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fttranr«rs «rs Invited to rl«!t ih« «*•
filblt of California products At th«
Chamber of Commerce bulletin*, on
Rroaflwdj'. between First find Sncond
streets, where frpe Information will u«
rlv»n on all subjeuta pertaining to thin
The Her«M will pay $19 In « ft » h _,V}
onyon« furnishing evidence that win
lead to the arrest and conviction of any
person caught stealing copies of in*
Herald from the Preml«*« jfotir pa
trons. THI3 UERMjD.
Files Bankruptcy Papera
.T. It. Wimi, ii iMbnrrr of Fresno,
filed n Blfttotnent rit linnkrnpdy with
tho elprk of tho United Kfnles tltntrlfl
roilrt yesterday. Tho nmoiint of hl«
debts whs Riven ns JSlß.fifl nnd thn
nmount of his nssets ns $1090.50.
Latham Held to Answer
The. preliminary rxnmlnntlnn of I). R.
liiiihiim, charged wllh piuwlns; nilxed
Mils', wns held yeaterdny before United
Htntes Commliisloner Vnn Dyke. Ln
tham Is thn lust ono of eleven men
who have been tried on thn snnifc
rhnrgn find, like tlirm, he wns held
to nnswer to thn United States cir
cuit court.
Struck by Car
John Burr wan nlrtu-k by n street enr
nt the corner of Heventh nnd Olive
Btreets early yesterday morning while
riding a bicycle. Ho wns tnken to the
receiving hospital niul upon exnmlna
llon It wriß found thnt. ho hnd sustained
several bruises but thtit no bones wero
broken. Ho \vn« nblo to lenve the hos
pital later In tho duy without assist
Mrs. Thorn Loses Jewels
Mrs. Cameron Ersklno Thorn is la
menting the loss of nix valuable dia
mond rings. Mrs. Thorn carried the
jewels In her shopping bag last Friday
while doing some Christmas shopping
and when she returned to tho Angelus
hotel, where she lives, the jewels were
missing. The Thorn fnmlly is ono of
Ihe oldest and wealthiest ln the stale
of California.
Negro Held for Trial
TJrlcs ' Jackson, n negro, was ar
raigned before Police Judge Austin
yesterday afternoon on a charge of
burglary and bound over to the su
perior court under $l, r >oo bonds. Jack
son Is chnrgod with trying to snatch
a purse from the hand of Mrs. Hulda
Hage at the corner of San Julian and
Sixth streets one night last week. He
was caught by two boys and held un
til the police arrived nnd arrested him.
W. C. T. U. Meeting
; At the regular meeting of the Los
Angeles W. C. T. U. this afternoon at
2 o'clock at the First Methodist church
Mrs. C. R. Vance will deliver an ad«
dress on "Christmas Giving," which
will be followed by a general discus
sion of the subject. The latter half of
the program will consist of a talk on
the "Relation of the Family to the
Nation." by Mrs. Abbie F. Church of
New Jersey, which will also be fol
lowed by a discussion from the floor.
Officers of Read Agency Elected
At a meeting of the Read Advertis
ing agency (Incorporated) Tuesday
night there were present Directors
Robert A. Read, H. "W. Clough and Ed
win F. Hill. Election of officers was
as follows: President, Robert A. Read:
vice president and secretary, H. W.
Clough; treasurer, G. E. Lawrence.
George O. Jenner was appointed assist
ant to the secretary. The Read agency
Is Incorporated for $15,000, With JIO.OOO
Woman Rallies From Shock
•Mrs. Charles J. Rudd rallied yester
day from the shock which she received
Tuesday when she was notified that
her husband had been killed by a
freight .elevator at the Douglas building.
The attending physicians report that
she was resting well last night. Funeral
services will be held this afternoon over
Tludd's body and the interment will
take place at the new Calvary ceme
tery. A large number of the Woodmen
of the World, of which Rudd was a
member, will attend the funeral.
