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Slnnwrs ftr» Invited to vIMt th« **"
nlblt of California products nt th«
Chamber of Commerce bulldlnjr. on
Urnndwny, between First a.nd Second
•treetii, where free Information will b«
Klren on all subjects perUlnlnc to thl«
Th# trcrxtfl will p«y $10 In cash to
fnyon* furnishing evidence that trill
l*ad to the arrest and conviction «f sn*
person enuffht (tenting copies of Th«
ll'rnM from lh« premises of our pa
trons. THB HERALD.
Wife Granted Dlveroa
An Interlocutory decree of divorce
whs granted Kmella Oiißlhina from
Leopoldo Ougllann by Judge Trask In
department 4 of the superior court yes
Dance Problem Again
Again the dnnce problem Is before
the pfKjple of Long I tear It. At ft meet-
Ing of the Ministerial union yesterday
morning the pastors decided that the
public dance In Long Beuch must cease.
Dr. Glass Goes East
' Very Hey. Dr. Joseph 8. Olnss, C. N.,
president of Ht. Vincent's college, left
yesterday nfternoun over the Los An
geles limited for the Mother House of
the Congregntlon of the Missions of the
\Vestorn Province, In Verryvllle, Mo., on
n business trip. White nway he will
visit bin old home In Hedalla, Mo.
Lad Hurt by Fall
.Tilling, tli(! 4-year-old non of Mr. nnd
Slrn. Ji M. Bcherrr of 1663 Kast Twenty
eighth street, sustained severe Injuries
to lila loft nrm while playing on a pile
of shingles at his homo last- evening.
The Jnd lost his footing nnd loosened
the. shingles, which fell on him. He
Was taken to tho receiving hospital.
Names Committee
At the suggestion of the Second Ward
Civic alliance, President of the Council
Pro T«m Blanchnrd yesterday named v.
committee of five to net ns tho speclnl
"Greater Los Angeles" committee. It
wlllbe the duties of this committee to
confer with other bodies who are In
terested In the expansion of tho city's
Funeral of Mrs. Ward
The funeral of Mrs. Corllla M. Ward,
who died suddenly Christmas 1 day nt
her home, 2734 Raymond avenue, will
he held this morning at 0:15 o'clock
from St. Agnes' church, where requiem
vnnss will be celebrated by Rev. C.
Molony, the pastor. Interment, by a
speclul dispensation, will be nt Ever
green cemetery.
Staging Falls With Workmen
■ Insecure stagiing In the new Hotel
Alexandria precipitated two decorators,
.T. Sherdin and Charles Corstrow, to the
tiled floor twenty feet below them yes
terday morning while 'licy were nt
work on the celling to the first floor.
Sherdin sustained two broken ribs and
other Injuries and Corstrow a sprained
forearm and ankle.
White Reports on Roadhouses
A report was made yesterday by
Sheriff White regarding his recent
visits to " c county roadhouses. The
visit was made several weeks ago by
the sheriff, but because, as the sheriff
says, the subject was jjivon publicity,
Iho Innkeepers were warned. He had
nothing but good to report of the con
ditions at the Canary cottage and tho
Suburban Villa.
J. S. Slauson Sinking
V.T. S.,Slausson, the aged philanthro
pist, lies In a critical condition at his
home, having passed a bad day yester
day and Is now In a weakened condi
tion. Boon after the stroke of paralysis
It was hoped that he might rally but
for several weekß he had remained in
a weak condition and yesterday seemed
to. be failing slowly. The doctors hold
out little hope for his recovery.
Blaze in Restaurant
Flames hi the joists below the kitchen
range In the Godfrey restaurant were
discovered shortly before the breakfast
hour, yesterday but were quickly ex
tinguished by employes of the restau
rant. The assistant cook started the
fire about 5:30 and a few minutes later
found the Joists burning. An alarm
wns sent in but the services of the ap
paratus were not needed. Damage was
Scandinavian Folk Songs
A concert will be given under the
auspices of the Normanna society to
morrow evening in Blanchard hall.
