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II Today's Millinery Bargainsl V^ m * vi/TJ^SI \WashSuits: ■ BET*" % 1
:i| j^S^ f6.50 Women's Suit Hats M^^%^^^^S%^^J^lMMtW For $20 Pure Linen Suits /7T^h\ r '•''
>>\ ■ Jy Thrsp hftts nre of naturnl Tu<>r.in or bnnd (t* /^ f\ F* ! > BfM M»9 %JF '\< rt% f\ f\ H Tho handwomPSt lot of pure linen fhlrt waist /i 'L vf ',',
* } made hnlr or fnnrv brnlds; nre In nil the f \ I M. Jm OAFTtr CZT' TM Af V TAAfTri *\T\tT ' Tv\f t. J 1 '" lta shown In the city, nnd have sold nil s*n.- A'^-fWft^ J? <•
'\ *^^Z*'WIKZ r ?' new Bhapen; trimmed In nil the wnnted V^U^J^J |l PLALt. IOCTIRADL d)J/*/*J «"n nt $15.00, $17.50, $IBX,O, f19.n0 nnd $:n.no; l^ijWS^ f«f /
\j&s'* / \ < %l(i£i+\ colors with flowers, wln«H and rilibona. '] —^—-———m—bp—— ———-«—-—«— ________^_____________^ ''' nro trlmmod with Innertinnß of rnitiroldrry ; X^ nTvY 1 1 1 jr "
<£girt£fi£& ffrrjfl Special for Thursday nt $2.85. V "'"" I" WmMfiTwWVWFtmtmnim'itrhuimtmfhliMM \]i also ln plain effects; the entire lot on sale Thursday nt J».!)5. >\VV ' '•'>
' r^^^S^ 75c TRIMMINGFLOW- > $10.00 SUIT lIAT6 $4.95 C J. ~J U 1X TT t* I : !; $3.50 WHITE WAISTS ) $1.50 LAWN WRAP- '/t; )) '<>
•\ /"^^^B ERS, 25c I Smart exclusive suit hftt« of chip or \S CLILLVCLCW 11 (lit 11 OlLCLCLVS ' ' ' '• 95c PERS 69c | / \\
Ci ► XXI cloznti t.im.liPM Frrnrli flow- ( whlto Mllnn. nl«o hnnd rnndo of n«r- ( J * / "* -* ** l-\*>\*.jr** t>alnty whlto Inwn shirt walMo; Women's lawn wrnppers / , 11
1 : ': C *®5r rw «nrt foitapre. inciudinfr whlto. !; -^?^ 1 !; m r i r < llrll lrIt fc a r 11 I l hh«n-* l n«w*« ! ; Arc now an assured fact by the majority of the representative busi- SP^'anT-ii of them Tiight"? j «•-• full length; are In I \ ;;
? ' pink and light bltM moos roses, shapes, trimmed with ribbons, floweis , !,„,,--„ n t \uio ritt» a ~A t U* mikii/. „.Jtl *v . it,.'- „ I**l ~v 1 soiled from handling and dinplay black and white patterns; /I 1 \\ „
M \&Z=X- 'rushed roses, American Heautv ! «nd nullls or wlmrs; white, blactt !;|. neSB houses Of thl3 City— and the public Will Show their appreciation „; durln(t iea .on; are worth regu- trimmed with black and /§ \\
£> rnf ""'' Junß rOBOS ' ""•■ ftnd ftnrt colois: VHluf!3 t0 * 1000 - !;; by doing all their shopping Saturday mornings. Our own expen- ! lariy up to $3.60. , , wh ite braids and finished /t U <•
, <f^ »X poppl ' „„ f them blg blinch . . matq «i oc ii : ence in the P a9t Bevcral y ears as the onl y department store closing I^io.OO WHITE DRESS "' th flounceB> '•
: ?! and worth 73C ' : $ 195 WOMEN S HATS $1.95 ;i| at noon SatU rday9 showed by an enormous increase in our half-day's \>, * SKIRTS $3 98 : $10.00 SILK WAISTS /^IW^YuX '<>
:; $1.95 CHILDREN'S HATS $1.00 Velvet foid«and quiiZ ;!; receipts that the public favored us with increased patronage be- ;'j white Panama or dreii • AT $3.95 . #^Vs!JJj^^\ \\ f i
