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"Mistakes Will Happen" Pleases Los
Angeles Audience— Formula for
Plotless Play With Plenty
of Pun Closely Followed
The •tt-pffk-beforn-Chrlstmas offering
ftt the llrlasco theater Is the best of all
thn long list of Miccessful farces which
that stock company han been presenting
during t.hfl pust month or two. The
T'lay Is Orant Htewarfs "Mistakes Will
Happen," nnd this Is the first opportun
ity Los Angeles has had of seeing It,
although Charles Dickson made a. tre
mendous success of tho eastern tour.
It Is as fragile In respect to plot ns
the majority of farces, nnd the Helaaco
season of farce has proven that the
more frothy a farce the funnier. For
thn most part It depends upon (in as
sortment of chnrncter types thrown to
gether ln the most unlikely situations.
If a cockney coachman, a Bowery
tough and a German dialect nre mixed
according to tho formula for farce
comedy there Is certain to be a laugh,
and this la only one ot the many
pointers which humorists with ambi
tions toward farce comedy may have
learned at the Belasco during the past
few weeks.
Galbralth Is Satisfactory
While there Is no one character In this
week's performance which can for a
moment compete with George Barmim's
Count Guggenheim there are a list of
hilarity-provoking characters which
raise the average of the farce to the
top notch, and in addition the dialogue
and situations kept a large Monday
evening audience furnished with food
for constant merriment.
Joseph Galbralth portrayed the part
of "Leading Man of the Morality
Theater," and It was an occasion where
all of Mr. Oalbralth's stage tricks
served to excellent advantage. There
was no objection to the mechanism of
his art showing as it was ln keeping
with the role and with the few extra
touches of the Galbraith genuine humor
It was one of the most satisfactory
parts ln which this actor has appeared
lor many months.
Miss Eugenic Thais Lawton has a
role which doesn't correspond with the
name misprinted on the program, but to
which she gives her best art. Howard
Scott has an excellent role and dis
tinguishes himself.
Robert Dempster as the plumber is
surprisingly good in so strong a char
acter role. Mr. Dempster has often dis
tinguished himself In straight parts
but this Is the first time he has rung
true in a genuine portrayal of a laugh
ter provoking type. The fight between
Vivian and Dempster is one of the best
of the kind ever seen on the local stage.
Vivian is excellent as the coachman.
Virginia Brlssac, Louise Royce and
"William Bernard ore well suited In
leading roles. The play is unusually
•well staged, the sectional view of the
barn showing the loft and the lower
floor is especially good.
Salerno at the Orpheum
"With tricks of juggling, the like of
which have never before been seen
in America, Salerno, Europe's most
dexterous juggler, won a warm wel
come for himself from a large audi
ence at the Orpheum last night.
■ Salerno's tricks are marvelous In
the extreme. Standing on his hands
on a table, the wizard picks up a wine
glass with his teeth and holding it by
the rim lifts a bottle of water with his
feet above his head and then pours
the liquid into the glass. Among oth
er feats he balances two billiard balls
on a cue and then another cue upright
above that.
Aside from Salerno, who Is making
his Intitlal appearance in Los Angeles
and who is by far the greatest attrac
tion of the week, the new numbers of
the Orpheum's program arc well worth
seeing. The famous Pekln Zouaves
offer a marvelous exhibition of light
ning drill, going through the maneuv
ers with wonderful precision.
Charley Case, the man who talks
about his father. Is another of the new
■ Of last weeks program, Eva AVescott
with her episode of modern life, is
the chief of the holdovers. ; Miss Wes
cott continues to win favorable com
ments on her little tragedy act, but
all the same the audience experiences
n. "dark brown taste" and is really re
lived when the comedians return to
the center of the stage.
Whistling Tom Browne, with a num
ber of new selections and imitations,
the Ksmerelda sisters and dancing
girls and Dixon and Anger In the
"Baron and His Friend" complete the
"Cousin Kate" at Mason
Hoiiry Hubert Davles' comedy,
"f'ousin Kate." which opened at the
TMaHon last evening, has for Its rhlff
charm the type presented In the char
acter of the central figure, Kate- Cur
tis. "Cousin Kate" is a woman o( 2!)
and a successful writer when she
comes on a visit to an English home,
where Amy, the daughter of the house,
la miserable because In a fit of pique
nlie has quarreled with her betrothed
Cousin Kate arrives in time to speak
n grave womanly word of warning to
the girl and to inako a plea for recon
'"Are you ciulto sure," 'says Kate,
"that a young girl who has never been
Hiiywhere much or seen nnything ln
particular is the proper Judge of what
Is right nmi wrong for a man ten years
older than herself? And Is all his good
ness to go for nothing? Amy, dear,
yQU'd be a fool to let that young, man
Ko, and just think — he chose you, who
living him nothing but your little self,
out. of the whole world."