Selections will be given from the Scan
dinavian folk songs. Vocal and in
strumental solos, duets and quartets
will be rendered, including orchestra
selections. William Edson Strobrldge,
Miss.Dlviana Johnson and H. St. Clnlr
Garber will render piano and violin
selections. Master Walter Thompson,
Miss Jennie Bolstad and Miss Elsie Gul
bransen will render solos. F. M. Dahl
will give a comedy sketch. Addresses
will be made by Itev. Mr. Bulwlk and
P. E. Petersen.
Falls' From Hotel
Prank Wesselme of 2424 East Fourth
street fell from the second story of the
Hotel Alexandria at Fifth and Spring
streets early last evening and sus
tained severe cuts and bruises about
the head and face. Wesselme was re
moved to the receiving hospital und
later to bis home. While nt work on
some marble finishing Wesselmo lost
his balance nnd fell to tho sidewalk.
All who witnessed tho accident thought
that the man was killed and notified
the police to that effect. Examination
revealed that Wesseline was suffering
from slight concussion only, and though
the face and Hhoulder injuries are
severe It is the opinion of the physioians
that he will recover.
Brownson House Celebration
. Commencing yesterday, tho women of
the Brownpon House Settlement nsso
ciutlon opened the Christmas festivities
for the different classes. Misses Dolly
and Grace .Schilling entertained tho
little girls. The Mexican children will
be made merry thin morning by MlsseH
Mary Kose Bernard and Carrie Etche
mendy. The boys, will bo entertained
this afternoon by Misses Margaret Dodd
and Kathertne Ashuret and Mrs. Hose
Nettleton. Mrs. 0. h. "Whlpple, Mrs. J.
Jl. Carpenter, Misses Undcufeldi and
(.'laru Casey will entertain the older
glrlH Thursday afternoon. I'Ylday a
Hccond elms- of little girls will bo In
charge of Misses Kate and Louise Fltz
willlaniM. . A large treo haß been
donated, which will be redecorated for
ouch afternoun, when giftH will be dis
tributed to tho different clashes.
Hvery Ilottle Wnrrnutnl
All drusglflta are authorized to warrant
i.'humbiirliilii'H Cough Kennedy, and when
the purchaser la not fully satiHtled with
tho benefit derived from it atici- two
thirdH of tho contents havu bocu uhoU,
to refund him hlu money.
„ He Thomas Augustus 'jTwinom, for
ninrly of Dublin, Ireland. Any infor
mation as to his whereabouts or If ha
In decqancd any Information ax to lil.i
■ :c«tli will lie thankfully received by
]\l..ssrs. A. & I* «Jno<lboJy,. .'lO Cullcno
Hitoii, luilillii, suln-llorM Cor his lirutli
Assaying Night .School, 318 E. First.
Mr*. J. C. McCoy Arranges Beautiful
Affair— Engagement Announced.
Brilliant Dancing Party.
Social New* of the Day
No mors unique Christmas party has
ever Hfcrn given In Los Angeles than
the affair which the young people of
tho Temple Bnptlut Htindny school en-
Joyed la3t evening nt Doblnson'a audi
The evening* entertainment hennn
with a piny written nnd ntnged by
Mrs. .T. ('. MeOoy of llnrnnrd Park.
The entire lower floor nf the Dublnrion
building wns thrown open und clabo
rntPly decorated In Imlldnjr colorn.
The piny was given In tho nudl
torium nnd later the young people
ndjournnd to the large greenroom and
llio reception rooms, where nn orches
tra guvo ii progrnm of muslr. Musical
games nnd songs by a company of
seven nlngcrH occupied the tlmo until
the supper hour. Tho children were
being entertained In another part of
thn houso at the same time.
"Madam Christian Anierlr.u'H Christ
mas 'At Homo.' " wns the title of the
play, which wns replete with pretty
situation*, sweet music and bright
The Her.no wns laid In a beautifully
decorated home, with all the appoint
ments for a true American Ohrlstmns.
Madam Christian .America wan the
hostPBH and she wns assisted In ro>
celvlng liy Loving Kindness and Good
Cheer. Helpfulness, a page, announced
tho guests as they entered the door.
Representatives from every country
were received and each told in the
course of, the conversation of the cus
toms of observing Chrlstmus In the
country which ho or she represented.
Kanh guest was In characteristic
rostumo and tho picture was very
effective". Father Jolly Glad Heart
made his appenrance and by bribing
each ho induced them to sing many
pretty songs. "The Guiding Star" was
one of the songs, which tho whole com
pany Bang together. In closing tho
stage . wuh darkened and Madam
Christian America went off to put the
children to bed. As the last spark In
the fireplace died out, the strums of
the beautiful lullaby, "Sleep, Little
Baby of Mine," were heard, und the
curtain wns dropped*.