Newman Club to Welcome Bishop
The Newman club will tender a wel
come .to Right Itev. Bishop Conaty
Thursday evening, December 28, with
a dinner at tho Angelus. The event will
also be the annual "ladies' night" given
by the club. Special decoration In pur
ple, the bishop's color, will adorn the
tables. "Is the Cnthollc Church Mer
cenary?" will be the topic of the paper
to* be read by John Alton. J. C. Kays
and .W. 10. Hampton, who have recently
icturned from Europe, will discuss the
paper. Bishop Conuty will make an
Mission Worker 111 .
jj H. K. Greene, assistant superintend
ent of the Union Rescue mission, 145
North Main street, is slowly recover
ing from a severe illness of two weeks.
Ills physician advises him to take a
rest from his arduous mission work.
Mr. anil Mrs. CJreene expect to go to
Palo Alto on an extended vacation im
mediately after Christmas. W. D. Ail
wards will superintend the work of the
mission during tht; absence of Mr.
Greene. Will D. Trotter, the superin
tendent, Is still away on account of
ill health.
Hamburgers Give Danquet
Thirty of the employes of A. Ham
burger & Koiih were the giu'.sts of (ho
management of the store Tuesday night
nt v banquet at the Angelus hotel. A
most novel menu was served nnd a
program full of unusual features whs
presented. Tho dinner wus given in
honor of C. S. Holtzwasser. resident
buyer for Ihe firm in Now York city,
who is In Loa Angeles for a short tlino.
Addresses were made by 11. TJ. Perry,
n member of the Hamburger Buyers*
club) P. A. Hamburger. S. 11. Pyatt,
W. N. Bailie, John Budge, M. A. Hani
lnirger. George Kalt. and F. P. Wi n n i e.
The public's choice since 1789.
"Your cheeks are
peaches," he cried.
"No, they are
Pears'," she replied.
Pears' "Soap
brings the color of
health to the skin.
It is the finest
toilet ,soap in all
the world.
Cruiser Baltimore Is Reinforced— Be.
lief Grows That Boycott of Amerl.
can Goods Is at the Bottom
of the Trouble
By Asnoclntcd l'rest.
HIfANOItAJ, Dec. 20.— A1l is quiet In
town today, HnniiieM* hnn been re
sumed, bul. the. volunteers and sailors
landed by the warships in port remain
on duty as a precaution against n
renewal of the rioting. The Hulled
Htaten Riuiboat Vllln Lobos has nrrlved
to reinforce thn Iliiltlmoro mul tho
Hilt inn cruiser Andromeda is expected
to reinforce th« Dlu'lem.
Tho deadlock growing out of the
mixed court dispute continues. The
Taotal adheres to his demand for the
dismissal of tho British assessor nnd
police Inspectors, while the Urltlsh ron-
HUI refuses to yield. The foreign resi
dents support the consul's attitude.
Quiet Prevails Because of Armed
Force in Chinese City
By Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.— The state
department has received a cablegram
from Shanghai announcing tho arrival
there last evening of the men from the
cruiser Baltimore,
Tho Btato department advices of thin
morning are to the effect that tin; Brit
ish were preparing for a large demon
stration by both army and navy. Ger
man, Japanese and Austrian cruisers
wore on their way to Shanghai.
Quiet prevailed yesterday evening,
but only because of the armed force
controlling the city. The mixed court
was still closed. Tho Chinese author
ities were trying to effect a compro
mise, 'but demanded a removal of tha
British nssessor, which denrand was
refused. There was no report of trou
ble at the outposts, but the mission
aries were becoming alarmed and many
were arriving ln Shanghai.
As understood here the trouble arose
from the action of the British assessor
levying a tax upon a Chinese resident
of the foreign settlement, the court
is a curious body, made up of a Chinese
magistrate, who holds sittings every
week day.
Mixed Court Causes Row
On two days of ench ■week an Amer
ican official from the consulate general
sits with it ln the capacity of assessor,
on two other days v similar German
official sits and on the remaining two
week days a British representative.
