board coy- X
0 valve, etc. 08 different games. Jointed kid body doll. namented. Ravaneis DicKson, »i.is. j lie Uciugt i niiups, n.is. young Carthaginian. A story er s- colored Illustrations. E9c. ±
JL I of the times of Hannibal. „-,...- . ' T;
T "i^^«™^^^^^^™^^^^™«^™^ — — — — •• amm^m~—^^—^^^^— Vniini" ' HnlnnlHl A t.iln RoblnSOll CrilSOe, BWiSS Fam- .'V'
1 HefltV BOOkS °' '*"^ B °°* s*™. 11y..-Pllgrlm l^PK)gre«B.orCJilM4»
I Grand Mid=Winter Millinery Clearance 'Sale J!i s s s::^^ ti^ : lSS|
T Ites; are printed on gond paper TPftV F^nnl^C ettoh 3flc> A
♦ (TEA U..J Mo,l« U n 4c a* «3 AZ ■ Tno w.i Ole workroom has been busy the past week making up specials for this sale, for tho millinery from new P'»t™: larso typo: 1U y UUUIVa Guess. Ouess Again. Jestnuts. X
I $7.50 Hand Made HatS at $3.45 oiewance includes tho making up of materials as well us the selling of hats already made. There are [«»{,. \ViJ. nr t"d e olw olIvS | „ . „.,'., „, °Lh 9^ ~, . * Brldsman '|
f Hand made hats in new close fitting shapes of braids and velvet in all th<» wanted hundreds of these hata which huv« been made by our own expert milliners and hundreds more left edge; .stamped lv two iQ r | Ollr Btllck ° r children s books is eaajnL. •_> _ '• V ;
V colors and combinations: trimmed with pompons wings quills and ribbons or wholenale stock, all of them to be retailed at less than wholesale prices and in many cases colors; 44 titles. Choice l*t , larger and liner than ever. < brist m. s with Santa CTaus ♦.
J velvet tolds; every ono in new fitylu uud regular J. 7.50 values. tho i>rlceH no wnsked less than iinlf regular. Some lots are small and the selling will be rapid; others A Mulav Plnites . comprising all grades with the ~^. b l^' rd C o VC r Xc Wnl3k 4
♦ till (Ml and <l? t!ft Hifc Stt t? 0? have large assortments to select from; but it is now midwinter and every hut can bo of service to „", , , cheap puper ones with colored ..' mv w ,,| okn . v nr.nlr«- h™r,i ♦
J S»IU.UU anU 3>l£.oU aull naiS HI J0.V.1 j. ou untll Bprln(r . The , )rlce you are asked to pay is small, so you can afford several hats to wear for The Hoy Knight. A talo of nlptm™ tn tho 1-imo cloth mul „ . ;; y ,|. „V ^h Kn 4
A A very special lot Including some cholco styles; all of them r.i.w and aro of French i ho next few months. Hamburger mude millinery have no equals in Southern California for every the Crusades. pictures to mo i.ir(,o tioiiißiiu covered, each .toe. r J
2> felt; hand made braid hats; Bilk and velvet hatH. with feather breasts: also Homo hat Is of best material nnd most correct In style. Tho prices given herewith aro positively reduced and . T , ,„„,,,- „,,. ._ T ho board covered books with line, Peter Teler Stories— lot of «
, , salloru of French felt with wings und velvet trimmings. Nono worth lesa than this will be tho largest midwinter Clearances we have over held. i,v,L/^ „f t n \'lf lwi.n,ia highly colored works of art; fun; Ulc. * •
| JIU.OO and most of them W2.50. iTceiug of tho Netherlands. U lso linen and calico books. A • We» Folks Story Books; fine
1 $12.50 and $15.00 Suit Hats at $4.95 jg& wt y n §!?& in f MexZ! ucBt:: or «" «« kl » ds ' lnclud - Buntci i«m** Books, cdc. 1 I
< > Women's suit hats— many of them Btock pattern hats, but. silently soiled in tho /fJsZJfHfi ' nmvent of tho Hrave- or With lnß Overall Hoys, same author as A
V lining: all are very exoluslve und of best materials, such as Paon velvet and J&S-IMS&/ 1 ivterbnrouuh in Bnuln' A Stands for Apple; untear- Sunbonnet Uuby Book; 6Dc. Z
♦ Chenille hraldn; Kroneh felts with laco und llowera or ontrlch tips, pheasunt W J^sftEPfc \ t tieruoroui.ii dijuiu. abla; Iliiely colored, '$»c. "p a cats and Ma Cats and ♦
% breaBt \ anaWl S a rsli°o Feathers and Wings 50c =S^^^t = '^^^^^^$^^S>, J^X W I!UM —
X I'osslbly -JO dozen feather j breasts, wings and pompons, also ruckle and cogue IlTk(h'JF \igKSs^c& J/ l '/iS^^ :::z V^'^^^ : \ IC^mS^wß f^^T^ml Asliuntoe war. i. ÜBH in Hoots; linen; llnely c '„" ; . . . ♦