Every detail of the affair was car
ried out under the direction of Mrs.
McCoy and it was voted a complete
success. :'*.■,,•
Engagement Is Announced
Announcement is made today of nn
engagement of much interest not only
in Los Angeles but also In Pasadena
and in the cant.
Miss Millicent Bowers and Elmer
Gray are the two popular young peo
ple whom Cupid has wounded. Miss
Bowers is a talented musician as well
as a charming and pretty young wo
man. Sho is soprano soloist of the
First Baptist church of Pasadena and
l;as a host of friends in the congre
gation. As a pianist and violinist she
has also won many laurels. Mr. Gray
lihb a national reputation as an arch
itect. He was the youngest fellow
ever admitted to the American insti
tute of architecture, and was honored
with a position on tho advisory board
of architects for tho St. Louis expo
sition. Since coming to Los Angeles
he has been a member of the firm of
Hunt, Myron & Elmer Gray, arch
The announcement of the engage
ment will undoubtedly bo the signal
for a host. of entertaining 1 In honor of
the fair young bride-elect and her
clever fiance.
Gives Dancing Party
In honor of two of the charming
visiting girls. Miss Maidie Koach of
Lynchburg,' Va,, and Miss Laurette
O'Connell of Tucson, Ariz., Mr. and
Mrs. Charles M. Shannon of 2405 West
Sixth street gave, a large dancing
In the ball room where the guests
danced to the music of Arend's or
chestra, Christmas decorations were
in evidence. The room was canopied
with asparagus plumosus and red
satin ribbons and Christmas bells were
suspended in a pleasing array. Espe
cially dainty was the arrangement In
the dining room above stairs, where
supper was served. Lilies of the valley,
maidenhair ferns and yellow-shaded
candles ornamented the table. In the
parlor and reception rooms the scheme
was red and green,'* American Beauty
and Liberty roses being used.
The guests included Mr. and Mrs. E.
Randolph of Tucson, Ariz.; Mr. and
Mrs. Howard K. Huntlngton, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Ross Clark, Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Barker, Dr. and Mrs. Ernest A.
Bryan, Mr. and Mrs. John B, Parker,
Count and Mrs. Jaro yon Schmidt, Mr.
-and Mrs. Robert 11. Ingrain, Mr. Und
Mrs. Frank Griffith, Mr. and Mrs. F.
T. Orifflth, Mr. and Mrs. K. Avery
McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs). Jack Jevne,
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin 'P. Eurl, Mr, and
Mrs. Harold Braly, Mr. and Mrs. It.
G. Bundrem and Mrs. Burton Green,
Mr. and Mrs. W, K. Dunn, Mrs. M.
SaunderH, Mrs. Harry 1,, nixby, Misses
jWaddilove, Coleman, Sara Uoodrtch,
Grace Mellus, Katharine Mellus,
Louise McFarland, Adelaide Brown,
Brunswig, Bii Conroy, Huston, Bishop,
Pearl Heeley, Inez Clark, Elizabeth
Drake, Lillian Smith, Messrs. If. E,
Hunting ton, Charles Seyler, Jr.; Van
Pelt, Quinn, Klngsley Macoinber ( Irwln
Walker, Olln Wellborn, Itobcrt Neu
stadt, Charles Henderson, Horace
Henderson, Lang Easton, AY. W. But
ler, Frank HudHon, Itldifway, Newllng,
Hugh MeFurland, Charles Roberts,
Ygnaclo Mott, Crawford and Mills,
Shower for Bride-Elect
Miss Elizabeth Gregory of 108S
West Thirty-sixth street was hostess
yesterday ufternoon at a handkerchief
shower given In honor of Mlus Kath
erine Kendall, who will Boon become
the bride ol' Mr. Trumball of Nan
Francisco. Holly, greenery und
Christmas bells were used In decor
ating tho living room and reception
hall, and v similar arrangement pre
vailed in tho dining room, where v
dainty luncheon was served.
Games find a ChrlßtmuH treo fur
nished diversion for tho afternoon. The
guests were blindfolded and turned in
the direction of tho Christmas tree.
