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• Many Watches Found Ticking Away
In Ruins of Broadway Van
Nuys— Mrs. Denton Re*
covera Diamonds
•> John <>. Ilerrhtol, Fnlrbflnkft,
•> Alnnkn, 1 itlmuoml rlnK lunl nrven
+ lirii-.1i.,.. value f2.*O.
•> l.fr A. Ffllrk, Itntfl Cnlnilnn,
T Kit 111 lTntrh nnil iimhrrlln, *7.1.
■» | Itollln limlttP. Knox hn<pl, kolil
•» fvntcli, vnltie fan.
' ' 11. JV. Snvim-p, Wnnhlnixlnn. l>.'
«•., 1 Milt ™«- nnil fnni«Mi«n, 9100.
1 <4rorK<- A. l-llcli, 12ii» S. Oil VI-,
, rnllronil Ili-lx-ix, Rolil wn<rh nnil
„ chain nnil lullrl nrllrlow, -«nliii
f, fano.
„ I'rnnk nrjrmm. Ulita Wrni 2R|l,
v kolil nnU'h nnil otlirr Jenelry,
.j. vnlif<! f "S.
.;. ' V. V. CuKon, r>IR3 I'llhntlrnn iive
t> nut-, inlwccllnnenns artli'lcN, value
4. fSO. .
Former guesta of tht> Broadway Van
Nuys, now scattered at various hotels,
arose early yesterday morning and be-
Kirn a search for their valuables, which
th*y left behind in their hurry to es
cape from the flre which destroyed the
structure Sunday morning. Mrs.
Thomas H. Benton was made happy by
thfi recovery of $5000 worth of Jewelry
which was found in a drosscr drawer
i>y a traveling man.
The ruins were well guarded by the
polico, who gave aid In the search and
succeeflpd in rinding many watches
which were Btlll ticking away under
pillows. L. , A. Falck of San Francis
co found two of his trunks in good
condition and their contents uninjured.
Airs. Falck lost seveml hundred dol
lars' worth of jewelry and clothing.
A New York traveling man went to
Ills room . not expecting to find any
thing of value, but found a water
soaked pair of trousers in which were
a check for $125 and $65 in cash.
Tales of Bravery
Many tales of bravery nnd many
humorous Incidents were told yester
day by the men who escaped from the
hotel as they sat around the lobbies
of. other houses, clad in perhaps the
only garments that they possess.
While the fire was burning its
fiercest some one reported that there
was a woman on the fourth story.
Not stopping to think of self-preserva
tion a traveling man ran upstairs and
kicked in the door, but found the room
If there are any persons who should
be designated as heroes the guests say
they are Roy Goff, chief clerk, and
Kobert Bradley, the elevator boy. The
two worked like Trojans from the time
they were first alarmed until every
person was out of the building. Goff
wtated yesterday that the elevator was
unsteady and would jump from one
lloov ■to another and that they could
not stop it when they wanted to.
Elevator in Tantrum
When they come down from the top
floor the elevator would go to the base
ment and Jump up again. As they
passed the first floor Goff would push
the guests one at a time out of the
elevator. He continued this until each
load was disposed of.
Bradley carried the four-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Searles down the stairs and out Into
the street. He received a liberal
Christmas present from Mr. Searles
To the fact that a friendly poker
game was in progress, keeping six of
the guests up until an early morning
hour, Is probably due the saving of
many lives. ;.Those engaged in the
same rushed about the hotel awaken
ing many persons and wel'e the last
to leave tho burning building. Not one
of them saved as much as a tooth
brush, as one of them expressed it
yesterday, except thu clothing they
hud on.
Will J. Denny, representing an east
ern shoe firm, visited his room yester
day and found an order book and two
of hits sample cases undamaged. He
stated that they were worth $500 to
him. .•',-.
• All of the hotel books and mail were
saved by Night Clerk H. T. Murcli.
The. mall is being distributed today
from the Broadway hotel, where tem
jiordry quarters have been established.
The proprietors of the Broadway Van
Nuyd, Messrs Clark & Forsyth, stated
yesterday that they were unprepared
to say as to whether they would con
tinue in the hotel business or not, but
that they probably would, if not in the
old quarters, new outs. They said that
Ihb. question of building rests with the
owners of the building, the Henry
Martz. estate, but that it is their do
i-:ire to have the building rebuilt ut
H. C. Eagan, president of tho Van
Nuys Broadway Catering company,
Buld yesterday that hu is anxious to
attain establish his business, but that
he liuk had no conference with the
owners of the building. He stated that
his totals fully $11,000 and that he car
ried but $2000 insurance.