' ( Vacation hats for misses nnd children; are of plain ! nr .,, hßnrl £}**£ hn , ts of , hn , l , r , ° ra ,!?' >',\ Cause of SUCh early closing. <\ skirts; exceptionally good nujilty; ! Taffeta or China silk waldtn; ¥t^Wyr«-:|^S /^'iMy© "'
' r ! white or fnncy colored airnw; In rolled brimmed whlto or black; trimmed with qullla ,'} * 6 ;>\ trimmed with plaiting or tuckliuf; ln ft n the wanted colors; also \J-^CC^^^^!f^% <>
! snllor or popular colonial shapes with ribbon bands , »" a ribbon rosettes. .<, TftfUl C*»n* IK tUa Clnca Kni,, wri „*,*. lO.m t %T^*~\ correct In style and perfect In fit. , white nnd blacki are odd (r^^ZUt^^Z^ZJS^^ "i
;!; and streamers. < —Second Kloor. |; Until Jept. lO LUe CIOSO Jaiurciays I2:3O {J\OOn) !;| —Jieoond Floor, sizes, but yery good styles. >f^s^"l£-p2?^ssg^ „- {
\ \%%l d ' Wash Goods Ribbons : Embroideries: Gtooes .- HosieryTuiTdenveaA tw,- jy/£ Specials !
: /6>c Co«o/2 Voiles 7\c \Wl\M\\ fieCKWear e^> won e ns „ button „now JM|k $I to W- 50 Fancy Silks 45c Hi
•! •-.-.■-. * M liijl %IPV||(l T\ / /^ '""Kill silk gloves; plain or $***?«» , r ., < „ , J
I One case of cotton wash voiles in pretty soft colors, \\M%iMl\ o/r^ O/AA^c I^^^ -^° Slui^tW £5. ln d£bl. C Strictly new silks ; white and gray grounds with black ...
;; so much used just now for street and beach wear;' a 27- WmmWmmlW I\IUUUII,S U. I. Uf U fln ger tips and are black or white. *lv 3/ checks, stripes and plaids ; also colored grounds with *
;! : inch textile, and very serviceable; always sells at 10c; ' Vi^^MM |A« Tnffotn .satin tnffaa and rnessa- c. AMPT F Tin c F m r jFZfi^^^y^. woven figures, stripes and checks; also plain taffetas \\\>
! specially priced for today. . IUC «?c&^ f igSSSi !l (^T _^) - colors; widths 19 to 22 inches, and sell regularly I!. 1
- : C^ T-// 7 L on Yd3s2> pompadour d^U^d X fl^d^^^^^^^
: 50c Silk Zephyrs 29c \ W^ vn,,, a , 1P to „ a ,,,,. |;^^r^Jl b ™l^%S IS."l S." fflMj^lM $!.5O Changeable Taffetas 59c ii
!:k Pl S?d^y^^ 10c $2.00 AUTO VEIM 98e S^^t^rrT-,^^ " So^tll M* Si ffSi^S^fS !!
5-'! also l)l-ick -md white checks with rmbroidered Dat- Muslin, swiss and nainsook nm- Chirron Auto scarfs, three yds. $i.on values. : .ft i . j v}'™' alt - i" tuiiiuiiidiiuii* ot purpie .-
r auw ih.ilk .mi wmu vi Iks wun ciiiiirouicrcii ti , bro | der | e(li mBi n8e rtions nnd appii- i otlK - w i th homstitrh.-i ends and • JS^^V X ' aiif black and dark green and black only ; crisp linings '
I;, terns; a -29-inch material and perfectly washable; ; quo.r m^jn^-tch.d^^ets; white and cream; 17c SUMMER VESTS 12/ 2 c WV and suits; every thread pure silk; have sold up to now, : >'.
f never sold under SUC. open nn( f c i oge( j designs and n'so scarfs In pompadour or Dolly Women's and children's swiss ribbed vesta; fmj \ at $1 50 • ■ ' \\\
* / worth 35c. Varden figures on white chiffon; i ow neck, sleeveless style; have tape finished Jr . f • • .