Gifts were hung upon it und each
guest was given tho package which she
Touched first. Several other nft'ahn
have been planned hi honor of the
brldu-rlect. and the time before her
marriago will bo filled with soclul u't
Glvet Whist Party
Members of tlin Stella Urbls WhlHt
club win t'liUMiiiini'ii yi-Htcniuy after*
noon by Mm, J. i.'i' lftiifudoi'ii of ]'.':■!>
liiiHli HtrtH't. Hiun-H wcfn kopi on
c-urda Iwarlnif sketehoM of fancy lu>hilh,
mill . the Biiici'HHl'ul iilayira lueelvcU
water color pictures. The guests In
cluded Mmes. Harry I>. Park, J. C.
iriißßlns. IT. A. Massey, Alfred J.
Downs, .Tamos Itnll, Chester Lea Mn-
Ree, J. R Merrill. Otld R. Wern. It.
0. Walker, T.,elghton Stanton and MISB
Marlon Lewis.
Open Club House
The recently completed Kbcll club
house nt Lotiff Tien^h wn* opened Inst
evening with a hrllllnnt reception. Mrs.
AdeUUdfl Tlchenor, president of the
Kbell club, tvnn mistress of ceremonies
and many guests were received.
Entertain With Dance
Members of Tola chnptrr of Phi Sig
ma fraternity rntertnlned with a dnnce
nt Kramrr'rt lnst evening. Mmes. <\
C< Wright, X i:. Fny, 11. U fJrnnprf-r
and It. (}. Hralnerd nre prominent wo
men who assisted In receiving.
Apollo Club* "Messiah"
Simpson nudltorium niis filled lnst
niHht with Interested Hpecliitors. Tho
club aiinp with good effect all through.
The chorus irt well Imlimced and the
nniny VOlOea blended to iidvnutago. Thn
roliiblo feature of the choniH was thiit
the lending voices of the Noprnnon sang
with n brilliancy timt guvo luster to
tho whole. Thi! "Iliillelujuh" rhorus
received nnu-h miplnuse and Mr. 1 lurry
11. Hiirnhfirt. bowed tv the iidulnllnt; n|.
plhusp received frotn the) rnthuHiuntic
auditors, Tho orcheitra nupp'ortod the
chorus wrll nnd iilthnugh It whs not
pprfocllon, gave a good effnet to thy
This wan the (list appearance of Dr.
AVIIIImn Wndn Ulnshaw, tho bnsso
from Chicago, and It Is wife to sny that
he simply outdid all pant achievements
In his sueresH lust night Possessing
it great physique, ho stands towering
above the ohoniM ns he ulngs his solon.
His volco is llkn his body, big. How
ever, that wmh not all, for his work
all through wan frlllpil with dramatic
fervor, always iirtlstk 1 . never remotely
affected, voice resonant, he Hang all his
piisßiigeH with masterly effect.
The tenor, John Douglas Walker,
did not evince much dramatic intensity,
yet hla voice pleased, and his Interpre
tation was dlgnlllcd to the work In
The contralto, Miss Frieda Koss;
showed the best work In "He Was De
spised und Kejected." Though not pos
sessing a great voice, she hud fine
control of it and makes the moat of It,
portraying much poise, but lacks some
what in resonance.
The soprano, Miss Beatrice Hubbel
Plummer, was best in "Kejolce
Greatly." She sang with spirit, wa:«
graceful In her runs, bringing out each
note clear, but lacks, as did the alto,
metal and resonance..
Tho nolos all through were lilenslng,
although there could have been morn
shading and. bringing out of the Indi
vidual motives, accents and general
Holiday Festivities Are Arranged by
William Bernard for Saturday
Night, December 30
Members of the Jonathan club have
issued a small publication called the
Jinks Journal, announcing tho holding
of the annual "jinks" on Saturday
night, December 30. The management
of tho affair is under the supervision
of ■William Bernard of the Belasco the
ater, a member of the club, and he baa
prepared a program which ought to fur-
Hsh plenty of amusement for tho club.
Among the features of tho evening
will be a fencing bout, four-round box
ing contest, exhibition of wireless tele
graph, singing by 16 singers from the
Ellis club, broadsword contest con
tributed by Oliver Morosco, singing by
John and Recce Llewellyn and by Mr,
Pollock, who will appear at the Metro
politan opera' house in New York City
next seauon.
The "high jinks" will terminate with
*he giving of presents from a Christ
mas tree. Fred A. Illnes will imper
sonate Santa Claus.