[Morales Leaves San Domingo
B>* Associated Press '
SAN DOMINGO, Dec. 23.— President
Morales has left the city and his des
tination is unknown. The city and sur
rounding country Is quiet, but consid
erable unrest and excitement Is shown
at the unexpected departure of the
president. •. ' \
. is , ; 'm6re than a fat food.
, There is no animal fat
v that compares with it in
nourishing and building
up the wasted, emaciateu
, body. That is why chil-
dren and anaemic girls
thrive and grow fat upon
, it; That is why persons
with consumptive tenden-
cies gain flesh and
strength enough to check
the ; progress of the dis-
ease. ,
6COTT * B0WN«, «t» fewl Stmt, N.i Ye*
Santa Claim pnld a visit to the
Children's hospital yesterday and sev
enteen little sufferers, have forgotten
the aches nnd pains In their tired
bodies In the mere Joy Of living and
being eared for.
The scene in the medical ward of
the honpital yesterday was enough to
mnke the pesslmint hide his face In
shame— such a little thing made the
children hAppy.
Santa Claua not only went to the
hospital but he went equipped with a
pack arranged to suit each little one
for whom the presents were Intended.
Trains that will wind up and run on
tracks, Just the kind that three of the
boys have dreamed about for many
a long month, caused those same little
lads to be transported Into a land
where aches and pains are not.
Little Mother Mads Happy
Krledn, tho little mother of the hos
pital, who piicnds no much time reliev
ing the sufferings of the other children
that she has little time to consider her
own, received the coveted doll, and
her motherly little heart was satis
fled ns it has soldi mi been before.
Willie, the boy with the blue eyes
and the fine sensitive face, who was
willing to trust everything to Kanfn,
found that his trust hud not been mis
placed, and Banta Is still one of the
idols of his life.
Wallace received the much longed
for automobile and one of the nurses
put on his coat and laid him on the
lloor where he could watch it run.
Conche, the Mexican baby, hugged a
rag doll in her arms and was su
premely happy, Another tiny baby
tooed Just as delightedly over a rattle
with bells on It.
.The Christmas tree was illuminated
Hollenbeek Serves Great Throngs of
Family Parties Who Try Christ.
mas Day Away From
More people ate Christmas dinner at
the hotels yesterday than have ever
before visited Los Angeles hostelrles
In one day. It was the plan of the hotel
managers to serve dinner from noon
until 7:30 o'clock in the evening but it
was ten o'clock before the last guests
had been served.
So many requests were made for res
ervations that the hotels refused them
after an early hour In the afternoon.
All of tho hotels opened up the avail
able space which they could turn Into
dining rums and hired much extra help.
Even then they were hardly able to'
take care of the guests and many of
them not only had to wait to be served
but had to wait for seats In the dining
The hotel representatives of the local
newspapers were the guests of the Hol
lenbeck Hotel company and enjoyed
the repast more than* usual on account
of the strenuous work incidental to
big and stirring events of Christmas
The idea of taking the family dinner
at one of the hotels Instead of having
an old fashioned Christmas dinner at
home has become popular in Los An-i
geles and these family gatherings, in
connection with the regular patronage,
taxed the hotels to their utmost capac
ity to take care of their guests.
The Christmas dinner menus at the
larger hotels follow:
Princo nay Oysters, a la VJonalse
Iced celery
Blsquo of Crawfish, Renommo
Consommo do Vollallo, a la Patti.
Quoen Olives. Salted Pectins.
Filet of Luke Superior Whiteflsh, a la
Sliced Cucumbers. Pommes, Point Ncuf
Pigeon Pot Pie, Country Style.
Iresh Lobster, in cases, a la Baltimore.
Cream Fritters, sauce Sabtiyon.
Frozen Christmas Punch.
Primo X'ims Beef, Yorkshire Pudding.
Candied Sweet Potatoes.
French String Beans,
Turkey, Oyster Dressing, Cran
berry Sauce.
New Potatoes, Maitre d'Hotel.
Groen Peas.
Milk Pig, with Glazed Apples.
Chicory Salad.
Roast Red Head Duck, with Sago
Fried Hominy. Watercress.
Brown Masiisd Potatoes.
