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Structure Will B« Thirteenth Cen
tury French Gothic Archltec.
ture— Many New Features
) \ Are Planned
Modern In every detail, yet carrying
•ut the traditions of the early Chris
tian church, will be ihe new St. A*«
nts church, corner West Adams street
and Vermont avenue, on which work
has already been begun. This church,
when completed, will be one of the
finest in Los Angeles, which already
boasts many fine church edifices.
The architecture of the edifice will
be pure French gothlc of the thir
teenth century. The building will be
of granite, which will present an im
posing appearance. It being the only
church of Its kind here. The church
will cover a floor space of 62x147 feet,
fronting on Adams street. The tran
sept will be 72 .feet wide and 28 feet
There will be no pillars in the In
terior, which will make every sent
available. In order to redleve the un
supported effect, half arches will ex
tend from the side walls and the roof,
which will be in the prevailing gothic
style. The floor wil Incline two and
one-half feet from the entrance to a
sanctuary. St. Agnes church will be
the first Catholic church in Los An
geles with an Inclined floor.
Another artistic and novel feature
of this church will be the lighting,
which will be furnished by 1600 clght
candle power lights arranged in the
arches, no fixtures being visible. The
windows will be of Munich stained
glass, ,with seven in the sanctuary
grouped about the central window,
Tvhlch will contain the figure of St.
Agnes, the virgin martyr, patroness
of the parish. This window will be
above the main altar, which will be of
Carara marble In gothlc style, and
which will be executed in Italy. Un
der this altar will be a figure in wax
of St. Agnes In the tomb. In, this
figure, which will be life size, will be
placed some rare relics of the saint
which are to be brought here by Bishop
Conaty from Rome as the special gift
of the pope to St. Agnes church. The
two sids altars will be in the same
Btyle,,,a'? the main altar, and will '. be
sdomed.with several statues. .■
..,....<■ Chapel in Connection- ' • ■'■•:•
'Another novel feature in church
building in Los Angeles, but which Is
popular elsewhere, will be the chapel
to be connected with the church on
the west. This chapel, which will be
parallel with Adams street, will be 40x
70 feet and connected with the sa
cristy of the church, which will be ac
cessible from both church and chapel.
The chapel will be in the prevailing
gothlc, with an altar of Carara marble
and will have a separate entrance
from Adams street. It will form an
L with the main building, which rpace
will be adorned with a garden and a
The chapel will be used for the chil
dren's mass on Sunday and for Sunday
school: also Sunday evening services
and 'dally mass, giving a more devo
t'cnal spirit to smaller services than
would the large main church. The
seating capacity of the chapel will.be
250, while that of the church will be
700. The interior finish will be of oak,
as will also be the pews. A bell weigh
ing 3000 pounds will bo placed In the
northeast tower, while the ' baptistry
will be below the northwest tower.
The church property extends 270 feet
on Adams street and 158 feet on Ver
mont avenue. A fine parochial resi
flvnce adjoins the site of the new
church,, and later a convent will be
erected.' ■ •
Plans are already being made for
the parochiiil school, which will be at
the northeast corner of West Adams
nnd . Itamco street », one block west
of thn church. This will be a substan
tinl eight-room structure with n large
basement and club rooms for the young
men of the parlßh.
It Is expected that Bishop Conaty
i\ill lay the corner stone of the new
church January 21, the' feast day of
the patronness, nnd thnt the church
will be completed for the Christmas
services of 1906. *6Tflßi
This parish was organized about two
yfars a^o by liishop Conaty. who made
3:ev. C. Molony, his secretary, pas-
Ipr. Since his appolntement. Father
Molony has been steadily upbuilding
the parish. Father Molony has taken
an especially active interest in the
architectural plans and has gTeatly
aided the architects, Walsh, Maginnls
nnd Sullivan, in arranging the church
to suit the needs of the parish.
Stranger Seeks to Marry ' Daughter,
Though Chief Executive Has
No Such Relative
When a man humbly pleads to be al
lowed to pay addresses to another
nian'H daughter and the other man has
no daughter to whom the addresses
may be paid, what's the answer?
Mayor McAleer sat In his sanctum
yesterday morning with his. brogans
propped up on the official desk and
with clouded brow considered this
weighty question. The more he pon
dered the worse the tangle grew and
with a sigh of despair at ever solving
the problem he tore up a letter ho had
been reading and threw the shreds in
the waste basket.
Theodore Soensson. whose chirog
rapby eugested a greater familiarity
with the pick and shovel than with
the pen, had written Mayor McAleer
to get his permission to send violets
and bonbons to the mayor's only
daughter with an ultimate view to
matrimony. But the mayor has no
daughter and was compelled to deny
the petition.
Railway Magnate's Auto Manipulator
Will Fight Case Agalnet Him
In Police Court
N. n. Stanfleld, chauffeur for K. K.
Huntingdon, who was arrested Dec. 19
for violating the automobile speed or
dinance, was given a preliminary hear
ing yesterday before Judge Chambers
and, upon hla plea of not guilty, his
trial was Bet for Saturday morning.