I i 20c Embroidered Voiles 15c so c neckwear isci 5c va us JJ c LACE Sc yokes are very • la " 7 t s c ™iS!o- vests 59c 75c and & Satin Foulards 2 ? c : :
f \ All the popular colors in checked and embroidered 'g neckwear, including stock. Z~£ _ .-^^l Women . g yegtg of 2/00 yards of new 22-inch^and 24-inch : all l silk satin, j.j
f. r voiles; 28 inches Wide, and very popular wash ma- Venise or Point Gaze laces, scrim, cream, ecru and colors; the lacea hand crocheted yokes;«have plain medallion centers; white, pink or lOUlardS in wmte, DiaCK, navy, nue, lavenaer, pinK, ..•
I!| terial that requires but little trimming; is sold in most T eXo^UTnU'^d diTin ri a tte ack and an V^ light blue. ,„ HQSE uV i gray, old rose, blue, Alice blue, grounds with dots, fig- J;|
I ; stores at 25c, and our regular price has been 20c; spe- tailored effects or braid trimmed; clennes? cotton ciuny and torchon; l/c & nyjan, . "/ac ures scrolls and floral designs; positively worth 75c y
*„,,,' " v ' white and light colored combina- also Point Venise bands and ap- Fine French ribbed for Rlrls, corduroy ribbed for boys, are rast mack , <t1 Tin „,.,) . c ,,..; n i tnAov ■ '■
* ; Cial for today. tions; values to 50c. pliques; worth to 25c. and have double soles, heels and toes; also infants' fine ribbed hose. ana a yard , special toaay. •►
%\ r%g ' g"\ • Y7 I"' • 'W '' Table Damask Yard 25c \ . $IS.OO Go 'Carts $1000 < — *"^ •# #^ '-.•• # !'•-
\\< h Innr I fi/JPr/nQK HnflPmrtCPCl h , a ! f - I ]! eac ll e< ?, i t l ab ', e t"" 1^ 151 , 58 l : A " rattan wlth ™ m "^b h^^ )ar e« adjustable;- Thursday's rtl mtTIJ f*& LlflPf^f/Jlfk ill
f'' A LkJxJI KsUIS\ZI LI CJ&vJ 1/ /IUCI t/l IOCW , inrhfa wide; in l-lnrh mul IV4-lm"h ohorks; ;ilhh i front; rubber tired Auto wheels; have parasols J j| t<C# #€»tl*l«C# C» kJX/G V^ i VtCO !!
£ ''"■'■' i^Wi!S(S***v' ' floral and conventional designs. ; nnd good upholstery; specially priced Thursday; , f^ \\\
|: »IS^\ Special Leaders for Table Damask Yard 45c ' no ' iyhone°sBmsoSutie °s8 m soSuti B Cas*atss.9S :• You Can Save From One-Third to One-Half :; ;
* Mil///jJlll///jL<*3l-l U^.,c</if,,rn.'<'fw'r>n' T»^... 64-lnch Irish table damask; full bleached; ... „, ". ... „. „", , ,v-_ ««. ! *•'
|i »^E^ J Housefurnishing Day h^a fi > m — = "- «"-' «d conventional J n^a||l^^iug;: , For $8.00 Bed Outfit t^C±^\ :: ' :
* W^^7^i^f^-^\(f\fOr' Chirm nnH Inn Wlnttin rr 25c Huck Towels 19c cial Thursday; no 'phone or mall orders. | d* P* £\ C Consisting of onp heavy white IvCJrhwlH ' *'
1 tls&Jl S 7fk U.IIU. JU-fJ JVlUllUlg Heavy weave linen huck towels; 22x42 inches $4.50 Roller Skates $3.98 \«k V ■ enameled bed. with heavy angle | VsJ^J/ If . Y,\
t V^ )' y f(*' %)\ An assorted lot of 3000 yards of heavy China |A 1 with hemmed ends; a plain white or red bor- 1 Richardson's and Wlnslow's ball-bearing skates; i vUt/V iron on Jiead and foot; one double ftd^"""* *\.' "'
U J^'K)^Tln^^^- W^ J T^^T t^. I LiC 7c Bleached Tow.USc ijrunn^and 1 ]SSZSS^^^S^^SS.\ woven wire spring, with 18 cables l^V V^P; J^CV V\
* ! / ix 3*i x 3*x 3* i Y,gss> grounds nnd small'pln stripes; values to 19c w ("nttnn huck towels; plnin white 15x30 Inches; ;n" 'phone or mall orders. 'as undersupport, nnd one soft top mattress with H^ (»*&{■ TOJS "
*' *»»»_ I Wwf^ An 'oxcellcnt chance to supply your beach' cottage needs soft finish^ have hemmed ends. ( , $2.50 Hammocks at $1.49 deep box border; covered with a good quality tick- If lSjnSOTloOf_NJZ_3*n *''
mjßm W « l3 c VELVET SISOO TAP RUGS $1195 me Bath Towel, 5a Be.t ffl I "};,™^^^^"'^ -'S '^ : , nj and Cosely tufted and stitched; a combination "
'*■ ' FsrX?7% T * 1-135 VLLVtI $18. UU JA^ KUUb s>ll.ya unbleached bath towels w |(h fringed ends and ' hark pillow, spreader at head and wood bar at that ls worth $8.00.