Knglish Plum Pudding, Hard and
Brandy Sauce.
Pumpkin Pie.
Home-made Mince Pie, hot
Bisque Glace. Tortonl. Assorted Cake.
Cream Slices, a la Santa Claus.
French Pastry.
Champagno Jelly, with Whipped Cream.
Grapes. Shelled Almonds.
\ Japanese Oranges.
Roquefort and Imperial Cheese.
Toasted Cruukcrg,
Cafo Nolr. Spiced Tablets.
Assorted Canape
Toke Point Oysters on Half Shell.
Green Sea Turtle aux Quenelles.
Consomme do Volallle.
Faultless Plokles. Radishes
Celery. R| p0 Olives.
Chow Chow.
Salted Almonds.
Lettuce, French Dressing.
. Filot of Striped Bass a la Normandy.
New Potatoes Chateau.
Sliced Cucumbers.
Boiled Capon and Salt Pork, Oyster
Terrapin a la Maryland.
Tenderloin of Beef Larded, fresh Mush
room Sauce.
Papront of Sweetbreads a la Perlgord.
Fresh Devllod Crab In natural shell.
Pineapple Fritters. Maraschino Sauce.
Roast Prime Ribs Beef au Jus.
Suckling; Pier, Apple Sauce.
Turkey stuffed with Chestnuts.
Cranberry Jelly.
Mashed Potatoes. Boiled Potatoes.
Browned Sweet Potatoes.
New Potatoes In Cream. Green Peas.
Cauliflower. Snlnuch with Kgif.
Roast Canvasbock Duck, Currant Jelly.
Fried Hominy.
Frozen Egfff Nogr.
Fresh Ltbster Salad.
Chrustmas Pudding, Hard and Rum ■
Angelus Mince Pie. Nougat Creair Pie,
, Frozen Diplomat Pudding.
Charlotte Russe au Maraschino.
Anported Cake. Ouava Jelly.
Preserved Pear*. Preserved Raspborrles.
Nuts and Rulslns. Layer Figs.
Graham Wafers.
Assorted Fruit. Mont's Cracker*.
Ciunembert. Bwlbh, Roquefort, Aincrlcuu
und Neufclmtnl Cheeao.
Coffee. Toa. Milk.
. Lankorthlm
i> Blue Point*.
' Cream of Capon, Princeaiie.
Consomme Green Turtle, Flnaucl«re.
Olives. Salted Almonds. Celery,
Fresh Shrimp Patties, Dlepposo,
Sliced Cucumbers.
Christmas eve In the !nr*e ward. The
children from the smaller rooms were
carried In and placed on cots. Those
who were well enough, oat up, and the
others were propped up on pillows.
A beautiful tree laden with glittering
tinsel, Ray colored ball*, ropes of pop
corn and many candles, occupied the
centrhl 'position and Santa Claus, ("a
real, live Santa claus,") distributed
gifts and brought little ripples of
chllrilah laughter from the pillows.
When each little one had .laughed
and laughed until watchful nurses
thought It best to have them say good
night, the lights were put out, and each
little one hung a stocking on the end
of a cot.
Are Sated With Good Things
Tn the night Santa came attain And
found stockings of every kind await
ing him. lie filled them all tn bulging
and In the morning there was more
fun unpacking them.
A music box was among the gifts
to the hospital and the mußlc which It
made wns a pretty accompaniment to
the children's prattle and laughter. Tho
Christmas dinner was served at noon
In the ward and the dainties wore
piled on a big tablo In tho center of
the room.
Children who have been In tho hos
pital at other times but who are now
strong and well were Invited to come
In to Bhare the good things, and they
helped to make tho sick ones happy.
And after it was all over they went
to sleep. m'.'Mii
"I is so happy, I Just don't know
what to do," said one little fellow
with a contented sigh. He did not have
to think long what to do. The sand
man came, closed first one little eye
and then another. Baby had gone to
dreamland. '
Fried Fllßt of Sole, Oastrouome.
Potatoes Perelllnde.
Stewed Terrapin, Maryland.
Rabbit Cutlets, Sanu floucl.
Crousttiide Frejh Atuphrooms.
Ituast Prime Rlb« of Beef, Yorkshire
Candled Swoot Potatoe*. flplimoh.
Roast Turkey, stufTed with Chestnuts,
Oran berry Sauco.
Browned New Potatoes. Groen Pens.