Poor Mother's Love Prevails Over
Thoughts of Future Luxury.
Still Clings to Child
Special to Tho Herald.
NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 26.— Mrs. J.
B. Mitchell of this, city has refused an
offer of $75,000 for her pretty daughter,
4 years old. The offer came from a
wealthy man and his wife residing in
Los Angeles.
Mr». Mitchell Is a widow about 30
years old. As a teacher she has sup
ported herself and the little girl. They
live in two rooms, and the mother does
her own cooking, sewing and washing.
The acceptance of the $75,000 would
place the mother in easy circumstances
for life, and she admits that it was a
great temptation when she thought of
the advantages the child would have.
But mother love prevailed and she re
Haughty New Organization Is Intend.
Ed to Include All Negro Rail
way Employes Also
Special to Tho Herald.
NEW YOIUC, Dec. 2C— A Pullman
car porters' union, which is intended
to include every negro railroad em
ploye in this service In the United
States, has been organized by the
porters, cafe und dining car men run
ning into New York city on the va
rious lines. ArtlcleH of incorporation
will shortly be taken out.* The union
is known as the American Association
of Railway Employes, and none but
negroes are eligible for membership.
Krnost V. Hmlth of the cufo car
S«rvloe of the New York Central &
Hudson River railroad between New
York and Chicago, is president of the
new association.
"I h»T« u««d your Ttluable Oaioartti and Itml
thsin'liorfeot. Couldn't dowltljmit thnra. I lisva
uaed them foriotna time fnr lmilic»"tl»ii *nd bll-
luumienii mid mil now c»uu>l«tely rured. Koeiini.
laend cliein to everyone. Once tried, you will
M. %^aV The Bowels
P l*»«»u t, HtUUbU. Potent, T»U flood. l>o flood,
KerlrblcWon, Weukan or Hr !>•>. 10u. MoTMf, Nerer
coM in bulk. The (euulne üblet .t.inpel CUO.
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. 6oa
fS Side
$m Talks
I M by the
'4VA Office
1 1 Boy
Oee, I've Kot so mnny thing* to do
this wnpk no ns to get awny Sunday
that I'm all rattled, t knew a ninii
onco who fed tho squirrels on often
thnt ho ant nutty hlmocir. Wo ware
tnvfiillv busy in tho utorps y^ntprdny,
you'd lumlly think tho l?hrlalmn« rush
whu ovrr. Tho old man's Kolnit to
Imvo lilh offloo over in the wliolennln
more, 51 1 8. Hroadway, no all the boys
and Klrld In the different Btore»
I'lnlihcil tcißother nnd bouilit him n
RroHt Mr rlpgiint donk anil chair for
ii ('hrlntmns prrsr>nt. You nee ho
upvor weni-H Jowrlry or nnythlng lll.c
that nnd tlm rlosk .lust hit tho right
spot ntid tlcUlnl him nwfully. This
kind of weather makrs n fellow think
annul klovts and wmni niulorwear;
we'rn loiik on both linos, not thn groat-
rst linn of lino klovoh from $1.00 Tip
tlmt ever en mo throiiKli thn snow
nn«ls, iiml fiH for underwear, ynu runt
Ket next to Itrtter BtulT. WcrVO Kot nil
tho now wrlnkirs in undcrwenr mid,
best nf nil, It don't uln-lnk or wrlnkta.
Another tliliiß Wo'VO «nl n n«-
nortmi-nt of Is Alrrlun *oikn. Wo
havo a llm< in black, light nnd dark
Rrny, etc., nt ffic n. pair that will not
nnly keop yon from Retting "Cold
Foot," but will Rive you Hplendld sat-
221 South Sprliiß Street
Hroadway nnd Sixth Street
Evangelist Turns Over His Free.Wll
Offering and Institution Is
Able to Reopen
Speclnl to Tho Herald.
BUKLINGTON, lv., Uec. 26.—Kvau
gollst William Sunday has turned over
his entire free-will offering of Saturday
night amounting to 74000 to aid the
Dallas, 111., bank which was destroyed
by lire Saturday night. The bank called
upon tho Burlington banks for money
enough to continue banking Monday ut
8 o'clock but as the time locks were
on all the safes this could not be done.
Consequently a collection was taken up
and aided by the Sunday fund of $4000,
enough for the purpose wiis secured.