Amy replies instantly: "Am T to
tlmnk him for loving me?" And there
\* something of a bantering tone in
Kate's answer:
"Yen, you would if you realized how
mnny girls there are who would make
good wives and how few men who
would make good husbands."
Hut Amy la uncompromising. "1
can't give up my principles," she says.
"I'm prepared to suffer for them."
Then comes one of the finest Bpeeches
of the entire play and by it Cousin
Kate wins over Amy. She says:
"AVell, don't be like most people who
suffer for their principles and make
everybody else Buffer for them, too. If
we want to marry we must be prepared
to make some compromises. 1 mustn't
urge -you. I only want to save you
from making the name mistake I made.
1 .wouldn't make compromises. I de
manded the perfect man. Now I know
there Isn't one. Bo I've had disappoint
ment after disappointment till I have
had to fuce the worst one of all, for
our. liven nre empty If we aren't loved.
A. woman's life Is so meaningless by
Itself. And I have hud a great dial In
my tlf»>— f hivr a profession nnd nm
xtNvfunful ; I'm Invlter! nnd TVPlronT'cl
fvpfywhpr<>— but I'm lonely, Amy, don
porntfily lonely. I'd Rlv*> It all tip for a.
rpal home with (I husband nnd children.
T only xvnnt ymi to b<*. happy And not
disappointed llko mo."
T,ntor on nfl^r Amy Tin* durrenderrd
nnd written tho letter which brings her
lovor hark and poacr rrlccns over the
household the mother »ay«, laughing.
"Oh, Kal<\ you nre so funny. What
did you nay to Amy?"
And Kiitp's answer l« th« most diffi
cult »«>ntenc<> In thn play for any ptayer.
Read ono way thfi. hist three words
will Fpom hold and hiird; read In an
other and they will draw the laughter
of tho Injudicious and the rude, and
still iinntlior shading nnd they would
seem mawkishly sentimental.
"I told her the host thlnfc ft woman
could havo was a home with ft hus
band — and a baby." '<,:> 'r
"Why, Kate," sayn thn mattor of
fact matron, "that Isn't at nil the way
you write In those books of yours."
Katn answered:
"I sha'n't write any more of those
silly hooks. I thought T was belli* no
clever, but I was showing my Ignor
nnce all the time — my next book shall
be iill about love, my hero and heroine
shall bf 1 married nnd go nnd live In a
dingy little house— but It will be a
palaco to them."
So Kat<» comes Into a new realization
of llfn — sweeter and deeper. The story
of the piny is built about this woman —
a good, clean, satisfactory story,
The play wan preceded by a one-act
tragedy concerning tho life of tho poet
Chatterton. Uoth curtain-raiser and
play urc poorly acted.
SaureUSpeed Recital
A rare musical treat was presented
at Simpson auditorium last night by
tho great French violinist, Emlle
Sauret, assisted by Arthur Speed, the
Kngllsh pianist. To express ln woriis
the full depth. Interpretation and sub
lime emotions of so great a violinist
woutd be Impossible. Yet could Schu
mann havo lived to hear his 1) minor
sonata played with so much feeling,
such thorough erudition and masterly
conception, he would have certainly
died happy.
In the rendition of this sonata M.
Sauret stands unexcelled by any liv
ing violinist. There Is such nn nffabil-
Ity of tonal effects, an extravagance of
technical powers, that one Is simply
lost, spellbound.
The audience was exceedingly enthu
siastic, but the flattering applause
could Induce M. Sauret to give one
encore only, the Russian air by Wlenl
awskl. Los Angeles audiences have
not hoard this since Krelsler tried to
play it, some months ago. Tho stiff
ness of Krelsler's rendition was sadly
left In the dark when Sauret, with his
magtc bow, brought out live, pulsating
tones that deeply moved all hearers.
Arthur Speed displayed his rare tal
ent. The English have been noted for
their coldness, but Mr. Speed is more
than English, for he has the heart of
a Frenchman and the scholarship of a
German. He excelled ln the Chopin
ballade, In which the rhythm, shading
and general conduction, both dynamic
and agogic, left nothing to be desired.
In other words, he played. No great»r
conception could have been wished for
in the D minor sonata of Schumann, in
which he shared the honors with M.
Fischer's Theater
Kelley and Massey presented "A
Brazilian Widow" for their farewell
week's bill at Fischer's last night. The
piece caught the fancy of the patrons
and met with splendid approval. The
company were nt their best and kept
the audience in the best of humor with
this clever farce.
Next week a new company will open
a limited engagement at this theater,
presenting high-class musical and
farce comedies. The De La Cour-
Flelds company come direct from tho
eastern circuits and will present a
repertoire of plays new to the coast.