' It. Roland, chauffeur for Howard
Huntlngton, who pleaded not guilty
to a charge of violating the same or
dinance, was found guilty and fined
$10. Mr. Huntlngton paid the fine.'
BubHcilbe {or Tfa* Los Ancales D«Uy
Herald and get your CbrlsloiM iUu
Get Every Available Subscription In Before
12 o'Clock Tomorrow Night
Herald readers would be surprised If
they were to know the actual number
of votes Issued on subscriptions "wrh
day for the respective candidates In the,
Salesladies Contest. Every one Is. doing '
her level best to place her name at ,.
th« top of the list now-that-the^on
te«t has but a few hours more to run.
All subscriptions must be In this office
not later than ' 12 o'clock tomorrow
night, for It Is then the ballot box will
close for the last time and the names;
of the winners will be determined, and. |
published Monday, December 25.'
The balloting of the last twenty-four
hours was quite heavy, as ■.will' b*
noticed by the changes in the line-up.
Rivalry is rife all over Los Angeles, !
and the candidates are preparing;
themselves for a hurrienne finish.. The
votes that have been going out for the
past few weeks will then be brought,
into evidence, and a great many sur
prises may be looked for." Tills'con
tost has been a quod thing for The
Herald. Many new nuhscrlptlons havn ■
been secured through the untiring ef- ,
forts of the candidates, and thr; orders
for the prizes will be given as soon |
ns the votes are checked up' and the l
five, most popular .ones determined.
Those who win will win on popularity
and that alone. Candidates and their
friends are Inylted to be present at the .
close. If contestants cannot come
themselves, send a friend to represent
your Interests. There will be 'plenty
of room for <all. . Come- one; come all.
1 month's subKcrlp'tlon to Heralfl.. • 65c
3 months' subscription to Herald.. $1.95
6 months' subscription to Herald.. {3.90
12 months' subscription to Herald. $7.80
5 years' subscription to Hera1d,... 539.00
10 years' subscription to Herald... s7B.oo
Those who are already subscribers to
this paper may secure .votes 'in' this
contest by paying: in advance, as long
as desired. Payments in arrears count
the same as payments in advance, pro
viding there is a payment made for at
least one month in advance, "i
The "ladles to receive orders for prlies
will be determined by popular voting ac
cording' to ptb« ■ accompanying manner.
1 mo. . subscription to Herald.. ■■ 65
3 mo.»-. subscription, to Herald.. SOO
6 ma subscription to Herald:. 800
12 mo. subscription to Herald.. 1,700
5 y'rs subscription to Herald.. 12,000
10 y'rs subscription to Herald. .25,000
The Los Angeles Herald
Popular Salesladies Contest
Fill in th« name of the lady whom you wish to rats
for and htr buiinasi address. Bring or mill to mttU- ..'■."•-' '
(ar of Contalt Department, cara hat Angtlei Hirall.
. This coupon counts one vote.
Mit§_._ '; __;__ . . ■ : .
Addrtu. ...-...„....„-. ! k
Rev. Baker P. Lee of Christ Church
Will Carry Christmas Tidings
to Hospitals • '
Rev. Bakfr P. Lee, rector 'of •Christ
Episropal church, believes .la, . taking
the "tidings of great Joy" to humanity,
and on Christmas night, accompanied
by fifty members of the church 1 choir;
In their snowy vestments, will go •to
the central hospitals where the -chdlr
will Ring Christmas carols for the "shut
ins." '• • y• .
The party ■will leave. the church '• at
7:45 o'clock and will make the trip In
two large automobiles used for sight
seeing. Polio-wing- these short -s ong
services of. gladness and Joy .the,, party
will go to the Angelus, where," after.
a short carol, a nupper will be served
In the banquet room. .'..'■ .•;•■•
Another innovation will be made New-
Year's .eve at Christ church, when*
Instead of the usual. Sunday evening
service, a watchnlght service will 1 be
held from 11 to 12 o'clock. After the
recessional, the choir will ' march
around the church and ascend th<i
steps of the tower, where they,. will
give a short song service from : the
balcony at the foot of the large cross
of electric lights. . —
If r»« wast to mo rant, c." Harriork.
Art. Illlnolo Ontra) R. R.. 2SR R florins.
O/ "».j?"! m. ISS t0 /42 Main
"LookOut Below!"