Sl'UlißlMi YOUIt NCAM*
W ill llcmo vc flic IjOonc DniiflruflY Hen Icm
but It Won't Cure Dandruff
If your hair Is brittlo and thinning,
you huve dandruff. Tho mcm scouring
of tho scalp of tho loose m-alnH won't
cure dandruff: booauso dandruff is noth
ing but scales of sculp being thrown up
l>y v pestiferous little Rorm in bur
rowing its wuy to tho root of tho hair
where it saps tho vitality. ouuhliib fsill-
Ing hair and, in tlmo, baldnoss. Now
you can't slop dandruff nor falling hair.
nor prevent baldness unless you destroy
that jrorm; und tho only preparation
that enn do It Is tlin now Hclontillo dis
covrry. Newbro'a lit rplclcic In fact no
other hulr preparation clnlnis to kill
tlin dandruff germ — all of them will
clean tin pcnlp: Houp nnd water will do
that; but only Nnwbro'a Horplcldo gets
at tho root of the trouble nnd kills thu
dandruff B«irrii.
Sold by loading rlruKßlßts. Send 10c.
In stump* for stimplo tv Tho llcrplrldo
Co.. Detroit. Mich.
It looked as much like the Saturday be-
fore Christmas yesterday as It really
looked on Saturday — such a crowd of
bargain buyers. Come, see Machin's
selling Shirt Waists, Neckwear. Belts, etc
at about HALF PRICE.
$10.00 SilK Waists
These are colored taffetas and
lovely crepe de chines; also the
new all-wool cusslmeros, all
Machln tailor-made «C flft
and finest tlnlsh *pj»\MV
SUK and Linen Mixed Waists
Colored silk and linen mixed, Ma-
chln tnllor-inudo shirt wulsts;
worth ?7.50; dosing out C 4 (111
ut this week'H sain iit...«P** uw
Colored Wool Waists
Broken linos of colored wool
■wuintH: worth up to $".50; closing
out this week
All Wool Mohair Waists
Choice picking In this lot of beau-
tiful tallor-mado waists; worth
$6 50 at the mark-down sale just
preceding this; will • CQ Cft
be closed out at ipO.JU
$3.50 to $5 Mohair Waists
Hroken lines of mohair waists
that have recently been selling
at $3.50 to $5.00; during this week
will be closed . C 9 fifl
out at jp*.au
$5.00 Wash Waists
These wnlsts are mostly made of
heavy imported Scotch cotton
mercerized waistlngs; worth $4.50
und J5.00; this week's clearance
{^.V;. 1 !! $2.50
$3.50 Wain Waists
A broken line of these $3.50
walstM, all Machln made and fresh
goods made for the holiday trude
—will be closed out «O f)A
during this week ut....N»** uv
Holiday NecKwear and Belts
Muchln'H entire stock of holiday
neckwear und belts, comprising
some of the moHt beautiful pieces
in exclusive patterns, will bo
gSS.^.^.'iHalir Price
Machin Shirt Co.
MaKeri or
Hitjh Grade Shirts
124 So. Spring St.
235-7-9 S. Broadway If 224-6-8 S. Hill Street Q
- \ I
Great ~ Price Cleanup
This is house-cleaning time at Coulter's — many short lines and broken lots to go at half .
regular prices in order to make room for the fresher spring goods to be told of next week.
Any one forgotten? — or perhaps you are one of' the number who follow the growing cus-
tom of giving at New Year's — if so this sale affords just the opportunity you're looking for.
Metal nnd celluloid powder Sterling Mlver pieces— tooth nnd Fnncy Mlk nnd leather bellK, gome
boxen: *t finding nnd triplicate ,, ftll ) jru9 ) 1( > ! , > button hooks, Bhoa of tht-m studded with ateel and
mirrors, at half price. hofngi rullc , e knlve((> nn u fl | es , jet beadBi ut half Drke<
M.OO to $3.50 combination etc.! regularly ?5o and $1.25; cut „!.«„,. «, . i , in,
purnes and rard cases. On Bale to 37 l-2c and 62 l-2r Handsome metnl bagit, with .
at 500 to $1.75. t0 ST 12 ° and 62 l 2CI fine gilt frnmes, $1.37 1-2 to $10.00.