This court has jurisdiction over all
licenses and taxes payable .by the
Chinese in the foreign settlement ot
Shanghai. The Chinese municipal
authorities have always been jealous of
this court and there have been many
clashes In the paßt owing: to the efforts
of the Chinese to collect these taxes
themselves. The court also possesses
the power to punish culprits and fur
ther causes the cat-o'-nine-tails to be
laid on, while the Chinese whip cul
prits with bamboos. For a long time
past the Chinese have been trying to
reduce the authority of the mixed
court and it is Inferred here that the
present trouble has arisen from the
assumption of jurisdiction by the Brit
ish over some of the Chinese mer
Foreign Official Declares Trouble Is
Direct Result of Agitation
By Associated Press.
CHEFOO, Dec. 20, 10 p. m.— A prom
inent foreign official who is visiting
Chefoo, crystallizing the opinions of
persons thoroughly acquainted In China
and with the present disorders, states
that the Shanghai troubles were tho
direct result of the Amerlcun. boycott.
He thinks the American officials at
Washington should have opposed the
Chinese demands for a revision of the
exclusion laws and insisted upon the
Immediate suppression of the boycott.
He characterizes the boycott move
ment as an excuse for an exhibition
of the anti-foreign feeling resulting
from an inllammatory propaganda car
ried on throughout China since the
commencement of the Itusso-Japanese
Says Boycott Is Harmless
"While the boycott In Itself is hurm-
Ipbb," continues the oftlclul referred to,
"It has been used by the revolutionary
nntl-forelgn faction of the Chinese to
precipitate a repetition of the Uoxer
troubles, though iE is probable that
tho excitable elements have eluded the
control of the veal conspirators and
caused premature demoiistrutions.
"Unions the Washington authorities
thke immediate and strong measures
to suppress the iigitiitlou in .Shunghtil,"
concluded tho official quoted, "troubles
which nro now merely locul will
The foreign boycott agitation appears
in Chefoo to be dun undoubtedly to
thn stern demand of the American
Consul Fowler that tho Chinese, re
friiiu from holding meetings or Issuing
Inflammatory placards, resulting in the
Inability of the riaiiKerous Chinese ele
ir.ent to successfully prosecute their
Sends Viceroy to Shanghai— Will Pun.
ish All Offenders
By Associated Press.
PEKING, Dec. 20. — Tiio dowager
empress toduy lsnuod an edict com
manding thn viceroy of Chill province.
Yuan Shi Kul, commander of tho
Chinese itnny, to proceed to Shanghai,
Investigate the disturbances, secure tho
punishment of those Implicated and im
peach thn civil ni'Kl military ofHclalM
responsible for the maintenance ot
order. Tho succeed of the boycott In
securing concessions in the new treaty
from the American government un
doubtedly encouraged the Chinese to
engage In tho rocent demonstrations.
The Chlno-Jupanesu treaty will be
signed December 22. The utmost se
crecy la maintained regarding the agree
ment. The foreign legations and Chi
nese ofttclalß are ignorant of the terms.
Murderess Granted Parole
By Associated Press.