Pi'iieh Ijimki'Tvibiiii.
Broiled Squabs with Bacon.
Sriced PenohftS.
TjpUuoc with Eg£. Stuffed Tomatoes.
Plum Pudding. Hard and Brandy Sauco.
Pumpkin Plo. Mince Pic.
Cliampngno Jelly.
Charlotte Bavarolse. Assorted Fruit.
Ne«3clrode Ice ('ream.
Assorted Cako. Mixed Nutn. Raisins.
Camnmbnrt. Uric and Roquefort Cheese.
Bent's Crackers Toasted.
Water Wafefrs.
Demi Tasse. '
White Star Line's Republic Held Up
Two Hours Because of Overplus
of Italians and Their Favorite Food.
From Bussing to Beating
special to The Herald.
NEW YORK, Dec. 25.— Four thousand
pounds of spaghetti, two stowawa ys
and a free for all fight yesterday de
layed the departure for Naples of the
White Star liner Republic nearly two
hours. It was the beginning of the
homeward rush of Italians who, after
getting together a little money In this
country, sail every fall to spend th«
winter In the home country.
There were more than 2000 Italians in
the Republic's steerage and the scene
on the pier before the big ship sailed
was one of much excitement, each Ital
ian apparently wishing to kiss every
other Italian. The result xtas that when
the two tons of spaghetti arrived the
dock employes had the hardest kind of
a time getting it on board, it being al
most impossible to get to the gangplank
through the crowd of hysterical , Ital
Roundsman Creel of tho Charles
street station, who was in command of
the police on the pier, had to send for
assistance in order to preserve a
semblance of order. While the spa
ghetti was being placed on board and
the kissing bee was in full blast tho
free for all fight began.
The principal vletlm was Dominlco
Guanima of Pittsburg, one of the home
bound Italians. Guanlmo was on his
way to the pier and was crossing West
street when along came a ragmufrln
parade. One of the parader?, a little
fellow dressed like an Itulian, did not
like Guanlmo"B looks, and Immediately
made a remark that did not please the
Italian. Dominlco poked the youngster
with his umbrella and Immediately the
parade in full blast the freo for all
fight began. '■ •■ ;,
The boys punched the Italian and
poked him with sticks, and when Sal
vatore Olslo, a truckman, picked him
up he was badly cut and bruised. Olslo
took the injured man to a drug store,
where his wounds were attended, after
which he hauled him to the pier and
placed him on the ship.
The trouble did not end with the res
cue of Quanlmo nor the plucing on
board of the spaghetti, for Ju/st before
the liner sailed two stowaways were
found on board. They had hidden them
selves In tlio hold, but were promptly
put ashore. •
Terrier That Leads Blind Master Over
Country Given Free Trips on
Special to The Herald.
RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 23.— Jolianu
an English terrier that has led its blind
master, J. F. Cushion, In safety over a
large part of the country, has an an
nual pass made out to him, signed by
officials of the Chesapeake & Ohio rail
road, Johann's master said it was hon
ored on every road In the country with
one exception. Johann, moreover. Is
not thrust Into a Jim Crow car when
traveling: on the pass, but always rides
on the plush cushion of a parlor car.
He guides his master with faithful
tenderness and unerring instinct
through the crowded streets of 'Rich
tnond when they are here, and when Mr
Cushion goes south" leads the blind man
carefully throughout the long 1 Journey.
Johann sleeps with his master and
never loses sight of him.
Methodist Church Burned
Rv Ar.'O-lHted I Ten*
SAN FKANCISCO, Dee. 25.— The new
Hamilton Methodist Kplscopal church
at Waller and Belvedere etreets was
gutted yeuterdujr by arc. Tho lows in
about $50,000. fully intmml.
TO CUIIM A 1:01. 11 l.\ o\i: |>AY
let*. ]>i-ukh>-*<* rnftind money If It fall*
to cure. E. W. GKOVE'S slgnutui* Is
on each box. "5u
Chamberlain's Cough Kcmocly contains
nothing In any way Injurious and there in
110 danger from giving It to the smallest
child. For cought, uulds and whooping
cou«h It has no «qual
Physicians Qlve Gloomy Report! of
Condition of Victim* of Col*
lision— Say Brakes Were
in Good Order
Miss Anna Kits of 248 Union avenue
la In a precarious condition at the Good
Samaritan hospital on West Seventh
street n» the result of Injuries received
In the street car collision ftt Second and
Spring streets Sunday night. The at
tending physicians are doubtful as to
Miss Ells 1 chance of recovery, for she
liUH contracted pneumonia from being
exposed nfter the accident and Is suf
fering from a severe fracture of the
skull and a wrenched bnck,
Mlsa Abble Tultle, who lives with
Miss Ells, whs sitting In the same sent
with her Sunday night und was also
seriously Injured. She whs also taken
to the Good Samaritan and will be con
fined there for several weeks on uc-
CCUnt of a flesh wound which she re
cflved In the back. The doctors are
not able to state an to whether their
patients are internally Injured or not,
but say that complications are likely
to set in.