!. i 1i 1 ffiKl TO CARPET 90c 9x12-foot heavy hand woven Jap- red ''orders; 16x30-lnch size; heavy firm close foot; special Thursday, no 'phone or mall orders. |i Vj
J- ' W SSI ti 0,, v ,vnAl velvet mr anese ru B s . with long, silky pile; weav€! - I 1I 1 — Bnfieincnt ; ■■.-!!,
El ' If » one of the T e e rv best exact copies of the real Turkish ~ — i SANITARY COUCHES $4.35 $2.50 .WIRE .SPRINGS .$l.OO -.'
f.' .' H Ci\ .VonHnir ninlltlps- 'in all ru f? s arif < are suitable for homes • ' - « ► ,
*' x^Q? Voice colorings and pat- or offices. • -^. y^sSjP^l^SlSS?^ «S i 7^sS{? ; V*!^ 1 N One of the very best makos, with strong- , Double bed woven wire, springs, with ■*.
• | terns; without borders f^ if ***,„ mtr^ /^^^^Kjg^^^^^. (jfjfiffi^V&&sss i SL>. Kp'VjjP^^a -/ cRt frames nnd est s P rln X s ' tnfi castors hardwood frame and 18 cables woven '.'•
I/ or with borders to match; same as sold in car- $40.00 AXfyIINSTERS AT W^ , __^ggnr I^V^^*^^ '' are adjustable and easy to replace. The in for extra support. These springs ' «•'
', I pet houses at $1.35. $30.00 <£ • . IS^^^^H ' couch can also t" 6 useil as a bed and ls a were also sll B ht ly damaged ln transit, *
I $30.00 ROOM CARPETS $24.50 Extra large Axminster rugs, V s^^^P ; special value. but are thoroughly serviceable. f
»'< 9x12-foot new Scotch Axminster and Wilton 10V4x13% feet or 12x15 feet, which *t2>*j^j3£e>' T* *% rt rv* ni nri -» ' ■■-- '.'*''
" rugs; all woven in one piece, giving double are sizes to cover an entire floor; . JOtflUffltflUU. \ (jgSJaMirJSaZ ' $4.00 SANITARY SPRINGS $1.95 $4.00 BOX COUCH $2.95 • "<
', wear nncl no seams to rip or patterns mis- a good line of patterns and color- . • . fcjQ^^^^Sy • *
. matched; are large enough for almost any Ings and positively $40.00 values. -Jftw^^ a^^ * § f ■ '/^^M^KiPB An a "- st:eel SP 1 "'")?: ni> wood to shelter Have heavy frames, spring seats, < f
> room nnd^ po.sitivt'ly worth |3n - ntl ; ~^"'' r _"' 1 "" r^ — ** ' llr '' »''<""• AC 1 M f* MM 4^ I*} 1 1 ]fi Ff^ ;> vermin in the cracks; has 21 steel spring turned legs and are covered with heavy „' {;
!;' ----- -.-. ■• - ~~- -.- ------ -.^- ;, A £> C> V^# 6v/f C< %JLS \J%*l C^ Wf'^'^^y ' supports. These were bought to sell at striped ticking; can be used either as J J .