TKKNTON, N. J.. Dec. 20.— Llbble
Carrabrandt, the Pateraon murderess,
was granted a parole by the board of
pardons today by a vote of five to
three. She was convicted of murder
in the first degree when she was 17
yi'iuH of uge, but the sentence wuh uf
terwurd commuted to life lmprinou
jiient. Hlie had been In the stute prison
thirty-tour yew* fBliM,
Side Talks \. )
By /
The Office 1)1
Boy (y^»
Tim Rlrl snld to nm tlin nlhor rrvpit-
hiK wlirn I whh saying "(loiwl night,"
'Willie, pfenm clnn't. ynn tniiPH my
luilr." r wrnt iilioml mi ilin thonry
Hint IT I iniis«ril, r must, Our cuiiii-
toi-M get mtifwil up «| ni t ■• a'Knofi drnl
Hipho clays, hut ciidlomcrH must got
wnllnd Upon. Wn drew a lot nf nwfully
gnncl snlrxmrn In our wpfrliil Holiday
vnnlrr. They «<> rliclit ithcncl us If
Ihny'cl rilwiiy'M Bern br-hlml our coun-
ICW nnd urn |n.il ns nttPiillvn nnd
polite hh our n-Kiiliir men. (k-c\ hut
we're liiih.v; It's onn nmllminiift roiin I
nr liiibliiphi fnnn tlio limn Iho door*
urn nppned till they're rloswi. roll
nlioulcl lmvo nfen tho wnmrn c-omn fill'
thnso (Ifllcn Hoy pillow tops tho cithnr
day. Thcy'ro nwfully onto; wn'vo got
a fpw left, sn when you're tniikliiß a
purcihaHO In rltlic^r utorn ank for one
I'd nclvlsn nil of our women friends
who can to ilo their shopping botwm-n
right nnd OlOVon In dm mornings:
Ilio iTßular mon who know thn stock
from A to 'A cim Ret ft chance to wnlt
nil you thru nnd fnlka Wiinlini; sin'h
thliiKH ns niidrrwoiir. nlftht Mlilrla and
psiJiimtiM. Hlili-tn nnd hosiery Ret so
much bettor nttoiillnn thnn when thn
pnunters nrc nllecl full of goodH In tho
iiftp.moons. Why not come down thia
22 1 S. Spring St. Droodway and oth
I Women's Clubs ■ |
Woman's Club Gives Open Meeting
The Christmas meeting of the.
Shakespeare section of the "Wednes
day Morning club was held yesterday
under the leadership of Mrs. H. C,
Gower. - Mrs. Gower told of the objects
of the study of Shakespeare and how
these may be attained.
The program was one of the best
that have been Klven and the persons
taking part had familiarized them
selves with their subjects to a great
enough extent to make their talks in
structive as well as entertaining.
Mrs. J. G. McLean read a paper on
"The Imagination in Macbeth." The
many phases of the character of Lady
Macbeth were discussed by Miss Par
rlsh and a general review of the play
of "Macbeth" was Riven by Mines.
Philip Gerhardy, L. V. J. Klinball, C.
B. Goodrich, B. A. Carter, It. C. P.
Smith, F. W. Fuller, W O. Tollver, A
M. Foster, A. E. Porter, J. H. Craw
ford. W. 11. Johnson and the Misses
Annie Pierce and Edna Sutton.
The meeting was opened with a vocal
solo by Mrs. L. H. Dutton and a violin
solo by Miss Mo&elle Anderson.
A paper on "Lady Macbeth" was
read by Mrs. W. A. Johnson.
Returns From New York
Miss Bertha Smith has returned
from New York, where she has been
engagjed in newspaper and magazine
work for the past three years, and Is
now at the home of her mother, Mrs.
L. J. Smith, 415 West Thirty-first
street. Miss Smith is the author of
"Indian Legends of the Yosemite," a
volume of charming tales, which. was
brought out a year ago. While in New
York she was a frequent contributoi
to Munsey's, The Outlook and The
To Present "Fabiola"
"Fablola," a drama of early Christian
times, will be presented thia evening by
the St. Vincent's Dramatic club nt tho
Father , Meyer memorial hall of the
college. The east of churacterg In
cludes the foremost talent of the club.
The play has been rearranged by Rev.
F. X. McCabe, C. ill., vice president of
the college, who has eliminated many
obstacles to Its production, while ad
hering strictly to the text of the play,
as arranged by Canon Oakly from the
book by the name by Cardinal Wise
man. The music this evening will bo
furished by tho college orchestra.
New Choral Society
A new organization bearing* the title
of "Pico Heights Choral society" has
been formed for the study of choral
masterpieces. The society is under the
direction of Frof. Theo. J. Irwln and
rehearsals hava begun on Mendels
sohn's "Hear My Prayer."