Confined to Her Bed
Miss Helen Hawvichorst, 1015 1-2 Dia
mond street, Is confined to her bed on
account of the injuries which she re
ceived. Physicians at first thought that
Bhe might be seriously, injured Inter
nally, but now believe that Bhe will
ho able to be around the house by the
latter part of tho week. .
Mrs. F. E. Harveyj 2101 Norwood ave
nue, suffered severe pain yesterday, but.
was reported to be renting eusler last
night. Her collar bone was broken.
C. T. Meredith of San Diego, who was
taken to the emergency hospital, Is
Very sore from the effects. of the acci
dent and on account of his uge it is
feared that it may be several weeks
before he Is ablo to leuve the hos
,'. Fear Internal Injuries
Mrs. E. G. Galusha, 675 Carondelet
street, was reported last night to be
suffering severely and It Is feared that
the Internal injuries which she re
ceived may prove fatal. She will at
least be confined to her bed for many
weeks while the bones knit in her right
leg. which whs broken.
O. P. Weddell, 1445 East Fiftieth
street, Huid lnst night that Mrs. Wed
dell and their threo children who were
Injured were feeling much better, but
that all of them feel sore from the
irulSes they received and are more or
less nervous over their shaking up.
The remainder of the Injured are suf
fering somewhat from the shock and
the cuts they received by the falling
glass, but the physicians who are at
tending them say that they will all
bo well in a few days.
Cause Remains Mystery
Superintendent JV. J.. Atkm of the
Los Angeles Railway company stated
yesterday that the Hollywood car was
not badly wrecked but that ■ the other
cars arc almost beyond repair on ac
count of being telescoped In the double
collision Sunday night at the corner of
Spring and Second streets.
"It is more than likely," said Mr.
Akin yesterday, "that the trouble with
the machinery of the runaway car
never will be known. The impact of
that car against the one at the foot
of the hill Und two against the Holly
wood car was so great that it twisted
the machinery on our cars out of shape
and ruined ull chance of determining
anything by the apparatus itself.
"I cannot find anything that points
toward the fact that Motorman Mlllan
was to blame and I am proud of the
way the employes stuck to their posts
In time of danger. I consider that we
are very fortunate that no one was
Other officials stated that they be
lieved that none of the employes of
the company were to blame and that
the accident was unfortunate and yet
fortunate for the passengers who all
escaped with their lives— that it was
unavoidable and yet almost providen
Expert Makes Statement
11. S. Clark of the Westinghouse
company said: • -
"I believe that tho Los Angeles Rail
way company employs the best class
The Water You Drink
cTWay contain germs of TYPHOID FEVER,
the MILK which the dairyman sells you may
contain germs of TUBERCULOSIS, but your
beer has been cooked and boiled sufficiently to
kill any possible germs in it. As to purity
■j-j Contains about 10 per cent of solid matter derived from
JjCCr the starch of barley, converted into malt sugar. It is.
therefore, of nutritious quality, especially wholesome to persons
with weak digestive organs.
— , . . Frequently prescribe beer to consumptives
JrliySlClcinS and anaemic persons, because of its nu-
tritious qualities and its digestibility.
Dr. Warner L. Bebee O f' the" NortllSn B pS
and ' Great Northern railroads, says : "Beer is surely a food by
reason of its ingredients, and its moderate use is not at all in-
jurious to the health of adult persons.
The Mathie Brewing Company's
-j-v Is beyond a doubt the finest beer brewed hereabout,
JDeer as a trial order will convince anyone.
Home Exchange 942. Sunset East 66
" Take care of the child and
'the man will take care of himself."
The most Important part of the cart
of • child Is the feeding;. Use
Mellin's Food for your baby and you
will take care of the child in the best
•ense of the word. He will be well tnd he
will thrive and (row •trans and roiy. Send
for a free sample for your baby.