Work boxe«. pnper rnck... WMte Hnlr ruBhe8 ' * lUI " terlln « »»• $2.75 to $20.00.
paper baskets - halt regular ver backs; combs. mIfTWIJ, doth j flnd v hana
P r !s eB - nndhatbru f .h CP ,mlllt..rybru.he S chat( ,, Hlne(t , formerly »1C to $25.
hog cabin Jewel cMs-funncr- ln 1P"lr8>1 P " lr8> at exaCtly h ° lf rtSUlar now $7.50 to $12.00.
ly $1.00 and $1.60-reduced to 60c prices.
nnd 75c. . . • „l Finished pillow tops nnd backs,
"' , , Cv glass powder boxes I>eautlf ully e mbrolrl ered : $5.00 to
Toilet nnd manicure sets— nlso sterling ftllvor tops; formerly $v.50 ... ftn „„,„„_ nt - n m » «. ,„ .• -,•
fnncy box statloncry-at half and $6.50. On sale ut $2.75 and $150 ° valwa nt *- D 0 to * 7>so>
1 rlco »3 25. Embroidered Linens
Silk Remnants at Half j\i Hgjf
— Furs
50c a Yard Reduced Half Price
... ,r, r . . Sable opossum cluster scarf, 6 Woolen DreSS GOOdS
VvOOl WaiStiriCrS '«"«; rewuhirly J3.50; reduced to
vtwui f ? aoimjjs « j Etamlnes, henrlcttas, velllnga.
All tho 750 and 85c wool walstinga prunellas, BergfiS and cheviots;
Hncludln. stripes, plaids and t^d^wfrhV^lk^^mtt street and evening shades: «to
fancy flKured effects— also about regularly $1G; reduced to $11.85. 46 inches wide; worth up to $1.75.
30 pieces of 75c French flannels. Sale price, 87 l-2o a yard.
suitable for kimonos all at BOc Klver ™ ink four-in-hand scarf, , , ,
suitable for kimonos^ all at 60c. nhenUle fr)ngo nt endg . Battn Eng]|flh and ScQtch Bultlnw;
* — lined; regularly $5.35; reduced to / ancy mixtures, invisible checks
If! innolottoc at 1 00 3'BS>3 ' 8S> " " cl stripes, In the new shades ot
nanneißlies ai lUC a l i.,\l . , v a, v oyster gray, London smoke, etc.:
„„,,, , , , Sable hare four-In-hand, lmlta- values un to 13 KO at SI 7E a. yard
Heautlful designs and colorlnßa tlon chenille trimming at ends; values up to. *J.bU, at »1.76 a yam.
In fancy flannelettes-Persian de- regularly $3.85. Sale price, $2.65.
signs, Shepherd checks, dots and . Tv ■ s •
figures; regularly 12 l-2c. On Klectric senl four-in-hand; satin DF6SS LrlliingS
sale nt 10c a yard. lined; regularly $6.85. Sale price. , •> •■■■ .-■■ -
«5,00. Liberty and Signet lining silks:
Arnold's superfine flnnnelette — ' •' recommended for wear; 19 Inches
In a very choice range of patterns Sable opossum scarf, satin wide; warranted all silk; peau de.
and colorings— new goods; 200 lined; silk ornaments; regularly cygne and taffeta finish; 600 reg- .
value, at 15c a yard. $8.35. Sale price, $6.35. ularly. On Bale at 37 l-2c a yard. ■
Coulter Dry Goods Company
225 to 229 Broadway 224 to 228 Hill Street
To Los Angeles Daily
Herald Subscribers
Daily Herald, Including Sunday, Six Months
$3.90 and Choice of Any of the Follow-
ing FREE. Sent Postpaid to Any
Part of the United States:
Webster's Modern School building and happiness. Book 3 is
j i-v i.- devoted to household economies,
and Oince Dictionary t nursing the sick, the toilet, the caro
Revised and enlarged edition, up to n^^J 1 ?"
date. 4GB pase*. 70,000 words. Worth £« "J^e* M C^mury
*■""• Guide In all things pertaining to
„ . i, i c i«r« cookery, and furnishes a concise
3IUSIC BOOK— SongS We and ready manual for homekeep-
¥ ove . era, regardless of wealth or sta-
tlon. Five hundred and seventy-
Kor home, church, school; all the eight pases and sixteen full page
favorites from every land, by Prof. half-tone illustrations and colored
D. H. Morrison, musical editor, plates added, giving a total of 610
with which is included a tlve years' pages. Worth $2.