Damage by Fire, $500
Kire of unknown origin nearly de
stroyed the home of Clarence Ilanro
ham of 23S Kouth Avenue Twenty early
last evening. Tho fire, wan discovered
by neighbors and un alarm wus tele
phoned to tho department. The family
wns iibsent, and before tho firemen
arrived nnd could gain entrance tho
flutncH wero beyond control. The dam
ago is estimated at $Mm).
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Charles Stansbury's Foremen Charged
With Working Mules Which Were
. in Bad Condition
J. B. llUßhes, head foreman for
Charles Stunbury, 11 grading contractor,
and George McClaln, foreman in charge
of tho stock, wore taken before Police
Judge Chomberß ; yesterday uftornoon
on alchurge <if cruolty to animals.
Tholr trial was sot for this afternoon.
The humane olllccr who made the ar
rests states that the offenders were
working iiiulph which woro niflc and
wnro barely nhl« to walk, and that they
diovc thp animals down an incline at
tho corner of Fourth and Rampart
Ktrrots co Steep thai the imilrfl wore
unable to hold back tho load mid thnt
It was not an uncommon thing- to sop
a weak animal fall down and bo
dragged nlong.
When the two foremen wern arrested
the drivers deserted their mules and
scattered In nil directions, fearing that
they would be tuken Into court.
House Robbed
Upon entering his home at 932 West
Seventeenth street last evening shortly
after 8 o'clock, George Dake, proprietor
at a restaurant at Ell West Fourth
street, found that burglars bad run
sucked the house. Although the rob
beis had made a thorough search of
the house they took nothing but a gold
Chain alid ji watch.
When a clilld rliowh Kyniptnmß (if croup
there Is no tim« to experiment with new
rPinecllfiß. no mattor how highly thoy limy
bo racomniPiHlPil, Thoro Is nno jiropuratlari
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cessful American housewives. Se- Every pen ffuara nteed. Fourteen-
lectou recipes of famous cooks by karat Kol<l pen> fancy carved , a
Annie H. Greeory, assisted by on* rubber holder, watertight barrel A
thousand housekeepers, embellished pen whlch would cost ,;
with many colored and photo en- mor , at arty stationer's. -Each "pen
gravlngs illustrfttlng the art of com 6, ln a neat box together with a
carving, table decoration, prepara- giafa f)ller and compltta inßtruo.i nBtruo . .
tlon of fancy dishes, etc. Three t lons for immediate use.
books under one cover, Book No. 1
tor the Inexperienced housekeeper T ' vo Yer 7 Hnnd»ome Mthoffrnphvd :
who has all things to learn, as well Trays In 12 to 16 colors, choice of
as for the epicure, whoso tastes in- flVfl rt «len«. These trays are
cllno to rich and expensive dishes "tamped .In one piece and are of drop
but whose pocketbook demand* Bteil - practically Indestructible,
economy. Book 2ls devoted to There is no advertisement on the
various health foods, soups without trftys and the y " re works of irt
meats, to the cooking ot vegetables, suitable for utility or decoration,
cereals, the making of salads with- A alue * 100 ' ach '
out meat, etc.. etc. It Is an up-to- These premiums can only be ob.
date guide ln brain bulldlnr, health talned through The Herald, as they
building- and happiness. Book S Is are not offered ln any store, for sale.
The Los Angeles Dally Herald
in newspapers!
C*II »a or Writ* '
,134 Suisome Street \
If You liaioy •gff tStj£M \JfJ\T
. • LOTS V2OO UP. ' " '•"-'■
Send for map and deicrlptlva mattor.
215 H. Ocean Avo., Longr Beach.
Boys and Girls
Only One W«eK Nor*
Draw bullf roes. Town lots will be
given us premiums for the belt draw-
Ings. See the Sunday papers. -
He sure to ret one of the beautiful:
BrKenbrecher Syndicate Hanta Mon.
lea Tract lota, $400 and up; $60 cash. '
Balance In kuiu.ll monthly payment*'
Thos. J. lUmptoa Comprnmr,
V U» t. Broaaway. . J

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