Th« ONLY Infanti' F«*d receiving
the GRAND f RIZB at Si. U«l«, 1904*
Cold Medal, Highest Award,
Portland, Ore. 1905.
of men as motormen, Inspectors and
mechanics that enn be found. From
personal observation I know that the
company hns nn excellent system of
Inspection and that the rules of thfl In
spectors ure rigidly udhered to.
"Regarding tho accident Sundny
night, I believe it was In every wny
unn voidable. We must remember thnt
the finest piece of mechanism may un*
accountably get out of order at most
unexpected times and In an unforaeen
manner. So long no we have street
enrs we shall have nccldp/its. It Is the
desire of all railway companies to
minimize the possibility of these acci
dents. The Los Angelea Railway Offi
cials are no exception to this rule and
they nre daily tlolng all thnt human
effort can do to make accidents un
likely and to throw every safeguard
about their passengers.
Most Powerful Brake Made
"The magnetic brakes are made of
the best material that can be produced.
They are much more carefully con
structed than any other brakes on the
market. The magnetic brakes are cal
culated to hold cars on grades where
any other pattern of brakes would be
useless. '„, *
"The brakes oit the Second strfot
lino cost twice ns much as any strnlght
nir brakes on the market and nre, from
n standpoint of safety, worth many
times as much.
"Air brakes uro not uhcY! where roads
operate csirs on grades over 3 per cent.
Air brakes on such grades would slide
the wheels and the cars would Blip
right into danger. The magnetic brakes
hold on rails which are covered with
grease, ice, sleet or water.
"To show the method of operation
of the magnetic brakes is to convince
one of Its superiority over air brakes.
In applying the mngnetlc brake the
first movement of the motorman Is to
cut off the power from the motors.
"By means of the brake controller
the fields of the motors are reversed
and while the car moves the four
motors become generators and produce
a current which Hows through the
brake magnets to the ground, the rail
in this case forming the ground con
nection, and the magnets adhere to the
rails and drug backwards, thus apply
ing the brakeßhoes to the wheels of the
Accident Was Unavoidable
"The brake effects are the back tort,
that is to say the back pressure on the
motors, which are really at this point
dynamos for the brake appliance; the
drag of the track shoe on the rails
and the wheel shoes brushing again?t
the wheel. Summarized it is the re
tarded current, dragging track shoe
and 'clamping brukeshoe which ho.da
the heavy car on any grade.
"The brakes are examined by an in
flexible system of inspection. The
motormen nre Intelligent, efficient n«d
alert. I am convinced that the acci
dent, under these circumstances, could
not have been foreseen or, prevented.
"That this motorman was competent
and gritty there can be no doubt. That
was shown by his action in staying at
his post and doing all he could to stop
his cur nnd when he found that Impos
sible ho stood bravely nt his post and
was there when tho crash came."
Real Estate Dealer of Long Beach
and Prominent Young Woman
Married in San Barnardino
Special to Tho Herald,
SAN BERNARDINO, Dec. 25.— James
P. Hight and Miss Grace Winifred
Davis of Long Beach were married
here tonight by Judge W. L. Vestal.
The groom is a prominent realty deal
er of Long Beach and the bride is well
known in social circles. The groom
formerly resided in Redlands where he
was in business. He was also in busl
r.ess here two years ago.
To Los Angeles Daily
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and Office Dictionary nurnlng the *lek, the toilet, the catV,
Uovlßed nnd cnlnrftert edition, up to £ f hl * h " lll lc ' t £!j!S' /^•n?,™ *ft '^
££ 468 pnge,, 70.000 word.. Worth Jj^^p^^^- &Sg:
* JWI Guide In all thlngfa pertaining to
„ . _ . o ... cookery, and furnishes a concise
MUSIC 800K — aongS >\e and ready manual for homekeep-
| nvc em. rt's.inlloss of wealth or . st«*
tlon. Five hundred and ieventy«'
For homo, church, school; all the eight pages and sixteen . full page
favorite* from every land, by Prof. half-tone illustrations and colored
D. H. Morrison, musical editor, plates added, giving a total of 810
with whl?h Is Included a five yearß' pages. Worth $2.
membership In the World's Musical , ~, , .