High-class vaudeville acts will con
tinue a part of each week's bill and
the blograph motion pictures will al
ways be a feature of this theater.
Varsity Club Coming
Manager Ellenwood of the Stanford
'varsity students is now In this city
arousing Interest among the graduates
of the Stanford university for the com
ing visit of the Stanford University
Glee and Mandolin clubs, who come
to Simpson auditorium for two con
certs on Friday evening, December 20.
and Saturday afternoon, December 30.
This year but one club will visit tho
south, that of Stanford. Social func
tions are being planned for the enter
tainment of the boys.
Beatrice Hubbell Plummer
Beatrice Hubbell Plummer. the so
prano who will sing with the Apollo
club In the forthcoming production of
"The Messiah," to be given on Tues
day evening, December 26. at Simpson
auditorium, arrived in Los Angeles
last evening. Shn has earned great
success in Europe and has appeared In
several of the leading cities en route
west from New York.
Novelty Theater
This week's bill at the Novelty In
cludes several good features, Including
Dan and Beps Kelley, comedy sketch
artists; the Farnsworth Trio of equili
brists, Devlin and Coltoh, the De Voe
Brothers, Kance Smith, James Clover
and Novelty motion pictures.
Ellery Program Tonight
The Ellery band program at Venice
tonight Is of unusual strength and In
terest and should attract a large audi
ence, the leading features being A'erdl's
"Farza del Destlno," the overture
"lone," Puccini's "La Tosca" and the
sensational "ISxcelslor" ballet muslo.
Mr. Ellery's great trombonist, r.amonte,
will be the soloist.
Aged Man Dies of Heart Failure
George C. Fair, 80 years of age,
dropped dead in his room at 1628 Temple
street last evening from what is be
lieved to have been heart failure. Fair
has two sons living near by. Informa
tion regarding the affair was monger.
When asked about the affair last even-
Ing the coroner could not give any
Information, saying that ho knew noth
ing of the case.
A <;if\nAN r J'i:i;i» cviu<: for fii.iss
Itching, Hllucl. liliH-illiiK or Protruding
Piles. Your druggist will refund money
If PAZO OINTMKNT falls to cure you
In «to 14 days. 60c.
l-erfect ConUldeuc*
Whwt there used to be a feeling of 1111
easlnesa and worry In the household when
a child showed symptoms of evoup, there
Is now perfect confidence. Thia in owing
to the uniform success of Chamberlain' i
Cough Itemedy la the treatment of that
disease. Mrs. M. I. llusford of l'oolet>
vllle, Aid , In sneaking of her experience
in the use of the remedy, nays: "I huvo
a world of confidence In Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, fur I have used It with
perfect success. My child, (iurlu-.id. f*
subject to severe attacks of croup and It
always gives him prompt relief.' 1
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/TifeC^Sr^ \otr — Complete Jowplry Catalogue ■ ■J^^^fM
• 000000000000000000000000 • 000000000000000 000000000000
! Circus Lady, of foar quite fre«\ Puissant Council of Three,
Comes danclnur Into tho scene you see Rulers of Veniou Y<\
To beard tha Council In their lair. liowure! Oh, bewurc! <
Although eho has no beard to spare. Of thia lady Knlr. ' .
We havo no Intention to contamlnnte the pure water In thn Venice canals
by tapping AMALGAMATED COPPEU or oth«r wntcr-logg:od eecurltleH.
I OUR water conies from tha imijeallo i'nelflc, a reservoir that iioods no
filling. ■
Hoturns from 656 districts outsldn of Venire indicate that 6D5.C55 per-
sons will attend tha VI3NICU WINVBU CAUNIVALi AflD FOUKIUN EX-
have never been to tho ZOO and there are people In VOS ANOHIjKS who
have never seen VENICE or been in tho VENETIAN I'ALM GAUUEN to
Of S3 Artists led by the UK HAT KERUIXO.
TVtnio-ht- "L" To»ca, M "Koraa del Deatlao.*' "KxrrUlur." Ballet Mualr,
A VlllgUl Overture "loaf," Trombone Sol., by I.OMOvn:.
Matinees daily except Mondays. Concerts KVKRY NIGHT at 7:45. Vulin
Garden liaa "ALL the comforts of iIOMU." AUmlaslon FittiU on llefrcsh-
ineiit Floor; 100 ln Balcony.
FREQUENT CAR BKRVICB from 4th and Hill streets. Returning, leave
Venice at 9:05. »:S5. 10.03. 10:35. 11. OS p. in., etc.
ST. MARK'S IIOTI3U VKNICH. the place to stop "from Saturday -to
Monday." First class service, music, tennis, eondola«, llshlng and surf
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