1 ! ! \SEdSk ?HwmE4 %?i niip^ $4.00, but were slightly damaged in tran- a bod or a couch. ,\
\\ c*m> • f g\ *■/« #%r>««4« (^^% /« !' mKHKl^^^l "First" qualities at prices others sit, yet not to hurt them for service. , -nuemrnt
Today s urapery specials \ «^p c * w , or. ...«»*•• /aj «fe 1 :; :: — = ;
r; . icantaxuiiwAiiFW u >rt aj""!u.-.tH« i «^i """ "'" : Spoon " •' r>< " : itIUrSuCLV S
p- Exceptional Values . T,!////^/^ :: *f^ W^ffl' ; . «-«>• « ■■ I *
.;: in Pretty Hangings Wi///ffi '■ "SnnK I '^ . . . Grnn ." c 8c ; ; » B ". Sn " ce 33 c ! Tj/nn/)/- Ilia TO XnPrtniV t
, j-i /ft n y /^..— J-^.:^ WIWiWA/JSf^W. \ i2i% »-lnch" Granite Jelly l *'"" < 1<t( " /7 \ '! "i
: For #2.«50 /.ace Curtains WK^m}\ fjS^S?^ <£i«^~^'xz?\ >?^™"" e^> ii^rfs ' $12.00 Dinner set at t
!ki 7c rru-r'iVn-e ssjs r i : feiroSSi 1 :"-:": "fii-S^S'".:^:^ PSM ii ,^#7%^ 100 - piece set of . Amer f ican semi - QRicj:
f! 1 «[)|.XwtJ Nottingham curtains, 50 to 60 inches wide and - |/llr^e?SXN^B\y i 1i 1 rf'?;i., i!, ,'i,,,li" if i Sjf.l'! l . fl .'..Sc. 10-qt. Ornnlte Water < Siiut-e I'nii 12i- bfV'iiAilUr'rf '! •*&■ Mffi» VltreoUS porcelain of medium ■111 l ii
•:• ,' **'■■■•"■*• values vi) to $2.50 a pair; they are all of double |ol i » sP N!3^^HI '' IW'I \ \\< t.'fal »V Pall. «eiuiil«-«N 42a I 12.-. 2-q«. Granite I'u.l- . tW V. !!J/', !'.;/? i| > _«' l *^S~ !^L_aa» •i^ *i 1 11 -1 7*7 * X*-' v> ;
f'! • thread and shaded designs; there is not a dam- Iffiß '> viaiiTjl W'WBi' 4I)«, 3-qt. Ten or Coffee |, dln X I'nii 8c iV, 1 '" (..'"(, 'ijl ! JZ&&L 1 -^. weight ; neatly embOSSCCI; lieavily v ,
I 7>atr ,„,, ,„. lrnpe rfect curtain in the lot. ** «--,te "nix£ ~H'^ "^ tl^ ' JgL ! ■ dCC ° TatCd "^ dCS^- I '
?! ticn D<-»T?TTT?T?trc> T3ATT? <&1 QS tS TTPTTMr'tT PTTDTATMO ffonc ) 2<|,., .\ <( . a Granite Col- " ( Stew I'nii 2[W _Jts&¥t~ '<' ;i 56-pieCC COttagC SCt as above, $5.S^B. ;.! ,
:• ; $7.50 POKriEKEb, rAIK s>J.ys *5 .bK&NLH CURTAINS $3.95 5 "f^Py »"''er 2a<- < 3:t<-. i-Mt. (;rnniie beep TS^ l^^?^ *"
i\Z^Tu^^»X^,Z^ c^ c %^Tt^n^:{ I^o I^' l^ WW : $ 22 - 50 DINNER SET $ 18 - 59 dinner set $27.50 ;| :
I; : a variety of patterns and colorings. regularly worth $5.00 a pair. ; f*-£M£r? gt \s? •'"» :! ""' > i|>c. Granite c'nke Pan«lot- feui^l bossed; new shapes and the best glazing. fancy edge, neatly embossed; is pure t
|| 50c TAPESTRY, YARD 29c $4.00 COUCH COVERS $1.95 ES&b^ ''»^u'ce 0 ™!!!. "•«- >»- KeVtle ".""f. .""Tioc *^& 56-plece cottage set as above, *10.98. .white and the best glazing. |
* Extra heavy 50-inch tapestry for furnl- > Finely woven tapestry couch covers; jl K^P^T . _^^- fe _— **^' >. rf^*-^^^^^ $27.00 DINNER SET $23.50 $35.00 DINNER SET $25.00 f
i. I ture covering or portieres; also good I extra heavy; give double the service i X (S&JS C ,•, • ;/£©=r?^*^ '! 100-piere German china dinner set; the 100-piece Havlland dinner set- decora- 5*
L,' weight striped goods so commonly sola. J Die, finished with heavy tassel fringe , . —^^n^^ 1 s i»- n - gold $
H ~ T " lr ". l '' tour 5aU around and nre worth t0 $4m j See the "Van Deusen" Cake Pans, Demonstrated on Fourth Floor 5 6-P'«e cottage set as above, $15.50. ' __ T hird pioor X
Mrs. Sarah Hearn Attempts to Fill
Lighted Stove and Flames En.