association, entitling the holder to A Guaranteed Gold
the privilege of purchasing first- Fnrnitiln T»*.»t '
class popular sheet music at the fountain fen
very low price of 10 cents per copy: Free— Something that la useful/
also other popular musln furnished something that is desirable, some-
at half price to those holding mem- thlnff that you need every day.
bershlp, 418 pages, words nnd music. something that you cannot get
Worth $3.00. ulong without. A Solid Gold Poun-
tu« tn.,» u-uu - t^ i, tarn Pen— One that never falls to
Ihe Blue Kinnon Look please the writer. Every penguar-
liook anteed. Fourteen-karat gold pen,
Ajuuiv fancy carved, hard rubber holder,
Awarded thfi grand prize by sue- watertight barrel. A pen which'
cessful American housewives. Se- would cost you $2 or more at any
lected recipes of famous cooks by stationer's. Bach pen comes In ! a
Annie 11. Gregory, assisted by one neat box, together with a' glass
thousand housekeepers, embellished filler and complete instructions for
with many colored and photo en- immediate use.
graving? Illustrating the art of '"'':.
carving, table decoration, prepare- T\VO Very Handsome J
tlon of fancy dishes, etc. Three books ■* ji.i,___ ra _t.«^ tt 1 ™ '.~ '•
under one cover: Book No. 1 for the Lithographed TrayS
Inexperienced housekeeper, who has In 12 to 16 colors, choice of five
all things to learn, ns well as for designs. These trays are stamped
the epicure, whose tastes Incline In one piece and are of drop steel, 1
tn rich and expensive dishes, but practically lndeßtructlble. There is
whose pocketbook demands econo- no advertisement on the trays and
my. Book 2ls devoted to various they are works of art, suitable for
health foods, soups without meats, utility or decoration. Worth $1.00-
to the cooking of vegetables, cc- each.
reals, the making of salads without These premiums can only be ob-
meat, etc., etc. It Is an up-to-date tatned through The Herald, as they
guide In brain building, health are not offered In any store for sale.
The Los Angeles Daily Herald
Through the Orange Groves
"Inside Track 77
Long Stops at Riverside and Redlands
Dally at OtOO A. M. Special train front Arcade Depot \
Returning arrive Los Jingeltt 61SO P. Jtf.
Front Pasadena at 9:03 A. M. except Sunday. Sunday S:3O Jt. M.
Round Trip to Redlands $3.00 •
Good via Riverside and San Bernardino. Tickets good far return day
following date of sale. Tickets and Information, with Illustrated
Booklet, at U6l S. Spring St., cor. 3d, and at Arcade Depot.
Southern Pacific
/|3^ Los Angeles Limited
I jSmMj Los Angeles Salt. Lake City Chicago
\^Ujj/ Today Tomorrow 3d Day
A Solid Through Train de Luxe Daily. Information and
tickets at 250 South Spring street, or First street station.
Salt Lake Route
Addition | I Christmas _
Hollywood F~ E xcurs ions
$600 Lot. 50x135 ! V '
To All Folnta la
Cement sidewalk, curb, streets
graded, oiled: water piped. The ■' m
very finest residence tract. Above I M ' ft 1,!.--.-*^
fog and frost, midst elegant rest- B .SI I | Ifl |^ Tl IZM
dences; Ec fare on Hollywood car to 4%*>M.M.M.\JM. M.M.M.%,%-
office, corner Prospect and Vermont i
Golf Park :j Nevada
Trsct *v
West 16th St. and Roosevelt Aye. I r-«, <■ A TT ' "■ '
High, sightly. Beautiful southwest. I T l^fllTf*
TWO CORNERS. $1500 EACH. \J€\%.\ A-J<\XW*
Wiesendanger Route
*•* .■ Tlt-krta ob Mle Derember 23-24-
,,-, , ... n .... '■ 25-30-31 and Jau. lat. Upturn Mmll
221 LfliiirhliH DUildinz janu^y a, ioo«. „ . ;
btt ■ uuu^iiiiu Ullllulll fi ii.fomu.Ui.u 350 South Sprta* 8t-
.-.-.- > or Vlft Street Station.
greTTest I /xS&s.
HIT vfl H v^C^Timpm mT fin .
I' • The coining beach town ot tb*
fIH-ldi South Paciilo Coast Opportualtlo
...... ui»t *?r? r Potable Investments art now
SOUTH MAIN ri P«- I"* at reasonable mTon. ,
, X.X 1 <W > \^ ' 181 Byrne Bids.

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