membership in the World's Musical '
association, entitling the holder to A Guaranteed Gold
the privilege of purchasing rlrst- l,v»,, „«■„!„ «^ M
class popular sheet music at the * OUntain len
very low price of 10 cents per copy; Free-Something that la useful,
aleo other popular music j furnished something that is desirable, gome-
at half price to those holding mem- th | 118 tnat you need ov ' d
hership, 418 pages, words and music. something that you cannot get
Worth J2.00. along without. A Solid Gold Foun-
Tll . v»i,,~ ij:uu^ m r\^l- tuln Pen— One that never fails to
1 lie Blue KlhbOll COOK jilease tho writer. Every pen guar-
JJook anteed. Fourteen-karat gold r>en.
fancy carved, hard rubber holder,
Awarded the grand prize by sue- watertight barrel. A pen which
cessful American housewlveß. Se- would coHt you $2 or more at any
lectod recipes of famous cooks by stationer's. ISach pen comes in a
Annie ft. Gregory, assisted l>y one neat box, together with a glass
■thousand housekeepers, embellished filler and complete Instructions for
with many colored und photo en- immediate use,
gravlngs Illustrating the art of , „ -
curving, table decoration, preparu- TWO Very Handsome
tlon of fancy dishes, etc. Three books . ... :•- -- " . , _
under one cover: Book No. 1 for tho Lrltnograplied Trays
inexperienced housekeeper, who has in 12 to 16 colors, choice of five
all things to learn, as well as for designs. These truys are stumped
tho epicure, whose tastes incline in one piece and aro of drop steel,
to rich and expensive dishes, but practically indestructible. There la
whose pocketbook demands econo- no advertisement on the trays and
my. Book 2is devoted to various they are works of art, suitable for
health foods, soups without meats, utility or decoration. Worth $1.00
to the cooking of vegetables, cc- each,
reals, tho making of salads without These premiums can only ba ob-
nieat, etc., etc. It Is an up-to-date talned through The Herald, as they
guldo in brain building, health are not offered In any store for sale.
The Los Angeles Daily Herald
HUNTINGTON BEACH mahuoh tract. .
The coming beach town of tht .LOTS WOQ VI.
South I'u.cino Cuust. Opportunities Bend for map and descriptive matter,
for profitabla hivestmetiU are now iu<t n;ics * l'Al'l, INVUttTMIsn'T
rip*. I.ota at roasonabl* prices. COMPANY.
HUNTINUTON UMACII CO.. .... -, ,-,„„„ Vvo i O nir Tlrarii
?8i) Byrn* Bldg J * 16 **• Ot - onn Avo - I<o "tf ««-'» c "-
The Fact
that Pond's Extract has been
on the market for sixty years,
is bottled by the manufacturers
and never sold in bulk, leaves no
chance for adulteration. „'
- How about witch hazel -
which is always sold in bulk
and passes through several
hands before reaching the con-
sumer ?
Witch Hazel is nit the tame thing.
On analysis »/ seventy samples*/'
Witch Hazel — offered as " the lamt '■
thing"— fifty-two were ihtwnt*.
contain wood alcohol *r formaldehyde '.
tr both. AviiJ. danger if ptistning
by tiling
Prospect Park Addition
$600 Lot. 50x135 ',
Cement sidewalk, curb, . streets
graded, oiled ; water piped. - The
very finest residence tract. . Above
fog and frost, midst elegant - resi-
dences; 5c faro on Hollywood car to
office, corner Prospect and Vermont.' j
Golf Park
West 16th St. and Roosevelt Aye.
High, sightly. Beautiful southwest.
221 Laughlin Building
■■■■""""■"■■■■■■" !
, Thm Placm to Trad»
Thm Placm t» Sau,
Eastern Outfitting Co.
«44««4tf So. Spring StrwmC
He sura to set on* of the beautiful
Brkanbrecher Syndicate Hunta Mon-
ica Tract lot*. $400 and up; ISO caah.
Balanc* In small monthly payment.*. .
I'bua. J. Uamptoa Conipßar.
■ '.''..".'- ."1*"-'.""^'
private Ambulance AShßli*?™
* uinbuiuiico net vlt«. w* twv* *ecure4 the,
moat convenient and up-to-date v»hlot»
Oianufaotured. Personal attention. Prompt
r**pon** to calls day or nlghU 'Phona tt.

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