velop Her Body— Dies
at Hospital
. '.Vhlle attempting to nil the tank of
a lighted gasoline stove at her home at
Hurl;.' station yesterday morning Mrs.
Harah Hearn was fntnlly burned and
died at the Oood Bamarltan hospital at
2.30 o'clock In the ( afternoon.
Mrs. Hearn hud anticipated spending
the day with her husband, William
Hearn, a carpenter In one of the city
parks, and was preparing a lunch for
the occasion. The gasoline in the stove
ran low und Mrs. Hearn attempted to
fill the tank while two of the burners
were Ignited. In some manner her hand
was slightly burned uud the 'shock
caused her to drop the jar holding the
gasoline on the stove. The contemn
ran out and In an. instant became ig
nited. The blazing gasoline covered her
dress, and screaming she ran out the
donr into the open air.
. She tried to reach her husband, who
wag at work less than half a block
away, but before she had taken more
than a few steps her clothes were a
mass of flames. Neighbors saw her
plight and ran to her assistance. They
rolled her on the ground in frantic
efforts to smother the flames, but
the flames were not extinguished until
all her clothes had been burned to a
crisp and her body horribly burned.
An ambulance was hastily summoned
and she was taken to the Good Samar
itan hospital, but physicians had no
hope of saving her life, and at 2:30
o'clock her death occurred.
The body was taken to Pierces under
taking establishment, where the coroner
will hold an inquest today.
Mrs. Hearn was 34 years old and was
highly esteemed among her neighbors
and friends. She had no children, and
besides her husband no members of her
immediate family.
a George H. Robinson
By AHBodntort Press. ',':■• ':
HELENA, Mont., July 4.— George H.
Robinson, considered one of the fore
most mining engineers of the United
States, died yesterday in New York.
He. was once manager, of the Drumm-
Lummon mine near here and for yearu
was consulting engineer for P. A.
Helnze. During the palmy days of
Leadville he was confidential man of
the late Henry M. Tabor and of David
Moffat. He was about 63 years old and
a native of Ohio.
C. H. Thompson
By Associated Press.
Thompson, a prominent Kngllsh mer
chant of Hongkong, died on board the
liner Mongolia on her nussage home,
on June 21, shortly after leaving Yoko
hama. His body was burled at sea. liv
was 45 years of age. His family resides
in London.
Lady Doyle
liy Associated Trent. .
LONDON, July 4.— Lady Doyle, wife
of Blr Arthur Conun Doyle, died today.
Sir Conan Doyle married In 1886
LoulsH, youngest daughter of J. Haw
kins of Minister Worth, Gloucestershire.
C. H. Parent Gets Signatures of Citi
zens Who Favor Half Holi.
days and Better Hours
for Workers
C. H. Parent Is endeavoring to secure
the moral support of the purchasing
public for a .movement in the interest
of a Saturday half holiday for the em
ployes of the various mercantile estab
lishments. Merchants also will be asked
to close their stores at 6 p. m. every day
In the week for the remainder of the
Mr. Parent Is circulating a petition
with this end In view and already has
secured a large number of signatures.