Ml«n KilUll |lo«nt« I IIH.It 1.1
Mlaa llrlrn 111rh..... 30.50H
Ml«» liollj- Mrlntee SO.ltia
Mlaa J. Uunlnp 3,&11f
!MI»» rinrrn.-r l)f«i-f lOS.TTI
MIMM t>al«7 >l>'lnl.vrr 33,401
Ml»si Mar Turk 14.15.1
Minn l.llllxn Snillli 10.04 M
Mia* Ivnimn lli-iiiiiiit n.linil
Miaa I -.(in I. in Cnutnrll 4,1»2-
Mia* T. Iliicnn 711,003
Mlaa l;.IKI. 1.n.mr.l m.llll
Minx Carrie linn ai,,vri
Minn Ormnli llrnl IT.-«ol
Mrs. A. J. \\>«t :i.noi
Ml*- Unmr (iim»oi,l.rl.,i .%0.(>:l(l
Mla« Mrtl.rl Ilnrla 20.713
M r». \V. J. IJii j il 37 .Ki1l
Ml«« Mnrsiirrt I'llxarrnlil f,,r.6.-.
Allan L. Narlfl l,Oi:«
Mlaa Mabel Srhnrflr 47,114
lira. \V. .1. AVurkinnn 3:i,1M»l
.Mlna I>al«r Vlrkrra 13,003
Mlas Catherine nnrka ir,,2HJ
;.;•;•.■■ THE BROADWAY
Mlaa Kdlth Ilounton .41.54H
Ml»!» S«> ilrr Srp .30,44(1
Mlaa Mj-ra Orll 34^1711
Mlaa Maude Illunck 14.Mfl
Mlaa K vn Snook i r.,«7fl
Mlaa Grace Oriy 41,403
Mlna • Mattel Gordon, care Crea
crnt Krcit < oinpniiT 37,802
Mm. n. Hinder 28,172
Mlaa Mnbel Belrne 11, 1 M
Mr«. Slilpntan 8,089
Mlaa Etta Scbumaeher 4,481
>lr.;c, C. Stoddard, 449 South
Broadway 18,8,111
Mra. M. M. Lyon 1T,42fl
Mlaa Mabel Ueck 3.8U0
Mlaa Margaret McNlven 15,103
Mlaa I.ulu Hood 4,30;
City Electrician Issues Order Forbid-
ding Certain Forma of Christ.
■ . ' : maa Decorations
i City 'Electrician Monahan yesterday
issued a manifesto to the proprietors
of '.the * large department stores thnt
In Christmas decorations cotton and
electric lights must bo strangers to
each other. He positively forbids cot
ton pillars and arches studded with
electric lights and the decorating of
electric lighted windows with cotton,
declaring them to be extra flre hazard.
: In taking this action a number of
persons are inclined to believe that the
city electrician has exceeded his au
thority, as all precautions against fire
are in. the hands of the fire commission
nnd that body has not issued any such
warnings. If the order is obeyed a
number of changes will be necessary
In the Christmas decorations of several
of the stores.
'■ . ..'■.'. - Croup •
: The flrxt symptom of this disease is
hoarseness. When Chamberlalu's Cough
Remedy is Riven as soon as the child be
comes hoarse, the attack can always ba
averted. Even after the croupy cough
has appeared, the attack can be warded
off by the prompt use of this remedy. It
io a certain cure for croup and has never
been known to fail
'siJKteMn.MMBiud.xbe ! ; ; D 0N R * - Sk Work Boxes 19c
Fine cr'mtftl'iriftss Wells' wiefi-h«ftvy< >SM» I> * --.--. *«»«r~. *'"; . : Nloely fitted wUh scissors, thread.
Hold pintoti tops. In nnlnmt h»nrt Hf. I „ • _^^Q)i^__ •• • • j ■ ' n<»*dli««, tlilmhlo. etc. : mmle of leathnr
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loVlniTh^ h'Xs'^'j'rnch^lid^ I.- ''. ' • *; , \ V 1:V 1 : \'.' BmbroMered turmrtar collar*. «tnd
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mitterlala: some miide with hinge coy- ! if ' . ..'.,.,, . •. ■ y patterns; wet workert on good quality
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Today the opportunity of the' season present* Itself, for this 'last "SOMETHING DOINO" day ; befow ChrlstmM ta entirety given over to
Chrlstmfts nierchnntllse of various kinds. Remnant* .»na.,regular . lines Are relegated' to: the backgrourtrl. and tfce entire energies today are bent
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i 1 Jfißßn Heavy .knottnd frlngp. size 20x38, In floral C.,!*o .:'.•• \ ' Jl>7w <t»ll- --r,^-*,
I nB&JfMf '' ncl *pot-pfttl« i rns; roßiilar prlcu 25c; on B«le OUllo , — ___.____——...——.—■ ', f " jLJfeS&v *^|
fSiUJ^W -HOMETIUNO DOINO" day, each, at 15c. fr^.^tA 'cottctfi'ainlon W;f all sixes; fine fSffIMA
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1 B=dttib*iy3s^O designs; worth B9c;. on 'sole "SOME-, 1 lOr Wnrncn'R Coltan HoSC 1254 Ul RfflflinH IwWM
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ity; on sale ."SOMETHING. DOING" day, . -flay,:; 95c, „. ;:.,' •„.,..,.' :...., ! . .. ..
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