A leathern will be priced for thn clearance at from one-third to one-fourth their |tt^*S# ft =Ngg?l'Blii JKi\Sfm' r^^irf^i^"^\ O Jl^s\£ \l}sS'E?9i a 5 ; Z tVt iinnnln Prlneo Churlio A tnl« colored Me. ' "'' I:il| y I ,' eßon .'! 1 ! m ow *
| ssKt,r ■ ' « '■* J- ' — » /S^^,)«|##»/m«i7l "i:=:;r£i:?. s !:;H 1 Svms.- 3--::':^, „„.. |
J $15.00 lo $20.00 Dress and Street Hals $7.75 I /|"f^^^Mf/'^W'P# v W/ I ",•",'" ff;.,!!«*»"' wIS""; •■»»< >« .: "™«0,., «.,„,„,. ;
♦ Another npeclal clearance sale lot consisting of many fresh from tho work room; ft l/M/fY "> I 'W/JJiS- / Wffltlfo/? ■*s&&/ yi i ..'rlrv.Vt A story or || n0 ,, ; mu .ly colored, 39c. Land of Oss; each J1.05. ?>
f otlufrs pattern hatH that have sold ut (20.W; all <>' them men: excliihivo In ftyle as Ul ll Uf 'iO-\. "SjM %* <Wwv&zZj&%fry'/w\l\, vakZSSSBSSBBmp- 01 ■""""' '-^>l', 1 - i,,,,,,. „, i Enchanted Island or Macical «
| to shape, trimming and materials; many nuvt. ostrich plumes and Mowers; no two ll OisK SoJB^^A^ T^t^S^Mf^m 1/ Colonel Thorndyke's Hecret. BlmonBlmpIo: linen; llnely Al , ,r li-lUum Vl 00 *
ua.ao „.,„.. $4>50 Ta ., ored quitg uit Hats $2j50 J I jirSKfS h Xlfr l eT en: li ' l '''"' U^^^^
Z Women's tailored Hull hats of felt with shirred Kilk ribbons and rosettes; uro lv W fSSTg^ £&*■&¥ ) Wtf-vtMIJ/ 1 J v /l uaya or Klnf, Alfred. Threw Mttlo Kittens; linen; J1.25. <T>
X black, brown and nuvy; dainty huts to go with uny of the new suits, und aro posl- W ifv&KUf&' W s. iw&^lJ^J''' t« facing Death. A talo of this finely colored, '10c-. "L.ifo of Sunta Claus"— Baum ♦
| $3.00 and $4.00 Street Hats Reduced to 98c IL & ) 2f Js&sy tahihifl&Bi llla ot „IS S ]?"''■ llllra; *«,., s ,^ ty flno .|
2 Woman's and mlsnes 1 huts— many of the season's best sellers; some are tailored %5f " JrZ*^ mMXipY \ '?Z.s^wmfSa'Z I*.1 *. \V\' I'Vlends. Thongh Divided. A Mother (loobo <-'hlme»; linen; ■ •-' . .. .. f
♦ Htreet hats of stitched felt with velvet straps und bindings; others velvet hulloih - MMi/ \^/^^rf^lf l o^M^>\ V lale of tho CivlT Wur In Eng- tluely colored. 49c. New knellsh Chatterbox, 1005. «^
T In all colors; French fell outing huts and pressed fell sireil h,as with oruiuiu'iilu *9f ■tf^SSlSk? •T',7 -\^\^^iV \j/Mli}Y((- J JJi/J** J* \ land - )ne Two Three, Four; linen. „.\ , „ , „ , . <T
♦ und quills or wlnas. Ji Jyf Vf 'Q \VyV¥r^ ) . 1< " or N "" lc an " F: '"" >: " r »nt"y'colorid; t-Ju. cal'h^l io° P ' kma "'4
4 $2.50 Untrimmed HatS RedUCed tO 98C .-^# I^^ r^V -^C^ 'A V/ T For U fh« Tempff " A* t'X oT'tho nailroad picture book; llnon: nobln«on Crusoe, nno color- : I
<( The very b«at ntylei und tthapea lticludinK Colonials, H:illom and turbanx; wine nf / #jgr \V > S^"****. ( ll /ft full of Jerusalem. llnelv colored* 49c. lnK> * 1 - ltt> <?
f SSl^^yS&^lSUfSS^!^ KjA X VJT iJfi^y ? o^ ?^ wg y Anlma , ' plct ureß; llnon: ™" ™°°> t
1 $1.00 and $1.50 Odd Hats Reduced to 25c %'0 ofVa. r re. ece a ce c d eTnd SSJ A etory na :l TToT'm mU*.- i A ,efeX^ b T ttlry J alcMm !'
| All of ther* are new NilHuraion, and Include children* Hrhool hats of Btllched felt A._ _ „ , . ,_. ... , „,, .. In the nelgii of Terror. Tho i,.^ m ',y colored'' 43c Ilelen • Uab1«..,98c. ♦
♦ with patent leuther fucing« und blndlngH, untrimmed liulh in kulloi-h and turban $4 OS Refldv-tn-Wefll* HfltS flt $195 «dvcntur»-n ot v, AVe»tmlnHtvr "n«-n. llnely coioreu, ijt.. Chatterbox. Zoo Menaeerle, T
2 shapes and some trimmed street hulH; nearly ull <-oloih. l'uHltlvely vuliu-h up lv «pti3fO I\C«U^ IU »» VUI IWlia ai <H>7U uoy , Httllroiid A, B. C, puper; 15c. Circus, etc.-each Tsc. , f
J 11.50. A choice lino will bo uttered on burguiu tublu. mulii Hour, Monday only. While xailn sailors with rnlnred velvet fiiclngs. trimmed with wlnga and druprd oiilln In assorted In Tlinoa of Peril. A tale of Drawing und pulnting book; Uoynurd, tho Fox— fine cloth '♦'
Hcc-oikl j.-lour. chloih; alho French felt hats with fuldii of velvia and wings iii all tlui wanted ciiloru. Value up w HV, India. 1m: edition, 75c. i*
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