He asks that every person in Los An
geles, man und woman, who la willing
to ussltit In this movement send in tils
name und address, or cut out a copy
of the attached pledge and secure as
many signatures to It as possible.
Following is a letter addressed to the
To all humane people of Los Angeles:
The following pledge, signed by over
two hundred well known and influen
tial citizens nf Loh Angeles, explains
The writer circulated this pledge with
the sole motive and desire of assisting
the noble women and public spirited
men who have labored long and earnest
ly to organize this movement. I was
much gratified to secure the enthusias
tic indorsement of over nlnety-slx per
cent of the people solicited. I regret,
however, to say that there are still
some merchants who decline to join the
movement, and it is the intention of
this petition to secure the moral bup
port of the purchasing public with the
hope that we may be able to make the
moveYnent universal, but In this work
we need your help and sympathy,
I therefore appeal to every good man
and good woman in Los Angeles who
believes In our work to send In their
names and addresses at onco, so that
they may be attached to the pledge.
Not only your own name but cut out
a copy of the pledge from this paper
with the signatures attnched and se
cure as many signatures as possible
among your friends.
If you believe* In the- movement show
your faith by helping it to your ut
In an enlightened city like Los An
geles a humane movement such as this
should have fifty thousand supporters.
Will you help secure them?
Send all communications to C. H.
Parent, 414 Bradbury building, Los An
geles, Cal.
The Petition
"To whom It may concern: We aro
informed that there is a movement on
foot among the merchants of Los An
geles to give their employes a Saturday
half holiday during the summer months
from July 1 to September 15, and to
close their stores at 6 p. in. every day
In the week during the balance of the
"We, the undersigned, having no pe
cuniary interest In this matter, but
sincerely believing that it will be for
the best Interests and mutual benefit
•if the employers as well as tin: em
ployes.'do hereby express our most
earnest and cordial approval of this
wise and humane movement, and pledge
it our hearty co-operation and support,
and will further use our best Influence
to make it popular and universal.
"C. 11. Parent, John It. Haynes, it.
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Petterson, E. T. Karl, H. Lowenthawl,
Sam T. Clover."
neduced Hates Eastll
July Z, 3, August 7, S, 9, Sep
tember 8, 10, 71. On these dates tha
Union Pacific Railroad company will
offer special round trip rates to east
ern points. Choice of routes. Fastest
time and finest service. Through Pull
man and tourist sleepers dally to prin
cipal points without change. Call on or
writ* (I. P. Hurr, district passenger
agent, 250 South Spring street, Los An
Homeless children received and placed
In borne* for adoption. Apply Rev. p.
V. . lllce. Superintendent Children's
Eomo society. »3« Bradbury bulldln*.
»• Angelas.
If you want 10 ito eait, C. Haydock.
Acent Illinois Central R. U.. 233 a. Sprtnr.
Henry MacGregor and Henry Valk, ;
Riding Motorcycle, Attempt to ,
Cross in Front of Fast
Moving Car
While riding a double motorcycle at"
a high rate of speed. Henry MacGregor
and Henry Valk, were struck by Pasa- ■
dena car No. 201. running at a high
rate of speed at East Main and South
Daly streets about: noon yesterday. '
The men were thrown high In the air .
and Berlously Injured.
They were riding west on East Main ■
street and endeavored to cross in front ">
of the car. The fender caught the '
rear wheel of the motorcycle Jerking-
It from under the riders. Valk waa •
thrown more than twenty feet," falling .
heavily against a sign board on- a'V
vacant lot. MacGregor plunged head '
first against the curb.
Tha men were taken In ' an express
wagon that was passing to the county ■
hospital, where they were given mcdl- V
cal , attention. MacGregar was un- *
conscious and was found to have . .
sustained a broken collar bone anil v
fractured leg. . Ills scalp was cut In •
several places. Valk's collar bone was i
fractured and his ticalp was lacerated. -
MacOregor'B condition la serious and
It Is feared that he may not survlvo
the accident.
G. E. Crum, who lives at 2603 East
Main street, Bald yesterday that tho
motorman did not blow the , whistle
nor ring the gong. He also said that '
the men were partially to blame for the "■•"
accident . on account of the gait :at -
which they were riding. ajMJK

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